Celts’ JET Ready For Drone Work


Maybe Jason Terry ought to change his nickname. From JET to drone.

Before teeing off at a Boston Celtics charity golf event in Bolton, Mass., Tuesday, the veteran shooting guard teed off on two rival NBA teams that have been all but handed a go-straight-to-The-Finals card by many fans and insiders. Celtics maven A. Sherrod Blakely was there to chronicle Terry’s comments for Comcast SportsNet New England.

“My mission is to kill; whether it’s the Heat, whether it’s the Lakers. Hopefully both. That’s my mission, and that’s what I’m here to do,” Terry said on Tuesday shortly before teeing off at the Fifth Annual USI Shamrock Classic which was hosted by the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation.

OK, so Terry is over the top with his imagery. No, moms and dads, he doesn’t mean literal bloodshed. Sports never has been or shall be confused with real warfare.

Reasonable people understand that Terry simply was voicing his competitiveness and hunger for another championship (he won one with Dallas in 2011). Besides, he is teamed now with a guy who once said (and got reprimanded for) this.

If Terry can do for Boston what he has done for 13 NBA seasons — with great consistency, averaging 16.1 points, 4.7 assists and shooting 44.8 percent for the Hawks and Mavs — the Celtics and their coach will be thrilled. He truly is just what the Doc ordered.

During the offseason, Celtics coach Doc Rivers put his wish list to paper in a lengthy letter to Danny Ainge, Boston’s president of basketball operations.

”We wanted a scorer off the dribble,” Rivers said. “I sit down and write Danny a letter about needs; that was my number one need. I didn’t think we had enough guys that could score off the dribble. (Rajon) Rondo can score off the dribble. But we needed a guy that could score and be a knock-down shooter. That was very important for us.”

Terry figures to be even more important if pressed into starter’s duty the first couple months while Avery Bradley recovers from two shoulder surgeries. Then there is the hole to be plugged since Ray Allen’s defection to Miami, a move in free agency by the popular Boston shooter that will turn each Heat-Celtics clash into an event.

The first one comes fast – Oct. 30 in South Florida, with the Heat’s ring ceremony on TNT. Folks can be as careful with their rhetoric as they like, but we’re expecting nothing less than seek-and-destroy (the other guys’ title dreams) mode from both sides.


  1. BoJAxSON says:

    Yawn!..think I woke too soon from my hibernation, NBA not on yet?
    Can someone predict the outcome of tongihts game?

  2. tombrayo says:

    I would like to know how everyone thinks the celtics wont/cant beat the heat or lakers? they have one of the best if not the best coach in the league, rondo is a nightmare for any team( heat dont even make it to the finals in 2011 if he didnt get hurt, paul pierce is gonna get his points one way or another and you still have KG who is old yes but he plays defence and provides energy. They almost took the heat out last year and if you ask me this years celtics team is better than last year. Allen for Terry is basically a switch but having jeff green back will help and i wouldnt sleep on sullinger to surprise many.

  3. ....... says:

    Jet doesn’t make the celtics a lot better then the heat. All of you forgot names like LBJ Dwade Chris and teams like Chicago and Indiana(that’s right), then your mistaking. If you could somehow win the east (which would shock everyone), you have the west and I mean the lakers, which got Nash and Dwight, and OKC the team that is young and learned a lot from its mistakes. Pierce, Garnett, rondo and your jet, wouldn’t even go to game 6, and don’t think it’s in not you’re favore. You would be disappointed, crushed, but dont forget this will happen if you win the east. You got to the east finals only by a fluke, why? Because d-rose got injurierd, it would have been the heat vs chicago and I wouldn’t car who would have won, I like those 2 teams a lot. So celtics fans I hope that you would get a good lottery pick in the future because your the team which will not win the east semis or east finals in you’re current roster. HEAT VS LAKERS OR OKC it will be the Finals unless trade and injuries. Have a great season everybody.

  4. allan says:

    in your dreams mr. jason terry…

  5. sanjay says:

    what is terry smoking? this is heat vs okc/lakers finals period. Other nba teams need to take a hike! the league is so lopsided now!!!!

  6. Ainge?? Milicic over Kenyon Martin and Chis Anderson??? Are you seriousr says:

    The Celtic’s role players had better make a miracle happen, or the Celtic big 3 is useless. The Celtics are in the same boat as San Antonio with less depth.

    Sullinger, Fab, Millicic, Jeff Green, Jason Terry, Wilcox, Joseph, Courtney Lee……. someone better have a breakout year

  7. Jesse Jackson says:

    I am not a Mavericks fan nor am I a Jason Terry fan. But …. this guy has earned his stripes in the NBA. I am a life-long Laker fan and Terry has broken my heart a gazillon time. He has earned the right to speak his mind. There were many occasions that I had wished he had on a Lakers uniform. I wish him luck until …… he plays the Lakers. Good Luck Jason. I couldn’t believe that Dallas let him go.

  8. dont ever be dumb again says:

    Yes,Jet is not a superstar,Jet is not the all star but Jet can kiil u with his game,he did that just 2 years ago.

  9. celtics fan says:

    Jason terry knows that in order to get to the finals Boston has beat the heat and for the Lakers he knows that there is alot
    of hype about the lakers vs the heat in the finals so he wants to crush the that also. so i understand

  10. Scalabrine is GOD says:

    ^I agree with you

  11. Castor Troy says:

    New York? Not with Melo’s attitude and Lin gone. Brooklyn? Maybe a contender after 2-3 years…But this season, Doc is gonna steer the healthy & rejuvinated Celtics to the finals! It doesn’t matter what you haters say. That’s the truth, and you know it! Just accept it ‘coz THE TRUTH will set you free!

  12. Red Pill Sports says:

    Terry doesn’t have to guard #6 – Easy for you to state
    Get through Miami first

  13. Let'sGoheat!!!! says:

    Igf this is a race of turtles. He will surely win.. Hahahaha.. the Jet? Uhm yah he’s like a jet very noisy and talks a lot. looser..

    • fly says:

      you mean the “looser” who won an nba championship 2 seasons ago and eliminated your not1 not2 not3 not4 so called big three? you mean the looser who scored 27 points on your miami cheat? yeah hes a looser alrigt, you fanboys are too much. its one thing to cheer for your team, its a whole other thing to look down on all the other great players in the league just because their not on the team that you like. Grow some brains bandwagoners!

  14. Hunter says:

    I will always love teh JET. He will flourish with the Celtics. This year will be the first year I will root for Boston.

  15. Jarko says:

    Let’s not forget if not for the JET the MAV’s do not beat the Heat. Plus, If Atlanta had of kept the JET, they wouldn’t have had to search for a point guard for a decade IJS.

  16. cyianite says:

    Doesn’t matter it will be Heat Vs Lakers in the Finals

  17. LAALLDAY says:


  18. Daniel says:

    If you’ve read The Chosen by Chaim Potok, you will learn that sports have confused with war.

  19. NBALEGEND says:

    @Mytownla: and what do you call yourself? Kobe’s d!!!ck svck3r? haha, typical troll reply for a typical troll comment

    • Mytownla says:

      I call myself a true laker fan, the one who your mom refers to as daddy… sorry for making it so hard for yu to sleep at night, but your mom wont stop choking on this diiiiicccckkk lmao

  20. what says:

    haha what is this dude talknig about hes 35 years old and he expects to carry the celtics in to the finals wow

  21. ASADon't EVER CLICK MY NAME! You Have Been Warned!! says:

    waahaha kobe is old face it aint gonna happened dude dream on ,, kobe is like 1789 toyota corolla vs 2013 lamborghini wahahaha weak 2 horse power vs 20 horse power wahahaha beat the thunder if you can still miami vs thunder in the final whahaha

  22. sanjay says:

    the whole season is kind of pointless with just 4 contenders! Others are just there to fill the numbers!
    miami,lakers,okc,spurs,celtics thats about it! And among them 2 hands are very weak!
    this is what happens when superstars are allowed tocombine. they need to come up with better system. the draft picks have not really produced marquee players! There are some perennial loser teams in the nba. Better to dissolve and have just 16 teams!

  23. C’mon JT, you almsot sound like Odom’s inner voice…HA! First off MIAMI all the way! And just for the record always been a fan…Thanks! The Lakers are no threat to no one….too slow, poor design, Coach Brown – Tri-fecta to automatic failure…Now if Phil came back, maybe, just maybe I’d be somewhat forced to change my stance to Lakers/Heat Finals. But for now I see a repeat…

  24. lakerFanboy says:

    look, terry carried the mavs in a game or two in the 2011 nba finals…w/out him they wouldn’t have won it all..gotta give credit where credit is due man…he’s an above average player…hope the lakers will win it all though…

  25. king k says:

    Even though I’m a heat fan, I can’t help but like Jason Terry’s confidence. The celtics always have a great team, so Ican wait to see them play us!

  26. Jayjoe14 says:

    I laughed at this since I first saw it. Does the Celtics really think they can still do it?

  27. Keep dreaming Steve Aschburner…. your hate for the Heat is burning your soul, I told you before what you need is peptobismol but I am not sure if it helps when instead of a normal diarrhea you got a brain one…

  28. Milz says:

    All this talking Terry does…it’s cute but the C’s better worry about the teams in their own division (Knicks & Nets) before he focuses on MIA

  29. Wait says:

    Lakers fan you guys talk to much.. Stfu and mind your own team.

  30. Jason Terry is so much better than Ray Allen ! Celtics will beat Miami for sure !

  31. Stu says:

    Love Jet, he’s a great addition to the Celtics plus he’s got the right mindset.

  32. Dont_Hate says:

    stop hatin on Terry only cuz you didnt join your fav. team alright?
    Dallas won one, Miami won one, and the Celtics are right back on track, if you were following how the front and backcourt developed this summer you should know that the C’s are one of the top contenders this season.
    bla bla bla lakers, lakers who? They got a good starting line up, but no bench so shhh be quite.
    Miami? okay Ray Ray try to get open looks like you got from Rondo all the years???
    Chalmers is not even a good PG so shh. LBJ ? explodes every once in a while, Miami won it only last season cuz like half of the Celtics Roster was out. So just wait n see how ya’ll get destroyed this season if healthy BOOYA

  33. insider says:

    please how many teams he played throughout his career??? and now u expect him to carry a team?? yah a team of old players…so get over it…too much talking that’s what he’s good at.

  34. nicnac says:

    Jason Terry has his own opinions .. as well as anybody else .. we have different bets .. different idols .. that’s reasonable .. but one thing that AMUSES me is that some people tend to predict what will happen .. how sure are you that your team will win to think that the season has not yet started .. that is unreasonable man .. makes me laugh sometimes .. there’s no certainty who will be champs this year so don’t predict like you’re a 100 percent sure..just sit back and relax .. peace y’all!

  35. Ian John says:


    LAKERS would need one more year to find their chemistry; so Lakers wont have the title
    OKC would be the in the NBA FINALS…

    BOSTON VS MIAMI for the much awaited east finals..
    Boston had added some depth..Boston will win in Game 6..


    • Mytownla says:

      Lakers will need one more year t build their chemistry??? And how do you know that for sure??? Why dont you just stfu and take your predictions to vegas,youll have a better chance

  36. BArad says:

    LBJ made jason terry and Jkid effective of their last championship match because LBJ refuses to guard them.LBJ was busy shooting from the outside..never put prime on D against the smaller J’s of the mavs

  37. BArad says:

    “seek and destroy” mode huh…i like that!!

  38. Dom says:

    He’s a dreamer and I like it about him. Welcome to Boston.

  39. nackyboy says:

    kill the Heat and kill the Lakers? good luck doing that . you can say all you want but the 2012-2013 NBA season has to come yet ..

  40. Castor Troy says:

    You guys are funny. The guy is just psyching himself up and you haters are getting all riled up. Hahaha… Terry’s a slasher & a shooter. I love Ray Allen, but at this point of their careers, Terry is actually better. Boston only got stronger with Terry, Courtney Lee and a healthy Jeff Green. This is gonna be good! Go Celtics!

  41. Henrik Jensen says:

    Celtics – Nuggets in NBA Finals, Great pick, and it will come true…

  42. DRose says:

    GO JET … Do kill the HEAT prove yourself and to your detractors that you can carry the celtics as you did to dallas .

  43. kb24 says:

    you know what that’s a great attitude but if you can beat the heat i would be shocked then you still have to face the lakers and most likely the lakers would win

  44. Jeffrey says:

    good replacement for ray allen.. weapon for the celtics? right.. but carry them to the finals .. maybe? just like when the boston beat the LA. if they can bring back that kind of playing. they can win another ring. but this time it will be difficult. with the new squad of LA. power 3’s shooter of MIAMI. old but wiser OKC. and other teams that improve their roster, they must bring all they got.. put your game faces on! this season will be interesting!! 🙂

  45. mightyduck says:

    don’t be sure lakers or heat get the championship.. you don’t know what might happen in nba, the ball is round..

  46. SlaynFellow says:

    Ive seen this guy get so hot, he literally hits every shot he takes. When he gets it going like that, you can just call it a game. Everybody pack up and go home. The show is over. Hes been as clutch as a standard vehicle ever since he came into the league with ATL. Ive seen him hit so many huge shots late in games when the pressure is on, and I dont even wtach Dallas often. Didnt this man hit like 10 threes in a game against the Lakes in 2011? Those caught sleeping are in for a rude awakening.

  47. Scalabrine is GOD says:

    championship tatoo! haha LOL

  48. Scalabrine is GOD says:

    hahaha.. maybe he should put a championship trophy in his face for the boston celtics.. haha maybe that is the real “KEY” for the boston to win a title. i like boston.. but i hate guys who talks so much.. just prove it Mr. Turtle

  49. Mytownla says:

    Jason Terry you need to stfu before i get Steve Blake and Matt Barnes to scare the ish out of you again lmao

  50. Mike says:

    well actually i dont think he needs to carry the Celtics but i think he can be a weapon. come on yes, he didnt carry the mavs but hes done a great job to help them win the title.

    • LaNinnin says:

      i know terry can kill LAker and Heat with jump shot shooting from the 3 point line..and ya’ll stop missing with me cause he can do better than ya’ll.

  51. andie says:

    Lakers beat the THUNDER first.

    • Mytownla says:

      We will… easily…. Howard is going to dominate Perkins.. Westbrick and KDtrey5 are going to do their thing, but overall talent is too much for OKC to overcome.. and Andie is a queer name by the way

  52. andie says:

    This Laker fans so boastful.. Ehhh beat Miami first before thinking about beating the Lakers, BEAT OKC first before winning the chip! Nuff said.

  53. Rod says:

    This guy……. loves to talk….. i’ll enjoy myself watching this Boston Celtics fail….. switch Ray Ray for this talking trash stupid Jason Terry….. for all his talking he should be the greatest player of all times! …… Let’s go Heat! I just wanna watch all this talk here in Mia HOuse of HoopS!!!!! 10/30…. It’s going to rain 3’s…….. our spacing are going to be CRAZY!

  54. amigo says:

    boston will win against lakers in game 6.trust me!!!!!!

    • Mytownla says:

      Hey amigo…. Maybe you should focus on soccer because it doesnt seem as if your too knowledgable on basketball… 6 games you mean… i think your a little dilusional broskie

      • How Ignorant says:

        Just because he put amigo doesn’t make him a soccer fan. Oh and the majority of Laker fans, and LA itself are Latino.

  55. Scalabrine is GOD says:

    The BOTTOM LINE MR. Turtle is that please……. BE HUMBLE, like Scalabrine maybe you might have much respect from the other fans out there…

  56. Scalabrine is GOD says:

    @LAKER4LIFE Well he talked so much! like every team where he is playing at like he can carry them, “he’s the missing piece” maybe the BOBCATS should hire him, and be their “JET” he might bring a championship in Charlotte.. He’s ready for the kill.. haha WHAT EVER!

  57. RememberThisDay says:

    celtics eastern conference finalist! .. PACERS TOO WIN IT ALL they will beat the lakers same way detroit did in 04

    • Mytownla says:

      Shocking… The 1st Pacer diick rider ive seen in a while… Lol your just mad becasue Philly has leapfrogged your precious pacers with the addition of Bynum aka the new 3 point shooting center… its ok pacer cherleader… you definitly have a reason to cry

  58. Realist2012 says:

    He isn’t supposed to carry the Celtics. He’s supposed to let Rondo do what he does best. Just like Ray allen, Kobe Bryant and any other good shooter will do when their super star point guard tears up the defense, stand there while they draw the defense and knock down the open shot. Which he can do. Why do you think Miami got Ray and Reshard Lewis. They don’t have to do jack other then stand there and let their play makers do the work. To me no team has a clear shot I see a lot of teams loaded the season should be interesting.

  59. Nathan says:

    Bad Play On Words Title

    Drones Kill people. Innocent People. Clever. But not cool.

  60. Mykko says:

    So blood coming out from the nose, eyes or any other part of the body isn’t in fact bloodshed?

  61. LA-Lakers@Manila says:

    Dream on beating LA! LA is very different from last season.. Beat the Heat first..

  62. tyrone says:

    JET, I think he should be sixth man, if he can win sixth man of the year, he would join Detlef, and Mchale as the only three people to win this award he should start until Bradley recovers and good luck with destroying Miami, and LA and prove that bandwagoners are losers.

  63. cesar says:

    Celtics champions!

  64. BostonFan4Ever says:

    JET is the key to banner #18

  65. lebron bryant says:

    watch wade and his new knee run all over terry!!

    • Mytownla says:

      Wade and his new knee? I didnt know there were still Wade Diiick riders left after all you heat cheerleaders decided Lebrons diiick was a better taste. The heat will fail.. Lakers will succeed

  66. FettaFetta says:

    The Jet is a beast – im really excited for this season with the celtics its going to be something awesome!

  67. Beg to differ, Sir ! says:

    The earliest chapters in the history of sports are actually written in blood.

    Cave paintings, they say, are the first evidence of an animal who sought more than survival and procreation. Decorative carvings, religious / spiritual symbols were to be followed, much later, by music and literature … testimonials to the evolution of a ‘higher’ species.

    Sports, however, were always about aggression and violence, or the release thereof. And so they remain, to this day.

    Social development may have suppressed the primal instinct to eliminate competition, corralled it to the confines of a court, but it never neglected the need to (safely) operate the valve that holds the pressure within.

    Jason Terry’s urge to ‘kill’ the opponents will only make him a mellower man in his life … off the sands of the arena. Hopefully !

  68. LAKER4LIFE says:

    he didnt even carried the mavs when he had his starting 5 chance, what do u expect now???? please terry quit dreaming and wake up. ur championship with the mavs was a fluke

    • aaaaaa says:

      “He didn’t even carried the Mavs…” Nice grammar there, but anyway, just because he didn’t start for the Mavs doesn’t mean he wasn’t good. He was the best shooting guard on that team, and one of the best players (along with Jason Kidd and Dirk). By that logic, James Harden and Manu Ginobili are bad players, and they’re two of the better players in league…

    • AussieFan says:

      You can’t fluke a championship in a 7 game series,,,,

  69. John says:



    ANY GB 8/16/32/64/




  70. LAKER4LIFE says:

    hes never been a jet and will never be

    • KareemOfTheCrop says:

      How did he get the nickname then? Nicknames dont get tossed around in basketball, generally you have to earn them so stfu.

      • BCoops says:

        I think you will find J.E.T. are his initials… It really isn’t a nickname per say.

      • ummm no... says:

        Exactly, If his name was Mike Johnson or whatever, he would never have been the JET. Besides, only Mavs fans ever called him that.

  71. LAKER4LIFE says:

    yah scalabrine ur right about that…..hes just trash talk he cant even kill steve blake and running away from barnes when got confronted. so terry news flash kid….

  72. DANITo says:

    hes no jet no more, iam glad he realized that. turtle would be a good name

  73. LAKER4LIFE says:

    terry pleaseeeeeee…. in ur dreams to kill the lakers or the heat so keep dreaming….

    • LakersWillWin says:

      He’s already killed the Heat before so it wouldn’t be new.

      • Florida says:

        Are you sure? Do you know Barea! I guess you do not..

      • inb4heat&laker fanboys says:

        I see the Lakers ‘fans’ are starting to come out from under their respective bridges to once again spam how good they’re team is before the season even starts. I look forward to seeing OKC destroy your team in the Western Conference Finals. Not that I’m a fan of OKC, I just find arrogant fair weather fanboys deserve no less than that.

    • Lee says:

      He killed em 2 seasons ago… 4-0 sweep on LA and 4-2, Lebron cant guard me 7 games on the heat. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

  74. IGGY!! says:

    Boston Versus Denver in NBA FINALS

  75. Chris says:

    Jason Terry is my 2nd favorite PG/SG in the league. It broke my heart when he left the Mavs, but I wish him the best.

    • Florida says:

      If he was that good then why they could not do anything last season. Let me tell you why .. Barea!
      They got the title because of the bad bad coaching of Spo in the finals.

      • Vernon says:

        well if it was all barea then why didnt the timberwolves make the playoffs and actually in game six of the 2011 finals it was jason the jet terry who won it all for them

  76. Scalabrine is GOD says:

    I don’t know if you can carry the boston celtics.. stop talking trash. just do it if you can.

    • I agree….but he probably cant….no…I rephrase my self…HE CANT…cuz the lakers is gonna be the champion this year

      P.S. I agree with your name

    • aaron says:

      whos terry.. you are not a superstar, not even all star.. just leave the talking to the real superstars.. just be content with your off the bench role hahaha

      • artifex says:

        Well, he’s not the Rambo in the thick of it all, but he’s the sniper from the outside, that frees the way for Rambo. He’s not pretending he’s a superstar, he doesn’t command an all-star spot. But he’s the second best scorer on the best team in 2011!
        (don’t start arguing on that, with talent that was taken somewhere else and so on, they won it all, so I define it by that).
        But he’s very motivated, and that;s how he helps the Celtics. Not necessarily in numbers, but in team chemistry. Same was with Robinson, who’s a really nice guy.
        He’s not promising anything in terms of success but he’s promising he’ll give at least 100%.

    • Myself says:

      how is he talkin trash. Do you even know what that means? OK so Terry is boastful but that’s self efficacy right there. He wants to win and who knows, he just might win with the Celtics. It ain’t written somewhere in the stars that Lakers or Heat gonna win so he has every right to speak about hsi determination.

    • Hunter says:

      Yes he is God