Wallace’s Workout: ‘SHEED! Or Sheesh?

“Ball don’t lie.” WWE-style championship belts. “Both teams played hard (snicker, snicker).” ‘SHEEEEEEED!

Now that we’ve got that out of our system, do we really need to take seriously any speculation that former NBA big man Rasheed Wallace is thinking about a comeback with the New York Knicks? With anybody, for that matter?

The man turned 38 last week. He hasn’t played in the NBA in more than two years — since June 17, 2010, to be exact, when he filled in for Boston’s injured Kendrick Perkins and nearly needed oxygen while logging more than 35 minutes. In the Celtics’ Game 7 Finals loss in Los Angeles, Wallace scored 11 points and grabbed eight rebounds before fouling out.

‘Sheed, by that point, was a role player. His 9.0 points, 4.1 rebounds and 22.5 minutes per game were the lowest numbers of his career. On a 36-minute basis — 14.4 ppg, 6.6 rpg — they were right at his career averages (14.6, 6.7). But there was a message being sent by the rims of the NBA, because the 3-point shot that he increasingly favored (5.9 attempts per 36 minutes, highest of his 15 seasons) was successful just 28.3 percent of the time.

Besides, Wallace by his own admission wasn’t in shape at age 35 — any more than he had been at 34, 33 … (you get the idea). He said he planned to work out with Philadelphia pal and prizefighter Bernard Hopkins before the 2010-11 season. Instead, Wallace retired.

So factor that in when considering reports from ESPN.com and now Newsday that Wallace worked out with the Knicks’ Marcus Camby and Kurt Thomas — oh, the cartilage! — and that New York is thinking of signing him.

Wallace, 38, hasn’t played in the NBA since the 2009-10 season. But multiple sources said Wallace worked out at the Knicks’ practice facility last week and is considering a return to the NBA. He has a good relationship with Knicks coach Mike Woodson, who was an assistant with Detroit when Wallace helped the Pistons win the 2004 NBA championship.

Wallace was one of the NBA’s more intriguing characters during his playing days, which began in 1995 when he was picked one spot ahead of Kevin Garnett. He erupted at referees and regularly stiffed reporters, proved himself to be a beloved teammate and crafted something of a “lovable villain” image not quite as accessible or loquacious as Charles Barkley’s.

Wallace also often seemed to modulate his performances, teasing with his talent and making coaches and fans wonder if a career 20/10 guy lurked inside him, if only he’d gone harder, cared more or played closer to the basket. (He never did average 20 points or 10 rebounds in a season.)

It’s fun to belt out ” ‘SHEEEEEEED!” and laugh about his technical fouls, his fines, his rudeness to the media and his personality. It’s conceivable that the Knicks could slot him in as a low-cost backup and that Wallace could miss the game, the life and maybe the paychecks enough to return.

But chances are, ball won’t lie.


  1. nyckid says:

    AH-20 so true I would like to see this happen instead of getting Tracy mcgrady or josh Howard

  2. nyckid says:

    Why is everyone talking lakers and Miami this topic is about new York knicks

  3. nyckid says:

    Sounds good for new York knicks if p.j brown can come out of retirement and win a championship with Boston rasheed Wallace can try too even though I would love to see kenyon Martin back with Jason kidd

  4. Dachamp says:

    Its great to hear all of this talk about players coming back but reality says father time is so very real – so many players played so well that we dream of seeing them play again but as several before that made comebacks they kind of damage the great image you had in your mind for them. Don’t know about anybody else but I want to keep the good memories as they lay. A.I might have a chance only becuse he was so fast and full of energy in his prime that his slowed game might still be quick enough to hang with SOME of the players today the bigger guys have little chance due to their knees, back and health in general. Would be nice to see if you could roll back the time – DREAM TEAM vs. 2012 Team

  5. AH20-NYK says:

    Is there a remedial English teacher in the house?

    The Dream Hakeem NOT Hakeen…
    STAT is Stoudemire NOT Stoudamire…

    As far as Rasheed being on my hometown team… Marcus, Kurt and Rasheed… All enforcers… Defense, rebounds, the occasional block and 18 fouls between them… Not a bad triad… They “may” keep STAT and Tyson out of foul trouble and let our new PG’s run some offense with our big guys…

  6. alberz says:

    welcome SHEED to new york.. we will beat the heat, boston and brooklyn..

  7. heat hater says:

    rather see iverson return as well

  8. Jayjoe14 says:

    He needs to go to the Spurs.

  9. renz_garnett says:

    how about go to OKC or LAC..

  10. mike says:

    Why is this a story? Oh yeah, the NBA only cares about big market teams. Last week I read about him working out with the pistons, no cares about that either. This is the problem with media. Knicks don’t need anybody, they need to get rid of that toxic thug Melo.

  11. ranfan says:

    If he gets signed, he better make the best of it. It’s likely to be a tougher challenge, especially at 38, but if he really wants it, he can do what needs to be done. Would be nice to see him do a bit of damage before leaving for good.

  12. Isaac says:

    No1 get to excited. THis is not the first time there was news on Sheed returning. This has happened a couple times before but this dude hasn’t played for 2 years there is no way he is in NBA shape. In order to be in NBA shape you got to play.

  13. Najee says:

    He had 11 point and 8 rebounds his last game, and with a bad back. Those are respectable numbers for a veteran big man. I say he can still play. Personally, I want him on the Celtics but we got enough big men so good luck to him.

  14. W/E says:

    y bother with wallace he was always average at best…at 38 he wont even make it to the D-league

  15. dexter says:

    pls talk to the miami heat organization be on the heat team

  16. lbj=mvp says:

    Sheed to go to miami with Kobe in a three team trade. miami to lose rashard and allen but will be worth it.

    starting lineup:


  17. vern says:

    I think we’ve reached our limit of the “oldies”. Wallace wasn’t to impressive when he played the last few seasons he played plus, he wasn’t in to good of shape then so why would they think he’d get in shape now? He would be a poison in New York and would be a distraction with his tech fouls and mood changes.
    We wont be able to take another Dolan bad decision.

  18. Lance Locksoft says:

    Rasheed is such a rare commodity in the NBA word.His charming negativity and entertaining anger issues always made for good television. He would be a great player to slam dunk the ball and yell something awesome like “oh my god were having a fire” or ” thats free advertisement for the Sheed school of aggressive offense”. Let me ask you BIG question NBA fans! Do you have a need for Sheed? Thank you, for your answer is yes.

  19. txema says:

    I am an avid reader of your posts, and with all due respect, instead of “He increasing favored”, shouldn’t it be “He increasingly favored”, or maybe “He increased favoring”? I am a student of your language and sometimes you make me doubt you master your own. A couple of days ago I read a piece on this website about the great Drazen Petrovic with a couple of inaccurate facts about him regarding his playing days in Europe but, what the heck, you guys are a continent apart, but this? Seriously? I mean, stop preaching about how great America (which is a continent, not your country) is, and get our History and your grammar right.

  20. Big Al says:

    If people like Rasheed are given a chance to re-enter the NBA, then so should Allen Iverson. Please stop looking at the negatives and ask yourselves how he can help. There are way worse players, in performance and/or attitude, who are still in the league.

    • Average Joe says:

      There’s nobody worse than Iverson in attitude. He doesn’t go to practice. He let himself go in terms of physical shape and performance. He is a locker room cancer that nobody in the league would touch. He has a primadonna diva attitude, even when he lost his physical abilities. Maybe Iverson got away with all of this when he was still performing at a high level, which was expected of him. But when he started to slow down, well, Imma say he got what’s comin to him. Rodman, at least, doesn’t think like he’s the star of any team that he’s in. MWP isn’t a b!tch in the locker room. And both of them work hard for their teams, which is more than I can say for Iverson.

      • Jimbo says:

        Everyone (almost everyone) talks like they know what goes on in the locker room. I think most of the things said or done in the locker room stay in the locker room. But why are there so many “locker room experts” on this blog??? Unless you are a coach or player you probably are just forming opinions off of some media or hearsay.

      • Average Joe says:

        @Jimbo Then why did all his coaches and many of his teammates give up on AI, even Larry Brown, if he’s not an infectious presence on their locker room? This isn’t hearsay cause it’s been all over the news. Please let me know the answer to that.

  21. illone says:

    How many roster spots do the Knicks still have open?? Someone is ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED to not let he Jermey Lin situation look bad!

  22. ant says:

    SHEED should help the knicks but at this point he is more of a 3pt threat than a low post threat

  23. karo says:

    i still think SHEED got 2-3 years left in him…. a year off was a good thing for him

  24. NNM says:

    I say wohoo to Wallace if they sign him. Nobody’s asking 30 minute games from him in NY now.
    I’d still put him (by far) in front of Marcus of Kurt..

    But how many players in NY now? There’s gotta be some big trade in preparation?!

  25. QuestionMark says:

    Sheed was great before, now I’m not so sure, he should atleast be able to put in 5-10 solid minutes, but not much more than that. I doubt he can play like he used to down in the paint, but he can still fine tune his jumpshot and 3 pointer and shoot around 35% from 3. With that he should be able to average 5-7 ppg and defense, which he should be able to play, he can still be a solid role player.

  26. Serge460L says:

    Sheed truly is “The Real Deal” but he just have a anger problem.. I’ve always liked him as one of my Fav players ever. Sheed needs to just Sign with Miami Heat and Play with Wade, Bosh, and Lebron and Win more rings….

  27. riq rude says:

    I wud luv to see sheed come back i was a big fan of his style of play in college and pros a big that cud post and shoot yur eyes red is a stone cold killer!!!! Im number one on this bandwagon forget all of u who only know him for texts or flagrants…Sheed is the real deal!!!!

  28. Leo C. says:

    NBA should set a new rule, once you’re retired, you can’t come back and play anymore. Otherwise what’s the point having the word “retire” in the dictionary?

  29. Gameon says:

    Are you all DELUSIONAL?!?!?! He wouldn’t last 10 seconds lol he hasn’t been in professional athlete shape in years

  30. Dave W says:

    You are such an idiot Aschburner. Sheed would come back, obviously as a role player, which is what he was meant to be for Boston, and Sheed as a role player for the Knicks would be magic. There has never been another player like Sheed, he is truly the best in the world at what he does. Watch video from his recent pro-am games, he’s in better shape than he was on the Celtics. And the Celtics would not have gotten to game 7( or kept game 7 as close) in the Finals without Sheed. Your Welcome.

    • Smarty says:

      I agree, he played his heart out during that game 7 when Perk was out. That was some of the happiest I’ve even been with him cause he worked so hard.

  31. NYfan says:

    This is a joke trying to cause gossip around the NBA.

  32. Amused says:

    Would much rather see Iverson return…

  33. mark ivan says:

    go make a great decision for your self sheed! everybody knows you’re a tough guy…im glad to hear your name again besides your plan on playing once again..i hope to see you next season sheed! i wanted to see u with the celtics though, it makes me remember the bad game 7 vs the lakers,,,that might be the most dissapointing moment of your life and the entire c’s world!

  34. Rhedz says:

    I think sheed still got it…he still got game left on him so why not use it while he has it right ?
    it’s now or never for him..He should play while he still can…why not ??? give it a season or 2 and then he can retire for good…alot of people would want to see him play like me…he’s one of those good players in his generation…people love him…fans love him..the media loves him…hehehehe…..But it would be nice to see him in Rockets, Hawks, Hornets or Nets…

  35. jacknohara says:

    And now the Knicks are going to win ! Maybe they should bring Charles Oakley and Pat Ewing as well, maybe Herb Williams has something left … But to go for the tittle, we need to add Hakeen too, the dude is in great shape and still can provide 10 minutes of Hall of Fame Basketball . Just give 10 min each and I can bet they´re going to be better than Stoudamire …

    • Christiaen says:

      I agree…let Barkley throw his weight around, he doesn’t need to score, just bully.
      Same goes for Oakley. All he has to do is hack.
      And Ewing and Hakeem can team up. Hakeem provides the scoring and some blocks for 10 minutes a game. Ewing backs him up for another 10 minutes.
      You’ll see…their average of points against will be much lower than that with Stoudemire on the floor.
      Finally some toughness on the Knicks.
      Ah…reality bites! 😉

  36. he should play with the lakers and try to win a championship with nash, kobe, dwight and gasol

    • champions24 says:

      i absolutely agree. he will be a great fit. it’s no brainer, sheed truly deserves another championship. He played against kobe so many times in the final and it’s time for him to play WITH kobe just like nash and howard.

      • Average Joe says:

        And just how many times did Wallace play against Kobe in the Finals? Twice? I would definitely agree with you if you said he played against Kobe so many times in the playoffs when he was still in Portland. You Laker fans are so full of it. When it was Wade, Bosh and James teaming up in Miami which became basically them and a bunch of role players, you marked the team for your hate. But when Nash joined LA for practically nothing and you got Howard without giving up Gasol, it was a stroke of genius. What a load of hypocrites.

      • The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog says:

        rat brain (LA fans)

    • THE GUY in next door says:

      sheed fits in the anger management team – not in LAkers…. TROLL!!!

    • Doc Rivers says:

      yup, might as well join LA since they’re buying up all current and former stars available.

    • jaldjie says:


      • Reesie_31 says:

        I so agree!!! Lakers made some move but I still think Heat have a bigger chance of repeating than they do at winning. Steve Nash plays like he’s still in his 20s but the reality is he’s in a new team and in his late 30s. Dwight is still to be proven, who knows which part of his childish character will show in LA. It’s not like he’ll be playing for Phil Jackson who could straighten him up or even a Doc or Pop! Mike Brown will have his hands full. I still think that OKC is the favorites in the West, they will be playing with a chip on their shoulders. Then comes the usual suspects of Spurs and Lakers but with Clippers and their new additions, they will be a more serious threat this season.