Hakeem+LeBron = NBA Dream Nightmare

Imagine if Martin Scorsese had stopped making his own films 10 or 15 years ago and instead had signed on as Paul Thomas Anderson’s second-unit director. Or say Warren Buffet dropped Berkshire Hathaway to serve exclusively as Mark Zuckerberg’s financial advisor. Think of Kate Upton, tutored in the kitchen by Rachel Ray.

Unfair, right? Overkill. The rich, the gifted and the awesome don’t need to get that much richer, more gifted or awesomer, do they? Yet that is what happened in the NBA when LeBron James enlisted the help of no less than Hakeem Olajuwon as his post-moves coach.

As described in the fine feature story by Mike Berardino of the Sun-Sentinel, the teacher-pupil relationship between arguably the NBA’s most swift and elusive Hall of Fame center ever and its most dominant active player began during the lockout. Stinging from Miami’s loss in the 2011 Finals, his ears burning from ceaseless criticism, James sought out Olajuwon to add a new wrinkle to his game: Balance, footwork, deception and scoring tricks in the low post.

It was like Eric Clapton making a pilgrimage to Les Paul.

Rival coaches and opponents commented immediately last December on James’ newfound back-to-the-basket skills. They alternately marveled and cringed all the way to late June, thanks to what Berardino refers to as the Hakeem Sessions.

How many times during the Heat’s 2012 championship run did LeBron turn his back to the basket and spin past a helpless opponent for an easy score?

How many times during his third league MVP season did LeBron exchange the easy and the familiar of the perimeter for the rugged and the raw of the low post?

And how many times in those final three matchups, against the Pacers and the Celtics and the Thunder, did LeBron help the Heat climb back from daunting series deficits with moves right out of the Olajuwon repertoire?

Spinning, dipping, up-and-unders?

Cheetah-like drop steps followed by thunderous slams?

And yes, even a handful of feathery fadeaways along the baseline, a move so familiar Olajuwon will soon be releasing a full line of lifestyle gear, including personally designed basketball shoes, in its honor.

The Dream Shake.

“I saw all of the moves we worked on,” Olajuwon, 49, says proudly. “When you work with a player, the satisfaction is in knowing that now, when it counts, when it is valued, he is executing.”

James had picked the brains of other former NBA greats, including Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas. Olajuwon had worked with other players such as Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard. The legendary Houston Rockets center is becoming quite a go-to guy, in fact, for teams wanting to develop their big men’s post games. He plans, for example, to visit the Knicks’ training camp next month to work with Tyson Chandler, Amar’e Stoudemire and others.

It’s a great second career for Olajuwon, tapping skills that made him as slippery as a point guard when he set up shop on the baseline. It was a no-brainer for James, who has a habit of hitching his wagon to the best (from joining Dwyane Wade’s team in Miami to lunching with Buffet in his quest to become a billionaire).

But with so many needy big men out there, Olajuwon – famous for his humanitarian and charity work away from basketball courts – would seem more ripe to focus on the JaVale McGees and Kenneth Farieds of the league.

James’ determination won him over, however. So instead of sticking to the square-dance fiddlers, this Itzhak Perlman of NBA big men hooked up to play mentor to James’ Joshua Bell.

“He was so determined,” Olajuwon says, clenching a fist. “That’s number one. He was always saying, ‘I’m here.’

“That pushes me. When somebody wants it so much and is so eager … wow. I was very happy because I knew I could help him.”

The package of moves Olajuwon shares is tweaked for the particular skills of each NBA visitor. LeBron, he quickly surmised, had some of the same physical attributes of Howard, but no one in the modern game, maybe ever, can fully approximate what the Heat star brings to the table.

Olajuwon and James hit it off and stayed in touch through the Heat’s title run. Now the mentor believes his protégé will incorporate even more of the maneuvers and tricks he shares, because James is more comfortable down low and, of course, because he still wants to improve.

It all makes for a remarkable relationship and a marvelous updating of Olajuwon’s craft in 2012 form. But it still seems, y’know, awfully unfair.


  1. Al says:

    Whoever Nash is checking against the MIA and OKC will score double figures,

  2. Jia Wei says:

    I love David miller ❤

  3. Some guys don't get it says:

    I’think Lebron will be even more devastating this season than last, he will spent most of the time playing in the post where he is unguardable. (Pf with the skills all the skills a bballplayer needs) Heat Lakers would be a really great match up, but I think Heat will win it. They simply have more player at the top of their game and I don’t really see where the Lakers got better.
    Basketball is played on both sides of the floor that’s why I don’t see the Lakers having any advantages. Thats why People write stuff like Chalmers>Nash, because Nash is bad in defense and Chalmers is a good defender. Offensivly I’m sure Nash will be the Hall of fame Pointguard, but still he will play 30min max per game, and the Heat don’t need a pointguard, because Lebron is the Pointguard.
    The only advantage the Lakers might have is Dwight! But will he be healthy and with whom will he matchup when Bosh plays center and gets out of the paint?
    MWP could be the diffrencemaker if he would return to allstarform and play his crazy D on Lebron!
    I think Heat are better, they have chemistry, they have the coach, they are in their prime, they are more healthy, they have shooters who could kill the Lakers like Dallas did 2 years ago!

  4. Shooter says:

    LBJ is getting stronger and stronger and stronger! Wish you success, the King!

  5. Alan90604 says:

    Lakers are going to win the championship this year without a doubt!!!

  6. colorado83 says:

    ya ya ya, i hear all the hype about about the seasoned all star lakers, who just barely got past my up and coming nuggets. i hate them, but respect is due if ur a true fan, they’ll be alright, but don’t crown them yet, all they have is still kobe. dwight has back issues, that will be a factor all season, nash is not gettin any younger, defensive liability, and meta is up and down inconsistent, pau is the same way, so the lakers really look the same as last yr, the heat are beast, plain and simple, it’ll be out of them and the celtics again, in my opinion, but my team i think will open eyes again this yr.

  7. usbuck says:

    I would love 4 LeBron 2 work on his free-throws. Nonetheless, he is the best basketball player in the world.

  8. John says:

    Lebron James is honing a pretty elite package. When’s he going to work with John Stockton and Reggie Miller, though?

  9. sakurags says:

    i wonder why everybody forgot about the talent of rashad lewis who can defend and shoot with height and body hmmmmm is he a forgotten man here as for the info he is in miami now hehehehheh

    • Realist Lakers Fan says:

      Shoot, Yes. I agree he can shoot lights out if he gets hot.
      Defend…….not really. Hes not a great defender, Period. but hes prolly not there to defend. Heres there to spread the floor and open it up for Lebron and Wade.

  10. Anonymous says:

    the only thing that will differ the heat between the lakers is that they have a better bench and have a more younger EXPERIENCED roster, and with that the speed of the game, definitely if we see this teams play, the one who has more speed, who is the heat, will hugely have an advantage over the lakers. but also other factor here would be nash age, he is good but not that good he is not in his prime at all, the factor from the lakers will still be kobe bryant, if we see he changes his playstyle which for me is very difficlut at this point simply he wont be effective towards howard, if we combine this 3 BIG LAKERS we will have a team with less effectiveness into the individuality, which is the same towards the Miami 2011 almost champions, the thing is how effective the 3 of them work together, but this year i think they cant make it. PLUS, there is also a HUGE factor out there for the Heat and is there full fledge 3 pointer bench, there is a lot of reasons of why i think they will win this time, thunder and mavs wont have the same roster, bulls better be careful with rose serious injury, celtics being an old team and goin for the reconstruction, lakers making a hybrid team to be a wanna be team championshipm and knicks with a same carmelo not growing at all, orlando in reconstruction, clippers still working the roster, san antonio too old needs more younger roster

  11. john says:

    wow….sound frustrated….lol….your saying that your big guy is not foul trouble???Heat all day..back to back Champs…

  12. John says:

    Cry lakers fan…accept the truth…heat all the way

  13. Greg says:

    First of all Lakers frontline is going to kill Miami’s Paul and Dwight at the same time can u say foul trouble for Bosh haslem and whoever with that much frontline u got kobe outside hittin shots and drving nashin hittin all over and drivin dishin its a nightmare for the Heat. Dwight is a beast whos goin to gaurd him u double u hav four other options. say Lakers another championship.

  14. Sir Charles says:

    You guys are overlooking the coaches! If Mike Brown did’nt win a ring in Cleveland with LeBron because he could not make up good enough match ups when playoff time came around, he wont be to do it with the lakers, no matter how “stacked” and over rated they are, at this point, before the season even started!

  15. JW71 says:

    im am in no way at all a lebron fan,infact im what you would consider a “lebron hater”,but the man can train all he wants,this argument is stupid.since when has wanting to get better been a bad thing?

  16. DHAM says:




  17. DHAM says:


  18. bey krews says:

    reading these comments from lakers and heat fans,
    i could only say that most of them does’nt really understand basketball.
    always remember that the team to beat is always the defending champs of the previous season no matter how strong your lineup is on paper.
    secondly,never sleep on their possible playoff contenders.
    in the east indiana is the only potential threat for the Heat if rose does’nt get healthy and if the celtics can’t keep up with their age.
    The West is a more complicated conference,Lakers still ain’t locked to win.
    They could be upset by a team-oriented and experienced Spurs, or a revamped Mavericks and the biggest road block is a revengeful Thunder.
    You can brag all you want but no team is considered a lock to win this season.

  19. DCJ says:

    Laker fans please get happy when yall get some chemistry, right now yall jus talkin ish swallowin spit!!!! LOL I cant wait till the season starts a bullseye dead on yall back hopefully yall hold up till may. Till then keep talkin ish and swallowin spit!!!! Heat three-peat!!!! All day!!!!

  20. Joaquin says:

    Does anyone else miss lbj and his “Howard to Heat” posts? they made me laugh, then hated them, but now I miss em.

  21. Kurcina says:

    I hope Lakers could overcome thunder in the finals, so we can finnaly see a duel between Kobe and LeBron. Well directed by David Stern.

  22. john says:

    Cry baby lakers fans…3pts milller,Lewis,Battier,Jones,Chalmers,ALLEN, Wade, and the KING…LBJ time dude……heat all the way CHEERS CHEERS

  23. Danny says:


  24. OriginalHeatFan says:

    Hahaha gotta love the Laker fans man they sure are optimistic about this season. Need i remind you guys that OKC killed you, and you got swept the year before that. Yeah how does that feel? good eh? Let me tell you a little secret, get used to losing cause the days of winning are over for you delusional Laker fans. (dont blame them guys they have been used to winning all their lives so they dont know what its like to lose yet dont worry they are just naive they will come around.)
    Make way for the OKC Thunder and Miami Heat…forget about the Lakers they are done after Kobe is gone. Dwight cant do nothing by himself.

  25. me says:

    so that’s why he’s so good

  26. Qicz says:

    the game you are talking about is only at the Center “C” come on Heat Haters..Zzzz did you watch game 5?? and now they add Rey Allen the top 1 sharpshooter in 3 point line… now the game play is in the hand of the coach watch out.. Good Luck “Lakers” “OKC” is not the time of that both team… hahaha…

  27. Realist Laker's Fan says:

    Why do all these Miami Fans and OKC fans think Lakers cant beat their teams?? I think 50 cent’s song lyrics would come in handy right about now….’I smell P@#$Y, Is that you Miami?….I smell P@#$Y, is that you OKC?’

    Yall act like Lakers are no threat watsoever and always trying to downplay the team with chemistry issues. They get Training Camp and some preseason games. Nash is 2 smart and good to defer to Kobe all the time. He will feed the hot hand and get everyone involved. I’ve never seen Nash run an offense with Chemistry issues, regardless who joins the team.

    I beat all the Laker players are happy Nash is on their team, cause he will give it to them in areas where they can score. With him on the floor the only person opposite teams can double team off is MWP. AND If he starts hitting his 3’s then look out, its pretty mcuh Game Over.

    U can talk how Westbrook is gonna run around Nash, but i havent seen Westbrook slow Nash down either. With D12, who is more agile on Defense than Bynum, he can cover the Pick N Roll fairly effectively and still recover. As you saw, Jordon Hill did a decent job covering OKC’s Pick N Roll Game during the playoffs and the last regular season game.

    Lakers Can beat Both OKC & Heat, Just Like they can beat Lakers. I would say its fairly even at the moment.

  28. Strapup says:

    Do you idiots even watch basketball Perkins is a good post defender? where in the pee wee league this clown couldnt even and was non existent in the post against Bosh or lebron both are which are undersized players playing out of position. thats why okc will never win they soft in the middle..Perkins is washed up…guess uall wasnt watching the finals…my mistake

  29. lIl says:

    Heat will EZ GG

  30. Brian says:

    Those comments about that DH12 is unstoppable is just stupid. You just let him score just as bynum did and no difference will make as long as the oppsing team keep scoring just like thunder are used to do very well. Miami hasn’t worry about DH!2, they need to worry about theplays that Nash can create. If they force him to turnovers, Miami will win easily. And that comments about the true king lebron copied the fadeaway from kobe, you have to be obviously a laker fan and apparently the only team and player that exist for that person is kobe. Appearingly that guy forgot that Magic Johnson was the one who teach Kobe to become the next Jordan and was the worst mistake he made. because obviously disrespect Jordan with such an attitude as immature that kobe is, If I’m Jordan I should feel very ashamed to be compared with someone that is just a terrible copy specially in his attitude.

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      If you are Jordon, U should be scared that Kobe is trying to take the title of “Greatest Of All Time’ from you. I think Jordon in the past has actually quoted ‘Kobe is the only person that can be compared to me’.
      Both are exceptional players, you just sound like u hate on Kobe. From what i have heard/read from NBA writers & Commentators, Kobe’s attitude is similar to what Jordon’s attitude was.

  31. Jimmy Hendrix says:

    LeBron is just going to get better and better 🙂

    I don’t know why people are arguing about the Lakers and Heat competing in the finals. Obviously, they forget that Kevin Durant and the Thunder are going to do all they can to reach the finals and I hope they do so.

    Playoffs 2013: Thunder-Heat

    Get off the Lakers bandwagon. Howard is only there for the money and he will leave once Miami/Thunder/Nets have cap space and he puts up the act of wanting to be a likeable player. It is just sad.

  32. LeBartJames says:

    First of all, Why are we even TALKING about The Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers? What because they got Dwight theyre gonna be amazing now? They had Bynum last year and Dwight isnt that much better than him overall. Secondly, The Lakers lost to the Thunder last year and the Thunder has a lot of young talent that is getting better every single year, the only person on the lakers that provide that is Dwight and I dont see LA getting past OKC. Lastly, to even suggest that any team in the NBA will beat the heat?! NOBODY IN THE LEAGUE runs the fast break AND plays defense like the Miami Heat, their ONLY weakness last year was consistent 3 point shooting.. and what to they do to fix that? oh yeah, they pick up THE BEST 3 PT SHOOTER OF ALL TIME!!!!!! And Rashard Lewis! The rest of the NBA is playing catch up to Miami right now and everyone has a LONG way to go.

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      Statistically one of the best (if not the best) all round shooters in NBA history is Steve Nash. 50, 40, 90 as career avges. Ray Allen has the record for most 3’s, yes, and is a pretty good marksman from the 3pt line. But Numbers say Nash shoots 3’s with more accuracy.

  33. X says:

    why is nobody training with the future HOF and Basketball God Brian Scalabrine?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    stupid superstars!!!

  34. chef chonoy says:

    beat the THUNDER first before talking about the DEFENDING CHAMPS.. its not a video game,CHEMISTRY is still the key even for a powerhouse 5 like the LAKERS..even MIAMI suffered on their first year….L.A will have a chance against the HEAT bcoz of the length of gasol and howard but against a more experienced OKC that can match them position by position?? i dont think so….

  35. mayo says:


  36. Donna Lauron says:

    good on yah, lbj! ur heat fans are w/ yah all the way!

  37. LOL says:


  38. Chris says:

    Do you people forget?? The lakers cannot make an NBA Finals without Phil Jackson as a coach. Kobe is useless without him. Lets stop talking about the Lakers, they won’t be in the finals.

  39. elmo20 says:

    why discuss Lakers losing to OKC in WCF? when they wouldnt even reach the PLAYOFFS?? LMAO!!!! nah, maybe an early 1st round exit will be good enough.

  40. Owenhart says:

    yeah i agree… Lakers will lose to OKC in WCF… 🙂

  41. LBJ fan says:

    LBJ 6, king James ALL THE WAY

  42. LBJ fan says:

    LBJ 6, king James ALL THE TIME

  43. ramherson says:

    Y’all dont need to argue about the matchups between the lakers and the heat coz the lakers wont even make it to the finals 😀

  44. JACAS says:


  45. ghian says:

    Keep dreaming LAKER FANS!!! That’s the only thing you can do or you may look for a genie to make your dream possible ..The HEAT will dominate!!!

  46. IGGY!! says:

    The Denver Nuggets will be like the phoenix suns when nash first got there– potent offense but with proper defense! I mean, they have at least 2 starter quality players at each roster spot
    PG– Ty Lawson, Andre Miller
    SG- Andre Iguoldala,
    SF- Danillo Ganillari, Wilson Chandler
    PF- Keneth Farried, Anthony Randolf
    C- JaValee MGee, Timofey Mosgov

    Every player on this list in underated and still (with perhaps the exception of Andre Miller–who is so very good anyways!) have huge potetnital. Lawson is a 20 and 10 guy (almost was last season and only played half the game), Iggy can do everything is totally underrated and is an outstanding perimeter defender, Danillo can reallly score and finish and is a decent rebounder. Keneth Farried will only get better and brings so much without having any plays called for him… Mcgee played really well under george karl. Then the bench is like almost equal. People forget how good Wilson chandler can be and maybe this will be the year anthony randolf really figures it out! Mgcee will continue to improve after training with the Dream and giving away all that free noodles and company. This team is awesome.

    don’t sleep on them. They are going to the west finals with either San Antonio or OKC. !!! Then the winner will face the Boston Celtics because Pierce and Garnett are probably going to play like they were 20 just to teach ray allen a lesson… garnett is that crazy!! Lakers won’t make it out of second round and heat will just barely make it past Indiana.

  47. No Chance for LAKERS!! MIAMI 2peat says:

    The heat doesn’t need to worry about the lakers..

    Lakers cant beat OKC!!

    2012 playoffs

    kobe will still be the ball hog he is and take 35% of the teams shots.. (OKC vs LAL 2012 playoffs) while sharing time with nash to have the ball in his hands most of the time..

    thats what he do, attempt more to score more…

    OKC and HEAT are more balanced and with better teamwork and chemistry with their stars taking lesser shots than kobe but being more efficient

    Durant -23% (OKC vs LAL 2012 playoffs)
    Lebron -28% (MIA vs OKC 2012 finals)

    dwight will probably have occasional high low play with gasol, alley-oop play with nash or kobe, and would mostly get his points through offensive boards and put backs.. he definitely wont get the same number of shot attempts and touches that he did in orlando.. (13 shot attempts and 11-13 FT attempts per game)

    bottom line… HEAT beats OKC in finals 5-6 games!!! lol

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      Why wouldnt D12 get the same amount of shots as last season??? Andrew Bynum got the same amount of shots D12 did last season playing with the Lakers (maybe not the same amount of FTs, cause teams try not to foul bynum cause hes an alright FT shooter for a big).

      • Belizeboy says:

        Because it’s Kobe, Nash, Gasol and Howard now. Not just Kobe, Gasol Bynum. Howard will either get the same amount of touchs or less than he did in Orlando. I mean really if he didn’t get that many in Orlando I don’t see how you can think that number will go up around Kobe.

      • Realist Laker's Fan says:

        If u read my post Belizeboy, then you would see that I never said D12’s shots will go up. I said he should have the same amount of shots as he did last season. Lakers shot 80 times per game las season. Take that into account and heres my predictions (U can compare it to last seasons player avg. shots per game if u want, I already have)

        Kobe: 22 shots per game, Nash: 8 shots per game, D12: 14 shots per game, Gasol: 14 shots per game, MWP: 6 shots prer game.

        Bench: 16 shots per game.
        I dont see bench shooting much more unless, its a blow-out.

        That gives u 80 shots per game (just like last year).

  48. sanjay says:

    wow, the delusional laker fans! lakers first need to handle the blistering OKC! Heat is better this year than the last. I love kobe but my man LBJ has his eyes thoroughly on no 2.
    Lakers have no answers to 3 shooting spree of miami and the deadly defense. Miamis defense is only matched by the old school celtics. But miami seems to have borrowed a leaf out of celtics coaching manual, for which the west coast still have to find answers!

    There is no way west coast is gonna win trophy with the kind of defense they got!
    I would love to see kobe get 6 rings but love to see lbj get to 3 first!
    Enuf said

  49. Nando says:

    Gotta love the Laker Nation and the Haters around us.. Heat fans got other things to worry about like the NYK, Nets, Boston, Bulls and Philly to make it to the finals… Lakers just have to worry about staying healthy… We got this!!!

  50. aso says:

    Lakers are old and slow Don`t expect too much lakers (keyboard warrior) fans

  51. LakerHater says:

    lol heaters

  52. The Dream says:

    People are all discussing a MJ comeback at 50 but this video makes me seriously think The Dream could suit up for 12MPG, 7-8PPG and 5RPG.

  53. usbuck says:

    2012-13 NBA Season can be summed up in two words–LeBron James!

  54. Excited to see what LeBron will do this season without the weight of “having to win a title” on his shoulders. He will be beasting this season !!

  55. benjie says:

    The heat have 3 point shooters,legitimate 3 pointers who makes a difference in crunch time.Like in 2012 finals the heat shut down the thunder with raining threes from battier and miller and even some from chalmers and wade and LBJ.and I think I saw bosh shooting as well from the arc.
    As far as I remember this tactics when they are small was been used during the olympics when they overwelmed other countries with 3 pointers and fast breaks .
    Conclusion The heat added legitimate 3 pointer Ray Allen +Rashard lewis men they are really gonna exploit that advantage drawing people out of the paint and making way for slashing wade and LBJ on the penetration.
    Final verdict heat will win more than last years season.

  56. mv3 says:

    its gana be an nba season to watch, everywhere you look, there is an exciting matchup… and for the ” laker nation” , am a heat-wade fan all the way, but stop being so biased, at lwast comment on the arcticle, and not repeating the same bs in every article..

  57. LA-Lakers@Manila says:

    Same old story.. LATers (LA HATERS) are all here again… OKC better watch out because LA will get what is theirs.. It will be a 3Peat again.. LA 2013-2015 Champions..

  58. Beat LA says:

    Lakers are old, and they have not played a game as a TEAM! Remember 2004? LA tried with Malone, Payton, SHAQ at his prime and a young KOBE and they still went down to the PISTONS … not to mention they had Phil back then! They have no good role players (i.e. missing Fisher, and the glue guys). They are going down for sure against a younger, faster, OKC team or an experienced team like the SPURS. And this is only a 2 year experiment, after NASH and KOBE are done LAKERS can start rebuilding.

  59. Rnadomdude says:

    The article is a waste of time, I clicked here just to check the comments..

  60. dwynn says:

    Naf Said!Air Jordan the Best EVER!!No Comparison to KOBE!CopyCat!!!!

  61. against bad writers says:

    mr. steve auschburner, ur references are terrible. i couldn’t even finish the article.

  62. basketball fan says:

    first of all before u laker fans dont talk about meeting the heat in the finals beat okc first because Perkins always locked dwight up. Nash cant guard west brooke and they got ppl to make paul and kobe have bad shooting nights so im saying dont hype the lakers up before thay play a game

  63. jenerstar says:

    lakers should claim first western conference champs before they face the east champs long way to go

  64. Sigh says:

    Everyone stop making speculations and shut up. Wait till LA beats OKC in the playoffs then maybe you all could continue this type of conversation.

  65. WILFRI says:


  66. ranfan says:

    Interesting. Hoping to see some improvements during the upcoming season. Play hard or don’t play at all

  67. installer-x says:

    it is between 3 teams. Oklahoma can beat the Lakers, Lakers can beat the Heat but Heat can beat Oklahoma.

  68. Eric says:

    Maybe now lebron still learn how to properly execute the “Crab” step, and not travel…

  69. HasABrain says:

    Yall are crazy with your Lakers vs Heat posts. LA won’t even be able to get by OKC if they make it far enough to face them in the playoffs. That old slow backcourt is gonna get owned again by Westbrook/Harden/Durant. And Perkins pretty much neutralizes Dwight’s presence. The only real improvement they made was probably in jersey sales by bringing in two huge name players, but it’s not the right team to match up with against the Thunder. Tbh, I still think the Clippers and Nuggets are being overlooked and it wouldn’t be a shock if either of those teams took out LA. The Nuggets took the Lakers to 7 in the first round this year did they not? Before having AI and a full season of Manimal/McGee.

  70. Isaac says:

    lol how is this nightmare? Many stars have worked with former HOF’s.
    Dwight with Hakeem
    Bynum with Kareem
    Amare with Ewing
    LeBron can try all he wants still ain’t going to have a better post game then Kobe.

    • LakerFan says:

      please tell me u did not just say Kobe < LBj in the post…

      im not gonna be an idiot like Lkare Nation and argue about this. but i will say this.

      LBj is much bigger, strong, got more moves, and everything else in the post. kobe is only a SG for a reason, because his body is weak now.

      Enough said. and Kobe cant post for ur momma's nuts either.

      • Realist Lakers Fan says:

        I believe Kobe might be still > lbj in the post. Lbj can easily overpower most SF’s to get his shot. Alot of time Kobe is being defended by SFs.
        What separates them and why i still think Kobe>LBJ in post? It’s easy….FOOTWORK.
        James is working on it. I’ve been sayin it for years, if Lebron can get a decent post game he will dominate (like he doesnt already lol) even more so, even when his athleticism starts to go down (which isnt happening anytime soon).

  71. Jayjoe14 says:

    I was actually thinking of this last night that why LeBron doesn’t train with Hakeem yet. LeBron and Griffin are the ideal next students for Hakeem. I bet that Griffin would be training with Hakeem next off-season.

  72. Brian Scalabrine says:

    Doesn’t matter who win’s I’m the best!

  73. jeremy says:

    wha like he isnt already scary to defend

  74. l-train says:

    You Laker fans are so funny. Its like the 1st year when dwade,lbj and cb1 joined and everybody thought they would be unbeatable or something. But i admit that this laker roster is obviously better built, but still that doesnt mean anything until you see them playing, so stfu please with your high expectations

  75. amn says:

    I think ‘Laker Nation’ would go to bed with Kobe

  76. zabuza says:

    keep on whining laker fans hahaha

  77. lebronheatREPEAT! says:

    laker fans think they won it all just because its good on paper haha…. we already know the heat are the real deal with the new addition of ray allen and rashard lewis…. gotta go with the team the king is on.. king james

  78. Lakers need three pointer says:

    Lakers biggest weakness: Three pointer, youth and athletic people. The paint will be crowded for Nash with Gasol and Dwight.

    I am a laker fan. Look at heat, they got Ray allen! one of the best shooters to space out Wade & LeBron

    • AlexanderW. says:

      yeah ur a lakers fan but all ur doing is throwing them under the bus. ur a heat fan dude just own up to it and be proud of it. although i do admit it would be rather embarrasing

    • Laker Nation says:

      Lakers now have three point options @Lakers need three pointer

      They have Steve Nash, Kobe is good when he’s in the zone at shooting three’s, MWP if he practices MORE, Steve Blake, Jodie

      Meeks, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, and many more

  79. One of the king's subjects says:

    While I am pleased that Lebron wants to get better, it is not something to get over excited about. Every players goal is to do better last year. Any champion that has repeated never had the same roster or that playlers played on the same level of intensity. It is good he went back to Hakeem, but I am not going to say I wasn’t expecting something that. Kobe gets better, Durant ( who does not get enough credit, even though he was in the finals} getting better, even Lebron’s teammate Dwyane Wade is getting better with his jump shot. Lebron is just showing that he wants to compete and strive to be better than he already was.

  80. love nba says:

    The dream teaching the king!!!! This guy is going to dominate again this year.

    • Laker Nation says:

      King Kobe

      King 5 rings

      Black Mamba

    • marsh0 says:

      No LBJ jokes this year?
      Where are the Haters? The king with no rin… no that won’t make sense. Give him a dollar and he’ll give you three… no, that won’t work either.
      Let’s see. the choke artist? Nope. he dispelled that on one leg as he rose up to drain a three to put boston away.
      Yup. can’t think of one LBJ joke that will be relevant this year.
      we’re gonna miss the Haters and their silly comments.
      let’s go heat!!!

  81. look guys... says:

    LeBron will guard Howard in the important games and he’s physically able to shut him down. He could guard every position on the court right now
    Crunch time: Chalmers on Nash,
    Wade on Kobe,
    Allen on Artest,
    Bosh on Gasol,
    James on Howard… The Lakers will do better than last year but that one’s not in the books yet… not at all!

    • Laker Nation says:

      Allen is on the bench

      James isn’t on Howard

      • QuestionMark says:

        He said crunch time, Allen is obviously going to be on the court during crunch time, probably subbed in for Battier, so Lebron will play PF. So yeah, either way Lakers are going to have a tough time defending, Lebron and Wade are killers in the paint, even if Dwight is there. If they double those two, Battier, Chalmers and Lewis can knock down 3s, plus the greatest 3 point shooter of all-time, Ray Allen. Of course Heat will trouble defending Dwight since they have no real C. Lebron might be the best option to guard Dwight, and you can’t really say “James isn’t on Howard”, you don’t know what Spolestra will come up with. Wade at this point is better than Kobe because of his age, and he is a great defender, Lebron is Lebron and will always stay unguardable, and Chalmers is a good defender. Only problem is the Heat’s bigmen, Battier and Bosh are too small to guard Gasol and Howard. Battier is still a good low-post defender, but Gasol has the size, and Howard is Howard and probably has like 50 lbs on Bosh.

      • Realist Lakers Fan says:

        I cant believe this guy said that Lebron is physical enough to shut D12 down. Lebron is physically built no doubt. But to say he can shut D12 down in the low post is hilarious. I have never seen lebron Guard D12 in the low block when D12 was in Orlando. Yes he comes and does some help defense on D12, but has not defended D12 himself. He never has and never will.

        He will end up being in foul trouble before he he gives D12 any trouble at all. Not to mention D12 is only 5inches taller and has a longer reach than Lebron. The only thing Lebron will be blocking is the ball from coming down on his head when it goes through the hoop.

      • Realist Lakers Fan says:

        sorry not 5 inches taller, it was suppose to be 3 inches taller.

      • JKID says:

        This kid. Lol… Can you at least understand the comment before you post? Crunch Time! you must be a kid who just happened to be born in LA/ Lol

      • Realist Laker's Fan says:

        Jkid….lol first 2 words says ‘This kid’ and i looked at his name and started laughin.

        Crunch Time or Not. LBJ cant guard D12 on the low block, Unless he is goin to do a hack-a-Howard. PERIOD.

    • W/E says:

      james cant defend howard in the paint….howard is bigger and stronger,he will dunk on him all the time and get the foul as well

    • ummm no... says:

      Lebron can guard any position you’re right. But he cannot guard the best center in the league. Dwight is bigger, stronger, and every bit as athletic as Lebron.

    • Mytownla says:

      Lebron…. Shutting down Howard…. LMAO!!!! I think you should look to follow another sport… Basketball seems as if it may be a little too complicated for you to understand…

    • Realist Lakers Fan says:

      A hint to all Miami Fans. Both Wade & Lebron last season had their lowest average for points in the paint against Orlando. Do you know who was manning the paint in Orlando last season??

      • jrkm says:

        big baby davis!!!!! hahaha 😛

      • Belizeboy says:

        Wade also averaged 30 agianst Orlando so I’m pretty sure you just made that up. Howard never got a 30pt game once against Miami last year and with such a weak inside you would think he’d dominate. Think about that.

      • Realist Laker's Fan says:

        Hey Belizeboy, Think about this. If Lebron/wade played only in the post and didnt have a jumper and top of that got double teamed every time they get the ball in the post and their supporting cast was pretty much garbage. How many times u reckon they will score 30 pts??? Not Many, If ANY if u ask me.

        Wade also never got a double double once against Orlando last season and Howard avged 20 pts 19 rebs per game against Heat. Look through the games last season and you will see that the majority of Wade points in the paint was when D12 was sitting or on fast breaks/transition where D12 is no where to be seen.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Why would I need to think of a situation like that (Lebron or Wade without a shot)? That’s like me saying if Howard wasn’t 6’11 and skinny he would never get a double double. C’mon man you’re not talking sports when you just create unrealistic situations to prove a point. Talk about the facts and what could happen…like I did.

      • WAD3 says:

        Wade, LeBron will F@#$ everyone up its a Fact. It Scottie and Jordan man Superstar SG and SF

        Its the winning combo PERIOD

      • Realist Lakers Fan says:

        lol Belizeboy, I just gave u a situation in which u couldnt answer. I was giving u facts but just swapped Lebron/Wade with D12. I answered ur question why D12 didnt get 30pts against Miami.
        Without a jumpshot, ur not going score 2 many baskets in the low post when being double teamed nearly everytime u get the ball. Alot of D12 ppts came from Offensive rebounds, cause he got doubled nearly everytime he touched the ball.

        Was trying to explain, no matter who the player was, if he had the same skill set as D12 and the same team and came across the same defensive schemes as D12 does on a nightly basis, ur not going to score 30pts on a regular basis. Considering Lebron & Dwade are great help defenders, it makes it hard for D12 to get to the rim.

        If you didnt get understand what i was trying to point out, then im sorry for not explaining it clearly to you. I thought u would have understood wat i was getting out.

    • marsh0 says:

      we don’t want Allen to get roughed up by artest. Are you kidding? Rasahrd lewis , or UD Haslem will shut that head case down.
      Even Battier.
      heck. we’re so deep now it’s funny we had a bench problem a couple of years ago.

  82. dattebayo says:

    Hasn’t Kobe been doing it for years and years now? There are always players who want to learn and visit Hakeem in the off-season, how come it’s suddenly unfair when Lebron does it?
    I hope though, that everybody who went to Hakeem this time actually takes something from it. The Knicks and Nuggets had a few players and those teams sure could benefit from better postplay.

  83. truth says:

    Lebron saw Dirk shooting 70% in the finals, and thought, “Jeez, I could be doing that if I was 10 feet away from the basket like him” so he got to it. Whats awesome about next season is that Lebron will be looking to add something new do defeat the Lakers and a older wiser OKC.

  84. john says:

    cry lakers fan hehehe get dirk to match the heat…

  85. Spaz26 says:


    • Laker Nation says:

      Naww I’m happy because we got Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, MWP, Pau Gasol, and D12

      so its not bitter its SWEET

    • AlexanderW. says:

      there is nothing to be bitter about. we got the best team in the league lil girl. we aint some small market lottery team like ur team dude. whos bitter?

  86. LBJ says:

    I really like Lebrons post moves. Theyve really improved and he showed his post skill in game 6 where he just constantly posted up and fadeaway. That game was crazy,

    • Laker Nation says:

      Umm I wonder where he got the post up and fadeaway from ohh yeah Kobe

      • nobody says:

        and where did you think Kobe got that from? ohh yeah right… his name was Michael Jordan.

      • Laker Nation says:

        Kobe didn’t get it from Jordan

        Kobe does it better than Jordan anyway

        Jordan didn’t invent the fadeaway

      • Belizeboy says:

        Lebron hasn’t copied a single Kobe move, or rather if it looks like Kobe it’s actually a Jordan move : P

      • Krishawn-MIA says:

        huh?! taht move was around for years -_-

      • Keeping it real says:

        haha he has made a career out of copying MJ.

      • JKID says:

        He actually got it from the man named Hakeem Olajuwon! So did kobe.. Read around, Kobe was helped by olajuwon and jabbar

      • WAD3 says:

        the only way to get good at something is copy n perfect. I dont know who invented it but there a handfull of greats when it comes to the fade.

        AND Kobe aint winning anything this year!

        The league belongs to Durant and LeBron for the next 5-10 years

      • Cyke says:

        @ Laker Naton I wondr how Kobe Got that post fade ay ohh yeah MJ ur a dumb fan and should watch some other sport

    • Mytownla says:

      @nobody.. your name definitly suits you… Kobe didnt get his fadeaway from Jordan you idiot../ he perfected that himself

      • LakerFan says:

        oh really? then LBJ also perfected HIS fade away so he didnt copy Kobe?

        and FYI, i rather copy my opponent and beat them with thier own moves? pretty shamefull.

        If LBJ copied Kobe, well done, LBJ used Kobe’s moves to win the champion ship beating OKC, and Kobe? used his moves and only won 1 game against OKC. When u guys say someone copies another, think about it. cuz u just made fun of Kobe.

        So YOUR the real idiot.

    • Realist Lakers Fan says:

      And you dont seriously think Jordan was the person who invented the post up fadeaway right? The list goes on and on. I’ve seeen Magic pull off that post up fadeaway. But Both Jordan and Kobe have worked on those fadeaways to make it deadly and nearly unstoppable. Now Lebron is trying to to do the same and he has an advantage because he is 6’8, making it harder for defenders to block the shot.

  87. Califan says:

    Garbage article.

  88. he can train all he want with hakeem but the lakers are still gonna win the championship this year

    • LBJ says:

      lol i already knew you were the one who was going to say that

      Chalmers will shut down nash,
      Wade > Kobe at this point in their careers.
      Lebron> Ron Artest I dont needd to explain that.
      Pau Gasol = Chris Bosh
      Dwight>Who ever is the heats center.

      Heat bench vs lakers bench:

      Ray Allen> Jodie Meeks
      Joel Anthony= Jordan Hill
      Shane Battier> Earl Clark
      Norris Cole> Steve Blake
      Mickell Gladness= Greg Somogyi
      Udonis Haslem> Antawn Jamison

      I’m not going to do the rest, but go look up the heats roster and lakers roster. The heat are way more deep and talented whereas the Lakers just have a star lineup with a bunch of scrubs on the bench.

      • QuestionMark says:

        No one can shut down Nash, he is Nash, he really doesn`t need to score, just be a playmaker, which he is still great at and one of the best in NBA history. I agree with Wade being better than Kobe currently and of course Lebron is Lebron and is still unguardable, Gasol and Bosh I would say are the same, but Battier will be at PF and Bosh at C, unless it is changed, but with Gasol`s length, I give him the edge over Bosh or Battier and Dwight will play well against whoever the Heat`s C is , especially with Nash feeding him the ball. I think the Lakers have a chance of beating the Heat, but not OKC, Perkins and Ibaka can defend Dwight and Gasol, Perkins is a great low-post defender and of course Ibaka is the number 1 shot blocker in the league. Westbrook is much more quicker than Nash, so I expect him to play well on offense against him, Durant of course is unguardable same as Lebron and Sefolosha will give Kobe a tough time as usual. Plus OKC being a jumpshooting team will lower Howard`s shotblocking. It is a three way triangle: Lakers can beat the Heat, OKC can beat the Lakers and the Heat can beat OKC, all of their strengths is the other teams weakness, but that is in terms of matchups, it all goes down to who steps up and who doesn`t.

      • Laker Nation says:


        First of all who is this Mario Chalmers you’re speaking of

        Second, since when have D Wade been better than Kobe Kobe scores more points have more rings and many other things

        Third, its MWP and he is a great defender

        Fourth, Pau is a little over Bosh with skills

        Fifth, Dwight is the current best center in the NBA and the Heat doesn’t have a center

        I don’t need to get to the bench right now but neither of the benches have that much talent

        The Heat bench includes “OLD MEN” Allen Battier Miller

        While the Lakers are looking towards the future with lots of “YOUNG” talent Jordan Hill Earl Clark Devin Ebanks Chris Duhon and so on

      • ummm no... says:

        Lol, you’re not biased at all.

      • AlexanderW. says:

        chalmers will shut down nash? dude wut are you smoking cuz i wanna buy at least an ounce of it. and in the playoffs matchups are everything.. i wont get into the specifics with you becuz i doubt youll be able to comprehend them especially after that chalmers will shut down nash quip but if the heat make it to the finals to face the lakers the lake show will shut it down in six.. bar none son

      • Belizeboy says:

        @ QuestionMark, right on the money with that comment.

      • The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog says:

        Bwahahahaha!!! LA will definitely cry when they face the Thunder.

      • skrutz says:

        @Questionmark You may have posted the most intelligent comment I have ever seen on these blogs. Bravo!

      • E-SY says:

        This is a fun game! I think it looks like this:

        LeBron > Lakers

        And he will demonstrate that during the season because the Lakers won’t reach the finals and the two teams won’t meet when it’s play-off time…

        @ Laker time: It’s Ron Artest and he’d better be thankfull for even being mentioned… he’s no factor at all.

      • Florida says:

        Laker Nation – Talking about OLD / Slow Players on heat bench. You are so funny WHY do not you talk about the age of the players on the floor.. Let me help you on that ..
        Gasol : 32
        World Peace: 32
        Nash: 38
        Kobe: 34
        Howar: 26
        Wade: 30
        James: 27
        Bosh: 28
        Harrellson: 23 / Pittman: 24

      • jbmony says:

        LBJ….I’m getting in late on this topic but let me offer this…..you forgot one important matchup that trumps all others…..COACHING….Eric Spoelstra > Mike whatever his last name is….

      • Rich says:

        I couldn’t get past the ‘Chalmers shutting Nash down’.. LOL. The wanna-be-tough guy won’t be able to keep up with Nash’s speed even at their respective ages ! Running thru the individual match-ups and ><=, or whatever that is made me dizzy that I suddenly couldn't tell who your team really is and whether you really watch enough how both team plays. Oh well… but thanks for the laugh – Chalmers shutting Nash down, hyuk, hyuk…

      • Bballfanatic32 says:

        Did evryone forget the Mario Chalmers was leading all rookies in steals when he got to the league and Miami was a TOP 5 defensive team..Im sorry Chalmers may not be in your top PG but he can play defense and with the right decision making he could become a very good PG not the best but good enough to fit Miami’s style.Stop you nonsense he won’t shut down Nash blah blah!!!!last time I checked Nash is a mismatch for ALL PG of the league cause he cant play DEFENSE , he’s never had.No offence to his offense skills he’s a maestro but don’t act like Chalmers will be a push over or something.Put smart comments like @Questionmark did, all this Lakers this and Heat this is boring and played out.Season hasn’t started and LAkers have ALOT to prove with the roster they have and even IF Kobe is willing to dimish his role that he’s kept for how many years as the the number offensive choice, and last time I checked MIAMI HEAT are the current champions until a new one is crowned……

      • Laker Nation says:


        How could you say one person is better than a wole team unless you’re talking about the Bobcats

      • Laker Nation says:



        Pau Gasol: still averages 17.4 points a game and is a BEAST when he is in the zone

        MWP: is a great defender

        Nash: I don’t really have to say anything about Nash near 40 and can dish the ball like that easily Top 5-10 PG of All Time

        Kobe: Kobe Bean Bryant!!!

        D12: Best Current Center in NBA

        D Wade: don’t have anything to say about him I like him

        Lebron: overrated called the King and the Greatest Player of All Time when he didn’t do anything or didn’t have a ring Brian Scalabrine had a ring before Lebron LOL Derek Fisher

        And who are these people you’re talking about Bosh, Chalmers, Harrellson, Pittman LOL

      • Frank 1114 says:

        One troll correcting another troll… hilarious 🙂

    • He's on a troll says:

      If the Lakers chemistry can be as consistent as your trolling, then they may just win that championship.

      • Laker Nation says:

        @ummm no… I KNOW RIGHT

      • manny says:

        heat should not worry about the lakers because the OKC will claim the west. Perkins has shown an ability to limit strong centers points in the paint. if perkins limits haward touchs on the low post the rest of OKC team will over match Lakers

        West brock>>> Nash
        durant > briant
        Ibaka >Paul gasol
        sefalosha = artest
        perkins << D. howard

      • Laker Nation says:

        Manny: Crybaby Thunder fan from finals

    • Laker Nation says:

      Welcome to the Lakers Steve and Dwight!

      Big 5

      Pg: Steve Nash

      Sg: Kobe Bryant

      Sf: Metta World Peace

      Pf: Pau Gasol

      C: Dwight Howard

      Bench: Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, Jodie Meeks, Devin Ebanks, and Earl Clark

      2012-2014 NBA CHAMPIONS #BeatTheHEAT #BeatOKC

      You know the Lakers are unstopable @Don’t EVER CLICK MY NAME!! You Have Been Warned!!!

      • Lakers Will Win The Championship this year, anyone that says otherwise knows nothing about basketball lolz

      • Keeping it real says:

        Metta World Peace was never good enough to be considered a big anything player, and now he is a has been. Solid defender but not a game changer. You need to share some of what you are smoking,

      • Haha. says:

        Except LeBron can outplay the whole Lakers lineup 😀 Wade is back and now they have Ray Allen on the BENCH! Lakers stand no chance with the Lowest FG% due to their ‘Leader’ Kobe Bryant… Awful that you believe Lakers will take it home. Kobe will NEVER win another Ring 😀

      • Laker Nation says:

        MWP isn’t a good defender huh stand right next to him and get MR. ELBOW and see how well you can defend LOL

      • anonymous says:

        mate, Mr Elbow? yeah another suspension. I think you love the Lakers a little too much to actually look at the bigger picture, in case you didnt watch the finals, in the biggest game of his career (game 5) LeBron actually posted a triple double, MWP is too old and slow to defend him. Next matchup, we all saw gasol go missing, it killed the lakers, and if he continues, then CB1 has got him all day, then you say who is mario chalmers? all i can say is watch game four of the 2012 nba finals. Wade v Kobe, thats a dream matchup, 2 of the best shooting guards ever, but at this stage in their respective careers, i would take Wade, but then everybody knows how Kobe can be. and yeah center is unquestionable, Dwight is the best center in the league without question.

        Benches? i got heat, when you bring Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Mike Miller, Shane Battier, Norris Cole plus others off your bench, its a recipe for success. And as i saw in a previous comment, the lakers bench isnt anything to bee desired.

        Sorry but i can see a repeat of the 2012 finals.
        MIAMI v OKC

      • E-SY says:

        @ Laker Nation: Big 5?!?! What the…?!?!
        @ Laker Nation: LeBron is a mismatch for whoever the Lakers bring to the party; nobody can guard him, nobody can balance him out! The only way Artest would be able to do so is by fouling out in the first 12 minutes and then the Heat will roll past the Lakers.

    • JazzTooFunk says:

      You cannot shut down Nash…
      Wade has to be Wade again if he wants to be better (more effective) than Kobe (at this point of his career)…and he was not last season…even when Wade plays good defense (what he cannot do for 40 minutes) on Kobe he can still score or facilitate …

      The bench of Oklahoma was also deeper than Miamis’s last season and you saw what happend…

      It is really too one dimensional if you just compare the players…having a Tower like Dwight in the post means that even LeBron has to adapt his game meaning layups and dunks and inside play gets tougher! Dwight changes the whole game…

      It will be close…looking foreward to the playoffs!

      • pablo.blue says:

        You’re right about all but one thing; howard does change the ‘game in the paint’ Let’s face it the comparison to howard and ibaka are similar and look what the heat did, they had bosh and haslem step away from the basket for open shots. LBJ is smart enough to find the weakness in the invincible lakers defense.

    • lbj says:

      @Don’t EVER CLICK MY NAME!! You Have Been Warned!!! stop being a lakers fan. remember that KOBE BRYANT IS A RAPIST!!!! he doesn’t even be a role model expecially to kids

    • Heat this Thunder that!!! says: