Dirk Digs Dallas Developments

Fresh from the most successful season in franchise history, the best-case scenario for the Dallas Mavericks in 2011-12 would have been to repeat as NBA champions.

Plan B — breaking up that team for flexibility and salary-cap space, in what proved to be a futile attempt to lure Dwight Howard, Deron Williams or some other in-his-prime, flag-planting free agent — didn’t go so well. The Mavs went 36-30 in the post-lockout season, finishing 14 games back in the Southwest Division and, in the playoffs’ first round, got swept by new West finalists, Oklahoma City.

On to Plan C, the re-stocking of the roster with solid supporting players — center Chris Kaman, forward Elton Brand, guards Darren Collison and O.J. Mayo among them — who don’t qualify as franchise guys or even as that dream sidekick to All-Star Dirk Nowitzki. The idea again seems to be, do the best they can and add a big name in the summer of 2013.

But Nowitzki, in an email interview with Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News, sounded more upbeat — and competitive — than that:

This year, the Mavericks again have maintained financial flexibility with a lot of short-term contracts. That doesn’t deter Nowitzki.

“I think we have a good team again,” Nowitzki said. “I like all the new additions. I think we got younger on the perimeter, more athletic and that was always our goal. … The month of October is important to get everyone adjusted, but I think we got a lot of potential.”

It makes sense that Nowitzki would see the Mavs’ glass as half-full; he has all sorts of reason to be in a good mood. He got married in the offseason. With labor peace this fall, he knows when training camp and the 2012-13 season is going to start. And he feels healthy, eager to get going without the yapping of his knees that turned last season into the worst (21.6 ppg, 6.8 rpg, 45.7 FG pct.) since his second year.

Having Dirk enthused and on board, at age 34, is vital for Dallas because of his timeline. On a team built around short contracts, he’s no longer a lifer, with just two years left on his four-year, $80 million deal. Short horizons proved to be a problem for the Mavs last season and now their superstar has one as well.

If this season were all about waiting for 2013-14, Nowitzki would be giving up 50 percent of what could be his remaining NBA time. Nowitzki makes it sound as if his ambitions for the Mavs are much higher.

As he typed to Sefko: “We are all professionals, and I expect everyone to play at a high level and give it their best no matter what their contract situation is.”


  1. tried says:

    their 2012 decision to break up the champion team of 2011 has taken its toll. instead of having the defensive player of the year TCHANDLER they have caman. they’re team used to consist of consistent veterans kidd,terry,butler mixed up with the agressiveness of young talents, barea chandler stevenson, with dirk as the franchise player. perfect! but hey these wise nuts decided to go after dwill and dhoward. its always ok to prepare for the future but not at the expense of the present especially if you already have a champion team! do not repair something that is not broken!!!

  2. RJ says:

    Overall, I’m just going to say this: meh. In a tough Western Conference, this is a 40-47 win team, no higher than 6th in the West, and I think that may be a bit of a reach. Even if they were in the East, I wouldn’t give them more than 51 ish wins and 5th in the conference. If Brand and Kaman stay healthy all year (not real likely) and Beaubois, Collison, and Mayo maximize their talents this year (again not likely), they could prove doubters wrong, though. Another guy I’d love to see things click for is Dominique Jones.

  3. Hunter says:

    The 2013 Dallas Mavericks will suprise everyone, with chemistry, health, and fortune these boys will do it once more. They have the owner, the GM, the coach, the true unselfish superstar, defensive wing players(west, marion, Da Jones, Crowder) the big men(brand, caveman) 2nd pilot(mayo), scorers(Vince, Collison, Roddy) oh and a millitary staff sergent(the other James)

    The Dallas Mavericks 2013 DARKHORSE

  4. NBA fan says:

    Dallas can win it all this year.

  5. caloyski says:

    MAVs will be a strong contender this year -they need chemistry, good health and favorable breaks of the game–they can be Champions again

  6. Patrickmarc says:

    Dirk has his knees back, and his new team looks superbe,
    I don’t know about alchimie, but most of them are experienced.

  7. Mjb23x says:

    And the nuggets wont be close to the team to beat in the west ….. the teams to beat in the west will be the Lakers, Spurs, Mavs and OKC and the east is simply The heat, 76ers and nets

  8. Mjb23x says:

    Anyone who doubts what I say is completly insane, if you knew me you would know that I know the game…. my predictions are usualy correct, you cannot base things on what the team did the past year

  9. Mjb23x says:

    And the celtics will be the 7th or 8th seed, watch out for the brooklyn nets… within the next couple years they will be competing in the eastern conference finals… shoutout to jayz!

  10. Mjb23x says:

    Heat will take the east again this year and the west will come down to either the lakers or mavericks, okc is going to disapoint this season, kevin durant isnt gonna put up the usual numbers

  11. Mjb23x says:

    Yes Dirk as gotten older and lost some of his steps but he has experience on his side along with his unique set of skills… combine that with shawn marions D, collisons speed, brands offensive scoring downlow, kamans defensive work, the chance of mayo going off at any moment, then their’s vince carter, delonte west, rodrigue b., Mavs have gotten a little older and younger at the same time, theyve done some key moves this offseason and im excited….. Yes they will be a dangerous team and might go deep in the playoffs but no I believe they cannot beat the lakers but they will give okc a run for their money, this year in the NBA will be a good one #MavsFan

  12. Mavs!!!!!!! says:

    & If you say the Heat are repeating your STUPID… The Celtics will beat them I promise you. They have a more consistent & Clutch 3 point shooter now Jason Terry.. & about the Thunder.. They may have swept the Mavs but they struggled with a washed up old team.. I bet you they wont beat the Mavs again this year.. Dirk is actually in shape this year

  13. Mavs!!!!!!! says:

    No team in the league has a deeper bench than the mavs.. Go look up on youtube the rookie they got Jared Cunningham.. He is a young Westbrook.. Dwight Howard is gonna get hurt he has a bad back lol.. Steve Nash plays NO DEFENSE.. & everybody knows that Shawn Marion shuts down KOBE!!!

  14. MichaelB says:

    I think the Mavs will be ok this season. They actually got better. I see them making a trade or 2 by the trade deadline to make them a threat. Now every team has 2 worry about staying healthy. Not just the Mavs. But I still say the Mavs should have Kept Chandler @ least. They would have gotten Deron Williams hands down and then sign Ray Allen U never know what would have happened. That’s what happens when U try 2 get the cheap way out instead of being aggressive on the market.

  15. DANITo says:

    mavs are really a good team this year, like they just come behind lakers, okc, san antonio. if they stay healthy , i think they upgraded from last year. kid and terry were old, collison and mayo are better at this time of there career. u have a kamen and elton brand. better than last year center , i cant recall his name but he was horrible. this years mavs might surprise u and be in the final

  16. Cruiser18 says:

    Vince Carter…

  17. I don’t think Dirk will ever win another NBA title … as sad as it is. At least he got one, definatly a future hall of famer !!!

    • great, here comes the poser who keeps following my name again….are you completely SURE that dirk wont ever win? I mean he might get traded to the lakers and win there

      • jbmony says:

        Dirk will win his second before Kobe wins his next….while with the Mavs….Lakers primetime players they are counting on are little bit long in the tooth(save Dwight)…if you hadn’t noticed….and you will see the decline of Dwight…Bynum has a much higher upside and a particular skillset that will keep him in the league longer than Dwight when his legs start to go…we all got to come to earth sometime…just ask Vince Carter

      • Not Happening says:

        Are they gonna trade him into the past 09 or 10 team? Because Lakers aren’t winning any championships in the near future.

    • jbmony says:

      Here’s the deal from a lifetime Mavs fan….The one win was more fulfilling for Dirk than the multiple wins of Kobe….name me one ALL-STAR on the 2011-2012 Mavs team….tell me if you had the Mavs winning it prior to the start of that season…..Now get out your notes and tell me how many ALL-STARS have been on Kobe’s teams that won the championship.How can you guys ridicule Dirk for winning only one when most of you are the same FOOLS that ridiculed him for not having won a championship?….So your comments have ABSOLUTELY NO MERIT. Let me tell you how a REAL NBA FAN should act…I was just as relieved for LeBron’s championship win (well almost) as I was for Dirk because of the SCRUTINY this kid went through…True, being a Mavs fan left me biased in our finals against him but that still didn’t stop me from MARVELLING at his game….As witnessed by his OLYMPIAN EFFORT, the guy is THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD….I’m just glad it took him a year to realize it.

  18. Eraeha says:

    So plz post the lineup of the mavericks championship squad and then tell me if they had a chance at the title just because of the names you read there.

    In the Mavs Champ Season the names didnt matter. It was all about chemistry and team balling.

    • Chris says:

      I don’t think you know how chemistry works. The Lineup by the way included guys like all time top 10 PG Kidd, Sharpshooter Terry, Defender of the year Chandler, a double-double Marion and the best bench of the league. Not to forget a hungry Nowitzki how we’ll never see him again. Sure they exeeded every expectation, but they did need some material for that, and as a Mavs fan I really see even the playoff entry at jeopard with this injury threatend and unbalanced team.

      • SSoto says:

        I don’t think you understand their lineup for 2012-13… Kidd was a leader but was injury prone and out of his prime. O.J. Mayo signed a long term deal that will make sure we have another player to fill the spot of Terry for years to come. Also he is younger and needless to say he almost won rookie of the year behind that one guy… what’s his name? Derrick Rose? …. He has potential and he can be a franchise player yet memphis didn’t use his full potential. Defender of the Year? Really? Chandler was a so called nobody before he ended up in Dallas. Do you not remember the Bobcats? He wasn’t anybody until the Mavericks gave him a shot. Not saying he never had it in him, but most people like yourself probably didn’t even consider him as a player will potential. Marion is still on the roster if you don’t remember. And yes this year we have THE BEST BENCH IN THE LEAGUE. Let’s look over their starting 5 at a realistic pace: Collison – Mayo – Marion – Dirk – Kaman. Bench : West – Roddy B – Carter – Brand – (multitude of other athletic centers) . Moving carter to the 3 will work well with the bench depth at the combo guard position. You have to be kidding me to say that they won’t make the playoffs. Take in mind we upgraded our roster in EVERY SINGLE POSITION POSSIBLE. And you can say that we won’t make the playoffs? Obviously not a very good Mavs Fan. It’s fans like you that think teams only win championships with multiple superstars. You make me sick.

    • CaliFan says:

      Mavs were actually a favorite to go pretty far that year but once Dirk and Butler got hurt their record started to drop and people questioned them. I’ll admit I’m surprised they went all the way, but looking at the team they had it wasn’t totally shocked.

  19. Hunter says:

    The Mavericks will be a good team. They need chemistry and health through the year and all will be well.

  20. bunbury says:

    one thing about the nba is that all the teams feel optimistic at the start of the season. therefore, you start hearing about lots and lots of trade rumors towards the middle of the season. i think the lakers feel very optimistic as well. but the fact that nash is 38, kobe 34, world peace 33— makes me nervous. i mean they’re going against wrestbrook, durant, harden at 24.

  21. mk says:

    Dirk is one of the best and most loyal player in NBA history!!

    Go Dirk, go Mavs!!!

    • bunbury says:

      i’ll give you one of the best but loyal, i dont know. I mean he is under a 4-year—80M contract. i wouldn’t go that far and start calling players loyals or the opoosite.

      • Bizzman23 says:

        I hate the word loyalty in sports, especially when it comes to players. If you are not playing up to par owners will dump you, so why shouldn’t the players dump the organization if the front office isn’t handling their part #just saying.

    • caloyski says:

      Loyalty has its rewards

      • Bizzman23 says:

        Cmon dude you must not know basketball Caloyski, you think Dirk can play that 3 spot? Dirk shouldn’t even been the MVP of the championship Terry was the reason they were in the games to begin with.

      • artifex says:

        Oh yeah, ask John Stockton and Karl Malone. They were rewarded twice by the Bulls in the 90s… But I get what you mean and agree. Winning Championship is sweet but if you win it in your town you always stayed in, it’s the better. However, watch that video about Nate Archibald. I could understand at some point he wanted a change. But it’s difficult to judge how long you gonna wait. Jordan didn’t win in Chicago the first 6 years (I mean the championship).

    • Mytownla says:

      Lol good luck with that one bro… B lucky if they mke it past the 8th seed… Mavs are beyond horrible… They’re not as goo as ppl think they are… They will be dominated by the likesof OKC, Denver, Especially the Lakeshow… Awww… Poor Dirk lol

      • CaliFan says:

        You haven’t even seen how this new team plays together yet, nor have you seen how the Lakers will play together. Saying they’re beyond horrible just shows that you’re a kid when it comes to basketball knowledge.

      • caloyski says:

        You might be surprised if they end up Champions this year

    • Not Happening says:

      You could say the same for any team. Omgsh

  22. so are they gonna move Dirk to the Small Forward position like he used to do before? so camby and kaman can start?

    C – Kaman
    PF – Brand
    SF – Nowitzki
    SG – Mayo
    PG – Collison

    hmmm…not a bad lineup…but lakers are still gonna win it all this year

    • ... says:

      u cant put dirkput at the 3 it wouldnt work out put him bak at the 4 brand off the bench n marion starting 3 also yup lakers takin it if howard is bak to normal

    • MIAMIWHO says:

      Half of this line up will suffer injuries this season. Brand, Kaman wont stay healthy all season long. I forget who else is ont the squad. What does it matter, Dallas Mavs are done for a few years if not more anyway.

    • TRUE FACTS says:

      Do you really think Dirk is the same as before? He’s not a good defender nor FAST enough to defend elite players. Also what do you mean if CAMBY can start? He’s in NYK!?

      • jbmony says:

        If you follow the NBA, you know that SPEED is not and never has been part of Dirk’s repertoire so to make a dumb comment about him guarding speed type guys is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS…not his game and never has been..he’s a guy who has a UNIQUE SET OF TALENTS…You consider Serge Ibaka as a speedy,fast twitch guy, don’t you? Well I remember Dirk routinely taking him to the woodshed during the championship run of the Mavs….hell he even did a spin to the basket for a DUNK on one possession against Ibaka…my suggestion to you….WATCH MORE BASKETBALL AND LESS LIFETIME NETWORK PROGRAMMING!!!!

    • lbj says:

      if nowitzki wants to get his 2nd ring after his contract with the mavs he needs to go to miami and play with the king for his 2nd ring.

      PG: Wade
      SG: Allen
      SF: James
      PF: Nowitzki
      C: Bosh

      6th man: Battier
      Strong Reserve: Chalmers,Cole,Miller,Lewis and Juwan Howard

      Miami 4 peat!

    • Bizzman23 says:

      I usually side with you Don’t EVER CLICK MY NAME, but yeah Dirk is too old and too slow for the 3 spot now. He’ll struggle against dudes like KD, Batnum, Butler, Harrison Barnes, and other SFs. Plus Brand is a bench player at this point in his career which isn’t bad because he’s a solid PF coming off the bench.

    • Perrinzo says:

      Make no mistake the Mavs are a totally reloaded team this year, with the deepest and most vesatile team in the League…
      Im thinking the Mavs are going to surprise most of the so called experts of the league this year just like they did when they won the championship..The Mavs are so deep at the Guard position I see them just running most teams right off the court with their speed and just wearing teams backcourt down.. For the first time ever they have a low post scoring threat in 7′ 265lb Caymen. They still have the best scoring 7′ big in Dirk.

      The Mavs starting 5 will average 75 points a game,thats almost a 20 point increase over last years starters and on par with what the Heat starting 5 acomplished last year

      The last few seasons teams didnt have to concern themselves with guarding our center or our starting point gaurd that much. With Caymen capable of putting up 20 plus points a game and Collison or Roddy B blasting to the basket,Teams arent going to get away with doubling and tripling Dirk anymore. Teams are going to get killed trying to matchup with every player the Mavs put on the floor,because every starter on the floor will be a scoring threat.

      The Lakers are a team on decline,wont be there for the playoffs,because Nash is old(38) ,and wont be a factor come playoffs ,Howard wont be ready for the first of the season and he will go freakaziod at the first sign of trouble pissing off every coach on the team and Kobe as well.Howard is too selfish and not a team player,and never was…People dont change their spots at this stage of the game…Plus Im not crazy about the lakers coach as well..

      Go Mavs

      • Markus says:

        Well, I`m a Mavs fan,too. But are you serious the Lakers won`t make the playoffs? Come on, Nash is still a very good point guard (much better and more versatile than J-Kidd). Kobe still can carry a team to the playoffs, And then, you also got Pau and Dwight under the rim. Pau had his problems, though I think he got blamed for almost everything that went wrong in LaLa-land. He will come back strong this season with a center like that. Which brings me to Dwight. Well, he`s not my favourite and that ‘Dwama’ sure was annoying, but you have to acknowledge his defensive work. Offensivley, other teams have to watch him. I mean, Tyson Chandler was important for the Mavs at the defensive end, not at the offensive. And still, I think he was key for their championship. Guess, this might happen with Dwight.

      • Hunter says:

        Great post man, I just can’t wait for these Mavs to get going. I have been checking out their matchups too and you know what? I think they matchup well with the HEATand probably every other team. I think this team for the first time in the Dirk era has some serious youth, depthness and firepower. I want them to steamroll the playoffs.