Adelman Bites Darko Dog

When Timberwolves Glen Taylor mentioned in an interview for a magazine profile that coach Rick Adelman wanted underachieving center Darko Milicic – “flatlining” would be a usable adjective too – gone from the roster after last season, some corners of the blogosphere lit up.

It was, after all, precisely what the Interwebs were designed for. NBA Owner Reveals Coach Ripping Player. Go with it! Now! Then sit back and count the clicks.

Here is the pertinent passage from Twin Cities Business magazine:

But most of the Wolves-related headlines concerned [GM David] Kahn’s persistent attempts to upgrade the talent on the roster. Behind the scenes, as promised, Adelman was providing input and helping with the decisions.

“Most of the moves David is making are heavily influenced by what Rick has asked of us. But when it comes to finances, David will tell Rick no,” Taylor reveals. “At the end of the year, Rick gives me a report of what he thinks of each player. He tells me it’s the same one he gave David and that David knows he is giving it to me. Then he goes through the list. He says, ‘This is the first one I want gone’—that was [underachieving veteran center] Darko [Milicic]. ‘This is the second one I want gone. This is what I think of this player.’ “

Sensational? Not really. The bigger story would have been Adelman recommending that Milicic – a Range Rover player in need of both an engine and a transmission – be kept around. And no one has bothered to mention that there was a ‘second one’ jettisoned per the Wolves coach’s wishes. He just didn’t come out and name Michael Beasley (guessing) for the writer, Britt Robson.

The greater takeaway here at the Hang Time Hideout is that Adelman has about as much influence as insiders assumed he would when he accepted the job last year. That, at age 66 now, he isn’t about to sit back and let Kahn or anyone else make his life miserable for long with malingerers or malcontents.

And that, try as Taylor might earlier in the story to assure Robson about Kahn’s status and the Wolves’ chain of command, no one really is fooled. If Adelman and Kahn happen to be on the same page at any given time, it likely is in Adelman’s book.


  1. Rob Mc says:

    Darko had a good game last year against the Lakers and handled Pau very well. One game early in the year. Then proceeded to give very average effort game after game. Never taking the dunk against a smaller player…he would use a little jump hook that consistently rimmed out from a distance of two feet from the basket. He lacked the desire to finish strong in the paint. He has great size. Decent court vision. He played some defense in the paint. But he had no fire…no heart of a champion. Pekovic is the polar opposite. If Nikola stays healthy…he will have a monster year for the Wolves. He is in fantastic shape, he is smart, has soft hands and is an immoveable mountain in the paint. His spin moves are pretty darn good for a man his size. With AK47 and the Loverboy next to him…not to mention a deep deep of frontline players. My concern for the Wolves is Rubio and Roy’s health. My hope is that some of our younger backcourt dudes step up this year to make it all come together. We need a full team effort…and I think we will get it. We will just get better and better as the season goes along. Very different from last year. I can’t wait…Go Wolves!!!

  2. jpman says:

    Just to let you know. Darko is now in Boston.

  3. John says:

    This little article by this Steve guy is so hard to read, and very poorly written

  4. Ben says:

    Darko is noooooooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg

  5. Shred Atter says:

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  6. Lakers4Life says:

    Best example of an undrafted beast is BIG BEN. Lin has a lot to prove, but I think he can pull it off.

  7. alberz says:

    sign darko in miami heat.. role player…

  8. lbj lol says:

    darko should join the miami heat for haslim joel anthony and a couple picks if he wants to win a championship LOLOLOLO

  9. Hunter says:

    Very underrated.

  10. Hunter says:

    Adelman in my opinion is a top 4 coach in this league and has been a top 4 the past twenty years. I feel he is equal to geroge Karl and right there with Carlise and Rivers and Sloan. If he keeps it going he may be fortunate enough to end his career with a ring. The Timberwolves could be a darkhorse this year or the next with Rubio and Roy. Thats if it all pans out.

  11. Average Joe says:

    And what is the point of this article? You just told us, in so many words, that Adelman has significant influence in the Wolves’ management and player movement. We already know that. Tell us something we don’t know already. And please, make it sound more upbeat.

  12. charles says:

    Makes sense. Adleman has actually run playoff teams. Kahn has yet to do that.

  13. Fr3D says:

    Sometimes the NBA is a strange business. Guys with 10x the talent of Darko were never drafted or given the chance to prove their worth. I don’t know how many second chances you can give a guy who doesn’t have any breakthrough year after year.

    • Sometimes people just need minutes, Look at jeremy Lin, someone gave him his minutes and now hes a superstar, people cant be great with minutes, sometimes it takes progression, Darko already has 1 Ring (even with LeBron and probably will be until lakers will break up) but if he needs more rings, he needs to bulk up and have a bigger body and he should play for the lakers for extra body inside and extra fouls, then he will get more championships