Five Teams In The Danger Zone

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Of all the lists your team could make here at the hideout, this is the one you don’t want to see them on.

Making the top five or bottom five is at least a definitive indicator of where you teams fits in the NBA’s bigger picture. But when you make HT’s Danger Zone List, the only thing we know for sure is that we’re not sure exactly where your team fits this season.

They might have the pieces to be special.

But what if the pieces don’t fit together?

And again, it’s not about the teams that won’t make the playoffs this season (you know who you are) or the teams that might be headed for a cliff. It’s about the teams that remain a mystery to us with the start of training camps around the league just a few days away.

It’s that sort of uncertainty that led our crack research staff to these five teams …

ATLANTA HAWKS, 40-26 last season

Why they are here: Hawks general manager Danny Ferry took all of about a week (eight days actually) to start taking things apart in Atlanta, on and off the court. He sent Joe Johnson packing. Marvin Williams, too. Now the organization is betting on Josh Smith, Al Horford and Jeff Teague being the backbone of a team capable of chasing a top four spot in the Eastern Conference. There’s every reason to believe that’s a possibility, especially with new faces like Lou Williams, Anthony Morrow, Kyle Korver and Devin Harris. No one is disputing the fact that Ferry has reset the Hawks’ salary structure in a way that they’ll be quick on their feet in free agency come the summer of 2013, where Smith and several other big names could be in play. But who will carry the load Johnson did for the franchise? You might not have liked his contract, but there is no disputing the fact that the Hawks’ rise coincided with the six-time All-Star’s arrival. Smith and Horford are already prime time players. And Teague is headed that way. The Williams swap puts another mark in the Hawks’ favor. But we have a nagging feeling these guys are going to miss Johnson more than they know.

Bottom line: Hawks are a playoff team and should be a serious player in the free-agent/trade market next summer, but the top four looks like a stretch.

CHICAGO BULLS, 50-16 last season

Why they are here: When your entire team eats off of the table Derrick Rose sets and Rose’s return from ACL surgery is still up in the air, there’s no question you need to be ready to take a step back. The Bulls have been like teflon the past two seasons no matter what adversity they had to deal with. But an injury this serious to a player of Rose’s stature is cause for a complete examination of what the Bulls are capable of this season. Coach Tom Thibodeau is going to have his team ready to play. But they would appear to be slipping out of that top-two-in-the-East realm and heading to the back of the pack a bit. They went 18-9 without Rose last season. But that was when there was every expectation that a healthy Rose would show up for the playoffs, don his cape and carry them to at least the conference finals. Now they’re just hoping to see a fully healthy Rose at some point this season. Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Taj Gibson and Carlos Boozer all have to step up in a major way.

Bottom line: Honesty it the best policy here. There’s no guarantee these Bulls make the playoffs with all that they’re dealing with.

DENVER NUGGETS, 38-28 last season

Why they are here: The Nuggets are here because they always seem to start training camp as a bit of a mystery. Do they have enough to challenge the top squads in the West? Is this the year they turn the corner? Those questions remain for a team that gave a good showing of itself in the playoffs last season, but without an identifiable superstar anchor to lead them … the Nuggets haven’t elevated themselves in a crowded race for one of the top four spots. The addition of Andre Iguodala is a quality move. He proved last year that he can be an integral piece to playoff puzzle for an up and coming team in Philadelphia. There is a solid returning core with Ty Lawson, Danilo Gallinari, Kenneth Faried, JaVale McGee and Timofey Mozgov leading the way. But when the Lakers retool the way they did and the Thunder, Spurs, Clippers and Grizzlies all return ahead of you, room to move up is hard to find. That said, coach George Karl is a master at maximizing the talents of guys that have struggled to do so elsewhere. And Masai Ujiri has quickly established himself as one of the sharpest young general managers in the league. So there’s definitely the possibility for another in-season move to bolster the Nuggets playoff fortunes.

Bottom line: This is definitely a playoff team. How deep they play into the playoffs is the bigger question and the one we still don’t have a concrete answer to … yet.

ORLANDO MAGIC, 37-29 last season

Why they are here: The easy explanation for the Magic popping up on this list is that both Dwight Howard and coach Stan Van Gundy have exited the premises. Ryan Anderson is gone, too. But a closer examination of the Magic roster reveals a battery of solid players for first-year coach Jacque Vaughn to work with as the franchise picks up the pieces after losing another superstar big man to the Lakers. Jameer Nelson, Hedo Turkoglu, Glen Davis, Al Harrington, Arron Afflalo, Quentin Richardson, J.J. Redick, Gustavo Ayon and Josh McRoberts won’t be making anyone’s All-Star team anytime soon. But they’ve all played enough quality NBA basketball to give Magic fans a glimmer of hope that this season won’t be a complete washout without Howard. The playoffs were a given when the Magic had the league’s premier low-post presence patrolling the middle for them. Now their most glaring deficiency is, of course, the gaping hole Howard called home. The Magic have a lot riding on Vaughn and his making a smooth transition from assistant coach to head man in charge. If this group responds, there is a the potential to shock a few people. If not …

Bottom line: Logic tells us to cover our eyes watching the Magic this season. But recent history says teams in Orlando’s spot have basically a 50-50 chance of remaining competitive (Denver sans Carmelo Anthony and Utah sans Deron Williams vs. Cleveland sans LeBron James and New Orleans sans Chris Paul) when a superstar bolts.

UTAH JAZZ, 36-30 last season

Why they are here: The Jazz lacked a backcourt presence last season and responded by snagging one of HT’s all-time favorite players in Mo Williams. But it remains to be seen if he’s the player they need to establish a tone for a group that, while loaded in the frontcourt with lunch pail types likes Paul Millsap, Al Jefferson and future studs Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter, still seeks an overall identity. Being good enough to scrap your way into the West’s eighth playoff spot is an accomplishment worthy of respect. Taking the next step, however, is even more difficult. And with the teams you beat out  for that spot (Houston, Phoenix and, to a lesser extent, Minnesota) all aiming to take your place, the Jazz need significant improvement or risk falling back to the pack of lottery-bound teams. The other Williams (Marvin) could help change our minds if he takes to his new environment sooner rather than later. Hampered by years by expectations in Atlanta, freedom from that weight might allow him to show off the skills that made him the No. 2 pick in the 2005 Draft. Gordon Hayward has shown signs that he’s ready to assume a bigger role as well.

Bottom line: Ty Corbin has done a fantastic job taking over for Jerry Sloan, but he’ll have to do his best job yet this season, what with the lottery pack hard after the Jazz for that No. 8 seed. This is a team planted firmly in the Danger Zone!


  1. NYfan says:

    the Bulls are an 8 seed team if they get lucky and make the playoffs.

    In my book the Bulls will not make the playoffs only because Derik Rose has a career ending injury just like Brandon Roy. Rose will not be the same player as he did when he won MVP, because once you tear an ACL, the knee will lack stability along with lateral quickness because the knee joint wont respond as well as it used to.

    Playoff seeding in the east:
    1) Miami 2) Nets 3) Knicks 4) indiana 5) Celtics 6) Philly 7) Wizards 8) Bucks

  2. Bullz4lyfe says:

    Whats funny to me is….people talk as if they know exactly whats going to happen with the bulls this season…for all we know we could be better. Its so easy to be critical when it is not your team. Even though each season for each team is all about opportunity and optimism. Through all the talk about who is gonna do what this year…it all comes down to one team and one trophy….! The Bulls will be fine or they wont be….that remains to be seen, don’t dub them as losers before the season even starts. We have an amazing coach and i cant wait till the season starts

  3. Chris says:

    I’m glad the Mavs aren’t on this list… altough i unfortunetly see ’em there.

  4. karo says:

    the HAWKS are underdogs but i think Lou Williams gonna help the team just like Joe did…. not the sweet touch but in every other category…. believe me or believe me not but JOSH SMITH is going to do well carrying this team n this is what he needed to be the man… Your going to see a whole new level of maturity, I’m 110% sure about it….

  5. Lakers4Life says:

    Lolwut nuggets in danger? I see them as 5th seed behind LAx2, OKC and Spurs (in no particular order).

  6. Can't wait for Season to start says:

    As a Heat fan I like D. Rose good humbled kid but I don’t see them having best record they gave away valuable pieces that helped them keep the best record. Without Rose the Bulls are going to rely heavily on Deng and Noah because Boozer isn’t consistent but I do hope they are right there with the Heat so people can’t make the season don’t count excuse because of injuries and whatever else comes to mind yea and I was a Heat fan upset with other Heat fans who tried to make that argument when Chris Bosh went down game 1 second round!

  7. john says:

    ths season LBJ get the regular,All star, Final,MVPs 2nd ring baby

  8. Mario says:

    I can’t believe someone said Psycho-T outperforms David West on a regular basis. Clearly you didn’t watch many Pacers games. David West got better and better, to the point where he was our most consistent performer in the playoffs. Tyler was hot garbage with flashes of good all season long. He took a big step back last season. Pacers fans like me really, really wish what you said was true. But it’s not even close to it.

  9. Owenhart says:

    Playoffs will be out of hands for Chicago this year and in the next few years… So D.Rose should go IND pacers for a chance of at least ECF… 🙂

  10. king konz says:


  11. Raps218 says:

    Noone is talking about the raptors potentially taking 8th in the east.
    PG lowry/calderon/john lucas III SOLID
    SG derozan/ross GOOD
    SF fields/kleiza/acy DECENT
    PF Bargnani/davis/a. johnson SOLID
    C Valancuinas/a.gray 2 BIG BOYS

    we have a chance woo hoo! playoffs here we come

    • chigchig says:

      yeh they have a chance.. but so do the pistons if ur going by that..

      valancuinas is largely unproven, gray is rubbish..
      the italian stallion is legit but can he stay healthy.. he is the i-tie version of bogut

      lowry, calderon is a good backcourt, and i like derozan, if he gets a jumper watch out.. but what teams do they beat to get in the 8..

      mia, bos, chi, phi, nyk, bkn, indy, is in the 7, 8th seed is being fought over with
      atl, bucks and u cant say that the raps are legit better then either of them.

  12. HeatKingsOfEast says:


    and as for gay, he plays sg. if you’ve watched memphis games, his like iguodala who plays sg sometimes. roster line up says his a forward but he play sg in memphis usually in the 4th qtr with less than 3-5mins. tony allen and gay switch roles depending on the opposing teams.

    yeah right! deng is good at defense. he can’t stop iguidala that time, how much more if they had face the nyk? melo will kill his defense. smh!

    boozer and noah is more valuable than deng. just think about it. on the 4 good players of chicago, the management needed to waive one due to financial reasons(this just a situation if’s) who will they waive? rose, deng, boozer, noah. don’t reason out based on payment. let’s say the 4 players recieves $10m, and the chicago only had $30m.

  13. Orlando Magic 12-13 Champs!!!!!!

  14. Kris says:

    You know I like lebron, just don’t like how he crab dribbeled out of Cleveland

  15. Nikos says:

    The Bulls wont make the playoffs? Sekou you dissapoint me man, take a closer look at what the bulls did last season while rose was on the bench. Coach Thibodaeu has built a great team that has proven itself again and again, sure its gonna be a tough going with D Rose hurt but cmon, lets be serious

    • chigchig says:

      lost more then drose tho.. whose backing up C that will give the effort of asik? and the most important position in todays game (PG) is new to them (no rose or watson to start the year) so theyll start slow.. i think they will still mkae playoffs.. but i dont see them being a top 4-5.. around the 6-7 mark but just my opinion

  16. David says:

    nuggets at 4!# im callin it!

  17. Blazer Fan 1 says:

    I never see anything about the blazers….. what gives? Are we just too far west? I know we could have a tough time this year but I am open to hear any positive comments about them. I feel like we have improved over last year but I also know we are unproven.

    • JazzFann says:

      I don’t think you’re too far west. I just think everyone sees you in the same spot you were in last year. While you have improved with a great point guard in Damion Lillard, you’re team doesn’t really have a solid center. They thought they had one in Oden but we never even had the chance to see him play. Aldridge is a great player, but I don’t think he has what it takes to be the big man inside. Overall, I think your team has basically the same talent in every spot, but you have upgraded at point guard. I could see them in the running for the playoffs, but only finish 9th or 10th or so. If not this year, then for sure within the next couple of years if the team stays the same. You are right that you are unproven, so I could be wrong. But only time will tell. I hope that was a response you were looking for.

  18. Cymon says:

    I expect that the bulls will atleast make the playoffs, maybe have home court advantage, and then be good come playoff time when rose is back. The hawks.. I think they’ll drop a few spots on the playoff seed, maybe 7th or 8th; because of the Sixers and the Nets improving. I’m sure that Orlando will be a lottery team. On the Nuggets, I see them still holding the 6th or 7th seed, because of the upgrade of LA(Lakers and Clips), Grizzlies, and Thunders still holding the home court advantage. But I see the defense improving so they’ll continue improving and make a good playoff run. On the Jazz, I see them still a playoff team, but still depends on Derrick Favors and how coach Ty handle the team, I see them still holding 8th, but it’ll be hard for them as Minnesota, Houston, Phoenix and Golden State at their tail

  19. Bulls will easily make the Playoffs ! … defense wins and they’ve shown it in the last season !

  20. Chicago Bulls will be good … they’ll make the Playoffs and with D-Rose slowly recovering they’ll start rebuilding soon ! … for now defense will win them games !

  21. Jerome says:

    I am a die hard Pacer fan, but i still don’t count out the Bulls from making a run last in the season.

  22. SensibleScot says:

    Deng is without a doubt the second best defender at SF in the league, behind Lebron. (Iggy is good, but doesn’t have the size to defend as many SF as Deng – Wallace is very close behind)

    He’s also able to get his own shots, play stupid amounts of minutes, and handle the ball.

    Melo to me is the most overrated guy in the league. He can shoot, but his decision making and defense is poor.

    To me I would rather have Deng any day in terms of value for money! Every team wants a guy with great offense though, so its always worth more in the NBA.

    It would be good to see Chicago go the season without Drose just so Deng could prove a point.

    The Bulls also share the ball a lot, which is one reason Deng’s numbers are not as high as they could be.

  23. Pgulinp1 says:

    i understand utha, orlando even bulls but denver ???? why da hell denver? they traded old all harrington who shooted way too much and affalo who is just average player to recive best defender and most unselfish all start player right now – andre and they sing Anthony Randolph who is huuuge ptotential, left handed, fast, smart, can shoot from a mid range big body, not so strong but 6’11 and only 23 years kid is great along with Mcgee , Ty, Chandler and Farried this team is most atletic team in nba …. and ALL OF THEM ARE YOUNG, Galo can be clutch but he is young too, give a kids a chance, for 2,3 years they can and will be a championship runners, maybe this year they can pull out against okc .. also if they sing andre for less money that he got in Phllly ( philly gived him a too big contract) they can even sing one more all star so leave denver alone, if Karl finaly decide to play smarter and defend better they will be a team who will amazing

  24. NUGGETS says:

    Are you kidding me? The nuggets only got better in the offseason.

    – Iguodala is a huge upgrade over Afflalo.
    – Wilson Chandler is basically a free agent addition since he only played a couple of games last year
    – Gallinari was in borderline all star according to experts before he got injured which made him almost a non-factor in the playoffs
    – Lawson, Faried and McGee are all going to get way better and have breakout years

    I’ll be shocked if this team doesn’t at least finish a #5 seed barring major injuries. Thunder and Lakers are clearly better. But Denver has the depth, weapons and style to at least trouble them.

    Just you wait! This teams will outrun teams to at least the 2nd round of the playoffs!

  25. Princehemi says:

    Bulls is just not DRose, Bulls is the epitome of what and how basketball should be played. Yes the Bulls is better with DRose who showed MVP like games for the past 2 years.. If you doubt the MVP awards even Kobe getting it… MAN!!! do you know how to play the game??? In my opinion, once a healthy Drose get back, this team is better than before because you still have the poeple that you can count on DEFENSE and upgrade on offense with the addition of Hinrich, Robinson, Bellineli..

  26. tyrone says:

    if Bulls were 18-9 without rose then they should be able to at least make the playoffs.

    • Stu says:

      Agreed, the Bulls are a playoff off team with or without Rose. Plus by the time they get to the playoffs next year they’ll be used to the system without Rose.

  27. Skeletor says:

    No idea why Denver is on this list- they’ve improved their already-decent team, so they won’t be falling any time soon.. bank on it.

    What is the ‘danger zone’ if it is not defined as a team in danger of falling in the rankings significantly?

    This is a rubbery concept that makes little sense- maybe you meant to define these as ‘mystery potential’ teams or something?

    • Average Joe says:

      Well, bro. Write anything that sells. And a list with the Bulls is an item that sells. They know everybody’s gonna be talking about it in this thread, commenting and all. That’s why they included the teams that shouldn’t have been there.

  28. Random guy says:

    This is dumb, the Nuggets and the Bulls both do not belong on this list, especially the Nuggets with the way they will thrive with Igoudala.

  29. Joseph_03 says:

    The championship will go either to the Heat, Thunder or Lakers. Everything depends what will transpire throughout the season. Each of them has their respective reason for winning and losing, Miami has Lebron to depend on to win but their small ball lineup might blow up in their face now that teams will have time to make adjustments to counter the speed and athleticism. The Thunder can win it all because they have the single most efficient scorer in the league with a great supporting cast but can lose if Westbrook shoots bricks and Harden and Ibaka disappears. The Lakers can win it all if the new super friends mesh like the 08 Celtics and will lose if they don’t or if Dwight or Nash get injured come playoff time.

    The bulls will be better off retooling for next year, even if Rose comes back some time before the all-star break. There is no guarantee that he’ll be 100% and will need time to get used to things and play sort of a different style or risk re-injuring himself.

    Nonetheless the Nuggets are still the dark horse of the playoffs, they may not be in the discussions as actual title contenders but its a team you would prefer not to face because they are complete and deep in all positions and can match up with any team plus an excellent coaching staff.

    • JazzFann says:

      I think if the Lakers make the playoffs, it’s going to end up like 2004 when they lost to Detroit in the Finals. They have roughly the same team now as they did then. Except they have Steve Nash now compared to Gary Payton. But they (the 2004 team) had Payton, Kobe, Malone and Shaq. Now they have Nash, Kobe, Artest, Gasol and Howard. While Steve still plays like he’s really young, I don’t know how much Kobe is not going to like the ball out of his hands. Kobe is Kobe. Artest plays when he decides to. Gasol is nowhere near as good as he used to be. And Howard’s missing at least the start of training camp, which I think might hurt.
      The Thunder still have a chance because they all have the same mindset and it’s the exact same team. Even though I don’t like Miami, my money is on them to repeat.

  30. Michael Burger says:


  31. Michael Burger says:

    why are the niggets here, they are so stacked

  32. SUN says:

    also i dont think nuggets should be on this list they cud be the 4th or 5th seed in the west easily clippers wont be good and wolves wont b past 7th seed. Nuggets are my team to rought for this year along with my suns who wont be great but nuggets will go hard and as for the bulls no worries for them theyll do their work and play hard to go far this year

  33. SUN says:

    lets start off rudy gay is a small foward smh also i recall luol deng having an injury on his wrist or hand so it was hard to shoot, he could possibly be the 5th best sf in the league behind lbj kd iggy gay thered be a fight for the 5th spot. he is an incredibly hard worker who deserves respect.

  34. Jon Joe says:

    Why the Denver Nuggets is one of them?? Iggy’s addition to the team is a quality move.

    Grizzlies, Mavs or Sixers should be here!!

  35. Thunder says:

    know repeat this year and ray allen will make a diff did you not see game 5, lakers going to make a run but i believe the heat will be there hopefully if they are no more injured chris bosh!

  36. aksicmodern says:

    I would’nt take anyone seriously because if i did i wont bother watching basketball at all, i mean id go to sleep for the season and wake up when the heat have won it, except no one knows jack, thats why we play the game, the bulls the lakers the thunder, heat, no one will know till the season is WELL underway.
    i rememeber watching Larry and the Celtics aganist Hawks and good old Dom, i rememeber larry saying it was over after game six and i rememeber the way both teams played, no one knows, just belive in your own teams guys thats what being a fan is about, no need to hate on each other with unture or founded statements.

  37. MGIC CORE 2 says:

    One thing for sure, Even those 5 teams loose star player in certain way yhey will be more balance; saying that those teams can be very dangerous and can jeopordize other teams dreams.

  38. the real king james says:

    dallas will be in the west top 4 so watch out guys!

  39. Puckyou says:

    Sure the nuggets had plenty of days off after the first round!

  40. LYC says:

    Heat wins anyway. Lakers? Well, they need to crash thunder first…very unlikely.

  41. Ryan says:

    Jasin Kid has wut it taikes to proof he is a shut down knock out power forward. A real force to be reckoned with in the leeg. Don’t be serprized wen he avrages 40+ points 15 boreds per game. He will be the best hornet on the team.

    • ATL Fan says:

      I think you mean Anthony Davis… And I will be surprised if anyone, even Lebron averages 40 and 15. He will be at least a top three hornet(in the mix with Gordon and Anderson), but not the clear cut number one.

      • Ryan says:

        I was just playin’. I know who Anthony Davis is. I meant no disrespect to anyone, I just thought it would be fun to say a couple of things that are complete nonsense. But now that I am at it….go Jazz!! I hope that Mo and Marvin Williams are going to be a nice fit for the team.

  42. HeatKingsOfEast says:


    lol. you sound ridiculous. comparing melo to deng. check the box score in the 2012 playoffs. check the stats of melo and deng in the 1st round. and as for deng, if he was an all-star, at least he should’ve stepped up in the philadelphia series. i tell you this, deng had been overrate this past season to be included in the all-star least for his first and last time. it is because chicago had the best record twice in the past season going to all-star. but it was a completely team effort. deng is a good player, but in compare to all-star player. idoubtit. smh!

    and btw, rudy gay is a sg. not a sf. really smh!

    • Vin says:

      I’m pretty sure Rudy Gay is a SF.. Do your research SMH.

      • Vin says:

        And as for Deng, he does things defensively that doesn’t show in numbers. Stat’s doesn’t show everything. He is definitely a better defensive player compared to Carmelo Anthony.

        Yes Anthony probably has the better offense, but Deng is the only player (besides Rose) in the bulls squad who is able to get his own shots. Without him the bulls would not have made the top 4 teams in the West last season. So to say he is overated and does not deserve his all star spot is nonsense.

  43. NYfan says:

    Top 8 teams that will make the playoff seeding:

    1) Thunder
    2) Lakers
    5) Memphis
    6) Minesota
    7) Denver
    8) Dallas/Jazz/Hornets??

    • ... says:

      more like 1.lakers 2.spurs 3.thunder 4.Clippers 5.nuggets 6.Memphis 7.Dallas 8.Golden state/Minesota

    • QuestionMark says:

      No way in hell is Minnesota and Memphis better than the Nuggets, Lawson is in his prime, Mcgee and Faried are just going to get better, Igoudala is always good.

      1. Thunder
      2. Lakers
      3. Spurs
      4. Clippers
      5. Nuggets
      6. Memphis
      7. Minnesota
      8. Golden State

      Hornets still have a few years, Dallas has too many flaws, Kaman can’t defend opposing Cs, especially Howard, Bogut, Duncan, Gasol. Plus they lost Jason Terry.

  44. CaldwellEvangelina says:

    If you know anything about basketball, you gotta know, with a regular 82 game season the older teams are going to be right there in the mix ­ Fox46­.­com

  45. If you know anything about basketball, you gotta know, with a regular 82 game season the older teams are going to be right there in the mix

  46. CaldwellEvangelina says:

    If you know anything about basketball, you gotta know, with a regular 82 game season the older teams are going to be right there in the mix.

  47. dirk45 says:

    You could also add the Mavs here. Everything from semi finals to the end of the playoff streak seems to be possible here. I’m REALLY curious about it.

  48. coolhair says:

    Bulls beat the Heat 4-0 in the first round of the playoff after heat’s first championship.
    It’d be funny if bulls struggle without rose during the season and get into the playoff as an 8th seed, then
    Rose comes back strong and beat the heat in 4~6 games.

    • #BULLS says:

      Kirk Hinrich and Deng were on that team… #Flash back lol We will have some energy next year with Noah, Nate Robinson, and the crowd being glad to see kirk back. He said he was depressed the last 2 years because the BULLS kicked him to the side when team was about to get good. That could explain his poor performance- that and injuries are to blame. His numbers should return to normal tho… 12-15ppg, 6-8ast. about 40% from 3pt-land. Thats all I expect from him. Im not looking for the Second-coming of Derrick Rose lol…

    • Average Joe says:

      And how did D-Rose do against the 2011 version of Miami? Oh. That’s right. He was OWNED! It’s funny how you took the 2007 playoffs where the 2006 Miami Heat were the defending champions and said the bulls swept them. Well, it may have been a sweep but the Heat have come a long, long, long, LOONG way since then. But I’ll take you on that bet. I bet my house your Bulls won’t win a series against the Heat in the 2013 playoffs.

  49. dattebayo says:

    Seriously, in another blog it said that Cleveland and the Bucks had a fighting chance to make the playoffs and here it says the Bulls will not get into the playoffs? The Bulls had the best record in each of the last 2 seasons and last season they did it without Rose who was fighting injuries all season long. They still have Noah, Gibson, Boozer, Deng and Hamilton from last season, and Hinrich, Bellinelli and Mohammed are solid role players and Kirk might even start until Rose comes back. If Roses recovery is standard with no setbacks, he should be back at the end of January, which means there are still 36 games to go. Thibs is still there and he will turn them into one of the best defensive teams again. Last season, I barely wanted to watch Bulls games, because they always shut the sub-.500 teams down and kept them from scoring even 80 points in a game.

    If the Bulls stay healthy and play the way they are able to, they will be a top 4 team in the East. Of course we will have to see how Rose does when he returns, but the Bulls are a lock for the playoffs while the Bucks will have to fight for spot no. 8 and Cleveland can only dream of playing in the postseason…

  50. DHAM says:


  51. Google Me @ Jonvoi says:

    Heat all the way baby defending that title baby lets see who wants it cause we still the team to beat SORRY RONDO…..LoL hahahahah

  52. Alberto Levy says:

    Us Bulls dont buy superstars,we make them ourselfs.

  53. DHAM says:


  54. Lakers says:

    HEAT 2 PEAT my a**. LOL thats all i got to say to you @LOLakers.

    • JJ says:

      Haha nice ^_^ Agreed.

    • MIAMIWHO says:

      It is funny how moronic heat fans think the heat are easily gonna repeat. I dont think Ray Allen is going to be as important as people think. The main reason the heat made it last season was becasue it was a short season. Honestly, most people expected the heat and the Thunder to make it all the way, because of the short season. If you know anything about basketball, you gotta know, with a regular 82 game season the older teams are going to be right there in the mix.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Here’s how moronic you are. Miami wins because of a shorter season against a younger and faster team? In case you forgot they got to the finals the year before in a full one. James was flat out unstoppable and Miami’s bench players came through when needed, and that’s why the Thunder lost. KD and Durant were the only ones really hitting shots and Harden + Ibaka went missing.

      • stop elbowing me, bro says:

        You realise the heat players are going to get their rest as well? Yea they might bounce back quicker than older guys but rest is rest, everyone needs it. And yes, a 100% rested Kobe or Duncan or Pierce will help their respective teams, but a rested Lebron or Durant will also mean their explosive steps and jams to the rim will be even more explosive. Dont use foolish excuses that the thunder and heat got to the finals because of a shortened season. People reach to such foolish excuses to make their points.

      • celtic533 says:

        to Belizeboy; Durant and KD are the same people moron

      • Belizeboy says:

        @ celtic533 , OMG THANK YOU FOR POINTING THAT OUT… I made a mistake obviously. Really you couldn’t find anything else wrong in what I said so had to point that out.

    • lebron bryant says:

      oh and i guess you think the lakers are gonna take it this year? hahaha sorry laker fan, we (suns) gave you steve nash cuz hes done. howard wont be comfy til next year, so basically you got kobe…always and forever. like it has been since the shaq era. on a good note tho, maybe hell get 82 points in a game this season

    • Mytownla says:

      Lakeshow allday homie… Those dillusional heat fans are goin to be oh so btthurt when their precious heat fail to the Celtics in the EC Finals… but as for the Bulls… idk why ppl are being so negative towards D-Rose… a great player on and off the court. He deserves the respect

  55. D-TOWN says:

    I would put GSW in this mix as well. With the fan reaction to the Ellis/ Bogut trade it is now time to show if it was worth the wait. The starters are one of the top in the league with lots of talent off the bench. This is the year for the warriors to make it.

  56. #BULLS says:

    BULLS starting 5

    Joakim Noah- Top 5 center in the league
    Carlos Boozer- Top 10 Power Forward in the league (Arguably)
    Luol Deng- Top 5 Small Forward in the league (Arguably)
    Rip Hamilton- Solid 15 point scorer at this point in his career.
    Kirk Hinrich- Defense, 3pt shooting, and can run the offense (Watson struggled to do each of those)


    Bench Producers

    Taj Gibson- Will provide more offense this year.
    Marco Belineli- Started for the hornets and averaged 11ppg and can space the floor.
    Nate robinson- Can get you 12 ppg
    Jimmy Butler- Plays like ronnie Brewer, but with alot more offense


    Nazr Mohammed- Wont play much, as Taj gets all the minutes…
    Vladimir Radmonovic- Wont play much unless needed…
    Marquis Teague- Wont play much, unless needed…

    Honestly, I’ve seen teams with half of what we have- make the playoffs! The bulls will make the playoffs. If our Big-Men can stay healthy and consistent, we could probably make top-4 in the EAST…. The BULLS play better with adversity anyway. When teams werrent paying attention to us, we became the number 1 TEAM in the NBA for 2 straight SEASONS. It wasnt all Derrick Rose… Alot of it was the team… Obviously we need him, and he had alot to do with why the team was motivated and kept winning games…. Im sure the HEAT, CELTICS, and NETS will be in the top-5 in the east, 4th seed is anybody’s. The PACERS will be good, But we’ll better than them…

    Any Comments?

    • JJ says:

      Agreed 100%, don’t count out the Bulls yet folks, the season hasn’t even started yet. Plain and simpley said, Bulls are still gonna own.

    • dmontani says:

      are you kidding hinrich and rip are both past their prime and the fact that you call deng a top 5 small forward makes the rest of your argument ridiculous. ever heard of lebron, durant, pierce, melo, iguodala, gerald wallace, danny granger, and i could throw more names in there but those are just the no-brainers.

      • Idoubtit says:

        There is no doubt that Luol Deng is a better baller than Danny Granger or Gerald Wallace. None whatsoever. I would say that he is at least (arguably) better than “Melo, who plays extremely sporadic D, and is a locker-room cancer. And while he is not better than Pierce, he is a better one-on-one defender, and has significantly more upside. Rudy Gay belongs in this conversation, too. Deng clearly belongs in any serious discussion of a top-5 SF after Lebron, Durant, and Igoudala. Even if I give you ‘Melo, he might crack the top-5. His defence is spectacular, and hs offense is dependable when he is not injured. The only player on your list who is better at both is Lebron.

      • celtic533 says:

        Kirk Hinrich isn’t past his prime.if anything he is in his prime.I say h has about 4 more good years in him.

      • Iggy is more of 2 these days, but he is better than Deng.. Wallace and Granger are solid but past their prime. Deng is 5th no argument.

      • CR15 says:

        I would take Deng over G.Wallace, Granger and he is probably even with Pierce at this point. Was he not an all-star last year? I think Iggy is more of a 2guard these days so I will try to get away with excluding him. LBJ, KD, Melo, Rudy Gay and a tie between Deng and Pierce…so yeah, he deserves to be in the conversation. I would almost have Noah as a top 3 center also. Boozer…top 15-20, NOT top 10. The rest is rubbish apart from Taj. Bulls are behind Heat and Celtics now and if they’re not lucky they will fall behind Indy, Brooklyn, NYK and Philly(maybe). Still in the playoffs though, would love to see them take a 7 or 8-seed and knock off Miami in round one with a healthy D-Rose.

      • chigchig says:

        Idoubtit –
        luol is on the downslope of his career.. he gets played too much and will break down every year undoubtedly
        check your stats son coz you arent correct at all in saying hes arguably better then melo, or even better then granger (gerald wallace shouldnt b in this convo)

        how I see the SF ranked
        gay (either or in this point in pierces career but id still take him)

      • #BULLS says:

        I did put arguably next to Boozer and Deng. The list for small forwards goes like this (in my book);

        LeBron James
        Kevin Durant
        Rudy Gay (More offensive upside + athleticsism than Deng)
        Luol Deng (Better than Paul Pierce since he’s 34 and slowing down)
        Paul Pierce- Not as potent as he used to be.
        Danny Granger- He’s nice, but still missing something…
        Andre Iguoldala- he’s this low because he’s a SG/SF
        Nicholas Batum- New AK47
        AK47- Plays like Batum, but Batum has more potential
        lol I cant think of anyone else right now,,,

        If the BULLS can put it together, I believe they’ll be better than the Pacers… The Pacers are nice, but I dont understand why they wasted so much money on D-West when Psycho-T out performs him on a daily basis? They could have signed a real pg with that money… Hill is nice, but only when he wants to. Our Big-Men HAVE TO out play the Pacers big-men, in order to be better than them.

        BULLS WIN 50. EASY!

        -Derrick Rose returns at the end of the season, and that could help seeding for the playoffs…

    • bulls0218 says:

      totally agree, the bulls are still a solid team without rose and they have one of the best coaches in the league in thibs. Without Rose I’d still say the pacers are better though

    • Belizeboy says:

      Yeah the Bulls are a solid team…but even as a solid team in 2011 Miami beat them in the playoffs. This coming playoffs if they meet again they now have to deal with Lebron who’s no longer scared to take control, plus a lot more weapons from the Heat. I still think they can be a top 4 team without Rose, but just like last year it seemed like it required a lot more hard work than it was really worth.

    • Simdawg says:

      Theres no doubt bulls are OK still. But the east will be fierce this year,

      NEW YORK

      All to be better than last season…


      Still to be contenders…


      Pushing for playoffs…

      The bulls have their work cut out for them, I love deng and Noah. But putting your faith in Boozer & Hinrich with Nate off the bench. I wouldn’t be as confident.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Agreed, Bulls made it to the top with Noah, Boozer and Rose injured throughout the season, I think in 2011. Hinrich is a great backup PG, and infact can start on alot of teams, Deng, I’m not sure of top 5 SF, but a top 5 SF on defense for sure, only better SF defenders are Lebron, Igoudala and Wallace. Boozer can get 10-15ppg and around 10 rebs, Noah can play D and get you around 10 rebs, Gibson is a great backup PF, who could also start on alot of teams. Rip Hamilton can still score.

    • Boss says:

      no way boozer is arguably a top 10 pf!! (Bosh, Griffin, Dirk, Zach Randolph, Amare, Love, Aldridge, Gasol, Smith, Ibaka, Duncan, KG, West, Lee) ????
      Rip is way over the hill, and no longer a 15 pt scorer, Noah IMO is one of the most overated players in the league and he isnt a top 5 Center.(Dwight, Bynum, Lopez, Bogut, Horford, Chandler)

      I think the bulls would be lucky to make the playoffs this year with rose missing so much time.

  57. kobi says:


    • JJ says:

      lol who we talking about, the determined D Rose, or Penny Hardaway here? Yeah, it makes sense, just think about it…..

      lol ^_^

      Bulls all day.

      • uoykcuf says:

        Since the bulls gut half of their team, I am hoping rose don’t come back and tank the season. Then Rose can take his time and get a full recovery, get at least a chance at top3 pick and “maybe” finally gets a wingman that rose deserves. Face it, Deng, Noah and Boozer ain’t going to get the job done.

  58. LOLakers says:

    The Bullsh** and their fake MVP won’t even scratch top 6. They’ll get to 8th or 9th IMO. Doesn’t matter though HEAT 2 PEAT this year!!! You’d better believe it!!!

    • pakyaw says:

      BULLS is always a front runner team..with or without DROSE..

      • Agree, they are the team that I admire the most, they have only 1 super talented player which is rose….deng is a talented player but not a franchise player caliber and yet they get the best record in the east, i hope they go to the finals and face the lakers, but then again, the lakers WILL WIN the championship this year

      • One of the king's subjects says:

        The thing is the bulls had key bench players, which they gave most of them away. They had Ronnie who is in NYC. Kyle Korver who is in Atlanta. C.J. Watson who is in Brooklyn. Omir Asik who is in Houston. They aren’t 6th man of the year caliber, but they were a major pieces of the bulls season last year. And lets not forget, the best player of all time just retired. The man who had more rings than minutes. Brian “White Mamba” Scalabrine.

    • #BULLS says:

      WTH are you talking about??? That doesnt even make sense… “The Bullsh** and their fake MVP won’t even scratch top 6. They’ll get to 8th or 9th IMO” You said their fake mvp wont make top 6??? You sound stupid. But only because that didnt make sense… I dont get how D-rose is supposed to make top 6 when he’s not play… Im guessing you meant to say the team wont scratch top-6 in the east. But thats your opinion. Teams have been saying that for 3 years now, and we still have the best record, and that wont change, until we’re not on the top.

    • Bulls says:

      Derrick Rose deserved to be MVP 2 seasons ago. Be a good sport and show some support for the guy.

      • MVPisaJOKE says:

        @Bulls: Rose clearly wasn’t the MVP in 2011, just like Kobe wasn’t the MVP in 2008. Numbers don’t lie.

      • Average Joe says:

        @MVPisaJOKE If you go by the numbers, then LeBron would get the trophy every year. But the MVP isn’t about numbers alone. It’s a measure of how valuable you are to your team and maybe of how valuable you would be to other teams if you went there. And in 2011, there is no one more valuable to his team than DRose. I am a LeBron fan but even I accept that fact. And we can all agree to disagree without being disrespectful to players and other users here.

    • HAHEAT says:

      We’ll see, you heat fan..

    • fanbulls says:

      LoLakers give me a break. 8th or 9th ??OMG they’ll be 3-4th and whait for Rose and than you’ll see. miami 2 peat??yeah this is a bullsh**

    • JJ says:

      lol I thought you were a Lakers fan for a second.

    • Cody says:

      How is he a fake MVP? He’s carried the Bulls to the best record in the East two years in a row. Can you say the same for anyone else? They’ve got a loaded frontcourt, Rip is good as long as his shot falls and we got Hinrich back. The backcourt will be fine then.

    • MIAMIWHO says:

      @LOLakers you have got to be a idiot to call Derrick Rose a fake MVP!

    • Peter says:

      Yup. thats why a busted up Celtic team pushed them to7. I can see them totally beating the C’s again with a revamped roster roster of R Lewis and a busted Allen. I’m sorry i love Allen and Lewis, but theyve lost a couple steps. And the Heat took the player who was struggling the most on the C’s and made him their own. The C’s stacked their roster and (healthy) will beat the heat all day any day. I can’t wait until the openner. Miami, here we come.

      • Average Joe says:

        Close but no cigar grandpa. If you look at the Heat offense, you;ll see that Ray and Rashard Lewis are the perfect fit for this team. And in D, they can guard multiple positions and they are very good pick and roll defenders as well. Anyway, I also can’t wait until the opener. See you in AmericanAirlines Arena.

    • BullsfanforLife says:

      The Maimia cheats won’t make it out of the first round. All of those egos with the old man Ray Allen and Rashard second highest payed in the league Lewis can’t do S&%@. He only cares about himself and money not his team. How hard is it to win games without the officials fixing games for you?

      • Belizeboy says:

        I’m interested in knowing how the officals make the ball go into the basket for the Heat so they can win. Please do explain…

    • Jason says:

      Heck, the only reason the Heat won last year was the barrage of injuries that removed the Bulls from their paths. The Heat fell into a perfect situation, and pulled it off, much like the Mavericks did recently. Not all THAT good, but the playoffs typical oddities ended up favoring them that year.

      The Heat are actually a STRONGER team this year, with the acquisitions they made, but they got lucky last year, and are unlikely to repeat this year.

      • tyrone says:

        The officals probably had 10% at bottom liine and 20% of the reason why Miami won and the main reason was because of the lockout that Miami manage to remain healthy despite having to play 4-5 consecutive games and shorter breaks, plus camp was short.

      • Average Joe says:

        That’s where coaching comes in. Spoelstra was confident enough in his team’s capabilities that he decided to wait for Game 5 in the ECF (elimination game for Miami) to field Bosh again. And that’s only for a few minutes. But in those minutes, he clearly owned KG (love KG but he was a step slow this offseason). @tyrone Preparation is everything, bro. You have to prepare for any eventualities, injuries included. That Miami managed to stay relatively healthy (remember Wade was nursing a bum knee in the playoffs) is testament to the coaching staff’s organizational skills. Training camp was indeed short but players who wanted to be the best (LBJ and KD included) took it among themselves to train in the lockout period. So don’t give me that “camp is short” excuse cause it isn’t an excuse. The Heat suffered the same situation. And please, do tell me how the referees make the ball go in for the Heat and prevent the opposing team from scoring. I would like to see how you weasel out of this excuse of yours. Bottom line, give credit where credit is due. It’s clear you haven’t spent a minute on the court, or on any court.

    • jiovany says:

      you bandwagon