Wade Sizing Up Another Ring (Video)!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You know we’re close to getting the NBA season off the ground when the champs start getting sized up for those rings they’ll hand out on opening night (in Miami).

Dwyane Wade is obviously ready to put another ring on one of his fingers:


  1. Ali-Ace says:

    hands down my favorite player in the league. Wade is the most clutch player of his generation. (Note: Kobe is not his generation)

  2. Lakers-R-Us says:

    Health is the key in the NBA! If the Lakers and the Heat stay healthy; they are the teams to beat in the east and the west! The addition of Nash and Howard to the Lakers is big! And the Heat only got better with Allen and Lewis! I look forward to this year! Don’t get me wrong! It’s gonna be competitive; with Boston, OKC, San Antonio! A great year ahead!

  3. Charles Howell says:

    the heat are the team to beat point blank. just because lakers pick up dwight and nash doesnt mean they gona win the finals this upcoming season im not hating on the lakers they do have a good squad but its the CHEMISTRY that is gona be a real disadvantage for them. the heat repeat this yr end of story

  4. MJ says:

    Blogging – 21st Century example of knuckledragging… Uggha…Uggha…Fire…Fire…Fire!

  5. john says:

    ANother ring coming to south beach…back to back baby..cheerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssss….

  6. GEORGE says:

    HEAT ALL DAY!!!!!!

  7. big hen says:

    all bye king james (along wit the team).

  8. big hen says:

    dont hate. im a heat fan tell the day i die. we won(an we the champs). so live wit it. an move on. we did it

  9. lol says:

    it’s not anybody team

  10. zenith says:

    congrats d-wade! it will be tough next season, hope the heat pulls trough!

  11. There is no way LeBron and DWade will get another ring !!!

  12. dumbness... says:

    nonsense talk…

  13. specialfriedrice says:

    more titles for the Heat, next years Lakers will go down as biggest FLOP! in NBA history…end of story

    • PlayAbeat says:

      I agree to the previous statement about the lakers lol

    • PlayAbeat says:

      Howard wont stay healthy and The lakers are looking for a quick fix. Lakers have the worst bench in the NBA. Howard gets injured, Who ya gonna call upon? It should be an interesting first half of the season but lakers are gonna get the boot first round playoffs this upcoming season. Teams to watch out for; Knicks, Nets, Nuggets and Dallas! Miami, LA and OKC are obvious threats. I think the team that will explode this year is Denver. Most of they’re new players were high prospects in college! Line up; Lawson, McGee, Gallonari, Faried and last but not least, Denver’s newest acquisition Andre Iguodala! GO NUGGETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. tyrone says:

    Lakers are aging while Miami is not too old although they should think about getting rid of Anthony and Miller for some one else. Heard they are pursuing Blatche so I hope they don’t have chemistry issues.

  15. kobe7rings says:

    lmao people thought the pistons would dominate with championships also right! the heat may go to the finals and east finals for ahile but I doubt they whenmany more chanmpionships maybe one more after kobe get six next year and maybe 7 the year after than the leauge will belong to durant.

  16. heatsuxs says:

    yeah 2nd ring and last…

  17. seito sato says:

    he cant win another ring without lebron.haha poor wade, u cant line up wade to jordan and kobe and thats what wade want people to know.but he is not that talented

    • Tenki says:

      Are you talented enough to be at par against him? Sure enough, Wade might not be as talented as you put into your perspective, but Wade is a character who helped LeBron win his first championship as a player, and it definitely helped him win his second. Jordan is a leader, and Wade grew up watching his idol and emulating his character on the floor. Notice how great a player Wade is when he gets angry. Remember, Wade is the reason why LeBron and Bosh went to South Beach to win their championship together as a team. Wade has character. You don’t.

  18. Gabriel says:

    I find it funny some people predict they will never win another ring so long as the Lakers are around. I bet those are the same people who predicted that Lebron will die without a ring.

    If you’re so sure of it, bet your life savings on it.

  19. usbuck says:

    LeBron is the best basketball player in the world and D-Wade is the one best players and fathers on the world. LeBron is my favorite player ever ( Dr. J 2nd, Shaq 3rd and Akeem 4th), but Wade helped him (i.e. Bron) grow as a man and player. Go Wade. Go Bron. Go Bosh. Go Heat.

  20. ROSE FOR RONDO says:

    lebron does not deserve it he should have tried to win it himself in clevlend but the wuss came to join wade and bosh.did jordan team up with bird and magic

  21. El Drake Shell says:

    LET’s GO KNICKS!!!

  22. Mitch the Heat's fanthatknowsthesoundofswitchandchampionship says:

    The Heat are soooooo getting an other one and for my favorite basketball player right after my man Allen Iverson who hasn’t won any championship,Dwayne Wayde will be getting his 3rd,4th and 5th one. Yeah make those former final MVP fingers shine like a Bugatti! Yyyyyeeeaaahhh!

  23. lebron bryant says:

    geez, glad im not a true heat fan. i enjoy good players tho. you guys are horrible fans saying this guy is gonna own that guy. THEY ARE ON THE SAME TEAM IDIOTS!!!!!

  24. Mitch the Heat's fansthatknowsthesoundofswitchandchampio says:

    nalThe Heat are soooooo getting an other one and for my favorite basketball player right after my man Allen Iverson who hasn’t won any championship,Dwayne Wayde will be getting his 3rd,4th and 5th one. Yeah make those former final MVP fingers shine like a Bugatti! Yyyyyeeeaaahhh!

  25. OriginalHeatFan says:

    He should have fitted on another one cause this season REHEAT is gonna happen eheh? reheat go with it people

  26. cool5440 says:

    bottom line if the heats’ big three remain a unit, they will dominate the league for the next three to four years; so all you haters might as well get your popcorn ready and learn to deal with it man!

  27. HeatKingsOfEast says:


    to say that “He still has one more ring than bron will ever have” is bs. you sound like a kobetard fan. comparing lebron with rings. smh! both wade and lebron are key guys of miami to win a championship. but no doubt that lebron is the main guy of miami. if you really understand bball.

  28. ..i.. says:

    to “I HATE dumb heat fans!” betete para la pinga hp

  29. zulu says:

    Ha! What a dilema to have. I ‘m a Laker fan but as a sports fan I love the video. Go Lakers in ’12-’13!!!! Wade won’t have the decision issue next year..

  30. Christiaen says:

    Chemistry, folks, that’s what the Heat developped during the season and came to full bloom in the playoffs.
    Add Ray Allen in the mix, and in minor aspect Rashard Lewis, and you can only imagine what’s next?
    Wade accepts his role as being the second option on the team, he has said as much last season: they would only go as far as Lebron carried them. This season won’t be any different. Until proven otherwise, and despite the Lakers’ major off-season moves, the Heat remain the team to beat.

  31. john doe says:

    yea dwade and bron bron..all day lets go heat

  32. One of the king's subjects says:

    Wade really big fan of you and Lebron. I am not one of those fans who liked wade when Lebron took his talents to south beach, but you and the king of basketball are going to prove to the leauge, the haters, and the lakers why Wade, James, and Bosh and the rest of the heat organization why you are the CHAMPS

    • Mytownla says:

      The king of basketball??? smh man you jus labeled yourself as another one of these Lebron Diiiiccckk riders lmao

      • One of the king's subjects says:

        U Mad? U mad that Lebron is the champion and MVP while old man kobe and cry baby dwight get bounced in the second round. U Mad Bro? I think U MAD.

  33. Trey says:

    bron owns this guy he”ll always just be a shadow of the king now

    • Wadecounty says:

      Lebron owns who buddy…It was last season that wade had them injuries. Before that he still has better averages in the FINALS than lebron has ever had. He still has one more ring than bron will ever have. I been a heat fan since 2000 man if u live in Miami this is still Wade county nobody owns nobody think before you write.

    • NBAfan says:

      It may be Wade’s team from the fan’s point of view, but this is Lebron’s LEAGUE from the NBA’s point of view…and hence..the rest of the world….Wade..go to Chi-town….

      • Mytownla says:

        Lebrons league? Bro… Lebron the 4TH QUARTER CHOKE KING definitly doesnt own the NBA you RUH-TARD… Kobe never had to be questioned about his toughness… Lol hop off Lebrons diiicccckk for a second geeze

      • WAD3 says:

        Mytownla … LeBron is not a 4th quarter choker, he has prooved that last season constantly. AND the League is LeBrons right now…. no one and i repeat no one can play LeBron 1 on 1. Durant maybe the only person who can keep up.

        Kobe knows it … thats why he needs stars on his team.

        And u need to get Kobe’s diiiicccckk out of your mouth before you swallow more dillusional info!

      • Belizeboy says:

        @mytownla, way to live in the past. LeBron disproved everything about him these past playoffs. He had big game shots in the fourth, got into the paint more than relying on his jumpshot. Looks who’s talking about riding other people when everytime someone say’s Lebron, you have to say Kobe.

      • LBJ says:

        No way durant could keep up with bron. did you watch the finals? I think the only person that can guard lebron is Iguodala, the mini-bron.

  34. WAD3 says:

    I think he will have a couple more coming down the road as long as lebron is there

    • Belizeboy says:

      They both got to be there bottom line. Lebron has come into the force he needs to be and Wade has always been (not so much with the injuries this last season), but they both need each other.

      • WAD3 says:

        your right the Heat’s future is co-dependent on LeWade

      • NBAfan says:

        They need both to be title contenders…they need the rest of the guys to step up to win the ring…that’s true for all champions….yes, even the great MJ and his Bulls…

    • Mytownla says:

      Nope… you are a retatd for thinking that… LAKEWHOW ALLL DAY FOOLS!!! NO ONE CAN STOP THE BIG 4, especially with our bench squad comin in to do all the dirty work… Hope Lebron enjoys his 1st and ONLY ring lmao

      • E-SY says:

        LeBron is playing with a lot more heart than Kobe, Nash and Howard combined… so we will see what that big THREE of yours (Gasol is just that immobile weak spot being dunked on the entire season, or did you really think good old T-d up Artest is one of them?!) are heading. No, the finals will be a copy of the last ones and the Lakers will have an early holiday again.

      • got you head in the clouds says:

        I can’t wait to see laker fan faces when at the end of the season, when the Miami Heat win it all again. The lakers won’t be able to even get past the thunder hahaha. Laker fans are a joke.

      • One of the king's subjects says:

        While your at it, tell me when kobe went 6 for 24 in game 7 of the nba finals and artest had pull the lakers through, or how about how shaq led the lakers to three titles, and they would give the last second shot to horry rather than kobrick bryant. This is one of my favorites, rememer when the mavs swept the lakers. at least miami put up a fight, but the lakers didn’t win one game. and here we are now, the lakers get knocked out by the Thunder, and the thing that I noticed, Every time Kobe scored more than 20 points the Lakers lost, why becuase Kobe cares about his stats more than wining. Miami is going to repeat, and what better way than to give your pathetic laker team a beat down.

      • basketball fan says:

        @Mytownla. Dude, listen Kobe Bryant is one of the best. In my mind he is the 2nd best shooting guard and 7th best guard in general, but just because someone voices their opinion, that isn’t like yours, doesn’t mean you should act like basketball is the only thing keeping you standing. Instead of watching it play it, or alteast stop acting like a child who is throwing a tantrum. People are going to hate Kobe deal with it. People are going to hate Lebron, deal with it. There might be someone out there who thinks the Kobe is just hype, deal with it. Voice your opinion, but don’t take it over board. In my mind the Lakers do need a stronger bench. I look at their whole bench, and besides Jamison, not one of them impresses me. I really think the Lakers have a weak second unit and that will be their down fall unless, they get someone like Barbosa, or even JJ Barea. Cheap but good players who can play but don’t need the minutes. I actually have a feeling that OKC will be champs. I have no idea why people are overlooking them, after they just got to the finals.

  35. Willy says:

    Easy Bro a long season ahead enjoy this one first. I think it will fit nicely though!

    • I hate dumb heat fans says:

      This is his second…

      • joe says:

        you ”hate dumb heat fans”, but mistankely think that ”enjoy this first” relates to his ring? He mean it’s a long season ahead, (so) enojy this one first before it’s back to work. Fool.

      • he wont get any Rings as long as the Lakers are around

      • Belizeboy says:

        What’s dumb is that you can’t read properly. He didn’t say anything about this being Wade’s first one.

      • I HATE dumb heat fans! says:

        The article is about D Wade being ready to put another ring on his finger. The “another ring” that is being referred to is the one he is getting at the beginning of this season FOR LAST SEASON. So no, it is you who can’t read properly.

      • I HATE dumb heat fans! says:

        and no, he was every bit referring to the ring.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Yeah but where does Willy, the person above that you tried to correct, mention that the ring is Wade’s first? Let me answer it again for you; he doesn’t. He said enjoy “this one first” and judging by your first response you thought he said this “first one”. You’re just making your self look really bad now LMAO!

      • nbafan says:

        lol try to read it right! and probably you might understand the right context of what willy said before putting up such a hateful comments. what he meant is just enjoy the moment. -_- haters gon hate! 😛 y’all just making yourselves look so dumb.. and to the guy who said he wont get any rings as long as the lakers is around? the last time I check the HEAT won. smh!

      • Gabriel says:

        “a long season ahead enjoy this one first” is what the OP wrote. enjoy this one FIRST. he did not say enjoy your first one.