Karma? The Man Responsible For Kobe Bryant’s 81-point Outburst … (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You can decide for yourself if Jalen Rose is working the microphone and camera (and us, his listeners and viewers) when he claims to have intentionally slid his foot under Kobe Bryant‘s foot in Game 2 of The Finals way back in 2000.

We should note that Rose, a noted member of the Fab Five and a man reared in a Detroit basketball tradition known for utilizing every craft tactic known to human kind when it comes to trying to gain a competitive advantage on the court, is universally regarded as a man of his word. So when he makes any claim on “The Jalen Rose Show” on the new Grantland channel, no matter how outrageous it seems on the surface, it should be taken seriously.

What’s not up for debate is whether or not Bryant’s memory of a slight years earlier, even one as seemingly innocent as a foot slid underneath his on the sly, would be cause for revenge on a wicked night in Los Angeles some five-plus years later (when the Black Mamba showed off his bite and destroyed Rose and the Toronto Raptors):


  1. Rex says:

    kobe won only 2 rings the other 3 are won by Shaq the Man.

  2. pasigiri says:

    I have that game and I watch it from time to time. Kobe NEEDED to win that game. Nobody else on the team during that game was being consistent and/or productive. Odom, the next best player on that team at the time, was struggling. Kobe just went off. He needed to go off as leader of the team. Kobe did exactly what he knows how to do. What he needed to do. Sore the ball. Think back carefully. The Lakers would have lost that game if he didn’t go off.

    … as for scoring in a game, Kobe’s 62 in 3 quarters against Dallas was scary. One man out scoring a premiere team through three quarters is unbelievable and down right scary for opposing coaches and players.

  3. Lakers-R-Us says:

    Say anything you want! Kobe’s 81 point outburst will not be matched anytime soon! I watched that entire game and he got his points completely in the flow of the game! It was the most incredibly smooth offensive performance I have seen! The 62 point game against Dallas after only 3 quarters was also amazing! God only knows how many he would have scored if he stayed in the game! One can’t dispute the offensive genius of this man! Yes; I’m a Laker and a Kobe fan; so start hating if you want! I stand behind my statement!

  4. Willy says:

    what I am saying is that I am happy that not one person has give JR the credit for trying to break Kobe Ones ankle. What a complete fool he is! Sure they take cheap shots now and then, part of the game, even Kobe gets in his licks, but he is not trying to take a guy out of the game is he? Find something else to do like coaching kids on how to break ankles or something related.

  5. Lake Show is Back 2013 says:

    Average Joe
    September 19, 2012 at 1:31 am
    FYI Jordan’s personal high is 67 pts. I forgot which team he played against. The 63 points though came from the Garden, against Bird and the Celtics who took turns defending him to no avail. He also came off of an injury and that was in his second season. Kobe got 81 against a mediocre Toronto team, playing at home. I’m not saying that it isn’t impressive. It is impressive since the second highest player total in NBA history. But I think Jordan’s 63 is all the more impressive because he did it against a prime Celtics team, who pride themselves in their defense. The same C’s that won NBA hardware that season.


    Kobe dropped 63 points in three quarters ! against Dallas who were good at that time and FYI The raptors did have Chris Bosh

    • lakersfan4ever says:

      The Fact is that the haters don’t care who was playing in Toronto, they could have had the best players and they will still be saying that was a mediocre team or any other stupid reason, haters allways will hate the best players. and Kobe is the best player in his ERA.

  6. HeatKingsofEast says:

    kobe great scorer. mj great scorer. but kobe had an edge on the 81pts because he had 20+ free throws. unlike jordan who had less free throws. just saying

  7. WAD3 says:

    Respect to Kobe BUT your era is done >>>>PEACE #24

  8. FromAcrossThePond says:

    Is just me or Jalen Rose awfully resembles Carmelo Anthony? I mean, just look at the video still, imagine some sweat band in his forehead an tell me that he could not play a double role to the Mello man?

  9. KB24 says:

    Kobe is absolutely the best offensive player in the history, to many weapons and to much talent!!!

    • Gman says:

      best offensive player.. but never could even average 46% shooting? weirdd

      • Albeezy says:

        Hey its not about averages its about scoring talent and other than wilt Kobe is number 2 in scoring talent. If Kobe spent his whole career chasing the scoring title lik michael did his scoring would be through the roof.

      • W/E says:

        25ppg 45% career avarage….yeah…kobe is good BUT NOT that good…OVERRATED

      • lakersfan4ever says:

        @ W/E Kobey is overrated but has 5 overrated championship, how many overrated players can carry a team and win Multiples championships (5) to be presice, and you Kobe and Lakers haters say that Kobe’s 81 points was because he play a bad team, so did MJ and James and Bird and the list gets Bigger and no one of them got more than 69 points.

  10. The Spaz says:

    People forget that even though the Raptors were terrible, Rose was shooting his backside off that night, Villanueva was actually playing and, for heat fans, so was Chris Bosh. The Raptors were hot and the Lakers with all their star power in Smush Parker and that Mihm guy were losing until someone told Kobe to shoot EVERYTHING. Odom was completely out of it. They won that game because of Kobe. The commentators were like “this is nice. Kobe will get his 40 points and the Raptors win. Everyone’s happy.” James worthy in an interview in the beginning of the game said that Kobe couldn’t carry the team on his own and needed more quality pieces. Little did they know….

  11. Tom says:

    Lol terrible raptor? Last time I check they still in the nba and they get pay to play the dam game. Oh y don’t u mention the game when mamba out score the mav’s through 3 quarter? You have to give the man some credit when it is due. Or you just another hater. I guess hater will alway hate…….

    • Belizeboy says:

      “Last time I check they still in the nba and they get pay to play the dam game” yeah and so are the Bobcats, lol.

  12. HasABrain says:

    Kobe dropped 81 on an at the time, terrible Raptors team. It’s almost as lame as D-Will dropping 50 on the Bobcats last season. It’s impressive, but it’s not as impressive as something like LeBron dropping 40 on the Pacers

    • Average Joe says:

      Or how about Jordan dropping 63 at the Garden against Bird and the Celtics? And only in his second season, coming off of an injury. Kobe got no love from me.

    • Kobe>Mj says:

      So you’re saying lebron dropping 40 on pacers is more impressive than Kobe’s 81 point destruction of the raptors? My gues is you’re a bandwagon heat fan lmao.

      • MJ says:

        Kids these days, it’s astounding how little they know about the game. On the other hand, how can they know what matters, they are young and there are too few records of how the game was played, what mattered on the court, what needed to be done. Kobe Bryant scored 81 points in a regular season game against a team struggling to make the playoffs, I myself had several 60 point games in the regular season and in the playoffs. Was that something important, was that something that needed to be done? No, it was a fluke and it is a meaningless record besides proving that you can score at will which everybody knows already. You need to be a teamplayer to win championships, you need to play with each other and when you do that, you will be successful in the playoffs.

        Oh and please, I carried my teams to 6 championships, I didn’t need to be carried to a mere 5 rings. Also, Kobe ain’t half the defender that I was, he can’t even lock anybody. He is only a success because the NBA removed handchecking from the game. Kobe wouldn’t stand a chance against the all time greats like Wilkins, Miller or Drexler back in the day.

      • Tom says:

        Kids these days that try to be MJ hahahaha

      • Albeezy says:

        Jordan still can’t touch Kobe with that 81 point game. You talk about team player, come on Jordan wasn’t a team player everything ran through him, everything. He took shot after shot after shot and looked to score his whole career. Kobe against miller, drexler and wilkins mannn come on Kobe killed both drexler and miller in his first few seasons..

      • Tom says:

        He said team win champion and he took all the credit for the 6 champion hahaha

      • Bizzman23 says:

        People forget the Lakers were down almost 30 points in that raptors around half time.

      • One of the king's subjects says:

        @ Bizzman23 The fact that the lakers were down in the first place to the raptors, is shameful. I though Kobe was in his prime, I though he was a champ. In his prime he didn’t make the playoffs in one year which cost him the mvp. And he lost against his canidate steve nash in 06 which cost him the mvp. Kobe’s game would be the best ever, if he played against the 06 pistons or the suns or the mavs or the spurs. I would be really impressed if he droped it on O’neal and said no one needs to carry me anymore.

    • Albeezy says:

      So let me get this straight Kobe dropping 81 on the raptors isnt as impressive as bron scoring 40 against the pacers..hmmm sounds dumb to me

    • Albeezy says:

      So if Kobe gets no love for scoring 81 against a bad team and Jordan also played bad teams especially in that central division he was in then why didnt he recah 70..thats all im saying

      • One of the king's subjects says:

        Hey Kobe bryant’s game was impressive no lie. Just should’ve made his free throws and he would have a record that would be difficult to exceed. But Jordan’s 63 game against the defending champion the Boston Celtics is more impressive then Kobe dropping 81 points on a raptors team, who had no defense what so ever. Stars love to play Toronto almost as they love playing in Nerw York, why because its an almost gaurentee something is going to happen that will benefit their carrers.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Kobe vs the Mavs dropping 62 in 3 quarters against one of the top defensive teams in the league at the time? Damn, a dude scores 81 and people still hatin. Love it.

  13. Albeezy says:

    Finally we get to the 81 point game the second best single game in NBA history. O and just for the record jordan gets no love from me for the 63…it was in a loss. they lost the game thats the single most important thing you want to do when you play. win

    • Average Joe says:

      FYI Jordan’s personal high is 67 pts. I forgot which team he played against. The 63 points though came from the Garden, against Bird and the Celtics who took turns defending him to no avail. He also came off of an injury and that was in his second season. Kobe got 81 against a mediocre Toronto team, playing at home. I’m not saying that it isn’t impressive. It is impressive since the second highest player total in NBA history. But I think Jordan’s 63 is all the more impressive because he did it against a prime Celtics team, who pride themselves in their defense. The same C’s that won NBA hardware that season.

      • Gman says:

        lol stop being nice. the Raps were the worst defensive team that year.. i think they let alot of players drop 50 on them that year. lol

      • Albeezy says:

        FYI Jordan’s highest scoring game is march, 28th, 1990 against the cavs he had 69. I never said it was his personal best I just said he gets no love for that game because his team lost. Maybe you might say the 63 against boston is more impressive but its all about the win. If Jordan gets the win then its impressive but because they lost its just another game.

      • Belizeboy says:

        @Albeezy, so you knew Jordan’s highest game was 69 but choose to compare a 63 game loss. I would be boggled as to why if I didn’t know the answer but it’s apparent…Kobe fanboy.

    • Average Joe says:

      And Jordan did it in the era of hand-checks.

    • Average Joe says:

      MJ! All day!

      • Kobe V MJ??? says:

        Jordan’s 67 was against the Cavs. Both MJ’s 63 and Kobe’s 81 were impressive. Remember though that MJ’s 63 was in double OT while Kobe’s 81 was in regulation. MJ scored 63 points in 53 minutes (1.189 points per minute), shooting 22/41 (53.6%). Kobe scored 81 points in 42 minutes (1.92 points per minute), shooting 28/46 (60.9%). Now consider THIS – If Kobe’s game also went to double OT, and Kobe played all 10 extra minutes, he would have been on tract to score 101 points. Now THAT would have been amazing!

      • johnpublic2011 says:

        Before we do the Kobe VS Michael thing, just wanted to quickly say – when it came to scoring it was Wilt Chamberlain who took the cake. Both Kobe (81, 65, 62, 61, 60) and Michael (69, 64, 63, 61, 61) had 5 games where they scored 60 or more points – Wilt had 33 games of 60 or more. I do think that both Kobe’s 81 point game and Michael’s 63 point game were impressive in the modern era. Michael was playing against the eventual NBA champs and Toronto was competitive right until the end of that game – they were leading in the 4th until about 3 min left. The kobe game that was truly scary for me though was the 62 point game against the Mavericks. He sat out the fourth quarter and had outscored Dallas alone through three quarters, 62–61.

      • Greder says:

        Lets see….Kobe explodes at home against a poor defensive team. No one was tall enough to guard Wilt. Thats the way the cookie crumbles.

  14. Lhanz says:

    Good luck KB24 for this interesting season.! GO LAKERS! I smell another ring 😀

  15. Oula says:

    Kobe B. Bryant, the greatest player in my view. May God continue to bless you and your family. Dominating the league consistently for many years at the guard position.

    • Gman says:

      Dominated the league only in the years the better guys got injured. like VC, T-Mac…they were considered the next Jordans not Kobe.. untill they both got chronic injuries…

      • WAD3 says:

        Truth!! Specialy T-Mac he was absolutely a BEAST … no one could touch him

        13 pts 33 sec damnnnnnn
        he didnt get 81 though but 62 is still pretty nice and he was plaing against an ALL-Star Gilbert Arenas

      • Bizzman23 says:

        Are you guys HIGH, saying that T-Mac and Vince Carter was better than KOBE? Those dudes were glorified dunkers, not even on the same planet as Kobe I had a friend who thought T-Mac was better than Kobe until I showed him hey Kobe plays both ends of the floor something niether of them 2 did. Also, start watching basketball and leave All-Star weekend alone this year, that’s the only basketball you must get to think that.

      • Shanda says:

        Hell yeah, T-Mac was better then Kobe before his injury, thre is NO denying that. Not Vince though, he was a flyer but was a little weak mid-range. T-Mac could do it all.

  16. kobefan1 says:

    OHMYGOSH!!! i was at that game. go to 0:40 in and look right at the ref. THATS ME! now im retired and have no more money. please send some money to me. i would appreciate it. ive lost my home, my cousin (he came with the house) and my dog. please help me.
    but seriously do, dis man was crazy that night. he shot 42-42 from the field IN WARMUPS!!! it was crazy. i knew it was gonna happen but on an accident i said he was gonna score 80 and he scored 81. i lost $5,000 cause he hit that last gosh darn free throw. i tried to distract him by waiving my arms (check the tape) but i couldnt. that is why i lost my job which led to my eviction.
    but seriously i really did enjoy reffing this game. there will never be another player in the NBA named kobe bryant who will drop 81 points on a january night against the raptors ever ever again.
    warmest regards
    the ref who lost his job over waiving his hands during a free throw