World Peace Says Lakers’ Goal is 73-9


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The NBA offseason without a little noise from Metta World Peace wouldn’t be civilized.

A noted historian of the game and a keen observer of trends, World Peace knows that the expectations for he and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers are through the roof. So it should come as no surprise that he also has them pegged for greatness.

He said as much in when he joined the Max and Marcellus Show on ESPN 710 in Los Angeles (these transcribed words courtesy of Chris Fedor of

What he thinks about the team possibly not having Dwight Howard at the start of Training Camp:

“We definitely want to beat the Bulls record and go 73-9, that’s definitely something that I want to do. Whoever is out there at the beginning of the season then we gotta get it. It’s as simple as that. We just have to go get it. (Host: So that Bulls record is something you’re thinking about?) No question. You try to snatch records before you leave this earth. You gotta try to do a lot of great things so it’s definitely a goal. With Dwight Howard, (Steve) Nash, Kobe (Bryant), myself, Pau (Gasol) and then (Antawn) Jamison and a lot of great additions it’s something that’s possible.”

What it will take for the Lakers to overtake the Thunder:

“I think people still have to go through the Lake Show. I think everything goes through the Lake Show. We had a bad season last year. If we don’t turn the ball over in a couple of games then we’re up 3-1 in that Oklahoma series, actually up 3-2, going back LA so with that said confidence remains.”

What he thinks the Lakers are missing:

“Nothing. We feel great. I saw Jamison today and people forget that he is one of the best offensive rebounders in the game, he has the best touch out of everybody in the NBA, he has the best touch out of all the big men in the game so you figure a guy like that and then we have some great players off the bench so we’re confident, I trust in myself and I trust in my teammates most importantly.”

If he feels that he gets overlooked when people talk about the Lakers:

“To me, I know I’m definitely one of the best players in the league, there’s no question. I proved that when I got into shape so I don’t need to be, I’m definitely one of the best defensive players to ever play the game so people can deny it if they want but it’s okay. I do my own thing, I market myself in my own way so I really don’t need to be marketed or talked about throughout the outlets because I do that on my own. On this team nobody plays defense like Metta World and nobody in the league plays defense like Metta World so I don’t really need to prove that.”

“Metta World,” huh?

The 73-9 alone would seem off-the-charts ridiculous to most of us reasonable bystanders. But when you throw in the source and the references to this far off land known as “Metta World” … then it all seems to be a bit far-fetched.

Lakers fans would love for the most colorful member of their team (sorry, Dwight) to be right, though. And we understand why. This is a championship-or-bust proposition for the Lakers.

So we’ll just have to check back in a few months and see if they are on pace to hit that 73-win mark.

We’re going on record now, though, and declaring that no team in the league comes close to that number!


  1. Navyjustin92 says:

    the way i see it, MWP has the right to say anything he feels. i personally dont enjoy the lakers, they are too arrogant, but i am a firm believer of to each his own. If metta world peace wants to say that he believes they will do better than the 96 bulls then fine ok, let him say it, its just words. now when he loses 11 games then you guys can talk, but until then, let the episode play out.

  2. bkoti says:

    What else do you expect high performing, and very high salaried athletes to say. Be the best Metta…show & prove…good luck and stay healthy this season.

  3. lakeshow says:

    anything is possible weather their young or old it depends on who wants it more its all about stratigy everybody is hungry for a champion ship ring its who wants it more.kobe is not trying to be like mike kobe is trying to be greater than mike weather he get 6 or 7 rings he still will be one the greatest players to ever play the game period weather you like him or not. i think this season will be a great fun interesting season…go hard or go home thats what it come down to

  4. OKC says:

    Watch them lose all the games vs OKC and SPURS, then down again in the playoffs. A overpaid roster with no team work in the testing phase.

  5. WTH says:

    I guess Metta WorldPeace has forgot the past! Every player that made a bold statement like that has fell flat on their faces. Look at Rasheed Wallace in 2009 as he claimed how the Boston Celtics can win more than 72 games.

    This is direct quote: “Definitely, playing with those three other guys, also combining that with the guys we have on the bench, I think we definitely can. Me personally, I think we can get that Bulls record. You know we have the talent for it. We have the will for it and … I think we have the defense for it.”

    Lol Boston Celtics lost to the Lakers in 2009 NBA Finals!!! So Metta WorldPeace don’t make any claims or promises; just go out every night and do your job! Or else we might ask you to leave the team if we don’t see Lakers topping this record!

  6. Beast says:

    I can already see them beating the bulls record if they stay healthy every team has a position that makes them weak EXCEPT the lakers

  7. Jumbo says:

    How come no one wants to be 74-8 or better. Why everyone stop at 73 until I see someone say there going 80-2 and only losing to the Bulls in those 2 games Will I ever believe anyone has even a prayer to get close to that record. Till next time folks take care of yourselves and those Knicks fans.

  8. John says:

    Man, Ron is a straight up clown for even THINKING that!

  9. Rick S. says:

    Keep dreaming Ron. I’d give Durant and the Thunder a better shot at that inconceivable Bulls record before you So Cal clowns.

  10. bunbury says:

    if Kobe, Gasol, Jamison, Artest, and Nash would’ve been 8 years younger, this would be a good argument. but since they are old, this argument is just a waste of time.

  11. John says:

    The Lakers have an amazing roster, but 73-9 is fairly unrealistic. If the Heat had been claiming that they were chasing 73-9, they would have failed three straight seasons now, and they too were a super team seemingly poised to challenge the regular season record. Chemistry is going to be a factor, because there’s a lot of new Lakers who have no experience playing with each other. Injuries are also going to be a factor, because 73-9 is impossible unless everybody stays healthy all season, and anyone could get injured, especially Dwight and his back.

  12. andy says:

    That is like the dumbest NBA statement I’ve heard, but it’s coming from world peace… so…

  13. Lakers-R-Us says:

    Here’s my take! I think if both teams stay healthy; that the Lakers and Heat are going to be off the charts this year! I think it’s going to be a great year! I’m not disrespecting any other teams! It’s gonna be competitive! But, those two have the potential to break the Bull’s record; with their talent! It just takes an incredible amount of focus! So don’t laugh too hard at Metta’s prediction! It is possible!

  14. DHAM says:


  15. bobo says:

    This team is solid, but old. I don’t see Nash lasting the entire season. Kobe will destroy this team’s chemistry. And Metta is just a lunatic that doesnt deserve a starting role.

  16. cavstheworst says:

    the cavaliers will break the record , the cavs will make 80-2 , but its 80 losses hahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahaha

  17. Janna says:

    Yeah, being a lakers fan for 20 years now, there is no way they are breaking that record even if they had all the best players in the league. They are lazy, and they have a championship culture where they know they only have to have the best record in the league this season, not of all time. Not happening, not getting close (unless maybe the Thunder get close)

  18. BOBCATS says:

    hey i heard the bobcats r tryin to get the 1-81 record

  19. J. Ross says:

    Okay, not talking about winning a season as much as the playoffs, NBA’s made up of humans, humans are players can get hurt. Chemistry in the NBA is very very important, as is any sport, historically the Mavs I had a 67-15 record, the Cleveland Cavaliers had a 66-16 record, those teams may not of had the best players but they had chemistry to get to that point.

    Whenever a team wins an Eastern or Western Conference Championship until they are the de-throned that’s the team that has to be knocked out before another team can advance to the championship. We watched as the experienced San Antonio Spurs lost to a young Oklahoma City Thunder team, whom by the way are the Western Conference champions

  20. Adly val says:

    I’m proudly believe that the lakers can do it if they’re staying healthy .

  21. lbj (the real ONE) says:

    METTA WORLD PEACE needs to join the KING in MIAMI in order to go 73-9!

    PG: WADE
    SF : METTA
    C : BOSH

  22. denzo says:

    They’ll get 73 wins.. if Jordan Pippen and Rodman come back to play.

  23. Anonymus says:

    With so many strong teams in the west it will be hard to do, especially with the age and injury concers of some players. Not saying imposibble, but very very hard. Also the heat are floating through pre season nicely with all this attention on the Lakers.

  24. NoyKulas says:

    the best comedy ive ever heard from metta..i dont think so..

  25. Second Round Loss says:

    Stupid thug is smoking crack lol

  26. WorldWar says:

    MWP for President!! smh

  27. Tad Daley says:

    Aren’t you guys forgetting about the OTHER team in Los Angeles? I hear that both DJ and Blakester are dramatically expanding their games this summer, and that, combined with Chauncey coming back strong means you’re gonna have to plan on 3 or 4 or 5 losses, just to us!

  28. Bandwagonwho says:

    Metta has a big 5, good luck getting the ball from hogs they will make it im sure

  29. OriginalHeatFan says:

    Go ahead Metta focus on breaking the record, guess what the Heat are doing they have their eyes on that number two trophy! go 82-0 for all i care break that record, but your gonna lose to the Heat in the finals. Thats if you get that far.

  30. Some of you guys are definately taking this too seriously. I’m sure that he was joking when he said that he thought that he was one of the best players in the league.

  31. jiovany soltero says:


  32. Midtown says:

    Ron Artest, sorry I just can’t bring myself around to typing his newly created ridiculous name, does and says these nutty things just to mess with the media. No one, Ron Artest included, is so out of touch that they really believe the Lakers can win 73 games this year, but the stupid media snatches the bait every time. If the Lakers win 60 games I would be shocked. Realistically, in my opinion, they, The Lakers, are just another 54 – 28 team this year. Next year it will not surprise me at all to see Dwight sign with the Clippers.

  33. metta world peace the biggest idiot in all sports,what a miserable player a real disgrace to the nba,the lakers will NEVER EVER top the 1996 Bulls no team will top them ,,,,NONE!The lakers will be the biggest failure in the history of the league!

  34. Jose says:

    Not going to happen , NOT NOW NOT never, ever in todays game to many good teams , reguardless if you say records ment to be broken , but not this one , not 100 point in a game either, I could say they might get close to it and also my Heat could get close to it but, BREAKING IT I DOUGHT IT !. WE TALKING ABOUT LOOSING ONLY 9 GAME IN AN 82 GAME REGULAR SEASON NOT TO MENTION THAT THE BULLS WENT 15-3 IN THE PLAYOFF IS MORE LIKE 87-13.

  35. Fan from Sactown says:

    Record are meant to be broken. unless the record is 82-0 then it will never be broken.

  36. Brady L says:

    He said its a goal. I can live with that. I think that is rad that he is sitting there believing that is possible for this team. And he said, we got to take it one game at a time but that is the goal.

    Why not!? Why not work for that?! Hope for that!? Shoot for that based on the team the Lakers have and the desire to do it?

    Will it happen? Probably not, but I like that Ron wants that to happen and says that is a goal and knows they have to take it one game at a time.

  37. r-ill says:

    Laker Nation
    September 18, 2012 at 7:11 am

    “Kobe doesn’t want to be Jordan, He wants to be Kobe Bryant”

    Yeah right, his whole game is patterned after Jordan. Hell he used to walk and talk like Jordan (still does to an extent). Had his mannerisms and everything. WTF.

  38. thisisfred says:

    My Prediction….. 56-26, 3rd Seed in West, 4-2 loss in WCF to OKC

  39. saab says:


    will that goal can win championship?

    A BIG ?

    he should actually aiming for a champ, before he can reach that goal.

  40. youngb says:


  41. Smooth Criminal says:

    Does anyone here still remember the last time lakers put loads of talents like Malone, Payton, Shaq & Kobe? Can anyone tell me what happened?

  42. blajh says:

    NO way in hell, this is going to happen.. No way in hell this is even possible. Even if Nash and Kobe were both at their peaks, the Lakers couldn’t reach that record.. They are a good Top 3 team in the west, perhaps in the league, but no way they can break the bulls record. No team has ever had a better combination of stars in their roster as the ’96 bulls, not even todays Miami. And no, i’m not a huge Bulls fan, i’m just thinking realistic.

  43. ... says:

    this is very possible all the pieces are there the only thing stopping this would b Dh injuries n the bench… records can b broken u guys r acting like this will never happen hell the heat can maybe break it as well with their new additions nothing is impossible…

  44. Nikos says:

    Lakers would like to add that 17th banner on top of the Staples Center this year. This is the actual goal. They first have to get home court advantage throughout the entire playoffs. The 73-9 record must not be a distruction from the actual goal. It is preferable to have a 16-0 record in the playoffs than consume their energy trying to break the 72-10 record of the 72 Lakers and 96 Bulls. Don’t forget that their star players are aging and might not have what it takes to break the record and win the championship. Nevertheless LAL will be the team to beat in the Western conference. I don’t think that OKC will be better than last year when the young legs of the players had an advantage due to the condensed schedule.

  45. bulls says:

    metta world peace?
    nah in this generation all he knows is to use his power such us ELBOW FIGHT and TRASHY TALK! lols

  46. Ken13 says:

    Dream on lakers…. U have no chance on heat… Worldpeace is crazy they cant even beat okc.. Common clear of ur mind metta ur not a kid anymore.. Numbskull!!!!

  47. specialfriedrice says:

    where is my comment?

  48. aaron says:

    IN UR DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!

  49. MongoloidMetta says:

    Laker Roster

    Gasol&Howard = BIG 2
    Kobe&Nash = BIG GrandPa’s
    MettaWorldPeach = BIG HUGE MOUTH


    • Mytownla says:

      Those “Big Grandpas” are still arguebly one of the best guard combos in the league u dummy. Kobe is still putting up numbers with the best of them, and Nash i still, and always have been considered one of the best floor generals in the game… so yes they are old… But jus because you have so age on your belt, doesnt mean your all of the sudden a scrub… so please stop saying “oh this team is old, so that automatically disqualifies them from winning”. That makes absolutely no sense. Your jus haters who are scared for whoever your favorite team is, knowing that they wont win anything with the Lakeshow revitilized and ready to go

  50. dice8up says:

    can’t wait for the season to start…

  51. dice8up says:

    That’s the spirit MEtta World! I think this is possible. To say it is not, is like saying that the moon is unreachable by man.

    Go Lakers!!!

  52. B says:

    they will be a great team, just not that great

  53. jimbo says:

    great roster on paper doesnt guarantee anything. think 2004 finals. kobe, shaq, malone, payton vs billups. pistons dominate 4-1.

    • Mytownla says:

      Ummmm…. Let me educate you ppl who try and compare the 2004 squad to this Laker squad today… Malone was at the end of his career, older than dirt… Dwight is not… The Glove was also older than Noahs ark, and i understand that Nash isnt any younger, but look at his numbers from last year… from all of the previous years… Nash may be aging, but he still produces, and thats whats important you idiots. Our bench is better as well, with Jamison, Blake, Meeks, Hill, and Duhon… The only upside that GP had on Nash was his defensive skill set, other than that, you got nothing. So please for you mental retards… you cant compare the 04 squad to this team, simply because its a differetn story, a better team at least. Jus stop hating.. We laker fans understand that you haters are only nervous, jealous, and more.. its ok though… Youll win again someday lol

  54. Luke Duke says:

    Not a chance. Lakers would be lucky to reach 63-19. People seem to forget (or never understood in the first place) what kind of TEAM the 96 Bulls were. Not just a couple stars thrown together, but a TEAM. If you were born in 1990 or after your opinion doesn’t count.

  55. Roy says:

    Metta World Peace really makes me laugh!!!


    Sorry, guys!
    Andre Iguodala NBA MVP 2013
    Javale Mcgee NBA Defensive Player of the year

    I’M DELLUSIONAL HAHAHA! Im just messing with you fools

  57. Erik says:

    Laker fans are always about as lame as it gets. Any Laker says something and they jump on it like if it was god speaking. Every year they’re always talking about they’re gonna take it and that no other team can stop them. Then they get whooped……and they start talking about past championships. Just be logical and ya’ll wouldn’t look as stupid as you do every year

  58. Celtics fan says:

    72-10 will not be broken. it’s like saying Wilt’s 100 points will be broken no chance at all

  59. vin-heat says:

    Stop all you guys, if understand basketball………..
    championship is just winning the tittle not a 73-9…
    go heat….

  60. Ron Ron says:

    Ok people. Quit taking Ron Ron so seriously. This is the same guy who thanked his psychiatrist after he one his first championship. Now don’t get me wrong I love Ron Ron and I’m a big laker fan, but y would u take him seriously? I honestly don’t think they should worry about beating a regular season record. Only thing that matters in lakers basketball is championships. Worry about the trophy.

  61. lalalalala says:

    The record can be broken. Let’s get all the futrure HOFers to one team just to break records.

  62. dave says:

    LOL…..that’s why i love Metta, never shy’s from anything, but that record isn’t being touched, besides the rest of the Lakers don’t care about records, just rings!

  63. 17,6 says:

    no doubt that that 96 team is one of the greatest teams of all time if not THE BEST but 4 their incredible regular season they did lose 3 games in their playoff run…the 2001 lakers only lost ONE and thats cuz A.I. went crazy!!! i’m not sayin they r better than that 96 team but i believe they deserve more credit and recognition…that said no way the lakers will beat that record cuz of their few weaknesses like age nash’s defense health and coach…but hopefully its enough 4 a championship…screw records lets go 4 that larry o’brien trophy!!!!!

  64. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Honestly, I’m not a Lakers fan but going 73-9 is doable for this team. But I still doubt that they will beat the 72-10 record.
    I feel that they will start 2-2 or something and 10-4/10-5 before the machine gets well-oiled… Anyway this Lakers team is awesome and they have my favorite player Antawn Jamison. He’s a veteran and bit old now but still good!!

  65. MRSAM says:

    Great players don’t equal great teams!!! Great teammates equals championship teams!!! Don’t forget DH12 not a team player (why do you think he wanted to be traded in the first place) kobe calling off gasol, world peace lives in another planet jamison was the best player in the worst team in the league of course he was going to score a lot, steve nash great player but you have to question his age and quickness against the westbrook and the chris paul even the jeremy lin’s of the western conference. And if they want to win the title they don’t have the perimeter defence to beat miami who is stack with proven shooters and high % too. miller, battier, lewis, allen, jones, chalmers even wade and james can get some!!! How do you think Dallas crised thru the lakers in 2011… and remember the bulls and the lakers had one thing in common, Phil Jackson Never forget about that!!!

  66. H3AT says:

    Metta’s on Crack

  67. DQ says:

    KOBE become popular about his game winning and highlights , but deep inside just see his stat every single game , just compare to lebron . specially his field goal percentage.

    • Mytownla says:

      You should never compare kobe to Lebron…. Kobes offensive game is waaaaayyyyy better… Lebron will never be relied upon to take and make the game wiining shot… Lebron doesnt have the clutch jean that Kobe was born with…. Lebron will never win 5 rings… Period!!!

      • dattebayo says:

        Well, I will bet you anything I have that he will finish with more Final MVP trophies than Kobe Bryant…

      • Tenki says:

        Well, Kobe will NEVER finish his career ahead of LBJ’s MVP count, that’s for sure.

      • Mytownla says:

        Who gives af about MVP awards if you dont have enough rings to back it up… ppl who say Lebron is better than Kobe are ppl who love to fart cum bubbles from bending over in front of Lebron in thier fantasy dreams. Kobe has soooo many more accomplishments than Lebron does…. There is absolutely too much on Kobes list that’ll pop on Lebrons accomplishments… Jus stop ppl, aka Lebron Diiiiick riders… you all need serious help forreal

  68. DQ says:

    Nash VS Wade . nash cant defend wade because of ageing
    Kobe VS Allen kobe can scored 40+ but his field goal less than .400 % for sure his stat, every game you must see how selfish he is. see his stat just try . most likely 3/10 or 12/31 . and allen can scored less than .400% too but a 3pt area specially if he’s open
    Lebron VS MWP . lebron can make all his stat perfectly , MWP can;t defend lebron anymore because lebron can score if he wants.
    GASOL VS Rashard i can say this is gasol can dominant rashard , but in athleticism style rashard is better than gasol, but gasol is good.
    Bosh vs howard , howard is power move but bosh is different kind of perimeter shooting . its only 2 option for bosh to beat howard fake and drive or just make perimeter shot.

    so HEAT is better than lakers for me .

    • Mytownla says:

      Man… you should definitly take your predictions to vegas… see if u can win something lol because you hit it right on the nail bro lmao.. your a complete idiot

  69. DVizlle says:

    On paper LAL look a helluva team….but..
    Dwight will be out for a while after serious back injury, Steve Nash doesn’t ever play in the 4th Q due to a decade long back injury, no Bynum means easy path to the paint as we all know Pau don’t play D..
    So you are left with Kobe and Metta to guard 5 positions.. Jamieson is still a great scorer, but he never has played D.. Its all good to score a lot, but its all about the D and Mike Brown doesn’t even have an idea of how to run an offense.
    OKC will be the team to beat in West and to be honest I don’t even see LAL being the best team in LA LA.

  70. look there says:

    I don’t think lakers can do much this year because i don’t think there’s much chemistry

  71. Paul says:

    How about just play ball!!!

  72. cesar says:

    im thinking 10-72 record for this team.

  73. Binil says:

    I’m a Lakers fan, but will this dude ever shut up?!! No one will ever beat the 96 Bulls record!!!

  74. heat are 7 time champion says:


  75. 16going417 says:

    This article did exactly what it was supposed to do: generate debate. I do not know why people take anything Ron Artest says seriously. Everyone knows he has mental problems. I’m a huge Lakers fan and I don’t pay him any attention when I hear he made a comment. Also, as a Lakers fan, I do not think they can achieve that record. This is a team with new KEY players. They need to learn how to play together and they are up there in age. So, I think those factors alone will preclude them from achieving that record.

    However, I do think that record will be broken one day. It may take a long time, but it will be broken. There are only two NBA records that I do not think will be broken and that is Wilts 100 points in a game and Russells 11 championships as a player.

  76. ben says:

    easier said than done. you were one of the reasons why the lakers lost last year. unless you get better, 73-9 is impossible to achieve,


  78. Edub says:

    Sooo……anyone else notice how it’s all the LAKER fans saying they can break the record? I swear, you guys are no better than the Heat fans when they first formed. Everyone thought they were going to break the record the first year, and the current Bulls of that year had a better record. They even had another year to start over with more chemistry and everyone working together, the Bulls, again, AND the Thunder had a better record. Lakers probably won’t even get the best record in the league, let alone, beat the best all time record.

    • Mytownla says:

      All the laker fans are saying this???? Read the comment above you idiot… and theres a bunch of other laker fans throughout this article who disagree with mwp, so maybe you should go and shoot yourself smh

  79. John Dip says:

    Although I’m a Laker fan since the Showtime days, I’ll disagree with MWP on beating the Bulls record. Only because teams are much more tougher throughout the league. If you took the laker team when Shaq was healthy and you put them on that 96 NBA roster and they’ll probably go unbeaten. Not to think about what this years roster would have done. That same 96 Bulls team couldn’t repeat that in todays game. There would be too many so called Jordan stoppers like there are Kobe stoppers. There would be no push off game winners shots on B. Russell or shooting over Hornicek for the win, or over Craig Ehlo. Jordan would still be the greatest player for that era, but there are many more athletes today, just ask Kobe.

  80. melvin davila says:

    I prefer the Lakers win a ring … more than breaking a record

  81. Antonio says:

    Yes, but maybe in nba2k, haha, and in newbie dificultie. 😀

  82. Boyan says:

    Menta is funny guy

  83. heat are 7 time champion says:


  84. Amaze me MWP? says:

    72-10 , let’s see how this trash talker gonna beat that record.

  85. eric says:

    Dream on hahaha Lakers cant even beat the Thunder…haha and how much more breaking the record of Bulls.. ITs Miami Heats Era now…GO Lebron!

    • Mytownla says:

      Wow…. Another Lebron diiiick rider…. Clear your throat of his cum stains, and take a moment to stop farting cum bubbles.

  86. heat are 7 time champion says:


  87. Ervin says:

    Everything is possible! Never say never! Go Artest ,Kobe* ,Pao ,DH12 and Nash! Go LA Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • vinheat says:

      “take note all you can hear always when the seasons starts”…. Rey Allen for threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……
      Welcome to the Heat R.A

  88. TTKIN says:

    Im pretty sure the goal of every other Laker is a championship, not a 73-9 record. I’ll settle for that ring instead.

  89. cedric says:

    that is if they get phil on the sideline…

  90. X says:

    bring back ron artest!

  91. king k says:

    Not sure about that but can’t wait to see the Lakers play.

  92. Pedro says:

    I’m a laker fan since the early 80’s, and i gotta say this: Metta, shut your mouth and stop talking nonsense.
    We dont know for sure how LA will be at the start of the season. Dont get over yourself!!!

  93. dmeador says:

    The lakers will never be as good as the Bulls were, and koby will never be as great as jordan. Jordan carried the bulls and made good players around him great. koby has to have his organization buy hall of famers and supperstars to help him win because he is incapable of makeing his team better. koby is a great player and future hall of famer but if it wasnt for shaq, and then gasol and a host of other purchased players he would possibly never worn a championship ring

  94. darkacoustic says:

    just do it ^_^ there’s still a lot of team that you’ll have to beat head on.. MIAMI, OKLAHOMA, TIMBERWOLVES, CHICAGO, SPURS, PACERS, DALLAS, CLIPPERS, CELTICS, KNICKS, and the thing is you don’t have SCALABRINE on your team.. I’m just saying…

    • Mytownla says:

      LMFAO!!!!!! Did you really throw the Wolves in that mix??? You should be banned from even THINKING basketball lol wow

  95. TheNBAfan says:

    Let’s wait and see. We can’t predict the future. Maybe they’ll break the record or not. But I’m guessing they won’t break the record. I just feel it. lol

  96. TrollingOnTheInternet says:

    Put the Lakers in the weak EC and it might be possible. But i can hardy see it happening in the west. The Bench is just too weak.

  97. shakenbake says:

    Lol records are made to be broken.. If the Bobcats will put their heart into it. They can Beat the record but not the Lakers 🙂

  98. Dorian says:

    im a lakers fan but i think the lakers will NEVER make the 73 9 mark

  99. Tom says:

    Crazy Ron’s first priority should be remembering to take his meds. He is going to have his hands full trying and failing to stop Lebron. If he had any sense at all he’d spend less time running his mouth, and more time in the gym.

  100. Alex says:

    @realist laker fan
    D12 has just had back surgery….gonna take him some time to come back to his best, without the threat of re injuring himself…
    I get it that preseason is for getting to know one another, but nothing is better preparation than real, live, competitive games.
    And Kobe has spent so long without a great point guard he might not know how to work off him! I mean Kobe is not just gonna be standing on the wing….if this was a couple of years ago when kobe was still near his athletic peak, it could all be different.
    Although i DO think the lakers will be very very good….anyone who thinks they can get 73-9 is just wrong. And yeah the Magic led teams in the 80s were better…..magic, kareem, bryon scott, james worthy, jamaal wilkes, kurt rambis….were some of the players floating around in those laker teams, and like i said they didnt achieve 73 wins….
    Also the most irrelevant stat ever, its all about those 16 wins at the end of the seaon at the end of the day .

  101. CCO says:

    no one respects this man anymore

  102. Allan says:

    I think Ron understimated this team. I can not realistically see any team beating the Lakers even once this season.

    Lakers will go 82-0 in regular season and 16-0 in post-season with 5 players making All-Star team and Jamison being 6th Man of the Year, barring any injury.

  103. KOBESTEPHEN says:

    maybe they can if they have Phil Jackson. thats the key -the Zen Master,.

  104. ferdie says:

    they’re a strong team now. yes, but remember the shaq era, having a lot of superstars in a team also have disadvantages. good luck lakers and all laker fans!!! a cedltic fan. but nice move really!

  105. amnesia says:

    Whats all this three years ago talk, who won three years ago…..sure they didnt beat the bulls record but it was the first year metta was with the lakers “cough” chemistry issues. They didnt have antwan, or dwight, or nash. Sure theoretically it could suffice in defending the idea of going 73-9, but the Lakers could have also had CP3 last year and thus this year be going for 73-9 but it doesnt matter. You either have a brain and know what the Lakers are capable of, and are scared, or think that weaker teams will be able to best them which just means you are illogical

  106. rynO says:

    MWP pretty much sums up the Lakers Fans………. DELUSIONAL!

    As for his Defense, those elbows, well, they speak for themselves.

  107. SpurS..NbaFan says:

    even the bobcats can barely beat them 1 in 4 games hahahah or wizards maybe hahahah……SPurs will beat them for sure 3 games to 1 and the 1 game is due to absence of the trio hahah Thunder will win 3 games also and the heat probably sweep the lakers hahahha ……..projected record of LA = 63 -19

  108. ball-akbol says:

    I guess he’s just trying to get some motivation. He didn’t said they are sure to break it. He just said he wanted to break it. Goal-setting is important in gaining mental toughness.

  109. MJBulls23 says:

    There’s no way they can defeat that record. The bulls is the greatest team and Michael Jordan is simply the greatest player of all time. They can’t defeat MJ’s accomplishments. And if they will do, well, it’s just because they try to get all the other star players in the team to accomplish what they want. Mike, he truly loves the game of basketball. He did it in his own way, he just play the game, he wants to win. And he just became the Greatest Player to ever play the game of basketball.

  110. fonzy says:

    beating a 72-10 bulls record is like beating a 100 point record by wilt chamberlain.

  111. Pgulinp1 says:

    you people take this really wrong, he knows that Bulls record can’t be brake (probably never , cose MJ was best player ever ) but wtf you want ? he can’t run a show with : yea i’m a Laker i belive we can have 42 wins, you must shoot for a stars !!! you must put your goals high to build momentum in team with 3 new players you must put them in a comfortable position so i understand what is Ron doing but can’t understand you people who jumped on that like . for you is ok when some says that lebron is best player ever over MJ ( stupidest thing i ever heard ) but it’s not ok when Artest just tries to build winning attitude in his team…

    • H3AT says:

      the heat are more likely to beat that record but even than its a looooooonggggg shot.

      But metta for lack of better words is an idiot

      no one asked him if they could beat that record he just flat out said they can do it.

      Its not like the dream team scenario when Kobe said we could beat the 92 team, he was asked that question.

      I am pretty sure metta wasn’t asked that because thats an outrageous question

  112. Jayjoe14 says:

    Not possible now that Brian Scalabrine retired.

  113. lakermig says:

    if all the lakers were in their prime or at least pretty close like 30-32 there would be a very good chance but as things stand its too hard and would take too much energy. We should actually play the bench players quite a lot to keep the aging superstars healthy while getting the bench confident.I also think the team that might come very close at some point if they stay in tact and keep improving are the OKC most of them are like 23/24 and if they stay together would be terrifying in 3 years time.

  114. rasjep says:

    I’m a big lakers fan since the late 90’s, and i don’t think are going to break the record. Yes they have the individual talent, but can they play together as a TEAM?? Its just like the lakers in ’03-’04, they have SHAQ, KOBE, GARY and KARL. We all know what happened to that Team. Nonetheless, it will be a remarkable accomplishment if they will be able to break any record!

  115. Shaqwave says:

    Dream-on worldpeace but lakers cant beat MJ and bulls record… Not in your lifetime

  116. dirktot says:

    96 bull team is full of talent and chemistry. Jordan is a good leader and mindful player, their bench is not that deep but the coaching staff is full of masters. 2012 Lakers are also talented. but its a mix of aging stars and injury prone players. bench of lakers are deeper and talented but the coaching staff is in questions. Chemistry is not that big not like bulls 96 they played for many years. Possibity to beat the record it may but chances to break the record is a little chance. You cant compare the two team at all. League right now is more balance than then. Kobe and MJ they are now legendary, 2 good players who played in different era cant compared both due to different ways of plays. Mettaworld peace claims to beat the record is one way to motivate the team goal. I admire his braveness to have fearless goals. The challenge now is to complete his prove his goal is achievable, Even the Bulls 96 team like to see a team to a team challenge their record and see that they where set as anchor of once success.

  117. In the Heat says:

    Can’t wait untill they get slapped out of the playoffs. What excuse will Artest use then? Oh wait, I know it! He’s gonna use the ghetto life card – as always…

    This guy can play, but he’s megalomaniac. I’m looking forward to the day he retires… He’s just a sad loser.

    That record will not get broken anytime soon. There are too many strong teams.

    • Mytownla says:

      Cant wait until the heat get SLAPPED out of the playoffs by the celtics… Then all you Lebron diiick riders will be so butthurt lmao

      • laker lover hater says:

        @ iblowla i mean mytownla….cant wait til the lakers get SLAPPED out of the playoffs by the thunder….then all u Kobe diiiick riders and blowers will put it in the butt….LMFAO!!!!

  118. Nuttz says:

    Hmmm.. Pretty daring to say that..
    But confident none the less.. All it does is make the others step up.. Its an open challenge to the rest of the teams to pull their socks up this season..
    Yes, the Lakers do have a good team to pull it off.. But there have been many great teams who haven’t done it..
    Cmon Ron!! (Sorry I still like the old name) Get some of that chemistry clicking this year. Let Kobe conserve himself for the playoffs, let Howard get his back issues solved, let Nash get used to the offense and his new teammates, let Gasol pick his game up back to the Finals where he and Garnett went toe to toe and helped the Lakers win!! And you Mr. Ron, get back to being your dominant best at defense and do your part in the lineup.. And make your 3’s dawg!!! Let the rest of the team come together.. Try and win the Championship this year first.. Let Howard come back to the team during the off-season And then make your push for 72-10 next season..

    But yes trying to beat that 72-10 mark for a start is good.. Hey even a 65 win season is good.. But remember it’s all for nothing if you dont win the championship..

    Do your job man.. Till then let all of us do the predicting and the fighting.. You keep your elbows tucked in and let your game speak.. Dont let all this talent go to waste.. It’s not everyday that we get teams stacked up like this..

  119. NBABasketball says:

    LOL I can’t believe his comment has some of you believing that he TRULY believes theyc an do it. I think deep deep down Metta knows that record is 99 percent likely unbeatable. The Bulls 95-96 season was a PERFECT storm of talent, (other teams suffering injuries to key players or star players on those other teams have uncharacteristically bad nights) and most important of all CHEMISTRY. The Lakers will develop great chemistry but I don’t think it’ll match that BUlls chemistry, but you never know.

    Either way, Metta World played you haters for a FOOL. He’s such an amazing troll LOL

  120. Kennethjay101007 says:

    I love the confidence. 73-9 is a long way. But anything can happen. Nobody (at the start of the 95-96 season) knew that the it is even possible (the 72-10 record). Definitely a season to wait. With the big 4 of miami allen-bosh-wade-james against the big 5 of the LA nash-kobe-metta world-dwight-pau, that would be awesome.

  121. Kennethjay101007 says:

    I love the confidence. 73-9 is a long way. But anything can happen. Nobody (at the start of the 95-96 season) knew that the it is even possible. Definitely a season to wait. With the big 4 of miami allen-bosh-wade-james against the big 5 of the LA nash-kobe-metta world-dwight-pau, that would be awesome.

  122. howardyoutoday? says:

    i like his “arrogance”. haters keep on hating getting all too personal with MWP’s statement. i haven’t seen the Lakers this HUNGRY in the past 2 seasons. i still remember when they lost to the finals with Boston and Kobe’s a man on a mission playing his best basketball for 2 straight years and winning it all. i’d like to see a hungry nash-kobe-gasol-howard team. but yeah, LeBron’s the best player right now and have a bunch of great complementary players i wouldn’t be surprised if he can go at it again. to make story short, this would be the best season ever with Boston, Lakers, Heat, and Thunder going at it with targets on their head! don’t hate. appreciate the competition!

  123. phillip says:

    Luc Longley, Toni Kukoc, Steve Kerr, Ron Harper, Bill Wennington are the forgotten heroes of that Chicago team. Kerr hit the 3 ball at .515 and Kukoc at .403 and Longley had pretty good numbers across the board considering all the stats were being eaten up Jordan/Pippen/Rodman. Its a tough conference out West and those old man Lakers will be doing well to win 60, unless of course Kobe averages high percentages and Dwight ‘I’m too cool to practice free throws’ Howard averages 70% from the stripe then they might not lose 5 to 10 close games and get over the 60 win mark comfortably. Doubt it hahahahahahahaha go nuggets

  124. CAS says:

    Pau Gasol better than Rodman!?!

    It’s not about the players it’s about the team and their focus. I think the Lakers are going to flop! 55 – 27.

    By tha way to all Kobe lovers: the man never had a season were he shot above 50 % FG!

    • ChenZhen says:

      dude, who cares he never shot over 50% on his career..kobe bryant is a proven winner and got rings to prove it. get over it w the kobe hating stuff…its boring..ur comments are boring. to alll you other laker haters on this forum..i will tell you this…if these lakers team can stay healthy and win early they will not only blow out teams but it will be hard to beat these lakers in a 7 games series…its like almost no chance to beat them. the heat knows that so does boston, spurs, and specially okc. they’re all scratching their heads trying to figure out how to stop the lakers…

  125. zabuza says:

    popcorn mode haha

  126. pd says:

    if each starter player plays their prime..

  127. CAS says:

    @ KIT Steve Kerr on Point Guard? Ron Harper started point! Great defender and MJ brought the ball upcourt allot!

  128. renz_garnett says:

    well i guess they will won 63-66 games.. some team will beat them.. like.. ofcourse.. heat.. thunder.. bulls even if rose is out.. knicks.. celtics.. spurs.. i will laugh if bobcats will beat them or wizards.. hahaha..

  129. Brydon says:

    I bet I could name 50 current players who I’d rather have on my team than Artest.

  130. Saurav says:

    New lakers haven’t played even a single game together and he is already talking about breaking records.

  131. KIT says:

    Now I am break it down wiht number using my 10pt system, I evaluate on each positon, branch, coach and Chemisty, the winner side would get 10pts, then i would also give pts to the loser side to.

    PG Steve Nash ptsvs Steve Kerr (Laker 10: Bulls 6)
    SG Kobe vs Jordan (Laker 8: Bulls 10)
    SF Matt World vs Scottie Pippen (Laker 7: Bulls 10)
    PF Pau Gasol vs Dennis Rodman (Laker 10: Bulls 7)
    Center D Howard vs Luc Lonley (Laker 10: Bulls 7)
    Branch (Laker 9: Bulls 10)
    Chemisty (Laker 8: Bulls 10)
    Coach (Laker 8: Bulls 10)
    Total (Laker 70: Bulls 70)
    On the paper they are match up, but for them to breake or match the record, it is not possible. why, look at other teams in the leage. There are some team I think they would win one to Laker during the season.
    Can Lake guaarantee not to loss one game to each of the following team during the season. The Lake are good, but I don’t think can match the record. 65 to 68 is my guess
    Brookly, New York, Boston, San Antonio, New York, Miami, Oklahoma, LA Clipper, Memphis, Dallas, Chiago and Miniesota

    • pete says:

      Are you kidding me? You put Gasol better than Rodman? And why is Lakers bench a 9? Chemistry for the Lakers is an 8? And please, Mike Brown gets an 8? Wow dream on people.

    • dis3 says:

      Man..10pt system?! LMAO.
      who taught you to compare teams in different eras like this?
      And to rank the lakers “branch” 9? you better see a psychiatrist.

  132. dattebayo says:

    Can somebody find Artests medication, please?

  133. Rage24 says:

    LET KOBE BE KOBE…. HES NO MJ.. there will be no next MJ and there will be no next KOBE…. They are both unique so stop comparing them..

  134. Jordan’s laser beam (zen-like) focus is what set him apart and Scottie had that too. If you ever saw them play in person you could see that their minds were totally “in the game”. Next, Pip and Dennis could guard just about anybody. With MJ being so great & so driven, plus the unique talents of point-fwd Pippen and radical Rodman; no three player have ever played together with their level of versatility.

  135. german talk says:

    a great starting five can win the championship in the playoffs but for that 72-10 record you need a strong bench, if lakers would have the bench from clipps i can agree with a record try but Antawn J. and… come on no way

  136. Some of y’all are taking RonRon err MWP too seriously. (Remember, always consider the source and you should know that anyone who would change their name to World Peace, just ain’t dealing with a full deck. I still have much luv & respect for him though.) …Anyways, all that really matters is what team holds up the LO’b trophy. – On another note; if all the Laker dudes were about 25 then the league would definitely be in trouble.

  137. Christian says:

    As much as i’d like for Metta’s prediction to come true this NBA Season for the Lakers I believe that this years Lakers team won’t be able to do so. There are various reasons why i believe this to be true, but the best way to see whether or not the 2012-13 Lakers can achieve such a goal is to compare them to the ’96 Bulls team. When you think about it there are many components that the ’96 Bulls team had that the 2012-13 Lakers have probably not yet gained yet. One is the possible chemistry issues with all of the Lakers Stars. Another is whether or not the new Lakers team can function perfectly throughout an entire 82-game season and the play-offs. Until we can all see exactly what this Lakers team can do, you really can’t compare them with the ’96 Bulls team, but you never know whats going to happen in the NBA.

  138. lakers says:

    it would be funny if it did actually happen

  139. im a heat fan, wait i am NOT says:

    internetzzzzzzzzzzzz, here we go again..

  140. Barryman says:

    Well it is good to have goals,dreams and ideas. I say Metta can tatto that record on his body and we can check back with him in April.

  141. LALgoin17thtitle says:

    if Metta step up this season 82-0 is no problem to LA. the 3′, the rebs, the defense. no one can beat you guys..go LA Lakers!

  142. dave says:

    i think the lakers will have the best record in the league, but maybe like 65-17 or 67-15. 70+ wins will not happen againe in any of our lifetimes.

  143. Jon Joe says:

    There’s no way World Peace and the Lakers can do that. Why not think about winning this year’s championship than beating an impossible NBA record??

    • Mytownla says:

      You just labeled yourself as another one of these gullible idiots who arent aware that it was only a JOKE!!! Meta has been known for making comments like this on numerous occasions smh you ppl need help

  144. Nick says:

    Their goal should be 82-0, just like every other team.

    • Mytownla says:

      FYI Mr Idiot… Every teams goal is not to go undefeated during the season… lol yea.. i caqn definitly see the bobcats setting a goal such as this for themselves lmao

  145. Israel says:

    Saying Kobe is no Jordan is just crazy. You people hate Kobe for being “ignorant” & being a “ball hog”. Well FYI Jordan averaged the most shot attempts in the NBA every season he played & you guys wanna talk about ball hogs. Kobe is the best to do it right after Jordan. But after Kobe get’s this next ring you can just say they’re even. Even tho Kobe HAS a better jump shot, better three, better fade away. Michael Jordan was just more athletic & had bigger hands. Kobe’s all around game is better then Jordans.

    • Tenki says:

      Kobe was never a 5-time MVP and a 6-time MVP in half his life in the league. He never won DPOY (Jordan won DPOY and MVP the same time once). Kobe had two setbacks in 7 Finals appearances (one with Shaq, Payton and Malone against Detroit). Jordan never had any in his six. What kind of an all-around game are you talking about? Clutch performance? Offensive prowess? Defensive skills? Rebounding? Unless you are Kobe’s younger brother, I understand you.

    • ab-ball says:

      he also averged 50% from the field most of his seasons how much seasons has kobe shot for 50%

  146. wardix says:

    go for the ring!! no matter what you break the record just bring the bacon for us!!

  147. KB24MJ23 says:

    Well, don’t say it’s impossible to beat the 72-10record. I’m not saying the 2013Lakers surely will but they have a small chance and any other teams in the future.

  148. LA-2013-Champion says:

    There they are again.. The LA haters strikes again.. Haters because of so much nervousnessssssssssssssssss… And who says that 72-10 record can not be beaten???? Even LA can do it, some team can do it.. Let us just wait and see their first 20 games.. From there we can see where they would be..

  149. NBABasketball says:

    LOL Calm down haters and fans, the lakers are just saying that to boost their own confidence. Nothing wrong with setting a goal, damn. lol I bet the haters really came out of the woodwork this time.

  150. lol lakers wont even make playoffs…

  151. PinoyPride says:


  152. Scalabrine is GOD says:

    73 – ELBOW 9 – WINS

  153. PinoyPride says:

    Lakers should get Japeth Aguilar!

  154. Bam Bam says:

    Records are made to be broken. Until someone goes 82-0 then the Bulls record can always be beaten. No point listening to the nay-sayers who tell you its impossible.

  155. Ted says:

    Not gonna happen in the near future… there are better teams now… not even Miami could accomplish this…

    And I’m a Miami Heat fan…

  156. misakileasim says:

    The Lakers squad not only have a revamped lineup full of new guys, they also shook their coaching staff and method as well. There are too many new pieces this year to go that confident. Its a great spirit to have, but really, OKC, Dallas, Miami, Brooklyn, heck, even Phoenix, Houston and the never-ending San Antonio … The competition is tough too. NO ONE can beat that record, period.

  157. op says:

    There will be actual world peace before the Lakers get 73 wins

  158. YeahRight says:

    Lmao.. all these delusional Laker fans forgetting how they got SWEPT 2 playoff years in a row with 3 of their “Big 5.” Oh, lets add 1 superstar in Dwight and a 38, soon to be 39, year old Nash and talk about breaking records. Pfft.. lets try to break even against OKC first boys.

    • Realist Lakers Fan says:

      2 yrs in a row?? I Dont think you were watching the NBA last year.
      And if you were watching you would know some of the games Lakers lost were very winnable. They just didnt execute down the stretch and hence were knocked out of the playoffs.

      • YeahRight says:

        Oh sorry, 4-1 last year after almost losing to the nuggets. And thats some sound reasoning there, thought you Lakers and Kobe fans pride your team in closing out games. And your reasoning can go both ways.. the first series was very winnable for the NUGGETS and they should have eliminated the Lakers first round to give all the basketball fans a more entertaining second round against the Thunder. Then again, teams do get nothing for *almost* winning…

  159. DHAM says:

    Metta needs to stop saying crazy ish for publicty, stop waiting till half the season to get off the floor and dunk, get his lateral quickness straight along with his hands. Besides the league was watered down when the bulls went 72-10. Im glad lebron and the crew handle they biz on the court!!!

  160. gerald29 says:

    i think metta was high during interview…. no team will gonna beat that record anymore,,even you have to many superstar on a team ..its the bulls killer instinct ,,metta world war stop dreaming..

  161. Francis says:

    Metta is full of it! It’s not going to happen. Dude makes me laugh. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Average Joe says:

      Can’t fault him for his confidence though. And there is a possibility, however remote, that a team can pull this off. Records are really meant to be broken.

  162. Stu Brew says:

    I think it will be a very long time before anyone tops the ’96 Bulls record

  163. Isaac says:

    It was shown last season when Kobe was out a couple games of the season that when Metta put his mind to it and lost weight to get in shape he showed he can still ball and defend with the best. When Kobe was out Metta showed he was able to be counted on and was getting 15+ points and a couple games got 20+ while playing great defense. This season he is coming in with less body fat than last season so I believe it will make him lighter and more versitile. Don’t count out the heart of a champion. And yes for any hater comments he has won a championship.

  164. Hunter says:

    My hats off to Mitch Kupchak for getting Howard, their future for getting title chances have been opened for another decade. With that said, this year I don’t think they are gonna get the title. They will come close, maybe finals appearance or wcf, but KB, Pau, Nash and MWP are a few years too late, if this were three years ago LOOK OUT! I just think the remaining key pieces surrounding Dwight are a bit too aged.

  165. spursgermany says:



  166. Saranghe beb says:

    Like the confidence Metta. Hope everyone in the team have the same confidence as you. Joking aside.

  167. Saranghe beb says:

    Every record is meant to be broken. If its not 82 of 82 there’s still a possibility. Just saying… Can’t wait for the Season to start.

  168. KB24 says:

    No team can beat that record, but that’s not impossible of course! That’s the SPIRIT Metta!!! We’ll never know. Let’s see when the season starts.

  169. Marco says:

    To all who say no one will the 96 bull record , I’m going to have disagree with that first thing there still a lot of stars left in nba rather than rodman pippen and Jordan. I believe there going to be a day who ever stars left in nba will come join as one whether the heat, lakers, Boston, ok’c, or maybe spurs will have a main goal which to try grab a history and beat the 96 bulls. As of right now I’m not saying that lakers will beat the 96 bull with the loaded roster, but I am saying that they have a good chance of trying to grab that history. remember world has not end yet. Any team will still have a chance to put a team together and try for history after history.

  170. Kwame Brown says:

    Put me on the team we will go undefeated, Lebron ain’t got nothing on KWAMEEEEEEEE!

  171. howard says:

    its good to have a goal. but start on yourself meta stop being retarted hiting people. and concentrate on playing basketball.

  172. Kobe Fan says:

    We have to keep it together.. it’s this kind of comments and unnecessary pressure which derail a team from getting their chemistry going on the 1st year. We have to work on no one’s clock but ours, we take our tinme and then we succeed.

    • Mytownla says:

      lol your a laker fan… you of all ppl should realize that is RON ARTEST were talking about here… homie had been making comments of this nature throughout his career. This is nothing new, in other words… ppl shouldnt be taking this so serious smh

  173. AndrewG says:

    leave it to a Laker to be this out of touch with reality. YOU HAVEN’T EVEN PLAYED A GAME TOGETHER, RON. WAKE UP.

    • Geo says:

      What is your reality? What should he say in your world? go back to boston.

      • AndrewG says:

        In my world? In my reality?
        This isn’t about me; this is about reality in general. Let’s use the Bulls for an example. Jordan played during the 94/95 season; it was when he came back. They were one of the top three teams for the title that year and, as you know, they lost. That off-season they added Rodman and a few other role players but they didn’t change the core too much. The following season they set the 72-10 bar and were, arguably, the best team the sport had ever seen at that time.
        The stars during the 94/95 season? Jordan and Pippen with key roll players of Harper, Kukoc, Armstrong, and Kerr.
        The stars during the 95/96 season where the 72-10 bar was set? Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman with key roll players of Harper, Kukoc, and Kerr.
        You should start to see where I’m going. They added a little but the core didn’t really change so the chemistry was tweaked but not really changed.
        11/12 Lakers had a core Starter set that began as Fisher, Bryant, ARTEST, Gasol, and Bynum with Odom off the bench before they waved him just before the season kicked off. At the time the season ended it was Sessions, Bryant, ARTEST, Gasol, and Bynum with no clear 6th man… not really.
        12/13 Lakers are going to take the court with Nash, Bryant, ARTEST, Gasol and Howard with Jamison off the bench. Impressive, but there’s a LOT of change going on here, more than it looks like on the surface.
        1. Howard is now the number two options which means…
        2. Gasol is option three except…
        3. Nash has a great touch, so Gasol may even be fourth…
        4. Bryant has to share the rock to kick off plays, he’s never had to do that really because of the great players he is – he’s never needed it. That’s why Phil always filled the PG position with clutch D or clutch shooting rather than a playmaker. Worked with Jordan, works with Bryant. Bryant has never been an off-ball scorer, ever. That’s not to say he can’t, it just hasn’t been his game in the last 16 years…
        5. Jamison has to adjust to not only the bench and not only being a roll player, but he won’t even be in the top five in terms of who gets chosen first for offense – way new for him. Having Nash moving the ball should help with this, but I refer you to point number 4 on that topic.
        6. The current coach does not have a history of making big personalities work well together. Now he doesn’t only have Bryant and Howard to worry about, he has Nash and Jamison and ARTEST and the guy most likely to feel forgotten… Gasol. How do you balance that act? Phil Jackson could.
        My argument is not that they won’t win it all; I think they very likely will. My argument is that they have A LOT to overcome… and to do that totally seamlessly without being able to even practice with Howard beforehand AND pull off a record breaking season… that’s a lot and I believe it may be somewhat unrealistic.

      • Average Joe says:

        @AndrewG That’s telling Geo, man.

  174. kevin soto perez says:

    i agree with metta the lakers will beat the record

    • Geo says:

      Go Lakers’ fan! We have to have confidence, with the best overall player, the best point guard, the best center, and the best power forward. Not to mention the bench.

  175. keytrick says:

    I think that 72 and 10 is impossible this year simply because of how much improved nba teams are right now. Philly, denver, thunders, miami, spurs, memphis is talented, so there are opportunities to lose games.

  176. bobby z says:

    The old man Lakers with injured Howard will lead the NBA in ice and tape.

  177. keytrick says:

    Kobe may not be jordan but you have to say that in his prime, he was really close

  178. Belizeboy says:

    That was funny. Now back to reality.

  179. Miami for 3C says:

    NO chance .. chemistry issue .. too many All Star player but only one ball? .. get off first to OKC in the West before facing our Miami 🙂

    • Geo says:

      miami? Really? they are a one hit wonder that only won becasue Rose went down for the Bulls.

      • Mytownla says:

        This is true… if the former MVP was healthy, those heat fans would be beyond butthurt to see thier team fail. Boston is better than last year (that team that was only 1 game away from the finals), so for all you heat fans….. please clear your throat of lebrons cum stains and snap back to reality

      • Average Joe says:

        Yeah. Like the way the Heat beat down Rose’s Bulls two years ago eh? @ Geo, man you’re really one of the best fortune-tellers out there. Please give us the winning numbers for the lottery.

  180. Jake says:

    The lakers are absolutley the best team in the nba and i dont see any team that can honestly slow them down. The heat do not have the right pieces to stop 2 allstar big men and not to mention the person bringing it up the court to give them the ball is steve nash. OO wait , lets not forget one of the best shooters to ever live ” Kobe Bryant”. All others team don’t compare when you actually break it down on paper. To add to this, Lebron is not driving in the paint with DH12, Pau Gasol, Antwan Jamison and Metta World Peace there

  181. 2k13 says:

    If the starting five of the Lakers was three years younger, getting 73 wins would happen. Pippen carried Jordan like a little child. Pippen defended the best player on the opposing team.

    • Tenki says:

      And MWP is doing the same for defense-less Kobe, who cried for Howard to join him in L.A…at least when Jordan needed someone to carry him after six championships on his shoulders, Pippen was there for him. When Malone and Payton joined Kobe because of championship hopes, Bryant let them down. Nuff Said.

  182. john says:

    Metta Elbow world Peace haha……you gonna cry if the lakers will never win on the championship….your idiot…..harden will revenge on you..

  183. mile hi says:

    Between the Nuggs, Thunder, Clpps, Spurs, Cetics and Heat they will lose 9 games alone.

    • Mytownla says:

      Oh no… Not the nuggets… Not the almighty Clippers…. Wait… The Sperms are a major threat as well… The new lakers squad sure has a handful with these teams… Oh boy, im shakign in my boots as a Laker fan… lol

      • Alex says:

        It’s fans like your that cause people to hate teams. Why don’t you play a game first before you run your mouth, you have been irrelevant for the past two years, you will probably lose 6 or 7 games before D12 even comes back.
        Kobe and nash have to learn to play with eachother, it takes a bit of time to adjust. Thee have been better LAKER teams who haven’t got 73-9 , so your mad if you agree with that shh.

      • Realist Lakers Fan says:

        Success generates Hate. Hence, Lakers are one of the most hated Franchises by other fan bases (Also why Kobe get lots of Hate).

        Nash & Kobe to find cohesion?. Thats why there are pregames & training camp. So players get used to playing with each other.

        Lets theoritacally say D12 is out for all of November. Lakers 1st month is relatively easy outside of 3 games (my Opinion) against Clippers, Spurs & Brooklyn. So if they lose to the 3 teams i mentioned, it is liely they will go through the 1st month 11-3. I doubt D12 is going to be out longer than that, unless he specifically doesnt want to play against Orlando on 2 Dec.

        Also TBH, i dont know if there has been Laker teams that are better than this (maybe the Magic led teams??). The only thing i can see that will slow them down is injury or a serious implosion (which i highly doubt, unlike many laker haters)

    • Geo says:

      Hey fortune teller why don’t you go place a bet in Vegas.

  184. Paul says:

    you would have a big 4 …oh sorry a big 5 Nash-Bryant-Gasol-Howard and World Peace (+ really prolific bench player with Jamison) WWOOOOOOOHPPPPPPPPPPP Therrrrrrr IT IS. Go Lakers

  185. HeatKingsofEast says:

    can’t wait for the season. and can’t wait for the failures big lakers team would bring. this will be and epic fail if lakers will be gone fishing again in the 2nd round. grand slam! just saying

    • Mytownla says:

      Cant wait for you Lebron Diiiiiick riders to see the Heat fail.. Cant wait for Dwight to average 20/20 against the precious heat.. Cant wait for Bostons Revised squad to knock the Heat out of the playoffs… Cant wait for you worthless Lebron fans to cry a river when “Queen” James doesnt get his 2nd ring lmao

    • Geo says:

      Hey heat fan why don’t you place a bet in Vegas if you know the future about the Lakers.

      • One of the king's subjects says:

        Hey Geo, you like to run your mouth alot, about placing a bet in Vegas. Your so confident in your precious Lakers why don’t you make the bet. Anyway the lakers can break the record, or win every game, or just make the playoffs for all I care about. Its the 16 games you need to win to solidfy your season. Like MJ said. the record is nice, but it will be for nothing if we don’t win it all. Why do you think Jordan’s 63 wasn’t the best playoff moment ever, becuase he didn’t get the win. Get the win and then start talking. Miami Heat, we can talk as long as we want.

  186. Sid says:

    I can sooooo understand why he was fit in the team of Phil “Mastermind” Jackson

  187. Bentley says:

    Hahaha oh Artest never fails to put a smile on my face. This guy has no idea how to talk to the media but that is what makes him so enjoyable to listen to. If you actually heard it on the radio, like I did, he was pretty much joking around and he’s just feeling good about the coming season. Positive vibes coming from him. Just another media article making drama for the upcoming season. Go Lakers

    • Belizeboy says:

      You know I don’t accept that (he was joking). In my eyes the Heat were joking about the amount of titles they would win, but that blew up into the Miami Haters creed.

  188. unknown says:


  189. unknown says:

    LMAO! artest is just running his mouth.. they won’t even beat the 2011 bulls record of 62-10

  190. bobcatsaretoonice says:

    what a troll

  191. Ermin says:

    HAAHAHAHHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i never laughed this hard!!!!!!!

  192. Celt21 says:

    They’ll be lucky to win 60. 73? Really? Even for a crazy person that is crazy.

  193. Johnny Bravo says:

    It would be pretty cool if the Lakers did beat that Bulls record, but I think Ron should be more precise about what the real goal is, and that is to win 16 games in the playoffs–the real season. To be honest, I hope the Lakers don’t go for that record. I want the Lakers to be fresh going into the playoffs, and I know going 73-9 would take a lot of energy simply because playing that hard every night would drain you. Considering their age, they should reserve their energy for when it really counts, especially Kobe.

    • Second That ! says:

      Just win enough games. Focus on important teams/crucial match-ups. Save ‘Star Power’ for the playoffs.

      Actually I would love to see coach Brown give the bench a lot of time … to hone their skills … to raise their confidence level.
      Hill, Sacre, Blake, Ebanks, Goudelock are all good players who can make the team formidable if they play to their potential.

      Those last sixteen wins are the ONLY ones that count.

    • Carl says:

      I completely agree.

    • Geo says:

      Playing hard every game makes it second nature for when they go to the playoffs. Why do you think commentators always say that teams need to finish the season on a winning note. It’s about momentum.

  194. Jack says:

    How the hell can you say you’ll win like that with guys you’ve never played with? You don’t say stuff like that in the ballpark either, it’s disrespectful

  195. mo says:

    never say never, records are meant to be broken. and if there was any team that could do it , it is this team

  196. What? says:

    Shouldn’t their goal be 82-0? Also, ‘one of the best players in the league’? This guy is absolutely delusional.

  197. stop elbowing me, bro says:

    Does he actually think thats possible? He realises theres more than 9 games with top 5 teams alone.. amusing they win 100% against the remaining 25. And why is he proclaiming himself as the one best players in the league? He shouldnt even be saying that defensively, even though he might be up there. Oh metta…

  198. bunbury says:

    I think we will see nash slow down this year (I mean eventually he will, we all know that right?). I think kobe will lost two steps this year. i think we all saw it at the olympics. why do you think he mentioned a possible retirement in 2 years? he know he was enbarrased by his younger teammates lebron, melo, durant, wrestbook in particular. i am a laker fan but i just dont see them beating the heat in the finals/ Wade does a very good job in stopping kobe and i dont see the best defender in the league (yes im talking about artest) will stop the best player right now, yes im talking about lebron.

    • Mytownla says:

      LMAO Wade does a good job in stopping Kobe? lol wowwww i had no idea Kobe COULD be stopped. And you call yourself a Laker Fan? Since when, yesterday? And speaking on Kobe in the olympics, he has nothing to prove. Its been pointed out on numerous occasions that Kobe is saving himself for the reguler season. How can he be embarrased by Lebron (only 1 championship compared to Kobes 5) , Melo, Durant, and Westbrook (absolutely 0 rings to Kobes 5). To say that Kobe was embarresed is most likely the dumbest thing youve ever said in your life 2nd to crowning Wade as the Kobe Stopper lol. Your an idiot. He mentioned a possible retirement because hes entering his SEVENTEENTH SEASON, not because of other players being younger than him. Bro… You need help smh

      • C's says:

        How can you call the other guy an idiot. if you comment dont even make sense.
        Yes Kobe is one of the players on the league that cant be stopped, that part i agreed. but :


        yes LeBron just got his first, but SHAQ is the guy who gives Kobe 3 rings. Kobe just lead the Lakers in two seasons.
        by the way , LeBron has 3 MVPS , Kobe just has ONE.
        how can you compare players like that?
        yes, Kobe dont need to prove anything anymore. he is a future HOF for sure, one of the Lakers legends.

        but you comment was stupid man. Dont think like that.

      • CLee says:

        If anyone was a possible “Kobe stopper” then it was Raja Bell back before he flatlined in his career. He caused problems for Kobe, not so much with Wade.

      • Realist Lakers Fan says:

        Sorry to burst your bubble, but TBH regular season MVP doesnt mean too much. U mite retort by saying it shows ur a good player all yr long (yad, yada, yada…). But far as im concerned regular season MVP died end of the 90’s. I think Kareem was the ONLY PERSON to win FINALS MVP on the LOSING TEAM. U will NEVER see that again.

        regular season MVP = MVTP (Most Valuable Team Player)
        If you team is doing good, then they will choose the best player on the best team, regardless if the team is stacked.

        I mite be a bit bias, cause Kobe carried a scrub Lakers team and the MVP went to Nash. The 08 MVP should have gone to CP3 or Lebron. It seems like a consolation prize that they decided to give Kobe due to the prior years they refused to give it to him.

        Dont ever say Shaq gave Kobe 3 rings. Then to ppl like u it is best saying Pippen carrieed Jordan to 6 rings, after all, he did all the dirty work by guarding opposing teams best players (watch all these Jordan lovers go cray).

        But I do agree that you cant make an argument due to the amount of rings (or even stats for that matter) a player has. Then u have to say Bill Russell GOAT Not Jordan cause Mr Russell has 11 rings. If you go by Stats, then who had better stats than Oscar Robertson (He avg a triple double in the regular season for crying out loud)

      • Belizeboy says:

        @ RealistLakerFan, yes you are being very bias to say Kobe deserved the MVP on either of the years Nash got it. 2005 the Lakers didn’t make the playoffs, and 2006 they lost to the Suns. Even on a team of scrubs, the greatest player or 2nd greatest as most Laker fans proclaim, should be able to get his team to at least the 2nd round of the playoffs in his prime. Also the Laker team was not that terrible as people like to make out.

      • Realist Lakers Fan says:

        Unfortunately for Kobe, his team was not in the East. Where a sub 0.500 team could be placed anywhere from 4-8. I can gurantee he would easily gotten out of the 2nd round if he was in the east, as they would play the East Teams more than the West Team (which prolly would have given them a better winning record aswell).

        To say ‘Also the Laker team was not that terrible as people like to make out’ is laughable. The starting 5 during 04-05 & 05-06 outside of Kobe & Lamar (this is out of respect – as i expect odom to play 6th man once more) and Caron Butler either do not/have not played in the NBA for the past 3 yrs or are on teams to fill out rosters and play minimum bench time. Even the 06-07 team were mainly scrubs (outside of a young Bynum, Kobe & Odom). So dont try to justify that team was not terrible, they were artrocious.

      • cord says:

        C’s shut up you sound like a idiot man you cant compare those player’s because of their rings really omg rings is what puts the greats above the rest and 2nd shaq barely lead that team because he was in his prime kobe wasent even in his prime yet come on now and he barely lead that team look at the stats thats why by the 3rd champ it was kobe’s team duh and for the fact of kobe retiring uumm he cant play forever thats life he said 2 years because of 2 reasons 1 a scare tatic for lakers managment to make some moves in the offseason what happend less than a week later oh ya thats right nash and then howard a couple weeks later hhmm 2nd about half way through the season i believe he had a interview in witch he said he doesnt see him as a player that will just stick around while his skills disminish and cant put up 20 plus points a night and contribute to his team(lead) he’s just not that type of player if he sticks around longer than 35 its cuz he has a team that can still win with his help and for another 3 peat

        pardon my spelling computer wont let me use spell check right now tripping

      • ab-ball says:

        kobe can be stopped all you got to do is give him the ball and he will shoot a medicore 43%

    • Lakersfan says:

      He might it say that before he knew they were getting Howard, if he already knew that Howard was a
      Laker he wouldn’t have say that, and you don’t hear him bringing that subject back right.

      • Mytownla says:

        Lol you right bro… But Wade is a Kobe stopper??? lmao come on that has to be the funniest thing youve ever heard

    • Geo says:

      You call yourself a Lakers fan? You sound like a Miami fan.

      • E-SY says:

        The “Realist Lakers fan” has clearly never set one foot on a basketball court. He can talk a lot of statistics, but those don’t defy the game! Stats over years are poor… you have to recognize trends as well to be able to see the bigger picture. The competition didn’t exactly collapse through the years so what Bill Russell did was possible in his era and MJ was fantastic in his years but what the new standard will be, you can never foresee.

        And there we have Ron Artest (his new name shouldn’t be mentioned after his ‘collision’ with James Harden). That’s a nice goal he set there, but with him wrecking the chemistry in the Lakers team by letting himself be brought off balance, it won’t be easy to win 73 games! Nash has a lot of work to do out there…

  199. metta on CRACK says:

    lol…metta on crack

  200. Berries says:

    no way,,,,ok u guys good but aint that good. Its just an other big team as Miami, boston etc

  201. Krishawn-MIA says:

    go for gold

  202. Phil says:

    Amazing how Dwight, LeBron, Kobe etc etc etc are all more humble than a mediocre player at best. One of the best defensive players OF ALL TIME!?!? That description fits him about as much as his “name” does. Pathetic.

    • Mytownla says:

      Your an idiot for not being aware that Meta is only JOKING!!! Obviously he doesnt really believe this… Hes been known to make statements like this during his ENTIRE CAREER… Its retards like you who sit back and say the things you say smh

    • LakersWillWin says:

      You really don’t think he is one of the best defensive players of all time? Really? Not the best, but he definitely deserves to be recognized that way.

      • haasman00 says:

        why hate on the guys confidence? if he didnt feel this way i would be upset. im glad he thinks he is one of the best. now he needs to take that confidence out on the court and show us why he makes these claims.

      • CLee says:

        He used to be a solid scorer too, he still plays tough d-fense, can’t blame for his confidence, he plays in L.A. and he’s a former star.

    • Geo says:

      If you don’t like it don’t watch.

  203. QuestionMark says:

    I can say with Nash, Kobe, Dwight and Gasol, its a possibility, but you have to take in account, Dwight’s injury and Kobe and Nash’s age. I really don’t see it happening, no one can ever beat 72-10, Jordan, Pippen and Rodman are among the best trios in NBA history.

    • Lakersfan says:

      Here is one person better than Rodman than can make it happen DH12, and We have brake Records before nothing is impossible.

      • Tenki says:

        But Kobe is no Jordan. Not happening dude.

      • artifex says:

        Not a Lakers fan, was a Bulls fan that time (yeah, one of those bandwaggoners, but excited in NBA European teenies), but still agree:
        There are records and records get broken some day (I wouldn’t balieved that any player can get past 70 points nowadays but Kobe did just a few years ago, so….). Whether it is this year, who knows, just relax, enjoy – I will!!

      • C's says:

        Dh12 better than Rodman? cmon man. dont say something like that. Dwight still needs to learn alot more to be better than Rodman.
        And for real. I really dont think the Lakers can beat Bulls record,not with this team. I really think they are going to beat the Thunder and go to the NBA finals , But you got to remember that even with this great team they have right now, The Bulls got Jordan(in his prime) , dont get me wrong , Kobe is a great player , a HOF for sure, But no way theyre gonna break this record.

      • Bullsfan96 says:


      • CLee says:

        It’s not always about being better talent wise, a team needs chemistry all the way through to the front office, the rest of the bench has to play up to par. The sinister six still won’t break that record regardless of how good they are on paper. They’re still beatable too, not everything runs through the Lake Show either like MWP proclaims.

      • BULLSbbluvs03 says:

        Rodman can make DH12 useless… MWP is still thiking he is better than Rodman. no way metta..way to far mate.. same with this Kobe think he is better than Jordan… If the lakers won the championship i bet Howard will take home the Finals MVP.. OKC, SPURS, CLIPPERS, DENVER, MEMPIS, and in the EAST MIAMI, BOSTON, PACERS, KNICKS, BROKLYN, BULLS Ang SIXERS lots of good team in the NBA so Goodluck with the 73-9 record…

      • Realist Lakers Fan says:

        And Jordan is Def not Kobe. Anything is Possible

      • Realist Lakers Fan says:

        25 yrs ago ppl in sprinting thought running the 100m in under 10 secs was impossible. Nowadays, if ur not sprinting the 100m in less than 10secs, ppl think you wont even make the finals. Go Figure.

        “Records are meant to be broken”

        Im not Saying the Lakers are going to/will beat the record 72-10. But it is possible. They have the personnel to do it. Who expected the Mavs (06-07 I think) to get so close to the Bulls Record when they went 67-15 (only 5 games behind the record!!). Their team was not stacked like the current Lakers team. Once again….ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

      • 96BULLS says:

        Its not about the stars.. the 96 bulls team has a complete team with players doing their roles at a high level.. jordan scoring 30 plus points, having 2-3 steals, pippen having a 20 7 7 2 2 statline.. rodman having 15-20 rebounds a game.. kukoc, the best european player at that time as their 6th man.. having quality role players such as longley harper and kerr.. and they have the best if not one of the best coach of all time.. plus the bulls stars are on their prime when they achieved it.. i think the lakers team now would only come close to the record but not beat it even if they play a perfect season..

      • jscofield says:

        Really ? will never be broken? now a days records are being broken left and right and now with players having more control of their contracts you will see more and more coming together. if supposedly the greatest basketball player couldnt do it alone dont you think more players will unite. obviously i dont think this laker team will do it. might be on mettas agenda but kobes is to win rings

      • Laker Nation says:

        Kobe doesn’t want to be Jordan, He wants to be Kobe Bryant

    • Geo says:

      There sure are a lot of foturne tellers here, so you know the future too? Anything is possible.

  204. newyorksteelo says:

    Not a chance. No team will ever have a better record than the 96 bulls.

    • Bersem says:

      Absolutely agree with you : Rodman was the perfect fit in the Bulls Run and there’s almost not chance to beat their tremendous record…except if Metta World Peace decides to play at the same high level than his teammates : after the big 3 Pippen-Jordan-Rodman / Wade-Bosh-James…you would have a big 4 …oh sorry a big 5 Nash-Bryant-Gasol-Howard and World Peace (+ really prolific bench player with Jamison)

      Wait and see but It’a really unsure !

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Can’t hate on a mans confidence! I like it Metta… Bring it to the court!

      • Tenki says:

        There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Metta World War kinda stepped over that fine line. They are yet to play together (Howard, Bryant, MWW, Gasol, Nash, etc.) when he declared such a statement. Oh well, as Bruce Lee quoted, “A goal is not always meant to be reached. Sometimes it serves as something to aim at”. Dream on, dream on…

      • TRY ME says:


      • MHM 35 says:

        Hey TRY ME stfu thats an insult to anyones name regardless of whether it has “world peace” in it. You cant run around saying someone is out to make war that you dont even know. this is basketball not al qaeda on the news

      • Bersem says:

        You are right !

        Smthg World Peace seems to forget: the Bulls added Rodman to win a championship, not to break a record…

      • jl4599 says:

        He won’t need the confidence. He’ll be so wide open now, he could drink coffee and still heave up a wide wide wide open shot. If he can hit those, then the Lakers will be unstoppable, since now you have to go one to one for every player, or give up threes.

      • One of the king's subjects says:

        Really Lebron says multiple rings, you guys cry and throw a fit and say he is not to be fit to be a king if he doesn’t have 1 ring. World Peace says 73-9 and you guys say it is a possiblity even though they haven’t played a single game. If the Lakers will win and thats a big if due to the fact that three players on that team are young and still have time, while everyone else has a few years left. If the Lakers do win the ring. It is not because this is the team of kobe bryant, but the team of dwight howard. howard will win the finals mvp is lakers managed to win. but I doubt it will happen. You might think I’m hating. But I’m just calling how I see it.

    • RgR says:

      Records will always be broken with time.. Though I’m pretty sure the Lakers will probably start off .500 their first 10 games or so before they get it into gear.

    • rapsadidoydi says:

      keep dreaming Artest…its not bad though

    • Geo says:

      Hey Nostradamus since you know the future can you spare the winning lottery numbers?

    • lbj says:

      Miami can make 74-8 this season!

      • Mytownla says:

        Lol if your throat wasnt lodged with Lebrons Diiiick, maybe you would be thinking a little clearer…. oh boy… You dilusional Heat fans are rediculous

      • JeffX says:

        Boy it’s become a tough call between yourself “LBJ”, and “Don’t EVER CLICK MY NAME!! You Have Been Warned!!!”, as to who can say the most ridiculous stuff. You both looking out of one eye. I admit the Heat will have more chance than the Lakers as they have built more conhesion, but you can’t throw a bunch of stars together and not have the “Clash of the Ego’s”. It happened at the Bulls as well, but they had a bunch of near perfect role players as well as Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman. I’ll wager that the Heat win the east and lose at least 17 games and the Lakers lose at least 25 (maybe 35 depending on how the mesh)

      • joff says:

        SAC will go 73-9 wait and see. lol

      • Glen says:

        Thank you jeffx

    • never Frisco says:

      Right, that’s exactly what they said about the record the 1971-72 Lakers posted, and yet it was topped by the Bulls by three wins, proving that no record in the NBA is safe… unless it’s one of Wilt’s records. Those are safe.

      • L.A. ALL DAY says:

        2 records that the Lakers hold that won’t be touched EVER. 33 winning streak of the 1971-72 Lakers team will NEVER be beat. That is hands down a safe record that will never be broken. No team has even come close to it. I believe 2 times teams since that year got to like 21 or 22 games but that’s still 11 or 12 games away. Too much competition and injury issues in todays game then there was back in the early 70’s. The second record is the 2000-2001 playoff record of 15 – 1 (unbeaten on the road). That is just ridiculous. Kobe and Shaq made every player and team around them look like high schoolers compared to them. Do you know how dificult it is to go 15 – 1???

        On the other hand, Lakers won’t beat the Bulls record of 72-10 this season, but they won’t lose more than 20 games this year either. They will topple every team in the playoffs this year though. Being that they have 82 regular season games to “gel” as some of you like to put it, this team was built for the playoffs. They will make OKC, Miami, Boston (who I think will be in the finals this year) look like they don’t even belong on the same court with them. It isn’t even going to be close. If I wasn’t a Laker fan or if I was a Laker hater like most of you are, I would be in denial also and say some of the whacky things that Laker haters say on here. But truth be told, this team is going to dominate the league, I know you haters don’t wanna hear it but Lakers will win the 2013 nba championship. Miami doesn’t stand a chance, lol what Lebron and D-wade with a mediocre Bosh?? Please fools quit making me laugh. OKC? Yea ok – good luck with stopping Kobe and D12. Peace

      • L.A. ALL DAY says:

        2 records that the Lakers hold that won’t be touched EVER. 33 winning streak of the 1971-72 Lakers team will NEVER be beat. That is hands down a safe record that will never be broken. No team has even come close to it. I believe 2 times teams since that year got to like 21 or 22 games but that’s still 11 or 12 games away. Too much competition and injury issues in todays game then there was back in the early 70′s. The second record is the 2000-2001 playoff record of 15 – 1 (unbeaten on the road). That is just ridiculous. Kobe and Shaq made every player and team around them look like high schoolers compared to them. Do you know how dificult it is to go 15 – 1???

        On the other hand, Lakers won’t beat the Bulls record of 72-10 this season, but they won’t lose more than 20 games this year either. They will topple every team in the playoffs this year though. Being that they have 82 regular season games to “gel” as some of you like to put it, this team was built for the playoffs. They will make OKC, Miami , Boston (who I think will be in the finals this year) look like they don’t even belong on the same court with them. It isn’t even going to be close. If I wasn’t a Laker fan or if I was a Laker hater like most of you are, I would be in denial also and say some of the whacky things that Laker haters say on here. But truth be told, this team is going to dominate the league, I know you haters don’t wanna hear it but Lakers will win the 2013 nba championship. Miami doesn’t stand a chance, lol what Lebron and D-wade with a mediocre Bosh?? Please fools quit making me laugh. OKC? Yea ok – good luck with stopping Kobe and D12. Peace

      • the truth says:

        if they do beat the bulls record…itt’l take 5 people to do it…..yet noone sees the dishonor in that…just like noone sees the dishonor of Lebron James since he left cleaveland….think about what if M.J. teamed up with Barkley or Reggie to get a ring….would he still be considered the greatest athlete of all time…..? theres an unspoken truth about whats going on in the NBA right now…kinda like it is inn HIP-HOP….people do a lot of cowardly things in entertainment these days and get away with it….a total 360 from 10-15 yrs. ago. the reason M.J. is considered to be the greatest of all time is because of his character….he’s was honest and loyal to Chicago….never did anything to tear the city apart and then try to justify it…and the only reason people do justify what Lebron did is because they have the same character as he does…cowardly and childish….and a lot of teams and cities are still spiteful that none of their legends could stop M.J. while he stopped them from getting a ring and them having to retire w/o one….he’s still a overgrown kid…just like Dwight…..there will never be a player better than M.J. or a team greater than the Bulls….we Honestly gave our city great hardware and even greater memories

      • Huh? says:

        @LA ALL DAY:

        The Thunder needs luck to stop Kobe and Dwight? Did you even watch the playoffs or regular season last year? Sefolosha is one of the superior defenders in the league and he showed it when he stopped the Mamba in their series. What’s going to change there? Sefolosha is still young, fast, and athletic. Kobe is a year older and more tread will wear on those tires. As for Dwight, Bynum is a superior offensive player, so why would the Thunder need luck stopping someone with inferior offense? Will the Lakers be better defensively though? Of course, but that’s nothing that the Thunder can’t handle when 4 of the 5 Laker starters are battling father time. I actually see it being WORSE for the Lakers. Bynum usually dominated everyone on most nights. Dwight on the other hand isn’t as consistent on offense, so if he’s got an off night, then there’s more workload on Kobe and Pau. And you’ve seen how Pau has performed in the playoffs lately, so THAT’S where you’ll need the luck.

        As for the Lakers vs Heat discussion, well there IS no discussion till the Lakers can actually get to the Finals. Though, after the Heat won the championship, the question is are they still hungry for another championship or will they tear through everyone now that the pressure is off their back to win that first title.

        Thunder all day: Young, Athletic, and Experience, with 2 superstars & 4 all-star caliber players > Old, Slow, and Very Experienced, with 2 superstars & 3 all-star caliber players

    • JeffX says:

      I agree “No Chance”. League is packed with very good players and a bunch of great young players about to establish themselves. And the biggest reason why it won’t happen………………because it came from Metta World Artest….I mean Ron World Peace…….Oh I am so confused………but not antwhere near as bad as MWP/RA.

    • LBJ says:

      Lakers: 73-9 Regular Season

      0-4 Playoffs