For Chemistry’s Sake, Lakers Need Nash And Howard To … Speak As One (Video)?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We already know that Dwight Howard won’t be ready for the start of his first training camp with the Los Angeles Lakers, his rehabilitation and recovery from spinal surgery shoving back his official start date to the season. And there is no doubt there will be a transition period for the Lakers’ newest acquisitions, namely Howard and two-time MVP Steve Nash, who have to adjust to playing with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol.

If Lakers coach Mike Brown can get his players to mesh the way some insiders hope he can (and the way Nash and Howard have in the video, above) then the rest of the Western Conference and the entire league could be in serious trouble this season.

But it’s that chemistry that will most certainly make the difference between the Lakers winning big and just winning the way they have the past two seasons, reasonably successful regular season campaigns that ended rather abruptly in the playoffs at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks and Oklahoma City Thunder, respectively.

It should be noted that both the Mavericks (2011 champs) and Thunder (lost to the Heat in The Finals) went on to represent the Western Conference in the final round of the Larry O’Brien chase.

It should also be noted that the questions about the Lakers’ chemistry aren’t just coming from us.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban raised the same issue last week to’s Tim MacMahon, citing the same item from the Lakers’ recent past that we did a couple of weeks ago:

“The Lakers have done this before. Gary Payton and Karl Malone and Kobe and Shaq were all together, and it didn’t work,” Cuban said Monday, referring to the 2003-04 Lakers, who lost in the Finals, when introducing his team’s acquisitions to the media and season-ticket holders. “It takes great chemistry. … It takes guys wanting to be there. I don’t know if all their guys want to be there.”

Cuban may have been referring to Howard, who can become a free agent after this season.

“It’s going to be interesting,” Cuban continued. “Look, they’re going to have a great team, but I remember when we made our run, we weren’t supposed to win any series. Remember the Lakers were the defending champs, and we swept them and they had everybody back.

“A lot of teams do a great job of winning the summer, but I never get so antsy about what happens over the summer. I just want to know what happens during the season. As long as we keep on getting better and we’re healthy going into the playoffs, then anything can happen.”

We can all agree that this is a grand experiment, the likes of which only a few franchises have been brave enough to entertain and fund (Boston, Miami …), knowing full well that if they didn’t succeed it would have likely cost a general manager and perhaps even a coach or two their jobs.

That’s another reason why the Lakers’ chemistry this season will be such an intriguing reality show to watch. No one is sure how this plays out. The last time any of the major players involved was a part of this sort of ensemble, as Cuban pointed, it blew up in the face of all involved (for various reasons, sure, but there was a lab fire at the end of the experiment).

Lakers fans, of course, are hoping history doesn’t repeat itself.

We’re all anxious to see the end results, though.

What true fan of the game wouldn’t?


  1. DAVE69 says:

    The Lakers look good this season

  2. Nick says:

    Cuban is trying to get attention off of his squads lack to come up with answers during the summer. But hey thats just my opinion. I for one think that Howard will be a great fit. For one he’s not shaq. You can compare them all day but at the end of the day Shaq and Howard are two completely different people, Also lets all remember Kobe has been in this situation before, experience trumps skill everytime. And lastly Howard is also a known and vocal Christian. Take that for what its worth but i believe he will understand he is going to be becoming a part of a team, not THE part of a team.

  3. jay says:

    OK. I kind of remember the fab four (Kobe, Shaq, Payton, Malone). First, they made it to the finals, but Malone was injured. I don’t think he even played. Second, if they would have played together the next year, they would have definitely one the finals, but I think Malone and Payton retired. Third, this is totally different. Malone was not top 5 and Payton was not top 5 when they joined the Lakers. They were basically two older guys piggy backing on Kobe and Shaq to get a ring. The current fab 4 are all top 5 players. Kobe top 2. Howard number 1, Nash top 5, Pau top 3, oh and Metta might be top 10. If this team played that team, I don’t think it would even be close.

    Am I on the right track? My memory isn’t great, and my judgement is skewed because I’m a huge Lake fan.

  4. Boka says:

    I am only worry ebout abylity of Coach Brown to handle sach a grate plaers,but a shure Steve Nash will handle it!Go Lakers!!!

  5. BigLuke says:

    Luke Walton would complete the Lakers………………….

  6. regular says:

    cuben u mad?

  7. Lakersssss says:

    Okay okay okay, for you all doubting fans, lakers didnt just upgrade their starters, they upgraded their bench as well. (Steve Blake, Jodie Meeks, Devin Ebanks, Antwawn jamison, Jim Hill) This new lakers team is DEEP, i mean the lakers bench has been very poor for this last half decade, yet the lakers still made 3 finals appearances, winning 2 of them.
    This team is by far MUCH better than the lakers who won back to back. I really believe this team will be legendary

  8. terrell says:

    wow wow wow this is what america loves arguments and fighting over heat and lakers. to be honest both teams have made changes but i do think the lakers have gotten better and i dont like either team. But the fact is the heat had to win last season other wise d-wade or lbj would have been traded because thats the type of league we have today its all about rings and championships! not building team chemistry and fundamentals, so now you have whats called super teams and not just a team that builds around stars so yes i think the lakers will win but just because u win a championship doesnt mean you deserved it. the fact is yes lbj was the best player in the finals and the thunder played good to but the heat adjusted their game to how the reffs were calling it so they played smart and the fact of the matter it was meant for them to win dont mean they deserved it. so when i think about it yes lbj is the best player in the game right now because u can touch him or the reff will call foul so he drives the lane and everything else but what happen when he became a jump shooter against the mavs??????? they lost so yes with the lakers now u have howard gosal world piece if he acts right who can contain lbj but hes not gone attack the basket against howard like he did in the finals against the thunder! but who knows whats gone happen in 2013 maybe we will see heat lakers finals maybe we wont only god knows!!!

  9. SeiRin says:

    Stop arguing each other,
    Nothing is fixed until “Real World” NBA Final on middle next year.
    Just enjoy the season and watch who will be the champions !

  10. LALgoin17thtitle says:

    Nash and Howard for me is a more better Player than Payton and Malone. Peace.

  11. WOW says:

    I meant typical laker hater writer^^^

  12. WOW says:

    typical hater article by a typical laker hater article..
    And Mark Cuban is crazy, he swept a 2 time defending champion team that looked horribly tired, which would be caused by ummmm IDK uuh winnning 2 titles..? The lakers should be fine in terms of chemistry I c them as either winning the title (i am hopeful at least) or losing in the semi finals to a great team like OKC or an eastern conference team. I really dont think Miami has the juice to compete with the Lakeshow now..they lack big men and pau and d12 will kill but then again Bron is a straight beast..who knows, should be interesting…

  13. NASH_SON says:

    GO STEVEEEEE>>>>>>> NASH13… not 10.

  14. lawson2363 says:


  15. Michael Goo says:

    Lakers are best

  16. Carlo says:

    Cuban aka the stupid one, forgot that the lakers with shaq, kobe, malone and payton reached the NBA finals, the reason they lost was not because those 4 didn’t play well together, but because karl malone lost a leg, and the lakers forgot to sign capable bench players. this time winning it all will depend on kobe’s attitude.

  17. Hunter says:

    Coaches: Carlise and Adelman these are A+ coaches, been to Finals and won, the other been to finals and Conf. Finals with several teams in past(King(2002 got cheated by tim donaghy) Rockets(semi finals game 7 versus champs in 2009) Blazers(lost finals in 1992 to Phil jackson once again)

    Center: Pekovic Kamen Both solid bigmen who can D and play solid offense
    Forward: Love Nowitzki Both allstars, can rebound like crazy or is an unstoppable offensive threat
    Forward: Williams Marion Two versatile defenders and wing perimer players
    Guard: Roy Mayo Both have potential BREAKOUT years WITH LOTS TO PROVE
    Guard; Rubio Collison LOTS TO PROVE, one potential all star the other lighting fast and solid general

    Bench:Kirilenko D. Jones both perimeter defenders, rebound, tenacious D and glue guys
    Barea D.West two hard nosed fearless bench players
    Budinger Vinsanity solid spot up shooters who have a defined role
    Shved Buebois both potential to have offensive dominance coming from bench and versatility
    Ridnour Crowder One solid PG/SG the other has potential to be lockdown defender
    Steimsma Brand One will be great glue guy the other experienced post up defender and solid big man
    Bernard James military vet, mature, will be good big glue guy

    Feel free to respond

  18. Da Gost says:

    U lakers tryin to immtimade other fans and other teams every team and fan will b watching the 2012 season there’s teams like O.K.C your taking from i ffear a team that just lost a title than and team with 2 ol guys running the front court james has grown since those cleveland days man please ya boy kobe needed this help bad #f the lakers i hope 2004 comes back to hunt them i hope the clippers or O.K.C spoil that overatted team kobe will not tie jordan because mike said so on top of that mike really dosent like kobe he a cry baby and a spoil brat in L.A yall knew the lakers where first round exits dont forget that kobe my b cluch but he’s aging and he gone get hurt in 2013 howard will get back hurt 3months after his return

    • yeah! says:

      haha damm DA Gost u must be the biggest laker hater out there lol haha!!!!! but to my opinion u just sound scared of the lakers because u know they can straight up take out the heat !!! and well good luck if ur only chance of winning is by predicting injuries to the lakers! but dont forget d-wade can get hurt anytime tooo…and u talk bout kobe and nash being old well u may be forgetting about tay allen especially since he was injured and underproductive last season! and bosh will get injured toooo and u saw the heat cant do nun without him! soo good luck hater!!! well seeee whose talking when the lakers win once again!

  19. Da Gost says:

    Trust me Ty lawson ‘chris paul westbrook rondo lakers better hope chris paul nor westbrook doent have M.V.P season cause westbrook is going to attack nash and howard he doent care didnt westbrook take it to kobe last year yep yep i hope O.K.C makes a strong statement in the west in 2013 and im a heat fan and proud because we not done winning while the world wants to perdict a laker championship every N.B.A team should want to ruin kobe 6 ring i know the heat do because theyre the champs rite now and they as a team probley are hearing the laker talk our bench has enuff to handle that overatted laker bench cole can lock down blake or chris ray-allen is taking the bench role in case wade struggles and allen is going to detroy the young meeks hands down e banks is younger but has not proving anthing so batter will lock him down and still get his open 3 on banks .well o well jamesion ol antwon nice mid range game free-throws good a face up PF ok ok now udonis should b able to out rebound jamsion and udonis can draw offence’of fouls since jamesion a face up PF i mean reshard lewis can score with antwon all day because he a face up shooter and has a better 3ball than antwon we can rotate udonis and lewis tthen hill nice dunker can shot block at times it depends cause if the heat take a chance on greg oden baltch or bird man can hold down hill so lets wait and see how 2013 plays out until then its N.F.L rite now and us heat fans have nothen to worrie about until the finals because lakers are not a threat to us only the west teams so good luck with that .i hpe 0.kC and the clippers are heathy in 2012 big ups to the center jordan a bra they dissin u in the west its time for u and mcgee to show what yall can really do for some young young centers.go heat

  20. Da Gost says:

    Im a heat fan most of tired of the talk bosh said the lakers look good on paper so in 2013 since the whole wide world wants them to win it all boom 2004 will hunt them and who the dummy that said histry dont repeat its self fact it do my man all that laker hype damn all these band wager’s wow just hope ya super-man injury does not catch up with him cause great as nash and kobe are in the playoffs and finals they going to need to lean on howard so i can see how they can win it all which is alrite but i think miami is on a diffrent path which is too break that bull’s record of 72 wins if which is an big if miami will repeat as champions and there will nothen better than to beat kobe it will b sweet em em but dont worrie laker fans your overatted bench will fail look here a real qoute if antwon doent make sixth man or even in the vots next year that will force howard and that starting 5 toplay even more mins and belive me O.K.C isent going to just hand the west title over like that and the clippers are just as deep as the lakers jordan will do just enuff and paul dont want to get postered and he will wear down later in there rounds crawford ant no joke eather and nick young can handle meeks if not the vet bullips will have he’s way with that overated laker bench cause in reallity chris isent that good off the bench he struggle last year and the season before blake is ok but if his shootin and that 3ball gets D up enuff he’s dead there are bench player in the nba that can and will handle jamesion fa real dude is in his late 30s and is doe for injury man if that bench becomes ijuryed and howard its gone problems in with show-time

  21. Lakers vs Heat says:

    Lakers got the big man that heat is lacking. Bosh has full of hands with Gasol alone and with Dwight there, who can stop him is the bigger question than any other factor. If you look at Nash & Kobe vs Wade & LJ, obviously heat got the advantage there. Both of the teams have solid bench so I say they are pretty even on that. In terms of match ups, Meta will guard LJ, Kobe will lock d-wade, but who is guarding Nash, and Dwight? Big question there for the Heat. I have always been a Heat fan since D-wade draft but it’s a tough one if Lakers can get the synergy together and play as they should.. All three of the Lakers are on the mission just as big three of the Miami last season. People say Lakers will burn out from OKC or even might lose to them but same goes for miami against chicago bulls. Derrick rose more than willing to get back to MVP mode and Bulls have the best team play imo.. just wasn’t lucky till now but Miami gotta watchout for them just as Lakers gotta watch for OKC. Nonetheless, clear favourites are Miami and Lakers at finals and I hate to admit, but just from the roaster, Lakers got the advantage.. Hopefully Lakers team synergy is not yet completed by the finals or LJ and D-wade makes combined of 60 points per game and over 50% FG% during the finals, in which they are capable of doing and have done it πŸ™‚

  22. eddie says:

    why the heck does everyone think OKC will destroy the Lakers ??? it makes no sense when the lakers have a different roster this season and they havent even played yet? anyone care to explain that to me.. or is this just fan boy talk?

  23. Lakers champions 2013! says:

    With all due respect to kobe, his milestones will no longer be a part of the lakers’ top 10 plays of the season… it’s SHOWTIME!!

  24. caliking831 says:

    Why do they keep making articles about james harden’s contract. its simple nba alleged writers who have been around for decades they will pay him and amensty clause perkins if they feel like. are we suppose to be sorry that these rich owners are in a small market and harden should just stay for less because your gm has to much pride to realize he made a bad decision to sign perkins to that deal. two words cole aldrich.

  25. Heat fan says:

    Yeah the heat are small down low but which center can gaurd cb or LBJ on offence and our D is good enough to stop anyone

  26. Heat fan says:

    Hey the lakers have a good team but chemistry is a big factor in nba. Howard’s going to get really upset because kobe is a ball hog and he’s going to shoot and shoot and shoot some more. And we all know how Howard gets when he’s clear in the post and dont get the ball. So let’s just see how the season plays out. I’m a bigggg heat fan and right now the heat is getting better theyre better than last year, LBJ have that monkey off his back, so now he’s just playing with no pressure and that’s problem for the other teams. So watch out ray Allen wide open all day mine raining 3s

  27. SensibleScot says:

    Nobody picking up on the undertones of what Cuban is saying. He’s making out Howard isn’t happy and won’t stay.

    He’s stirring it for next year.

  28. Rich says:

    Lakers is the team to beat in the west but we’ll sure beat them – MFFL

  29. Lalaker4life says:


  30. Lalaker4life says:

    there is noway that with this team and bench production with jamison hill and blake coming of the bench the lakers should win 3 champioship in the nxt five years if kobe nash and howard resign with us the are to small down low noone on that team could handle the combination of nash and howard running the pick and role kobe should retire with more rings than jordan HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Bret says:

    I’m not a Lakers fan by any stretch and I was elated when they lost to Detroit. But I have to say, the comparisons with that Lakers team are definitely relevant. Payton and Malone were in their twilight and Kobe and Shaq were in their prime but had serious issues. On this team, you have Nash, Kobe, and Gasol who are all in the late stages of their career along with Howard, the best center in the game. I think the advantage of this team is that they don’t have the chemistry issues that team had. Nash is the type of player who will do whatever he needs to do to win. Kobe is mature enough now to know that he can’t do it all himself. The chemistry between the Kobe and Gasol is solid, and you bring in Howard who is a dominant force on D and can clean up inside. Nash will have the ball most of the time but you’ll see Kobe handling it plenty because Nash can also score without creating his own shot. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion on how it will work and who’s going to win it all next year, but I just want to see how it all plays out. I mean, I’m a Wolves fan and while they have a lot of questions, they could be very, very good if all the pieces fall into place. Think about it, Russia placed third at the Olympics, so you’re taking two of their best players Kirilenko and Shved and adding Rubio, Roy, Love and Pekovic. If Rubio returns to form and improves on his rookie campaign, he’s an elite playmaker, Love is arguably the best PF in the game, Roy is a former all-star and while he’s not expected to, you can’t say definitively that he won’t return to that level as long as his knees hold up. Pekovic is a load downlow and could easily be a 20-10 guy who can shoot FT’s unlike Howard. I just can’t wait to see how the season plays out! GO WOLVES!!

    • Hunter says:

      You are the only person here that has mentioned the wolves. I feel that they are potential darkhorse. Granted most of them are white but Adelman is an A+ coach.

  32. diamatthew says:

    oooh, cuban’s getting scared lol

  33. Lakersince75 says:

    Coreect me if I’m wrong but the year with GP and Karl Malone was a year inwhich Shaq Kobe and Karl Malone had MAJOR injuries. As a matter of fact although Karl played later that year it was an injury that basically ended his career. If I remember correctly they were tearing through the league before the injuries. Even Kobe missed like 10 games

    • W/E says:

      malone was 41 years old in 2004…and was still playing heavy minutes probably the main reason for his injuries

  34. hh says:

    All depends of Kobe Bryant and his big ego.

  35. James D. Ingels says:

    The past is the past, this is a new year and the Lakers will rock the NBA ‘s world with this team.

  36. KD says:

    Laker fans are weird, they always expect their team to win the title because they have Kobe and they think he can carry the team. If you are a superstar in the league and for whatever reason are struggling to score at 43% from the field and 30% from deep, you really can’t take 23 shots a game. Especially not if you have two 7 footers who score with 50% and 56% from the field.

    But hey, congrats to the Lakers for upgrading their roster, I am looking forward to playing them. Just don’t think we will lose, because we are just too good. Kobe is an old man who ain’t clutch no more, Thabo is enough to handle him. Steve will be hard to guard, but he will never be able to keep up with Russ and get beaten every time. Howard still has not improved at the line which just shows how determined he is to work on his flaws, Perkins won’t stop him every time, but he won’t get beaten every time either. Gasol showed in the Olympics that he is still an allstar but for some reasons he always fades on the big stage with the Lakers. Serge just improved his offensive game with the DR34M, he will be an offensive presence this year and you know what you can expect from him on the other end. That just leaves me and please, neither Artest, Kobe, Jamison or Meeks will ever keep me down or produce on the other end like I do.

  37. Stu says:

    Nash is one of the most humble players in the NBA. He deserves a title, fingers crossed.

  38. check out this combined mix of nash, kobe and dwight together!

  39. Nando says:

    Just with Nash joining the team and if Bynum would have stayed. With our bench now, the Lakers will get along and win it all!!!

  40. LA bound says:

    Alot of heat and thunder fans sure are delusional, I’ll begin like this we dont need a year to win a championship , remember the 08 celtics they did it their first year. Lakers just retooled their bench which make’s them even more versatile we have experience and scoring subbing in and out. We solved our point g and center issues by added Steve Nash and dwight making our line from superior to perfect. Now lets talk about the thunder, lets start down low Dwight not soft like bynum so he’s gonna go at perkins and ibaka foul trouble right there whose gonna stop gasol if you guys go small. 1. Perkins and Ibaka are non factors on offense since when have they both avg 12 points a game on a consistent basis? 2. everybody wondering how Steve is gonna guard agaisnt westbrook my answer is he doesn’t have to like skip bayless says he’s westbrick, he shoots his teams out of games and do you really think westbrook is gonna dominate against the length of gasol and the former dyop Dwight yea stop dreaming. The only chance they have is if role players step up and harden and KD play out of this world thunder fans better pray harden doesn’t flake like he did against the heat in the finals Now on to the Heat you guys struggle agaisnt great point guards and dominate centers which we have. My ? is who on the heats low post is gonna stop dwight and gasol I know the thunder big men will have a better chance on defense but seriously even you heat fans know I’m right when I say that haslem, anthony, lewis and bosh will all struggle with the length of gasol and the inside dominance of dwight. No one else besides the big three can make a plays for other people(Indiana series) proves my point chalmers, haslem, miller, jones, etc cant do anything with out the big three if one of them has a off game or foul trouble then what? Your bench isnt strong enough to compete with ours, your low post guys will get in foul trouble early forcing you to go small and when you dont get those easy fast break points you’ll struggle in half court defense where you rely to hevily on your three point game which will seal your fate as the great charles barkely says you dont live by the three you die. No one gonna stop kobe, we can play zone to disrupt lebron he is a streaky shooter at best but as always will flake in the 4th.The only chance the heat have is if dwade plays like batman/ the 06 finals of himself…All you heat fans are lucky drose got hurt or you wouldn’t have even made it to the finals it should have been thunder vs bulls 2012 finals I hope you guys do make back with the easy path you have and i also hope ESPN, NBA tv and the rest of the media ban wagon on your side because it will be funny for me and the rest of the laker nation when we sweep you six straight times! Cant wait to see the new kobe lebron puppet commercials lol. LETS GO LAKERS

  41. MarkJ says:

    Cuban is nuts, of course we al lknow that but I am specifically talking about the 2003-04 Lakers. True they didn’t win a champoinship, but they did make it to the finals despite a lot of injuries all year. I hate it when people say but if so I am going to say this carefully since Cuban is trying to say the reason the Lakers didn’t win in 04 is because their chemistry didn’t mesh. The chemistry was OK, it wasn’t perfect but it wsa good enogh and if Malone had not been hurt they might of won, rememebr they had a better record than the Pistons.

  42. Tyler says:

    What do you guys expect Mark Cuban to say “yeah the lakers had a great offseason, I think that they will win the west.” Come on now. We all know Mark Cuban loves to stir stuff up. I am a OKC fan and I think that as long as the older players for the lakers can stay healthy (Nash, Kobe, Pau) they have a really great chance at winning the title. Kobe has never had a true point gaurd to run the offense so he will be more willing to let Steve Nash run it and facilitate for him. With that being said, OKC can still gaurd both Nash and Kobe, but with them wanting to sign James Harden back they will probably have to give up Perk, (who I can’t stand) and doing that, it would leave Dwight open in the paint. I am ready for the season to start so I can see what happens. Like KG said “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!” hahahahaha

  43. pinoylaker20 says:

    Most people that post here failed to remember and realized that the Lakers are a multi championship team 16 titles to be exact and they have championship runs every decade ever since they became an nba team. the Lakers organization is not new in this chemistry issue as Cuban pointed out although i doubt that the same situation will occur as I agree with Tom that ” No two situations are EVER exactly the same, and the Lakers situation in 2004 and this coming season are light years apart.” Remember also that Kobe and Shaq have ego problems during ’04 which the really affected that championship series. I respect the Heat with their talent and their 1st championship and even Thunder who has yet to win a championship. But man Kobe has 5 and Pau has 2. They are not new in winning championships. The Lakers organization has so much experience in running a championship “pedigree” team. Miami and Thunder are still way way far from the Laker’s league. only the Celtics can claim that they are on the same.

  44. lbj says:

    howard needs no chemistry with Lakers since he will not sign an extension to them. he wants to get a ring so he will play with the king “LeBron”. we will trade haslem,anthony and future round picks to Lakers.

    PG: Wade
    SG: Allen
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Howard

    6th man: Battier
    Strong Reserve: Chalmers,Cole,Miller,Lewis and Juwan Howard

    back to back championship!!

  45. OBLAKS says:


  46. lakermig says:

    i love how there are a bunch of ppl who side with OKC ( long time and they’re all like there’s no way the lakers beat the thunder well i am not gonna tell you they do for sure but i will say last year in 3 games the lakers could have and should have won and they didnt.This was with Andrew Bynum being his usually no show self pau wasn’t in a good place mentally, session at pg who was in his first ever playoffs and is like 5 lightyears behind nash even at 39 not to mention totally no bench, even if you thnk our bench is not that good its way better than last years. So tell me again how its soooo obvious that the thunder win that series cause from where i’m sitting i don’t see it not to mention the whole speed thing doesn’t hold as much weight cause in the playoffs games always slow down.As for the heat i think the thunder have a better chance against us than the heat too but thats just my humble opinion.

  47. NBAfan4Life says:

    c’mon guys stop those annoying debate’s and saying “yhis is the fact” this is the NBA anything can happen just w8 and see what’s goin to happen stop hatin!

  48. lakermig says:

    Oh mark cuban i can see you literally turning green with envy. And i dont completely agree with the ’04 comparison other than yes we got a couple of superstars. But there was also a lot of drama with kobe and shaq not to mention we made it to the finals the very first year and didnt win cause of injuries ,plus had that exact team stayed together who knows what would have happened. the celts won it in their first year and the heat went to the finals in their first year and then won it a year later, so what im seeing is this year minimum should be finals and if this group stays together for lets say 3 years we should get at least one championship. GO LAKERS

  49. ed apuya says:

    That is absolutely Powerful chemistry….go go lakers go

  50. lakers-fan-from-france says:

    the Lakers chemistry depends on the ability of Kobe to change attitude and accept a leadership sharing with Nash and Howard. It means consider himself like a missing link in a contender team, and not the systemic savior.

  51. most of you guys don’t have a clue what yous are talking about!
    do u remember the laker 2000-2001 team with fisher – kobe – fox – grant – shaq n horry as the sixth man, look that the current team n tell me you dont see similarities: nash – kobe – artest – gasol – howard n jamison as the sixth man.
    the only difference is that fisher was a more of a defensive minded pg whilst nash is more of a facilitator but regardless both can hit big shots when necessary. if you think kobe’s gonna be a ball hog when he’s got howard in the mix then you’re trippin – howard n kobe will share most of the points 24+, jamison n gasol avg will dip coz they’ll be sharing min but i’ll say 13-14+, nash n artest aint there to score nash is there to create n big the big shot option that steve blake is not n artest is there to play D n be that extra man at the arc
    LA to the finals but i dont count the heat out coz personally there is not a player what can lock down lebron thats a fact, him n howard will be big factors in who takes it will

  52. ante says:

    Dwight and Steve don’t have a ring !! This is the reason that will make the chemistry great. These two guys are professionals and will do what it takes to win a championship ! Kobe needs one too, so… I truly hope that Dwight’s rehab will work out fine, and there is your ring πŸ™‚ Lakers for the crown !

  53. fanof24 says:

    @ Cuban, i hope that does not happen again that your team defeated by OKC with four straight losses. ha ha ha

  54. J-Smoooooove!!! says:

    Gasol for Josh Smith!!! Win-Win Situation!!! πŸ˜€ yay!

    • lakers-fan-from-france says:

      I totally agree with this scenario. We need 2 kind of skills that Gasol doesn’t possess: quickness and elite defense. I think Smith is more complementary with Howard than Gasol

  55. specialfriedrice says:

    Biggest flop in NBA history if Lakers cant win, end of story no hard luck this or that, it WILL go down as the team that should’ve but did’nt…want to see the |NBA take on a salary cap that actually caps and cant be exploted…

  56. Larry says:

    even the lakers didn’t win the championship in 2003-2004 they still ended 2nd best in the league. so what chemistry are they talking about. i think they did pretty well.

  57. Chris says:

    There’s no doubt, that the Lakers will be a very good team and a title contender! I don’t even think it comes down to chemistry that much, it will be more about adjusting to new roles. Nash needs the ball in his hands to be effective, because he’s a distributor and Kobe knows that. Plus Kobe is a great scorer, so he will be fine with letting Nash ignite the offense and focus on scoring and defense. No problem there. With Howard, well if he decides to be a Bill Russel type of player and he focuses on defense and rebounding, the Lakers will be fine, because they don’t really need him to score more than putbacks… Gasol should also be more efficient. He won’t have the ball as often as he used to, but he will have a lot more space to operate and knock down some close jumpers. So as long as Mr. World Peace doesn’t go crazy and decides he wants to clothesline his own teammates, L.A. will have a pretty good shot at winning it all this year…

  58. Domlo says:

    looks like dwight howard is the new face of the lakers

  59. Alex says:

    History never repeats

  60. joseph_03 says:

    The heat are clearly depending on the dominance and brilliance of LBJ. What if they meet in the finals, the lakers have someone named Metta World Peace, the single player in the whole of the NBA who can play LBJ straight up in his new found comfort zone, the post. If the Heat can’t have LBJ dominate in the his post ups then their entire small ball can blow in their face against the Lakers. Their small ball play is hinged on LBJ’s dominance in the post, While their defense is hinged on their ability to switch and help defend which could not exist against a the Laker starting five because no Heat player can leave their man hence no switching can happen. The only rim protection that the heat really have are LBJ and Wade both of whom block from behind or through help, so they can’t block because they will be busy staying with their man.

    The biggest problem the Lakers still have is the Thunder, they have yet a player who could defend Westbrook (i’m hoping for Jodie Meeks but that could be expecting too much) and Durant, (Metta isn’t just quick nor long enough). If the Lakers can get past the Thunder and meet the Heat, matchup and style wise they have a shot at the championship. However, if this is a repeat of last year, expect the Heat to repeat. Let’s face it it’s just a three team race this year.

  61. zabuza says:

    just celebrate, we will see next season how far hte NEW lakers can go.. :))

  62. fanofthegame says:

    celtics won the first year they brought in KG and Ray Allen to team up with Pierce….Doc is a defensive minded coach… so is Brown. i say members in this team complement each other. kobe and dwight fought it out in 2009. kobe and nash fought it out GOD knows how many times. I think everyone on this team realises,,, like the championship era Bulls, the 08 celtics and the current champs.. that win it all NOW is the only option. they have the ammo… just how well they use it will determine how far they go. Lakers vs Heat Finals… Lakers in 7…. every hoop fans dream…

    • USA just won Gold with a conglomeration of stars and chemistry was not an issue. The more All-stars you have the quicker you fit together because they tend to be smarter ballers… And this group was not forced like the old LA super team (Shaq recruited the Glove & Mailman). This time it was all GMitch effort. Shaq gave the old group an offensive inside power edge but Nash & Pau give this crew a facilitation edge with Dwight bringing better interior defense. An older Mamba is a smoother sailing Kobe because he has to pace himself (and for him that’s good with fewer win it by myself moments). Now, what they need most is an infusion of youth plus bench experience & energy. So Jamison, MWP & Hill should bring that off the bench with a young-buck starting at SF (their biggest weakness). But DH, KB24, Steve & Gasol can carrying the major offensive load with the SF becomming a spot up shooter.

  63. Oula says:

    Best of luck L.A. Lakers.

  64. tyrone says:

    The Heat has a strong chance to repeat but if they want to improve, improve their bench cause first get rid of the aging and terrible players for some young talent. Like Miller for example cause he can’t CONSISTENTLY hit threes, Pitman despite not being old, he’s completely useless. LA is kind of terrible cause Kobe is a ball-hog, Artest doesn’t stand a chance and their big boys can’t prevent three ballers like Allen, Lewis, Battier, etc from hitting crazy threes. And Haters need to stop hating the good teams cause they are willing to win unlike the terrible teams so grow up and blow it.

  65. 4RealG says:

    Everyone’s excited about the Lakers as if they traded Ebanks for Howard: no, they traded the N2 center in the league for the N1 center. They will be lucky to reach the west finals. Facts from last season’s playoffs:
    1. Kobe is not clutch anymore (a statistical fact)
    2. Artest cannot shut down Durant, and no one can check Westbrook
    3. Mike Brown is not Phil Jackson
    And Howard and Gasol in the paint cannot prevent Ray Allen, Miller, Chalmers, Jones and Battier getting wide open looks from 3. Please explain how the Lakers win a championship considering the competition.

    • First lets talk about LeBron he may be the best player in the world but he can’t win with only one all star on his team he needs a superstar team to win a championship and second they don’t have anyone to defend Dwight Howard no big man on their team is even close to the level of D12 and last Kobe he is still a clutch shooter i mean did u see the way he played against okc last year if he had more help the would have won that and now he has all the help he needs. So if u think the laker’s won’t win it all then get a doctor to see whats wrong with u. Go Lakes

    • Albeezy says:

      Easy answer post play. Kobe the killer, nash dishing dimes, jamison and hill and meeks off the bench, world peace bothering ppl. next question

    • Albeezy says:

      Honestly if the lakers were to meet the heat in the finals its just post play all day throw it to dwight and pau and watch em clean those boards and dunk on anthony and bosh. then let kobe kill em and have nash spread the floor.

  66. Jervinizer says:

    Bitter Mark Cuban, if you’re team is not that as good as those other teams, then stop making comments. “King James. He’s The Greatest player in world”?. Don’t forget Jordan and Bryant, these two great players have far distance from your king, he is good but to compare with MJ and KB?, it’s a fail.

    • tyrone says:

      MJ and KB are Shooting Guards and LBJ is a Small Forward he is neither Cuban. He is just a hybrid of some of the greatest players in the world so it does not mean he is the best. Sure he can be compared to Magic since he could play all five positions and make opposing point guards look like failed busts

  67. Taij says:

    Lakers will win if Dwight can come back and be healthy, and Nash and Kobe go be good and Pau and Metta go need to do what they do, pau get the boards post up at the beginning of the year since dwight will be out and metta gotta shoot better and play good D

  68. theone says:

    it is so funny when ever a lebron fan comments on something to do with the lakers, it is allways some stupid comment like lebron is gonna win becasue is unstoppable and is the best in the leauge. kobe and the lakers will win a chapionship this year and destroy the heat.

  69. Look the Lakers will be in the western conference finals but im not convinced they can get past the Thunder or Heat Lets look at Thunder Lakers first
    1. Westbrook v Nash: adv Thunder. If Nash is thirty this is about even but this thirty nine Nash he wont be able to handle Westbrook’s speed bottom line
    2. Kobe v Harden/Sefolosha: adv Black Mamba. C’mon its Kobe of course im goin with Kobe but Harden will still get his 16 17 points in.
    3. Durant v Artest (I refuse to call him Metta World Peace): anyway adv Thunder. Durant’s the second best player in the game.
    4.Gasol v Ibaka: adv Lakers. i give it to Gasol but Ibaka’s no slouch
    5. Howard v Perkins: adv Lakers I mean i dont like Dwight Howard but he’s the best center in the game and Perkins isnt even average.
    Bench: Adv Thunder Harden’s is the reigning six man of the year along with Nick Collison and some other solid role players. but the Lakers bench isnt horrible with Antwan Jamison Steve Blake and Chris Duhon
    Coach Mike Brown v Scott Brooks: adv Thunder by an inch. Scott Brooks and Mike Brown are good coaches but I would take Scott Brooks personally.
    Verdict Thunder in 7
    Lakers v Heat
    1. Chalmers v Nash: adv Lakers. Chalmers is decent but c’mon hes not better than Steve Nash
    2. Kobe v Wade: adv Even. Their both great players so they’ll both get their points in
    3. Lebron vs Artest adv: King James. He’s The Greatest player in world
    4.Bosh v Gasol adv: Bosh. But if this 08-09 Gasol then its even
    5. Dwight Howard v ???: adv Superman I mean we dont even Know who the Heat’s starting center will be in June its always changing and Howard’s the best center in the game

    • Up the Heat says:

      Finally someone who has actually made valid points. The lakers will NOT beat the thunder. As you have mentioned Nash as good as he is will not win the matchup battle with Westbrook. Westbrook is far to athletic and quick on offense and should be able to score at will on Nash who is a defensive liability now, and also Westbrook is a decent defender and should be able to nullify Nash to a certain extent. Kobe is a beast and will score no matter who is on him, but Seflosha has shown that he can slow some of the best scorers in the league. Kevin Durrant will have a field day playing in Metta World peace, he is over 30 and has slowed and lost athleticism, Durrant is moving into his prime and is already the best scorer in the league and aother summer working on his post game and getting stronger in the gym is only going to make him better. The Gasol Ibaka battle will be even, Gasol cannot defend and Ibaka is not a great offensive player, but he is a great shot blocker and should be able to stop one of the softest players in the league with his physical presence. Howard takes the battle over Perkins in every department but Perkins is still a valuable contributor and a good offensive rebounder. Then the bench, James Harden, raining 6th man of the year who is an offensive dynamo and Nick Collison who is the best help defender in the league. Compare this to Steve Blake and Antawn Jamieson, not really much of a battle once again. Also another important factor is alot of the Lakers players named excluding Howard are over 30 so the Thunder once again win the athleticsm and speed battle. The Lakers have far more experience but the finals experince this year will be invaluable for the Thunder and they will beat the Lakers in the west.

    • tom says:

      wait so okc starting 6 people? cuz last time i check sefo and harden replacing each other and if u asking me Kobe vs sefo i take kobe adv or kobe vs harden i take kobe again

      • Lakers Rule says:

        If you read the comment it never says 6 people are starting nor does it say that the advantage is not to Kobe. I disagree with the comment as a whole though

  70. SteveBee says:

    I think it will sell Tickets for the lakers but I dont believe it will constitute winning ball Games i would love to see Nash win a title only cuz he deserves it . But for Kobe is a ball hogger and when it comes to clutch time Steve Nash is the Man ang im not sure Kobe can adjust to that his ego is too big

  71. Jaredt says:

    Look the Lakers will be in the western conference finals but im not convinced they can get past the Thunder or Heat Lets look at Thunder Lakers first
    1. Westbrook v Nash

  72. kapow says:

    I think put Jamison in to start with Pau off the bench. New 6th man of the year!

  73. gasol will be on the houston rockets! lakers reached beyond their salary cap so it will be a problem if they will not lessen their players with high salary, though howard-nash-kobe will be enough. count in also jordan hill and metta world peace!

  74. LAofManila@Phil says:

    Just another regular fan who is realy nervoussssssssssssssssss about LA..

  75. Regular fan says:

    The lakers are overrated plain and simple. Everyone acts this 06′ Nash and Kobe. Everyone acts like this the all star who is Pau Gasol. Everyone acts like their bench has 6th man of the year winners and candidates. Kobe can’t get the 6th ring cuz he needs the ball, mike brown is thinking Princeton, Kobe is think mamba. Nash cannot score like he use to, he might be a three point threat, but I don’t see Nash that valuable as you make him to be. What am I watching the wrong nba or you guys are making it sound like Nash is amazing cuz he’s on the lakers. Howard. Good luck with that. A player who’s mouth is bigger than his game. And the last and most crucial part is the bench. Tell me anyone on that bench, beside Jamison, who has real accolades. Real achievements. The lakers may win it all they may not. But I will not be surprised if their egos are too big to set aside and they did what they did last year. Go seven games in the first round against a weak opponent, and then lose. I am not hating I am just stating the facts. Maybe you should look at the lakers closely before you think they the 96′ bulls.

  76. cuban is a hater says:

    i recall the 2003-2004 laker season perfectly, alot of injuries happened to us and we had a horrible bench squad back then malone and payton took us to the finals shaq n his big toe didnt and kobe well he still wasnt mature i think he had to lose alot to comprehend the game more then pau came into the picture back then mmm back to back championships so far we’re the only franchise other than the bulls that have done that…mark and his mavericks won that title because i think its rigged lol im glad that most of the veterans won a championship though like kidd and vince carter. however, he always had brought great talent to his team and failed so many times i think hes bitter because nash left him and now hes with the lakers and we have dwight, face it cuban hes going to represent the lakers you better go to germany an find another dirk before its too late oh and heat fans come on seriously lebron didnt change at all BOSH DID, and WADE DID wade needed great players like alonzo, eddie jones and shaq to win his championship lebron will always need the ball i wish bosh would go somewhere else and become great as he really is

  77. LAL says:

    Lebron is not unstopable. Let me ask you heat fans a question. Who is going to defend Dwight Howard. Joel anthony? udonis haslem? Right, he will eat them up. Battier can’t guard Kobe anymore. Wade’s broken body cant either. Chris Bosh is a defensive liability and he cant guard Gasol. Kobe barely has to guard Wade. Dwyane, like the guy alot, but he is done! Lebron wont get to the rim aganist howard AND gasol. Okc needs a low post scorer to win a title. Hell, Philidelphia could beat Miami cuz they got bynum and no one to guard him. Miami aint wininng nothin.

  78. LAofManila@Phil says:

    HAHAHA!! You know what, every fan of other teams especially the heat fans, are sooooooo nervoussssss… They always try to message that LA is not good… Cmon guys.. Just face the truth.. They are the best right now.. It is true that they should have chemistry.. I believe that KOBE can do that chemistry.. NASH can organize LA and Dwight can give LA the defense that they wanted.. PAU will benefit the pick and roll of NASH and MWP can shoot the 3’s.. Then you know the ending..

  79. kobe84 says:

    Cuban and you other people who compared Malone and Payton to Howard and Nash. Payton was at the end of his career, he was 34 and so was Malone at the end of his career. Malone was the glue for the Lakers, Payton was not good, he could not shoot from the outside and his defense was average. Malone played great for the Lakers until he got hurt. It was one year and worth a shot at a championship, it didn’t work out. Nash is still got game, he is unbelievable in the pick and roll and he can shoot from the outside. Howard is unstoppable with Nash on the pick and roll. Howard will be the best player on the team on the defensive end, he will plug a lot of holes. Add Kobe and Pau to the mix, if they stay healthy they will win it all.

  80. Los Lakers! says:

    Cuban is just hater period, i say everybody has to admit that lakers team is way better than before and its going to be crazy see those guys playing together, besides that any negative comment will be consider just HATE!

  81. W/E says:

    MAlone was 41 years when he was playing with the lakers….if he and Payton were like 5 years younger…we would be talking about one of the best teams EVER…and i dont think pistons would have a chance against them, age is a huge factor,especialy when players are close to 40 even though malone was playing crazy minutes for a 40 year old his age failed him when he got injured,i believe that the 2004 lakers were a stronger team than the 2012 one on EVERY POSITION, payton>nash,26 year old kobe>34 year old kobe,40 year old malone>gasol,Shaq>D12

  82. BIG CAT says:

    the heat aint winning another ring , you cant get the michael jordan treatment with the whistle all the time , injuries to rose and howard made the east easy to get through last yr ( nevermind the ridiculously one sided officiating in the series against the celtics ) the league has improved alot as awhole tho , i don’t got the heat gettin out of the east finals this yr , lebron has tarnished his career by making this move to miami , he was the king before now hes just the joke , SELLOUT

  83. wisdom says:

    kobe,DH12, steve nash, pau, improved bench the only thing missing from all of this is phil jackson I would not be surprised if things dont go well during the first 30-35 games the lakers may try to bring back phil, cause mike brown has never had the type of collective talent this group had; sure having lebron in cleveland was easy, he was by himself with no talent around him, here Mike has to much power and i believe he wont be able to handle it.

  84. dattebayo says:

    I think Cuban is just sad/frustrated, how the Lakers get the best the league has to offer so easily and he only gets above average players who still need to prove to be what some people hoped they would be. I think the Mavs will do better with Mayo + Collison instead of Williams though.

    btw. am I the only one who thinks that’s a bad highlight reel. I can think of many better alley oops to Bynum and where is Kobe’s step through the double team throwing it off the board to himself and then feeding Pau for an open 15 footer against the Knicks in MSG? Kobe also send them to overtime in Detroit with a 2 pointer at the buzzer. Thats much better than Sessions and McRoberts miracle shots…

  85. Ervin says:

    Go LA Lakers πŸ™‚

  86. Heat>Lakers says:

    Lakers aint gon nowhere LETS GO HEAT! LETS GO HEAT!

  87. Bob says:

    Nash really deserves a championship
    he has worked so hard and hasn’t won one

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. LakersWillWin says:

    So… Is our starting lineup going to consist of Pau at C and Jordan Hill starting at PF?

  89. Lakers-R-Us says:

    I love how people try to say the Karl Malone, Gary Payton Lakers in 03-04 didn’t work! They made it to the finals, and Malone didn’t play in the finals due to injury! Give me a break!

  90. KobeBryantRules says:

    Meh, regardless, haters are gonna hate are always going to try to find a reason as to why the Lakers won’t win it this year lol I think they will personally. They have 82 games to develop chemistry. The problem with the Heat is you were trying to get two perimeter players to gel, and for that to happen, one of them would have to defer to the other, meaning they won’t have the ball as much. Chris Bosh isn’t a traditional big man so they were having to learn his tendencies as well. THE lakers however, have a traditional big man in Howard, a traditional point guard in Nash, who made Gortat look like an all star,so they’ll be fine. If you nitpick ANY team, the Heat, Thunder, Spurs, you can find a BUNCH of reasons why they won’t win the title. But that’s just straight hating lol and being too nitpicky.

  91. Tom says:

    Please, Mark Cuban is just trying to put a good spin on his disastrous summer, loosing out on Nash, Deron Williams, Howard, Bynum, and every other player that moved worth a darn. No two situations are EVER exactly the same, and the Laker situation in 04 and now in 13 are light years apart. Malone was at the Very end of his career, he was 40, Gary Payton was an angry disgruntled player who’s skills were greatly deteriorated refusing to accept he wasnt the man any longer, add to that, a riff between Kobe and Shaq, the teams two superstars, and friction with the coach, Phil Jackson and its no wonder the Lakers won the Pacific Division, no less made it to the finals, now compare that with 2013, no strife between coach and players, Howard is 26 not 40, Nash may be 38, two years older than Payton, but he’s not a locker room cancer, and his skills still impress, and the Lakers still have Pau Gasol, a player whom we just saw in the Olympics, when motivated, can dominate the best the NBA has, Gasol, single handed, kept Spain in the game against, LeBron, Wade, Kevin Durrant, Kevin Love, Tyson Chandler, Chris Paul, Duron Williams, and many other NBA stars. To think that he’s the fourth option on this team boggles the mind. Mark Cuban knows, in his heart of hearts, that he doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of winning this year agains the Lakers.

  92. Darka says:

    Lakers will win 2012-2013 NBA πŸ™‚ GO Lakers

  93. Pgulinp says:

    Back in times when Payton and Malone played Kobe was more interested in chasing his own numbers , he was young.. today his only goal is championship, same story with Nash they will keep his eyes on ring. and before that new Interview with Howard I thought that Howard would not be so focused but I’m sure the Lakers will be ok, it will be one of the main candidates for the title. They have everything you need to win, they have one of the best point guard in league history, with the current best center and Kobe the guy who will stand in same sentence with Jabbar, Wilt, Magic, Jordan Bird and rest of nba legends

    • Lakersfan says:

      Why alot of people or haters may i say, are comparing the Payton- Malone,to DH12 and Nash before the season even star, just because DIVACUBAN brough that subject. I wounder if he would have make that comment if he would have got Howard to his team, He is just a Lakers Hater just like the rest of the haters. Lakers all the way.

  94. Edu! says:

    You are the biggest BANDWAGONER i have ever seen!

  95. LA-shines says:

    @Isntitfunny: what i find funny is that if you’re bandwagon team (the Heat) were to aquire nash or howard we’d have to listen to your stupid rants and excitement, dont be jealous that your team didnt get as good as the lakeshow this summer. i cant wait until we crush the heat 5-2 that is if the heat dont get rocked by brooklyn first.

    • Lakersfan says:

      I remember when the DH12 trade talks were going on their was alot of heat players Claiming DH12 to Miami, and now they saying that is not going to work hahahahahahahahahahahaha, they are flip flappers, Like someone say we welcome lakers haters.

  96. LA-shines says:

    Its true the Heat are a good team, and yes Lebron is a great player. Ok having said that i think there is little to no chance of them repeating even with the upgrade of ray allen. The Lakers went out this summer and took care of two LARGE issues: 1) getting a point guard who can actually play consistently (Nash) and 2) upgraded the bench in a huge way which was our biggest issue last season. btw the fact the lakers made it even that far with that little point production is crazy so just imagine what we can do with a bench that actually scores. Ive always said that teams that win the chip have to be motivated and i dont think there are two people who are more motivated than Nash and Howard. This is like a dream scenario for lakers fans having one of our biggest past headaches in nash on our team. Its like if Lex Luthor suddenly decided to join Superman (no pun intended). THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE HUGE and other teams should worry. GO LAKERS!!

  97. noyb says:

    The only question in LAL is Howard. If he gets his mind/body right, LAL will go all the way. They could go all the way even without Howard!

  98. Laker Nation says:

    Welcome to the Lakers Steve and Dwight!

    Big 5

    Pg: Steve Nash (1 ring)

    Sg: Kobe Bryant (6 rings)

    Sf: Metta World Peace (2 rings)

    Pf: Pau Gasol (3 rings)

    C: Dwight Howard (1 ring)

    Bench: Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, Jodie Meeks, Devin Ebanks, and Earl Clark (1 ring)

    2012-2014 NBA CHAMPIONS #BeatTheHEAT #BeatOKC

    • Laker Nation says:

      When Lebron joined the Heat along with Bosh, many people were like that won’t work because Lebron, Wade, and Bosh all

      were the scoring leaders on their team and have huge egos, but they won a ring. Now Nash, Kobe, and Dwight are in that

      same position so I know that THEY WILL WIN A RING AND BECOME THE NBA CHAMPIONS OF 2012- 2013. GO LAKERS!!!

  99. sicily says:

    Yeah!! GO LAKERS

  100. kenny says:

    they till have the thunder to beat and whait for dwight to start complaining it will blow up the team and they will be done

  101. Isaac says:

    lol all these haters is rediculous. Everyone saying Cry Baby Howard but I gurantee every person calling him that would be thrilled if he went to join their team and wouldn’t be calling him names anymore.

  102. Come on Cubes, Payton and the Mailman were both like 40 and no where as fit as Nash, especially Malone haha

  103. Blah says:

    I hope they completely bomb chemistry-wise. The league is an absolute joke now.

  104. KobeFtw says:

    I believe that DH will experience a far more commanding tone in the lakers corp.
    They have a natural leader, and aren’t gonna fold when he acts up.

    So back to playing ball for howard, and focussing on that solely.

  105. RZ says:

    Cuban is totally off making a comparison to the 03-04 Lakers. This team actually has superstars in/close to their prime, not has-beens keen on making a last ditch attempt at a ring. The most interesting thing to see will be their depth and their defense because anyone can see that their offense is set, with Nash being the glue. OKC matches up with them beautifully, with Perkins and Ibaka in the middle to combat Howard and Gasol. Nash can’t hold Westbrook, and Durant remains the best scorer in the game. Collison, Selfolosha, Fisher, and Harden still make OKC the team to beat. Even as a Heat fan, I think the 2012 finals would have been a lot different had Harden gotten it going. I give the West to OKC simply because of proven durability, athleticism, and better chemistry.

  106. hanif says:

    Comparing this to he 03-04 season Lakers is very far fetched. Honestly when you look at that team and take into account Kobe’s court case, Kobe’s reoccurring shoulder injury, Shaq just being down right fat, The two’s feud, Payton playing pretty poor at times, Malone being 40, a bunch of young scrubs like Geaoge, Kareem Rush, rookie Luke Walton and some washed up guys like Fox, Russle and Grant, that team was 3 wins away from winning it all. And had Malone not be hurt, many (not myself personally) say they would have won.

    Now Howard is a question mark with his back, but if healthy they have a much more stronger team. the bench is more adept with Meeks, Ebanks Blake and Jamison. Howard/Gasol is much better than 04 Shaq/40 year old Malone. Bryant is more mature and him and no one has a problem with Steve Nash( aside from Shaq who just aint the best chemistry guy despite how funny he can be).

    Kobe only averages like 24-25 points in 04 so i think he will be fine playing off steve nash like he does in All Star games or with USA.

    I still think there’s too many question marks like how mike brown makes it work because he is the only significant down grade from 04 (coach being Phil Jackson of course) Howards back, Nash’s back, outside shooting aside from Nash and Meeks and how much OKC IMPROVE cause even though they haven’t made many changes, those young guys have no ceiling of potential. Which is why i would take them over LA

  107. TTKIN says:

    I understand the skepticism. I also understand the only reason Cuban is running his mouth right now is cuz he had a lousy summer and needs something to do to conquer his boredom.

    Laker summer prizes – Dwight, Steve

    Mavs summer prizes – OJ Mayo, Kaman, Collison

    Ya and we wonder why is jealous of the Lakers.

    • MidRangeMonster says:

      Is what he said not true?
      Do you remember when the lakers brought in Gary Payton and Karl Malone, and STILL lost?
      Cause i do… Didnt you see the first BIG 3 (miami) lose the first year they got together?
      He makes a valid point. Chemistry is very important… Just because you put together great players, doesnt ALWAYS mean they win… Especially their first year.

      Dallas won a championship with WAY LESS talent than the heat, and the lakers, heck OKC has better individual talent the Mavs too. The mavs brung in good COMPLIMENTARY players…. Making them a more complete TEAM.

      Like MJ not only had Scottie…. He had great ROLE players… Paxon, BJ Armstrong. Luke Longley… Guys who by themselves cant do much, but guys who can knock down open shots…..When you have that “go to guy”, sometimes ROLE players is all you need.

      • TheBlakeShow says:

        I wouldn’t say Dallas had WAY less talent. Their roster was stacked with talented players, but most of which had faded out of their prime. Still that didnt mean they couldn’t have flashes of brilliance when needed (and they did). I agree with you though on the chemistry point. Here’s a scary thought however; what if the Lakers new roster works out like Boston did in 08?

      • Realist Lakers Fan says:

        What he said is not true. Unless you are looking just at the paper.
        Yes the Team is stacked like 04. Yes the players acquired play similar roles to the 04 acquisitions.
        But what everyone seems to forget is that Malone was injured, Shaq & Kobe fued was at breaking point, and Gary Payton didnt like the triangle offense as it doesnt require a conventional Point Guard.
        Factor in those things and it was heading towards disaster.

        If you look at todays LA team. Nash will be running point in his fashion with some Princeton Offense involved (according to recent reports). D12 is playing centre and Lakers always generally play through the middle. Kobe is not fueding with anyone and is happy to play along with Nash & D12.

        So when lookin on paper yes, they are similar. But looking at the situation, it is vastly different.

      • Albeezy says:

        what your saying does make sense but 08 celtics pretty much kills your point, so does the 08 lakers who made the finals when gasol came mid season and then went on to get back to back titles. the heat went to the finals in their first year and this laker team is better than all of those teams

  108. dom42 says:

    Nash doesnt even get in 50 games this coming season , unless they bring the Phx training straff to LA

  109. Isnt it funny.... says:

    That no one has commented on this article? It seems to me that people are finally fed up with the Lakers. With so many excellent teams with potential in the league right now, we’re sick and tired of hearing about washed up LA and their desperate acquisitions. Get used to those early playoff exits, Lakers fans, your time is up. It looks like the “Mamba” has shed his skin, and neither Nash or the crybaby diva…..I mean Howard can fix it.

    • PENNY says:

      Youre probably a fan of a sorry team that has no hopes or dreams of a title. and it upsets u that a team like the lakers has managed to stay relevant through free agency as long as the NBA has been present!. A real basketball fan would recognize the potential any team has when they make blockbuster moves instead of hating and frontin like they have a squad full of scrubs. #CMON SON!!! stop hating o the Lakers the Heat and Boston because their GMs had the guts to make moves to improve

      • isn't it funny... says:

        Actually, genius, I am a HEAT fan, born and raised in Miami. Make it past OKC in the playoffs next year and then run your mouth about the Lakers. Until then, enjoy your loooooooooong summers. Lol.

    • Albeezy says:

      hahahahha looks like another lakers hater, funny how nobody hates on teams like the grizzles, trailblazers or wizards HMMMM I wonder why. I think you should get use to hearing more and more about the lake show bcuz thats all we are going to talk about once the season comes and when its over your still invited to the parade, we don’t discriminate, haters are always welcome.

    • SHAQ DADDY says:

      I truly agree with everything you said! I just can’t see them beating OKC! And looking at the L.A Clippers on paper even with the addition of some older player could knock off the mighty Lakers!

  110. Puckoff says:

    Pfft cubans talking like his team is the one with 16 rings! Get over yourself

  111. Patrickmarc says:

    Allright even without Dwight, because Nash can score all night, as Pau or Kobe.
    Kobe and Pau are so happy to play with such a player.
    Any team would be happy to have Nash and Dwight.
    And of course it doesn’t mean they will be champion,
    Nash will do it, I think he is happy to be there, and the team is going to run around him,
    it will be tough to fight against these four mousquetaires, they will defend pretty well and attack, and take offensive rebounds. Ils sont grands!

    Nothing will be easy!(rien ne sera facile!) there are new teams, we don’t know until the season starts.
    I am waiting for the show, personally I wonder what the Wolves for instance will do against lakers, during december?
    I don’t think it will be easy.

  112. barry needham says:

    I sat through a Geico commercial that was long er than the actual clip. I know the NBA has to make money but pleazzzze…

  113. LakersWillWin says:

    The fact is, these guys are superstars in their right minds and want to win. Steve Nash made Marcin Gortat look like a superstar. Nash is such an amazing guy at making the people around him shine. Dwight will finally get to play with real talent, and Kobe is Kobe. Personally I don’t think they will win this year, but I’m also just basing it off how the Heats season went. I think their chemistry will be fine, and I am pulling for them to win. Will we finally get to see a Kobe vs LeBron finals? Or has the basketball world gotten used to a battle between LeBron and Durant for the next few years? Can’t wait for this season. But the fact is, the Championship goes through Miami, and the way LeBron played in the last season he seemed posessed. LeBron is finally worthy of being in those talks, but what people aren’t really saying is will the newly acquired Heat players form a good chemistry? They did add a lot to their bench, so that will be interesting. This is pretty damn exciting basketball.

    • TheBlakeShow says:

      Gortat isn’t a bad player, but Nash does make him a better one; I wouldn’t say of superstar status though. Gortat just never got the minutes he needed to show what he could do in Orlando. His numbers will still be similar without Nash this season.

    • Realist Lakers Fan says:

      I Think Lakers will win it all this year. Remember Boston 07-08 won it all in the 1st year.
      The players in LA know whats at stake and will make it work.

      Gortat Played behind D12 in Orlando, ofcourse your not going to get many minutes playing behind Man-Machine D12.
      The only way Gortat is going to have similar numbers is if he more of the focal point of the offense without Nash. Lots of Pick n Rolls with Nash is what gave him his numbers on the offensive side. Gortat is still a solid player, but wont be as effective without Nash.

      • TheBlakeShow says:

        Thank you captian obvious.

        Just because Nash left doesn’t mean they are going to stop running some of the offense through Gortat. He’s still the main inside man and can shoot pretty decent so his numbers aren’t going to see a big changed without Nash.

  114. jesse says:

    I think they will be fine. These are much more complimentary pieces than the heat crammed together, and it seemed to work out for them just fine. Howard won’t be forced to be a primary scorer, Nash will have plenty of targets to pick apart defenses with, nobody is going to expect Pau to be the low post presence he isn’t. And Kobe won’t have to handle the ball constantly. If Im an opposing team, I just wouldn’t know how to defend these guys. Theoretically I would say this is a perfectly built team, nobody has to do anything but what they are best at. And Metta gets to be Metta of course.
    However I want to see the Knicks get it together, and play to there actual potential.

  115. #1LakerFan says:

    Hmm…Cuban seems to be bitter since he will never aquire a team with all those all stars

    • MidRangeMonster says:

      Yeah… But his team did win a Championship ring with lesser talent….And his starting SF (Caron Butler) injured… So…. yeah.

    • Albeezy says:

      Cuban is always bitter and has been bitter about the Laker’s success for as long as I can remember. Haters gunna hate. Cuban was leading the charge when him and the other owners pressured david stern to veto that chris paul trade. we all know stern works for the owners and has to keep them happy but its cool cuz we picked up nash and got to keep gasol, so good lookin cuban.

  116. Hibachi says:

    It’s true. Howard and Nash got traded to L.A., it wasn’t their choice. Nash got one year closer to 40, and Howard had the first big injury in his career which would cause him the beginning of the training camp.

    The Boston Celtics in 07-08 and Miami Heat after the lockout both had the hunger to win together, and their core group were tight and led by example. Same with the 08-09 Lakers. The biggest issue about the new Lakers is their big 4 have to stay on the same page. And besides that they have to stay healthy in order to survive the 82 games season.

    • PENNY says:

      @Hibachi I agree with u to a point. They do need to be on the same point in order to succeed but Nash chose to go to LA. It was a sign and trade so he had to agree with it to go and LA was one of Howards prefered destinations. U could tell by the cool -aid smile on his face at the press conference lol.. but I do think you’re right

  117. julio says:

    cuban is a idiot why does he have to hate on the lakers he is just pissed that he gave up all his best players to try and get d-will or howard and didnt get any of them so y dont he just worrie about his team and the lack of talent

  118. Clifton St J. says:

    Cuban, you do not know any better and you had made a huge mistake by not protecting your Championship players last season. You want to make Headline News, do not talk about LAL and find the team that swept you out last season lmao. In addition, get some better player to see if you can make it through Play Offs.

  119. kenkiashi says:

    I’m sorry.. I really don’t agree with the gary payton and karl malone comparisons.. Both Karl and gary were at the end of their careers.. Gary was no longer the glove and karl was no longer the mail man.. Now nash is not as young as he use to be.. But the guy can still ball.. Howard is still young.. So i guess we will have to wait to see how good could they be togather

    • Belizeboy says:

      Payton was not at the end of his career and was still putting up numbers. Malone was as well and his numbers only dropped that year because of playing alongside Shaq and Kobe. The comparison is pretty spot on and I’m sure this seasons results will be similar.

      • tyrone says:

        Yeah but the glove “HIS TALENTS TO SOUTH BEACH!” and he won with Miami so he had a nice end to his career while I felt bad for the Mailman who is the 2nd greatest scorer on the scoring list. Some guys just think LA may help them win while some would go to Boston or Miami. It’s so sad that most small market teams never won titles since most stars goes to big cities. Look at KG, he went to Boston to win while some are willing to stay and wins titles: Like Dirk or D-Wade. Only a few small market teams had been sucessful like OKC, and SA. Houston had some sucess temporarliy with the Dream, Clyde the Glide, Big Yao etc. Milauwkee had early sucess while Atlanta was OKAY with the human highlight film and Moses but never was a great FA market.

    • Garry says:

      Malone was injured when the Lakers lost in that Detroit series. Nobody mentions that when they say it was a falure. If Malone had played they would have won. You can’t compare this team and say the Lakers tried it in the past and failed unless you are counting on injuries. What if Dirk gets injured? Changes your whole team and chances to win right? Cuban is just mad because Howard and Williams didn’t want to form a team in Dallas.

      • ThinkAboutIt says:

        Carl Malone’s importance to the Lakers was not nearly what Dirk’s was/is for Dallas. Also Dallas lost Butler and when that happened everyone figured they wouldn’t even make the finals. Stop riding that excuse and give Detroit credit where it is due.

    • Albeey says:

      That comparison is horrible. Shaq was looking for a way out. Gary was way past his prime, Malone was in his last season and was inuried. The comparison is a very bad one.

    • Bruce says:

      With this team Brown could try something really unorthodox and create units surrounding a couple of superstars, surrounded by bench players. Rather than all your superstars in the starting line up, you could make use of more substitutions. He intended to this this with Pau but Howard might prove to be more effective.

      • Lakersfan says:

        All this Lakers haters are just scare of the Lakers and they feel better by thinking that the Lakers arent going to succed, but in the back of their peanut size brain that they have they know that is going to take alot off derrail LB James and DW to stop the Lakers.

  120. Marvin says:

    lakers gonna win it baby.

  121. Ben says:

    go Lakers

  122. Botswana says:

    We going for it this year baby:)

  123. markandrew says:

    cuban? how many champion your team had? halllo ? u speak like a 16times world champion, WTF

    • Giddi says:

      In the recent past (10 seasons) the Lakers won the Championship twice, Mavericks just once while the Mavs had the better average winning percentage with 68% (546-258) than LA 62,5% (504-300).

      So I think Cuban has done a good job considering it’s a lot more difficult to get Free Agents to Dallas than to LA and therefore has earned the right to speak about the mighty LA, which have won less titles in the past 10 years than San Antonio. πŸ˜‰

      • tom says:

        did the NBA just started 10 years ago? i didnt know that
        you cant just pick the time that team doesnt win as much as other and compare them.
        y dont u compare as a whole when the nba started or when both team began.
        if i did the way you did i might as well pick from 2000-2010 when the mav won how many? a big fat 0 champion.

      • johnpublic2011 says:

        I love people who take a small slice of history and then try to use those statistics to prove their point – leaving out the larger truth. So let’s go all the way back to 2000. Since 2000, the Los Angeles Lakers have won 5 NBA championships and been to the finals 7 times. In their entire history, the Spurs have won 4 championships and the Mavericks have won one. The Lakers organization is the best in the NBA – bar none. In the history of the NBA, no team has been to the finals as many times as have the Lakers (31), and have won 16 times. The Boston Celtics, who have won 17 championships, won 10 of their champions in a twelve year period (1957-1969). The Lakers Just keep being good… decade after decade, banner after banner, and yes, trade after trade. Los Angeles may not have been Mr. Howard’s first choice when he began looking, but we will welcome him and the greatness he brings, just as we have so many times in the past. I am glad that Mark Cuban has made/kept Dallas competitive. I am glad that OKC is a great team and that there are so many mid-level teams that have a chance to be good in the west – I love this game the most when everyone has a chance to lose to the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.

      • Albeey says:

        Hahaha I like how this guy made a post thats so lop-sided. First you started from the 2002-2003 season, the season just after the lakers threepeated. then you put winning percentages up like if they mean anything. I mean come on its the regular season u c what bron did in cleaveland in the reg season and then the playoffs came and poof, gone.. How about u put up some playoff stats like finals appreances, or playoff percentages..

      • maurice says:

        lakers have 5 championships in the last 12 years stop it and yea regular season mavericks are usually better but lakers win when it matters IN THE PLAYOFFS

  124. MIAMI FAN FOR LIFE says:

    Clearly the Lakers have slightly improved their team with the acquisition of Nash and greatly with acquiring Howard BUT you cant put two ppl who need the ball to flourish on the same team and expect things to happen. Kobe needs the ball to play…. and so does Nash so i dont see how that is gonna work…. but good for them for getting Howard, its just a shame that they’ll lose if not in the conference finals to OKC they’ll lose to the HEAT in the final.

    • G-money says:

      Ir’s simple… Kobe has to change his game, just like LBJ had to when he moved to miami. Kobe will do whatever it takes to win, and if that means letting nash play the point and run the plays, then that’s what he’ll do. Only a fool wouldn’t be scared to face them in the Finals, even if you are the Heat. Better hope Ray Allen can stay healthy

      • ThinkAboutIt says:

        I doubt Miami is going to be riding on Ray Allen’s health…while you’re on that subject though you should remember Howard who hasn’t even started to practice yet, Nash who was injured off and on last season, Gasol and Kobe aren’t exactly 100% either.

    • PENNY says:

      @MIAMI FAN FOR LIFE You dont know much about the lakers offense last year because you would know kobe tends to post up meaning he plays off the ball. and also you would know the plan was to feed the big men as well. Nash handles the the ball and facilitates to everyone he doesnt need to score, check his career scoring average.

    • Albeey says:

      You call steve nash and dwight howard slight improvements.. come on for real so when the lakers picked up some role players (antawn jamison, jodie meeks, chris duhon) they werent really anything. Remember in the playoffs rotations are only like 7 or 8 deep in all honesty. so Dwight, nash, kobe, metta, pau, hill, meeks, jamison, blake. looks lik a decent 8 to me. So your a miami fan and your saying you cant put two people who need the ball on the same team, come on thats the whole make up of the heat. DWADE AND LEBRON need the ball more then any two ppl in the league they dont play off the ball. Kobe doesnt need the ball to be successful. Nash is the point he will do his job and distribute.

    • Justin says:

      Ok so if you look at the HEAT squad there was no way that they were supposed to beat OKC. On paper the HEAT are full of holes. No real center, questionable point guard paly, D Wade oft injured….YET they still won. D-Wade played awesome in the Finals. LJ was out of sight and KBOSH rebounded like a monster. Did they not have chemistry the year before when they lost to the Mavs? Hell yeah they had chemistry the different this year all HEAT players gave 100% one hundred percent of the time. Jones, Turiaf, Cole all the dudes coming the bench contributed. Do me a favor take a look in you rear view to a couple of years back. Dallas did the same thing and won a championship. Chemistry becomes a facto when you have a cancerous player on your team or that prima donna guy. I think Nash and Howard want to win. The chemistry is that shared goal.

      • Kevin says:

        Actually, the difference this year is that all the teams in the east that could have beat Miami had key players injured and out of the game. And then luckily Miami went up against a team that was getting to the finals for the first time ever. It will be a different story this year, you’ll see.

      • Kevin says:

        My bad I meant the difference last year.

  125. TerrorSquad98 says:


    • Erik Jones says:

      Stop Hating LJ needs some rings to unstopable

      • Erik Jones says:

        to be unstopable i mean

      • XTrueL says:

        You know you don’t need rings to be on a unstoppable level, 2002-2003 T-MAc was unstoppable , allen iverson was unstoppable, rings are a team achievement one player don’t win rings learn that .

    • Lebron is on an unstoppable TRAVEL….yeah…he does that all the time

    • Vijay says:

      Spoken like a true Lebron/Miami bandwagonner, head in the clouds fan. Congrats to Lebron for finally getting a title. Now back to reality. The Lakers squad of four future Hall Of Famers failed, yes, for one reason only, Malone got injured in the finals round period. Without Malone, the Lakers could have still won, maybe, but it would have taken much more discipline than they showed. Malone held that unit together and without him we all know what happened.

      • ThinkAboutIt says:

        LMAO, Malone held them together? Also you are contradicting the hell out of yourself.

      • jl4599 says:

        actually make that five future, as kobe, gasol, howard, and nash are all shoo ins, but what about jamison. solid career and a great player. I say the Lakers will struggle maybe in the first 5- 8 games with chemistry, but after nash talks some sense and a guest speaker comes, they’ll get on trakc.

      • RG says:

        @jl4599 Jamison a future Hall-of-Famer?! sorry, but just because he puts up great stats doesn’t mean he’s a future Hall-of-Famer.

    • PENNY says:

      @TerrorSquad98 He better be hitting threes cuz it aint gon come easy if he get to the paint

      • Belizeboy says:

        Did you even watch the finals this year? That’s pretty much where Lebron was the whole time is in the paint, and why is he going to have to worry about three’s with the amount of shooters they have now?

    • Undisputed says:


    • lakers fan says:

      the heat are making it to the finals there is no won in the east that can stop them but in the west the thunder and the lakers that is going to be a good series but whichever team wins that series is going to be tird in the finals

    • Chris says:

      yeah, Lebron is on an unstoppable level. Did you say the heat? You forget Basketball is a team game.

    • Albeey says:

      The Heat can’t touch the Lakers. For real tho if the Lakers see the Heat in the finals we gonna do em lik Timmy and dem did LBJ back in 07.

    • Mytownla says:

      Lol oh boy, another Lebron Diiiiiick rider… Bro… Your swinger on his nutthairs like Tarzan fallback and focus on how your precious Heat have no answer for Howard… And dont you dare say its Bosh, because homeboy is softer than Cupcakes with the sprinkles on it… No wait.. Yall jus signed Josh Harellson, hes the answer… Nope wait… Its Dexter Pittman isnt it lol

  126. newyorksteelo says:

    It would be great if Nash can finally win a championship. He deserves it.

    • KB24 says:

      yeah, but Kobe doesn’t deserve #6 and that’s that…

      • Carl says:

        What POSSIBLE reason could you have for Kobe not deserving another championship? The man works harder than anyone in the NBA.

      • Albeey says:

        Stop hating on Kobe, thats like saying lebron didnt deserve his 1st. If u win the title u obviously deserve it.

      • lechoke says:

        yea kobe is a boss he will luv having nash to handle the ball for him so he can be more fresh for playyoffs and crunchtime everybody said he took to many shots but last year but him and gasol were scorers. bynum,sessions were 2 way guys and the rest were defensive guys exept their backup point guard(cant remmember his name) who was a spot up shooter.

      • STUPID says:

        KOBE doesn’t True. He won rings because of Phil. Jordan won rings because of Phil. Nash does deserve that ring.

      • Mytownla says:

        Your comment should cause you to be banned from ever talking basketball ever again in your little pathetic life. Kobe is and has always been the hardest working player in the game… You obviously couldnt add not one reason as to why Kobe doesnt deserve a 6th ring, which makes it simple, either your a Laker hater, or your just bored and felt like talking nonsense

      • SHAQ DADDY says:

        No he doesn’t deserve #6! He deserve what snitches get stiches!

    • CS2012 says:

      NASH deserves a ring. I am glad he will have a real chance. Is there any way that Nash can get a ring and kobe not? Hate kobe. He’s a great player, one of the best ever, but a lousy human being. And I am not looking forward to the look on Jack’s face for every home game.

      Nash, I love you. I miss you. I want you to win a ring in the worst way! But the Lakers?! You’re killing me and every person in Arizona with that decision. Yellow is so not your color. I guess all I can say is at least you didn’t go to San Antonio.

      Go Lakers… damnit.

  127. GO Lakers! As long as this group is around they are gonna win at least 3 titles!!

    • Yeah..Okay pffft says:

      keep dreaming

    • kblakers24 says:

      i want to click your name..

      • Jimbo says:

        What is the route to be on when LA has another riot after they win chaampionship, or is that just everywhere pretty much?
        Only pathetic cities such as LA have riots after championships.

      • Albeey says:

        Hey thats Los Angeles for ya, we riot. Watts riot L.A. riot thats what we do. nawww but in all seriousness thats not gunna happen.

    • STUPID says:

      LA Los Angeles Lakers after this season will be LA Lost Again Lakers. Nash made a bad decision because he is the only Laker now who deserves a ring. OKC will kill them. PERIOD.

    • memfas says:

      They look good on paper, BUT there are lots of question marks too. Nash needs the ball in his hands EVERY possesion. So does Kobe and Howard expects touches every possesion and he’s a black hole. World Peace is not exactly a poster child for team building. Gasol will be fine unless he gets yelled at or gets his feelings hurt. THEY HAVE NO BENCH. It will be interesting, and they could become a dynasty, but it’s just as likely they’ll crash and burn and Howard will be one and done.

      • Aha,Please! says:

        Can the Lakers even get to the finals? Like seriously, not a huge fan of OKC but who gon stop them from going back to the finals again and if they do Miami Heat will be waiting for them so please dont talk my friends