Stephen Jackson’s ‘Around-The-World 3-Point Challenge’ (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You think you can shoot it from deep?

So does Spurs swingman and reality TV star in training Stephen Jackson.

But he’s not just talking about it. He’s backing it up with hard work and his “Around-The-World 3-Point Challenge” (video courtesy of our friends at NOC):


  1. Choker says:

    he can play man…. yeah people would be saying lakers would beat them anyway…. dont sleep on the spurs

  2. Mohamed Elmi says:

    wow why does he not help the spurs win he has some 3 point talent

  3. Sam Robinson says:

    KIrk Penney made 43 in a row when training with the New Zealand team in training once. But not good enough for the NBA.

  4. Ryan Nedoma says:

    So 51 out of 70 huh….I actually think i could do better. I typically make 8 out of 10ish from each mark….I need to find myself a video camera apparently..

  5. uoykcuf says:

    What? You got a rapist and a coward on your fav team? What a nice team bud.

  6. alright alright….we all know you can shoot…now help the spurs win a championship…whats that? yeah your right you cant cuz the lakers’ super team are in town

  7. dattebayo says:

    51/70 threes, huh. An amazing 72.9 percent. I ain’t even sure I could make more threes than he missed out of 70 attempts around the 3 point line, gotta try that the next time I am on the court.

  8. Z. says: