Report: Dwight Looks Good On First Day

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — When is Dwight Howard going to be ready to suit up and actually play for the Los Angeles Lakers?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Nobody rocks a designer sweater better (you remember Howard from his introductory presser, above). But Lakers fans and NBA fans everywhere are itching to see what Howard looks like in action. And until now, we weren’t sure exactly when that would be. Howard is recovering from spinal surgery and there has never been a concrete return date given.

But he’s begun working with the Lakers’ training staff — his first day was Monday — and according to our main man Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register it was a “promising” first step, we could be getting closer to learning exactly when he’ll be ready:

Details are scarce and Lakers spokesman John Black declined to comment, but Howard on Monday had his first hands-on session with Lakers athletic trainer Gary Vitti and head physical therapist Judy Seto at the team’s training facility in El Segundo.

Howard is rehabilitating after April 20 spinal surgery, and no one has been ready to commit to a day, week or even month when Howard will make his Lakers debut. But the level of mobility and strength Howard is already showing has to be encouraging for anyone hopeful he’ll be jumping for that opening tip-off Oct. 30 against Dallas.

Howard insisted at his introductory Lakers news conference that he will not play until he is truly 100 percent. He also said this:

“Anybody who knows me and knows what I’m about: I would never quit anything and I would never fake an injury. I’ve never been a quitter. I’ve always been somebody who pushed through the end. I’ve had injuries before but I’ve never said anything about them. I’ve played through a lot of things.”

His history backs him up: He plays when he can play.

And the fact that he can do all the running and sliding and stepping he can – besides other exercises more taxing for his back – with seven weeks until the first game and three weeks until the first practice is certainly reason for optimism. (And for all that he still can’t do, Howard has at least been working on his free throws, yes.)

In his first six NBA seasons, Howard played 624 of 631 possible games. And even though he suffered the herniated disk last season – amid all the waffling about whether he really wanted to stay in Orlando – he gave the Magic plenty.

Howard’s durability this season will be a huge factor in how deep into the playoffs the Lakers play. So much of what they do this season is riding on Howard coming back from his surgery and being the dominant force he’s been throughout his career.

But it in the absence of actual court time with his new teammates, we’re left to speculate about what he’ll look like playing alongside the likes of Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol. You don’t need to be Miss Cleo to guess that a foursome that potent on paper will thrive in the flesh.

Still, there are no guarantees that it clicks immediately. And in the microwave/instant-results age we live in, the scrutiny on Howard and these Lakers will rival anything we saw from that crew in Miami two seasons ago.

A “promising” first day for Howard is a solid start …


  1. Lamonteecurb says:

    Howard gone do what rose did come back and get hurt back disk are u kidding me hum…reminds me of rose and T-mac i hope this dont come back and hurt the lakers while byum shines in the east #the lakers mamba is a cry baby go back to those spurs and laker west final rivery .look here howard is a threat yes but evey team needs chemistry evey i mean every the boston in 0/8 will b the only star studded team that will do it in a year belive that

  2. Lamonteecurb says:

    I like the way those over rated lakers have high expections wow they already won the 2013 title hun ? Good i like that keep it up .take away from the heat,clippers,thunder’spurs’hun im guessing none of them will problems in the west hun? Ok ok we will see

  3. Lamonteecurb says:

    Lol high expections for show-time im like bosh it looks good on paper but talking bout winning it all takes more u have to belive it and u have to play hard every nite for 82 games plus playoffs the thunder and clippers and heat can beat the lakers when it counts .miami will break that bulls record james will poster howard every good center has his dayand the (king) will remain the king in 2013 james 2013 finals M.V.P

  4. Lamonteecurb says:

    No heat fan should b worried about nothen at all king james has found himself for years to come lakers lol ha well win in next years finals for sure well all of u are crowning them already what if kobe gets hurt what if that bench stuggles in the 2013 playoffs then people talking about bench of meeks hill man stop it look unless jamesion gets (sixth-man) award lakers will lose lakers bench is a joke they having provin anything mybe in the season but kobe nash howrd paul will have major injurys if those starting 5 dont get help the clippers will the lakers in 2013 yes they are deeper matt barns just signed with them.paul crawford’butler blake even jordan gone give howard problems now bench.bullips vsblake crawford vs meeks butler vs artest blake postering paul jordan vs howard or lamar oden or ronnie man please isent jordan 7foot a dunker howard better hopes jordan defence dont show up in 2012 ha ha .heat is going to repeat u loud mouth laker fan’s and yeah kobe did cry 2 times in time in the N.B.A

  5. noonepacmanfan says:

    who comments…

    y’all are stupid…first only the lakers knows about the lakers; second if they eventually wins do y’all get anything??


  6. cdubbb24 says:


  7. cdubbb24 says:



  8. Mr. Realistic says:

    All I can see are bunch of good-for nothing comments. C’mon guys! KOBE + GASOL + DWIGHT + NASH = RING! Try to accept that fact!

  9. Matt says:

    I like how all of the ignorant Lakers fans are crowning their team already. Everything right now is on paper and doesn’t mean a thing until the Lakers actually play together. It takes time to build good chemistry and 3 out of the 4 “Superstars” in the Laker starting 5 are old. Kobe is a shadow of his former self, Pau is another year older, Nash is another year older, and no one knows how Dwight’s back is going to hold up now.

    Why not take a good look at all of the problems this team can have from injuries, age, coaching, etc. before you claim anyone champions?

    There is no more triangle offense and Mike Brown isn’t going to magically turn into Phil Jackson. We’ll also see if Kobe can let go of his ego and let Nash run the show. If there are any conflicts this team is gonna be a let down.

  10. bjamin2 says:

    All you laker fans that think you have a big 5 are dreaming!

    Should have got rid of Gasol instead of Bynum,

    Nash is still good but for how many years??

    Kobe will be retiring soon, Then Dwight will be surrounded by a cast of nobodies.

    Oh forgive me I keep forgetting MWP, the only thing he’s good for is the occasional headline.

    You’ll all want to win the championship this year, because it’s about the only chance you’ll get!!!!

    Good Luck

  11. RUBY GASTON says:

    Ok people the Laers will win this years NBA title….. We are ready and will come to play 100%. Let’s do this boys!!! I’ve got Faith in you… So let’s Go!!!!

  12. Onye says:

    The reason Dwight extended his contract and then asked for a trade was because he didn’t want to leave Orlando with nothing to work with he was actually trying to keep the team okay when he left

  13. bobby z says:

    Howard DID quit on the Magic. He went to management to get rid of Van Gundy. He is a choke artist at the end of the games. He will have a hard time being a lap dog to Kobe and the Lakers will be done sooner than later. The drama he will create will kill the team chemistry, whatever that is. When the Lakers play it looks like an old timers game!

  14. There is all this talk about how Howard “quit” on Orlando and whatever.If he would’ve “quit” on them he would have not played with them after the trade deadline. But as I remember Friday afyter the deadline the Magic blew out the Nets with Dwight Howard in a Magic uniform.Now lets talk about the bandwagoning.May I remind you that when Lebron,Dwayne Wade,and Chris Bosh joined the Heat EVERYBODY became a Miami fan.Even some friends of mine that were Cavs fans got themselves Lebron and Wade jerseys.So stop pointing fingers at all of a sudden L.A fans cause I don’t remember anyone talking about all of sudden Heat fans.

  15. sicily says:

    I don’t care what all you “haters” say. Do you like being called a “hater”? I love the Lakers even though I have lived in NY all my life. I’m excited for them this season! I just love B/Ball and can watch all games. There is good talent on all the teams.

  16. bunbury says:

    the lakers will be in the finals vs the heat. who wins? we’ll see.

  17. Mental1981 says:

    The man literally played his back out and became the all time leading scorer over in Orlando, how much more could he have done to prove his worth and they still never surrounded him with anything more than second rate players. I dare say that DH has never played on an Orlando team with another elite player, let alone an all-star player if you discount Rashard Lewis, Vince Carter and Jameer Nelson, all who came as scrubs on the downward spiral of their careers. Except for Nelson though, he always played hard, but still not considered an elite guard.

  18. Marc says:

    Fan is the abbreviation “fanatic”. Fanatic implies adulation beyond reason. I am and always will be a Lakers fan. Fanaticism aside, I can’t ignore reasoning or reality. The key to winning an NBA title to me is how effective your second squad can be. You don’t expect them to be as production as the starting five, but at least two bench players have to be good enough to see the team through. Frankly, I don’t see the two on the LA bench. Kobe, Dwight, Nash – excellent first unit players. But are they capable of putting in 48 awesome minutes? The answer to that question is the same as ‘Will the LA Lakers win the 2013 championship?’ Fanatic – but not foolish.

    • DocktorK says:

      Bench ? You need a good team period, so the better the starters the less you rely on the bench. As there is 12 minutes in a Quarter, they can rest 4 minutes a quarter each wich means 16 minutes rest, so play 32, They each get to rest and have 3 of them at the same time on the court over the hole game. Now they all need to squeeze 2 to 4 minutes more each to maximise the 5 starters together when needed. Jamisson and Blake will have a great relief role and the other ones will have to battle for fitting in with the potentially modular starting 5 cause the team is so strong they can leave one even two for the second unit at times. I think the Lakers will be all about exploiting missmatches so they wont try to run over teams but, like in the Phil Jackson era, just dominate slightly enough so you conserve fire power thru the whole game and finish them cleanly getting accoutable players involved for defensive missions or special skills usage.

  19. cdubbb24 says:







  20. onee says:

    DH has the built of a man but acts and thinks like a little kid.

    • Brad says:

      Nonsense. He gave everything to Orlando, and is one of the hardest working players in the NBA. He grew sick of not being able to compete for a ring, now he can and I wish him the best. And as he was in Orlando, he’s gonna act professional and will do everything possible to help his team win.

    • DocktorK says:

      What about Shaq, childish as he is especially with work ethics, wich is not Dwight flaw. After all these years, he still does not get the fact that the CS he won were because the teams were mold to circumvent his flaws. Look at when they tried to use his strenghts in Phoenix, Cleveland and Boston. Some will say he was old, some others like myself will say he finaly got to a team where he tried to fit in or forced his way and finally disrupted the ballance that others (Kobe, Fish and Phil in LA or Wade, Zo and Pat in Miami) kept from happening contless times.

  21. bkoti says:

    Howard will be effective and fun to watch alongside Kobe, Nash, Gasol and World Peace. It’s a game folks. Who knows what injuries, chemistry and a full season will do for any of the teams. I hope that all the players and teams are as close to 100% as possible. The fans that shell out millions of dollars, and spend countless hours watching & supporting their teams deserve the best from all of the NBA (REFEREES INCLUDED). I, for one, want to see close games and competitiveness…not blowouts because of ill prepared players and unmotivated teams. So I HOPE Howard, Rubio, Rose, Amare, Paul, etc. all come back this season ready to show us just how good they really are; otherwise, why am I watching…so the NBA can feed me the team that generates the most ”revenue?” Get smart folks. 😉

  22. LA says:

    Why r people saying this is like when Lakers got Payton and Malone? and it won’t work? They just got THE BEST BIG MAN IN THE GAME, not to mention he isn’t on the last year of his career like they were. I could understand it if they had just got Nash, but were even deepening our bench. People who think theses moves won’t work because they think this is like Lakers with Malone and Payton are retarded and obviously don’t know a thing about professional basketball.

  23. Kevin says:

    So I have to ask, did Lebron quit on Cleveland? Did Bosh quit on Toronto? Did Garnett quit on Minnesota? Did Ray Allen quit on Seattle? Did Darren Williams quit on Utah? Did Chris Paul quit on New Orleans? And on and on and on….. You guys need to get a life, these guys are playing to get a ring. Why wouldn’t they put themselves in the best possible position to reach their goal. It’s like one of you getting a new job with a position upgrade and everyone from your old job complaining that you quit on them. You have to do what’s best for you and your career and these guys in the NBA are no different.

  24. Mr_Dedicated says:

    Have you people not realized who is on the Lakers bench? It is going to be tough having your starting 5 play 45 mins a game. And nobody is comparing Howard to Shaq bc they are completely different players and as for him being a baby? False that mane is one of the most DOMINANT figures to ever play in the NBA.

  25. arnold ray says:

    I’m sure Dwight is losing sleep over all you non atheletic counch Potatoes who think that he Quit put down that bag of Chips and rehab your backs and hands Dwight is a baller and a Business Man !!!!! Are any of you still on Working at your First place of EMPLOYMENT GET A LIFE!!!!!!

  26. Laker Fan says:

    For all Laker Haters out there, we would just have to find out where the Lakers will stand at the end of the season. Playoffs? First Round? Second? West Semis or Finals? or a championship. All of y’ou predicting that the heat will repeat, well we have to see about that too. We can never tell what will happen in this upcoming season. But 1 thing is for sure, it will going to be an exciting one.

  27. krv_d_zone says:

    oh well..its funny when group of haters keep on bashing on the lakers,kobe.. and or d12..they keep on saying that he’s a quitter etc..just be happy that we would have the opportunity to watch a a very formidable team(at least on paper) to grace the hardcourt..lets go lakers…kobe all the way!

  28. Jeigh Joans says:

    he committed no crime against Orlando. He changed jobs. Happens all the time in free societies.

  29. ian says:

    I dont undertand these LA fans. Probably all the glamour out there has made u guys blind in the basketball court. Good luck on winning the title. The good thing about all this from my point of view is the challenge for Lebron James to prove again that he is on of the greatest of all time. This season is going to be amazing. lets all enjoy basketball.

    • POO says:

      we win tiles all the time 17 actually.

      • never frisco says:

        Right on the money! because you can’t really call yourself a true Lakers fan if you think the franchise only has 16 league titles. Notice how I didn’t say NBA titles. It’s worth remembering that in the Lakers very first season as a franchise- in the true forerunner of the NBA, the NBL- they emerged as champions. They’ve been in the finals 32 times in 65 seasons- do the freakin’ math! And since they weren’t in the finals last year, and since on average they’re in the finals every other year (sorry Yankees, Packers, Canadiens, etc., you don’t match up), I think you know what that means for this coming season.

  30. lakermig says:

    im sure he be back and great this season and pretty soon, i doubt hell be back for the first game but not much later, as said above this guy only missed 7 games in 7 years!

  31. Bro says:

    I think it is really a trend nowadays that superstars joined together to win championships. Somehow they cannot bring out the best within them. Michael Jordan did not leave the Chicago Bulls until his 2nd retirement, and did not think of joining the Lakers, Celtics or Pistons during that time, and got his championship after 6 seasons. Reggie Miller played his whole 18 seasons with the Pacers, but even though he did not won a championship, playing against the greatest brings out the best of him and have his jersey retired and now a Hall of Famer. Also the Jazz tandem of Stockton and Malone. Maybe its better to watch these superstars compete against each other. It looks like strong teams getting stronger. But still, a good NBA season to look forward to.

  32. Patrickmarc says:

    Dwight is usualy smiling, but playing now with Kobe and Gazol give him a larger smile.
    I feel him very excited, like a kid before christmas. I am glad for him.

  33. Nando says:

    Its part of the game,you get drafted, become a free agent and hopefully end up in a winning team. Shaq,KG, Ray Allen, lbj, Bosh all ended up winning tiltles aftef leaving. Now cp3,Carmelo,Nash and Howard along with others are doing the same thing… Soo stop Beeotchng!! and except things the way they are… Take your time DH12, get well soon… Lakers all the way!!!!

  34. Mikel Peloton says:

    The hoopla is over. Its time to play. HOWARD should show his wares and prove that he is destined to become a CHAMPION.

  35. LeVon says:

    It s funny, Orlando had Shaq and failed to surround him with the proper talent tohelp him win so Shaq left and went to L.A. and got the ring. Orlando had T mac and failed to bring him a Big Man to help him when a championship so T mac left and we know how his carrer had gone. Poor T mac he probaly ruined his back playing for the magic while holding down the organazation single handed. Now Dwight leaves because Orlando failed to bring him quality players to help him win…. And we want to hate Dwight…. makes no sense 2 me Orlando seems to have a front office issue somewhere…. Great players don tplay the game for the money, the play to become Legends,they play to win Championships, they play to be the best hint MJ, oh and along with all of that comes the money so peopleplease be realistic about the situation…… My hometown is Orlando and this scnerio I have seen way to many times with great players that play in Orlando…. Orlando needs new management……

  36. aussie fan says:

    hey for all the true basketball fans that follow all the comps orlando made the trade to get worse.Reason for that is in the next two years they will finish at the bottom of the nba if not bottom 3 and the two next drafts are superstar quality player such as shabazz muhumad of norleans noel and 2 years time a hall of fame type player in andrew wiggins the magic will have one of these players on there team come next two years then they can rebuild

  37. OBLAKS says:

    i hope this big time bunch of lakers superstar will blend the style and chemistry of play they want. Nash will be directing their play and the rest will take over the offense and defence, i cant wait to see they guys play ,Showtime is back at LA.

  38. David says:

    Be realistic:) Its not good, to be mad about your Team. But it is OK to be MAD about BASKETBALL. Love other teams and then, basketball will be more interesting to watch, believe me. 🙂 And to be realistic, LA depends ONLY on Nash and Kobe. DH and Pau will score and rebound, but I can guarantee that will not impact the game result (only sometimes). And main problem for LA – Nash, Kobe, DH, – all of them needs ball in their hands to be good basketball player. 🙂

  39. Princehemi says:

    I’m just glad that “DWIGHTMARE” is over..

  40. Pistons Fan says:

    It’s funny how its ok for people to change jobs anytime they want, yet NBA players aren’t. Come on guys, at the end of the day basketball is a job to these players. I think they have a right to want to change teams, especially when they have the opportunity to advance their careers. First LeBron, now Dwight. Stop criticizing these players and live your lives. There’s never been a statue erected for a critic!

  41. theone says:

    this LA tem isnt full of former all star players, its filled with players that are very telletnted and are not on the dwon fall of there carrer kobe nearly got scoring title, when dwight is healthy he wont need to lead the team just be a key player getting reboudns ang scroing efficently. people are forgetting that paul gasol is a great player in his own right not to menchin the awsome tellants of steve nash. this lakers team will dominate, there will be injury throughout the season but kobe, dwight, steve or whoiever else gets injured will probly play through it or at least wont be gonw for very long……. lakers 2012-2013 champions

  42. jl4599 says:

    You guys will just have to face it. The Lakers are better than the Kobe Shaq days. Kobe has a better cast around him, and the Lakers have depth off the bench now with ebanks, jamison, meeks, and blake along with goudelock and the rookie center. Plus, MWP is gonna have an all-star caliber year. Nash, Howard, Kobe, Gasol are all ganna be double teamed, and who will they double off of, MWP, the worse of the five. He could drink coffee and still heave an uncontested shot, or a fly by at the worse. Lakers might struggle early, but I garuntee that Kobe will be number 8 again, and they’ll be back and winning the finals.

  43. Lakers-R -Us says:

    It’s gonna be a great season! It’s my greatest hope that the teams stay healthy! then we can see some great basketball! Go Lakers! And welcome Dwight!

  44. Baalski says:

    Love Lakers or Hate them…
    Can’t wait to see their line-up play… Until then, we’ll see if it’s a Great move by the team or not…

  45. Bird33 says:

    As a life long Celtics fan, my life long rival has been the Lakers. While I boo the Lakers out of history and dna (like they boo us), I believe there is a mutual respect among these adversaries. Don’t get me wrong – we still won’t be buying each other beers at the bar 🙂

    I will scrutinize the new Lakers far far less than I scruntinzed the hated Heat in 2010. I LMFAO watching the Heat lose the first game they ever played (we flew to Boston for the 2010 home opener).

    This is the main difference, in my view, of how C’s fans see the Lakers versus how they see the Heat. We may dislike/hate both teams, but at least we begrudgingly respect the Lakers.

  46. Jeremy says:

    Okay Kobe And Dwight Will Work Perfectly Together, Kobe And Shaq Won 3 Championships Together & Their Team Was Not Even That Good Without Shaq Or Kobe. But Now Kobe Has Dwight, Nash, Gasol And That Is More Then Enough To Win A Chamionship Or Even Championships.

  47. Ebreezy14 says:

    I swear people are so dumb do you really think kobe bryant is going to ball hog now? and who cares if Howard quit on orlando the NBA is a business you gotta do whatcha gotta do to beat the best and be the best. you just hating because y’all know the LAKERS can potentially be the Champions for the next 3 years.

  48. CMO says:

    Seriously though, if you were Dwight, would you want to play alongside Jameer, Jrich, Hedo, and Glen. Dwight isnt doing anything different than what other players are doing these days, he wants to compete for a title, not get knocked out of the first round of the playoffs by the Atlanta Hawks. Carmelo got his wish, Amare, Bosh, Chris Paul and MR. SOUTHBEACH, all left their original teams to simply have a shot at the ship. If you are hating on him because he wants to win, you need to give your head a shake.

  49. OriginalHeatFan says:

    If you people say Dwight didnt quit on Orlando then Lebron didnt quit on Cleveland. Dwight goes to LA to join forces with “i cant win by myself Kobe” and the world is all for it, there has been no protests, no burning jersey’s nothing major. When Lebron leaves his team, a team he took to the finals and 2 best records in nba back to back people go Crazy! O wait i remember the reason now lol, Lebron James is better then dwight can even dream of being. infact LeBron is the best player to ever play the game. Thats why there was such an uproar. Dwight is good….thats about it.

    • swagflu says:

      ppl hated lebron because he acted like a goof clown throwin a celebration party and stating he was gonna win “not 1, not 2, not 3 and etc.” thats why ppl hated him. D12 and the rest of the lakers never had no party before a game had even been played. That was by far the worst comparison ever…you must of been dropped on your head when you were a kid.

    • Tuukka says:

      Lebron is not as good as Kobe Or Jordan yet. Not till he gets 6 or 7 rings hahaha

      • pakyaw says:

        KOBE-sh1t! back rider again(ROBIN)
        DWIGHT- ofcourse you are…im the BATMAN.. stay in the back B1TCH!

    • albeezy says:

      We found another laker hater… I love these haters.. dwight didnt quit he got traded.. Now LeBron he left as a free agent and had a big press conference about it then they had a party talking bout how they gunna win seven titles o and he has a tat that says choosen one and he calls himself the king when he just got a title after nine years. thats why we hate lebron. Orlando cant burn jerseys or cant protest because at the end of the day their orgnization pulled the trigger and made the trade. yea lebron took his team to the finals and straight up got swept how embarissing and he had the best record in the nba back to back years because champions realize its not about your record its about making the playoffs and getting the proper rest. Lebron the best ever, psssh come on you don’t even believe that first he has to win multiple titles at least four to be in the running. Lebron gets one title in 9 years and ppl go crazy, come on man. and don’t shoot on Kobe for having a good team its a team sport and you need a team to win kobe been a laker since day one lebron is the one who got with bosh and wade and said lets all play in miami together.

    • LOL @ original heat fan!! says:

      well i agree this was the worst comparison ever! Howard got traded he didnt wait to free agency to say he was staying just to screw his fans over on tv saying he was leaving. He got traded!! and as for ur reason saying lebron is better didnt dwights team beat lebrons (seasons best recod) team to get to the finals??? haha thats all i got to say to that.

    • ... says:

      dwight took his team to the finals n im pretty sure he whooped lebrons @$$ to get there haha also dwight is just as good as lebron just never played for a real team yet n another fact when lebron left he put it on national t.v basically punchin cleavland fans in the face dwight didnt do that…

    • DocktorK says:

      You forget that Lebron left and Cleveland got nothing for him. At least Orlando and even more so Phoenix got something to move forward with. The Decision was just a show uncalled for cause he could only be a vilan after that. Tonting the hole league that they will be winning before the first practice is a sign of immaturity. On top of that not shaking hands or congratulate the winner after been housted of the payoffs was another sign that something was not working right in his mind. I see Dwight as a hard worker with some immaturity of his own that resigned with the Orlando thus giving them a better chance in the future even if they were to trade him. That was a little akward loyalty compared to what Lebron did to Cleveland. Both Bosh and Lebron gave no indication that they were sure not to resign with there respective team so the were left to actually be free agents cause any sign and trade or trade before deadline would have screwed up the trio’s plan that year.

  50. b-ball-serious says:

    Nash won’t be as good this year, neither will Kobe, neither will Dwight, but Gasol and World Peace will be better this year, and so will the fans, and so will the Lakers’ chemistry.

  51. Belizeboy says:

    I’m actually happy to hear Howard is practicing. The Lakers can get back to contending and it makes basketball more interesting not knowing for sure who will come out on top. I still favor OKC, but there are lots of teams that can be surprising this year. The Jazz are going to look better this year after getting some playoff experience from a few years of absences and Clippers getting their first taste. Grizzlies are still a threat with San Antonio and Dallas. Then you have the T-Wolves who are more than hungry to get into the playoffs and it just makes for one very interesting season. Lakers I expect to be nothing less than number 2 this season (and I’m not a fan so that’s hard to say). As for the east it’s going to be between Miami and Boston IMO; lots of young teams being built up over there but none with the meshing quite right yet.

  52. Caliking says:

    The lakers will be critized than miami? why should they be? let me guess sekou you dont like them like most of the world. mia was put under a tight scope because thats what they have always done to a team with lebron on it, over rating his accomplishments and over-rating things he hadnt accomplished. no player on the lakers planned for things to work out this way as they did in miami and they are not having no pre-celebration ceremony to them coming together and dwight saying not 1, not 2, not 3, etc. that was miami. so they deserved what they got, and even less praise when they did win because it shouldnt have taken the next year even according to lebron who was quoted saying”its going to be easy” then he folded for no reason at all and sorry dallas fans it was not your great team who beat the heat but lebron who beat his own team by not being agressive. a player of his calibur is treated differently by the refs,coaches,and defenses. you must take your shots if your a top player on your team because even if they are off they are still more productive than a bench player or role player taking his shots.5 for 20 from a star is more productive than a role player going 7 of 19. im not going to get into it as how though i can explain but if you really understand basketball than you would know.

  53. purpngold says:

    dwight finally realized that he would not be able to compete with such incompetent management, so he left. its a mere coincidence that hes going to LA just like shaq did. he tried to go to the nets and it didnt work, so he wanted to go somewhere else where he can play with quality players and more importantly, COMPETE FOR A TITLE. obvious choice is the lakers. whats not to love, live in a great city, playing with the greatest players, for the greatest organization.

  54. Rickson says:

    i’m sure they won’t get close to the Clippers

  55. lebron#1Fan says:

    didnt he QUIT on orlando why doesnt any1 hate him oh wait lebrons better btw im a big fan of dwight

  56. Laker Nation says:

    Welcome to the Lakers Steve and Dwight!

    Big 5

    Pg: Steve Nash

    Sg: Kobe Bryant

    Sf: Metta World Peace

    Pf: Pau Gasol

    C: Dwight Howard

    Bench: Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, Jodie Meeks, Devin Ebanks, and Earl Clark

    2012-2014 NBA CHAMPIONS #BeatTheHEAT #BeatOKC

  57. Oscar Balatbat says:

    In order for the NBA games to get so excited, NBA Teams should be competitive and load with talent players just like Miami was successful with the big three. Other teams are reloading to be competitive . . . or else the games will be boring because you have a hint who’s going to win the Championship.

  58. Jay says:

    Dwight Coward is a whiny, flip-flopping, quitting punk. Just like Lebron, he figured out that he could take the easy way to a championship because hard work is overrated. I hope the liar gets everything that he ever wanted out of life without having to lift a finger to earn it… isn’t that how the NBA goes these days?

    • Albeezy says:

      You sound like an orlando fan

    • Scott The Magician says:

      ………….you cant be serious.
      maybe your oblivious to the facts or just dont know ball at all….BUT
      Almost everysingle championship team other than a few (04′ pistons for instance) have had at least a few allstars on their teams.
      look at the celtics, Early and late lakers, Bulls, spurs etc etc
      To say a single player can win by themselves simply through hard work is absurd and dilutional…..

  59. Ricky says:

    For all those Lakers haters : its worry time again cause you can feel it coming up again ……..

    • uoykcuf says:

      yes, I can feel it. The same feeling I got whenever I saw Howard with his extra small jersey.
      I just checked out nba store and they got a new size of the jersey, it’s called slim fit howard XXS.

  60. Alejandro says:

    Lakers GM Mitch is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Miami Fan says:

    As a Miami fan, the Lakers are the one who scare me this year. Short-term roster, in 2/3 years Nash, Bryant, Jamison, Gasol (?) retire, and Dwight Howard will be the franchise man. In 3 years, the Lakers will be built around him. And he’s the force we don’t have in Miami, he’s gonna hurt us (as well as Boston, Indiana, Philly in the East, teams with good centers).

  62. CP3toStayinLA says:

    The Lakers will be fun to watch, but I am still in favor of the Clips as the most exciting NBA team to watch in LA. Don’t sleep on the Clippers people! Do Not Sleep!

    • ncsportsman says:

      wasn’t that what you clip fans were saying last year also?

      • m says:

        it is what they were saying, and they were the most entertaining team along side the heat and thunder. look at their top plays versus the lakers, even if they got out in one less game than the lakers did in the playoffs last year they were only two games away from finishing ahead of them. They lost on three buzer beaters so if they didn’t fall you couldn’t be ragging on them.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Yeah and they got to the playoffs and made 2nd round with a mostly inexperienced team (not to mention banged up). The Clippers at full force last year wrecked teams. They did so to Miami, OKC, San Antonio, LA, Grizzlies and just about every top contender. The only team I saw that had the (healthy) Clippers number was Minnesota.

  63. Scott Warner says:

    Unless i see the player whose height is in question standing with a tape measure next to him i don’t believe it. It’s a fact, all teams lie or distort the truth about players height. My high school team did the same thing with me and others.(bigger).

    Lakers will be fun to watch for a couple years, maybe 3 years tops. Howard joined a very old team, this roster is short term. Unless they land some very talented young guys in the next few years, it’s a safe bet Howard will be on the move again in 4-5 years. The title of this team and article should be, ‘close, but not quite’.

    • ncsportsman says:

      That is where you are wrong Scott, If Kobe and Nash retire it will free up mega cap space and they will pick up another star to play along with Dwight.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Yes but who is that star that’s going to be on Steve Nash’s or Kobe Bryant’s level? That is what the Lakers will need to keep the dynasty going after Kobe.

  64. mark says:

    1ets 6o h3at!

  65. albert says:

    think about it, we have kobe who we all know is going to be the general, nash will be the sharpshooter keeping everyone happy with his vision and decision skills, howard will be our explosives expert, with thunderous dunks and jaw-dropping plays, gasol will be an infantry men doing the dirty work alongside the decent bench the lakers have, is AMAZING. get on board people.

    • Just a regular fan says:

      The thing is, when I see this Lakers roster, no one is going to be happy. If Kobe goes ball hog mamba: Nash can’t create an offense, dwight pitches a fit and the lakers lose. Howard gets the ball. Nash can’t crreate an offense, Kobe gets mad, and Lakers lose. Nash distributes it equally to all his teammate. Lakers win, but Kobe and Dwight get mad and they want the ball, and mike brown bowes to superstar pressure. And why does their bench get so much credit? Name me a real accomplishment from Jodie Meeks, Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, and Matt Barnes. Only Jamison has been an All-Star, and he is not Washington Wizard Jamison, he is washed up Jamison.

      • DocktorK says:

        Winning is the secret of happiness in any sports. Kobe might have hoged the ball but you dont become that good over such a long period with all the naging injuries that forces you to reinvent yourself without looking for answers to get better constantly. He might be an idividual talent but have you seen how happy he is on the bench when is team is performing. So i wouldn’t be surprised to see Kobe score 6 points in a game and be happy cause he has seen what he likes from the sidelines. On a pesonal level maybe it will motivate him to perform more the next game. Nothing wrong with that, he has allways contributed to his team one way or an other. As for Pau, he will be more than happy to now have a TRUE center. Nash will be able to exploit mismatches as some fans don’t understand yet. Dwight will have a chance to shine without having to carry his team offensively and that will be a huge difference as he will put exclamation points on emphatics dunks and putbacks. He will feel the team if front of him and will be able to reach his potential as he was frustrated in Orlando. SVG was and still is a good coach but not a championship coach cause of the way he handels his emontions. Phil was just the best at putting his emotions in chek to work with the ones of his players, knowing when to push or pull them or even use just when needed. It will take a great deal of growth from Mike Brown to be able to win it all.

    • 2k boy says:

      Yess SIRR!
      *team lakers

  66. Idris says:

    Great player do not change teams to have the champ ring.It is a waekness.Best players gather others around him.And be champions.What a pitty for “former” superman

    • Laker4Lyfe says:

      So… D-Wade is great. Bron Bron is weak?

      • lakersfan says:

        At least Idris acknowledge that L James is not a great player. so do MJ when he switch to Washington and Pippen to Houston and so do alot of good players right, come on dude you just don’t know what areyou talking about, Great players either demand more talented team mates and if their team doesnt get them they go to a better team.!!!!!

      • Realist Lakers Fan says:

        Great players in the past (in their prime) did not go to another team to join other great players so they can win rings. They generally give the orginizations an ultimatum where they demand a better supporting cast or they demand to be traded to an organization that is capable of giving them a better supporting cast (i.e. Kobe in 07, Dwight now). In a few cases the superstars had a fallout with Management (i.e. T-mac with Orlando) and went to a different team. I think Pippen also had a fallout with management cause PJ retired/left (not 100% sure).

        I dont know wat happened with MJ and the wizards. Personally I think he came back for some more money or he actually thought he could still carry teams in the NBA with these ‘new rules’.

        So dont say great players go to different teams to win a ring. Until the Heat trio planned to play on the same team. Most ‘superteams’ were created via trades (Boston any1?). Or else the only time great players joined other great players is when they are well past their primes (Gary Payton & Karl Malone).

      • Vladimir says:

        @Realist Lakers Fan
        MJ wanted to play, but since he was partial owner of Washington he could not play for any other team, thus he came out of retirement to play for his team, If it was not like that, I’m pretty confident that he would sign with the Bulls to have some more fun in the windy city.

        On the side note, every super star player has to have at least one or two allstart caliber players on his team to be considered as a title contender… MJ had Pip and H. Grant in first 3peat, 2nd one he had a litle bit more, Shaq had Kobe, Olajuwon had a bunch of pretty good players around him, Pistons had Thomas, Dumars, Rodman. Robinson did not do anything with SAS till Timmy came aboard since he was playing with washed up superstars untill than. Celtics had their big three long b4 KG, PP and RayRay in Bird, McHale and Parish. Showtime LAL with Magic, Kareem, Wilkes and Worthy… etc.

    • G-ZUS947 says:

      lol.. so you think great players could decide who is picked up and let go? So what do you think the GM and Owners do? Basically, players play with the cast they are given. If management is not getting the right peices, what is a player suppose to do? Do you expect the great player to also be a coach and make the guys around him put the effort forth? Most athletes want to win it all.. if they are competitive and not just in it for the money. You cannot be mad at the players for wanting to win a championship.. be mad at the management for not putting the pieces together.
      Laker’s management and owners are in it to win it.. that is why the Laker’s are hated.
      GO LAKERS!!!

      • Clippersfan4471 says:

        NO. The Lakers are hated because they spend as much as they can/want to buy championships. Yes, BUY…Not win or earn!!

    • L.A. ALL DAY says:

      Then I guess Lebron and Bosh aren’t great for that matter if D12 is in the same boat. Put it like this:

      Lebron joins superstars to win

      Superstars join Kobe to win

  67. lakersfan says:

    DH12 won’t rush into coming back before he is ready, because he can do more damage and is going to take longer to his recovery, to many young players that try to comeback sooner and is worse, I respect his decition, GO LAKERS.

  68. alber says:


  69. cdubbb24 says:

    “And in the microwave/instant-results age we live in, the scrutiny on Howard and these Lakers will rival anything we saw from that crew in Miami two seasons ago.”

    right, cause LA threw a party & talked about how many rings they were gonna win before they even played thier first game together.

    THAT didn’t have anything to do with scrutiny MIAMI placed on THEMSELVES.

    I doubt we’ll hear of LAKERS players crying after games in the locker room. LOL

    • laker lover hater says:

      the crying will come by way of throwing teammates under the bus when things don’t go Kobe’s way….LMFAO!!!!

      • Mister 215 says:

        Kobe didn’t throw anyone under the bus. He just did what any player would do when his teammate doesn’t perform at the level that they are capable of. I don’t remember people saying that about Ed Reed when he called out Joe Flacco!!!!

      • are u serious says:

        Mister 215, are u serious? Kobe doesn’t throw people under the bus? That fool has no accountability, he blames his team mates for losses when he is jacking up 40 shots in a game shooting 30%. And lets not forget when he threw shaq under the bus in a live press conference after he raped that poor girl. SMH

      • Belizeboy says:

        He doesn’t throw them under the bus, just in front of.

  70. A.B.N says:

    Dwight Howard………..I just dont like him, he is not like Shaq in any way nor will he ever be PLUS he’s a 7’2″ baby.
    I hope Blake Griffin Posters him this year and hurts his feelings so Dwight and Pau can get therapy togeather.

    • Rich says:

      He’s 6’10”

    • hooplover says:

      who’s comparing him to shaq, other than you?

    • E-Dubbz says:

      How many times is DH going to poster everybody drapped in a Lakers uniform….I can here it now I love LA

    • TTKIN says:

      dont get hung up on height. he is listed at 6’11”, but Mitch Kupchak is 6’9″ and when theyre next to each other they are basically the same height.

      What I think is funny is that youre calling Howard a baby in the same comment as you writing about Shaq. If Howard is a baby, he learned to be a baby by watching Shaq throughout his career.

      • A.B.N says:

        3 rings for Shaq. Maybe ill eat my words when he wins 3

      • A.B.N says:

        plus 1 in MIAMI

      • DocktorK says:

        In the lesser talented era of the NBA Shaq won 3 with LA as no other team were as stacked or prepared to guard both a center and a great SG. It is 2 position that are hard to double team without opening the defense. Actually twin towers are easyer to guard. Now there are a few more threats to win it all and there is more young talents around the NBA and athletes that do more than just shooting drills to get ready. Shaq has allways wanted to be the center of attraction without the work ethics that Dwight brings to the table. He can box out with anybody in the league. That is what a center has to do first, just look at the sucess Kendrick Perkin has had and what about Big ben Wallace (size and shooting ? Not). That is an aspect of the game Drew Bynum was not respected for and screwd up Pau’s role in the defensive low post. Lakers all the way !!!

    • MIAMIWHO says:

      @ABN He is not 7’2″ dork. And other than idiots like you, i dont think anyone is comparing him Shaq.

    • bjohn says:

      Dwight is 6’10” Idiot. And I hope Blake Griffin does try, he would end up needing back surgery himself.

    • ncsportsman says:

      A.B.N Blake may have postered gasol but who has the rings? Blake and the clippers will never win a ring!

    • ... says:

      blake will brunning into a brick wall bro hav u seen how big howard is haha

  71. Willy says:

    I think everyone who loves basketball is waiting to see this line up hit the floor. Good luck DH with the back rehab!

    • DropinKnowledge says:

      Tru Willy and you can tell who the real basketball fans are and who the uneducated haters are,anyone who knows and REALLY loves basketball is excited to see what this team can do on the floor, and everyone else is just gonna say this and that about the lakers and and how much they hate what they did and hate, and hate and hate…when the truth is (that they would never admit) they wish their team did what the lakers did. Haters hate

  72. AC says:

    Wait, didn’t he QUIT on the city of Orlando….? Or are we over that?

    • hooplover says:

      yep, we’re over that! you should try to get over it too!

      • but I won’t get over the fact that LA is going to win the title this year! WOOOOOO!

      • fred says:


      • STUPID says:

        Gonna win a title this season? are you serious? maybe when phil comes back but he retired because he knows LA is done. They have a lot of allstars but this team still cannot beat the heat nor the thunder nor the nuggets. maybe a healthy bulls can still beat this lakers team.KOBE will just have the help that will carry the team up to conf. finals or semifinals but goodluck to dwight i know he will enjoy LA lifestyle but without rings he will definitely go to other teams who are really contenders not just allstar packed team. Heat is allstar packed team but the core as we seen this past season has played well on both ends of the court. LA bench is the worst so dont expect much.

        DALLAS FAN

      • Leonardo says:

        hey Mr. STUPID, your mouth will be shut before the season ends, and by the way, you’re a dallas fan!! why sshould you coment on D12 or on lakers?? are you that jealous??

      • Edub says:

        But if it was Lebron everybody would carry it all year long.

      • dc says:

        hey Stupid…your as stupid as your name implies. how are you gonna say that the lakers have no chance with the lineup they have. the pieces that they have fit seamlessly. they are all the best at their positions in what they do. dwight-best center, pau-best power foward, bryant-best 2 guard, nash-top flight point. the only position that we are weak at is the small foward position. As for the bench, your still living in last years roster. we have upgraded the bench. Meeks, jamison, are good additions and jordan hill gives good minutes off the bench. Steve blake is going to be better this year too. lakers will win championship this year. that steve-howard connection will be crazy

    • scott the magician says:

      He didnt quit on anyone.
      It drives me crazy when people say “so and so quit”
      they want a change and a chance to win a title and advance in their respective careers
      Congrads to dwight for the move
      PS…..for the love of god stop comparing him to shaq, he has no shoes to fill. just go out there and give it your all!!

      • bballjunkie1 says:

        He didn’t quit, Orlando quit on him while having him under contract for 5,6 years and not surrounding him with the right talent. Nor did they develop him in the low post, nor did they consider a coaching change if winning it all was the agenda. Players are not chattel property, you have a star or 2 then get busy and do what an organization should do.

        Look at the 2 teams who recently played for championship. One team has drafted the right parts, the other team was comprised of players who had been there done that and chose to build their own team. Both teams represent what’s it all about organizations need to get busy to win. Or just have a product on the floor. Fans need to be vocal not when contracts are up and start hating on players but along the way express their dissapointment. Maybe organizations that want to win will push the right buttons from front office, to coaches, players don’t choose the team.

      • DocktorK says:

        Especially that people and Shaq himself don’t mention that he left Orlando empty handed (no players, no picks, etc) when he bolted from there as a free agent. Dwight might not have done things publicly clean, but Orlando got the best of what Dwight had to offer and just did not capitalise on it enough in the time span. For those who are living on an other planet, the Lakers will do everything in there power to help him get his ring(s) so he wont even think of leaving LA. For those other ones that think that you win with a bench, you just have to think rotation not bench. Rest them one by one or even 2 by to over the whole game and there you have it. I don’t see anybody beating them except injury bug. Cannot have chemestry problems with Nash, as he’s been a focus catalyst and a play by play guy every minutes of his NBA career. He his thinking fluidity in getting his teamates involved, championship is just something that comes together with the will of everybody going towards that. He knows that and both Kobe and Pau knows that so Dwight will learn that. Off they go towards the obvious goal Championship 17 and so on.

    • TTKIN says:

      Everyone may think he quit on the team for not playing THROUGH A HERNIATED DISK, but also remember that in the playoffs the year before, he was playing almost 48 minutes a game against Atlanta because he was basically the only guy on the team worth anything.

      • Celt21 says:

        I think they are refering to his constant trade demands. Made worse by the fact that he kept lieing about it.

      • Uguysridiots says:

        They’re talking about all the trade requests, than not opting out of his contract, only to request a trade again. It could have been a simple transition(dwight leaving), but he made it much more complicated and if i were a magic fan, i would hate him.

      • TTKIN says:

        Ok I see what you guys mean. Well played.

    • stephan says:

      I am bulls fan, but throughout this whole debarcle my respect for Dwight has gone down the drain. HE DID quit on Orlando and thats all there is to it. He no longer has my respect..

      • guillermo says:

        dont worry Stephan he lost your respect but im sure he still get a good sleep tonight. I see all theese people saing “he lost my Respect” “he quit on Orlando” “hes just following Shaq’s footsteps” the thruth is you are all hating just cause your NOT a LAKER fan and your teams chance of winning just went down a liitle more. everyone wants a Ring, thats what they play for and if not then they dont belong in the leauge so just because someone does something that someone else has done in the past dont mean anything. this is not a new sport so there is not much new things that can be done unless they change the games rules. SO LIVE WITH IT

      • Scott The Magician says:

        No one cares if they have your respect!!!
        and Celt21…”lying”

      • DropinKnowledge says:

        well said Guliermo

      • tomramsden says:

        Well said?

        I think not.

        We are not hating because we’re not a Laker fan. We’re complaining because our star player decided to act like a total moron in dragging out an already sensitive matter.

        You think the majority of us would say these things if he’d done the right thing and just left without giving us all these false hopes and dragging it out? Not to mention getting a great coach fire din SVG in the process.

        He basically listened to his PR too much, and he’s come out of it looking like a douchebag.

        Ask Charles or anyone who knows a thing about basketball, he went about it the wrong way and that’s why he’s vilified. Not because he left, it was the way in which he left.

    • Albeezy says:

      Yeah we are over that, let it go man. Orlando made the trade its not like he just busted a Lebron and dipped out without Orlando recieving anything.

      • laker lover hater says:

        u call wut Orlando got “something”?!?!?!….he left Orlando wif a whole lot….of nothing….
        they couldv had brook lopez + many others….
        they couldv had all of Houstons promising draft picks + more….
        but wait….they got al harrington….YAAAAYYYY!!!!

      • albeezy says:

        Hey Orlando got a lot of picks and some cash and that is Orlando’s fault for getting what they got Dwight didn’t make the trade the Magic did. The magic have been dragging this situation out for sooo long and it was their responsibility to either trade him or let him go. They had like a year to make the decision.

    • Children says:

      I never was a fan of Dwight Howard.

      He was immature, always complained to refs and generally was just annoying because he was too busy whining to concentrate fully on the game.

      Contrarily to most people, I’ve gained more respect for him of late the last couple years because he started playing the game of basketball.

      If he was on good behavior because his contract was expiring and starts complaining again, I’ll lose that bit of respect he’s earned, but anyone who hates him because he “quit”, “abandoned”, or “betrayed” Orlando, must have been left at the alter before haha.

      If you have a job where you hate your boss and other co-workers, you better stay there and be loyal and never leave or else YOU ARE A HIPPOCRATE!

      If you really liked “HIM”, like him in L.A. too. Or do you just care about “your” team?

    • Gary says:

      Dwight and the Lakers have karma against them thanks to the QUITTER HOWARD!!!! Besides Lakers can’t beat Thunder or Heat.