‘The White Mamba’s’ Career Highlights (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Even a journeyman NBA player deserves a proper send off.

So what if Brian Scalabrine will never make it into the Naismith Hall of Fame (as a player). He’s still got a proud career to look back on and tell his great grandchildren about some day.

Now that he’s retired and moving on to his role as a member of the Boston Celtics’ broadcasting crew, “The White Mamba” can start embellishing his accomplishments the way all grandparents (to-be) will do some day. Here’s a little video evidence for that party in 2054:


  1. nid4spid says:

    …there you go folks, B. Scal’s total career points in 2 minutes!

  2. JayRay says:

    On that last play, Mike Taricco was shocked… He said “of all the ppl, Brian Scal. hits the buzzer beater” hahaha.

    B Scal is/was comic relief. I wont miss nor remember him….

  3. drdre23 says:

    no why i am so sad, i gonna miss you brian scalabrine aka white mamba nooooooooooooooooo

  4. mcado1068 says:

    The is what playing in america is all about. the media made MJ into a GOD. Like he was the only person to ever score 40 points and dunk a basketball. So don’t blame Scalabrine for working hard and making whatever name for himself. The truth is there are 9 players with more rings than MJ. Scalabrine was givin a brief moment in history, given a cool nickname let the rest of enjoy the others guys that rarely get in media attention. But does EVERY BB conversation has to end with an MJ comment?

  5. Adam Young says:

    To play in the NBA is an incredible achievement in itself, he has accomplished far more than the pathetic morons who sit on their lazy arse and criticise him.

  6. Kobe Jordan says:

    How dumb is the NBA this Days. . . You are just acknowledging the worst player to play the game, making him overrated to the fans. I don’t understand why these modern day fans love Scalabrine. . . It’s plain stupidity. . Bring Back the 1990s NBa that is Physical, fundanmentally sound and strategic. . Not those people who are just aiming for the highlight reels. Especially from the worst player in the NBA, Just make them wall of shame highlights like the videos of shawn bradley in youtube where he has top 10 posterized plays. just highlight the bloopers NBA. .

    • JoshC says:

      Yawn…. I love fans like you.

      Enjoy your laughterless existence…..

    • White Mamba says:

      You see, there are hypes like Jeremy Lin, that are over just as soon as they started. Houston will get some revenues out of marketing Lin in Asia, but he probably will not live up to his contract, especially year 3.

      Then again, there are hypes like the White Mamba, that are no hypes, but a general expression of appreciation for a player. Scal isn’t the best player on his team, but just because he doesn’t get the minutes, doesn’t mean he can’t play/score/defend. Do you know how valuable someone with a good influence can be in the locker room, in practice and on the bench? That being said, the fact that there are White Mamba shirts and Scalabrine chants in Chicago and Boston, just shows, what kind of fans they have. Fans that cheer for everyone on the team and stand behind them, just like after Game 6, when they were shouting “Let’s go Celtics!”.

      Maybe if Laker fans would cheer a little more for their bench, they would have played with more confidence and a little better, not that that would have helped them winning the title with Bryant bricking 15 shots a game, but it’s a start. Maybe they should take a page from Spurs fans cheering for Bonner, or from Heat Fans with their MVP chants for Joel Anthony 😀

    • wow.. that’s blaspheme, this is Scal we are talking about here man..

  7. Caliking says:

    LMAO I broke one of my ribs listening to the annoucer in the video. “THE WHITE MAMBA YOU CAN ONLY HOPE TO CONTAIN HIM.”

  8. detteskie says:

    Your like Chris Bolado of PBA

  9. Brian Scalabrine says:

    Hey guys, I just want to say thanks for all the nice things you said about me. Remember keep practising and you can be the best… well no you can’t because I’m the best and always will be. 😀

  10. CRAZY LEGGS says:


  11. NBA Lover says:

    Brian who??
    Did he play for the NBA??

  12. Love me Sexy! says:

    Real life Jackie Moon!

  13. scal says:

    white mamba best player in history hands down

  14. distymd says:

    Bro. White Mamba ALL DAY.

  15. WILKSY08 says:

    He’s the Emile Heskey of the NBA- powerhouse

  16. Black Mamba says:

    I will see you in the HALL OF FAME, with my 6th ring

  17. jayson says:

    charismatic guy!

  18. Brown Mamba says:

    LOL white Mamba ….. HILLARIOUS

  19. gig manera says:

    white mamba! lupit mo! type kita!

  20. Neil Delino says:

    ang bangis mo scal!!!! para kang si vladimir tolete!

  21. Qhaz says:

    J-Kidd made him!

  22. Belizeboy says:

    Scalabrine may never make it in to the HOF, but he accomplished something Miller, Malone and Barkley never…a NBA championship. Which goes to show you that the number of rings you have doesn’t make you a better individual player than anyone else.