Marshall Next In Suns’ Line (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Phoenix Suns rookie point guard Kendall Marshall knows that he is inheriting a rich tradition at the position, following in the footsteps of Suns legend and two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash. Let’s not forget Phoenix’s former point guard stars like Jason Kidd, Penny Hardaway, Kevin Johnson and countless others.

There is a certain amount of pressure that comes with the job in the NBA … and any job in the league. When replacing a player like Nash in a franchise that is clearly in a rebuilding phase, however, the pressure is amplified. But Marshall seems more than comfortable with whatever expectations there are — playing at North Carolina surely aids that cause — and whatever added pressure there will be.

He sat down with (P.J. Tucker goes first) and talked about that and more, including the social media mantle he’ll have to take up from Nash, the league’s resident king of all (social) media:


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  2. DeeBee says:

    Looking foward to watching him develop… Going to be a good competitive NBA season this year !!! #LetGo