Wade Working To Fix His Shot


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The difference between winning a title and being a champion is what you do in between opportunities to win another one.

No one will argue that Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade belongs in the realm of champions. A two-time NBA champion, Wade has spent his summer recuperating from injury, promoting his new book and as always, tinkering with the finer points of his game.

That a player with arguably the most devastating mid-range game of his generation has been hard at work this summer refining that shot should surprise no one. The fact that Wade was hunting for a shooting coach this summer, though, did raise a few eyebrows … and inspire a few phone calls from prospective coaches eager to work with one of the world’s best.

But as Wade explained to Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel, he needed more than just a shooting coach:

In the wake of a season where he felt his jumper got away from him, Wade said upon further review it was not as much about how he was shooting the ball as how he was going through that motion.

Now, with training camp three weeks away, he believes he has a grasp on the situation.

“I have one of the best mid-range shots in the league,” he said. “But, obviously, when you have different injuries, it makes you change a little bit. So it’s just about getting back to that comfort of it and finding out where you are now.

“My midrange game is very important to me. The biggest thing is coming out of my pull-up without losing the ball and just making sure it comes through my hand the right way. When it comes to my shot exactly, I don’t have a bad shot. There’s other reasons why I come up short a lot. So it’s just trying to work the kinks out.”

Wade said he now has a shooting coach lined up. But what he doesn’t have, at least at the moment, are his legs, having only recently returned to court work following his July 9 arthroscopic knee surgery.

“It’s great to get back on the court,” he said. “But, obviously, I’ve got a lot of work to do to get to what I want to. Now it’s just taking things slow. We’re not rushing through it.”

A week ago there was a session with Heat assistant coach David Fizdale, with additional sessions this weekend before heading back out for the next segment of his book tour.

“It’s basketball stuff, basketball drills,” he said of the sessions, “and doing something different every day, and with my trainer, doing other things when it comes to the rehab part of it, making sure that my knee and my body can get used to this kind of work for games.”

By the time he gets to the Los Angeles portion of his book tour at the end of the week, he is hopeful of stepping into games, with several NBA players working out there.

“Right now, I’m trying to settle down, to do something different, to get the feeling back,” he said.

Folks forget that both Wade and Chris Bosh were nursing significant injuries during The Finals, when LeBron James carried the Heat past the Oklahoma City Thunder. That’s why it’s interesting to see so many people assume that the Thunder and Los Angeles Lakers will supplant the Heat this season.

If anything, the Heat will come back just as strong, if not stronger, this season with Wade and Bosh healthy (if we can project that far ahead) and they’ve added Ray Allen, too.

Allen is another one, a future Hall of Famer and for years one of the hardest working stars in the business, who surely understands the difference between winning a title and being a champion.


  1. islandBOY says:

    Let me tell all you Lakers fans something… Yall talk about how Keving Garnett is not Dwight Howard and if we had probs with KG we will definitely have probs with DWIGHT>>>>>>>>?????? Yeah right! First of all to me, KEVIN GARNET IS THE BEST CENTER IN THE GAME….U wanna know why???? He shoots LIGHTS OUT! Something you could NEVER Say abt DWIGHT…..Thats why it was hard to beat BOSTON…KEVIN Garnet kept them in the game with his shooting….Dwight will never be like that…he is only good at defending the rim and rebounds..Which I am sureeeee Pat Riley and Company. Well let me say Spoelstra bec I give him his respects right now, which he rightfully earned it, will force Dwight out of the paint by putting BOSH or another center or big on the wing so it forces DWIGHT out of the paint….THE HEAT ARE A VERSATILE TEAM….And they will exploit any teams weakness….WHO will stop LEBRON and DWADE from Slashing???? They are the best and what they do…and who will stop RAY RAY, Mike Miller and Company from shooting 3’s????? They are also the best at what they do…..So am I scared of LA???? HAHAHHAHA Yeah right….If all else fails….the motto is HACK-A-DWIGHT!….stupid for letting go BYNUM

  2. ozzy says:

    The heat will repeat a champion. It’s the Heat era. Is not going to be easy for the Miami Heat. But at the end they reach the goal. First the Lakers need to beat two good team in the west. The thunder and spurs. Wade and Bosh back 100% healthy. Plus adding Allen and Lewis. Also Miller back in better condition. Oh i have to mention the 2012 MVP = L. James back on top of his game. For the rest of the NBA Team be ready for the 2013 Miami Heat.

  3. sanjay says:

    wade going to work is bad news for y’all, yooooo! He is gunning for 3 rd one. And this time he can kick the ball to ray/lewis,battier/miller,chalmers/cole, damn. There will be 3 pointer rain! if they are not going in leb,bosh and one more rookie will pound the ring! heats defense is ridiculous matched only by the celtics!
    good luck all the teams!

  4. Yomi says:

    I think the Heat are better than Lakers just because of the Lakers aging roster but who knows we can only tell when the season pasts into the playoffs because that’s when everybody plays their hardest. And also Dwyane Wade has been battling injuries since he got injured back in 07 so dont think all because Lebron won MVP this year and all these accolades dont ever think that he will overshadow Dwyane remember his comeback year after that injury? You dont? let me remind you came back and was the best scorer that season 08-09 carried a untalented Heat team to the playoffs and this year i have a feeling its going to be the same way but like i said before cant tell until the season/playoffs start

    • nba all day says:

      my thing is wade jumper is pretty good when he isnt injured but that doesnt make the heat or lakers or any team already in the finals people forgot about the celtics,spurs,and okc but my opinion is that the heat will be champs and miami isnt even my favorite team

  5. Stealth says:

    Wade? Arguably the most devastating mid-range game of his generation? Let’s see…Nowitzki (probably the best), Horford, Bosh (can’t seem to miss), Steve Nash, Garnett, Gasol, Allen, Paul are all better from mid-range. There’s a reason why Wade is trying to clean up his shot and they’re not. Or maybe Sekou has a different definition of “mid-range”.

  6. SaYO says:

    its dumb how heat fans are saying repeat champs lol… i wouldnt be too sure.. when lakers won 09 champs.. i wasnt even sure if they were gna win 2010 but they did anyways but i never even thought they would win a 3peat even tho im a laker fan.. i wouldnt be too sure about anything.. cause honestly.. get real l0l wades getting a bit older and we can all see that in his gameplay.. ray doesnt shoot 3’s as hot as he use to anymore.. did you see him in celtics playoffs? ouch… and r.lewis.. idk age too.. howard might get injured.. kobe might not be kobe anymore.. nash is way to old lols
    get real people i dont know if any team here can ensure a title already lol

  7. Najee says:

    What about Mark Price. He’s probably the greatest shootin coach ever but I think he can only help players for the Magic.

  8. bigboy11 says:

    peter get your facts straight garnett was looking good without Chris bosh playing as soon as he came back the celtis was history,when was the last time Orlando with a healthy Howard beaten Miami, Miami used the speed of lebron and wade to get him in foul trouble all the time . a lot of people under estimate Miami’s defense they can shut down any high scoring team remember OKC was jacking up high scores till they got to Miami harden , ibaka, westbrook, vanished only one getting any score was durant, MIAMI is a defense first team

  9. Peter H says:

    I really love how Miami fans always bag out other teams (like LA and Boston) for being old, while in reality Miami has one of the oldest and most injury prone benches in the entire NBA.

    Miami fan’s criticise LA for getting older by adding Nash / Jamison, but convenienctly forget that they just added Ray Allen (37) and Rashard Lewis (34).

  10. abi says:

    I think LB is better player than Wade cause he has got a stronger and more athletic body.If Wade has a same body he would be better than LBJ.Wade are more talented (I think).Think about his steals,alley-oops and blocks with his height,and these lot injuries.What about LB?His body is perfect and he hasn’t got major injury,yet.


    GO HEAT!!!!

    An European Heat FAN…

  11. HeatKingsofEast says:

    many are inventing stats here! smh! hahahahaha

  12. HeatKingsofEast says:

    that’s what happen when u invent. just go with the facts. smh! hahahahah! stupid!

  13. Ricci Evans says:

    Yo, Belizeboy, had Kobe ended up in Charlotte, they may have stole a ring or 2. Larry Johnson, Dell Curry, Glen Rice, Mugsy Bogues, Kendall Gill, even Matt Geiger was on that squad. Heck Robert Parrish was winding down his career. I think Kobe with LJ, Rice, Kenny Anderson at point and Curry coming off the bench would have been great.

  14. A fan says:

    Heat always the best !

  15. oh yeah.. did you know that dwade got the number 3 best player in nba today…
    #1 is his teammate LBJ
    #2 the big monkey D_Howard
    #3 is DWADE.
    #4 CP3
    #5 DIRK
    #6 KD
    #7 kobe

    • mrwormburn says:

      Not that I agree or disagree with your list, but why do you, and others, leave opinions and seems to think that they could be facts? I hate sharing this planet with people as illogical as you.

  16. Richard says:

    The Heat are projected to win it all again in 2013.We’ll see, there have been many teams who have won and failed to do it the next year. Everybody thinks because they addded that TRAITOR, RAY ALLEN (whom i now DESPISE ) Is going to put them over the top again. The Heat will find out real quickly, that Allen is not nearly what he was, he is a JOHNNY ONE NOTE ! spot up shooter, cannot defend ANYONE ! He will be BENCHED, just like he was in Boston. If they get in a big playoff game just remember all the bricks he threw up in game 7 against the lakers. If he makes even half his shots MY BOSTON CELTICS WOULD HAVE WON THE GAME !!!! The east is going to be no cakewalk for the HEET ! Boston, Indiana, chicago( if rose returns) plus the Knicks and the Nets. Still the HEET will have buyers remorse,regarding ALLEN !!!! The three nicest words in the english language THE HEAT LOSE !!!!

  17. HEATallday! says:

    Lebron James(MVP/KING) will win it all next year!!!!! MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. IlickBeeSong says:

    Heat – OKC in the finals (4-1) Heat —- good luck with your lakers 🙂

  19. torontobluejays says:

    toronto blue jays is the best, jose bautista, encarnacion whoooooooooooo.

    oh darn, wrong post. sorry

  20. Trane says:

    Miami Heat back to back champs!!!

  21. jingcor says:

    can’t wait for the comin’ season….

  22. mrwormburn says:

    Wade does not have one of the most “devastating” midrange games in anything. Glad he’s trying to fix a very fundemental problem. Hopefully, this isn’t a quick fix.

  23. LBJ6 says:

    Go Wizards!

  24. erik says:

    Oh my, Dwyane, is one of the worst shooters I have ever seen. If it wasn’t for the refs bailing him out EVERY time he flops on his way to the bucket, he would be the mediocre player he is. Overrated!

  25. Kjames33 says:

    the only team in east a threat to the heat is boston..the knicks sorry their PG and SG position and their bench cant match with the heat..while the lakers greatest threat is okc and okc is on par with the lakers..position by position..but big adv with PG position..as westbrook will dominate nash… but if kobe will make his mamba instincts to good use and outplay durant they might win it ….id say heat vs. celtics in 5 at the east and lakers vs. okc in 7 at the west….heat vs. lakers in 6 in the finals with miami getting the 2013 trophy…its far away and injuries might hinder it.but i think its a good prediction in the conf. finals to the finals….if okc wins against the lakers it wont be a surprise either…but the heat will go 6 games vs. okc and again 2013 title for them…heat 2013 champs…

  26. Allan says:

    and people also forget that Lebron, Wade, Bosh are all 1 year older and slower. Lebron is 28, but Wade is in his 30’s now (with more injuries than most), Bosh is 29.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Yeah but you’re comparing one year older to guys still in their prime (even Wade) as opposed to guys getting ready to go over the hill.

  27. OMAR says:


  28. mwoody says:

    omg…… the heat have 1 count it 1 title with its current team…. did we forget what happen in 11? THEY LOST…

    • abi says:

      Heat has got the biggest chance to the finals from the East,presently.In 11 the Heat was a new team don’t forget it…and now they have more experience.I think the Lakers won’t be more successful than the Heat was in 11.

  29. SigUp says:

    “That a player with arguably the most devastating mid-range game of his generation”
    What? Is the author on drugs? Let’s review the numbers:
    11-12: 41% from 10-to-15ft, 33% from 15ft-to-3pt
    10-11: 35.5% from 10-to-15ft, 40% from 15ft-to-3pt
    09-10: 36% and 35%
    08-09: 44% and 42%
    07-08: 41% and 37%
    06-07: 42% and 37%
    05-06: 38 and 41
    04-05: 37 and 42
    03-04: 31 and 31

    To say Wade has one of the best mid-range games of his generation would be like saying Dwight Howard has one of the most devastating post games in NBA history.

    Now, what do real mid-range gamers put up in terms of percentages?

    Dirk Nowitzki: 42 and 52 in 11-12 (a down year), 49 and 52 in 10-11, 46 and 47 in 09-10, 49 and 48 in 08-09, 48 and 50 in 07-08, 49 and 50 in 06-07, 48 and 47 in 05-06

    Kobe Bryant: 42 – 42 in 11-12, 51 – 37 in 10-11, 48 – 43 in 09-10, 45 – 43 in 08-09, 45 – 38 in 07-08, 48 – 43 in 06-07, 46 – 42 in 05-06

    Steve Nash: 50 – 54, 49 – 45, 55 – 47, 43 – 50, 52 – 53, 46 – 51, 48 – 46

    • Serge says:

      Happy to see that I was not the only person to be surprised when I readed best midrange jumpshot and Dwayne Wade in the same sentence.

    • Belizeboy says:

      1st off where are you getting these BS stats from? 2nd, Let’s stick to the facts. Wade has a better FG% on career than Dirk & Kobe but not Nash. Also he said Wade’s generation…not Nash’s, Kobe’s, or Dirk’s…

      • TTKIN says:

        Wade is only a couple years younger than Dirk and Kobe, how is he a different generation? And Nash may be way older but he started the same year as Kobe so ya…

      • Belizeboy says:

        Wade was born in the 80’s, Nash Kobe Dirk in the 70’s. If you want to talk about it on a basketball level then look at how many years Dirk, Nash and Kobe played pro before Wade. Either way you look at it they are from different generations..so yeah…

  30. HEATCHECK says:

    RUMOURS ARE OKC is trading Kevin Durant to Miami for Cole, Pittman & Batier.

    Starting Line up

    Mario Chalmers – PG

    Dwayne Wade – SG

    Kevin Durant – SF

    Lebron James – PF

    Chris Bosh – C

  31. Isaac says:

    Why do Heat fans keep including Lewis like he is a beast. His numbers declined every season since leaving Orlando. He is old as well and can’t seem to keep healthy. Not as good as he was when Orlando went to the finals at all.

  32. ricky says:

    why do you keep comparing lakers and miami. lakers is not at prime right now even though they acquire nash and howard remember lakers has a great roster the past 2 to 3 season but OKC and SPURS killed the lakers

  33. SeriousFace says:

    I wouldn’t exclude Boston from the list of contenders. They appear to be a forgotten bunch (some may need reminding that they were one game away from the NBA finals). You could argue that Miami weren’t at full strength, but the argument goes both ways. Boston weren’t fully healthy either.

    I’m a Heat fan and I’m always wary of declaring the Miami as kings of the east at this point. Boston are a bunch of battlers with both talent and heart. Yes they lost Ray Allen but picked up some good players over the summer or did more people forget that they picked up Jason Terry who is as good a shooter as any (ask the 2011/12 Miami team).

    Having said all this, I have to agree the East have it much easier than the West. West is way more competitive. I can’t wait for the season to get started!

    • Belizeboy says:

      C’mon man you expect people to believe you’re a Heat fan when you’re boositng up Boston, and taking shots at Miami for the 2011 finals?

  34. Charles Howell says:

    last time i check the new lakers have not played together once and yall are forgetting that howard is gona be out for part of the first half of the season and the lakers are not going to win this year beacause of one word CHEMISTRY!!!!. you seen what happend to miami 2010-2011. i am a miami fan always was since wade got drafted in 03 anyways though to zgillet. Wade is closer to kobe than you think last time i checked melo,joe johnson, and cp3 dont have ANY RINGS!!!!! so until they get a ring then come at wade. heat will repat because wade bosh rehealed their injuries and we have added ray allen and rashard lewis and we still have miller and battier and basically everyone else and nobody can run with the heat besides the thunder 2012-2013 CHAMPS MIAMI HEAT!!!!!!

  35. Krishawn-MIA says:

    If you count free throws then u shud kno that wade holds a 22 consecutive free throw shootkng in a single game rrecord an besides this year his free throws were on point let the hatin cease

  36. quintnoble says:

    yall can keep Kobe and d12 the heat ready for them this and d wade is too.

  37. quintnoble says:

    All of the people who just doubted and criticized Dwayne wade about his shooting yall don’t know in recent years he has been a big threat from the three point line like the game back in 2010 when Dwayne wade scored 46 points and a lot he shot 6 threes big game for wade so don’t talk about his shooting.They didn’t win the championship just because the season was short they won because they are the best in the league.#1 HEAT FAN BABY LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. TTKIN says:

    I stopped reading after the part where the writer says “arguably the most devastating mid-range game of his generation”…ok if you think his mid-range game is better than Kobe, Carmelo, Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowtizki, hell I’ll even take Lebron’s mid range and Pau Gasol over Wade, then clearly we are watching different NBAs.

    I count free throw’s as part of the mid-range game and of all the people I named, Wade shoots them worse than everyone…except maybe Timmy. Then again, Duncan is 7 dam feet tall. I’ll take all those guys’ jump shots over Dwayne Wade’s.

    • Miami Heat says:

      You might count ft as mid range, but the NBA counts them separately. Out of all those people you mentioned Wade is better at getting that mid range shoot. Dirk, Duncan, Gasol and Kobe post up mostly so it counts as a post shot and not a mid range. Carmelo his alright, but not as good as Wade. What Carmelo can do is shot better from the 3 line, but that is about it.

      • TTKIN says:

        You’re a Heat fan so I dont ount your opinion anyways. It’s biased and Miami fans are the second worst in the world behind Boston.

        In addition, I said I count them as the same, not the NBA. Count it as a post move if you want, but when Kobe is backing down 19 feet away and puts up a fadeaway, the only people who will agree that’s a post move are other retarded Heat fans.

    • Belizeboy says:

      And that goes to show that you weren’t reading the article correctly. He said Wade’s Generation, not Tim’s, not Dirk’s, and even Kobe is a bit before Wade’s Generation. Also you really have to be smoking good to compare Pau Gasol’s Shot to Wade.

      • TTKIN says:

        Wade has been in the NBA for more than half of Dirk’s career and basically the same with Duncan so ya I still count that as the same generation.

        And ya how could I read the article correctly if I admitted I stopped reading in the very beginning?

      • Belizeboy says:

        Dirk started playing pro in 1994, wade in 2003. How in the world is that the same generation?

        Let me just put it to you like this. In terms of generation for sports I and most others I know can count people in (the same) who played high school or college ball around the same time which I would say for most is 4-5 year period. None of those players were in college when Wade was. Now Kobe is the only one close to being from Wade’s generation, but he started playing 7 years before Wade did.

  39. Laker Nation says:

    Welcome to the Lakers Steve and Dwight!

    Big 5

    Pg: Steve Nash

    Sg: Kobe Bryant

    Sf: Metta World Peace

    Pf: Pau Gasol

    C: Dwight Howard

    Bench: Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, Jodie Meeks, Devin Ebanks, and Earl Clark

    #Unstoppable #BeatTheHEAT #BandwagonersHEAT&LAKERS

    • Laker Nation says:

      2012-2014 NBA Champions

      HEAT Bandwagoners wish they got Nash and D12

      • Belizeboy says:

        Laker fans wish they got past OKC last year and Dallas before that.

      • trueHEATfan says:

        HAHA good one Laker Nation. Big 5 oh please since when was Ron Artest ever big? Great defender but thats about it, as a matter of fact if you look at regular season and post season stats he pretty much had career lows in all categories. That comes down to the Big 4. Nash even though still great is now one year older and that back and those not getting any younger. I see him maybe playing 25-30 minutes a game max. Will be in mid 30’s for post-season. Kobe… ahem career lows in shooting percentages across the board. Got his knees back this past year and did damage on the court but i prefer efficiancy rating over most other stats. If Kobe bights his tounge and swallows his pride, the Lakers just might get to the finals in 2013. If Kobe takes more than 18-20 shots a game next year that team will go nowhere. Gasol… lol , over the past few seasons has gotten significantly worse and I am convinced the only reason Pau is still wearing Purple and gold is because of the pull that Kobe has in that front office and the Buss family. That will bring us to DH12. Great player that does so much good and will single handed make a team playoff or even title worthy when he is at his best. Sadly his fans don’t reall know about back injuries very much especially the particular one DH has which is a slipped disc. Too say the least just hope Mike Brown doesn’t pull a Clevland, and play him 40 minutes a game as soon as he is back. If he doesnt come back with same athleticism as previous years it will not be good for LA.

      • tyrone says:

        LA and MIA bandwagoners are morons. The Heat are going to pursue Blatche so good luck with that

      • fanof24 says:

        Go Lakers Go!
        Go for lakers3peat = 2012 up to 2015 NBA Champions…

  40. zgillet says:

    Did everyone forget about OKC?

  41. eibi says:

    If there is something D-Wade should work on, it’s his long-range game. His mid-range shots are ok. As he starts to get older and his feet slow down a little, it will become more important for him to have a consistent outside shot

    • tyrone says:

      yeah mid-range is ok but he just needs to work on three point shooting he didn’t shoot as well but Allen and Lewis got Wade’s back so it makes things easier.

  42. rich says:

    Well anything can happen in the playoffs! But I’ll still be cheering for the heat!! Will they take it all this year is way to premature to speculate so I’ll be patiently waiting until playoff time!!!

  43. steve305 says:

    I really dont know why people are riding the Lakers now yes they have Howard Nash Kobe and Gasol but they have NO BENCH AT ALL how do they expect to win games only on those guys especially since the heat just added Ray and Rashard to the mix the Lakers will have to haul a** to keep up with the Heat

  44. benjie says:

    Lakers don’t have bench,don’t have 3 point shooters and most of all no speed to match the heat.
    The heat got the right formula and remains indestructible .And with the addition of ray allen and rashard lewis who can match the heat.
    In the game of hit and run you need 3 point shooters or athleticism to make a good run.
    I say nobody or no other team can match that narrow statatistic.
    The heat will repeat for 2 0r 4 times before Wade will settle down . Mark my words.Heat haters you’ve been warn….

    • Peter H says:

      Again, Rashard Lewis is TERRIBLE right now.

      Even at his peak he was a one dimensional player did nothing but chuck up threes. Now he’s not even as good at that anymore.

      As a Boston fan I almost had nightmares when I heard Rashard Lewis was a free agent – I was scared as hell that Ainge would pursue him, then let out a sigh of relief when he went to Miami.

    • Allan says:

      Dwight , Kobe no athleticism? are you joking?
      Nash can still get to the hoop anytime he wants and he is deadly 3pt and free throw shooter.
      Artest can mitigate the effect of ANY SF.

      No 3 pt shooter? Have you heard of Meeks, Jamison, Nash, Blake and to a certain extent , Kobe and Artest?

      Wake up

      BTW, Ray Allen is done as a player (a shooter relies on his ankle, which he lost) and a washedup Lewis.

  45. HeatKingsofEast says:

    lakers fans are hopeless thinking that they will win the 2013 finals. before dreaming a championship in 2013, just pray to make through in the 2nd round and western finals. as for miami, the only obstacle in them in the east are the boston. i think 90% miami will be in the finals. the lakers? nah! some teams in the west can beat the lakers in a series. OKC, DALLAS, SPURS, CLIPPERS. just saying.

    • yo says:

      looks like you dont watch basketball kid…. the lakers beat dallas 3-0 this season,,…. we beat the clippers 3-1 this season the spurs beat us 3-2.. the only team that beat us in a SERIES was OKC in the playoffs, regular season it was 1-1…. we now have an amazing starting 5… dont forget we also have MEEKS, JAMISON. BARNES, BLAKE ETC on our bench loland to say that the only team that can challenge miami is boston in the east LMAO dont forget about knicks amare trained with OLOJUWAN this summer they also got camby KIDD…… smhh once rose comes back for chi-town its a wrap…..

      • SRS says:

        I don’t think you watch basketball enough. The lakers got beat by OKC 4-0, they were swept last season with the best 1-2 punch Center/PF in the game. Bynum was ranked #1 for best center of the season for 2012, not Howard look it up. Blake and Barnes haven’t done anything worth mentioning for the Lakers since they were picked up, look at there post season stats….. these guys have zero production when it matters so why mention them in your post? Even the nuggets last season with a squad of zero superstars took them to 7 games. Bottom line, they won’t have an easy stroll to the finals, they will be tested. You’re also crazy to think the Knicks who were swept last season with wonderboy pg Jlin is going to do any better this season with the substitution of who; Jason Kidd? And the Bulls haven’t had any pickups worth talking about since last season, Rose is coming back from a blown ACL. That squad has never made the finals, and were already beat by a less stacked Heat team a few seasons back, why do you think that team even with Rose at 100% is going to beat the Heat this season? Outa ya mind kid.

      • Belizeboy says:

        They beat the Clippers 2-1 last season with Billups out one of the games.

      • Peter H says:

        I have to agree, Blake is pretty garbabe and Barnes isn’t even in LA this year…

        Still comparing last seasons Lakers to this seasons Lakers is pointless…the addition of Nash and Dwight make this LA team a completely different beast.

        With Gasol at PF the Lakers already have a good offensively oriented big man with a good low post game. Dwight Howards interior defense, rebounding and agility (i.e. abiltiy to guard the pick and roll) will complement Gasol’s game much better then Bynum did…while the addition of a pure distributer in Nash changes their culture completely.

    • Albeezy says:

      I didn’t mind this post cuz obviously you are a heat fan so i feel you reppin ya team but come on dont give me dallas and the clippers even you dont believe that. The heat better watch out for boston thats all im saying

      • Belizeboy says:

        Pleeez, you think Miami or it’s fans are gonna worry about the Celtics? We had two of the three stars not fully healthy last season and still won. Celtics are going to need to worry about the Sixers, Indiana, NY, and maybe even Chicago. Miami just needs to see who comes out the west. That’s all I’m saying.

      • Peter H says:

        LOL damn mindless miami fans

        You had TWO stars playing injured (Wade, Bosh) and so did we (Allen, Pierce).

        Difference is we also had several other key players (Jermaine Oneal, Chris Wilcox, Jeff Green, Avery Bradley) who didn’t play at all due to injury along with a few other key role players (Pietrus, Stiemsma) who were also playing hurt. We still took you to 7 games and almost knocked you out twice.

      • Albeey says:

        Naw slow down y’all had everybody healthy when it came finals time so thats not an arguement and Bosh did play in that game seven between the heat and the celtics. Miami needs to worry bout that reloaded celtic team they put some nice pieces together and were a few minz away from eliminating the heat.

    • Peter H says:

      The lakers on talent alone are far and away the strongest team in the West right now.

      Dallas and LAC have no chance of beating the Lakers this year, and OKC and SAS are both at a disadvantage. Hell OKC couldn’t even come CLOSE to Miami in the finals last season…they got dominated.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Peter just look at what you’re saying man. OKC got dominated by the Heat, and Lakers got decimated by them, but you think adding Howard (who is not that different than last years Bynum) and Nash gives you what you need to elivate past that team? Lakers look good on paper man but still we haven’t seen how they will play. Heck Howard hasn’t even practiced yet!

  46. James Boots says:

    I think the heat only won the championship because of the short season.

  47. kenObi says:

    It is funny to see that the Lakers form their “Superfriends” to beat the Heat.HOMAYGAS!!!They need to get past tru the Thunders first in the West.Sorry.The monkey is already off Lebrons back.Going for repeat.We know the formula already.lols

    • Albeezy says:

      Thats one of the smartest things that has been said. Because honestly as a laker fan we arent even looking at the heat, the thunder is who concerns us.

    • Peter H says:

      There is a difference – the Lakers’ version actually makes sense. Miami have to elite swingmen (Wade and James) who basically both have the same game – their skill sets do not complement. Their third All Star is a PF who’s best talent is shooting jumpers.

      • Belizeboy says:

        LMAO! I almost fell to the floor when I read your comment. “The Laker version actually makes sense”. I swear Laker fans are the biggest hypocrites in the world. Basically everything that team does is right and the rest of the world is wrong.

      • Tenki says:

        What are you smoking dude? Wade and James PERFECTLY complement each other’s brand of game. Both run the break, help each other on defense, are excellent rebounders (considering Wade stands only 6’4) both knows how to draw the defense, and both of them know how and where to move without the ball. Maybe you’re talking about Melo and STAT because they need Jason Kidd to COMPLEMENT each other’s game, despite the fact of playing a season and a half together.

        The Lakers might have Howard, Nash and Gasol running the game for them, but as long as Kobe’s running the show for L.A., I don’t see them COMPLEMENTING each other. Kobe played his entire career without a point guard of Nash’s caliber, and both players demand the ball a lot (especially Bryant, who needs 25-30 shots to earn 30 points). However, if things turn out to be pretty in Hollywood, that pick n’ roll/high-low would prove to be devastating for the league to witness.

      • Peter H says:

        Actually I’m not a Lakers fan, I’m a Boston fan. The Lakers and Heat are Boston’s greatest rivals so I dislike them equally, and have no bias.

        LA has an Elite playmaker in Nash (who’s also one of the greatest shooters in history), an elite scorer in Kobe, an elite perimeter defender in MWP, an elite offensive minded PF in Gasol, an elite defensive/rebounding center in Howard and a top tier 6th man in Jamison. It’s a perfectly ballanced lineup where every player fills a role, and if they simply play their role they will dominate.

        Miami’s game depends purely on slashing (Wade, Lebron, Cole) and jump shooting (Chalmers, Bosh, Haslem, Battier, Allen, Lewis, Jones). They have no inside presence either offensively or defensively, and their center rotation (Howard, Anthony, Pittman, Curry) is possibly the worst in the NBA.

      • Peter H says:

        The only advantage Miami has over LA is depth – if LA has mulitiple key guys go down with injuries or foul trouble, then they whey may struggle.

        Howard is very foul prone, but Nash, Kobe, Gasol and Jamison have all (for the most part) been pretty good at staying on the court. Yes Kobe is always injured, but 95% of the time he’ll tough it out and play through it.

        Miami has more depth, but that depth is one dimensional (nothing but shooters), while their ben is also old and injury prone.

    • Peter H says:

      Looking at matchups: MWP can defend Lebron, Kobe can defend Wade, Gasol can defend Bosh, Chalmers will have his hands full with Nash and there is NOBODY in Miami who has even a hope of defending Howard.

  48. LordP says:

    To say the truth Wade was lethal with his jump shot in 06..ask to Mark Cuban and Mavs folks..that would be crazy if he get it back fluid cause it will be money every time..

  49. D.Wade heat fan says:

    D.wade coming back with a vengance just like the 2009 season. I smell mvp and another ring in my opinion maybe 2nd finals mvp as well lets go miami-wade county.

  50. MRB says:

    This could be the “Lebron vs. Kobe” Finals year, but this time both teams are stacked. But I’m just looking forward to a full season of NBA basketball.

  51. Kamote says:

    Miami will not reach the finals this year 🙂

    • dattebayo says:

      Well they got to the finals with a worse bench in 2011 and with injuries to Wade and Bosh in 2012. They have a better bench this year and they will have time to nurse ankle sprains and other minor injuries, because it’s a normal season. Stating things like “they won’t reach the Finals this time” is pure speculation based on wishful thinking on your part and really, you ought to be better than that.

      I hope they meet Boston again in the playoffs and I hope they meet Chicago again, with a healthy Rose. These series will be fun to watch. I don’t really care who wins it all, but I think this might be the season, when Miami and OKC will make Boston and the Lakers show their age in the playoffs…

      • Peter says:

        Boston, old?

        The average age of Boston’s starting lineup is 29, the average age of their bench is 28, and the average age of the overall roster is 28.

        The average age of Miami’s starting lineup is 28, the average age of their bench is 32, and the average age of their overall roster is 31.

        Miami’s starting lineup may be young enough, but their bench is one of the oldest in the NBA, with only two rotation players (Cole and Pitmann) under the age of 30.

      • Peter says:

        Lets take a look at the second unit – the first 5 guys to come off the bench, and the guys who will contribute the most minutes outside of the starting 5:

        – Boston’s second unit (Terry, Lee, Green, Sullinger, Wilcox) averages 28 years of age.
        – Miami’s second unit (Cole, Allen, Miller, Battier, Haslem) averages 32 years of age.

      • Peter says:

        Finally lets look at the health of that second unit:

        – 2/5 of Boston’s second unit are coming off recent health problems (Green, Wilcox)
        – 4/5 of Miami’s second unit are coming off recent health problems (Cole, Miller, Allen, Haslem)

      • Peter says:

        If you think the Celtics are looking old and battered right now, you might want to take a look at your own Miami team!

        As for OKC, they are far and away the most overrated team in the league right now. They got absolutely slaughtered in the Final’s by a Miami team that struggled to get past Boston and Indiana. While Boston, Miami, Philly, New Jersey, New York and LA have made major upgrades to their rosters, who have OKC added? Nobody.

        Last season was OKC’s chance, and they blew it. This season they will be VERY lucky to make the finals and have next to no hope of beating a healthy Lakers team in a 7 game series.

      • @ Peter says:

        Just because they have some rookies sitting on their bench doesn’t mean that they are a young team. Garnett was the best Power Forward in the playoffs last year but he will be a year older and so will Pierce and Terry and they will play the most minutes after Rondo. I think those 3 guys will show their age this season a little more and I think they might not be as productive as last season or last postseason, especially if they meet Indiana or the Heat.

        And where did I say Boston was old, they have Lee, Bradley, Green and they signed 3 rookies over the summer. The question is how much can you play those young guys and can they be effective. Miami’ bench is old without a doubt, but Wade, Chalmers, Lebron and Bosh will play the most minutes and they are athletic as can be…

      • Peter H says:

        KG, Pierce and Terry between them will likely only play 84 MPG (28 apiece). Collins will ikely play 5 MPG at the most, while Dooling won’t likely play at all. The rest of their rosteris 30 or younger, and should make up about 151 of the 240 available minutes (63%) available minutes.

      • Peter H says:

        KG and Pierce should if anything be more productive this year. With the extra depth in Boston there will be far less pressure on KG/Pierce to carry the load, and they will have more opportunity to rest.

        Pierce should also be healthy again (he played most of last season with a bad MCL).

    • SRS says:

      Oh right… because Miami has to beat serious contenders this year like the Celtics (Who lost Ray Allen to the Heat), and the Knicks (Who don’t have there star PG anymore), and of course the Sixers because of the Amazing Bynum that did wonders for the Lakers on there championship runs in the last two years. (4-1 Loss to the Mavericks, and 4-0 Sweep to OKC). And we can’t forget the Atlanta Hawks, after all they still have Joe Johnson right? Oh wait, he’s also gone. And what about the Nets, I’m sure that 1-2 punch from Darren Williams and Johnson are surely going to be the favorites this year. And lastly, the Pacers who were beat last year 4-2 who haven’t picked up any half decent player worth talking about to add to a squad that was beat last year by an injured Wade and Bosh who sat out the entire series. I wonder how they will fare now against the healthy big 3 with the addition of allen and lewis? And lastly, the final hope for the East, the Orlando Magics! Face it, the Bulls are the only team that have a remote chance, and that’s if Rose can carry the burden against that ridiculously stacked team, my bet… Miami is going to the finals and you’re ignorant if you don’t see it that way.

      • Peter says:

        The fact that Boston made an agreement with Terry BEFORE talking to Allen should tell you a little something about how much they expected to get from him. Sure they would have liked him back as an extra shooter, but they clearly didn’t have enough confidence in his health, his ability (at this point in his career) or his mentality (willingness to come off the bench) to trust him as a focal point of the team.

        They signed Terry because they needed a sure thing – someone who’s healthy and who will give you guaranteed production off the bench every night, no questions asked.

        I understand why Miami fans are getting excited about adding Ray Allen – given his history as a player – but he’s not the player he once was.

      • Peter says:

        Also you aren’t taking NY seriously why? They lost a PG who did very little for them aside from draw media attention to a team that was already way too ‘in the spotlight’.

        Jason Kidd will bring focus and stability to a team that was previously pure chaos, Marcus Camby (despite his age) remains one of the best defensive and rebounding bigs in the game, and Felton has never played better than he did in New York

        The bench of Felton, JR Smith, Novak, Thomas and Camby is one of the tougher second units in the game, while the starting lineup of Kidd, Shumpert, Carmello, Amare and Chandler will be elite if they get build some chemisry and get organised.

        The only thing holding NY back is chemistry…if they find that, then their lineup is every bit as deadly (maybe mores) as Miami’s.

      • Peter says:

        NJ, Philly and Indiana I still don’t see contenders. I see them as three teams that will do pretty well in the regular season, but bail out early in the Playoffs.

        – NJ are just too ‘fresh’ to be a contender. They’ll need time to built chemistry, they lack playoff experience, and they don’t have the intangibles (coaching, a ‘go to’ guy, etc) to be anything more then a very good reg season team IMHO. I just don’t see Joe Johnson and Deron Williams as “put the team on my back” guys the way Pierce, Rondo, Garnett, James, Wade, Carmello, Paul, Kobe (etc) are.

        – Philly IMO gave up more with Iggy/Williams then they got back with Bynum. Iggy was more then just the sum of his parts (or stats) – he was the emotional leader who led the way with his warrior attitude and clutch play, and he was a winner. Williams had a lot of that same attitude as well. As a Boston fan, it was those two guys who constantly killed us and kept Philly in the series last season – without them we would have destroyed them. Bynum gives them a dominant big man, but he doesn’t have the attitude to match – he’s inconsistent and he’s got a history of choking in the playoffs. With iggy gone they lose their defensive identify, and with Williams gone they lose their greatest offensive threat – they be an early exit.

        – Indiana overachieved two seasons ago when the pushed a highly favoured Chicago team all the way in the playoffs. Last year they got better and they put some pressure on Miami, but they just weren’t good enough. This year Indiana are no longer a ‘surprise’ team so they won’t fly under the radar…and with the decline of Danny Granger they still lack a true superstar. Plus in an offseason of huge moves, Indiana just didn’t do enough to upgrade. They are much like the Nuggets IMHO – a ballanced team that is a jack of all trades, but a master of none. They will have a strong regular season and get knocked out in the first or (more likely) second round.

        – Chicago will be a tough team as long as they have Rose, Deng, Gibson, Boozer and Noah on the roster. They’re well coached and they have a team of guys who play hard every night, yet somehow they are just never good enough to get over the line. They seem to lack a true ‘heart and soul’ leader, with Derek Rose so far showing no signs of being the playoff stud Chicago needs. To make matters worse, one of Chicago’s greatest strengths (it’s depth) is done this year.

        Boston will absolutely be Miami’s greatest threat. This year they have:
        – As much overall talent as any team in the East
        – Enough depth to remain successful, even if they get hit by injuries and foul trouble
        – A combination of defense and scoring power that’s unmatched in the East
        – Elite leadership in the locker room and on the court (Rondo, Terry, Pierce, Garnett, Doc)
        – The unshakeable confidence of knowing that they (despite injuries) pushed Miami to 7 games last season

        Chicago and NY will be the other two teams that will likely challenge Boston and Miami in the East come playoff time.

      • NBA NBA NBA says:

        Who is Darren Williams???

    • Albeezy says:

      I agree Miami can’t beat this new boston team in a 7 game sersis, ppl sleepin on boston all they did was revamp and trade in an old ray allen for a younger jason terry

    • Kamote says:

      I can make my predictions anyway, right? No need to get hurt, cry and call out names LOL

      And as I see it, Miami won’t make it. Not being a hater, but Miami and OKC had that benefit of the lockout last year. James and Durant, probably the best 2 players last year due to their youth and durability (and of course, talent), had that advantage of carrying their teams when ALL NBA teams are hurting. Top contenders like LA, Boston, Dallas, SA and Chicago never had the time to recover or at least get along together. And honestly, Kobe, KG, TD and Dirk dont have the youth to carry a team alone anymore (rose was out in Chicago).

      Now a full season gives a lot of teams a fighting chance to get together and recover before the playoffs. Im not saying the Heat gets weaker, in fact, they got better. But the other teams now have that fighting chance once the playoffs comes. remember, and aging and limping (Pierce and Allen) Boston still took the mighty Heat to 7 games. And that’s just Boston.

      We’ll see. Sorry to break your hearts, its just a prediction anyway. Now stop crying LOL.

  52. Wilt #13 says:

    The lakers cannot run as fast as the HEAT and they dont have a good bench Like the HEAT with allen rechard haslem and anthony … Thats not the best bench but it did the job agains the so called “BEST BENCH ” OKC .
    I love Nash more then any player in the NBA now.
    My fav player is obv wilt 13.
    But got to say he is old and not the best PG as he ones was.. he is still at the top 3 or top 2 with rando raising.
    I think the HEAT will win it only if they will have LBJ , Wade , Bosh , Allen , Mario , and obv Battier .
    will be healthy. then i will see no reason for a 6 games win to miami or even 5 games or unlikey a sweep.

    • Albeezy says:

      The Lakers don’t need to run with the Heat, thats why you run a half court offense. Did your really use rashard Lewis and Joel Anthony in an arguement…come on man.. Hey if Nash is only one of the best three pgs in the game I will take that, The best center in the game and the best closer in the game versus the big 3 anyday. O and don’t forget about gasol and world peac still gets down every now and then

      • atatna says:

        BASKETBALL is a physical game AGE will be a big factor for the LAKERS against HEAT.

      • Albeey says:

        Basketball is much more mental than it is physical. Yeah they might be a step slower but the wisdom that steve nash is going to bring to the table will do much good.

    • tyrone says:

      LA is clearly not the biggest threat to MIA cause they’re slow while Nash needs to rely on double teaming which would give Lewis and Allen openings for the three balls. Dwight is still questionable, KB is a ball hog Jamison doesn’t have SIGNIFIGANT weaknesses. LA’s bench isn’t really that good at all maybe on paper. OKC is MIA’s biggest threat and OKC has improve their bench with a steal from the draft which is PJ3 and they should put Harden as a starter instead cause he deserves it. Sefolosha can be on the bench instead. Other title threats can be BOS, CHI (If Rose is healthy), PHI (If Bynum does his job right), SAS (LBJ can get revenge on TD for sweeping him in 07). NY (If Melo and STAT can work together) and MEM are some possible threats.

  53. zoe pound says:

    IF the king play like he played last season who is going to stop him heat all day baby

  54. #1 says:

    2 words “Watch Out”

    People think L.A is just gonna walk in and win this season……Slim chance of that.

    Healthy Wade + Healthy Bosh + Super Saiyan LeBron lol cuz hes on a different level right now AND Allen knocking down 3s

    The Heat are and will be the team to beat for the next 3yrs.

    As long as there are no serious injuries to LeBron

    • NBA Fan says:

      If LBJ can score 5 points within 1-2 miins of clutch time after pulling a muscle, psh I cant even bend my leg when I do that, im pretty sure he wont get injured. But OFC, haters can always get mad and push him around like the Hornets and one other team (Suns, I think) did to Blake Griffin during the 2011-12 regular season, and the call wont be as severe as it should be because he LBJ has a “strength advantage”, guy’s a train…

  55. nbafan says:

    lol says the haters. go heat!!! go heat!!!


  57. DShip says:

    It’s amazing how often that people get on these blogs and HEAT HATE…..saying they won’t win, or they won’t win AGAIN, won’t win a title, won’t win ANOTHER……I think it is best not to speculate so that you don’t look so foolish when it is all said and done. One thing the Heat will do just like last year’s title run is just like LBJ said “let their GAME do the talking.” Inother words, I think everyone on these blogs should stop yapping about Lakers this, OKC that. Let’s just let the season and playoff results determine who is what!!! Ijs….

    • Albeezy says:

      Hey LBJ set himself up saying that dumb stuff talking bout not three, not four, not five… He did that to himself.. The heat are the biggest talkers in the league they bring the attenion to themselves.

      • Team NO Sleep says:

        yea and they got a ring and everyone knows that was all for show but they can do that cus they have the best player in the leauge right now

      • Albeey says:

        Hey Bron brought the hate on himself and yea they got one ring so what, once he doubles up then maybe I might pay attenion to the heat.

  58. Just a Fan says:

    Did I just read “That a player with arguably the most devastating mid-range game of his generation…” in an article about D-Wade??? I don’t even know how to comment on that… Sekou, you have some good pieces occasionally, but sometimes you just write nonsense.

    • SRS says:

      You need to watch highlights and review Wade’s shooting stats in the years prior to his injuries that have kept him from being a dominant shooter. Since his injuries, he’s been overshadowed by Lebron and in addition he is getting older but to say he isn’t one of the most devestating mid range shooters of the game in his generation is completely false. There are pure shooters in the game like Rip Hamilton or Dirk but neither of those two have the talent wade has to get where he wants to get and shoot when he wants to shoot.

      • zgillet says:

        Wade is nowhere close to Kobe, Carmelo, Joe Johnson, or CP3.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Wade is nowhere near Joe, Carmelo, CP3!!!!? HOW MANY CHAMPIONSHIPS HAVE THEY WON? Better yet how many finals have they even been to? LMAO you know nothing about basketball to compare D-Wade to Carmelo and Joe Johnson. CP3 isn’t in the argument because he’s at a totally different position than Wade. Kobe is a bit beyond Wade but mainley because of being a Laker. Had he ended up in Charlotte we wouldn’t even be talking about him the same.

      • @SRS says:

        Wade is an NBA Finals MVP and future Hall of Famer. When you say he isn’t even close to Joe Johnson’s level, I think we can all agree that that’s true, because Wade is way above him…

      • Belizeboy says:

        @zgillet, If you think D-Wade is not better than Carmelo or Joe Johnson then you are just a Miami hater or on crack. I think Kobe has had a better career than Wade and is a better scorer, but not a better leader. CP3 comparison to Wade just makes me realize you are throwing names out there without any basketball knowledge.

  59. zulu says:

    Great info this what make these guys the best on the planet.

  60. Belizeboy says:

    D-Wade is gonna be going for a MVP title this year.

    • Albeezy says:

      How is isnt even the best player at his own position… He isn’t even the best player on his team. How do you expect wade to get the mvp, maybe all star game

      • Team NO Sleep says:

        Wade is the best player at his own position hes been since 05 and of course he not the best on the team cus lebron is the best in the world but wade is better than kobe and hes been robbed of mvpp too many times and kobe doesnt even deserve than 1 mvp hes gotten

      • Albeey says:

        Wade might be third best at his position. You can’t put Wade over Kobe. wADE DOESN’T HAVE THE FOOTWORK, RANGE AND SKILL that Kobe POSSES. He has never been robbed of any MVP’s because he hasn’t had a MVP season where you can say yeah wade was the best lets give him the trophy.

    • tyrone says:

      I wish but he can become MVP but his teamate LBJ and KD are one of his main compeititions for the award. At least he has one finals MVP.

  61. It’s good that he is practicing his mid range game…but he’ll only win 2 championships in his career

  62. nevertheless says:

    Oh my God, I could not even read the article, Wade’s enormous face-size covered it all! Beath the Heat !

  63. guidedbyjesus says:

    And next year we’re gonna win it again.
    Famous words spoken by pat riley.

    • Not Gonna Happen As Long as Kobe, Gasol, Nash and Howard are in the Lakers

      • Ariel says:

        lol another Lakers fantard detected

      • SRS says:

        Yep… the laker fanboy strikes again… in every article that’s not even remotely related to the Lakers… Talk about counting your eggs before they hatch. I wonder how it felt for him when they got swept by OKC 4-0 this season and 4-1 by the Mavs last season with the best 1-2 punch Center/PF in the game. You think D Howard and Gasol are going to get back quick enough on Defense when Lebron and Wade push the ball on there fastbreaks? You think nash and kobe can close our lewis and allen on the 3 pt line when Lebron kicks it from one side to the other? Sorry…. there’s a reason why the Heat are still the #1 team and the DEFENDING CHAMPS.

      • Peter says:

        This is great – all we’re going to hear all year is moronic Heat fanboys arguing with moronic Lakers fanboys.

        I expect my IQ will drop 50 points just from reading comments this year.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Well then Peter you sound smart enough to know that if your IQ will drop from doing somthing, then you probably shouldn’t do it. So I guess we’ll see you back on here when the Lakers or Heat are no longer a hot topic.

      • Check yourself before you wreck yourself says:

        they went 4-1.

      • B-Ball says:

        Howard really isn’t a strong center. He is probably up in the ratings because the NBA really doesn’t have a lot of strong centers. To me Bynum was a much more physical player. Howard needs to work on his low post moves more. It’s no way players like Big Baby should be pushing Howard off the block.

        Nash is good and I have always enjoyed his game but he is getting older and may not be able to defend the faster points.

        Kobe is getting old too and as he showed us he doesn’t have a huge lift anymore. That’s not a bad thing it’s just what happens when we get older. Kobe may want to improve his outside shot.

        All that being said unless LA has a 3 pt buster it’s going to be difficult for them. If I was defending the Lakers I would just play off of everyone and force them to shoot outside jumpers.

      • Peter H says:

        Pao Gasol is still one of the better low post bigs in the NBA right now, and he’s still 7 foot. The Lakers don’t really NEED a big low post scorer – they just needed a big who is absolutely dominant on the boards and defensively, and Howard gives them that.

        You can’t really use the “old” argument against Kobe when he averaged averaged close to 30 PPG last year, or Nash when he averaged over 10 APG last year. If a person is still producing at an elite level, then age really “ain’t nothing but a number”.

        Miami have more talent looking ahead 4 years from now, but LA havea far stronger roster right here and now. Nash, Kobe, MWP and Gasol combined are very capable of handling Chalmers, Wade, Lebron and Bosh…but there is nobody in Miami who can come close to handling Howard. Hell they struggled enough to stop KG…

      • Gabriel says:

        And you probably predicted that Lebron will go to the grave without a ring. If you’re so sure why not borrow ten thousand and bet it on the Lakers to win the title this year. I’m sure the payout is very good if you’re willing to bet right now.

    • BP says:

      Heat will repeat champion….

    • Albeezy says:

      Famous words by Pat Riley but you see he never said that with this Heat team, those words are only for the LAKERRRRRS THE NEXT NBA CHAMPS