Shaq’s Latest Dig At Dwight?


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — This could very well be much Shaq ado about nothing.

But in an otherwise tame interview, TNT’s own and former Magic and Lakers (among others) superstar big man Shaquille O’Neal seems to have taken at least a passing shot at former Magic and now Lakers superstar big man Dwight Howard.

In an interview with the Times Picayune, O’Neal was asked what he thought about Howard following in his giant footsteps, and the big fella didn’t stutter:

What was your reaction to Dwight Howard being traded to the Lakers?

“I don’t have a reaction. You have to care to have a reaction. I’ve got businesses to run. I always tell people that in order to step in my shoes you have big shoes to fill. For him, he’s going to have to at least win three to get people’s respect.”

How do you feel about a big center like Howard following your same path to the Lakers following four years with the Magic?

“I’m flattered, if you want to put it like that.”

This is obviously not the first time the question has been asked and it certainly won’t be the last. And you better believe that these two giants will be compared to each other for years to come, especially with them having so much in common in terms of the position they play, where they’ve played and that whole Superman thing.

Howard can silence Shaq and many of his other critics by getting off to a rousing start in his Lakers career. If they win big this season, much of the hoopla surrounding his move will dissipate. If not, this will be just one of the many shots he absorbs from Shaq and plenty of other people waiting to pile on.


  1. Hazel Berry says:

    shut up people! enough…May the best team wins! we’ve got the helluva recipe of players

  2. Team Black Mamba says:

    Duh, the Heat will face the same challenges as the Lakers! Even with the addition of those two old goats, it won’t be a walk in the park for them either. Everything has to be earned, the HARD WAY! It will be a grueling season, I can promise you that. Dwight Howard will have to get that back of his at 100%. And when he does… LBJ and Co. won’t be happy campers. The King will be biting his nails again. Again, its a group effort! Nothing’s etched in stone yet. But the Lakers is a force to be reckoned with now. Welcome to the LAKE SHOW and its about to start real soon!

  3. Stu says:

    Howard has a lot of making up to do… At least the pressure will come off LBJ for a while!

  4. torontobluejays says:

    lamonteecurb, what you posted made me gasp for cheese, listen carefully black boy, lebron might be the best nba player today no doubt, but dwade vs nash? dwade can dunk, block, shoot and defend, but man oh man nash’s intelligence on the floor is like einstine and charles darwins IQ level combined. not a laker fan nor a heat fan, i like them team like chicago bulls. keep in mind that when dallas stole the show 2 years ago, dallas team wasn’t that great, oldies but goodes, smart players. πŸ™‚ cheers to you black boy

    • Harry says:

      Can you please explain who “einstine” and “Darwins” are to us normal folks..Oh enlightened one? LMAO. Stick to sports moron.

  5. TELLINlikeITis says:

    you gotta love the “my Lakers” fans. I’m not even a Heat fan and I can safely say they are better equipped than the Lakers. Heat have the better team defense for starters. Miami has a better bench which now includes Ray Allen. They have youth and speed (Kobe is 34 and Nash is 38)… and I almost forgot: Miami has the best player in the world, including Wade who has to be top 5.

  6. dice8up says:

    wow Lamonteecurb … your comment is just plain BS… if your MIAMI Heat is that strong, why do you sound insecure? I can’t believe I am even reading into your comment.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. XG says:

    Wow @Lamonteecurb, that is one really long sentence……. Had to catch my breath after reading it xD

  9. Lakersfan says:

    Shaq you were one off the great Centers of all times, and you had your succes, you need to let DH12 have his own, and Am sure Dwight Howard is not looking to fit Shaq’s shoes or be better than Shaq, he is just focus on winning.

  10. Lamonteecurb says:

    As a heat fan im heated all of u laker fans have great expections wow us heat fan’s are tired of it and hearing miami will repeat wade will come threw this year and ray allen dont let your starting 5 percieve u remeber what happen in 0-4 when u and your lakers fell flat lakers can not beat the heat in the finals no way u got howard we got allen u kobe we got a finally grown up james u got nash we got wade and srew nash 2-MVPs wade got 2-rings and a finals MVP and wade plays Defence and can block shots he will get in nash area let kobe and james go 1-1 now miami bench is still better than the lakers (thats) where miami can win the battle i mean jamsion is the only laker off that bench thats a im pact think u bring jamsion off we bring reshard lewis off with allen and and we can mix it up with wade at the 1 james at 2 batter at 3 reshard at 4 bosh at 5 wit this line up were a threat to lakers as long as we keep it fast break i think kobe and paul will wear down specially if james plays kobe james can post kobe every play he’s bigger and fast now howard or world peace will have to double james in the post which open up for batter and reshard and bosh all of these guys will b use the rite way thats alot of 3s for lakers oh let wade and nash play here again wade lov’s the post game he pump fakes down there and he’s bigger and more angle than nash he can wear nash down bosh lovs the mid rang and howard cant aford to let bosh keep hitting outside shots because he too can hit the 3 from time to time howard will have back problems once he faces deandre jordan and gaval mcgee both of these centers are taller than howard both are a tad bit younger and can run the floor with dawhite howard not shaq and like shaq try winng 4 rings big shoes to fill howard big .so with all that hype u lakers only look good on paper we going back to 82 games long games with that said miami will beat out the east again and will b well rested in the finals kobe wants to tie mike james wants to tie mikes 73 win record so we ant gone just give L.A anything it has to b earned in the N.B.A good luck with those clippers and O.K.C and denver cats dont go 7 with these teams clippers got magic instored for the rival lakers we will worrie bout the lakers in the end not our confrence show-time.and the heat ant the movies.

    • Rivalry says:

      Are you stipud???? Those are just your personal thoughts, not any actual facts….. You and I can talk only afther theyre rivalry, not now starting just another stupid discussion!!!!

  11. Jaymaine says:

    I agree with what Krishawn-MIA said. the only thing is LBJ didn’t destroy a teams season and get a coach fired in the process. Howard is a big baby who will win nothing possibly. The Lakers are still going to have a hard time next season but i can’t wait to watch.

  12. MGIC CORE 2 says:

    Try to see behind Shaq’s comment .Dwight if you don’t get at least 3 championship ( which by the way your are not going to get it) You have been challenged by Shaq

  13. bu says:

    I like that, Coward the cry baby!!!!

  14. HUGO says:

    Or Miami or OKC but not the Nets Im sorry but ever since Dwight said he wanted to be trated I knew he was going to the Lakers.

  15. HUGO says:

    Why do some people think Dwight Howard wanted to play for Brooklin? He never said it publicly.I think that info was created by the net to get some attention with help from the media. No disrespect for the Nets but they dont have much to offer no championships, maybe a decent future but thats about it.If I was abasketball player trying to scape from a loosing team I’d go to the Lakers and not to the same situation with different zip code.

  16. AK says:

    No center in the league today can fill shaq’s shoes…not even close. He made Penny Hardaway better…then he made Kobe better…and then made D Wade better. Win a few scoring titles, win 4 NBA titles, 3 Fnals MVP awards along with a season MVP and maybe you’ll be worthy for comparison. Let’s not forget who won every Finals MVP award in the lakers 3-peat seasons. Enough said.

  17. Belizeboy says:

    I like Shaq, can’t stand Howard, but think Shaq is being a bit sensitive. To me if he didn’t care then his statement would have ended with the first sentence.

  18. Rah Rubilotti says:

    Shaq is punk! Just like the media becasue he is on the other side now. He mad KOBE still gona get RINGS and he at home listening to HOOPS clown his man hood!!! HA !! HA!! Lets go Dwight Howard and the LAKERS!!! 2012-2013 Champs!!

  19. Krishawn-MIA says:

    I really hope neither of you guys were against lebron leavin bcuz it wud b quite hypocritical to post those comments agreein with dwights departure..i respect boths decisions but not thier pr personel

  20. King k says:

    I think that Shaq still don’t like dwight and what he said was uneccessary about having a “business to run”.

  21. Laker Nation says:

    Welcome to the Lakers Steve and Dwight!

    Big 5

    Pg: Steve Nash

    Sg: Kobe Bryant

    Sf: Metta World Peace

    Pf: Pau Gasol

    C: Dwight Howard

    Bench: Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, Jodie Meeks, Devin Ebanks, and Earl Clark

    2012-2014 NBA CHAMPIONS #BeatTheHEAT

  22. Alessio says:

    Shaq attack babe!

  23. DANITo says:

    i think shaq is the best center of all time. he is better than chambelain, the game was different back then with all that huge stats , he is better than kareem or hakeem. he just built to be a center,howard is a 20pt 10 reb guy with no post moves . shaq was a 30 10 guy with post moves and force, i wish he stayed with the lakers back then. him and kobe would had at least 6 championships

    • bballjunkie1 says:

      Love Shaq, but the greatest no-way. Dominant yea with his size, wished he would have stayed true to the game (weight, more post moves) so that as he gotten older he could have been still a major threat to the end. Kareem, Wilt played the game when dunking wasnt allowed in the NBA, them boyz had shooting skills, plus dunks. Thats why Kareem was still scoring skyhooks till the end. Are you talking rings, or just because you love SHaq. Love him too but to put him over Kareem he’d better lace up and get back out there and get 2 more rings and some points. Last I checked more skyhooks recorded than any jumpshots or dunks. Wilt has a 100 pt game and if you really want to talk the center-standard 11 rings Bill Russell. Case closed. Love Shaq too the best- in his time at his time that’s all.

    • LAKERS 4EVA!! says:

      dude, lay off the crack! I love Shaq but to say he is the best centre of all time??? Really??? Wilt, Kareem and Russell were all better than Shaq, and he himself knows it! I agree that MAYBE shaq would have been equal to Wilt in relation to records, scoring, etc if he played in the same era, but the flipside of that is how much better would Wilt have been if he was in the league in Shaq’s time? With DRs, physicians, trainers, sports dieticians, nutritionalists, strength and conditioning coaches, etc etc

  24. zack GT says:

    Howard got big shoes to fill…….

  25. GABAN10 says:

    WoW wow wow!!! big Shaq the diesel, you’ll always be my man, but when you decide to jump on somebody, do so ’till the end without holding back.

    Shaq said and I quote: ” I don’t have a reaction. you have to care to have a reaction…” then he goes “I’m flattered, if you want to put it like that.” Hostestly I kinda expecting him to say: ” like i said, in the beginning, I don’t have a reaction, you have to care to have a reaction.” that woud’ve sparked something else out there.

    That being said, big Shaq, you are a future hall of famer, and you are bigger than BEEF! you had your run, and it’s now over. Dwight is gonna have his too,I’m pretty sure. R. kelly said to Trey songz: Elephants don’t swat with Flies:” Do’t bring yourself down big Diesel!

  26. marlon green says:

    The only comparison that the superman’s have is they play the same postion, played for some of the same teams and share nicknames. Now as far as on the court Shaq has rings and mvp’s Dwight doesn’t have either one.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Not to mention he won’t get one (MVP) either. He can get a championship, maybe even finals MVP (although I doubt that alongside Kobe) but he can never fill Shaq’s shoes. Really he’s just replaceing Bynum and that’s not to hard a task for someone like Howard to fill.

  27. Kamote says:

    The questions were asked, Shaq has to answer. If the media didnt ask those $tupid q’s…

  28. Nick@nite says:

    I know this is a little off subject but am I the only one who thinks if the Lakers don’t win this year, Dwight will be a Brooklyn Net?

    • angie says:

      And how do you suppose that happens? Even if the Lakers don’t win it all, how does Dwight end up in Brooklyn? Is he signing for the mid-level?

      • Nick@nite says:

        Unlike the Magic exec’s, the Lakers front office can work something out, maybe a trade from Brook lopez and Gerald Wallace, something like that

      • Bizzman23 says:

        NOT A CHANCE the Nets already paid Lopez

      • Lakersfan says:

        If DH12 don’t sign the Lakers can’t do a trade because Howard is free to go anywhere, I think everybody knows that beside you. But the chances for him not to sign a contract with the Lakers are slim, and if he sign it won’t be to get trade, do some research before you post something like that.

      • JLMonee says:

        Tell ’em Angie!!!

    • p says:


      • LAKERS 4EVA!! says:

        not impossible. The Lakers and Nets can trade Howard for Lopez after Jan 15 I think is the date, once they have each been under contract long enough to negate the clause in the new collective agreement. But WHY would the lakers do this???? Dwight will re-sign with the Lakers next season AFTER his current deal has expired. This is because if he waits, and does not “extend” his current deal, he can get more money from the Lakers. He cannot get more money from another team, as he only has his Bird rights with the Lakers…

      • fanof24 says:

        ” LAKERS 4EVA!! ” I LOVE THIS NAME … lakers for ever and ever and ever amen lol hehehehe

        Let’s see what happened if your forecast will come true…

  29. Aldo Vice says:

    Being a huge fan of KB24 and the Lakers, I know Koby, Dwight Howard, and the Lakers will be a huge success,
    It’s been a dream come true for many now in reality not just a video game. get ready for the BIG EXPLOSION.

    • Haydz says:

      if you’re such a huge Bryant fan, how about learn to spell his name…

      • Tommohawk says:

        If you’re so big on spelling, how about you insert a “you” between the words “about” and “learn”? Seriously, why do all you supposed spelling heros have to have a go at somebody who’s happy about his new team … vindictive cyberbully punks!

      • Rob says:

        Directed at Mr. Tommohawk. Sir, I do believe you meant to write “heroes”. LOL.

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      If you’re a big fan shouldn’t you know how to spell their names…KOBE!!!

    • LAKERS 4EVA!! says:

      you would think a “big fan of KB24” would know how to spell his name. KOBE not Koby… But nice try…

    • fanof24 says:

      @ Aldo Vice, yeah very HIGH expectations at the camp of Lakers now for adding DH and S.N. and A.J. and J.M. and more… but its not so easy to get a championship Ring… but I believed that they can do that.. many of the Lakers Hater (specially Kobe’s hater) will laugh out loud when they failed to get it. but its ok

    • Koby says:


    • hooplover says:

      get him tommohawk! these spelling bee champions totally get on my nerves. comments are just that, comments, not essays!

  30. zulu says:

    Shaq needs to go practice his on screen media presentation. It’s over for him. Howard made a descision for Dwight Howard. Get tired of guys talking as though they played non “team” sports. Shaq will get his just post playing day rewards but geez does every comment about those still playing have too be stated in and ambiguous manner.

  31. urishavit says:

    Reblogged this on @Uri Shavit and commented:
    “in order to step in my shoes you have big shoes to fill” hahaha I love Shaq !

  32. J says:

    lol businesses to run.. You mean get smart people to run them for you more like it.

  33. magicman101 says:

    I guess he will be playing in Miami in a decade or so then off to the Suns… might just be a Celtic before that… some different path Coward the Cry baby…