Ricky Rubio To Return In December, Brandon Roy Ready Now For T’Wolves


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Now that the Minnesota Timberwolves have a firm timetable as to when Ricky Rubio will rejoin his teammates on the court, they can move on to the business of crafting a potent attack without one of the best young point guards in the league.

Rubio’s injury and absence last season all but dashed the faint playoff hopes the Timberwolves had. They didn’t have another dynamic playmaker on the team to balance the floor as All-Star power forward (and recent gold medal winner) Kevin Love continued his assault on opposing teams and the stat sheet. But in a summer filled with twists and turns, they did come up with a player capable of not only balancing the floor but taking over games, if his knees hold up, in Brandon Roy.

No offense to Russian rookie point guard Aleksey Shved, who was something of a revelation this summer in London during the Olympics, but the Timberwolves are going to need more than what we think he can give in Rubio’s absence.

If this footage (above) is any indication, Roy appears to be ready to resume the All-Star activities he displayed in Portland, where he starred before knee injury issues forced him to retire before the start of last season.

If he can provide a spark during the first month of the season, Rubio’s return in December should be another swift punch Rick Adelman can add to the Timberwloves’ arsenal this season. The roster is as sound as it’s been in years and the optimism surrounding Rubio’s return is yet another step in a new direction for a franchise that’s been searching for an identity since the Kevin Garnett era ended.

And if there was any doubt about Rubio’s importance to the Timberwolves team that we saw last season, Fox Sports North’s Joan Niesen puts and end to that foolishness:

The Timberwolves missed Rubio last season, more than they might have imagined. They finished with an 18-13 record in games he started and went 8-27 when he didn’t, but no matter how ready they might be for him to rejoin them, patience will be of the essence.

On June 27, Timberwolves president of basketball operations David Kahn said Rubio would be permitted to return to Spain for his rehab after spending the previous three months based in Minneapolis. Even then, Kahn said that training camp, which begins Oct. 2, would be a “pretty accelerated” target for the point guard’s return.

Throughout Rubio’s recovery process, the team has remained positive, if vague, about his return, and Rubio has shared the Timberwolves’ optimism. In his first media appearance after the surgery, Rubio remained overwhelmingly upbeat and confident, and the team has repeatedly assured that it will not rush his recovery.

“You always have to think about everything, but you just have to keep the right (thoughts),” Rubio said in April. “Because if not, you can think, ‘I got hurt. I’m going to be out for six, nine months, and maybe I’m not going to be the player that I was before.’ That’s not the right thing. It can be. But it can be that you are better than you were.”

As much as the folks in the Twin Cities are anticipating Rubio’s return, we still believe that Roy is the guy who will give the Timberwolves the edge they were missing last season, when before and after Rubio’s injury.

They’ve lacked a superstar talent on the wing for a while now. And as good as both Love and Rubio were last season when healthy, there was no one like Roy around to complete the trio.

There is now …


  1. Aintnathan says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=pJjeZ4Scm9E He’s healthier now than he was here. You twolves fans don’t realize what you have. But you will.

  2. Ken says:

    I am rooting for Brandon Roy to come back like Bernard King did in the 1980s after his devastating knee injury. King was never the same player but he did play well enough to make one all star game. Most recently, Grant Hill has had a real nice last 5 seasons after it appeared his career was over.

    I don’t think Brandon Roy looked explosive or fluid in his movement on the video. I pray he doesn’t suffer a bone injury on the knee, but I believe he would rather do that than give up the fight to play and play well again. More power to him and Godspeed!

  3. Alex says:

    I like it

  4. Team NO Sleep says:

    Roy looks good hes gunna be a big part of that Twolves team

  5. rick garrett says:

    @bizzman23 – you are right, he did have 2 procedures, and did come back early.

    NOTE: this is in b roy’s charactor, he can’t take the time he needs when he IS down, and overestimates what he can do when he should be rehabbing.

    he has NO cartiledge. NONE. he looks sluggish because he has adapted, which means his heart and head are changing how he does stuff.

    but put kobe on b roy, kobe hard to the right OR left, b roy will not do what he used to do. he doesn’t want to go down again, which is constantly going to play with his mind. no premier player will play him light, they will go hard and that is going to be rough on roy.

    can he take it? physically not quite, and mentally its going to do damage on his production————and eventually force him to re retire. mark my words, he is a spot player at best, and can contribute, but don’t ask him to be the 3rd wheel or even the 4th. ask him to be a 6th man, maybe. the skills are there, but the knees and frustration will soon do him in.

    too bad, love the guy———but Portland saw it first hand, the fans and the management, coaches, they wouldn’t have asked him to retire if they thought he could do it for 2-3 more years. a great character, great teammate, and no one will boo him here in pdx, he’s well loved. sorry, guys, b roy’s best days are gone———-and the rest of his days are numbered in pro ball.

  6. rick garrett says:

    Roy is a great player, no doubt about it. expectations are high, and that could be a problem. he is never…I repeat, NEVER going to play a lot, and may be unavailable when he is needed the most. he is a great backup, in theory, but has a starter’s mentality, ie, he has to start for his mojo to be right. this means, when he isn’t himself, he gets grumpy and uptight, and rubs off on those around him. so just be careful of what you’ve asked for, because his knee issues really do exist and will be an issue as the season rolls along. don’t fool yourselves. t wolves will need a good 2-3 guy in there most of the year, b roy will eventually not be there——–for stretches. he’s a patch. t wolves execs and coach knows it, may not be saying it, they aren’t under any illusions. I’m beind y all, just keep your expectations under wrap.

  7. israel galloway says:

    he looked sluggish and weak because he hasnt played real ball in a full year…part of the previous seaon and then all of last season. I’d have noodle legs too lol

  8. trueHEATfan says:

    I can’t wait to see this roster healthy and playing. Last season was just a testament to what Love has become, and what Rubio can do when given full control and reign on offense. B.Roy is gonna be be a great fit for them, guys if he was moving that slow for real, Roy would not be on a NBA team. These are just shoot arounds and simple stuff just so that guys start getting into a groove and for new players to figure out what role the team needs. I can foresee B.Roy having his best year since his last healthy year. Not All-star caliber but definately someone that can shoot the lights out in the 4th.

  9. Adamz says:

    I don’t expect the Brandon Roy of Old but if Roy is Healthy… My Sleeper team is Minnesota. I’m not saying they will win a championship or anything but they would give OKC HELL!!!! Rubio, Roy, AK47, and Love are a problem… don’t underestimate

  10. TRAINING CAMP says:

    Rubio is gonna miss 2 training camps. It is gonna have an effect on his improvement

  11. Chris Paul3 says:

    everyone check this NBA vid out that I made!

  12. dwape wade says:

    i cant wait to see Aleshey Shved in wolves uniform..

  13. Baller says:

    He looks like he cant run properly, real sluggish. Can shoot the ball, but he looks real tught in his running stride. See how he goes.

  14. a guy says:

    T’Wolves 2012-2013 champions

  15. IO says:

    He looked horrrible when he was running then. Yeah he can shoot, but by the loook at how he was moving, running, it kinda looks like his knees are real weak. The thing is will he be explosive, will he be able to run and change direction quickly. Or they going to just sit him open on the 3 point wing for open jumpers

    • Bizzman23 says:

      Well he had 2 knee procedures a little before then, and came back WAY too early, we’ll see how he plays. I think he’ll be alright, not an all-star though

  16. cambo says:

    whether they win or not they will have a very likable team and a lot of people rooting for them.

    will just be good to see B Roy on the court hopefully playing with minimal pain. Liked the look of Shved as well. I think he is gonna surprise a lot of people as a Rook this year especially playing with russian team mate AK47 will do him the World of good

  17. HeatKingsofEast says:

    roy looks old! hope his game is not old

  18. ko0kie says:

    what a shame the blazers matched the offer sheet from batum.. he would have been the perfect fit at the SF position.. hopefully somehow derrick williams can live up to his potential.. he could be the starting SF this year.

    • dattebayo says:

      Pekovic, Love, Kirilenko, Ridnour and Roy will start. Rubio will take over for Ridnour, when he is back and healthy and Shved will fight Roy for minutes. I doubt Williams will start even once, if Kirilenko stays healthy throughout the year. Kirilenko is a much better defender and Williams hasn’t shown, that he can score at will. He had one great game against the Clippers in L.A. He and Beasley both had 27 points off the bench and they both brought the Wolves back to win the game. I don’t think he scored much off the dribble or in the post last season and most his drives ended in layups avoiding the defender(s) instead of drawing the foul.

    • Bizzman23 says:

      Be happy the Blazers matched the offer sheet for Batnum, dude was gonna be seriously over paid. He was gonna make an A+ salary for C+ work. He is an above average player, but a def starter in the NBA.

  19. Kamote says:

    If Roy and AK47 would just play 70% of how the played during their all-star years, this team can be at the playoffs while even waiting for rubio.

    • Nick@nite says:

      I agree, I just want people to understand that we won’t see the b. Roy of old, at a certain point I think he was the 3rd best 2 guard in the game mehind Love and D.wade and right in front of Joe Johnson. But just having him back is good for the game

  20. Nick@nite says:

    Some believe if he didn’t get injured, the Y’wolves would have been a playoff team, I disagree with that, but this year I can see them as the 7th or 8th seed. This is a true Rick Adelman team now

    • dattebayo says:

      I belonged to that category of people, but after reflecting a bit about it, I really think it didn’t matter too. Yet not, because Rubio wasn’t playing well, but because the T-Wolves had just too many injuries over the season and following Rubio’s injury. When the 9 players with the most minutes combine to miss 166 games in a 66 game season, it just shows what spirit and fight that team had, to be 21-20 and in playoff contention after 2 thirds of the season. Barea missed a lot of games and had he been healthy, those Wolves might have won some close games they lost without him.

  21. This is awesome! cant wait for ricky to play again for the T’wolves!! hope he brings them to the playoffs this year…he’s one of my favorites…so I hope he continues to stay healthy