Reflections On Reggie’s Big Day

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — This day, this moment, belongs to Reggie Miller.

This is his night in the Hall of Fame spotlight. But in addition to family, friends and former teammates, coaches and fans who will all share in his special moment.

That group includes his colleagues at TNT, who shared some of their own thoughts about Miller …

Shaquille O’Neal:

“Reggie will go down as one of the greatest shooters of all time. But you can’t mention Reggie’s name and not think of the legendary comeback against the Knicks.”

Charles Barkley:

“Reggie is a friend of mine and I’m very happy for him. It’s an awesome accomplishment and it’s going to be a wonderful night for him and his sister.”

Ernie Johnson:

“I loved watching Reggie play because for 48 minutes he gave you everything he had, and he possessed all those qualities that encompass being a superstar in this league: worth ethic, court sense, will to win, loyalty, charisma, killer instinct, ability to perform in the clutch … the list goes on and on. Like all the greats, Reggie wanted the ball in his hands with the game hanging in the balance and time and again he would deliver. His night in Springfield is richly deserved, and we’re all richer for having watched such a talent for all those years in the Pacers uniform.”

David Aldridge:

“When you watched Reggie play, you just waited for the fourth quarter. The first 36 minutes, literally, didn’t matter. Because you knew that Reggie would rise to the moment and do something amazing. Everyone talks about his deal with Spike [Lee], and the 25 points in the fourth against the Knicks in 1994, and the back-to-back threes at the Garden in ’95, but Reggie’s the only guy I remember beating Michael Jordan with a last-second shot — Game 4, ’98 Eastern Conference finals, 0.7 seconds left. (That Jordan just missed a jumper at the buzzer from even further out made it all the more sweeter for Reggie, I reckon.) You wonder how a guy can be so good, so consistently, in the clutch. Larry Bird once told me, as he told others, that Reggie had earned that final shot, because of all the hours and years of shots he’d put up in practice. The making or missing was beside the point. He’d earned the right to take it.

As far as working with Reggie these days, look: Marv Albert is doing play-by-play, and Reggie Miller is doing color. You try your best not to get in the way. Congrats, Reggie. You earned your way into the Hall of Fame just like you earned all those last-second shots.”

Steve Kerr:

“I played against Reggie a ton in college, when I was at Arizona and he was at UCLA, and I have to admit — I never liked him. He was an amazing player with the deepest shooting range I’d ever seen in my life, but I detested his attitude. He would pose and preen to the crowd, bowing in front of his own fans, yelling and screaming at fans on the road, and barking at opponents and referees along the way. When I got to the pros it was the same thing — Reggie would make 30 footers with ease, do a dance, shoot his ‘pistols’, egg on the crowd, and generally work himself into a frenzy. I thought he was a jerk. What I didn’t realize at the time was that Reggie’s emotional act was really just a way to inspire himself — to bring his emotion and his confidence to a level that made him an even better player than he already was. And when you combined that approach with an amazing work ethic — one that helped him become one of the best-conditioned athletes the league has ever seen, and of course one of its best shooters — you were looking at a phenomenal player. In the end, Reggie’s legacy will not be his talent as much as it will be his incredible belief in himself. He used his ability to become an All-Star, but he used his spirit, his will and his edge to become a Hall of Famer.”


  1. Ti Brown says:

    Reggie reincarnated the Pacers and gave them the fighter’s identity they still exist in today. He made the Pacers better and as such, made the NBA better. I’m happy to hear the HOF thought him worthy, because I’m sure fans in IND and around the globe do too. Congrats! Well deserved.


    Say what you will, I would take Reggie at SG over almost every SG in the league at the moment (accept maybe Mamba) cause he used to beat cats up mentally.

  3. KobeBryantRules says:

    lol Steve Kerr is wonderfully honest.