Tony Allen’s Skills Camp/The Grit And Grind Basketball Academy (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — When they take roll at training camps around the league next month and players have to explain what they did over the summer, 99 percent of them will talk about the basketball camps they put on.

You already saw how Spurs sharpshooter Stephen Jackson does it.

But in Memphis, where Grit & Grind has morphed from a slogan to an actual movement, Tony Allen has the little ones grinding the Grizzlies way:


  1. Great to see an NBA player doing a FREE camp and genuinely enjoying being with the kids. Good job TA!

  2. Tony says:

    dd tony use any of the chicago playground guys to help out and show the kids just because you have the talent dont mean you’re going to make it.

    • Tony says:

      Did Tony use any of the playground guys like (Shaun Glover) to help out and help them understand how important education is. Just because you have the talent don’t mean you’re going to make it.

  3. #1 Spot says:

    Great Job TA.. Keep the Grit and Grind train moving into the season.