Report: Bulls, Thibodeau Talking Again

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — After taking a little summer vacation from the negotiating table, the Bulls and coach Tom Thibodeau have resumed talks about a long-term extension for the fastest coach to 100 wins in NBA history.

The Bulls have been standouts in Thibodeau’s first two seasons, leading the league in wins during the regular season both times. Thibodeau was Coach of the Year after his first season and finished second last season. You’d think there was nothing to negotiate but how long Thibodeau wanted his contract. But somehow, things broke down earlier this summer.

But with the start of training camp just weeks away, Nick Friedell of reports that the two sides are back at work on an extension:

Reports surfaced last season that Thibodeau was unhappy he did not have an extension secured. Forman then appeared on “The Carmen, Jurko & Harry Show” on ESPN 1000 and stated that talks had begun before last season and would resume after the season.

Thibodeau and Forman did not immediately return phone messages.

Bulls players, notably Derrick Rose, have been vocal in support of their coach. While Thibodeau has a hard-charging mentality, Bulls players respect the way he prepares and appreciate his work ethic.

ESPN analyst and Thibodeau friend Jeff Van Gundy recently told’s Melissa Isaacson that Thibodeau’s potential new deal “seems like the easiest negotiation of all time.”

“If I was (the Bulls) and Tom agreed to what (Oklahoma City’s) Scott Brooks got (a reported four-year deal worth approximately $18 million), the whole thing would take 25 seconds,” said Van Gundy, who hired Thibodeau as an assistant with the New York Knicks. “It’s a no-brainer … My thing is he’s an elite coach and should be paid like one.”

There’s no doubt about that.

Thibodeau is absolutely an elite coach, one of the very best in the business. And he’ll have to prove it this season with the uncertainty surrounding Rose’s return (and just how healthy the Bulls’ superstar will be this season).


  1. Armagan says:

    Even without D-Rose, Bulls are a force to be reckon with, at least in regular season.

  2. Bulls2012 says:

    Ha Thibs is going to be the Bulls coach for the next 5 years.. I predict him winning one championship with the team. And to everyone saying D-rose get injured too much..D rose only missed 3 games in his nba career going into last season.. Drose is the best pg in the league and top 5 player in the game.. And the Celtics and Brooklyn are overrated this year.. they both are going to be 6-7 going in playoffs. Bulls will be fine with Thibs mangaging the SQUAD

  3. BOSu TuON says:

    come on coach, comeback with the celtics and work with rondo. He’s more efficient player than Rose being all the time injured. you have extra guys like KG and paul pierce. come on.

  4. Raptors Fan says:

    The Bulls did not have enough stars to run over Heats, New York, Brooklyn Nets and Boston

  5. karoLT says:

    Defense always WINS… That’s what the HEAT showed in the FINALS…. BULLS should beat the HEAT this season.
    HAWKS ALL THE WAY though

    Lets GO HAWKS

  6. TTKIN says:

    Thibs is the best coach in the NBA right now. The Bulls will resign him cuz they know if they dont…they have to play against him!

  7. stavros says:

    this video is too old..TT said ”Luol Deng will play for Great Britain in the olympic games”

  8. muharrem from turkey says:

    he has d rose of course his team will win lots of games but he has to prove himself in the playoffs. until that day comes he is just an ok coach for me. sorry for the bad english.

  9. Sosay says:

    the bulls better not blow this

  10. Princehemi says:

    it’s no brainer, Thibodeau will absolutely sign the contract with the bulls. Chicago gave him the chance to be an elite coach and hopefully he can show all of the HEAT and LAKERS fans that the game is still not just about superstars but teamwork.

    • STUPID says:

      HEAT already proved teamwork with winning a ring with a inexperienced coach.
      LAKERS NOOOO teamwork as kobe will never respect mike brown because of being a loser
      BULLS yeah sure has teamwork but way too young can’t still beat the heat in any aspect( maybe trading for LBJ for D-R0se would be now an equal matchup)

      And please stop dreaming for bulls to make the playoffs. They just shuffled their roster because they take this year a break and rebuild for the 2013-2014 season


      Congratulations to a Miami Heat for being champions again. No contender for them atleast OKC can win one game in finals. maybe next finals they win 2 games. But still Durant will be just under LBJ and Westbrook will always be a small brained idiot who has a F- I.Q.

      Dallas Fan

      • notarocketscientist says:

        IQ is not measured in grades bud

      • @STUPID says:

        F- I.Q.??? LMAO…whos the idiot now?! aha

      • Bizzman23 says:

        Kobe doesn’t respect Mike Brown on the offensive end of the floor only. Brown can def coach defense one of the best in the league to be exact, not a LA fan, but I watch basketball. The Lakers will be fine since Brown will turn the offense over to Nash and Bryant.

    • manny says:

      TT is a great coach and the bulls have a great system but the bulls are just like lbj clevand, a team built for the regular season
      with Young players who approch every single regular season game like is the playofs. get real do you think if the lakers, Boston and miami took regular season games so serious they would clearly win more games than the bulls. Give credit to Thom thibodeau because not even Doc rivers cant seem to make the celtics play hard before the playofs

  11. LMFAOOOOO says:




  12. plxyang18 says:

    go bulls!i know you can do it!just stay healthy always!

  13. Tony says:

    This article makes it seem like the situation is much more dire than it actually is. Both sides have agreed that it’s only a matter of time, and both have said it won’t be an issue. Also, I thought Thibodeau had shot down those reports about being unhappy. They’re all being much more professional about it than they’re getting credit for.

  14. defdun says:

    Believe me, TT and the team are gonna do it again: surprise everyone positively with their win record at the end of the regular season. And my guess is if D-Rose stays healthy after return he will give the Heat a tough fight in the playoffs…