Night Court With Jeremy Lin & David Lee

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Rockets guard Jeremy Lin and Warriors forward David Lee show that there are no barriers when you speak the universal language of basketball.

Lin spent a solid month in Taiwan this summer and he spent his time wisely, especially late at night. He made sure Lee came along as they found a court on the other side of the world (it was in Taipei) in the dark:


  1. saaa says:

    knicks are pathetic

  2. bulls eye says:

    man houston made some good moves!! even gettin omir asik

  3. adamjlx says:

    Big Whomping Deal…….He won’t be missed in NY!

    • Chris says:

      We’ll see…we will see if Jason Kidd has anything left and if Raymond Felton doesnt eat his way out of the league.

      • Average Joe says:

        I’m sure Kidd has something left, but not much. He signed with NY probably because he thought he would mentor Lin. Now, he’s stuck with a journeyman and mediocre point guard who reached the high point of his skill level in the NY team that was dismantled to make way for a primadonna player. Lin may not be missed but New York will surely get eaten in their division this season. There I said it. And I’m willing to bet my house on it.

  4. Chris says:

    BEATLEMANIA in Taiwan! I get a chance to see Jeremy twice a year in Memphis(The Rockets are the same division as the Grizzlies). I want to see up close and personal how good he is. I hope he’s not the Jeremy the Heat destroyed. If Houston didnt pay Jeremy all that money in the last year of that contract, he would still be in NY!

  5. IcedT says:

    Lin will be an All-star this season book it.

  6. elt says:

    how does the knicks give up a player like that.

  7. Sccoter says:

    Yeah, When Lin didnt come back for the playoffs nor played any meaningful summer events…I said let him stay away. Dude is a fraud.

  8. cmorgan says:

    Very cool, Jeremy Lin! You will be sorely missed in NY for sure!!

  9. Mel says:

    I really really dislike the Knicks – Go Rockets (from NY)

    • david says:

      some ny fans hating on the knicks is stupid lin signed his own way out of the knicks for the money good luck rooting for the rockets they are god awful you will be sorry for dislikeing the knicks for someone who was a star for only 25 games and was not there for us in the playoffs

      • The Truth says:

        The truth is that Melo didnt want to play with him nor for that other coach. It is so freaking obvious. Any 5 yr old know that the Knick wanted him out because of Melo. They wanted Hou to increase the contract so that it could make it look like its Lin’s Fault. NY planted the seed, that we’ll match the first offer. Typically people who will do something does it, not talk about it. Talking about it is just a typical excuse of not going to follow through with it in the long run because of some excuse like what NY presented. It was an obvious set up.

      • Bizzman23 says:

        The Truth were you there in board meetings with the executives for the Knicks? No other team in the league would pay a non-proven player such as Lin 15 million in one season that would be stupid, so what all of the possible revenue he may bring to your team and that will only happen if Lin turns out to be good. There are a few Asian Ballers in the league and they don’t get any recognition because they aren’t good. Now you may throw in how popular Yao Ming was when he played the difference between Yao and Lin is that Yao was a good player, all-star center when healthy. I think Lin will be an above average player, similar to Dragic, but not better than Lowery who they traded away.

      • Average Joe says:

        Bizzman Were you aware of the terms of the offer sheet that the Rockets gave Lin? Yes it stated $15 mil in the offer, but only in the 3rd year of the contract. The first two years, Houston would pay Lin $4.2 mil and $4.8 mil respectively. The total for 3 years is only $24 m or $ m a season. And I disagree with your statement that Lin will not be any better than Lowery. The skills that he displayed during the height of Linsanity were no fluke. I refuse to believe that after the first 5 games or so, the coaches of the other teams still would not have him scouted or covered well by defenders. He was covered well. Thing is, he was so good he made some of the defenders look flat-footed. Heck, he even outdueled Kobe. Granted, he collapsed when they played the Heat, but the Heat have a great defense intensely focused at the ball-handlers (remember Westbrook’s struggles in the Finals and Rondo’s in the East semis and of course, Rose got shut down last season). And that was the game when Melo played again. When you have Melo on the floor, the ball stops in his hands. It was a pity that Lin deferred to Melo all that much. Sure he’s an offensive juggernaut when he’s in the zone but other than that, Melo has no value to any team whatsoever. Can you say primadonna diva?

        Personally, I think the Rockets got a steal in Lin. And with a coach who’s very good at developing players (McHale coached Garnett in Minnesota), Lin could be a very good player in this League. Bottom line, it all comes down to player development and Lin’s drive to be a better player.

    • david says:

      plus the knicks really really dislike you too-Go Knicks (from a real New Yorker)

  10. jty7271 says:

    Cool, and the Hello Kitty bit was funny. Nice gesture to give shoes at the end.

  11. airbelow says:

    that was cool….

  12. zoobaa says:

    Lee should go Rocket to play with Lin Lin Lin lol

  13. newyorksteelo says:

    Were gonna miss you in NY Jeremy Lin. Skills looking sharp in the video. Good luck in Houston.