Stephen Jackson: World’s Greatest Basketball Coach?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If someone asked you to look at a list of current NBA players and pick the one guy you think might become the best coach after his playing days are over, where would Spurs firecracker Stephen Jackson rank on your list?

If you say at the top, you’re lying. And you know it.

But you never know how these things might work out. And you never know who is training in the offseason for the future.

When we got word that the head coach of the Stephen Jackson Basketball Academy was the namesake himself (courtesy of our friends at NOC), we had to get a good look and see if any of the fine work Gregg Popovich has done over the years for the Spurs had rubbed off on Jackson.

Judge for yourself:

Pop would be proud!


  1. Jana B says:

    My oldest son, Dorian Chatman, has attended the camp the five years that Steve has held it. And he’s right, when Dorian first got there years ago he would much rather be helping Mama J with the lunches than be in the gym. But with an incredible work ethic and determination he has turned it around.

    Yes, you see a full range of age groups represented, but please make no mistake that hard work goes on in the gym. And at the end of the day, no matter what your opinion of Steve is he comes home and puts a smile on the faces of kids at home. And that’s what we value. That’s what’s important. When an athlete becomes not an image on the television, but a real, tangible object… you should see the look on kids’ faces… PRICELESS..

    So, keep up the good work Stevie. Port Arthur loves you!!!

  2. bunbury says:

    Even the meanest of persons can be very caring about their families and love ones. How you treat others also matter. Someone told me one time, “meet someone when he/she is upset and you will know who he/she really is.” i guess what I’m trying to say is it is meaningless for someone close to him to say that Jackson is very caring for his family and is a very good guy.

  3. RgR says:

    Seems a bit unfair.. its like u got 8 year olds vs 16 yr olds

  4. Mohamed says:

    Captain Jack makes a great coach and a great Leader on and off the court

  5. Lakers 2013 CHAMPS!!! says:

    Cant wait to see the “new” lakers !!!

  6. sooty says:

    he’s not exactly a great example for young players. he could coach bashing fans in the stands with that other great citizen ron artest

  7. webi says:

    he has always been an amazing player, especially when wearing a spurs uniform!
    during the western conference finals he was a beast on both sides of the floor, keeping his team alive in a couple of games. great to see him coaching kids the same way he is firing up his teammates!

  8. robert b zenon says:

    Speaking from having a couple of experience with Stephen, whenever I been around him, he has just a special love for children in general. I mean he is really something around them. My grandson loves him and his niece loves him. So it is no surprise to see him being this way, believe or not his off court persona is much different. He has a great love for family, trust me and very giving.