Still A Market For T-Mac, Iverson …

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Hall of Fame week always reminds us of a seemingly endless debate we have here at the hideout about the worthiness of some of the game’s current stars and whether or not they’ll one day end up in Springfield.

One of those stars we talk about often is Tracy McGrady, who at one point earlier in his career seemed like he would be a lock for the hallowed halls of the Naismith Memorial. That view isn’t quite as clear these days. The journeyman nature of his career the past few years has made the argument for McGrady a bit tougher.

The news that McGrady might be working out for the Charlotte Bobcats, courtesy of Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer, who insists that the rumblings are strictly “informal and exploratory,” makes you wonder if there really is still a viable market for faded stars of his ilk?

Unlike some others from his generation, injuries and various other issues have prevented McGrady from settling into the twilight of his career as a franchise staple.

Reports that Allen Iverson is considering a move to China to play if he can’t find a team in the NBA willing to give him look is another reminder that not every superstar career has a fairy tale ending.

Iverson, who has already played in Turkey, has perhaps the best perspective and understanding of how dramatically things can change from highest of highs for some NBA superstars to the long road back to the league once you’ve lost your way. He’s desperate for another shot and is willing to go the other side of the world to play if he can’t find a place here, as this Netease Sports report (translated)  makes clear:

“I definitely want to return to the NBA, but if I can’t get back there, I’m hoping to play ball here (in China).  China is still one of my choices, but the team that wants me to join has got to show me that they really mean it, like ‘Hey, we really need you.'”

Makes you wonder if there is any NBA team out there willing to say the same about either McGrady or Iverson?


  1. Dock says:

    i think that they could go on the thunder. plus, tmac could teach kd and iverson could teach russ cuz they play similar. but then again, the thunder already have too many point guards like westbrook, maynor, reggie jackson, so just signing tmac would be ok.

  2. TeamKnick$ says:

    T-Mac & Iverson… Oh The Memories!! But 4 Real, Over The Last 2 Or 3 Seasons,
    I Really Think T-Mac Could’ve Played His Way Back Into Better Condition, Given The Playing Time Of Course. Like Ever Since He Started Gettin Traded Back In 2010, He’s Had Those Occasional Flashes (In Limited Action w/3 Different Teams In 3 Seasons) That Sort Of Says He Can Be Almost As All-Around Productive As His Healthier, But Later-Rocket Days. (If I’m Not Mistaken, I Swear He Posted A Triple-Double While Playing For Detroit In 2011, & Came Close A Few More Occasions.) No Doubt, With HIS NBA IQ & Experience, He Should Be Playing For A Contender!! & He’s Only 33. Now I’m A Knicks Fan, & T-Mac Was Loved While In The Orange & Blue, Wish They Had Room For Him To Return.. (He Could Start Too, Becuz J.R. Smith Prefers Taking The 6th Man Role.) Or I Could See Him w/Philadelphia.. Along With A Focused Andrew Bynum, He Could Be The Veteran Presence, Mentor, Player/Coach That Doug Collins Needs 2 Help Take The Training Wheels Off.
    NOW… As Far As 37-y.o. Allen Iverson.. Unless His 37-y.o. A$$ Accepts A 37-y.o. Role, I Don’t See A Team Bringing Him In Without A Gimmick, >> Like Atlanta Just To Sell Tickets, Dallas Becuz Their Whole Backcourt Basically Walked Out On Them & They NEED Help. Or Golden State Just In Case Steph Curry Slows Up In Returning,, O I Forgot They Rebuilding Scratch That Last One. Hurts To Say That A.I. Might Be Through In The NBA.. On The Bright Side, There’s Always That ONE Player Spot That He Would Have To Accept: *The Adam Morrisons, Juwan Howards, Brian Scalabrines, Mark Madsens, DeSagana Diops, Darko Milicics.* Hell, I Played More Minutes Than These Guys Combined, Lol, But They A.I.NT Complain & Between Them They Got Like 8 Rings To Show Off. Hit That Pine A.I.!!

  3. Kenny says:

    It’s a crying shame to see how the NBA treated Iverson. The saddest thing about it all is that you could see it coming in his first few years how the NBA was gonna carry him. Production, No question he can still do it. Look around the sports world and you’ll see cats with guns, rape and all other types of issues. Has Iverson raped anyone? Take Kobe for instance, Need I say more??? But I guess if you play in LA that’s okay. He revitalized his career over that but really is Iverson that bad??? guy is found with loads of guns on him and one who brings his to work. They got second chances easy. Sad story for Iverson and I wish him the best and hopefully he can end his career wearing an NBA uniform.

  4. #1 says:

    Tracy Mcgrady

    13 pts in 33 sec
    62 pts career high
    25.2ppg , 5.5asts , 6.3rebs 43% field goals (playoff career avg)

    Tell me that not enticing for a contending team.
    T-mac deserves a shot at a ring!

  5. The TRUTH says:

    Everybody that says these two deserves another shot probly never seen dem play.. AI n TMAC never played basketball as a team game, they were both egotistic n becuz they were extremely talented they felt as if the team they were on needed dem so they did whatever.. AI was the hungrier of the two cuz he wanted a championship badly but he went about it the wrong way oppose to TMAC n his lack of ambition, every team he went on he started hot for dem but as soon as things got cold he started to nt GAF, i hope ppl dont forget how he treated magics.. If they were humble like jermaine oneal den teams wudve considered, but AI n TMAC past might’ve jus come back to haunt dem.

  6. A.I. to MIAMI says:

    please lets support iverson to get a team.he can still play maybe a role player to miami i know he can still give a lot of ec><itement to the fans.lets support him please don't be bitter to him he's not a bad guy he just want to win.

  7. jim says:

    Just sayin, id be a real glad guy if allen iverson worked something out with the suns.

  8. James says:

    The Lakers need to sign Iverson and McGrady to veteran minimum salaries as soon as possible. It makes perfect sense in every way.

  9. Susan M says:

    As a long time fan of the Magic, it always has seemed to me that much of T Mac’s success in Orlando had to do with the ruthless dedication of his friend, Mike Miller. I truly believe that Mike pushed and pulled Tracy to achieve as much as he could. Without that influence, T Mac never was quite as good. And despite all of Mike’s injuries, the real warrior still managed to pull one out of the hat to help Miami win the big one. Seems you need all of the pieces of the puzzle in this game.

  10. volimvutru says:

    they both should sign with bobcats

  11. SamSam says:

    Ya know, I sit around and think about the greats like Iverson and McGrady and wonder if they will make it to the HOF. But then I also think about Maurbury, and Steve Franchise, Vince Carter and i wonder if there will be a spot for those guys in the HOF as well….

  12. OJSimpson says:

    Men, when people try to compare Tmac to AI? I say : yes u can do that, But. come on man, come on.. even u Hate AI, please dont say Tmac was or is Better then AI. that’s something Never exist!!!!! AI was and is 5 times better then Tmac, u dont need to accept that, but is the true. Please, dont say S@##T lets talk about the heart of Game and what AI have done in NBA TMAC is not even Close!!! Everybody have make death Mistakes in Life and still get other Chance.
    Kwame brown, VC, Scala,Bibby,BDavis,Nash,Stack,Fish,Camby,Kidd, They still playing BBall, so why Not AI. i really dont believe AI is Done he can still give u as bench player 15 points + in 10 min a Game:Bobcats,Raptors,Warriors and more WTF!!

  13. Princehemi says:

    I want to see TMAC to play at Chicago. They have great defense but lacking on offense.. He may not be a starter but with the injuries and Luol not 100% healthy he can play that spot.

  14. magic23 says:

    3 reasons why to MAGIC should sign AI.
    1. WE need a backup.
    2.It will be exciting for the fans.
    3. Ish smith 2nd string point guard

  15. Shaud says:

    TMac will always be an allstar in my book!!

  16. 17,6 says:

    4 the record TMac was never better then Kobe…just cuz he led the league in scoring doesn’t mean he was better then kobe…how could kobe lead the league in scorin when he had shaq on his team???…that said i agree with don’t ever click my name…his talents didn’t go 2 waste and he deserves a spot on a roster this season cuz he can still provide some scoring off the bench…as 4 iverson he is done…he is a poison he would ruin team chemistry….

  17. Doornick says:

    If Kwame Brown got another contract? come on tracy should definitely be in the NBA this upcoming season.

  18. mayo says:

    AI is done!!!!!!!!T-mac i dont now, his injuries his worst enemy

  19. Drago says:

    T-mac ,Carter ,Kobey and Iverson the best players of the 2000’s .All players had a level of game comparable to Jordan at one point in their carriers but only Bryant had the determination and consistency of the four and that’s why he has 5 rings and probably a couple more on the way i.Iverson will not get his chance in the NBA Im prety sure of that nd he only has him self to blame.T-mac is not in the same story he should push on and go for a title and Hall of fame with one of the stronger teams he deserves it.

  20. T-Mac would be a great fit for the Milwaukee Bucks. Could either start of come off the bench he has shown comfort in both situations. The Bucks have a young team and has proven that they can contend with the top teams in the leauge. Mcgrady would be a great fit, they need to get that deal done. 26 DAYS till training camp opens. # T-Mac Be Milwaukee the fans will appreciate you so much more than any other team in the NBA.

  21. Amused says:

    I think the events of the past few years have to have mellowed these two guys down from their prior prima donna days. Especially for Iverson, getting essentially black-listed by the league the past few seasons, has to have woken him up on some level to the fact that changes in his attitude were necessary. And since aged dudes like Jermaine O’Neal, Juwan Howard, and Eddy Curry are still in the league, and younger, but knuckleheaded/total bust guys are still around like Kwame Brown and Hasheem Thabeet, it really makes in incomprehensible that Iverson and McGrady are on the outside looking in. Iverson in particular would seem to deserve another chance…

  22. mario says:

    TMac still has some game left in him. Would love to c him with LA. He can easily provide 15-20 quality minutes at the SF position.

  23. zenith says:

    hope Dallas gets Tmac..he and VC playing together again is kinda fun to watch..

  24. Piemont says:

    T-Mac..Penny..Grant many great players plagued by injuries in the peak of their careers..and they all have a common point: they played for Orlando:-))..probably that;s why Lady Dwight left:)) to avoid the curse

  25. TMAC once was good, I love his game,next to Kobe… but I wouldn’t want him in LA, there isn’t many minutes available here…. let him go to a bottom feeder and have his minutes…

  26. netwolff says:

    Yeah, still dreaming of a healthy combination of Penny Hardaway, TMAC and Grant Hill 10 years ago…man, I’m getting old.

  27. Kamote says:

    Ainge… please get TMac… he’d be perfect fit as a back-up wing for Pierce… can even play Point Forward to form a good backup trio with Lee (or Green) and Jet.

  28. asdfRom says:

    I just want to see AI play again even just a season. I know a lot of fans do too. I hope he can end his career as an NBA player. He is better than some of the superstars right now. I hope life will be fair.

  29. gerald29 says:

    iverson lkes easy money,,

  30. fanofthegame says:

    i am a huge TMAC fan… luved the way he played and dominated… too bad injuries got to him… but he has shown over the past few seasons that he can still play and contribute… i really hope he gets onto a contender and fulfills his dream of winning a championship.

  31. Chris says:

    I feel bad for T-mac. I like to put him on my teams in 2K games just to give him a chance to shine again. I hate seeing great players get destroyed by injuries.

    :/ So any word on Baron Davis after that injury? Is he done?

  32. its sad but its over for AI.he just doesn’t have it anymore

  33. airbibby says:

    Miami needs TMac to back up LJ6. Imagine Lebron sitting down and TMac entering in the game. Every other team will freak out. The best substitution ever.

    • stuntdegrate says:

      @s27m no no no, yao injuries, tim donaghy and the refs in BOTH series against the the mavs and a so so rockets team hinded the tmac from doing anything serious… he has never had a team like a Kobe, or Vince, everywhere he went up until the injuries and trades he was a one man show… if kobe hell even vince can still get starter minutes why cant he… aside from the rings he still is a better player than kobe offensively and somewhat on defense as well

  34. JoeeeyLopez says:

    T-mac Or AI to the Lakers Would Work… They Could both fit in there. . . As Long as AI accepts his 15 minutes off the bench. T-Mac Wouldnt mind but idk about AI.. Maybe now since he sees no one wants a selfish player like him, he’s humbled? idk but the Lakers adding one of them would be cool

  35. john doe says:

    tmace deserve on more shot for real but Ai is done deal lol

  36. Bryan says:

    Wouldn’t mind seeing the Bucks pick him up. Having an experienced veteran with some size for the backcourt wouldn’t hurt anything. And last year in the playoffs with atlanta he showed he still has some game left…

  37. Raphajiujitsu says:

    Tmac back to Orlando and will forget about howard in a heat beat lolol….

  38. edgar says:

    Tracy mcgrady
    Bulls-idk what happened to the bulls but i heard that they can sign a veteran player on november 21st under the new cba rules so will see
    celtics-playing with kg and pierce and rondo and his former coach doc rivers would be nice to see
    spurs- same playing with timmy would be great since they both close friends and he wouldnt be far from his kids
    lakers-backing up artest would be greaat to see kobe and tmac and steve nash go out together
    Thunder-backing up KD who kevin durant looks up to btw

    it would be all nice scenerios as us fans all see but these gms dont smh which is why it pisses me off at times cause tmac still has some game if you look up on youtube theres a game he played against detroit he scored 17 points in 17 minutes
    give the man a chance

    • #1 says:

      Your right man, he’s the same age as Kobe and I think He needs some support and Belief from his coaches and team mates. He can still be a 15ppg player, I know he can. He was one of the best scorers of the last decade.

  39. MAc Attack says:

    it would nice to see Mcgrady play for OKC or MIA. He desrves a shot at winning a ring. Subbing LeBron for T-mac would be perfect and all McGrady wants in the min veteran conrtact. they Should go for it.

  40. klynester says:

    I think T-Mac can go to the Spurs and beef up the bench! I want to see him be one of the “oldies” on our bench! hahaha #GoSpursGo

  41. SYDALE says:

    I wish we could have Iverson back on the Sixers… but he’s got to act right and except a 6th man role…

  42. Stu Brew says:

    T-Mac still has a chance, I’d like to see him go to the LA Lakers or the Miami Heat. Allen Iverson is done, he’s still talking about practice not the game.

  43. nba fan says:

    T-Mac has to go to a championship contender he still has a chance to comeback but Iverson probally wont comeback

  44. sasasasas says:

    McGrady to MIAMI!!!!

  45. chef chonoy says:


  46. RR says:

    I want THE ANSWER back! No more doubts at all.

  47. Jayjoe14 says:

    AI and T-Mac to Thunder. That will greatly boost the experience they needed. Durant plays like T-Mac, Westbrook plays like AI.

  48. marlz says:

    i used to think Iverson was hell good but then he just started going from team to team and acting like a selfish franchise player witch he wasn’t

  49. Streets03 says:

    Allen Iverson not finishing his career in the NBA is the worst thing to happen to basketball since the mallice in the palace…say whatever the hell you want but anyone who ever had the privilege to watch the Answer tear up the L nightly knows that he was the best pound for pound player to ever lace up a pair of ball shoes. His incredible heart and love for the game were matched only by his devastating crossovers and uncanny scoring…PLEASE BRING THE ANSWER BACK TO THE NBA!!!

    • ang says:

      agree^^^^^^^^ despite all the drama that he has brought on himself, he really was the one of the most amazing players ever!!! im glad to say i got to watch a little man be an MVP, cross over many a nba superstars and inspire a breed of fans from the early 2000’s, guys like him shaq tim kevin tmac il never forget there glory days!

  50. Me says:

    Idk about Ive, lots of shooting above average guards in the league, I doubt that he will be needed but who knows?

  51. Me says:

    Heck if JO (Jermaine O’neal) can get a contract, I don’t see why Tracy can’t.

  52. Krespino says:

    Iverson did not really play in Turkey. he spent 2-3 months there which was a disappointment to Basketball fans. The coach of the Turkish team did not want to play him saying Iverson was out of shape. Iverson eventually has played in a couple of games in which he was far from displaying anything of Iverson that we all know; the games were more like exhibition games. Then he said he needed to go to the US for his injury, he went and never came back.

    And all that happenerd two years ago.
    Having watched Iverson in some of his games in Turkey, I wouldn’t realistically expect him to be able to carry out serious professional basketball responsibilities in China or elsewhere. .

  53. I hope T-Mac and Iverson sign with the lakers for the veterans minimum…then we can all be happy with them winning a championship compared to lebron and the heat hahaha

  54. Big Joe says:

    T-Mac can be a servicable role player. He has shown in the past few seasons that he is humble enough to accept a role far less important than he had earlier in his career. A team that wants a little depth on their bench will probably pick him up. Iverson has more value as a basketball player because he is more durable and still has some game left but he is like CANCER to a team. He acts like he will do anything to be given a shot to get on a NBA team. Then when he gets a shot and someone signs him he acts like he is the franchise player. A few years ago when the Grizzlies took a chance on him he made a big stink about his role backing up Conley and Mayo (two young guys that the Grizz wanted to develop as their backcourt of the future) but instead of mentoring the young guys and being a valuable spark of the bench (the role the Grizz signed him for) he just caused a big pain for them and got canned. Iverson is a perfect example of how a career can go if you are selfish and not a team player, regardless of your talent. If a franchise has to choose between the future of their team and a washed up star they will choose the future of the team every time. If Iverson had a positive veteran attitude like Juwan Howard, Grant Hill and others like them he would still be in the NBA and wouldnt have to beg for a chance every offseason.

  55. angie says:

    TMAC might be able to find some bottom feeder willing to take him. But Iverson is done. He is nuclear. No team will touch him. He’s burned too many bridges.

  56. s27m says:

    Man I wish T-Mac could play like he use to. He was breathtaking before injury and certainly had so much potential. Its just sad to see someone with that much talent go to waste. I hope he has a good season this year!!!

    • it wasn’t really wasted cuz he played up to his potential and even became a scoring champ and even became a multiple time all star and all nba team and also became a most improved player awardee…so i wouldnt really say that his talent went to waste, but I can tell you a talent that was gone to waste…Jay Williams who was supposed to play for the chicago bulls long time ago but was involved in a motorcycle accident…Drazen Petrovic who was (and still is) the best shooter of all time in my opinion…he died in a car accident…Shaun Livingston who was a 6’7 point guard was about to become a star until that injury struck him, therefore he havent really played to his highest level…Derrick Coleman, only a 1 time NBA all star when he was supposed to be one of the greatest if he had work ethic….I can tell countless of stories of NBA player’s talents that had gone to waste…but TMAC definitely didnt waste his talent…at all

      • s27m says:

        True, well put.. But when I said waste, I guess I meant in a non-championship way. Someone who did not reach the heights of his career. The injury bug hit him right in his prime when he could have done something for the Rockets. Thats what i meant by waste. No doubt he got the chance and did showcase his talents but what I was trying to say was injury wasted his opportunity to become a champion and be the main Reason for the championship.

      • Loke says:

        If you want to look at a player who had his stardom shotdown look into Len Bias. In my opinion would have been one of the greatest NBA players oat, but he was killed by a stupid mistake he made just after he was drafted. He was drafted top by Boston Celtics straight after they had won a title. There is a 30 for 30 documentary kicking about somewhere called “Without Bias”.

    • Jazirman says:

      I agree, back in the day before his injury he was well ahead of Kobe. his smooth movement was a joy to watch, imagine if he never got injured….we’d be discussing a Kobe vs James vs McGrady vs MJ scenario.

      • Schemer21 says:

        I think to be fair, if we were going to look at the ‘imaging if he never got injured’ scenario then Grant Hill and Penny Hardaway need to go into that conversation, and I reckon that we could actually be putting Hill in as second to MJ. He was unbelievable. And in MJ’s own words, Penny was the smartest player he ever played against (he also happened to be Lebrons idol when he was growing up).