Jackson Ranks Shooting Guards … Reggie Miller Just After MJ and Kobe?

With all due respect to Warriors coach Mark Jackson and his view of basketball history, we have to pick a bit of a fight with him about the subjectivity of his ranking of the NBA’s greatest shooting guards.

Jackson, no doubt celebrating the Hall of Fame induction of his good friend and former Indiana Pacers teammate, Reggie Miller (TNT’s very own), went a bit overboard when he told the Indianapolis Star:

“When you take Michael Jordan and you take Kobe Bryant out of the discussion, he’s as good as any two-guard that has ever played the game.”

While I was lucky enough to witness some of Miller’s best years with the Pacers and have a deep appreciation for what it takes to play at the level he did for so long, I’m not sure I can abide by Jackson’s assessment when presented with the long list of distinguished shooting guards that have graced the game.

Let’s see … (and these names are no particular order) George Gervin, Jerry West, Allen Iverson, Dwyane Wade, Clyde Drexler, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe,  Ray Allen, Joe Dumars and “Pistol” Pete Maravich are names that certainly come to mind when the discussion turns to the top shooting guards of all time.

Miller is no doubt an all-time great and everything you’d ever want in a Hall of Famer.

But top 3 behind MJ and Kobe …


  1. Kendrick Sims says:

    good job


  2. Reall baller ! says:

    Mcgrady in his prime is in my opinion number 2 , I love Kobe but Tmac in his prime with Orlando ,, Nobody couldve stopped him . He had no talent with the Magics but still got them to the playoffs . If only he stayed and played with Dwight ,

  3. Reall baller ! says:

    Oscar Robertson I think was a PG so I wouldnt put him in here but if he was a SG I would put him 3rd . In that case I would put Dwayne Wade as 3rd behind MJ and KB .

  4. Pedro says:

    And…let the Kobe hating begin

  5. W/E says:

    miller is more like 13rd in the list

  6. J.D. says:

    Kobe isn’t even in MJ’s league, but he is the closest…
    Reggie is ahead of most but definitely behind MJ, Kobe, Oscar, Larry Legend, Clyde Drexler,Ray Allen (only because of his numbers and longevity….
    all of the others did not have sustained success to be mentioned or weren’t as good as reggie…simply put!!!
    Diehard Pacers fan, but an objective one……Allen Iverson is still capable of being a hall of famer, but besides putting the ball in the basket he caused a lof of problems for EVERY team he played for and got hurt way too much, T-mac was a GOOD player but couldn’t stay healthy, Vince WAS a great dunker but can’t even make the starting lineup for most teams and he also got hurt way too much, Pistol Pete and John Havlicek were definitely ones who could be ahead of Reggie EXCEPT they played point almost as much as they did the TWO, Joe Dumars could tie with Reggie but the fact that Reggie was always the number one option for his team during a time when the league had the most success it has had and with the G.O.A.T. (That’s MJ and always will be, for all you people who are delusional enough to think kobe was better, the only way that was true is that Kobe had better players around him at ALL times than Michael did, and michael was MONEY when it was make a play or lose the championship.) And Reggie did it for 18 YEARs, not 18 Months! so just saying numbers are important but so is longevity and impact. And Im sorry every team was scared when reggie had the ball, whether he was guarded or not, and whether it was the regular season or playoffs. For all of you who had talked about his defense being terrible, you know who gave michael the worst time on the court not named Joe Dumars? that’s right number 31 from UCLA, Miller Time!!!…..My opinion but I tried to be as objective as possible…..simply stated, A.I., T-Mac, Vinsanity are NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!!!

  7. Juan says:

    The only true complete shooting guard today is Manu Ginobili. Can’t believe how underappreciated he actually is.
    James Harden may become one someday, but he’s definitely too young to tell right now.

  8. Playoffs_is_Millertime says:

    Why is everyone leaving off the Big ‘O’?

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Kobe Bryant
    3. Oscar Robertson
    4. Jerry West
    5. Clyde Drexler
    6. Allen Iverson
    7. Dwyane Wade
    8. Reggie Miller
    9. George Gervin
    10. Joe Dumars

    Reggie’s number 1 in my heart though. He’s my all-time favorite player but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to be objective about where he stands compared to other Shooting Guards. I think 8th is about right.

  9. zip says:

    I’ll take Kurt Rambis, best at every position, 1 through 5, all time. If you disagree with this, you don’t know anything about basketball.

  10. SYDALE says:

    Reggie Miller is definitely NOT #3… When has he ever led the league in scoring? Or was MVP? LOL And those wanting Kobe to be #1 must’ve never watched basketball before 1996… He’s earned the #2 spot. Leave it at that…

    As for #3… I think that there’s only 4 real options…

    1. Jerry West (the logo)

    2. George “Iceman” Gervin (4x scoring champ… which is more than Kobe. btw)

    3. Clyde “the Glide” Drexler (Who would’ve gotten the shine if Jordan wasn’t there…)

    4. Dwyane Wade (2 Rings, 1 Finals MVP, 1x Scoring champ, )

    5. Allen Iverson (1 MVP, 4x Scoring Champ, 4x Steals Champ)

    Personally… I’d take Wade… compare his stats to Kobe’s… you Kobe lovers will be shocked…

  11. Momowonthis says:

    Since the 2000s the league has turned the shooting guard position into athletic 2 guard or a 6’2 shot artist. Who are the true shooting guards of today? Monte Ellis, Brandon Jennings, D. Wade, Mo Williams… Besides D wade your never gonna see the caliper of the guards that were in the 80s and 90s. The last greats were Iverson, T-Mac, V. Carter, R. Allen and I gotta put my man Dumars. Now as of players who didn’t get on a stacked team and made the best of it or excelled to the max were Iverson and Lebron. That’s something Kobe cannot match!! Switch Kobe with either and see how far they would get to the playoffs if they made it that far.

  12. mike says:

    jordan @ 1 then iverson @ 2

  13. hanif says:

    Jackson said Dwayne Wade was the 3rd best shooting guard all time just last year in the 2011 finals

  14. Zohannn says:

    Top Ten shooting guards, All-Time:

    1. Jordan
    2. Kobe
    3. Miller
    4. Drexler
    5. Iverson
    6. Gervin
    7. Petrovic
    8. Wade
    9. Allen
    10. Rice

  15. toro says:

    finally some sense up there by Juan. kobe is a great player, even though i don’t like him, but to even compare him to MJ or the other guys you mentioned is an insult to them. and to argument he’s got five rings, for god’s sake, three of them we’re won by shaq waaaay more then kobe. and he couldn’t win the other two ’til they surrounded him with some very quality big men. and the competition il late 2010’s wasn’t even that great, certenly not comparable to the one mj had in 90’s, magic and bird both in the 80’s and so on. also, the guy who takes most of his shots unreasonably and has to take 30 shots to score 30 pts…. please. everything juan said is true, i’d only maybe put west in front of clyde, but that’s nitpicking. kobe could certenly be in top 10, but nowhere near top 5. i’d wish some of the kids today would take some old footages and watch the basketball that was played some 20 years ago, not to mention in the 70’s and 60’s. i’m not that old myself (27) and when i was 15 i also thought that penny was the man, t-mac and AI. but please, for the love of god, try and watch some of the real greats and how they played. it’s just not comparable what those guys did.

    and we’re talking about SG here! people put kobe next to MJ when they talk basketball in general! what a disgrace. what about wilt and the way he could dominate the game? what about russell and his 11 championships? ELEVEN! what about magic, the guy who dominated dr. J’s 76ers in his rookie year playing THE CENTRE?! what about hakeem, the guy who had more moves than kobe and he was a f**king center? what about bird, kareem, isaiah, malone, dr J, pistol pete, barkley? even shaq is one of the greats. all of them and some more are in front of kobe. grow up for gods sake

  16. Rod Salore says:

    McGrady in his prime is #3 easily.

  17. Forgetting Someone? says:

    You guys are forgetting T-Mac? In his prime he easily destroyed his competition! You could tell him to shoot from one spot and he’d swish it first go.. you have to remember current NBA players that were once great

  18. bu says:

    Miller is a 1 dimensional deadly SG without any range or spot limitations. He gets open, like the guys say here, in an incredible way like no one else (except Ray Allen). He’s a tough nut & super competitive & like Bird, backed up his words every time. That’s what Jackson referred to probably. He’s no cry baby like Wade. But if I hv to choose a SG on my team as starting 5, I hv so many other choices ahead of him!!

  19. Juan says:

    Would you people get your heads out of your arses? Kobe at number two, seriously? People like Dwyane Wade, Ray Allen and effing Vince Carter shouldn’t even be in this discussion.
    Okay, Reggie wasn’t number 3 overall, but Kobe definitely isn’t number two. Or number three, for that matter. Have you ever seen Oscar Robertson play, for real (triple-double season, people)? Do you think the Lakers would’ve won the ’72 championship, with an aging Chamberlain, without Jerry West? Nobody even mentioned all-time greats JOHN HAVLICEK (8 titles, 13 all-star selections) and EARL MONROE (most gracious player to ever set foot on a basketball court). Hell even Dr.J could be considered a SG.
    Jesus Christ, ANYONE who plays/has played in the 2000s and 2010s shouldn’t even be thought of, when the words “Top 10 all-time” are mentioned. Kobe is the only one I’d consider getting into this list, and he wouldn’t rank higher than 7 or 8.
    Top 5 is definitely MJ, Big O, Pistol Pete, Earl the Pearl, Clyde the Glide, Then, no doubt, there is Jerry West. And then there’s the rest of them, and Reggie is definitely one of them. He’s at Kobe’s level, even though he hasn’t got a ring on his finger; that’s just how good he was. Also, take into consideration who Reggie had to compete with, and today’s competition. I don’t buy the “Ray Allen and Dwyane Wade have rings” theory because of the simple fact that playing against Kevin Durant or Kobe Bryant is just that tad easier than playing against the HOFers, such as MJ, Drexler, etc, that Reggie had to compete against. Players from the 90s who DIDN’T make it to the HOF are comparable, in terms of talent, to today’s superstars (who will most definitely make it to the HOF), and I know I would take a guy like John Starks over Dwyane Wade ANY TIME. And the 90s weren’t even the best decade, IMO virtually any good player from the 70s or 80s could take any 2000s/2010s superstar to school.

    • CLee says:

      This is by far the most honest and quite possibly the best comment on this post. I have much respect for you, man. You’ve cleared this up for all of the others.

  20. Dirty D says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t give him 3 but put him with the teams that some of the others had in that list and I think he would have made his mark there two. Reggie was a really hard man to stop. I like ray allen but if the Celtics had Reggie! That would have been scary! And Off of competitive spirit and attitude alone I would pick him over quite a few in that list like Wade.

  21. Papi says:

    Although I want to put AI before Reggie, you always have to count longevity. Anybody can be great at any given time, but greatness is sustained. This is why I have Kobe knocking on MJ’s door and West barely ahead of Reggie. The chip gives West the edge of Reggie’s 18 seasons of high level production. I want to put Wade at number three too, but can’t because of the same reason, ” Sustained Greatness”. Lets see how long LBJ can maintain his play. Shaq was the man for a few seasons. TMac, Vince Carter, AI, and Penny, all had several great years in their career then faded away. I’m not a fan of Reggie Miller, but he was relevant until he retired.

    • Dirty D says:

      I totally Agree. I feared him with the ball, Wade does not worry me the same way. And now hes kinda declining already. Reggie was the man till he quit.

      • everyoneditcheddirk says:

        kobe’s declining too.denver almost beat them and they were no threat to the thunder… jordan was a shoe in to win everytime you knew he was going to dominate.kobe is hit or miss .he has moments where he’s untouchable but he’s waaay too self absorbed .jordan wasnt thats the main difference from potentially great to truely great . that is why mj #1

  22. BullsBoy32 says:

    First of all Jordan is the G.O.A.T and Kobe is def. 2nd, but i must say after them what other SG’s game even compares. Miller is a SHOOTING GUARD, MJ,KOBE,and A.I. are SCORING GUARDS. i think you can only put Miller in the top 3 in the category of shooting but all around game it should go, 1) MJ 2) kobe 3) Wade 4) A.I and wade is above iverson becuase of his work ethic and the fact that he hasn’t lost a step in his 8 years in the NBA and i dont see him doin so, Iverson bounced around the league toward the end of his career for wat reason? probably PRACTICE!! LOL

    • QuestionMark says:

      They all play the position of SG, Miller is obviously a great shooter and is in the the top 5 of best SG of all time. Wade and Iverson are in the top 10 I would say but Wade’s career isn’t over yet. Compared to what Wade did in the 2006 Finals, I think he has lost a step, and those are because of his injuries, but either way he will go down as one of the best SGs ever.

  23. Me says:

    lol you disagreee? really? Reggie could basically shoot around any defender and at any time and position too. Now Ive is real close but Reggie takes it. Dewanye is nice but come on now, really? Dewayne doesn’t have nothing on Allen or Reggie or Earl and the rest you mentioned

  24. David says:

    Top10 for sure. Top3… not sure.

  25. i-Call says:

    “Don’t EVER CLICK MY NAME!!” I salute you for mentioning the late Drazen Petrovic.

    He was the real deal in Europe & the US.

    I feel Clyde Drexler should be getting more attention in this converstion.

    #1 MJ = a no-brainer.

  26. khell says:

    Reggie Miller no. 3 in SG List… i don’t know… top ten maybe… and thats a maybe.

    what about Oscar “Big O” Robertson, he’s been the prototype of combo guards this days…
    and what about Jerry “The LOGO” West… and i don’t need to explain why coz he’s the LOGO of this league.

    and after those 2 there’s a lot more players to think off… 😀

  27. digitioli says:

    the inventor of the “i’ll throw my legs into to you for a foul” move was a great shooter. hated that play and he got the call almost every time, and to me is what he’s most famous for.
    all-time number three shooting guard? not.
    just because it’s called shooting guard doesn’t mean you don’t have to play defense too…

  28. Bobby says:

    Oh I see he was a much better scorer in the playoffs, well he was a little better than I remember him. I didn’t pay attention to Miller in the playoffs much.

  29. mayo says:

    KOBE #1

  30. Bobby says:

    I was going to say if offense is only considered and not defense than Miller is the 3rd best Shooting Guard. But I forgot how much Miller used to score so I looked up Millers stats and he has never even averaged over 23 points a game except for one time. So not even offensively is he the 3rd best SG. Being one of the greatest 3 point shooters and closers are not enough brought to the table. .

  31. El Drake Shell says:

    The only guy that they can put on the that list above Reggie is Jerry West (after all, he is the LOGO!). But after that, you could put Reggie up there with all those guys. He was the heart and soul of the PACERS. They live or die off Reggie Miller and he loved the spot light. No one was more clutch, more savvy, more professional. Reggie would have had a title if it wasn’t for what’s his name…oh yeah, MJ.

  32. bcgeorge1983 says:

    People tend to label Reggie Miller as one dimensional, but he was definitely a better all-around player than most give him credit for. No, he wasn’t a tenacious on-ball defender (not that he was a horrible defender) or super high flyer, but he was a very good offensive weapon who could do more than just shoot: he also had the ability to drive to the basket and finish inside. He played for 18 seasons and was still dropping 40+ point games late in his career. He probably could have played longer if he wanted to.

    And to the first poster who mentioned putting A.I. above Reggie because Reggie doesn’t have a championship, A.I. doesn’t have a championship either. And for the record, Reggie Miller did take his teams to the Finals one year. He also help lead his team to five Eastern Conference Finals. Allen Iverson can’t say the same.

  33. Stealth says:

    Yeah…Reggie definitely isn’t number three. If we were to talk about SGs who do what they’re paid to do (scoring) extremely well, the list would be something like: Jordan, Bryant, West, Maravich, Gervin, Thompson, Robertson, Wade, Iverson, McGrady. But if we wanted to talk about overall impact on NBA History, championships, etc, then we’d be looking at Richmond, Miller, Allen, Drexler, Dumars, (Sam) Jones…and others who couldn’t score extremely well but won titles and had a greater overall impact on the NBA. This is just my opinion. I’m sure people will disagree.

  34. Willy says:

    Reggie could hit from anywhere! The bench, falling out of bounds, on his back, being hacked and he is not a big strong muscle man either. I agree 100% percent with the coach Jack with his range and percentage at that range it’s as good as a layup! Nobody like him since!

  35. Kamote says:

    why is Kobe at #2?


  36. lakermig says:

    in my opinion he is better than most of the others mentioned ie.iverson,wade,joe dumars and allen especiallly

  37. norris29002 says:

    Don’t Understand How You Have Ray Allen, And Not Mention Vince Carter, Outside Of Shooting, Vince Out weights Ray In Every Way. Give Vince Ray’s Bucks Line-Up When He Was In Toronto, And He’d Have A Ring.

    • E-SY says:

      I can appreciate you running for Vince, I have enjoyed watching him play definitely in Toronto and even now he pulls off some of the most spectacular moves in the league, even at his age. But I’m afraid the entire Hall of Fame is making itself rediculous by adding people like Reggie or Vince without actually doing something remarkable for their teams. Reggie was a one-trick-pony and Vince might have just a couple of extra options in his arsenal, but they are way behind M.J. and Kobe. I’m from M.J.’s era, so I won’t judge the older players, but Iverson, Allan and Dumars wouldn’t make it into the Hall of Fame if I had something to say about it. Maybe Wade, over time…

      The Hall of Fame should be reserverd for GREAT players… very good is not good enough…

  38. KB24 says:

    Definitely Jerry West is number 3…..but the main question….who’s really N. 1 ?…….

  39. newyorksteelo says:

    Opps I take that back, just saw his name on your list lol.

  40. newyorksteelo says:

    I would throw in “Ray Allen” to that mix too. Miller is an all time great but not that close to Michael and Kobe.

  41. MaFox says:

    hmmmm surprised to see AI and pistol pete on that list. I’d have them as point guards..

  42. Pogi says:

    I agree with Sekou….. right until he said Joe Dumars. Don’t get me wrong, I think Reggie Miller and Joe Dumars were part of the greats to ever play the game.

  43. Sea Pea says:

    Reggie is top three at getting open without the ball in his hands….how about that? That’s it though.

  44. Sea Pea says:

    George Gervin is a scoring champion and Oscar Robertson is probably better than everyone mentioned. Deifinitely better than Kobe.

    • jer says:

      oscar ran the point and was still probably one of the best 2 guards of all time… 30-10-10 i mean come on, nobody else has or will average that ever again. he’s in my opinion one of the top 5 all-time players, i think the only reason he doesn’t get as much recognition or respect as wilt, magic, russel or mj is because he only had a single title.

  45. s27m says:

    MIller was incredible but for not winning a championship I would deffinately put Iverson ahead of him. Iverson changed the game more than Miller PLUS he Actually made it to the Finals!.

    A.I is #3 on the list of greatest shooting guards…well atleast I think so.

    • Lepiv says:

      … and Miller didn’t make it to the Finals?
      Do your homework kid.

    • I disagree….there are a few people who where better than both reggie and iverson so I wont really count either one of them as the 3rd…but…I would pick reggie over iverson…yes he might not have the dribble moves or the penetration like A.I. but only Drazen Petrovic can shoot better than Reggie, Reggie to me is the 2nd best shooter of all time…even ray allen can’t shoot better than reggie…and the guy is definitely clutch…not to mention that he is a TRUE LEADER (and master trashtalker) that brought his team to the NBA finals and never went to another city, a guy that has proven his legacy in indiana…now that’s a guy that i totally respect

      • s27m says:

        LOL my Bad hahaha. I didnt rember him that at all! Still AI is more talented than reggie….even thoguh its just just “Practice” lol

    • JKID says:

      young kids shouldnt be allowed to comment!

      • s27m says:

        lol I said im sorry I’m 23….wow tough crowd

      • listen says:

        allen iverson might be overall mor talented than reggie but thats about it, reggie was the 2nd best shooting guard back then behind jordan , nobody can shoot and score like him , the younger generation does not know much about him because he did not dunk much or have a flashy move but i would still but reggie over ai any day.

    • Momowonthis says:

      Well he isn’t off though. Iverson basically did it by himself. Mutombo,G. Lynch, A. McKie, E. Snow and M Geiger was his supporting cast. Reggie had enough player for 2 teams and a legitimate star at every position with a B+ Bench. Iverson and T-Mac are in heavy consideration considering the teams they were placed on.

      • listen says:

        you have to remeber allen iverson did it byhimself because that is the only way it would work, he cant play with another scrorer , thats why they got rid of jerry stackhouse when he came there,

    • Steel Kobe 24 says:

      AI played alot of PG and SG…I would consider him a scorer, like Jerry West, etc.

    • Alphanso Williams says:

      Dude Reggie made it to the finals and got beat by LA just like AI… do some research before you comment