From Dwight To Orlando … Farewell!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Now that they’ve finally heard directly from Dwight Howard, the city of Orlando can finally put this whole Dwightmare drama behind them.

Maybe not.

In what is either the classiest or the most sinister (depending on your perspective) twist yet, Howard took out an ad in Sunday’s Orlando Sentinel praising Magic fans and the city he called home for the first eight years of his career:

Dwight Howard’s farewell ode to Magic fans and the city of Orlando … too late?

It was a short but sweet wave goodbye, one that can be viewed in a number of different ways.

Here’s one: Howard is trying to do the right thing, however late it must feel to his critics, while also acknowledging that his time in the shadow of the Magic Kingdom was simply up.

And we have to commend him for a move that absolutely did not have to be done and probably won’t generate any warm and fuzzy feeling for him in and around Orlando, now that he’s officially with the Los Angeles Lakers. He didn’t have to lift a finger to say anything about the Magic, Orlando or the fans. He could have put that entire situation in his rear view and left the public relations mess for someone else to try to clean up.

But he didn’t.

And for that, (and only that) we have to give it up to Howard.


  1. Money$$$ says:

    See everybody is blaming Howard for this move and its not fair. If Orlando Magic really wanted him to stay, then they should have done what Heats did and get better players around him. When u looked at magics u only saw Dwight Howard (DH) but wen u see heats and Lakers u can see other players. They had 8 yrs to find proper help for DH but they traded some player and brought them right back after a few seasons. That’s like eating ur own vomit! This was the best move for a player that can “maybe” be the best center to ever play in NBA.

  2. LA-Lakers@Manila says:

    It would be another 2Peat or 3Peat for the Lakers.. NO ONE can stop them.. Even the HEAT.. and Even the OKC.. OKC be ready for the revenge of LA!!!

  3. dice8up says:

    I am sure there are good people over at Orlando who will accept the peace offering, move on, and let the players play their game.

    Me, I am just glad Howard is on my team. It’s going to be one hell of a ride this coming season.

  4. dice8up says:

    It takes courage to thank people especially if they are don’t warm up to your overture. I commend Howard for this gesture.

    Go Lakers!

  5. Kristian says:

    He made a great move here moving to the Lakers, because he will be able to play the way that he actually needs to. He should also not worry about having to score way too much, and he can easily give them 15-20 points and 10+ rebounds per game. He will be able to get free lanes etc, because of the attention that the other teams has to give to Bryant, Gasol and Nash.
    The organization of Orlando did a really bad job, They shouldn’t have let him go as easy as they did. They got way too little in return, and now they are left with nothing. They are going to be like Cleveland when LeBron left them, if not worse. They don’t have any pieces able to pull them back into the playoffs right now, and I don’t see them playing like the Nuggets, because they aren’t able to play at the pace, because of their lack of talent and lack of depth.

  6. rich says:

    the thunder are still the team to beat in the west.

  7. rneliventuri says:

    Wow! Why is it that people act like they own the players who play for their respective teams? At the end of the day, players will select the best team they think they would feel good at playing, or factors like, better pay, more chance to win a ring or location preference. Whatever the reason is nobody has the right to get mad at them. It’s their lives, and people who gets mad at players who leave their teams are not less selfish than the player who left! Since when is it right to hate a player for making a choice? Does Orlando own Howard? Does the Lakers own him? Nobody owns any player! So stop whining if a player leaves your team!

  8. Billeh Tubea says:

    Dwight should stay for Orlando not become another team with the LA Lakers, Andrew Bynum should go back to his hometown also not joining Philadelphia.

  9. lof says:

    He went out the right way. Unlike leborn which he could of handle his situation differnetly. I mean at least he didnt have a whole segiment show conference for everybody to watch and see his choice. Now that dwight is in L.A I think they are the team to beat. The only thing that can truly stop them is injury and age. They do need to get younger. esp on the wings. Looks to me they have the middle lock up.

  10. mickey mouse says:

    better late than later from the latest laker 😛

  11. Doucheku says:

    Are centers overrated in the NBA now? Are they really all that necessary for how the game is played now a days?

  12. LALAKERS says:

    and the fans are mad at Dwight Howard I would be pissed if I was Dwight and saw this coming since they didnt have any players that can be traded unless Dwight had to be in the package deal. Dwight knew this since they got alot of players contracted in a high price for a many years and do not produce. Dwight knew Magics messed up and had no chance of winning until those contracts were up (about 3-4 years) but like every player they want to win now.

    Dont get mad at Dwight since last year he could have just not been traded and not signed the extension and would of left Magics with nothing and him signing to another team, but he was nice enough to sign the extension then give the front office time to look for deals for a whole year and magics fan is mad at him. Secondly they had to trade him and then what does the Magics do? They don’t even get a star like Bynum (that’s fine) but they dont even get Iggy or any other star? This is how bad the front office is at Orlando.

    I personally think the Houstons deal was best to rebuild with those draft picks and it could of been great ones since they are not a playoff team. 2nd or should have gone for the Atlanta deal with Horford, Teague and draft picks with few more players. I never liked the Nets deal cause Brook gets injured too much and is worse then Bynum, Humpries is a 15 10 guy but the Nets couldnt even make the playoffs with them and Deron Williams which he is over rated I believe.

    I guess the Magics GM wants to help out the NBA by spreading the goods to Philly (looks upgraded by alot), Denver with Iggy got some great defense and a great fastbreak guy (dangerous team), and Lakers (looks great on paper to win it all). Then what does the Magics get Afflalo (mediocre player) some young unknowns, and draft picks some are protected, and some are in the high draft picks which I dont understand?

    Magics GM good job on making Dwight look like the worst person in the world, and treating him like a kid by caging him and not letting him go when fully knowing that he had enough, continuously not keeping promises by not providing help, and putting more news up about him in the past making the fans really hate him.

    Be lucky that Jameer Nelson resigned since the Magics organization crushed his dreams in winning an NBA championship and the look on his face is just now all about money and lets see how the Magics screw him by holding onto him with young talents that will never make it to the playoffs

  13. Jodie Meeks says:

    HEY!? what about me guys? all everyone istalking about is these other clowns on the lakers! dwight howard no doubt is a future hall of famer but also consirderably overrated… He doenst play with a chip on his shoulder or swag. He is just downright bigger and stronger than most. Im sure he will have back problems this year being that the season is back to normal and nash is a beast still lets see how he does on defence this year. And kobe, well its kobe. The most selfish player in basketball better move that rock this year. As for me, well, I got miami winning this year ;]

  14. FG says:

    Lakers should hire Stan Van Gundy and ditch Mike Brown….

  15. HeyHey says:

    haters going to hate, good on him for making a change. Has to be hard to leave your teamates and it had to be a hard decision for him. Can’t blame him for going back and forth

  16. Jei says:

    Dwight is a rare talent and he owes it to basketball to do as much with it as he could. He gave Orlando his first, and probably best, eight years. Unfortunately, he felt he cant go further with Orlando if he intends to live up to his potential. Eight years is a long time for Orlando to build around DH and they didnt. With move like giving Rashard Lewis a rediculous contract, Orlando certainly didnt do their part in trying to keep DH happy. Although they basically folded to his whims during the last years of his stay in Orlando, those moves are what I would see as being too little too late.

  17. spurk says:

    what a shame …

    should have gone to bulls or somethng …
    be with derrick rose best big man best lil man combo

  18. amigo says:

    you will not get a ring in los angeles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. amigo says:

    we will get a ring first before you can get a ring in los angeles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. GR3ddy says:

    Get over it!! D12 didn’t have to do that, so be grateful.

  21. Kobe will never be better than Michael Jordan!NEVER EVER!

  22. The nba robbed the orlando magic in 1996 when shaq went to the lakers and again robbed the magic this year!Lakers wouldn´t win the championships of 2000,2001 or 2002,and even the 2010 nba finals were a farse when the celtics were blatantly robbed!

  23. Howard a sell out just like shaq,screw the lakers orlando deserved respect,damn you david stern!

  24. magiclady says:

    He don’t want to be booed when he come back to Orlando. Too late, Magic fans had way too much of the Howard Drama.

  25. NesHMH says:

    HAHAHA! Obviously, a PR move. 😀
    Won’t work though.

  26. Raphajiujitsu says:

    He went to the team that beat him in the finals. What a loser!

  27. Timothy says:

    Like he even wrote (read) that himself.

  28. Louie says:

    I know one thing…. Laker fans don’t have to put up with this kind of drama. If he starts throwing his tantrums in LA…. we will see him shipped to the worst possible city just to make a point.

  29. lbj says:

    Dwight howard must be traded to heat if he wantsbto have a ring

  30. orlando native says:

    I am a magic fan and i hated dwight for the first couple of days now i am starting to miss him i have never experienced the rebuilding process as a fan of the magic but dwight is right he had a huge impact on the orlando area i really miss the big fella i forgive him because it was all otis smiths fault that the magic didnt win the championship he never really surrounded good players around dwight and dwight made the right decision to go to a better team lebron couldnt win a ring in cleveland but now 2 years later he has one so dwight faced the facts and now he will probably win a ring.

  31. toyg says:

    According to the poll it looks like most people feel that a player can put a city and team through a year or more of senseless drama – then just pay for a newspaper add and all will be forgiven. Crazy!

    • RJ says:

      All Dwight did was dump a team that was underperforming. Teams do this to players all the time. Furthermore, teams are corporations, players are people. Dwight showed no loyalty to a corporation that was doing little for him, and he’s shown loyalty to the people, the fans.

      In any case, who cares? I think he’s overrated. If Josh smith can average 2 to 3 blocks most years playing the 3 and 4, Dwight Howard should be able to block 3 to 4+ shots pretty much every year with similar athletic gifts, a supposed commitment to defense, 2 inches on Smith (and probably more in wingspan), and the fact that he plays inside all the time. Easily Serge Ibaka, Sean Williams, old Marcus Camby or Ben Wallace numbers with his combination of size, strength, and hops.

  32. Calpin says:

    Ok lets say that he lied to the media, fans and Orlando organisation. I would think that he lied to them because he was hoping that by the time it got around to the trade deadline they would have added enough pieces to the team that would convince him to stay. But they didnt. And this was for at least two years in the making. (or not making)

    Plus his coach should have been fired from the time he used Jameer in the finals just after recovering from injury. He should have at least waited until he saw the team that took them through the playoffs to the finals, to be struggling for him to have taken JN off da bench. Which would be seen as a last ditch effort to make something happen.


  33. mayo says:


  34. Jacek says:

    He should have won the championship with Marcin Gortat. After Marcin left it was clear to me he will not win a championship with Orlando Magic!

  35. EARCH says:

    RIDICULOUS, thats all i have to say. Magic fans are not mad cause he left (ok, maybe a few are), they are mad because of his actions, promisses and trade demans in the last 12+ months.
    -trade demands to the nets or lakers
    -saying that he wants to stay
    -saying that he´s too loyal
    -forcing the management to fire van Gundy
    etc. etc. etc.
    The Lakers look very good on paper now, but dont forget 2 of their 3 HOFers are 34(Kobe) and 38(Nash), Gasol is 32 and Jamison is 36.
    Add Dwight Howard and they would easily win the championship – IF IT WAS 2007 !!!
    The Lakers always had problems guarding opposing scoring point guards, with an 38 years old Nash it will even get worse.
    So OKC and SA will still cause big problems for the Lakers.
    Anyway, cant wait for the 2012-2013 season to start.

  36. Aaron says:

    Maybe instead of having his name at the top in all caps, he should have put THANK YOU.

  37. Isaac says:

    lol Mad fans are the best. How is DH12 a traitor? He stuck around for another season and gave it a go. You want to know why Howard injuried is back last season? Because he carried orlando as far as he can. He was scoring 25-30 pts with 15-20 rebounds and 3-5 blocks and Playing 38-40 minutes. There is only so much you can do with a team like that. He told Orlando he was going to leave so Orlando can make a trade and not lose out. He could of easily just kept quiet and left orlando at the end of the season and pull a shaq/lebron and left the team with nothing. I don’t know how it makes him a traitor or a coward. He stood for another season but Orlando made no moves or showed and signs to aquire better players. Instead they let go of ryan anderson probably there 2-3rd best player. At the end of the day it’s his job and he wants to succeed at it and he couldn’t make it happen in Orlando therefore want to get traded. At least he had the curtisy to tell the GM he was not happy and wanted out. He could’ve easily left via FA and stopped on Orlando’s hearts left them with nothing.

    • dattebayo says:

      OK, I feel like Bill Maher talking to a Republican, but could we agree on some facts please:
      Howard has only averaged more than 21 points once in a regular season and once during the playoffs (in 2011, where he had 46 – 33 – 21 – 29 – 8 – 25 in those 6 games against the Hawks).
      Howard has never averaged more than 15 rebounds per game in a regular season, he did three times in the playoffs though where he averaged 15.x RPG
      He never averaged 3 blocks a game during a regular season and only twice in the playoffs at 3.4 and 3.5
      He never averaged more than 38 minutes in the regular season besides in 2012 when he played 38.3 minutes a game and his playoff average in minutes is 39.4 and he never played more than 43 minutes in any playoffs.

      Howard has never put up 25-15-3 in any regular season or playoffs, let alone 30-20-5. I agree though that he is still a beast and especially in the 2011 playoffs his teammates did not come through like he did. I basically agree, that he should have left and that he can do whatever he wants. But the entire drama: “I wanna be traded, no I sign the extension, no i wanna be traded, I don’t like my coach, fire him before the playoffs, uuh my back hurts, I can’t even come to watch my team in the playoffs, fire coach and gm and finally I only wanna be traded to the nets” was the worst thing any player has ever done to a franchise in league history.

  38. Baller says:

    I like the way this add is set up. The photos are not of him doing slam dunks…they are photos of him helping out the orlando community, the great things that he thought were important while he were there. His departure was handled poorly, no one disagrees with that, but you can see he did actually care for the city. Lebron just left in a blaze of glory of a national tv programme.

  39. YeahRight says:

    whatever!! as long as lakers will win the champ. D12 career we surely rise up.

  40. stu says:

    Great move by Howard, however a lot of people will see this as a PR stunt and not a genuine thanks.

  41. seo wannabe says:


  42. bomchakalala#2 says:

    bu hu hu stop the crying DH is a laker now so sit back relax and enjoy the ride because is gonna be fun now DH will have champion rings on his fingers

  43. muharrem fromTURKEY says:

    dwight do the best for him no one can argue with that, and everyone in his shoes could do the same thing. but the way he has done it was not nice. he should let his agent do the work and shut up. he souldn’t publicly embarace himself and the fans he supported him for years. period.

  44. Samantha Hernandez says:

    My god leave the poor man alone he’s a great man and a great basketball player, stop hating on him, okay!!!

  45. Rhedz says:

    The ad thing on the news paper was really a nice move…I wish howard the best, i hope in time people and fans in orland will learn to love him again not just because he played in orlando but as one of the greatest athlete in this generation.

  46. pingusun says:

    He lives in a fantasy world with all his religious mumbo jumbo so to see this does not really surprise me , should have just left it as it is and off you go to la la land, need a psychiatrist to explain why he rub this in the Orlando fans faces ? have they not suffered enough.

  47. funkypiston says:

    People keep comparing LBJ with DH and honestly they should not. LBJ honored his contract and left for a better opportunity and I don’t recollect LBJ ever asking Cleveland to trade him. Decision was bad but at least the 2.5 million it earned went to charity. Now coming back to DH, he was a pain in the rear last year. All he had to do is just shut up, honor his contract and leave. All that whining and changing his stance every other interview was just pathetic. So I don’t think the newspaper ad means a thing for a magic fan. Im sure they would NOT use the newspaper even if they are outta toilet paper. Trading him to the Lakers/ Sixers for peanuts definitely earns the Magic GM moron of the year in 2013 🙂

  48. Floridian says:

    At least he knows he did not handle it right. I do not blame him on his move to LA but what he did in Magic was very selfish..

  49. Danny says:

    Good one. Dont blame it on DH12, he just want to win.

  50. Danilo B. says:


  51. KG5 says:

    let us see whats happen in this season…we all knew that miami is aslo a strong team..because rey is already in the heat.but i can only say that im still part of boston fans.

  52. Zach says:

    Give it up for Howard for copying Ray Allen’s move to try and save some face? No thanks

  53. Gift says:

    Go West Dwight, don’t look back. We @ Celtics Nation think would rather appreciate u West than East. One head less. go Celtics.

  54. DRE HEAT says:


  55. I Love Lakers says:

    I have always believed that Dwight is a good man. He has done a lot for the community and has always showed much appreciation to his fans. So for me to believe that this a publicity stunt or a move by his agent is hard. I believe that Dwight took the initiative to do this out of his own heart and to make things right. He knows what he did was wrong and wants to make thinfs right. I believe he should have been more straight forward and say what he plans to do. But he kept quiet to not emotionally hurt his fans, although that made things much worse as you all know now. What’s done is done. I think everyone should just move on from this drama. NBA is just a professional basketball league, no reason to create drama out of it.

  56. sean says:

    plus dwight howard is pretty overrated

  57. sean says:

    dwight howard is a fisherman that keeps cutting the fish off the hook, then eventually decides to kill it, cut it up as chum and then send a letter to its family saying it always enjoyed the hunt.

  58. jackobe24 says:

    DH12 got the same reason why Carl Malone and Gary Peyton went to Lakers, beacause they want a Championship Ring..

  59. rabauke69 says:

    Everyone who thinks this is “nice” or reflects Howards “love for Orlando” in any kind of way, must have missed Howards behavior in the last dozen of months. This is NOTHING MORE but a PR move to make people buy D12 merch again and to contribute to further demand of Lakers tickets. And to comment on Mr. Smith: “…He could have put that entire situation in his rear view and left the public relations mess for someone else to try to clean up. But he didn’t….” – Hell yes he did. Putting an ad in the paper is not what I call cleaning up the mess, this is pretty much rear viev sir.

    Maybe Howard really has some sort of bad conscience, maybe he doesnt, anyway, this ad in the Orlando Sentinel has nothing to do with it, it would have been posted even if Howard hated the guts out of his fans in Orlando.

    This ad could be something to give it up to Howard for, if it would have STARTED all that trading situation and not have come after all that mess. But for that, it would have taken a grown up man, able to make decisions and to stick to them, and to respect the people you claim to love. None of that I can see here. I see a professional making business decisions. Nothing bad about that though, just stop that hypocritic lying, each time I see that, It makes me love the NBA a little less 😦

  60. xf22Razgriz says:

    At first one would deny it’s “short and sweet”.

    But I really hope..DWIGHT was the one who wrote those and not just a P.R consultant!
    As I kept on hearing D-wighT saying the word “GOD” “Thank GOD”… (In his interviews)
    Man., you better make sure that you meant it and not just for the sake of looking like an ANGEL.. in the public…
    Remember, NO one shall use the name of GOD for personal gains or what have you!

    From a LAKER fan… I’m still skeptical on Dwight! We shall see once tip off begins!


  61. Koperboy says:

    Words are wind. Maybe Dwight didn’t even write that. What probably happened was his manager said “hey, we have to correct your image in media” and Dwight said “yeah ok, write something down and send it to the newspaper”.

    It would be something totally different if he’d held a dinner or something for children from his training camp that didn’t see him in person. Actions, not words.

  62. Tyler says:

    HAHA Shaq and Howard both left you for us. Guess Orlando is just our bitch team though. LAKERS

    • TTKIN says:

      I guess Orlando is the Triple A team for the Lakers haha. They get the prospects and evelop them, then when theyre ready for big time we call em up to the big leagues (we make sure we get them haha).

  63. BG to Dj says:

    The Lebron and Dwight situations are two different items all together.Lebron didn’t tell them he was going to leave so they could get some value/something better than some scrub 2nd round picks and a trade exception not worth much,went on t.v which was a stupid decision(pardon the pun)to say where he was going.
    Dwight straight out said trade me to one of the following lakers or nets that’s it(at least he was honest about it),he opted in possibly out of obligation to get the magic more time to do something which they didn’t seize properly.If I was the Magic gm-I would have done the following:Trade dwight and hedo to the Nets for lopez, humprehies,brooks and multiple picks from nets and maybe another teams pick could have been involved which apparently was on the table.
    Instead of mo harkless and aaron afflallo and worse picks all the picks they received are from playoff teams and will be top 12 protected most likely with not having moved any of the bad contracts at all(w.t.f)- even I could have moved at least one…If anyone needs an apology letter placed its the magic organisation for essentially pushing out two franchise centers(one via not paying enough so he walked and the other not getting him some decent talent to stay dwight wanted certain players and they didn’t get it done) and screwing their franchise not once but twice.

  64. GR3ddy says:

    Talk about trolling! Get over it Magic fans! The fact that D12 didn’t need to say anything like that in the first place, you should be grateful he still considers Orlando as his original home. Basketball is business, and you need to start looking at it that way. Stop sulking and hope your GM at Orlando has a brain and starts filling the missing gaps on the Magic roster, just like the Lakers GM.

  65. howardyoutoday? says:

    lol, dwight’s inconsistency with what he wants from way back up to now is childish. the stan incident was hilarious. d-12 is trying hard not to get the “lebron treatment” saying whatever orlando wants to hear. dwight, we can smell the stench. we know what you want.

  66. bo0diep0p says:

    You can’t blame Howard for leaving Orlando… He wants a Ring… He does not want to be one of them superstars who never won a ring for their Career… Orlando shouldn’t be MAD at Howard, they should be mad at the Magic Org for not giving Howard the much needed support… As much as I don’t like the LAKERS, I’m happy that STEVE NASH will have a chance to win is his first Championship with them…

  67. gerald29 says:

    orlando,,,you still doesnt learn from cleaveland…selfish management causing franchise player to leave..

  68. Kamote says:

    Well, if the Orlando management was able to get a great deal in trading Howard, they might’ve been at least less bitter. When Howard decided to finish his final year, the Orlando management shouldve used the time getting the best scenario in trading him. They shouldve at least used the opportunity to position themselves where they can be big players for FA in the coming years. Just like when theyve lost Shaq, theyve put themselves in a position to get Tim Duncan, Grant Hill and TMac (though TD stayed in SA, Hill was injured, TMac won scoring titles but wasnt enough)… well at least theyve got that option to bounce back.

    Now, they got Afflalo… lost a good coach in Stan… they still have Hedo’s burdensome contract… and even signed Nelson for big bucks.

    Its still business, Howard shouldve just handled the situation better. But as for Orlando’s management, theyve really done worse than losing Shaq before.

  69. Swiss says:

    Lol I shouldve tried this on my ex!

    “These last few years with you have been amazing & all I couldve asked for. you make me feel like no other girl has made me feel before. Its just, while you are amazing I need more, I need a woman that I could see myself marrying as your just not that person”

    Im sure that wouldve gone down just as effectively! Nice try DH12

  70. rkooly says:

    I live in Orlando and I’m not mad at him at all. He was in a similar situation to Lebron, they each carried a mediocre team to the Finals with barely any help, and eventually they got tired of their team mates not being committed to winning, and their GM not providing better pieces. You can’t deny that the league will be more exciting to watch. We all know that the Kobe and Lebron rivalry will revive, as long as Durant doesn’t have anything to say about it. I seriously can’t wait for the season to start!!! For those of you who will complain about superstar teams and all that nonsense, feel free to stop watching. I know I will be rooting for greatness

    • Extremedriver says:

      I’m not sure he carried the team. I don’t think he put all the effort he could have into his tenure their

  71. dood says:

    I find it hard to believe Dwight being able to compose something like that…. I mean come on have you seen his post game interviews, you’d be lucky to hear him come up with a complete sentence let alone something like this.

  72. Jon says:

    I think this shows again how difficult it is for Howard to leave Orlando. Deep down he doesn’t want to leave the city, because he loves it. But at the same time he wants to win so bad, that he feels he has to leave.

    • Extremedriver says:

      I don’t think he really wants to win! i think it’s all about those $$$$$$$$ signs for howard. Just put in the minimum effort to make them dolla’s.

  73. what a joke…he is spitting in orlando’s face…(my home)

    he is just trying to save face because he wants to be liked…i cant wait to see the fan reaction everytime he touches the ball everytime the lakers come to town.

  74. Ted says:

    oh oh. Bitter Magic fans here. The most bitter cities in the NBA. Clevelandand Magic. Get over it people. You can’t give your superstars championships so it is just right that they left you.

    • Kamote says:

      “You can’t give your superstars championships…”. Wait, isnt it supposed to be the other way around?

    • kicka$$ says:

      is it the fans that gives championships.. or is it the team?! fans support them otherwise any league won’t exist.. its all about RESPECT! Howard gave its due courtesy to the fans james didn’t!

      • Rob A. says:

        Z Ilgauskas did that letter before. Fans have seen the strings to that puppet show of a letter by Dwight. He just better make sure he brings it in L.A.! LeBron brought his talents to South Beach where everyone witnessed it. I’m not so sure about this superstar this time. But i hope he does for the good of the league.

    • warriors nation says:

      I didn’t know magic was a city.

  75. kicka$$ says:

    al least DH12 has the courtesy to thank the orlando fans for their support where it matters most unlike LBJ that dropped cleveland like a hot potato without saying anything to the fans that suppoted him!

    • LBJFan says:

      LBJ never said any word because it would just add insult to injury. Think of Dwight’s statements. He was so honored to be playing in Orlando? Then why demand trade always? LBJ never demanded for trade, he finished his commitment and moved out as a free agent. Cleveland fans knows how thankful LBJ is to their city. It’s his hometown. Think man. This statement by Dwight is for the public to embrace him again. LBJ was man enough to know that he would be despised because of his actions. Dwight, apparently is not.

      • jonston says:

        Agreed. Its very easy to appear friendly and thankful once you’ve gotten what you wanted…children have similar attitudes.

      • miami is no good says:

        He dissed Clevland on a 1hr T.V show and then claim to set up a dynasty on espn when they had the big 3 pre season championship celeberation…. yet they couldnt beat a bunch of old guys on the mavs

      • thunder says:

        sure..but lebron said that he would bring a ring to cleveland. he didn’t. dwight never made that promise. lebron knew he was going to leave without the ring, and he let the world know on a big stage , which only made it worse.

    • MGIC CORE 2 says:

      WE prefer honesty and loyalty over courtesy,simple

  76. onee says:

    Watch out Lakers!

  77. macattack says:

    better late than never, but never late is better

  78. Josh Uhill says:

    I live in Jacksonville and am a huge Magic and Heat fan. FYI I HATE the Lakers! But come on people, the NBA is such a blessing for all those who get the privilege of playing in the league; why do we hate on those who expand their horizons and seek championships? I love the Magic, but honestly they didn’t truly love Howard, and they haven’t truly been looking to bring us a championship. They made the fatal flaw (just like Cleveland) of drafting a future legend and crossing their fingers in hopes that he would deliver a title, regardless of who they surrounded him with. Dwight only wants to win and that should be admired, doesn’t matter what team he’s on. Why, in today’s world, to we villianize every NBA player that leaves for another team? Just because he gets drafted to another team does not mean they (or we) own his soul. He did a lot for Orlando, for the team and the community and we love him, but it’s time to let go. Understand that he is only moving on to a brave new world in LA, and we will find another Allstar to take his place in time. Don’t hate him for it, but instead respect everything he has done for us and look towards the future. Dwight, we wish you the best. LETS GO BLUE!

    • jonston says:

      nothing wrong with moving on and wanting to win. but it must be remembered that the players are being paid to do something and if they fail with their objective that does NOT give them free rein to whine and demand to get traded. If every player in every team had that (I’m gonna throw a tantrum and move out) attitude, then the NBA would cease to exist.

      • Ktalton says:

        Its better he let the magics know he wanted to be traded that way they got an oppurtunity to get something in return, unlike lebron who left his team hanging with no chance to get quality players in a trade. And if you believed that dwight failed with his objective then your the one who’s wrong because its the team who has the objective not the players. I agree with josh 100%. His orginization failed to put together a team that would win a title. not dwight fault. What youy need to do is get over your own selfish pride and understand that players are meant to leave and be traded. It just happens that way

  79. G0n_FREECS says:

    Strongly agree ti what Brayden said. These people just don’t think how much a player sacrifices. They’re people to you know magicman101, and MGIC CORE 2?? Tell me in D12’s 8 years in Orlando, who worked hard during the season and playoffs averaging monster freakish numbers in orlando?? : DWIGHT HOWARD. And he also wants to win a championship and that’s what he wants to do in Orlando but unfortunately it didn’t happen not because he wanted out, but the (other players)help wasn’t enough. That’s why he made a decision that will give him a strong chance for a championship. Haters gonna hate, but in the end all of us just wants to be happy in what we do right? It’s not just we’ll just sit and say “yeah it’s all right, I have money here in Orlando”. NOT, Howard wants to have a Ring like every NBA Player does.

  80. This whole thing... says:

    …wasn’t Dwight’s fault. Dwight’s agent, Dan Fegan, was the one who caused all of this. He was the one who gave the “bad advice” to Dwight. He then released all of Dwight’s supposed statements, along with what was happening during the trade talks. He was attempting to make Dwight look like the bad guy, while moving Dwight to a bigger market so Dwight and Dan would receive more money. Dwight doesn’t want to make others unhappy, and is still very young and child-like. His agent used this to his advantage, and Dwight did whatever his agent said. Fegan was successful, but now he realizes sabotaging Dwight’s image may not have been in his best interest. Fegan is now making feeble attempts to make Dwight look better, but it is too late. If you don’t believe me, whatever. You know this is true. Dwight’s not an evil person.

  81. Boogie Man says:

    At the end of the day, basketball is a busness, Dwight has all but said this, so i dont blame him for making the best decision for him or his family. I dont blame him for opting in last year so Orlando had more time to get something for him, but since when do you make a public announcement at your previous place of employment after youve left them and joined another comany aka. team???? You’re not that special dwight, youre not Ray Allen!!!!

    • Extremedriver says:

      Was that the best decision for him and his family?? REALLY!?

      Let’s see here… He dogged his team, got his coach, and GM fired, whined like a baby for better players. Then he proceeded to demand things he has no business demanding for ( He’s the player not the boss).

      So what’s the bottom line?? Well if Donald Trump had been his boss, Howard would have heard those famous words, “You’re Fired!”

  82. ATL Fan says:

    I bet he had someone write that for him.

  83. WASMAZ says:


    This is nothing but a publicity stunt from his agent to keep a clean brand so that endosement keep coming.

    It is truly a divine mishap that for these athletes their physical abilities soooo lag behind their mental ones, and dont become on equal standing other than w the physical ones regressing….

  84. fanof24 says:

    hmmm nice move Dwight

  85. Dwight Howard says:

    Hey, they forgot to add my thanks to Orlando for letting me leave so easily!

  86. :) says:

    Thats nice

  87. Laker Nation says:

    Welcome to the Lakers Dwight!

    Pg: Steve Nash

    Sg: Kobe Bryant

    Sf: Metta World Peace

    Pf: Pau Gasol

    C: Dwight Howard

    Bench: Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, and Jodie Meeks

    2012-2013 NBA CHAMPIONS #BeatTheHEAT

    • anthony says:

      OH really thats what the lakers lineup looks now??? thanks I did not know that

    • David says:

      You forgot Devin Ebanks, I looking for some good things from him this year coming off the bench.

    • fanof24 says:

      add michael redd or rudy fernandez or leandro barbosa maybe gilbert arenas or baron davis or derek fisher (for the 2nd time around)

    • bb99 says:

      Wow, what a scary bench

    • justcallmeKD says:

      Seriously? You’re expecting Ron-Ron to stop LeBron? You’ve got to be kidding me. Only LeBron can stop LeBron.

    • Heat Nation says:

      The heat have a better bench by far. Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Mike Miller, Shane Battier, Udonis Haslem, Norris Cole.

      • Laker Nation says:

        Ray Allen numbers were down in the playoffs and he just had ankle surgery, Rashard Lewis averaged 7.8 points a game

        and .239 from three point range, Mike Miller has back, ankle, hernia problems and only averaged 5.2 points in the playoffs,

        Shane Battier averaged .382 from three point range and only 7.0 ponts in the playoffs, Udonis Haslrm only averaged 4.8 points,

        Norris Cole averaged 1.8 points in the playoffs

      • Rob A. says:

        Bryant and Nash are almost done with their careers. Pau is fast approaching his twilight years and Dwight is coming off surgery so no one knows what he’ll be like after. This team is a shot in the dark. Strong on paper because of big names but in reality not that dominant. It’s like a Frankentsein. Others teams aren’t even breaking a sweat over them ESPECIALLY Miami.

      • Laker Nation says:

        Lakers 2012-2014 NBA CHAMPIONS

    • Extremedriver says:


  88. bobby z says:

    Shaq leaving was justified when management did not offer equal value for him. Plus the local newspaper ran a poll that was not good timing. On the other hand Howard was given everything and he still left the fans. The just thing would be if it does not workout for him in LA.

  89. Jonathan Hilliard says:

    The man left for better opportunity? How is he a traitor or a coward? This is his job? I am definite that most of you do not have that type of loyalty to your workplace if something better come along. Get a life, over-zealous, magic fans!

    • bb99 says:

      he’s a traitor because he lied, sevreal times, to the media, the Orlando magic organization, and his fans about his intentions.
      Oh, and he also got his coach fired.

    • MGIC CORE 2 says:

      Look Joathan Hillard you full of BS .If he would that to your team you would be bothered too .He had the right to go anywhere but don’t talk about love and loyalty when you know inside that is a lie. Just that, and comming a few months after writing a full page in the newspaper is just hypocricy, and nobody can change tha ,tand not matter their excuses.

  90. Brayden says:

    Okay magicman101, and MGIC CORE 2, he’s not a coward, It’s business!! He’s doing what he needs to do for himself to try and win a championship! He did all that he could on Orlando, yet they still couldn’t do it. It’s not about being a man or coward. It’s still his job to do all that he can to become the best, and if that means moving to LA then that’s what it means. If you were him, I’m sure you’d be doing the same thing. I think that this took a lot of guts from Howard. SO keep your mouths shut and quit judging! He’s farther than you will ever be!

    • TWizz09 says:

      He should have been in the gym over the summers working on his FT’s instead of being in movies, commercials, etc. So no, he didn’t do everything he could lol.

    • lechoke says:

      yea but he should have just left not bitch about it all year publicly. I understand why he left, he just should have done it a little differently. But its w/e idk what I would do in his situation so I cant judge to much

      • Lakersfan says:

        the fact of the matter if that Orlando fans are going to be piss at him is because he left Orlando Magic, any other good or bad reason won’t count to them, they won’t accept any legit excuse from him even if thats the most honest truth or not, they will be upset at Howard because he Choose to leave Orlando simple as that. Hey at least they got something in return they could got nothing and be the worst team ever in nba history. GO LAKERS.

  91. Vayne says:

    This is certainly a PR move by his communications personnel – but what I don’t get is why they would wait so long to do it?

    Oh wait… because they (like Howard) don’t give a $h!t about Orlando either. They’re just hoping this will lessen the amount and intensity of the “BOOO’s” when Howard returns to Orlando to play. I’m sure Stan VanGundy will be in the rafters Boooing along also.

  92. Wanted says:

    It is like a thanks to the X-Girlfriend for the time you had.
    I do not think she cares about your sentiments now thay you left!

  93. magicman101 says:

    Are you kidding me??? We all know this wasn’t a Howard move but more of a PR move… Dwight can take his thanks and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine… For someone who preached about loyalty he sure is a coward… Nuff said…

    • @gahjet says:

      it’s like breaking up over the phone, even worse by text.

    • magicfan says:

      Well said magicman

    • Krishawn-MIA says:

      really if i was an orlando fan i wuddve feel the seem way…tlkin bout”IM TOO LOYAL” plz that simple contradiction was enuff ta shoo him

    • raffy says:

      i understand magic fans, but you got to say, he gave it an extra season. and lets be honest its a miracle he stayed in orlando for 8 years. but once again, i understand how you feel. btw i dont think that the magic made a bad deal in the drwight transfer

  94. John Dungey says:

    This is what players do. Only a few can make something out of nothing. Go LAKERS!

  95. Trapizomba says:

    After he decided to stay in ORL during the last season, I don’t see any reason for ORL fans to get angry over his decision. Stars will always demand a good time around them or a trade.

  96. MGIC CORE 2 says:

    You got that right my friend Enrique.There are sometimes that better” late than never”.Or another one “Never too late”
    But neither one applies to Mr. Howard. LOOK MR. HOWARD YOU ARE WAY FAR BEYONG LATE FOR EXCUSES.

  97. Enrique says:

    Good move but I’m certain people will read it different in Orlando. Not sure I would blame them.