Some Notable Names Are Still Waiting For Their Free Agent Fury To Begin

Not all NBA free agents are created equal.

Sometimes you’re Deron Williams and sometimes you’re not.

And this isn’t news to the huddled masses of familiar names and faces still looking for work with the start of training camps just a mere month away. They know that it’s time for the two-minute drill, when their options are dwindling and an invite to camp becomes a life-preserver for guys who are used to guaranteed roster spots and permanent spots in a team’s rotation.

This would explain the likes of Eddy Curry, who most likely will not be in Miami on opening night when the championship banner is raised but does have a ring with his name on it, auditioning for any team interested.

It’s the same reason you hear names like Josh Howard, who has worked out for his home state Charlotte Bobcats, Josh Childress, Hilton Armstrong and so many others — some former lottery picks (Childress) and some former All-Stars (Howard) — doing what millions of other Americans are doing right now, and that’s looking for work.

Curry and Armstrong worked out together for the Nets Wednesday, according to the New York Post:

Curry, along with Hilton Armstrong, worked out for the Nets Wednesday, according to Yahoo! Sports. Curry, the much maligned former Knick, spent last season with the Heat, playing 14 games and averaging 2.1 points while riding the coattails of LeBron James to his first NBA title.

Curry, 29, played a combined 10 games in his final three seasons with the Knicks before his contract was used as salary ballast in the Carmelo Anthony deal in February 2011.

Armstrong was part of the Nets’ free agent minicamp in May, when he earned some praise for his play from general manager Billy King.

“What I like about Hilton is he’s long and he knows how to play. I think the biggest thing for Hilton is doing it consistently,” King said at the time. “I think he got better each day. I like his length, because the one thing is it’s hard to find athletic size in this league.”

The 6-foor-11 center from Peekskill in five seasons has played for the Hornets, Kings, Rockets, Wizards and Hawks. He spent last season playing in France.

The Nets have 13 players signed to guaranteed deals for the upcoming season, two short of the 15-player maximum. They also added small forward Donte Greene last week, signing him to a non-guaranteed contract.

The team also is shopping for a backup small forward, after the guy they were bringing to camp, 6-foot-11 Greene, suffered a foot injury that likely includes a fractured ankle. Greene’s agent, Chris Luchey, maintains he is hopeful and confident Greene will be a Net this season, although his official signing with Brooklyn is on hold.

“I expect him to be a Net,” said Luchey, who indicated Greene, 24, a four-season veteran with Sacramento, was headed for an MRI last night. “I just don’t know when. We don’t know how long the rehab will be after his surgery.

Take a quick look at’s 2012 Free Agent Tracker and click on the available tab and scan the list of notable players who are still looking for a job. You figure veterans like Derek Fisher and Kenyon Martin will find opportunities with quality teams in search of some seasoning as the weeks before training camp turn into days.

But there are other, younger and more than adequate contributors, guys like Leandro Barbosa, Andray Blatche, Sam Young, Matt Barnes and plenty of others still out there.

You know they have the skills to do the job.

But now it’s a matter of finding the right fit, provided there is one .


  1. DK says:

    Heat will repeat whenever anyone gets thru with all those stupid comments must be all men because being vulgar will not get you the recognition you need for anyone to understand your comments and it shows why you follow the teams you do. I think Lakers will be serious contenders this year but just like Heat it is going to take a minute for them to gel together as a team because of all the different talent that they have now but Kobe will let no one take lead. So if the Lakers do not
    make it you know who and why they didn’t.

  2. Donte Green to the Nets? says:

    I’m happy for Him. Donte Green is athletic as hell. Green and Brooks makes a great bench combo

    The Kings didn’t give him nearly enough playing time, and now their roster is crowded and ugly. As a Kings fan, the only thing to look forward to is Tyreke dropping further from his 20-5-5 season and the team moving.

    Why the hell did they sign Aaron Brooks? Why is Garcia still on the roster with his numbers? Why is Tyreke playing small forward? SMH

  3. mario says:

    Sign one of Pietrus, McGrady or Blatche. One more sf is needed.

  4. lakers have no money i would think by now…or whose stealing for them

  5. Kobe Bryant says:

    KoBe Bryant age 34 nd still 27ppg!

  6. Kobe Bryant says:

    Goudlock, Jamison, meeks, Johnson-Odom, Hill! Blake, Ebanks, Clark, Duhon. LAL READY!!

  7. Kobe Bryant says:

    The lakers needa a lil more athletic ability on tha wings nd a lil more speed nd quickness to = unstopable

  8. Ace24 says:

    Matt Barnes should sign an extension with LAL. Even though the Lakers have a “dream” starting line, they could use a backup forward. Not only that but he is capable of being a backbone to the Lakers bench. If he stays, then i guarantee he will have a ring by the end of the season!

  9. ararar010101 says:

    With Jodie Meeks in Lakers, would Barbosa join the Lakers… I don’t think so.
    Would Matt Barnes stay in Lakers? I hope so… he is good coming off the bench… unless Ebanks is totally ready… cuz Jordan Hill proved he is ready… But Ebanks?!?!

  10. Kenny says:

    Only if Barbosa is open to coming off the bench that will work with LA. Personally since THE DRAGON is back in the land of the RISING SUNS I think he should return! him and Dragon in the back court spells trouble

  11. LS600HL says:

    The Lakers aren’t winning a championship.. They’re a done deal.. Too much age and no money to sign Barbosa or Blatche ans plus they went 8 times over and in the luxury tax. .. The Lakers GM is one of the most stupidest GM’s in NBA history.. He gave away 4-6 round picks just to get Nash and now the Lakers will suffer again without being the draft for the next 5-6yrs.. He’s an idiot….. And once they don’t win that ring, that be yet another major regret added to the Lakers history of regret… So, stop making a fool of yourselves… I’ve always been a big Laker fan all my life but i know when to say it.. I’m also a big celtics fan and a major Spurs fan but these Lakers fan sound so ridiculous..

    • Bizzman23 says:

      What???? Are you high?/?? The draft picks he gave away will be extremely late in the draft ie this means there isn’t really that much talent there in the late first round. Also you are questioning the team that only wins championships? I’m not even a Lakers fan and I know that the moves made in the off season aren’t stupid, you have a lineup of Nash Bryant Gasol and Howard and that’s an old bad lineup? Yes Nash is old Kobe just turned 34, but who should listen to someone who is a fan of any team in the NBA that is good.

    • clay says:

      so if the lakers do win next season……..what then???

    • nah lakers won’t have howard healthy enough and nash is having bad knees…lakers needed to rebuild alittle but nah…they went out and trying to win one in probably one of the great competitive seasons…

  12. Lakersfan says:

    We need to sign Barbosa before he sign else where, and he can play more than on position, and I like him more than Meeks, I like Morris but am not sure if he has already sign, and am sure Barbosa would take the minimum salary coz all he wants at this point in his career is a Championship.

    • Lakersfan says:

      My point on Morris was that we can use that Money to sign Barbosa, and if we go over the salary cap it won’t be much. But even without Barbosa we have a much improve bench than last season.

  13. lebronheatREPEAT! says:

    get blatche HEAT!!!!!!

  14. bulls should get instead of radmanovic, mohammed and mike james….blatche, barbosa and milicic…maybe barnes or bird man

  15. Carvin says:

    I feel a lot of teams are making a mistake ignoring Eddy Curry, he got the weight down which was a knock against him.
    The plus side is he’s coming off a season being around a championship team, note it wasn’t a full season, but being around players with good work ethics, a litle of that should have rubbed off on him. With so few low post players in the NBA Eddy games would help teams with good outside shooters. But the NBA is a funny league once you get a bad rap, it’s hard to get rid of it. He would be a no risk players that could benefit some team willing to take a chance. Somebody mentioned his 2.o ppg, well Omer Asik got a 25 milliom dollar conract for about the same numbers,, go figure.

  16. jo jo says:

    Son, Matta barnes wwas the Lakers highest scorere off the bench last season and hte dude is a good defender…why not re sign him?????

  17. Bastek34 says:

    I see manny people speculate about to trade to the Lakers . I dont think they win championship this season 2012/2013 . They have some bunch of good players but most of them is old likeKobe or Steve Nash . Dwight Howard have predisposition to injuries same like Bynum . And overall the team even with the best record and all-star players dosnt win championships . And i dont think they win on the west with Oklahoma City . Its just impossible . Los Angeles Lakers can compite but they dont win this year .I am fan of Miami Heat but am also worrys about the next year . So manny questions . Its hard to find real winner .

  18. mayo says:


  19. JulioEQN says:

    Wish them luck

  20. droga je cudo says:


    • Lakersfan says:

      Stop predicting the future Man, coz ytour Miame fleats are done, and DH12 will resigng because no other city will make him so much money than LA and he is going to tripple his fans in LA. Beat the HEATS. No more rings for the Queen James.

    • mytownla says:

      Your ignorance is complimented by your illiteracy. But most Heat fans are unable to read or write for some odd reason… Your just another one of those dumb Heat fans who wakes up with Lebrons Diiiccccckkk lodged deep in your throat. And since you made it obvious to the world that your basketball i.q is well below a negative by saying the Lakers have a weak bench, lemme educate you, idiot. Blake, Hill, Jamison, Duhon, Clark, and Meeks doesnt make up for a week Bench. Your obviously just a Laker hater, another Heat fan whos scared for next season, another Lebron Diiiccccck Rider. smh bow down homie

    • excuse me... says:

      Explain your ridiculous comments please or keep them to yourself. The Lakers bench has vastly improved with the addition of Meeks and Jamison and the resigning of Hill. I’ll say the Heat are favorites out of respect to the current champs, but they are not immune to injuries either. Ask Dwayne Wade. Dwight Howard may leave after one season but would be taking far less money on the contract side, and also on the marketing side. Hello, it’s L.A! And why do you think Bynum would have stayed a Laker? On Barbosa, Lakers could get him for vets minimum but they don’t want him anymore with the addition of Meeks.

  21. Nando says:

    Barbosa to the Lakers will help out the bench….

  22. LAKERFAN says:

    BARBOSA @ LAL !!!! That would make the lakers a serious contender for the title, otherwhise with a that week bench ( i m talking abt backcourt) behind the 2 amazing but old guards it will b complicated to even go to conf finals this season

  23. NY fan says:

    knicks should sign 2 more good role players!!

  24. barbosa could go to the lakers an win a easy champion ship
    with kobe bryant the future hall of famer

  25. but i am try to work with anthony davis cause he act like bitch sometimes

    • mytownla says:

      Ive seen a lot of wanna-bees in my day, but who the fudge would want to be a fake azz Austin Rivers? Your a looser just for trying to immitate him of all the people smh. Go shoot yourself…. asap

  26. lakers are winning a championship

  27. Ballin' til you drop says:

    i want leandro barbosa in lake show. dont sign matt barnes!

  28. mz-jazz-greece says:

    I think Hilton Armstrong signed with Panathinaikos in Greece, so he is out of the list.

  29. Belizeboy says:

    I watched every single Heat game and saw Curry score maybe once, How did he pull off a 2pt average. I’m kinda proud of him lol.

  30. tyrone says:

    I heard the Heat might be interested in adding blatche to their roster so they might cut Pittman and put him in a 6th man, or starter role. Andray could restore his career and maybe win a ring. Barbosa may be able to find a spot for theLakers where he could play behind MWP and KB

  31. Saad Salim says:

    Raptors should go after Matt Barnes! Gutty defender and good slasher; should fill nicely in the 3-spot…

  32. curry needs work? i play in weekend open mens basketball….come help

  33. mayo says:

    barbosa signed cwith the lakers

    • Dirty - D says:

      Not yet…. But I hope he does sign with the lakers.

    • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

      he won’t, the lakers signed Jodie Meeks and the Backcourt is pretty full. Barbosa plays shooting guard if I remember correctly.

  34. Tom says:

    I think Delfino signed with the…Rockets?

      • Cup Cakes!!!!!! says:

        basketball is good here in usa. everyone is a winner. LEBRON IS GOOD. no one else even close. but KIBE IS ALSO GOOD. KOBE. …… LAKERS OVER HEAT. LAKERS OVER HEAT. plus, there are too many cupcakes here. TRY THE CUPCAKES. THEYRE DELICIOUS.

        DONT EVER CLICK MY NAME? your flavor is bland. you will never win the title.

        all i know is