Howard On The Move In China, While His Q Score In Orlando Continues To Drop

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Just when you think Dwight Howard‘s Q score in Orlando couldn’t sink any lower comes news that the former Magic and now Lakers big man is in China  on a shoe company-sponsored promotional tour. And this comes two weeks after he didn’t make it to Orlando for a basketball camp for kids in Orlando, as the Orlando Sentinel was quick to point out.

We’re not going to judge, since we don’t know what sort of doctor’s orders Howard was operating on in either instance. But strictly from a perception standpoint, this one stings, especially for the kids still heartbroken that their favorite player bolted town and blew off their camp in the same two-week stretch.

A few more details from Josh Robbins of the Sentinel:

Dan Fegan, Howard’s agent, deferred to adidas officials when asked why Howard flew overseas but did not appear two weeks earlier at his Orlando day camp. In a statement issued to the Orlando Sentinel, adidas officials said Howard was cleared to travel “just last week.”

In the statement, adidas officials said: “Since Dwight’s injury our focus has been on his recovery. His health has continued to improve and just last week he was cleared to travel. We are excited that Dwight is now able to participate in fan and community events as he continues to prepare for the NBA season. Dwight is an amazing athlete and outstanding partner with fans around the world.”

To be sure, Howard had remained in Southern California almost all summer after spending large portions of the 2011 offseason traveling to such locations as China, Japan, Mongolia, Russia, Spain and Tanzania.

This trip is supposed to be shorter than Howard’s prior trips to the Far East. Also, Gregg Darbyshire, the chief executive of ProCamps Worldwide, the company that runs Howard’s camps, said that, as far as he knows, Howard’s previously scheduled camp for kids in China has been canceled.

Granted, Howard savaged his Q score all last season with the foolishness that was his trade request (and the obligatory denials of said request, all 15 of them) and the eight months of nonsense that revolved around that circus.

Honestly, we can’t think of a whole lot Howard can do to improve his image until the next high-profile superstar — pick anyone — forces his way out of  town. Or  the Lakers win a title.


  1. come on dunk THAT @#$%! says:

    I think it is shocking he didn’t even attend the camp what a total jerk! I have made myself plenty of mistakes also and realise you just do these things and learn from it, well hopefully anyway. I guarantee Dwight doesn’t want to be disliked or Bynum for that matter.

    Does anyone feel that the Lakers could have been just as good if not as better if they improved in the small forward area instead? I just feel one on one Bynum has the upper hand when motivated? or has the potential to make the biggest impact when made mad?

    Will also be great to see the match ups between the two teams now, hopefully Bynum is pissed off enough to train harder and with more desire to give me more hope for him. I do feel it will take a few years at best before he actually gets it as a franchise player, lets see him prove me wrong.

    Anyway looking forward to a great year with more dramas, thank you Sekou for your great work keeping us kiwis up todate in GODZONE. cheers 🙂

  2. LboogieJ says:

    The Lakers will be dominant in the paint, but nobody is going to stop Miami’s 3 bombs,

  3. Stu says:

    Howard is a great player, I just hope he conducts himself better at the Lakers

  4. joysangabriel says:

    Go Howard in the Philippines!

    • Mark Allen Garzon says:

      i just want to say to all the people who is writing their comments that, don’t judge all the players cause we don’t know the real reason why they choose to go to other team and team up with other great players.

  5. lets go says:

    howard having a great time hope he signs with the lakers 6 year exetention

  6. Lakers-R-Us says:

    It doesn’t pain me! It makes me feel pretty good! Lol!

  7. coolanghel says:

    one word says it all — IMMATURE!

  8. Jacob says:

    Does it pain anybody else to see Dwight in a Laker’s Jersey? Absolute worst thing that could’ve happened. Would’ve been better off in Brooklyn.

  9. bobby z says:

    Lakers made the worst mistake ever. Bynum is better.

  10. howard is too selfish and dumm…

  11. MGIC CORE 2 says:

    As far I’m concern D 12 can go and play in Mars .They can send him to the next expedition to the red planet.He will find a lot of holes to dunk Ha….Ha…Don’t be surprise if he start crying..Bu….BU….poor guy!

  12. dodie says:

    Imagined the comments if Howard still haven’t made up his mind? But since he was traded to LA, people could careless about what he do lol

    Another one, I bet 90% of these fans were b*tching about LeBron joining Wade/ Bosh in Miami. Look at them now haha
    *cough* hypocrisy *cough*

  13. tommy says:

    Because he can, umad sekou? no you just have nothing to write about

    • Basketball Jones says:

      To be fair, there isn’t much more to write about because the Olympics and the summer league are over and there haven’t been any note worthy trades to write about. This is just the time of the year where has nothing more to discuss about until pre-season starts. Damn I CAN’T WAIT!

  14. LBJ says:

    go bobcats

  15. Big Boogie says:

    Dwight, like Lebron after “The Decision”, needs to fire his agent.

  16. killer says:

    Not a big fan of Lebron but kudos for finally winning a championship with his all around skills in full display and his mental toughness put to the real test against a young Thunder team which boasts of a very talented KD who will definitely be an intriguing rival for LBJ in the coming years.

    But DHoward has to be cautious on how he acts this days, the prima donna attitude will not place him that far how Lebron went for his infamous ‘The Decision’. Just saying, no offense.

  17. Midtown says:

    You really need to find something intelligent to write about. So what if Dwight Howard went to China!? Go ahead and put whatever kind of fabricated spin you want on it and go on and keep trying to make someone a villain with your speculative lies. Someone should write an article about you and your obesity and how my perception is you got that way because you are a glutton and a crack addict.

  18. rob for heat says:

    heat gonna beat l.a

  19. Ishaq says:

    R u serious. This is a story? It u idiots that make this a big deal. U dont know Howards condition. And 2 weeks and painkillers can make a difference. Perhaps we should have as much scrutiny with u. In fact where is the story on Sekous charity events? This is a mans sport. You wanna talk gossip, join The View.

    • JeffX says:

      I am not convinced either way, and the biggest problem the Lakers are going to have (apart from crutches..) is EGO,s. Everybody watch for the “Clash of the Ego’s” appearing at an auditorium near you. I do however totally agree with the “View” comment. Sekou there has to be something better to write about….you could even interview LBJ from these forums as it seems you are writing in similar styles.

  20. rose and howard needs nikes or jordans

  21. Alessio says:

    Purple n’ Gold babe!!

  22. LS says:

    I hope no one was thinking that controversy and drama with Howard were going to stop since he finally got what he wanted – to be traded out of Orlando. He’s D(rama)wight Howard. The Lakers will be fortunate to get one good season out of him but at least he’s now closer to all the other actors. The guy’s immature…

    • Big Boogie says:

      Im sure LA and their fans knew what they were getting into by landing D12. I’m also suspect that the majority of their fans would prefer D12’s immaturity over Bynum’s immaturity (i.e., jacking up 3’s, ejection from games when it mattered, tearing off jerseys, excluding himself from huddles, giving only 70% effort, etc.). D12’s immaturity comes off court, not on court.

      • Basketball Jones says:

        Now that”s a great point! People try to make it seem like Dwight’s immaturity is transferred to the court but that’s completely incorrect.. even last season, which was the most chaotic in Howard’s career, D12 still managed to post incredible numbers and when he injured himself it showed just how important he was to Orlando’s success.

  23. dattebayo says:

    Boy am I glad Stern vetoed the Paul to LAL trade. Could you imagine what Paul, Kobe and Howard could do together on a team and what the Lakers could have surrounded them with talent wise…

    btw. great job on challenging Lebrons spot for most disliked nba athlete, outstanding work Dwightmare…

    • Big Boogie says:

      Despite the age differences that everyone barks to death, D12+Kobe+Nash/Gasol > D12+Kobe+CP3

      • dattebayo says:

        I am not saying you are wrong, cause you could be right.
        But would you rather have Pau, Kobe, Nash and Howard for 2 years and then only Howard for years to come?
        Or would you rather have Howard, CP3 and Kobe for 2 years and then CP3 and Howard for years to come?
        I think I made my point.

        btw. I am not dissing Pau, loved how he played in the Olympics, he really didn’t look his age

  24. Belizeboy says:

    To everyone else I’m sure Howard is seen in this video as just having a good time an putting on a show, but to me I see a person who’s already the center of attention (pun intended), and always trying to get more. It would have been nice of him to send a video message to the kids saying why he couldn’t make it. IDK, maybe it’s not even his fault, he could just have a really bad manager/agent.

    • dattebayo says:

      or maybe he just does not care…

      • Big Boogie says:

        Whether he didn’t want to go to his camp or not, I also blame his agent. Part of his agent’s job is to protect his public reputation. If Dwight wanted to go, but his agent said no, then obviously his agent is making him look like a bad guy. If Dwight personally did not want to go see the kids in Orlando, the agent still needed to come up with a better explanation as to why he didn’t show.

        BTW in this vid the jersey looks too small on Dwight. Looks like he just grabbed an old Shannon Brown jersey and put his name on it.

  25. The GREATEST says:

    Lakers have already tied the Celtics for titles… WHERE HAVE U BEEN?… GO KOBE GET UR 6TH AND SHUT THESE ESPN HATERS UP!!! ONE LOVE FROM THE MIDDLE EAST!!

    • Big Boogie says:

      Are you saying that LAL already has 17 titles? Or that they have just automatically secured one more title just because they’ve added new additions? Either way, you’re an idiot.

    • Danger says:

      Actually the Celtics have 17 titles and the Lakers have 16. They haven’t tied the Celtics yet.

  26. Spaz26 says:

    D12 is a great player but to avoid the kids in his own camp because of all the trade talks? just show how immature D12 is..role model player are supposed to love the fans (specially KIDS) for their support, you can’t be famous in this business MR. HOWARD if you dont have those fans..

  27. CML says:

    Lakers are going to win it all. No more hesitation. They are like the Celtics in 2008 now. They have three great players in their 30s and they need all the help they can get to tie the Lakers with Boston in terms of NBA Championships. Kobe, Nash, Gasol, MWP, Dwight, Jamison, Meeks, Hill, Ebanks, and all those other guys are going to play their best ever to finally recapture the title. No disrespect to MIA and OKC fans, but if the whole LAL roster stays health, nobody stands a chance against them. Lakers 2013! Lakers 2013! Lakers 2013!

  28. jonski22 says:

    i just hope he didn’t hurt his back from the long travel….i hope he got a good seat on the airplane!…being a Lakers fan…i don’t like to see him hurt…