Michael Jordan And Kobe Bryant … ‘Anything You Can Do, I Can Do’ (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — In our seemingly never-ending fascination with the Michael JordanKobe Bryant comparison conversation, someone is always trying to make the case for one of these NBA all-time greats over the other.

But it has occurred to us, as it has so many others, how remarkably similar their games are when viewed through a strictly on-court prism. Naturally, MJ came first so Kobe’s game really seems like more of a shadowing of his idol’s game (they say it’s the highest form of flattery … copying someone).

But this fantastic video from 2012 Mamba, we were first alerted to it by our friends at Bleacher Report, highlights the jaw-dropping similarities in the way these two elite artists played (in Jordan’s case) and still play the game. Feel free to continue the debate after seeing this:


  1. amp says:

    most arguments listed are biased either Jordan era fans or kobe fans & haters …i would point out the fact that yes Jordan did not originate all his moves but he took moves and styles of SEVERAL players and combined it into his own and PERFECTED IT kobe however is a great player without a doubt BUT his game is too identical to Jordan’s to say he is better also Jordan may have had better players from time to time but he also accomplished more in a shorter amount of time… in a more physical era with MUCH BETTER defenders all around therefore you really can not compare them statistically because the game is much EASIER NOW than in the Jordan era….JORDAN IS BETTER, BUT KOBE DOES BELONG IN THE SAME SENTENCE GIVE CREDIT WHERE ITS DUE AND KOBE DESERVES CREDIT FOR HIS EFFORTS HE IS JUST NOT THE GREATEST

  2. AH20bloopbloop says:

    I’d like to see Kobe play against these defense of the Knicks and Bad Boy Pistons where if your looking for trouble come in the paint and find out. Players of today’s caliber don’t have the balls to do what MJ use to do. In today’s game,the player’s whine and flop too much just to get a call. The Jordan Era was played by real men while today’s generation of player’s are a bunch of boys trying to be men.The NBA is so watered down now it’s not even funny.Theres proof in the video.

  3. LALAKERS says:

    Kobe had Luke Walton and Kwame Brown enuff said

  4. LALAKERS says:

    The more comments there are the closer Kobe is getting to Greatest keep up with the arguements and comments
    and whats wrong with a guy trying to be the greatest and if everybody just sticks with Jordan then NBA should just be called MJ everyone chill out and its great to see another great after Jordan left. Whos going to be the next great after Kobe leaves no one
    If someone says LeBron imma slap you in the face need more time to even compare. hes a great player but not to the point of Kobe and MJ. Great stats but when pressure is on LeBron does not have what it takes sometimes I think KD is a greater clutch then LBJ
    Looking at the comparisons the Greatest is too hard to tell but just gotta say thanks for the love of the game MJ and Kobe

    Can anyone think who can be the greatest after Kobe and MJ? I would think KD but wont be near Kobe or MJ’s great performance but he has the will better than LBJ. KD is the type when he falls he gets back up but LBJ once he falls he stays down til next year

  5. AH20bloopbloop says:

    I doubt Kobe can attack the rim as hard as these clips of Mike. This is just SICK!!!

  6. Jeffrey says:

    I am a big Jordan fan (mostly because I started watching NBA in the 90’s) and I do think Jordan is the best player ever.

    Basketball players have only one objective: WIN CHAMPIONS! And right now Jordan has the edge. In the future Kobe, Lebron or some other players would win more champions (in fact, Robert Horry has more Championship rings than Jordan), but NBA fans doesn’t only count the quantity. They also see the quality of the Champions. Jordan won rings with little support, even Pippen wouldn’t be Pippen if he wasn’t playing around Jordan! Kobe had Shaq, Pau Gasol, and now Dwight Howard and Steve Nash; Needless to say Lebron has Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

    It is pointless to say who is more innovative on his moves coz all players actually do the same things! Dribble, Shoot, Rebound….. we can’t be more innovative than the person who actually invented the game! Does that mean the inventor himself is the best player?

    To be fair though, being a legend sometimes needs luck! Jordan happens to be almost the biggest SG in his time. Nobody knows what would happen if he has to compete with other big guards in the league nowadays, but that’s fate! He was too talented for his time that he completely dominated the game in his time with little help. As for basketball fans, we remember more his dominance, not his skills (although I personally believe he is still the most talented of all time!)

    Jordan is the greatest, just like Babe Ruth and Muhammad Ali!

  7. heat hater says:

    money mike hands down

  8. D says:

    Jordan would have had 8 rings if he didn’t stop to play baseball…and 9 if he didn’t retire after the ’98 season!

  9. danmacatuno says:

    The MANY difference?
    MVP 5-MJ – 1-KB
    Finals MVP 6-MJ – 2-KB
    Championships 6-MJ (6/6 Finals) – 5-KB(5/7 Finals)
    DPOY 1-MJ – 0-KB

  10. Alex says:

    Kobe’s a great player but he only won 2 rings as the best player on the team compared to 6 rings MJ got. The first 3 were much more Shaq’s than Kobe’s.

  11. Jimmy says:

    oh… if Jordan had Shaq…. Dizam 20 years of domination! If Kobe had Pippen???, maybe 2 rings.

  12. Jimmy says:

    I like Kobe, but he’s not Jordan. Kobe is a wanna be MJ just like LeWho is. Jordan is the best period. If Jordan didn’t retire twice before he really retired, he’d have 8-9 rings maybe 10. Put them both in their primes and Kobe will shake like a chicken while Jordan dunks on him. Everyone Jordan played against feared him. Not everyone Kobe plays against fears him. There is only one Greatest Baller, and it is his Airness.

  13. DKING says:

    I can’t argue with success. Kobe might get much rings than Jordan but my question is why is it that after years in the NBA how come Kobe only have 1 MVP? Jordan was really a great leader and an all around player. He got a Defensive player award as well which Kobe don’t have. Kobe can outscore Jordan but becoming a leader type of player? I don’t think so. A great player is not measured on how many points he can make but how good he can lead his team to victory! Why would they name Jordan as the Greatest Player ever! Even Larry Bird and Magic Johnson can’t argue with that! “God Disguised himself as Jordan” – Larry Bird

  14. AJ says:

    whahahha!this is clear that kobe’s move is copied fron MJ..

  15. jordan is always going to be known as the greatest basketball player….i think maybe someone may come close but those players or player will always remember jordan first and credit him for changing the basketball world

  16. U kidding? says:

    Take out 3 of Kobe’s rings cuz he played with the dominant Shaq back in his prime..
    Take out any future rings cuz of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash…
    Take into account the number of years played by both,,,
    Take into account that Jordan retired and then came back, which is not at all easy to do…
    Take into account that Jordan did not really have another star player with him…Pippen was above average but he was not a superstar.
    AND finally, by watching the video you can tell Kobe has studied Jordan’s game and copied all those moves.

    Conclusion: MJ > than Kobe

  17. AC says:

    I think what separates them is the regular season MVP awards. MJ won it 5 times and Kobe won it once. When MJ was playing no one really questioned who was the best. Most felt that MJ deserved the MVP every year he played. With Kobe, not many have felt the same way. I can’t remember the last time that the league was in consensus that Kobe is the greatest right now.

  18. Troy says:

    People was so in love with Michael, because he became the ultimate NBA Star at the time. He Jordon could do what he was doing at the time. But as Jordan decrease here comes a young worthy prospects name Kobe who Jordan actually mentor somewhat to take over, which Kobe took on the pressure amidst the influx of other young star in Kobe’s era like Iverson, Vince carter, Tracey Mcgrady etc. Also after these guys others young stars came in like Lebron, Wade, Carmelo, Durant, Parker, Chris Paul etc. Kobe out shun them all and carried the NBA for a good number of years. If Kobe did not fill the void Micheal Jordan left at the time the NBA would be a Super-starless for many years and people would show very little interest in this support, most of the new young stars actaully looked up to Kobe while they were in high school and college.

  19. CJ says:

    THIS WAS very scary at first but you cant put Kobe over Jordan because of Rings lol he has the most dominating Center in the league and you forget when Jordan won 6 rings in a row basically . if he didnt retitre for them 2 years you can only imagine another 2 or even3 rings. Take account to that there was also hand check back in those days and to me way better defenders. kobe will be the second best 2 jordan never better. Jordan resume speaks for it self Kobe doesnt have more scoring titles than Jordan.

  20. BBaller says:

    Forget the rings forget the numbers.
    Just ask your self if you had Kobe and Jordan to pick from for your Pick up game team who would you pick first. My pick is Jordan hands down. Both or Great but Jordan because of his quick hands on steals and his ability to draw doubles deep in post can make bad teams look good.Yup there a lot more talented offensive small guards in league now but none of them or defensive players. Plus jordan had a engine that never quit. I still have not seen any player his size and height in the league with all that energy. Lebron did not quit on his teams he just ran out of gas. Any body that ever played ball could see that. Sometimes will is just not enough. The media said he quit and everybody jumped on the bandwagon. it is not just talent. it is talent plus can you sustain that energy level for long period of time. Sometimes players just fizzle out during game. This is where jordan excelled. Could you imagine if kobe or lebron played in physical league like back then.

    • AJ says:

      “Could you imagine if kobe or lebron played in physical league like back then.”

      kobe not playing back then is not a valid point against him. yes i could imagine it. hes very physical, he gets to his spot at the high post, im on the block, on the wing etc against any and every defender. and there are hardnosed defenders in the league today. ray allen deshawn stevenson battier afflalo, they are all strong and kobe gets where he wants at will.

      jordans quick hands- great point.

  21. AJ says:

    Kobe is 6’6 205-215. why wouldnt he emulate Jordan? i would too, hes the greatest to ever lace em up. clyde drexler, vince carter, steve smith and anyone else 6’5-6’7 200+ should have done the same..

    why is that a knock? to mimic the greatest? kobe had better handles, and general offensive skills. As far as the hand-check rules everyone is talking about.. is Kob’ not one of the top5 physical 2guards today? yes, easily. Jordan played against far less great athletes, far less great defensive schemes and zones. detroit, bucks(80’s) boston, LA, new york, houston (off the top of my head) jordan played against 5-10 great defensive teams TOPS. the other 20 teams had bums.

    i’m not saying kobe is better but most of the arguements i see arent valid ones… where are all of the ‘kobe stoppers’ now? deshawn stevenson, ruben patterson, raja bell, doug christie, t prince, artest, battier, even bruce bowen? kobe destroyed all of them and quickly dismissed any conversation that suggested he could be stopped.

    Jordan was more dominant but name 5 players 6’6 200lbs that could give him trouble.. ive got Jordan a notch ahead because he did it with less. luc longley will purdue cartwright bj armstrong craig hodges seriously….

  22. bella belle says:

    hey there is no way i putting kobe over jordan even if i love the black mamba yeah they hav similar plays but hey jordan left the game and come back and dominate i would love too see kobe or lebron try tht

  23. Michel says:

    This is a useless discussion. They are both obviously extremely talented. Basketball is a team sport and these brilliant players don’t mean a thing without at least 4 other guys that are also very talented. How many rings would Jordan have without a guy like Pippen on his roster. How many would Kobe have if he hadn’t had Shaq in his team.

  24. Kahin says:

    MJ had player no other team ever had and ever will be: ANOTHER HIM named Scottie. SCottie was MJ’s double, good do anything MJ could, but since one of them had to take the back seat it ended up being him. Imagine Kobe having another Kobe with him. OR Magic having another player of his caliber on his team, Two LEbron on the same team. Mj was great, but MJ had MJ aka Scottie. Kobe has Kobe. MJ can D unlike Kobe, But Kobe has a greater foot work then MJ. Either way you look, two different Era, two different players bother amazing. If you want to talk about the greatest player, then i think a few more name should be added: Russell, Abdul-Jabbar, Magic (not so much Bird). We dont put MJ with Abdul-Jabbar or Russell because of the Era difference. The same goes for Kobe and MJ. One thing MJ has over ANYONE is that he simply made us (everyone) love him when he was on the court.

  25. JeremyTorres10 says:

    I respect MJ, but, I like Kobe even more. Why? MJ scored more than 32 thousand points in 14 seasons, Kobe on the other hand scored more than 28 thousand points in 16 seasons. That is why I respect MJ. Kobe is a clutch player and is trustworthy of shooting the ball. MJ is the best, but Kobe is the best for me.

  26. benjzcleofas says:

    simple.. in jordan’s era there is no lebron, wade, durant, or rose that is why he made lot’s of record’s in the NBA, but now in kobe’s era there’s a lot of superstars and atlethic players but he still made big record’s

  27. Mark says:

    There’s no doubting Kobe’s individual skills, however Jordan still edges the greatest player arguments as his team play was/is far above Kobe’s.

  28. realtruth says:

    jordan (6 rings) = FInals MVP 6 times
    kobe (5 rings) = 2 finals MVP ( 3 Oneal)

    the first 3 championships kobe is a supporting cast of Oneal……. SImple math…… Don’t have to argue whose better……. kobe needs 4 more rings and be finals MVP 4 times before they can start comapring to jordan……..

  29. Petr says:

    Jamison Hendricks you crack me up dude “He would have scored 75 and screwed the other guys mom” LOL, he would too!

  30. odi g says:

    c’mon, let’s be honest, this is clearly a publicity gimmick, these sportswriters clearly knows you cannot kobe to michael jordan at all. Maybe they are running out of something interesting to read

  31. CB23 says:

    how can any of this even be considered? Jordan is the best and will always be the best. where do all you Kobe fans think kobe was in the summer? there is a reason why his moves look so close to Jordans. just think about this, would Kobe have that fade away jumper if he didnt go an practice with Jordan? uhm….probally not. do you think Kobe would actually be able to play with his back to the basket? once again, probably not. one more thing to think about, why do you Kobe fans think that hes imatating Jordan with sticking out his tounge? well, out of respect of course. true Kobe is a great player, wont take anything away from him. but Jordan will always be the greatest. its just that he took time to train with Kobe, and thats where all his moves come from. Kobe=great but Jordan = greatest

  32. Mujtaba says:

    I am a Laker fan forever, but when Jordan came he had the rings with a team that he created from scratch he was the only shining star. Kobe had his first 3 rings with the dominant Shaq. That might have some doubt of only Kobe won championships with the help of Jerry west and the Buss family. Jordan brought up Championship less city Chicago to dominate the whole league.
    I still am a Laker fan and Kobe did lots of things that maybe Jordan could not do, but still over all Jordan wins and Kobe can be his shadow.

  33. Slimey says:

    Kobe didn’t change the game like MJ did. Of course their skills are comparable but MJ was the model for many players that followed including Kobe. Without out MJ to mimic on the playground as a kid, Kobe wouldn’t be the player he is today.

  34. bulls4lyfe says:

    and seriously speaking. Who cares who’s the best…its not like we will ever truly determine who the best is….because its all opinion! so really what is this debate even about. Jordan was amazing did things we never saw b4 but kobe is amazing in his own way in his own era…they play similar cause thats how kobe learned to play nothing more. both champions..both instant hall of famers….stop the insanity…there is no winning these ridiculous debates

  35. Leevog says:

    Okay, let’s put it this way. What if Jordan skip college and go straight to NBA? Just imagine how many championship he might won.

  36. bu says:

    i like the 3 comments from Luiz. dif eras can’t comapre. also, mainly, dif mix of teammates affect how Kobe & Jordan perform combined with rules influence. however, i’d say Jordan matured quickly & with stronger determination esp during the times with the Pistons’ Bad Boys & the Knicks where they HAVE TO be mentality & physically strong. if Kobe faced that, & if he’d just came out of high school for a few years then, I’m not sure if he’d be able to do it.

    Jordan was clearly the 1st punch while Pippen was the 2nd punch as the orchestra as well as scorer & defender. Then you hv other great & role players surrounding. If you look at Kobe’s teammates all these years, he won championships with dif makeups, so again, it’s a team game & dif to compare them.

    I’d conclude by saying they’re the most lethal offensive & defensive players of all times, where Jordan has more determination & plays smarter while Kobe has stronger scoring abilities & range (remember, the guys are a lot fitter & knows how to deal with individual offense then in the 80’s & 90s as game changed)

    Leadership wise, both are NOT on the same level as Bird & Magic. These 2 guys made the whole team better singlehandedly. Both are super smart guys who knows the game inside out, incl human psychology. On the psychological impact on teammates & the other team, Bird is the ultimate. Backed up every trash talk with results, not just by scoring but beat you with his team. Later on you look at him as a coach & management & he’s very very successful (Indiana is a small mkt & they never had superstar big 3’s due to money & mkt). Also unwinding the mess caused by Ron Artest……Damn smart guy man!!!

  37. Aram says:

    Jordan got 6 rings, KObe still working on it.
    Jordan got 5 MVP regular season, kobe only got 1
    Jordan NEVER lost a championship, Kobe lost twice.
    The only Kobe has an edge coz he got to the nba earlier than Jordan.

  38. Greg says:

    Ps: Kobe has only 1 championship when he is the leader, MJ has 6. The disproportion is almost the same as with MVP’s…

  39. Greg says:

    Stop saying Bryant is a better shooter, when his 3 pts fgs % is only 1% better than Jordan’s……

  40. mike says:

    They walk the same too! Jordan shuffle.

    love both their games but have two Kobe jerseys to one Mike!

  41. mamba24 says:

    mj played 1 game with flu

    kobe played 3 season with broken index finger but still doing what hedoes best

  42. Keeks217 says:

    Michael Jordan Age 33

    Mike completed an amazing season in 1995-96 by leading the Bulls to an all-time record 72-10, 25 wins more than the previous season. He also led the league in scoring for a record eighth time and was named LEAGUE NBA MVP. ALLSTAR MVP, FINALS MVP. And They won in the Finals over Seattle 4-2.

    Regular season plus playoffs: 100 games played, 3,043 points, 30.4 ppg. He also averaged 6.3 rpg, 4.3 apg, and 2.1 spg.

    WHAT DID KOBE DO THIS LAST YEAR AT THE AGE OF 33? This debate is not worth talking about.

  43. Cristian says:

    I am a kobe fan myself and i will give it to MJ he was a great player but in my opinion all around kobe is better rings say a good bit but just because MJ has more rings doesnt mean anything her didnt win the rings on his own thats what a team is for and same for kobe but the lakers recently gained a great point guard ( steve nash ) and a great center ( dwight howard ) and we will see how they all playout this year running the pick and roll with nash and kobe and forward and center isolation with gasol and howard and we cant forget MWP he can be a killer defensively when he is locked in lets see how this season goes i think it will be great.

  44. BALLER says:


  45. perry01 says:

    this clearly is a kobe fan made video. with all the subtle hints of comments being broadcasted in the background “kobe bryant will go down as the greatest basketball player of all time” quote from Mark Jackson. but getting to the point of the video its not a surprise kobe is copying the moves, he did admit that he watches video of other players and copying their moves, not just MJ but Hakeem, Jerry West etc… which is not supposed to be a surprise to everybody. Even Michael said he got most of his inspiration from watching Dr. J when he was playing. im sure all the young kids that are watching the NBA are copying off of Durant, Lebron, Wade etc.. But there is a move Kobe could not copy off of Michael and the reason is genetics. Michael could palm the basketball with 1 hand. he was born with the “biggest mitts” as phil jackson once described. which makes him able to have total control of the ball using 1 hand which kobe cant do but its not a knock on kobe its just like saying “you can’t teach height”. and im not sure about the comment “kobe is a better shooter”. its something i don’t understand, is kobe a better shooter in terms of him taking more outside shot attempts e.g. 3pt attempts? or is it because of field goal %. last i checked MJ has a higher FG% and the reason for that is he takes more shots that are either mid range or better. kobe takes more 3pt shots thats about it. if anything theyre both pretty much the same with shooting the ball. the main thing is to put points on the basket which both players are capable of. neither 1 is better than the other in terms of shooting the ball.

  46. Ray says:

    No old team would beat this team

    PG- Lebron
    SG- Kobe
    SF- KD
    PF- KG
    C- Dwight

    End of story..

    • Mark says:

      It’s a good line up but try
      PG-Magic, Frazier
      SF-Bird, Dr J
      PF- Barkley, Malone
      C-Olajuwon, Ewing, Chamberlain, Russell, Kareem, Shaq, Robinson

      I can see Lebron and KG being considered the best players in their positions in years to come but the Centre position in the NBA is a joke compared to 20 years ago. There are countless combinations of players who would beat the team you put forward over 50% of the time.

  47. kenkiashi says:

    Ok guys.. This is what gets me.. The video was about how close to a clone kobe interms of moves. But people had to go and make a debate on who’s the better player. When clearly!!! that isn’t what the video is about.. So all u jordan lovers, take it easy.. Just take the video for what it is. Which is. Do u see how much of an mirror image kobe is to michael jordan?

  48. MJ will always be on top of the list as number one….kobe may be number 3 or 4….lebron we gotta wait and see at the end of his career….

  49. thomasreid11 says:


    Thanks for posting… Cause all this video shows is that Kobe is the perfect Michael Jordan copy cat!

    Can we also remember, that prior to MJ, there was no one in the NBA who dominated from that 2 guard position.

    He is the standard of basketball excellence, if this isn’t true, then why all the comparisons with Kobe?

    To put this argument to rest, Michael Jordan is the innovator, the leader, the ultimate creator. However, congratulations to Kobe Bryant for realising that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel and the shortest way to success is to duplicate and model already existing success.

    MJ is far and away the greatest and untouchable!

  50. Ant Walker says:

    All yall stfu…They the top two greatest players to ever live

  51. KB24:) says:

    kobes career high is higher than mj’s. kobe had 81 points second most in the history of the nba…. thats not copying jordan

    • elt says:

      he did it agaisnt a scrub team lol while jordan scorde 63 agaisnt larry bird and the celtics(way tougher than the raptors).

  52. terrell meadows says:

    Wow, wow, wow thats all i can say. First off how can i be better than anybody when i admit i got 85% of my moves from watching them play and someone said lbj is a better defender??? but we all say that the nba today is less physical today but that came with rule changes over the past years! and yes labron is good but to say he is better than mj wow ok and Kobe is good but he copies 85% of M.J moves! yes kobe scored 81 points will wilt Chamberland scored 100 points????? so is he better than kobe? Well saying kobe or lbj is better than m.j is like saying im smarter than my college professor? lmfbo if thats the case you shouldnt be in school, my point is lbj and kobe both admitted to learning they game from m.j the only diffrence is lbj has his own image and even if kobe wins another ring dont mean nothing bill russel has 11 so if we gone judge by rings he should be the greatest to ever play the game!!!

  53. jordan went way through many more hard times then lebron or kobe….defenders were better back then…MJ da GOAT

  54. Luis says:

    jordan averaged 30 and kobe does not. jordan was one of the best defenders and rebounding guard and kobe is not. kobe won 3 rings with shaq. bottom line is kobe patterned his game after the greatest and did a very good job. jordan was all around and never let anone get best of him once he won his first championship. numbers don’t lie. jordan was automatically great when he came in to league. kobe is not a mirror image. you cant compare players on highlights alone. if thats case he still wins anyway.

  55. Rick Ross says:

    ima boss … jordans a boss and kobe is boss snm

  56. OmegaMaynard says:

    I am not a big fan of either Kobe or Jordan, or even Lebron but these guys were very close as far as career stats….
    Season:FG% 53% reb 7.0 apg 6.1 spg 1.4 ppg 25.9
    Playoffs:fg% 46% reb 8.7 apg 6.7 spg 1.7 ppg 28.5
    Season: fg% 45% reb 5.0 apg 4.7 spg 2.7 ppg 25.4
    Playoffs: fg% 44% rpg 5.1 apg 4.7 spg 1.4 ppg 25.6
    Season:/playoffs: fg% 49% reb 6.2 apg 5.3 spg 2.3 ppg 30.1

    and keep in mind Jordan was the same or about the same age as Lebron when he one his 1st title….

  57. jordan will always be known as number one of all time….even the wannabe greats nowadays still give MJ acklowdgement as the greatest…no one wants to be known as better than MJ…because they all know that they grew up watching him and he changed the basketball world….nowadays everything players are trying to do and say is trying to be like mike and repeat what he did….MJ=GOAT

  58. Tom says:

    Comparing jump shots and fancy moves is no way to judge a player’s talent. Basketball is still a team sport, despite the NBA’s showcasing of individuals. MJ was a strong, even domineering personality who forced everyone on the Bulls to be a better player. Kobe is more of a lone wolf. I’ve seen at least 2 NBA finals where Kobe’s team was simply dominated. Jordan would never allow that to be the case with his Bulls.

  59. NKim says:

    Anyone that says Kobe is equal to MJ defensively is DEAD WRONG. Did kobe make 9 straight All-Defensive First Teams? Did Kobe ever win defensive player of the year? No, he didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, Kobe is a very good defensive player, but he will never be on MJ’s level in terms of defensive proficiency.

  60. Jordan is better says:

    You all forget that the Utah Jazz beat the 1997 Lakers ( with Shaq and Kobe) 4-1 and swept them in the 1998 playoffs 4-0.. I watched the 1997 finals and in game 5 Jordan was really ill but scored 38pts and shot the winning 2pts.. I don’t see Kobe or Lbj doing that… MJ is still the best basketball player period!

  61. Am i the only one who didn’t read the title of this video “the most impactful player of all time” because i didnt therefore im confused as to why thats what everyone is arguing about. i am not arguing with the fact that micheal is the best player of all time. but Kobe “copying” someone that has the same body structure and athleticism as him doesn’t effect his ability to hit a clutch shot, play defence or make a fadeaway jumper. focus on what the video says.

  62. Paulwall says:

    KOBE scored 81 versus raptors a poor team that did not make a playoff in that time and JORDAN scored 63 versus the BOSTON in PLAYOFFS!!! if u feel me BOSTON!! BIRD! MCHALE!!! JORDAN SCORED 63 hahaYoung BOSH the star player!!!

  63. jongol says:

    Jordan is the G.O.A.T. While kobe might be G.O.A.T. Of this era. Kobe is a better shotter than MJ was yeah I’ll give you that but MJ was a better defender than kobe. MJ was more athletic than kobe. Their plays are identical well cause they have the same position, height, competitiveness and the will to win. Though MJ was more MVPs and rings it’s still mind Boggling that KB was 1 MVP in his name. Both this players are the GOAT. Both are fun to watch. I idolize them both. But their moves are also copied from another player DR. J or david thompson. Players tend to copy others. I aswell copied some of their moves. The arguement who is the better player won’t stop. Lets just wait for kobe to retire and maybe win more rings than MJ. MJ didn’t have a Shaq and kobe doesn’t have a Pippen. But they have great shotters on their team, role players, good defenders and the GREATEST COACH of time hehehe…. Now the lakers have D12 , Nash and Jamison and thats why kobe might win 2 or more rings. MJ didn’t have the luxury of having great teammates. But the great thing about kobe is theres no sign of stopping his erge of winning more rings. He wants more rings and the LAKERS are give him chance just to do that. Both this players will leave a legacy. MJ has a legacy. Kobe has one too and the scary thing about it is he is NOT YET DONE!!!!!

  64. Hatersgohell says:

    A Champion is a champion!!! Period!!!.. Don’t blame the champions for getting a ring… and don’t say that, just because their opponent got injured so they got a ring…it’s not their fault too for not getting injured and get a ring..lol!!! if Lebron got injured will u blame the Champs for a ring becuz lebron got injured? still hating??? haters go to hell…WHERE WERE YOUR COMMENTS WHEN LEBRON WON?

  65. Elgin West says:

    Jordan is #1….more championships…better scoring avg….more scoring titles…more finals mvps…more regular season mvps….better shooting pct…….nothing against Kobe…he’s the best in his era

  66. flowerpot says:

    I would like to see the results of a secret vote by every current and former NBA player as to who is the Greatest of all Time. The results might be surprising. Of course we cannot accept a public response for obvious reasons, but if each individual would be allowed to enter a booth and cast his vote without having to defend it we would get a clearer picture from the players perspective as opposed to talking heads.

  67. KOKOKO says:

    kobe was a copycat???…he maybe is…..but he is the 2 best all time….it’s not that simple to copy the greatest but if you really sucseed like kobe did you’ll be one of the greats

  68. JustSomeGuy says:

    Jordan has much bigger hands. It allowed him to do more impressive one-handed moves.

  69. JordanForever says:

    In order to talk about (Who is better Michael or Kobe)you have to be a person that have watched both of these players play(When they won the NBA TITLEs and lots of regular games) .I have watched both of them play.I remember Michael being the MVP of the NBA finals every time they WON the title. The first 3 NBA titles Lakers got, Shaquille was the MVP and at the time he was better than Kobe!Michael never had any better player than him in his team in his career.Look at the points average and the shooting %s on both of these Players.Jordan averaged over 30 points a game during his whole career when basketball was a grown mans game(rough fouls were just fouls not technical fouls like nowadays).What does Kobe average?NOW PLEASE IF U MAKE A COMMENT AND COMPARE THESE PLAYERS AT LEAST MAKE SENSE.

  70. sherwin says:

    Michael Jordan RULES. . .

  71. nosaj says:

    kobe can play with this:

    1.back spasms
    2.dislocated pinkie on his shooting hand
    3.strained right elbow
    4.twisted knee
    5.sporting a thick splint on that index finger

    SO what do you think guys i remember the flu game bout mj 🙂

  72. AIMAXXII says:

    it’s not all about scoring..yup! KOBE scored 81….but! M.JORDAN achieve more than 81 points 6NBA champs..6finals MVP…5 time season MVP… and most of all…MILLIONS of fans around the world considered M.JORDAN as the GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER ever played the game. another thing is that both of this player handled by coach Phil Jackson who plays the triangle offense. KOBE should be thankful to coach P.Jackson. KOBE has no respect at all to M.J … he thinks he is the best , but he is definitely NOT… MICHAEL JORDAN is still the BEST……

  73. Lance says:

    I am not a kobe hater.in fact i idolize kobe… but here’s 1 thing… during his 1st 3 rings, he needed shaq or shaq leaded the laer to those 3 rngs and not kobe. but when MJ won his ALL 6 rings.. he leaded the team to those 6 rings.. and right now kobe is having a hard time winning his 6th ring with all the superstars surrounding him… and just take a look at all MJ’s accomplishments… Mj s better deffender than kobe, he is the closest but not better (for now).. we’ll still wait for Lebron

  74. Andrew says:

    But MJ is still the greatest of all time.

  75. Andrew says:

    Before, Kobe was the Jordan in our generation. Now, Lebron is.

  76. hooplover says:

    h-e-l-l, it’s an honor the be like mike! everybody can’t do it. if that were the case more nba players would be hated! GOOOOOO KOBE!

  77. MJ/KB says:

    wow, great video!
    And I must say, even though I am a huge Kobe fan, that Jordan is just head and shoudlers above anybody else.
    It is a huge debate of course, but the way I see it Jordan was dominant on the defensive and offensive end of the floor which Bryant never was at the same time. On the other hand, I think That the Mamba is the closest thing we have seen to MJ – just as the video proves.

  78. Gilmore E. Catubig says:



  79. JAW154 says:

    I totally disagree with this video. It is true that Kobe is a great player and he did score 81 points, he might be a better shooter but they’re both great clutch player. But Jordan is definitely the best player ever. MJ played against great hall of fame guards. MJ vs Clyde Drexler, Reggie Miller, Magic Johnson, Isaiah Thomas, John Stockton, he also played against great forward and centers, MJ vs Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Shaq, Hakeem, Kareem, Patrick Ewing. Kobe played againts Dwayne Wade, Ray Allen, Allen Iverson, Chris Paul, Manu Ginobili, Nash, LeBron, Durant, Melo, Nowitzki, Howard, Shaq. MJ definetely have harder enemies. Do kobe ever lead the lakers to a 72 game wins in a regular season? I don’t think so… But Jordan Did lead the bulls. The Bulls that time compare to the lakers with kobe, kobe have better player to play with. If MJ play with them he will already won more champ. MJ have more famous moments. The 63 points again Celtics, The Shrug 6 3s in 4th quarter againts Blazers, the Flu Game. So Definetely no question MJ is better.

  80. Julius says:

    Jordan is the one who is successful because he has a successor Kobe..replicating yourself to another, rather than ending it to yourself..

  81. cdubbb24 says:



  82. cdubbb24 says:







  83. Radu says:

    i am not an expert, but saying kobe brought nothing new is a bit weird. after all they both played 2guard, so what else could he have brought? post-up moves against 4’s and 5’s?

  84. dido says:

    i think Jordan gave Kobe a blue print to follow and i give kudos to Kobe for being a good learner!! Two great players in History. But any player who has scored over 20,000 points at the guard position must have made all those moves at these positions on the field. just a thought!!!

  85. another random NBA fan says:

    Jordan dominated one of the best eras of basketball. Kobe never dominated the league like Jordan did.

  86. javon says:

    if jordan played in this era he can, with his skills, he can put 100 hundred points, looked at the defense, its too soft, watch the game on late 80’s and early 90’s. the defense much tougher

  87. John says:

    how funny it is to compare kobe to mj.

    Michael Jordan made 6 rings. first 3 season was on 91,92,93 and the other 96,97,98.
    Kobe got his 5 rings. the first 3 rings was during the prime of shaq (versus to the underdog Sixers – Allen Iverson) and the other 2 rings on kobe’s prime.

    breaking it down when it matters about the ring… who is more greater than ever.

  88. Jansen says:

    By the time Kobe retires from the league, he’ll be soaring high at the top beating Michael Jordan down. Kobe’s got greater talent than Michael Jordan and even among all NBA players as well, this video’s not enough to prove Kobe’s got the best skill in the league and in the world

  89. Jay says:

    the similarity of the plays at1:15 is actually freaky the positioning of the players is completely identical. WEIRD

  90. JustFacts says:

    Just to bring some facts to the table.. Am a big MJ fan but wonder why people keep hiding how good his team was… Remember guys, in the 1993-1994 season, the Chicago Bulls, WITHOUT MJ finished the season with 55 Wins!!! 3rd in the East and just 2 wins away from NY!! of course they didn’t get the championship because they missed the leadership of MJ, but please don’t tell me that L.A would get 55 wins without Kobe..

  91. Judge says:

    Jordan won 6 championships with, Pippen, Rodman, Kukoc, Harper, Grant, Kerr, Armstrong and Paxon… How can anyone say that Jordan won championships by himself… moron!!!

  92. Nore says:

    Now this is an easy one!

    After watchin this i didn`t get goosebumps at all! Kobe is a real imposter …
    It’s sad that when you’re watchin interviews with Kobe that he also says that Michael is the greatest of all time but you can see it in his eyes how bothersome it is to say that!

    In everyway Jordan was better than him! Scoring, Defense, Quickness, SHARING THE BALL, TEAMPLAY, Shooting, Clutch, Steals, Leadership and so one – NOW WAIT – Kobe is not bad at all at all the Categories – NAH hes GREAT! But Michael is the GOAT! Idont have to tell you all the statistics, i dont even like statistics, but in every way Jordan was better – just read the other coments – there you get the statistics – and they dont lie! Better statistics in every way – much harder opponents!!! Kobe had in his first NBA Years a much better supporting cast than Michael!

    And even if kobe will end his Carreer with 7 Rings which will be easier said than done Look at Bill Russel with his 11 Rings! Did anybody consider him the greatest of all time? No! Michael was and ever will be – Kobe will try and try to impersonate him on the cord and try to become better than Michael but NEVER will acomplish it PERIOD!!!

    And im NOT a Kobe Hater!! Kobe is realy GREAT but as i said Michael is GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And the saddest part is Kobe isnt even the greatest in the League right now! It would be LeBron or Durant!!!

    And i said this HATIN this LeBUM Bitch!

    • bulls4lyfe says:

      dude….as much as u talk about him impersonating him…how many players in the “NBA” impersonate jordan. I dont just mean his moves….but the championships and everything. You people talk like any idiot rookie can come in the “NBA” and just mimic jordans moves. Jordan is the originator…thats what makes him the greatest…..but Kobe is without a shadow of a doubt…the Jordan of our time…..yes he mimics jordan..but mimicing him is an amazing accomplishment all in itself. U kno how many players now grow wanting to play like Kobe. its not the fact the he impersonates him…its the fact the he does impersonates him extremely well!

  93. henrikadams says:

    The way I see it, MJ was better just because he could do what no other player could. Of course Kobe can do it too but that is only because the game has evolved in a way that every player gets training in order to do what the “older players” showed to us. And the fact that Kobe is going to get more rings, I believe that it’s because back in MJ’s time, every time had one superstar so it was harder ti win a game every single day but know, while 4 or 5 teams are amazing, others aren’t and even if don’t win against this good teams during the regular season you’ll probably only need to win 2 or 3 of these temas to become NBA champion.

  94. den says:

    it’s not counting the rings..and if kobe add another for his final 2 seasons, that wiln not make him the greatest player ever.. In 5 titlles of kobe, he was not the dominant player in the lakers in the first 3 championship pf L.A. It was Shaq who carried the team. While Jordan, he carry the Bulls in 6 Championship. He was 6-0 in NBA Finals.. And one achievement that Jordan has and Kobe didn’t get it is the Defensive Player of the Year which Jordan mastered it to complete his skills.

  95. andykor7 says:

    Amazing effort on the compilation. Thanks!

  96. jayrel says:

    when it all comes down to is that MJ is the greatest player ever to do it hands down….but kobe is a close 2nd and thats only because there are certain records he didnt get that MJ has(season mvp’s finals mvp’s etc).Love or hate kobe but he’s probably the only player since 98(MJ 1st retired) and what 03 (MJ 2nd retired) til now that has made watching basketball excited to watch.lebron is cool but nahh..durant will carry it after kobe retires

  97. Guru says:

    Kobe has already mentioned it many times that he watches a lot of tape of great players and learns from them . He has admitted to have learned certain moves from Magic, MJ, Wilt, Malone, etc …

    And you all forget a key point. Both were coached by Phil which means the screen, double team , ball movement, breaking off double team, pump fake, etc were devised similar as per the Triangle offense.

    So all you Kobe haters can rest your argumenst now .

  98. SwizzBaller says:

    Jordan is never reached!

    Not from Kobe, ot from another player in history!

    You guys can discuss the ahtletic ability, the defense, the offensive skills! In my opinion there is a pro and a contra on every chart for both!
    But what makes Jordan to the all time greatest?

    It is the fact that Jordan never lost! He never lost a Final! He never had a bad Game when it comes to the Championship!
    He will always be rememberd as “The Winner” ! Jordan stays for winning first!
    Kobe is a awesome player, no doubt, but he will stay in my eyes as a great great player who stays for got numbers in the statistics! Not automatically for winnig!
    Sorry Kobe; your a hall of famer , a champion and a great, great player, but Jordan is Number One!

  99. T.Will says:

    Kobe and jordan you gotta love them ,you cant deny there games are identical,and whoever said jordan was more athletic and faster is just dumb bro.I will not choose because when its all said and done numbers dont lie.

  100. bulls4lyfe says:

    most people who debate over this are doing so with their emotions and not logic. Jordan was a revolutionary player…we all forget that….Kobe to me was a great as player as jordan…mayb even a better shooter…but he did not change the game. But at the same time…being a almost exact replica of the greatest player ever isnt just something anyone can do. we all copied jordan at some point…but Kobe did consistently and on a championship level..Jordan is the best player he showed us things we had never saw…and made the fade away what it is today…but Kobe is the second best player for being able to do what jordan did….they r both amazing

  101. anthony says:

    1. jordan
    2. russel
    3. chamberlain
    4. magic
    5. hakeem
    6. kareem
    7. lebron
    8. shaq
    9. kobe
    10. robertson

  102. Nayyab says:

    MJ was way better than Kobe and he averages 30 points a game so there you have..

  103. fresh says:

    Jordan will always be better than Kobe and yes, Lebron.
    This is why…


    Just go to the website and you’ll see the TRUTH!!

  104. Kobe3612 says:

    They are both great in their own right. but what i believe is, MJ played with weaker/shorter defenders..(starks,hornacek, ehlo..etc) but kobe played against more athletic, faster, quicker, longer players (Battier,Sefalosha,T.Prince, Bowen, wade, even Artest (back then))..

    Let’s put it this way, what if kobe came first..will there be a debate also?

  105. Jansen says:

    Kobe’s gonna beat MJ, that’s for sure

  106. realistic says:

    Kobe is a copycat period. No reinvention whatsoever. He maybe just watched Jordan’s tapes and practiced the moves. Kobe did not exactly change the basketball generation when he was dominant unlike Jordan. Everyone can make their case about who was the best player to ever play the game between the two, but let us just be realistic and make a relative comparison on their accomplishments based on the era they were in.

  107. Markusma says:

    Lets set the record straight. At the end of the day Kobe Bryant will go down as the greatest player ever to play the game of basketball. Simply due to the fact that his individual talent, MJ had an insane talent, but eve Phil Jackson said that Kobe had more talent. MJ had certain advantages that Kobe didn’t have: HUGE hands and more hang time. If Kobe wins more championship he will go down as the greatest. Kobe is a better shooter(espescially a 3-point shooter), equally good defender and maybe a better clutch player. When Kobe retires he will be the greatest of all time.

  108. Alex says:

    if you were really trying to put best lineups of kobe era vs jordan era i think it would have been different than that
    PF-Kevin Garnett
    SF-Lebron James
    SG-Kobe Bryant
    PG-Steve Nash

    C-Hakeem Olajuwon
    PF-Karl Malon
    SF-Larry Bird
    SG-Michael Jordan
    PG-Magic Johnson

    who would win what matchup?
    Lebron>Larry Bird

    All of course would have to be in their prime, I think it would be ridiculously close. but i actually think if it came down to the wire kobe would win simply because lebron (most underrated defender ever..) would be able to really slow down michael if asked to guard him down the strech, and kobe is just as bit of a closer as michael is…

    • Petr says:

      What if they put Pippen in and let Bird come off the bench? I would love to see Scottie guard Lbj… They need to come up with a computer simulation like in Rocky to see it play out:)

  109. g-zl says:

    the truth of wha i noticed iz that Jordan waz a betta defenda abit more atlethic n probably a betta leada/teamate, but kobe waz/iz the betta shoota (especially long range), he haz also mastered similar movez/repetoir but also added movez tha jordan neva possessed or mastered (especially from the post) jordan had fadeaway n quick spin shots n spin drivez he mastered from the post n kobe learned the same patternz n why not learn from the best at ur position? but he also add the post pump movez tha jordan ocationally uzed but he neva mastered to the level tha kobe possess.. up n unda n such.. who iz betta az a basketball fan i can argue all day fo both sidez.. but when it comez to there postion size n style they stand above all othaz..

    atleticism: goez to jordan by abit (quickness n hangtime)
    skill: goez to kobe by abit (wider arsenal of post movez)
    defence: goez to jordan abit (more focused n determined defenda)
    reboundin: about equal
    shooti:n goez to kobe (betta range)
    awareness: goez to jordan by abit (hardly eva got caught of gaurd unlike kobe somtimez do)
    toughness: goez to kobe by abit (playn tru yearz of injuriez n developin n adjustin his game to compensate therefor)
    leadership: goez to jordan by abit (i gues he alwayz seemz abit more dependable to his teamates, received more props from his teamates then kobe did)
    clutch: could go both wayz but i will give it to kobe becauz he has more movez in the post to find a shot n more range to hois a shot wid abit more chance of it fallin.

    this iz wha i think not touchin too much on individual achievements but more on the skillset n abit of wha i noticed from warchin them both.


  110. juggernaut says:

    hey lebronking no one can beat this line first 5 so far
    PG- derrick rose
    PF – lebron james
    C – dwight howard
    SG- kobe bryant
    SF-dirk nowitzki

  111. yan says:

    they’re both great…..both of them are top of all in there own different era…so nothing to argue about who’s who?????? the question is how they impact the world of basketball….what ya think?

  112. TruthX says:

    Jordan made his team better and as for Kobe, his team made him better. Don’t get me wrong because Kobe is a great player, but does not have Jordan’s high level basketball IQ.

  113. Cmon Seriously? says:

    How do you become the second best player in NBA history? By copying the best player in NBA history.

  114. Galvo says:

    MJ, Just cause hes a better allround play. His defence was just as great as his attack.

  115. shutUrMouthsDude says:

    kobe = a copycat of MJ… 100% true, same coach as with MJ.. so obviously his moves were just all copied from MJ..

  116. CJD says:

    ………Kobe is not better than MJ. Kobe is a carbon copy of the original. Don’t get me wrong, Kobe is a good player but he will NEVER be the ULTIMATE competitor that Jordan was. Jordan ate & slept excellence, POINT BLANK, PERIOD. When Jordan was in his prime, in the league, NOBODY could play at the level he did. Nobody was winning any championships after Jordan won his first. As a matter of fact he won 3 in a row…..Whats worse is, the dude had the nerve to retire, play baseball, come back to basketball and win 3 more championships in a row. Kobe only did it once. When Jordan played in the league, NOBODY else held scoring title. Kobe is in the league now, Durant took it twice in a row. Jordan got 6 championships. Kobe got 5. Flat out, Jordan has more accolades & hardware than Kobe will ever see. Lets have this discussion when Kobe gets at least three quarters of the accolades that Jordan has. Until then, Kobe is a wack carbon copy of Michael Jordan.

  117. “I love it.” – Joseph Paul

  118. lebronking says:

    jordan fans cannot accept that todays players are better than jordans era…i can say that kobe is better than jordan…but lebron is the best.
    lebron and kobe will win againts magic and jordan…
    lebron, kobe, and dirk will win againts magic, jordan and bird..
    These line up will win againts all the hall of famers team when all players played at their peaks:
    C – Shaq
    PF – Lebron
    SF – Dirk
    SG – Kobe
    PG – Nash

    C -Chamberlein
    PF – Russel
    SF – BIrd
    SG – Jordan
    PG – Johnson

    • DRew says:

      I wanna agree because the team has alot of my fav players but Shaq, Dirk and Nash are not great defender,,, Shaqs only defensive quality was his sized but if you were quicker of as big as he was the he couldnt do anything with you, Bill russell is a great defender but Im not sure if he can guard Dirk on the perimeter but I know dirk would stop him from rebouding and getting put backs,, Magic is 6’9″ ad Nash is maybe 6’2″ and would be posted up every other play and would foul out by half time, I think Lebron would stop bird from driving but not fro shooting and as great a defender as he is he has problems with players who can just flatout shoot the ball… and I give Jordan the edge on Jordan because I think with the two of them it would come down to who the refs like and Kobe FU attitude that make him awesome would make the refs lean in Jordans favo

    • Dim says:

      that is the most stupid comment I have ever seen. You should stop watching basketball. Don’t even know how you came up with Nash, Dirk and Shaq? And all at their prime….No chance against the old team…

    • jayrel says:

      lebron lost the best title after he linked up with dwade and bosh….like after that move who is much comp in the east ,,its like they took the fun out of it

    • Moses says:

      You should pick Tim Duncan on the 2000 squad remove Dirk and remove Chamberlein add Abdul-Jabbar ….
      Well thats the best i think!!!

  119. 3amz says:

    it’s even more interesting how their defenders are guarding and reacting the same way

  120. Albeezy says:

    We might have Jordan over Kobe hands down RIGHT NOW.Kobe cant catch Jordan in MVP THROPIES, FINALS MVP THROPIES but he can catch Jordan on the scoring list has more all-star mvp’s more three pointers we can compare individual stats and Jordan will win hands down. But if Kobe gets to SEVEN (as in rings) Jordan won’t have anything to say.

  121. bbb says:

    good job on putting up the video. I don’t think it is difficult to mirror few MJ moves by taking an above average shooting guard with 16 NBA years.

    Kobe vs MJ = queen vs god.

  122. Moses says:

    Cmon!!! Jordan GOAT sure.. But game changer nooooooooooooooooooooooo… Maybe he created crossover and better def and more leaping ability but but but what was Jordans injuries? Kobe change his game to the dunker to a shooter… Jordan just lucky coz he was nver injured badly…. And we should all give creadit the MAN WHO CREATED THE GAME HES THE REAL GAME CHANGER THE CREATOR!!!!

  123. Ray says:

    Did yous think…
    Maybe it was just the same coach running the same plays??

  124. edongzki says:

    both of them are great scorers..mj played in a era where theres a bit more physical or body contact as they say,while kobe played in an era where most of the players are athletic,quick and the phse of the game is much faster than mj era…

  125. jeffropillow says:

    2012 Mamba is a little late to the party on this one. There’s a 2007 YouTube video I saw years ago (“Kobe vs. Jordan – What’s the Difference?) that touched on this style/movement comparison by Th3Answer3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RLysV1TPAs

  126. joe says:

    seriously kobe vs jordan who really cares? both dominated in there playing days as lebron dominates now and before them bill russell, wilt, big O, pete, West, dominique, clyde, hakeem and charles dominated, greatest of all time though you gotta throw shaq in the mix…HE was a game changer. his size and physical presence they literally had to change rules to make the game fair. how about instead of wondering who to take to start a team kobe or mj we just say take them both and watch the magic….

  127. lakerfan4life says:

    I’m so sick of hearing about Michael Jordan being the best player and changing the game and he came first. Puhlease. Who played all 5 positions in one game? Who took on the role of leader at the age of 19 when their captain went down? Who carried said team to a championship in his rookie year? That would be Ervin Magic Johnson. Seriously people get a clue.

  128. Trigga says:

    Reason why ppl say kobe isnt even close is cuz their too busy sleeping in the past, got news for you ppl kobe has been the new MJ ever since he was done playing. its 2012 not 80’s/90’s.

  129. Simon says:

    Kobe is a better shooter from outside the arch… that’s about it of what he has improved over MJ. Kobe is slightly worse defensively on the basis that he has no defensive player of the year awards though they both have been in the all first defensive team . MJ makes his teammates around him better than Kobe does. MJ has a better mid range game than Kobe. Both are athletic, both have sweet fade ways and fall a way jumper and buzzer beating jumpers. Both are awesome in there own generation MJ is slightly ahead though (defiantly both are top 2 guards of all time narf said.

  130. Elias says:

    Come on people Lebron maybe you could compare him to magic but that’s it no other player but Kobe could you compare to Jordan period. In my opinion Kobe will go down as the greatest of all time for is durability and amount of seasons he played Jordan could have never came straight out of high school he needed those years with north Carolina. Besides Kobe ended up on one of the best franchises ever. The bulls aren’t one of them

  131. Mitch says:

    Jordan far exceeds kobe at this point 6 rings without losing in the championship game; kobe is 5 and 2. But If kobe gets 2 more I would give it to him if he is the go to guy for his team and wins 2 more rings verses being a role player.

  132. RomieRome says:

    Let the records speak for themselves, MJ, KB, DRJ, Magic, Bird, Kareem, JW, Elgin, AI, Shaq, The Hawk, EM “The Goat” all were dominating in their time, but the only man who still holds more records than all of them combined is none other than “Overbrook’s” & “Shoemaker Jr High’s….WNC (Wilt Norman Chamberlain)

  133. fred says:

    No questions, Kobe is the closest thing to MJ period. He’s the only one who has done the work to be compared to MJ. It may seem that Kobe is copying MJ and he doesn’t bring anything new to the table as some may say, but cmon, MJ did not leave anything else outside the table that any other human can bring in. After Kobe leaves the NBA, I’m done watching the NBA.

  134. brentness says:

    Kobe Scored 81 Points against the Raptors
    MJ coming from a terrible injury and exploded for 63 points against one of the best NBA teams in that ERA. (The best)
    MJ played in a time where hand checks are allowed and defense are so physical. Not unlike today.

  135. AK says:

    And regarding the debate, MJ never had Shaq. MJ never had the supporting cast Kobe had. And MJ played in an era with the greatest players of all time, with so many tough rivalries year after year (Bird, Magic, Wilkins, Drexler, Ewing, Shaq, Olojuwan, to name a few). And he still owned the league and was a frequent MVP and scoring king. He carried the Bulls on his sole shoulders like we’ve never seen anyone do. There is no comparison to make really, MJ was on a different level. He was simply insane.

  136. lakerfan says:


  137. Jake. says:

    i love kobe.. and he is the cloest thing to mj but mj was on another level

  138. inYOURface says:





  139. cdubbb24 says:


  140. KG on Kobe says:

    You cant compare lebron to kobe and mj. if he was such a winner and innovater as you guys say he would have more than one championship. Lebron is good dont get me wrong but he will never ever accomplish the things mj and kobe did. and thats the truth

  141. xeno75 says:

    There’s probably a dozen guards who did simmilar shots and if you find somebody with the time and motivation to cut them together we will have a lot of new GOATs. Jordan will still be the greatest. Maybe Kobe will have 6 rings too, maybe even more. And he won them with the best “supporting cast” anybody in the last 20 years could wish for (plus he was Robin to Shaqs Batman in the first threepeat)

  142. Da bwoy says:

    kobe had shaq and then had two more 7 footers.he had help his whole career and if kobe was with ok players would he have one anything so kobe never would able to do what jordan did.jordan did most of the work his whole career.so u tell me?

  143. drdre23 says:

    is this a joke mj is the best ever. mj is the best ever because he dominated the game both hand like no other, he still dominated when he was 38 and 40. if you look to the stats he is even better im sorry jordan is the best ever but kobe gonna be maybe the second greatest player of all time maybe.

  144. ihateK!!! says:

    kobe is only a impostore!!! michael jordan is not only a player..he’d played basketball with heart same as lbj..all moves of kobe are immitated by kobe.if you watched the first video.mj played basketball first than k.so we dont need any comparison with the two player.mj was not selfish player..and he have natural talent than to your kobe..MICHAEL JORDAN is the only greatest player..GET IT!!!

  145. Mike says:

    Michael’s air Jordans are the best, Kobe’s shoes not even close!

  146. caden says:

    kobes fades are unblockable

  147. caden says:

    mj is weaak

  148. Luiz says:

    The reason Jordan had all those stast because he was the only player of his kid. Now almost every team has a player similar. League is better now. Everything over time evolves including basketball. There is more technology more talent more athletes now. Cannot compare different ERAS. Jordan would of not accomplished everything he did in this ERA there is too much talent and great coaching too alow

  149. jay says:

    i believe that Kobe is better..kobe will go down as the greatest player to ever play

  150. p says:


  151. Kobeast says:

    C’mon Jordan played against washed up celts and lakers. Larry bird had bad knees and back. Magic was at least 13 yrs in fighting “HIV” which cut his season short. MJ only had pistons to go through, granted they were an elite team.

    Kobe plays teams like Heat,Spurs, Thunder, Celtics. Lets not forget up coming 76ers, nuggets, and possibly nets!

    Kobe is better offensively, not doubt he has longer range shooting (3pt) and he’s done it against same players jordan did. MJ isn’t stupid he realizes Kobe is Great thats why he has no complaints when comparing the two. And Jordan is not a person to give anybody respect. We saw him dog his own sons at his hall of fame inductee!

    Interesting fact: at the age of 33 kobe has 5 championships Jordan 3. Kobe has more points scored as well easy. Two years left just sit back and watch Greatness, cause honestly these two will never be imitated. Instead of hating on Kobe lets see what he can do with these two years. In the end he is set up for 6 championships possibly 7.

    • king says:

      kobe with all due respect did not face championship calibre teams in my opinion apart from santoni spurs and celtics jordan played against 2 time nba champion detroit pistons and 5 time nba lakers jordan had more will and heart when playing thats why he won more games and closed out more games.look jordan retired in 1994 if hadnt retired ill bet you any money he would of won 7 OR 8 RINGS kobe and lebron had the opportunitys to win more rings than him only because they played a lot longer. jordan won more accolades in less seasons including better stats and more rings jordan is the only person capable of catching up to bill russell in wining rings you need consistency to do that it taker more than skill and talent you need the will and heart.
      obviously his not the most talented nba star i mean that in no disrespect.

  152. oows says:

    The GOAT is Bill Russell (11 times of his 13 years).

    But Jordan made NBA more exciting.

    Kobe, I never got excited about his move, my reaction “I’ve seen that move before, nothing’s new”. And He’s a bit arrogant, take the case of Jeremy Lin. Now he knows Lin.

    Can Kobe play even he has a severe flu? only MJ does.

    “I wanna be like Mike” Kobe’s dream.

  153. NBA Fan says:

    If Kobe won as many titles as Micheal had with the teammates MJ had to work with then I’d give him the nod….but he didn’t…..check it out….every team kobe’s won with (LA teammates I’m referring to) has better stats than Chicago did….especially coming off the bench…..MJ had a host of good role players and NO Scottie wasn’t as close a dominant or contributing force as shaq was during those years….and in ltr years Tonk K was no Gasol….check the facts…MJ still got this hands down

  154. MJ says:

    This is pathetic. Kobe and Michael are two different plaayers from different eras. Comparing them is pointless. When Jordan played the NBA was different in many aspects. I don’t need to specifically state the different aspects, but those who watched basketball during that time would understand what I mean. And the same goes for Kobe as well during the times he played up till now. Sorry to say, but this comparison is not even worth discussing. Every person is of course entitled to their own opinion, but this topic already has an obvious answer.

  155. PillCosby says:

    In my opinion jordan and kobe are about neck and neck. I give jordan the g.o.a.t because kobe had better cast of players to win rings with. plus don’t forget its not all about basketball this is a business. jordan is way more marketable.
    im sure the kobe’s logo will die way before the jordans famous logo.

    so you have to phenomenal players both winners both scorers. loved around the world but one can def make a owner more money. JORDAN

  156. Erik says:

    Great Video! Both are phenominal players. Playing talents are close for both so I went back to compare the stats for several different catagories. Jordan leads in 17 categories; Bryant in 6; and tied for 4. So Jordan has a great advantage currently, however, Bryant should overtake Jordan 3 or 4 before he is all done so it should be close after both careers ars done.

    I see the advantage to Jordan because of: DPOY, steals leader and Jordan leads in 8 out of 11 major statistical categories.

    College Championships 1/0-Jordan
    Olympic Gold medals 2/2-tie
    NBA Finals appearances 6/7-Bryant
    nba championsips 6/5-Jordan
    defensive POY 1/0-Jordan
    ROY 1/0-Jordan
    Slam Dunk champ 2/1-Jordan
    scoring champ 10/2-Jordan
    League MVP 5/1-Jordan
    1st team all NBA 10/10-tie
    Finals MVP 6/2-Jordan
    1st team all defense 9/9-tie
    Led league in steals 3/0-Jordan
    All-star 14/14-tie
    All-star MVP 3/4-Bryant
    Career FG% .497/.453-Jordan
    Career 3p% .327/.337-Bryant
    Career ft% .835/.838-Bryant
    Career RPG 6.2/5.3-Jordan
    Career SPG 2.35/1.5-Jordan
    Career APG 5.3/4.7-Jordan
    Career BPG .83/.5-Jordan
    Career TOPG 2.73/2.96-Jordan
    Career PFPG 2.6/2.58-Bryant
    Career PPG 30.1/25.4-Jordan
    Career points 32,292/29,484-Jordan
    Most points in a game 63/81-Bryant

  157. Ryan says:

    Some of the things I read is just crazy, lets just put it this way, they are the 2 best to ver play the game, see Lebron in that sentence? No. If you were to start a team with any of these 2 players, it’s a 50/50 coin toss. To me I can only put them as equally the same, only because we don’t know how they would be in each others generation. I mean Kobe at 19 did have 33 against Jordan and the Bulls when MJ had 36 so I mean either player at that time could compete against one another respectfully. With a more physical league in Jordan’s time and a more athletic, stronger and faster league of Kobe’s it’s really hard for all of us to really say who’s better, Plus given the fact Kobe had to work his way into the already good Lakers also changes his stat line dramatically too. I mean either way you can’t deny how much better they were than everyone else they played against. Oh and Lebron fans, there was a time when Kobe averaged 30 7 and 6 too, and how athletic he was etc, crazy how some minds seem to be so short, yet again you wouldn’t really know about number 8, he was a beast, would make Lebron and Durant look like fools if he was their age, just saying.

  158. jsking says:

    either jordan neither kobe the best player ever is the KING LEBRON JAMES

  159. Nate says:

    MJ in my mind, would’ve won 9 straight titles and 9 straight finals MVP’s if: 1. He didn’t retire the first time, = 2 more titles, and 2. If Jerry Krause didn’t break up the 98 Championship Jordan team, = at least 1 more Ring. That’s a 9peat… something Kobe hasn’t even come close to.

  160. Lebron says:

    Lebron Game 6 Heat Celtics Enough said!!! 73% shooting and elimination on the line !

  161. Spud says:

    Im not going to say much but, Kobe is my generation an Jordan is the 90’s generation. But kobe will go down in history as the second best player after jordan PERIOD

  162. Dleague says:

    it is blasphemis to even think about HAVING A CONVERSATION LIKE THIS…..

  163. Gary says:

    How can they say Kobe was a better shooter when M.J. shot .497 (extremely close to 50%) for his career compared to Kobe’s 45%? Not even close. And for that matter, Kobe is only one percentage point higher than M.J. in three point shooting at 33% compared to M.J.’s 32%.

  164. Damani J says:

    The biggest and most telling factor between these 2 players is Mike others around him better, Thats not only are you great but itspreads around like a virus. If it weren’t mike scottie woulnt be who he is one of the 50 greatest. C bball is a team sport and the greats make others around them better. Ala magic johnson, larry bird, etc. Kobe was great and all but he never made anybody better. scottie, horace, bj all benefitted from MJ’s presence. Two of them allstars!!!! I wish people would stop talkin about Kobe’s 81 points that game was like a globetrotter game no defense what so ever!!! I believe that my president said it best when kobe was presented with oppurtunities to further his legend he came up short. In 2008 in the finals aginst the celtics he had his chance but fell short it was at that moment I knew that he wasn’t MJ and never will B!!!! My prisedent knows his bball he saw mike do his thing in chicago!!! In my opinion the Lakers arent the favorite to win it all bcause defense wins championships they still have no perimeter defense which is why they lost 2 OKC!!!! Real bball students know that any team that wants exploit the lakers will look to steve nash, point guards are gonna tear him a new one!!!! LOL I guess the lakers will try and outscore there opponets like the Phoenix Suns. LOL for the Lakers to win dwight will have 2 be a MVP !!! Fat chance!!!!

  165. Wayne says:

    Jumpshots only? Now produce a video of Kobe these moves http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGLaKfEyRL4

  166. Smartmen says:

    Kobe should not look at MJ at all..he should look at himself at this point and learned from himself. Kobe is a great great player MJ was the best!!!

  167. Tony says:

    Anyone that says Kobe is better than Jordan is either A; not old enough to have watched both play. Or B; an internet troll.

  168. kobe bryant is the best player of al time there is just things u cant explain as a kobe fan. its like being a kobe fans allows u to see the greatness when everyone is blind to the fact. the difficulty that he has on his made shots and even his missed shot attempts look more insanely difficult than most guys. he doesnt have a weakness. he’ll take u off the dribble, cross, jab step, up fake, pump fake, head fake, spin, reverse, off the back board to himself, he can literally do w.e he wants and he’s being doing it so much, so long and at such a high level we forget how good he is. how hard it is to shoot from 15-21 feet on ur average shot and still shoot 45 percent. kobes the best all around offensive player of all time. he has no weakness, can shoot from anywhere on the floor at anytime, with any move he wants. no matter if ur 6’10 or 5’10 he score over you. he shoots really good free throws also. kb is also the best shooter of all time. ppl try to say bird or allen or reggie but they were 3pt shooter and kobe took the single game record from all of them. no of them has his arsenal of shots either or even have the footwork to attepmt and get the shoots off. just watch some old videos and see thst kobe makes amax=zing shots from everywhere consistently. One thing ill give mike is that he was way more athletic than kobe. kobe mind makes him athletic because he does limit himself but mike did have to think about jump over ppl it just happened when he took off. kobe had to work extra hard to become the athlete that he was. no saying he was a god athlete but mike was on a different level than anyone until lebron james came along.

    • Kobeast says:

      They won’t realize greatness until he leaves. Thats the sad part. Im sure as hell glad I got to See Kobe play. It will be a sad day when he retires.

  169. Phil Jackson says:

    The plays are identical because of Phil Jackson. He coached both MJ and Kobe. Even though Phil made those plays it is still very weird how they are so much alike.

  170. jordan90s says:

    Guys, Not a kobe fan. But he is a great player. But Jordan is way better than kobe and the history of NBA

    Dunking :
    Dr. J
    Vince Carter
    Blake Griffin
    (So kobe is not in atleast top 10 list)


    Jordan Rules.(Kobe can only dream to be as good a perimeter defender like jordan)

    Rebouding :

    Jordan is better and stronger. He can go against bigger guys and come up with offensive rebounds

    Above all :

    Winner (Jordan never lost in 90s, except the 2 year break he had.). elase he would have had 8 straight rings. Everybody in NBA knows. Charles, Reggie, Malone, stockton, drexler, Hakeem, Robinson, Ewing will tell you why they could not win a championship (Except hakeem who won when jordon retried 94/95).

    We can put kobe in top 5 or top 7 after all said and done, when he retires, hopefully he can win a ring or 2 more to justify his place.

  171. lakersfan says:

    i do agree defense was stronger is jordan’s era but if you watch houston and the lakers plyoff series shane battier was in kobe’s face every shot and he still consistently scored…….. there’s no defense to greatness only a hope to contain it..

  172. dmacs04 says:

    lebron and jordan is nowhere near to Kobe . Lebron forces his shots when he drives, thats why he gets too many offensive fouls because he muscles his way through . Jordan is not that good, kobe does everything on his own. jordan had scottie pippen and some good players on his team, kobe did it on his own most of his career.

  173. wizflux says:

    These commentators obviously don’t look at statistics!!!!!! MJ’s fg% was light years ahead of Kobe’s. MJ WAS STEALS CHAMPION 3 TIMES!!! Kobe has only led the league in 1 category people and that is ppg, but he only did it a couple of times. MJ did it 10 TIMES !!!!! HELLO… You know what this is. Mark Jackson and his Knicks got clobbered by MJ and this is payback. Need I go on. How many regular season MVPs does Kobe have??? UNO. MJ has 5 MVPs. He owned the league!!
    You talk about rings and yes Kobe has 5 but Kobe was not the most important player during the only 3peat of his career. SHAQ was. SHAQ won the Finals MVP 3 TIMES, not KOBE. Kobe has 2 Finals MVPs compared to MJ’s 6. When they talk about how great Kobe was they talk about 1 game, but when I talk about MJ I talk about entire seasons. For example, MJ averaged 37 per game one year. Kobe has never done that. More than that MJ averaged well over 30 for 7 consecutive seasons. Kobe didn’t even come close. Moreover in those 7 seasons, MJ would average over 50% from the field. Kobe has never averaged 50% from the field. MJ is the most efficient player ever, even better than Lebron who is extremely efficient.
    Kobe has not even been the best player in the league, nevermind the best ever. This is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. Wow, this is scary to watch its like seeing a mirror reflection, Kobe is the MJ of this era for sure.

  175. IIvviiccaa79 says:

    what a great video…!

  176. joel says:

    Look@ who was guarding micheal jordan in the 98 finals. His hardest finals, tbh, jeff hornacek and byron russel, those dudes arent durant, or thefolosha. Kobe changed the game, when micheal pulled up, how many hands were in his face? be honest? when kobe shoots, the defender is right on him. kobe might be the guy that makes the toughest shots, IN BASKETBALL EVER. when mike came into the league, he was being guarded by a lot of unathletic players. byrd did shut him down, but he needed to be physical to do it. not enough footspeed. the game has become way more athletic, these next 2 years if kobe wins 1 or 2. he should be the better than mike just on who he has to play against. durant wasnt guarding micheal, and durant islong enough to guard any PLAYER. im done

    • aris3258 says:

      Dude did Kobe scored 63 pts against one of the greatest teams of all time in a playoff game? Jordan 63pts against Larry bird and the Champion Boston Celtics!!!

      there were many great defenders in MJ era….because it was more physical back then but MJ still managed to have average scores more than 30, even 37 pts (several seasons as scoring champion despite the toughest defense from that era!!!!)
      bad boys detroit pistons
      boston celtic’s defense
      reggie miller
      gary payton
      dennis rodman
      plus there were so many great Centers, PF in MJ ‘s era that MJ constantly goes up against

      • DJ0974 says:

        Na’ll he just Scored 81pts..nothing big..just chipped away at NBA HIstory and walked among the greatest NBA scorer of all time Wilt..but your right..Jordan put 63pts up..so yea your right, thats more then Kobe, my bad..

  177. Kilvin says:

    Mj is the nest ever theres no compareing with mj!!!!!

  178. Jr says:

    Has Kobe dunked from the freethrow line? Not a chance.

  179. tokits says:

    Just one question.. Did Kobe had a College Championship? ooopppssss… sorry Kobe dont have a college degree, at all…
    MJ is uncomparable!

  180. SYDALE says:

    Look at the Legends Jordan beat to win his championships…

    Isiah Thomas
    Gary Payton
    Reggie Miller
    Patrick Ewing
    Dominique Wilkins

    Kobe’s defeated Legends?

    Reggie Miller
    David Robinson
    Scottie Pippen
    Tim Duncan (he’ll be a legend once retired)
    Ray Allen
    Paul Pierce
    Allen Iverson
    Jason Kidd

    Somebody tell me who’s got the better list of victims…

  181. darko says:

    It’s amazing- like they say great minds think alike; great bodies also react alike.
    They both square up to the basket while in the air. Kobe relies more on the strength of his jump, MJ on upper body quickness to do this. Kobe who is not allowed by modern refereeing to push off as much as Jordan did, gets better separation due to his getting more air. But leg strength is a much bigger variable in the course of a career, a season, a game: MJ had a technically more reliable jumper; and his superior decision making, bolstered by the greater mutual respect he created with his teammates, make Jordan, no contest, the better canditate for G.O.A.T.

  182. RJ says:

    Jordan got 6 rings and 6 MVP’s and was 6 of 6 in the Finals in terms of coming out on top. Kobe has 5 rings and he wasn’t even the MVP. Shaq was mostly. And he lost in 1 or 2 of the NBA Finals. No comparison, Jordan on top.

  183. DJ0974 says:

    There are two things that most of you are leaving out..First lets look at one thing Jordon has not done and will not ever do cause he is retired..

    Kobe chiped away at NBA History when he scored 81pts. in a game and would of scored more had Phil not taken him out before the game was over..Theres is only one other person before Kobe that has done more..that is Wilt..with his amazing 100pts..that alone makes his him far more than that of what people that don’t like him, and puts him on another level, Jordan in his greatness, never achieved that..I have a great deal of respect for Jordan..and I do think he is or might be arguably the Grestest..but numbers are numbers..in Scoring..No..he never Score that many points in any of his games..in Rings..No..the person that holds that Title is Bill..but to his credit..his playing style..and the way he make everyone like him in his day, because, up until that time..no one had played the game like him..

    Second..you lets look at the persons that know both of them most..Phil Jackson..he stated that althought they are very similiar..he felt that Kobe was a greater player..based off his style of play..Jordan made others better when then played with him..and the other hand, Kobe adjusted to those that he played with and made it work..so if you really respect the game and not just the players..you have to look at the numbers..and not just because you like someone else based off of they personality or how you liked them off off the Court..the reason why most peple like Jordan is his style of play and his personality..and his off the Court appeal..and don’t like Kobe because of his on the Court relation with Shaq..and most are still holding that against him..but instead should just look at him as a player..I don’t know the man personally, and I’m sure if I did, I’d might not like him..but I don’t need to know him to respect what he has done and will do..the same for Jordan..what he did is great..but not to be called the Greastest of all time..if I’m not mistaken..to be called the Greatest of all time you have to be the Greatest..and to only have that title you must to have been then proved it..and if I’m wrong..theres only one person that comes to mind, in proven that fact..and that person is the G.O.A.T..MR. BILL RUSSELL..so sorry Jordan fans..but he donest deserve that title..because he hasn’t won as many as Ms. Russell..So respect the Game first and understand it..before you just start saying you like someone and their the greatest player of all time..

  184. Carlos says:

    Kobe is not Better then JORDAN. Kobe is not even better than Lebron James y would they compare him to MJ.

    • Momowonthis says:

      Thank you Sir…

    • Albeezy says:

      Kobe is much better then Lebron, people are on Lebrons nuts and he has one ring in like nine years, come on. He got his stats from being on a sorry cavs team and doing all the work, nobody cares about the. When we talk about the best all I want to know is who has the rings to prove it. As long as Kobe is around Lebron can sit back and watch Kobe add to his rings.

  185. Carlos says:

    Really u think kobe is better than KING JAMES. Kobe has a long way to be like Jordan.

  186. J.Walker says:

    That video was smooth but the quotes are outdated. Mark Jackson has never said that again and is back on MJ tip like the rest of the sane world. The best video is a hip hop debate on YouTube called The Kobe Jordan Song.

  187. errel says:

    Jordan change the game alot……And Kobe polish those moves and made it his own……..But jordan was the game changer it the NBA

  188. SYDALE says:

    It’s funny that people think that Kobe’s SO dominant… Yet, Tim Duncan has 4 Championships in “Kobe’s Era”… And 3 Finals MVPs… more than Kobe’s 2… and 2 MVPs… more than Kobe’s 1…

    And… I know… people think that MVPs are popularity contests… but tell me… How does the most boring superstar in the NBA win a “so called” popularity contest???

    Not to mention… Kobe was the Sidekick (the Pippen) during his first 3 Championships… whereas Shaq was the MVP of those Laker squads…

    • Albeezy says:

      Kobe might have been along Shaq for the ride and won those three rings with him, but shaq would never have those rings without Kobe, Kobe is a sidekick to nobody its not like a pippen and Jordan situation, match shaqs career with kobes and enough said. SYDALE talkes about a Kobe era and others getting rings during his era well the only person that really got rings without letting others was those old bill russell boston celtics teams remember it took MJ seven yrs to get his by that time Kobe already had three to him name and isnt done yet. Kobe can play as long as he wants to maybe even another four or five years,

  189. The Wire says:


    “MJ – some would say – played at a time when the talent level in the NBA wasn’t as high while others would say it looks that way because MJ was that dominant.”

    How’s this for talent level

    Bird, McHale, and Parish in their primes (when he had NO help on Da Bulls scored a record 63 on them in the playoffs)
    Clyde Drexler and very great Trailblazers Team that would win Championships ageist today’s talent level
    Dominique Wilkins and very good Pacers Team that would win Championships ageist today’s talent level
    Reggie Miller and very great Pacers Team that would win Championships ageist today’s talent level
    Charles Barkley & Kevin Johnson
    Stockton & Malone
    Payton & Kemp
    Hakeem and a great Rockets Team
    Patrick Ewing and a great Knicks Team
    Alonzo Mourning, Larry Johnson, and Kendall Gill with a good
    The late 80’s Mavericks vs. today’s talent…Fugggetaboutit
    The late 80’s /early 90’s Cavaliers vs. today’s talent…Fugggetaboutit
    Hell the late 80’s Supersonics with Xavier McDaniel, Tom Chambers, and Dale Ellis?
    The David Robinson led Spurs?
    The 80 & 90 Bucks?
    Run TMC?
    The list goes on.

    The NBA has less talent now not more

    Oh as for the fallacy of the Shooting Guards were not as good:

    Clyde Drexler: HOF top 50, NBA Champion
    Joe Dumars: HOF top 50 NBA Champion and Finals MVP
    Reggie Miller: HOF
    Allen Iverson: Nuff Said
    Kobe: Yeah he caught some of that too…95 thru 98
    Dale Ellis: All Star
    Byron Scott: All Star multiple NBA Champion
    Vince Carter: Multiple All Star
    Drazen Petrovic: HOF
    Roland Blackman : Multiple All-Star
    Steve Smith: All Star
    etc..etc.. I’d go on but why continue to protest the obvious? LOL!

  190. flyy222 says:

    anytime two players are the best in their era they are going to be compared. michael came first so naturally any great player in this era is going to be compared to him. honestly their game is so similar you cant really say who was better because they never played against each other while they were both in their prime. Michael was the best, Kobe is or was the best maybe with the exception of lebron who is more athletic but shooting is suspect compared to mike and kobe. and years from now when kobe retires, people are going to compare players to him. its just the way basketball works. Great players get compared to one another but i dont think kobe plays every night trying to be like mike, cause honestly they both were beast

  191. BP says:

    KB big time copy cat…but can’t still compare with MJ.

  192. Truballa says:

    Kobe is a better overall shooter, played against more athletic and better defenders, against better defenses, and he always pretty much had a good team around him, when he didnt, look at the type of numbers he put up, Jordan really crazy numbers came when his team was ok and not good, Kobe usually had another star and really took away some of his shine, but I still give the edge too Jordan because he never lost in a championship even though you had people like Jeff Hornacek guarding Scottie Pippen or Jordan smh.

  193. Reggie says:

    Kobe did not just imitate MJ, he mastered it and added some of his own flavor to most of Jordan’s moves. Kobe took alot of Jordan’s moves but he also came up with moves that Jordan never had. MJ never had the footwork or pump faking ability to confuse his opponents and get them to bite on a fake like Kobe does. Lastly, for the guy who said Lebron dominates a game like Jordan did but Kobe never did, you must be dreaming. If you look at stats cube, with Kobe on the floor, the lakers regularly out score there opponents by an average of 12ppg. When hes on the bench the lakers on average get out scored by their opponents by 7ppg. If that’s not dominant, I don’t know what is. And that’s going back from the 2000 season.

  194. JM says:

    I’ll tell you all the answer so better read carefully

    MICHAEL JORDAN CHANGED THE GAME. Kobe didnt, Kobe just played the game. Kobe Bryant played the game on how it was supposed to be played. Michael Jordan changed the game from HOW it USED TO BE PLAYED. By the time Kobe started playing basketball, the game was already changed by Jordan. You could see it in the old videos of Kobe from high school. At kobe’s formidable years learning the game of basketball, nobody wanted to be Magic Johnson or Larry Bird anymore. Everyone wanted to be like Mike, play like Mike, and score like Mike. I like Kobe Bryant dont get me wrong, but Michael Jordan’s my homie.

    I’ll tell you this. Michael Jordan played at the time of great and hall of fame players arriving at the league. At Mike’s time, everybody else sees him as the Basketball God. He was the Greatest. Even players like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Bill Ruseel, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem – all of these great players were already retired and Michael was still playing, they still stood a level below Mike. Kobe on the other hand, was being compared to a great player like Mike and yet there is still a debate on who was greater?What I mean is – Michael compared to retired greats = NO DEBATE (Michael the Greatest) while Kobe compared to retired great = DEBATABLE (WTF). If Kobe is the Greatest, there should be no doubt nor debate. He should have stood above everyone else. BUT DID HE?? Hell no. YOU CAN ONLY NAME A PLAYER THE GREATEST IF HE STOOD ABOVE EVERYBODY ELSE. Michael Jordan did. Kobe didn’t.

    One last thing. like I said, Jordan changed the game, not just how the game was played – but he changed the definition of basketball itself. The marketing, the business regimen, the sponsorships. a great testament on how Michael Jordan was the greatest is on the business and marketing side of basketball. He has his own shoe brand with his own logo. Did kobe has a company named after him? He sticks with Nike, after Kobe;s done playing basketball, goodluck on the shoes -Nike wont sell or make shoes for retired players – while Michael Jordan, 10 years retired, but still sells shoes far greater than other superstar today. Now tell me who’s the greatest?

  195. rick says:

    the thing is, you cant really compare, jordan went to college for 3 years, alot of things can happen in those 3 years if MJ went straight to the nba from high school.

  196. Hoof Hearted says:

    It completely fine to pattern your game after someone that came before you. All players have done that to an extent…..But Kobe had to copy him with the tongue as well, that’s just trying to hard to be like mike.

  197. Mj_KB fan says:

    Statistics isn’t an issue for Mj and Kb. different era of basketball game. Just simple. Both of them are graceful to watch, just like a ballerina, the stroke of the hand while shooting, the low-post, dribbling, the pull up J, fall-way, fade away, jab step, hesitation move, (head, shoulder, ball) fake, hangtime and flying motion etc

  198. Bobby says:

    Kobe is not a better shooter Jordan is the greatest of all time !!!!!!!!

  199. ImJusSayin says:

    Comparing defenses is a joke the rules have changed too much for that. Why does the raw physical gifts of some (Centers) automatically get them dismissed from the GOAT discussion? Anyway the one time I have to give Kobe that I can’t say any other NBA superstar has done was after that CO incident he did not get the calls that have helped shaped the stars from the Magic Bird eras til today and still pushed his way back. Jordan had to deal with more physical play but also didn’t have as intense hot streaks that Kobe has had.

  200. PBJ says:

    Funny. I didn’t see a single defensive play. Wasn’t MJ defensive player of the year and 3 time steals champion?

  201. Ads says:

    This is a really tough call and I don’t think it will ever be settled who was the greatest in ANY sport. Personally, I think MJ revolutionized the game and is like Tiger Woods is to Golf and Pele is to Soccer, athletes who are synonymous with the sport and will always be the first person you think of when someone brings their sport up in conversation. I don’t know if that means he is “the greatest” or if you want to argue stats etc that show someone else put up more points etc (stats aren’t everything by the way, off ball actions and hustle is just as important) but it certainly puts him in with a shout. Not to mention that the clip above didn’t actually show most of MJs greatest moments with spectacular dunks and layups that I don’t think Kobe has the aerial abilities to pull off. Kobe is an amazing shooter, especially with the fade-away and possibly the best clutch shooter of all time but there are pros and cons to saying either is the greatest. Just food for thought though, would Kobe, or anyone else other than Jordan, be able to do a three-peat, take just over a year out of the sport, and then come back to win another 3 championships back-to-back? On that basis it is hard to argue against MJ I think…

  202. Mat says:

    Comparing stats is tough because first off, Kobe came right out of highschool, and Jordan retired twice! I mean there is no doubt in my mind if Jordan didn’t think he could hit a baseball he would have 2 more championships and possibly one more after 1998. Kobe is a great player, but let’s not get crazy. I mean there might even be a few players between Jordan and Kobe on the all-time list. Magic, Wilt, Big O, Bird.. Let’s not forget about these guys, I mean Magic is the greatest PG of all-time, Wilt is the greatest center, Oscar Robertson averaged a triple double for an entire season, and Larry Bird is the greatest shooter in NBA history. Let’s just let Kobe stand on his own as ONE OF THE GREATEST PLAYERS OF ALL-TIME. No more Jordan comparisons please.

  203. Zay says:

    If Kobe=Jordan, then LeBron>All of them

  204. nosaj says:

    stop fooling yourself these 2 players are the best players on the planet no argue about that.mj is always be mj..and kobe always be kobe and never ever be mj but.I can go on all day long, MJ him self has gone out and said “Kobe is the only one who deserves to be compared to him” To say kobe is no where near MJ is just plain ignorant and stupid. Only a true hater would say some s*** like that.

  205. Peter says:

    At the end of Kobes career, I think that he will end off known as the greatest player ever to play the game. Its very hard to compare generations. I personally do not think the defense in micheal jordans era isnt as good as it is today. So for kobe to drop 81 points in todays day n age is incredable. Now yes kobe did replicate alot of his moves from jordan, but he only enhanced them. Also, MVPS are opionated (obviously kobe should have more then 1). Even shaq himself said hes the greatest Laker of all time, even though its arguable that shaq was one of the greatest himself. Kobe is the greeatest closer/scorer. He has had many games where he dropped 4 consecutive 40 point and 50 point games. Kobe has made so much history, People need to embrace GREATNESS while hes still here.

    • Nate says:

      R u kidding me, Kobe dropped 81 against a Raptors team that is one of the worst ball clubs that year. Jordan dropped like 63 pts on a Celtics team that is considered one of the Greatest NBA teams ever. You tell me what’s more impressive?

      • Albeezy says:

        Kobe dropped 81 against the raptors and so what jordan scored 63 big deal. Kobe scored 18 more points then jordan did and lets not forget Jordan did that in a losing effort. Kobe dropped 62 in three quarters against the mavs.. do we really have to get into this. which would you take 81 points and a “W” or 63 and a “L”.

      • Nate says:

        If we’re just talking about performance here, obviously 63 and a L against the Celtics is more impressive. 81 and a W over one of the weakest team that year is still impressive but not as much, IMO. If I rather take a W or L, of course anyone would rather take a W… duh….

  206. digitioli says:

    One of the many reasons I think Wilt was the best was the way he changed his game and became whatever kind of team player it took for the Lakers to win a championship.
    Kobe has a similar incredible opportunity to evolve his game this year. He’s smart enough to realize it, and hopefully mature enough to be able to allow his ego to make the best of it. Should that happen, he will definitely reap the rewards…

  207. Mj_KB fan says:

    Statistics isn’t an issue for Mj and Kb. different era of basketball game. Just simple. Both of them are graceful to watch, just like a ballerina, the stroke of the hand while shooting, the low-post, dribbling, the pull up J, fall-way, fade away, jab step, hesitation move, (head, shoulder, ball) fake, hangtime and flying motion etc.

  208. jkmc says:

    kobes shots look harder than jordans.

  209. Fedejv says:

    They’re much alike, and Kobe has a longer shooting range. But I think MJ is a better defensive player, has a better FG%, better shot blocker and stealer. He won all the NBA Finals he played, he was the most determinant player in all those series and he did that in a Franchise with no relevant success before him or after him,
    Kobe won 5 rings. Who was the MVP in his first 3?
    MJ is the best SG of all time. Kobe probably the second.

  210. Ace says:

    Must be off-season. No real news so instead we get pointless articles comparing His Airness to a rapist, What a waste of time.

  211. digitioli says:

    The thing that sets both of these guys apart is/was their personal dedication to excel.
    Offensively, it’s a toss up; defense, leadership and consistency of effort is where the differences are between these two.
    I still think Wilt was the best of all time.

  212. mdt8880 says:

    Actually wilt is the greatest of all time no one will ever do the things wilt did while playing

  213. RFN says:

    This is for the retard above who talked about James’ quitting on the Cavs and then had the audacity, I’m thinking just plain stupidity myself, to claim that Kobe would NEVER do that! I just have to shake my head at that profound of ignorance or that ballsy lying. See Kobe against Phoenix. Funny stuff.

  214. xue789987 says:

    I guess it’s ‘great minds thinking alike’

    They both play the mid range game and have amazing footwork, and maybe that’s how great versatile shooters work, they read the defense and their opponent in similar way.

    I’m sure Kobe was affected by MJ, what strikes me the most shocking is their shooting posture.

    But the angles, shooting spots, i’m sure when you’re in the league and playing at a high level like kobe and MJ, you’ve probably used those moves a dozen times at different spots. I’m sure u can pull similiar footages with rudy gay, paul pierce, melo, wade, and those versatile shooters who play the mid range game.

    But it’s goosebumping none the less.

  215. Steven Davis says:

    Reblogged this on S.H.E.D.AVENUE and commented:
    Enough talk about Lebron compared to Jordan. The only player who is even close to Jordan is Kobe Bryant and it is seen is this video.

  216. basil76 says:

    The only way to respond to a video like this is with the following song :

    ( should really be the background track to the clip ! )

    Sometimes I dream
    That he is me
    You’ve got to see that’s how I dream to be
    I dream I move, I dream I groove
    Like Mike
    If I could Be Like Mike
    Like Mike
    Oh, if I could Be Like Mike
    Be Like Mike, Be Like Mike

    Again I try
    Just need to fly
    For just one day if I could
    Be that way
    I dream I move
    I dream I groove
    Like Mike
    If I could Be Like Mike
    I wanna be, I wanna be
    Like Mike
    Oh, if I could Be Like Mike

  217. KUMFLYWITME says:

    kobe is the best thing since Jordan…but Jordan is absolutely & clearly the greatest of all time!! he 3peated…QUIT…came back & 3peated again!! WHO DOES THAT!?!? & if u look at it…once Jordan won his first ring…he won a ring every year after that when he played an entire season!! & dont discredit all the other players of the Jordan era…there were plenty of worthy foes…& Hall of famers…but Jordan was clearly the brightest of all the stars!! #TOTALDOMINATION

  218. basil76 says:

    The only way to respond to a video like this is with the following song :

    Sometimes I dream
    That he is me
    You’ve got to see that’s how I dream to be
    I dream I move, I dream I groove
    Like Mike
    If I could Be Like Mike
    Like Mike
    Oh, if I could Be Like Mike
    Be Like Mike, Be Like Mike

    Again I try
    Just need to fly
    For just one day if I could
    Be that way
    I dream I move
    I dream I groove
    Like Mike
    If I could Be Like Mike

  219. Glenno of Perth says:

    The self belief of MJ and Kobe is what sets them apart from other greats. I’m a heat fan though and reckon that LeBron is the most complete, selfless player since Magic. He can literally play any spot on the floor. 2012/13 will be the year he explodes as the monkey is off his back and he’ll play naturally and won’t have the self doubt that held him back.

  220. waltz says:


  221. TTKIN says:

    I dont think Kobe cares if people think MJ is better…he is the ONLY one being compared to MJ, that puts him in at least 2nd so im sure he’s good with that haha.

  222. TTKIN says:

    The game of basketball is about putting the ball in the hoop, and no one was better at that than MJ. His career field goal % is higher, and he averaged and SO FAR has scored more career points. I still say MJ is the greatest ever (and it definitely helps that he came before Kobe). I am a Laker fan and first started watching ball in Kobe’s rookie season, so he has been my favorite player the hwole time, but I still think MJ is better.

  223. Gwoei says:

    Final conclusion:
    Jordan, Greatest Player of All Time.
    2 gold medals, 1 defensive player of the year, 3MVP, 6 rings and 6 Finals MVP.

    Kobe, Greatest Imitator of All Time.
    2 gold medals, 1MVP, 5 rings, BUT ONLY 2 Finals MVP.

    LeBron, Will be The greatest Player of All Time.
    2 gold madals (maybe 1more), should have been the Defensive Player for 2012, 3MVP already, en counting, 1 ring and 1 Finals MVP, en counting.

  224. waltz says:

    being MJ is MJ…being KB is KB…..but kobe is the greatest player in basketball of all time

  225. BlitzOh says:

    Nice video, Kobe is obviously the closest to MJ in terms of every aspect of his game and personality. As a result because they’re so similar from that the outward perception, in order to truly distinguish who is better, you have would have to look at their achievements and ultimately their career numbers and the last time I checked MJ’s stats >> Kobe’s stats in every category when you look at efficiency, fg%, scoring avg and etc. Though Kobe definitely could perhaps had better game performances than MJ with the 81pnts game and 62pnts in 3Q game, to determine who is better as a whole however you would have to look at their career numbers and no one is knocking MJ in that category any time soon.

  226. Roma says:

    Kobe’s accomplishments came against tougher competition. Better athletes, more advanced coaching, etc

  227. Alphanso Williams says:

    This is great, the main reason they seem to be taking the same shots is because they both played in the same offensive scheme. In the triangle offense, there are specific spots on the floor where you can get your shots based on the set that is being run. They both played Shooting Guard, so more time than not they will be shooting from similar spots.

    It is great to watch though, they are really very good. To the leadership qualities that were mentioned, remember Jordan came into the league as a franshise player, as did Lebron, Barley, Reggie and others. Kobe came into the league and didn’t become a regular starter until his 3rd season. He only became the francise player after Shaq left, so he didn’t have the room to become the leader early in his career. Now that he is the man we see what he can do on that front, more so now that Fisher is gone too.

  228. Kornelus Alexander says:

    I have new found respect for Kobe. He is finally playing for the love of the game, not the love of himself. That is the most Jordan-esque thing he has ever done! But respect aside, Kobe has not changed the game of basketball. Matter of fact, almost every single player in the game today bears some resemblance to Michael Jordan in his style of play, that is the impact Jordan had on the game of basketball.
    Jordan’s play is perfect, there can be no improvement on his technique. There is nothing left to do but to imitate every move to be the perfect player. The only thing Kobe can do is to stay in the game longer, and stay healthy longer than Jordan, and this will help him close in on the accolades of Michael. At the end of the day, Kobe can play all the same moves, all the same antics, and bear all the same basketball traits, When it comes down to it, it has all been done before, and the mere physics of that places Kobe an automatic 2nd.
    Lets be honest and ask the question, what would Kobe’s style of play, or anyone’s style of play be without Michael Jordan? What would basketball today look like without Michael Jordan? I think too many people have forgotten exactly how much he has changed the game of basketball.

    Many players have unbelievable athletic ability, but none have come close the the basketball IQ of Michael Jordan.

  229. doycells says:

    Kobe might be the closest player next to MJ, but he will never beat those finals game winner shots. Yes Kobe is a great closer but he lost an opportunity in the Finals. MJ did not. 6 Finals appearance = 6 Titles. Kobe’s 5 of 6. Kobe will always be next to MJ. He won’t be the same nor above, but will always be below MJ. So close yet So far!!!!!

    As for Lebron to MJ… no comparison. Lebron quit by leaving the Cavs. Also lost 2 finals appearance.

  230. Skywalker says:

    There is a discussion and debate to be had about who is better, Kobe or Michael. Just read the comments here and you will find great points for both sides of the argument.

    But for me, it’s Michael, and it’s not even close. Kobe has already played MORE seasons than michael did but doesn’t have the accomplishments Michael had. Maybe when it’s all said and done, Kobe may have more points, maybe more rings, etc, but how many MORE seasons will he have played?? Kobe will most likely end up playing 3-5 more? It’s times like these that i wish baseball never existed and MJ did’t retire twice. That would have given him 5 more full seasons of the seasons which would put stats and milestones of MJ’s that are within reach for kobe now a lot more out of reach.

    Kobe has developed into a great player and didn’t averaged more than 28 PPG until his 5th season! Jordan came into the league averaged 28.2 PPG as a ROOKIE and never looked back. +1 MJ

    Kobe would have never won the first 3 rings without the proven superstar shaq. Jordan was the superstar. +1 MJ

    Kobe and Michael are both great players at both ends of the floor and both have been selected to 1st team all defensive teams 9 times BUT Kobe has averaged 1.5 steals per game, while MJ has averaged 2.35. +1 MJ

    Kobe has averaged 5.3 RPG, MJ has averaged 6.2 RPG. +1 MJ

    Kobe has averaged 4.7 APG, MJ has averaged 5.3 APG. +1 MJ

    Kobe has a career shooting average of .453, MJ has a career shooting average of .497 +1 MJ … Kobe is a better shooter??? (Kobe edges out MJ on 3pt% and FT% by 1%)

    It should also be pointed out that these career averages take in multiple seasons where Jordan ‘came back’ from retirement. So when Kobe walks away from the game for a few years, and can come back and STILL dominate, I’ll give him the nod there, but until then… +1 MJ

    It should also be noted that these career averages also take in seasons where Jordan was 39-40ish years old and were statistically his worst, bringing down the averages which STILL are better than Kobe’s When kobe scores 40 in a game when he’s 40, he’ll get some love on this category, but until then.. +1 MJ.

    I’d also like to point out what very few people consider when talking about who was better. We know that the league expanded in 1995 to include 2 more teams, Vancouver Grizzlies and Toronto Raptors. Any time there are more teams in a league, the overall competition goes down. Michael played just 5 of his 16 seasons in that expanded version of the NBA, while for Kobe it’s ALL he’s ever known.

    How much would that factor in? I believe more than you’d think. When you add teams to a league, in theory every team becomes a little weaker purely based on the fact that there’s just not enough talent to fill all the teams.

    Well, this is the first time I’ve commented on here! It’s been fun and hopefully I’ll get some feedback! Great talk ladies and gentlemen!

  231. Ralph Lopez says:

    We see these similarities because they both played under the same system employed by the great Phil Jackson. Kobe changed his jersey number to 24, after MJ’s #23. His USA’s #10 after MJ’s #9. i think he accepted the fact that he is second to Michael.

  232. Cristian says:

    No matter how good KB plays, nobody will ever be like MJ because of this: he couln´t be beated. Jordan always found a way to championship, he could have won eight straight if he didn´t retire. And it´s not about the number, is about nobody could beat his team while he was on court. That is why he is the greater of all time.

    Just for the record, im not a bulls fan, and when jordan played, I hated him winning every time.

  233. arcdli says:

    i need to ask? all ,,,, how many mvp championship did kobe get ,and compare 2 jordan, all tittle is only one MVP and that is micheal jordan only im ryt or rong…so no need 2 discus ryt…

  234. supperdumker says:

    MJ is the best he do what he have to do. with or without phil jackson. that is goin to be his style of game. he change the game.
    KOBE is not going to be the kobe today without phil jackson.
    kobe had one year of ballhog (where he gets his career high.) to perfect mj’s all around game.
    MJ is the best player ever played the GAME.

  235. peter says:

    All Kobe fans were still not born those days or still a toddler when jordan dominated the game… Did Kobe and co. reach a 72 wins in a season and following year with a 69 wins? I think not….

  236. Noah Rayner says:

    Kobe’s gonna finish with the same amount of rings as Mj. whats gonna set him apart is that 81 point performance. im gonna have to go with Kobe on this one. All respect to MJ.

  237. casper says:

    The thing is that You may find almost any player similar shots and actions from nba seasons. It’s not very good idea to compare like that. Stats maybe better to compare and they are close as hell.

    What is tha mail difference in my opinion ? Killer instinct, clutch shots, and will. In favour of Jordan. But I don’t say that Kobe is far from that. Just comparing two great players I think Jordan is better overall. And he was first to do some crazy things..and then it is easy to “copy” those crazy shots and scoops even on playground around Your house.

    The last thing is defence and in my opinion Kobe’s defence is like 7/10 to Jordans 10/10 – and on the other hand, Jordan was treated like real enemy, and he was guarded really tough. I dont see players guard Kobe that tight.

    To sum up: Jordans marquee words on Kobe 81 performance against Toronto. (I am citing from memory) “I can’t imagine, guarding guy who shots that well, that I am on the court for 48 minutes, I will be ejected for 6 fouls for sure” Thats tell the whole story.

  238. BJ says:

    Both are great players…that goes without saying. However, until Kobe has his father murdered…and takes almost two years off, in his prime I might add, to try and play baseball…and then comes back to win a 2nd three-peat…the point is moot. MJ is, and always will be, the greatest of all time. Had his father not have been murdered, MJ might very well have 8 rings, instead of only six.

  239. cuzuknow says:

    not even close. kobe is a biter!!!

  240. muharrem from TURKEY says:

    it’s impossible to compare two individuals in a team game. you can both make solid cases for each of them.( kobe got 81 , mj has more rings and final mvps, kobe has more total points more allstar mvps, mj has better ppg etc.) because they played in different eras, with different teammates and against different teams, it is impossible to compare them properly, so shut the h..l up and enjoy kobe while he has 2 or 3 good years left.
    also from mj HOF speech; ‘I cannot say that I’m the greatest because I never played against bill russell, wilt ect. ok kobe and mj played against each other but mj was in his prime and kobe was a young talent. So stop comparing them.
    sorry for the bad eng.

  241. niel says:

    People are idiots to accuse kobe of copying. You realize that everything in life evolves. So its natural for new players to learn from older players.

    Also the NBA is a LOT harder now to score than before. Why? simply for the fact that the players are more athletic and guard better. They have better supplements/training facilities. There are way more dominant players now. Im talking about the number of hall of famers now is insane.

    On top of that you have Kobe playing through bad injuries for so many seasons. No jordan didnt play through as many injuries as Kobe did. No one has and no one will. Heart of a champion.

    Im not saying Kobe is better but we will never know but to discredit him is being stupid.

    Kobe is not as dominant? are you kidding me? He has more consecutive 40 point games then jordan. He scored more than 80 a game, he outscored a team by himself after 3 qs. He set most 3st in a game when he was with shaq(not sure if he still holds the record but more than jordan did) and he did all that with injuries. come back to me when Lebron/Jordan will play half as good as he does with injuries.

  242. OBLAKS says:

    dont include lebron in comparison to kobe and MJ…lebron is not close ..he is traitor to his cav teams , he win the title this year with the help of wade, bosh and others..he is like dwight the coward, too much drama …hahaha , put this in your head this is the last title of lebron for sure the next years lakers will take over.. hahaha 🙂

  243. Spliftout says:

    What kills me is how there is such a heated debate about who is better between “the greatest ever” MJ and KB and then someone will say KB is a top 10 all time player. So if he is in the conversation with MJ then how does he fall 9 spots all of a sudden. I think it is an unwillingness by the older generation to allow anyone to be compared to a man that has been turned into a folk hero that never missed a shot or had a bad game all of a sudden. To all those folks that say MJ was a better leader and his team never quit on him… how about he quit on basketball and was a horrible baseball player for two years never mind your team quitting on you he quit on the sport anyone remember that? Say what you want but Kobe owned MJ in head to head battles doesn’t that count for anything? Jordan defenders will bring up age but isn’t that the same with Lebron and Durant and they can’t say they own KB and wouldn’t dare do so. Every generation will have its greatest player and KB is this generation’s.

  244. dreadyjun says:

    Blah blah blah……. Kobe plays for the Lakers, the greatest team ever. jordan never did. So Kobe is better than jordan.

  245. Brazy says:

    Jesus christ, all you kobe lovers.. it’s not even close..
    And yes; Shaq made those playoff teams by himself, Kobe was an OK sidekick, nothing more! Srsly, you could honestly put T-Mac, VC or AI in Kobes spot those 3 ships, and the lakers would still take home the title. Kobe has had a very lucky career to have been fortunate enough to have great teammates. But when it’s all said and done, Kobe will have missed the most shots in NBA history, and that’s one heck of a feat to accomplish, hands down.

    NBA Finals averages for their careers:
    Michael Jordan 33.6ppg 6.0reb 5.9ast 48.0%fg 36.8%3pt
    Kobe Bryant 25.3ppg 5.7reb 5.0ast 41.2%fg 31.3%3pt

    Shaq (as a Laker) 33.6ppg 14.1reb 3.0ast 2.4blk 60.2%fg
    Kobe (with Shaq) 22.1ppg 5.2reb 4.6ast, 1.0blk 41.6%fg

    Kobe isn’t even close to MJ!
    Shaq dominated in 3 ships!

  246. MAMBAAAA says:

    Look Kobe and Jordan didnt invent the fade away they followed it and mastered and that`s what made them the BEST

  247. Damon says:

    Displaying results 1-50 of 810 found
    Results: 1-50 51-100 101-150 151-200 201-250 251-300 301-350 351-400 401-450 451-500 Next »


    1 Michael Jordan 179 41.8 12.2 25.1 .487 0.8 2.5 .332 8.2 9.9 .828 1.7 4.7 6.4 5.7 2.1 0.9 3.0 3.0 33.4
    2 Allen Iverson 71 45.1 10.6 26.5 .401 1.7 5.3 .327 6.7 8.8 .764 0.8 3.0 3.8 6.0 2.1 0.2 3.1 2.2 29.7
    3 LeBron James 60 43.8 9.7 21.6 .452 1.4 4.8 .301 8.4 11.3 .744 1.4 6.9 8.3 7.3 1.6 0.8 3.7 2.4 29.4
    4 Jerry West 153 41.3 10.6 22.6 .469 0.0 0.0 .000 7.9 9.8 .805 0.0 0.0 5.6 6.3 0.0 0.0 0.0 2.9 29.1
    5 Tracy McGrady 38 42.2 10.2 23.7 .430 1.5 4.9 .301 6.7 8.8 .756 1.5 5.4 6.9 6.2 1.3 1.1 3.2 2.3 28.5
    6 Elgin Baylor 134 41.1 10.4 23.6 .439 0.0 0.0 .000 6.3 8.2 .771 0.0 0.0 12.9 4.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 3.2 27.0
    7 George Gervin 59 37.3 10.5 20.8 .508 0.0 0.2 .000 5.9 7.2 .821 1.0 2.6 5.8 3.2 1.2 0.8 2.2 3.5 27.0
    8 Hakeem Olajuwon 145 39.6 10.4 19.6 .528 0.0 0.1 .222 5.1 7.1 .719 3.2 7.9 11.2 3.2 1.7 3.3 2.9 3.9 25.9
    9 Vince Carter 42 42.2 9.0 21.5 .418 1.6 4.8 .332 6.3 8.0 .780 2.1 4.8 6.9 5.2 1.5 0.9 2.7 3.4 25.9
    10 Dwyane Wade 61 40.5 8.9 18.9 .474 0.6 1.8 .327 7.3 9.1 .801 1.3 4.0 5.3 5.9 1.7 1.0 4.2 3.1 25.7
    11 Dirk Nowitzki 97 41.9 8.3 18.2 .454 1.2 3.1 .367 7.8 8.8 .879 1.8 9.2 11.0 2.6 1.2 1.0 2.2 3.0 25.5
    12 Bob Pettit 88 40.3 8.7 20.8 .418 0.0 0.0 .000 8.0 10.4 .774 0.0 0.0 14.8 2.7 0.0 0.0 0.0 3.1 25.5
    13 Dominique Wilkins 56 38.8 9.2 21.4 .429 0.5 1.7 .281 6.5 7.9 .824 2.8 3.9 6.7 2.6 1.3 0.6 2.7 2.2 25.4
    14 Shaquille O’Neal 203 38.6 9.8 17.4 .564 0.0 0.0 .000 5.6 11.2 .501 4.2 7.9 12.1 2.8 0.6 2.2 3.1 3.6 25.2
    15 Amare Stoudemire 36 37.5 9.1 17.3 .524 0.1 0.3 .273 6.9 9.2 .747 3.4 7.0 10.4 0.9 1.1 1.9 2.8 4.0 25.1
    16 Kobe Bryant 175 39.4 8.9 20.0 .447 1.2 3.7 .329 5.9 7.3 .811 1.0 4.1 5.1 4.7 1.4 0.7 2.9 3.0 25

  248. wulves says:

    At least we seen MJ and Kobe matched up before and even kobe’s very young at that time he still challenges MJ…but we didn’t saw lebron matched with MJ before?maybe he’ll just quit when he’s beaten by MJ…

  249. dodo says:

    You can compare their playstyle as its almost similar.But you can’t compare lebron with these two because his body and style is incomparable with anyone that has ever played.

  250. Adam says:

    lolllll…I can’t beleive you are even thinking about putting jordan and kobe in the same sentence…okay, similar style of play but there are a bunch of of facts that will prove that Michael is a Marsian compared to Kobe.
    1. Michael was a star in the nba from the first day to his last day and was the leader of his team throughout his whole carreer and was the most dominant, frightened and unbeatable player, never lost the nba finals.
    2. Kobe wasn’t even a starter in his first 3 seasons, and after that he was Shaq’s sidekick…look at the lakers at the post Shaq era – in 2005. they didn’t even make the playoffs and in the next 2 seasons fell out in the first round. And to add right here, since 2005. Lebron always had a playoff team, even though he had awful team mates.
    3. Kobe’s 1 regular season MVP and 2 finals MVP…so don’t bring up Kobe’s 5 rings…it was Shaq’s team for the three-peat…
    4. Look at Kobe’s shooting percentage, especially in the nba finals, the 5 the lakers won and 2 they lost…about 40%..
    5. Since the 90’s we had jordan dominate the nba, when he left it was Shaq…Kobe never dominated on that level, and time will tell if Lebron will, but I think he could be the first absolute dominant player in the nba ever since Shaq left the lakers…
    My opinion only…

  251. DB says:

    Jordan had a much higher basketball IQ than Kobe

  252. dodo says:

    I will compare them if kobe scores 40+ at the age of 40 and 50+ at the age of 38

  253. qucee says:

    …this video only shows that there is nobody on the face of this earth, who has watched the MJ-Tapes more than Kobe. That’s all, he’s immitating Jordand. And because of that, Kobe is never better than MJ. Jordan was an original. Kobe, just a baby-jordan…

  254. Christiaen says:

    Stop the discussion, just enjoy the beauty of their games.
    Technically fluid, masters in the air, and the ability to adjust to any defence thrown at them.
    Kobe comes closest ot MJ in any possible way, but there will only be one Michael, just as there will be only one Kobe.
    Michael was the first however to play like this, so in my opinion he gets the credit.
    Let history decide about greatness.

  255. weiman1980 says:

    Sorry Kobe, MJ still no. 1

  256. weiman1980 says:

    The video background say Kobe is a better shooter then Micheal? Sorry if say Kobe is better 3point shooter then I can agree. Please check the stat between both of them and how the defensive player play again MJ vs Kobe. I like Kobe too as a basketball player. But no 1 near MJ in their career. Yes agree Kobe is very near MJ of how he plays, but for the achieve. MJ still no 1.

  257. mortimer says:

    The simple fact that year after year every single star player in the league, even Kobe, are compared to MJ says it all … He’s still the Benchmark

  258. Matic Krzisnik says:

    If Kobe wins two more or three more champhionship rings and 2 of them as MVP of the final he will go down as a better player than Michael Jordan

  259. li says:

    michael jordan & kobe bryant have many similarities moves.. lebron is different form the two beacause he is strong, big and powerful then can get more triple-double..

  260. Whao says:

    Having goosebumps after seeing this… OMG

  261. Lan says:

    kobe wont admit it, but he watches alot of mj’s olds cool videos.

  262. Gunner_Punter says:

    Unbelievable how identical those plays are… For it still has to be Michael to go down as the greatest, although I am by no means questioning how great Kobe is (a very close 2nd for me)…. it comes down to, that video would not be made if Michael didnt play. Kobe had to learn it form somewhere he didnt just make up all those moves himself and Kobe style is so similar to Michael’s… For me you have to give it to the man who came first!!!!

  263. Dock says:

    let’s compare 34 year old Kobe to Michael.
    Kobe has more
    championships (+1)
    All-NBA First Team (+2)
    All-NBA Second Team (+1)
    All-NBA Third Team (+2)
    NBA All-Defensive First Team (+2)
    NBA All-Defensive Second Team (+3)
    career high in points (+12)
    NBA All-Star (+4)
    NBA All-Star Game MVP (+2)
    He is also the leader in All-Star scoring and has 29,484 career regular season points which is a lot more than what 34 year old Michael Jordan had.
    Now let’s see what 34 year old Michael Jordan had more of.
    NBA Finals MVP (+2)
    NBA Most Valuable Player (+3)
    NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion (+1)
    NBA All-Rookie First Team (Kobe was only able achieve a Second Team in his rookie season)
    NBA Rookie of the Year (Kobe couldn’t achieve this)
    NBA Scoring champion (+6)
    NBA Defensive Player of the Year (again, Kobe has never been able to achieve this in his long career)
    NBA steals champion (+3)
    So overall I think Michael Jordan was a better player because of the way he changed the game. Kobe is right there with him but he’ll never be as good as Michael Jordan. I do think Kobe deserved a 2 or 3 more MVPs but really, Michael Jordan will forever be the greatest. Unless Kobe has like 3 seasons where he averages like 40 ppg, 15 apg, 12 rpg, 4 bpg, and 3 spg, which includes getting the finals mvp, mvp, and championship all 3 years, (this will never happen), then michael is the G.O.A.T.

    • TTKIN says:

      This would have been perfect if not for the top saying “KOBE has more”…we all know u mean MJ though haha.

  264. LaRon says:

    There will never be another like MJ…

  265. Jaime dioyo says:

    Mj in the past, and kobe on present time…
    Both are versitality…

  266. Jaime dioyo says:

    Both mj and kobe are great…
    One of a kind, two different player!

  267. Baller says:

    Are you people serious? No, really? First of all, if you want to compare LeBron to anyone, compare him to Shaq, physical dominance is the only thing that makes him as good as he is. Different positions, but same thing defining their game. As for Kobe and MJ, does MJ have patent on his moves? If they were so great, then nobody could copy them right? Well, nobody can actually. Except Kobe. And there’s your basis for comparison. I read in one of comments that Kobe is nowhere a defender MJ was, just a proof of how much people commenting this follow and understand the great game of basketball. MJ is the greatest of all times, Kobe is right there after him, if not beside him. Whether you like Kobe or not, if you know basketball, you know this is true. Greetings from Europe America, I’ll be back. 🙂

  268. BoraBoss says:

    Kobe plays at the same team with ‘big guys’ meaning that he has the backup . MJ made up the ‘big guys’ Scotie Pipen, Denis Rodman, Toni Kukoc etc. , they are always talked with the name MJ. He is a team player, plus he played defence and offence all together whereas Kobe just loves ‘the ball’.

  269. KB24ever says:

    WOW!!!! same skills….. it make sense that kobe will be the only one can compare to MJ
    they r both great players…..no question

  270. L529 says:

    lol guys we are forgetting something they were both coach by the great phil jackson and when he trade for kobe he must hav seen something similar in them! michael n kobe r like master and student! hahahhah

  271. OBLAKS says:

    kobe is the closest player in comparison to jordan style,.slam dunk champion, won 5 nba rings, defensive player, not even close to lebron and any other player.,nobody can exceeds the greatness of MJ 🙂

  272. flip says:

    To all the people saying kobe is not a good defender
    9 time 1st team All-Defense
    3 time 2nd team All-Defense

  273. JordanERA says:

    I won’t make an argument on whose better till people tell me which ERA of BASKETBALL is the best. I played basketball all my life and I believe the kind of competition makes us play better. If you can tell me that KOBE’s ERA is much better than JORDAN’s, handsdown I’ll say KOBE’s or vice versa.

  274. MicHead says:

    i really don’t think its a bad thing copying Michael

  275. J.J says:

    this is amazing! the execution, the form, the results…. only thing that kobe can’t do is do it more consistently than MJ. kobe is one of the greatest, with a game with a similar blue print as MJ but the thing that separates them is MJ can do it on a day to day basis and somehow, kobe can’t do it as much as MJ can.

  276. Rands says:

    Awesome compilation of these 2 greatest NBA players, And that was so CREEPY! 🙂

  277. Jay Mark says:

    Creepy…. whos better? I dont care. I just love watching them both.

  278. lakermig says:

    stupid argument and lack of things to talk about from sekou’s end i come on this site everyday hoping to read something good not this nonsense. Comparing athletes from different eras is just insane and i follow a lot of diff sports from tennis to motogp to football (soccer) and this is the only sport where its done soo much i mean in others you get ppl sayin yeah messi might actually be better than maradona was but thats it cause you cant compare. the style of game changes the defenseive systems change the overall look of the nba player has totally changed with ppl like kd and nowitski.And dumb mj fans saying that this video is kobe cpoying mj are just mental too i mean its a sport again there a limit to how many different things you can do offensively in a game i mean its not like kobes gonna reinvent shooting is he and neither did jordan, so theres bound to be yes the fadeway and the dunks in the lane and the hard layups cause everyone does them cause theyre what you have to do to score. Its just a dumb video and a dumb article. Not to mention i have a sneaking suspicion half the ppl commenting havent ever seen jordan actually play they just hate kobe cause theyre young fans of like miami or whoever and simply like to trash kobe. Well lets face it both were awesome and there were just as awesome ppl before them this argument has to stop.

  279. nimble says:

    Both of them are just amazing.I’d say Jordan 1A Kobe 1B.Jordan is a tad taller with impossibly bigger talons.He had the advantage of easier era and friendlier refs all the way.
    No 1A Jordan
    No 1B Bean

  280. david says:

    the lady said Kobe is a better shooter than Michael and ahe is incorrect. .497 his Airness to
    453 Mamba

  281. tihi says:

    Try this:
    Lakers with Nash, Bryant, Gasol and Howard are a great team, but they are not so strong favorites (to say at least) against Thunder or Heat.
    Now, take Bryant out of Lakers’ team and add Jordan at age 34 (Jordan from ’97).
    And now you have Nash, Jordan, Gasol and Howard. Is there any person who would argue the title? Any person anywhere in the world?

  282. chillah says:

    Perosnally I think MJ was better then Kobe…why?
    Cause MJ was a better defender then Kobe will ever be 🙂

    But comparing MJ to Kobe is way too difficult as they were not active in the same period and had different teammates

  283. aussieplayer says:

    Kobe is no where near the player Jordan was. Kobe just watched to many Bulls games growing up and has tried to copy Jordan as much as possible, from his shooting stroke to ball handling. Plus I feel that Jordan had a much harder time with so many greater player to rival him. As for Kobe adding excitiment to the game like said above, what games where you watching, We had D Wade, Shaq and many many other players filling those shoes. I could also go on about the calibur of players and the game back in Jordan’s day, them being much more defencive minded, plays and team involement. But the greatness of a player comes down to one thing in my opinion. How we remember them. I would say more will remember Jordan. And he will inspire more then Kobe ever will. My opinion anyway. We are all entiled to beleive in who we want too. I think most of us copied Jordan’s moves on the playground, so id say Kobe did the same, just copied him too much, and stuck with it. I dont think its too bad of a thing, To try and have the same form as one of the best players to play the game. Maybe that is why he has had some success.

  284. Charles says:

    Re: mrsportsnation24
    Kobe did not change the game. The NBA changed the game, by changing the rule of NBA games.
    No hand check, etc. To enable easier scoring. Increase in scoring = Increase in audience.

  285. Mcnontabs says:

    MJ is the best player of the team in his all 6 championships. Kobe is the best player of the team only twice of his 5 championship , Shaq is the best in the 1st 3 championships

  286. number1maori says:

    What do you know about one time Pero Cameron for the mighty New Zealand Burger King Breakers?

  287. Nash2Kobe says:

    Its so funny how sensitive MJ fans are. Like Jordan was the first player to ever create these shots. Study the game people. I love Jordan but I have always loved Kobe’s style better. I like the idea that the GOAT differs in each era. Both players are iconic in their own ways, lets just appreciate the two greatest SGs of all time and stop arguing!

    • Nash2Kobe says:

      Until Kobe gets 5 more Media awards AKA MVP awards Kobe will be compared to Jordan THATS RIDICULOUS! Look at Kobes numbers in the playoffs with Shaq in 2001 29 7 6 and in 2002 26 5 4.That is no second fiddle that is putting in work son! People that say Shaq carried Kobe are pure haters! Pippen never avereged over 21 points in any Championship run with Jordan. Kobe was only 22 and 23 in those seasons as well AMAZING!

      • Nate says:

        U put Jordan with Shaq, and Shaq taking double teams down low.. and you tell me that Jordan wouldn’t avg 30+ pts a game. Jordan avg 30+ pts a game even when he was double teamed and was the main focus of every team’s Defense.

      • Nash2Kobe says:

        Wow 30 points a game is so much better than 29 and 27! It would still warrent the same result a championship! All you Jordan fans are just a bunch of stat lovers who cares man. Kobe could average over 30 playing with Pippen and Rodman cause he wouldnt have Shaq taking all his shots who cares.

      • Nate says:

        I’m not a Kobe hater, I actually think he’s been the best player in the last decade. But just stating facts here…. MJ 6 rings, 6 Finals MVP’s, 6-0 in finals as the main guy. Kobe 5 rings, 2 Finals MVP’s, 5-2 in finals. Now you’re going to sit there and tell me that Kobe is the man over MJ? Talking about styles, no one here ever said that MJ created those moves and shots by himself. But He was the one who collected those moves and put them into one. No one before Jordan has ever played with all those move set in one player, until Jordan did it. And now Kobe basically uses the same moves and shots as Jordan but you’re going to say that Kobe has a better game? The only thing Kobe does better than Jordan is shoot 3’s. Man these Kobe fans are so clueless.

  288. semikalosi says:

    I hate this comparison. For one simple fact…

    Without Michael Jordan, there would be no Kobe Bryant.

    The End.

  289. Ronski says:

    So…. these are jumpshots. Anybody can do this eventually in time, its just practice(shooting with defender and fadeaways). What I’m more interested in are the ACROBATIC SHOTS!! Tell me kobe can also do those stuffs, other than petty reverse lay ups… 😛

  290. matsaRAP says:

    Come on! No need to argue who is better, Kobe or MJ it doesn’t matter! why? because no one will know who is better since they came from different era. Maybe in 2k12 we can settle this but not in real life. Lets just be thankful that we had a chance to see MJ and Kobe continue what MJ does. Better copy or not i dont care! Im a BIG Kobe fan but i respect MJ. Hands down for both guys!

  291. op says:

    I don’t think you can put Kobe and Michael on the same page, first of all Mike is retired and Kobe is still active, so we’ll se a lot from Kobe Bryant in the coming years because he’s 34, the clock is ticking and i think we’re going to see the full arsenal of Bryant(not on the court, but mentally, as a leader) in the coming years as he tries to reach to the top….And LeBron give me a break, he still has just ONE championship, he is not even at the same page with Kobe, Magic, Larry, Duncan, and people are comparing him to Jordan, he has a lot of years to prove that he belongs in that category, but he is just probably the best for the past season, and especially with the rising of LAL he’ll have to prove he can compete against anybody…So yeah Kobe is close, but he can show us more in the coimig years writing his legacy, but LeBron…he has a long way to go……..

  292. Chris P. says:

    And another thing… MICHAEL WON HI LAST RING AT AGE 36. Kobe is I think 33 now and showing signs of wear and tear. He will only win another ring because they brought in Howard and Nash. MJ got all his rings being in the front and leading the pack. It’s not the same over lakerland. Winning championships with a group of superfriends. It says alot of things about Kobe. He cant win it without an army of uperstars (Hward, Gasol, NAsh, Meta World Peace). So you tell me if thats the same with MJ. Funny right?!?

    • ALBEEZY says:

      You dont really have an arguement with the ring thing. We all know it takes a team to win a ring Jordan didnt do it by himself and his first six seasons in the league proves that he had one of the top SF’s in the game with pippen he had a monster in horance grant a decent point guard in b.j. armstrong one of the best three point shooters in craig hodges and a clutch three point shooter who could spread the floor in john paxson. The team wasnt exactly a bunch of scrubs. With jordan’s second threepeat he had a nice tall 6’6′ ron harper who would put in work, A nba legend in steve kerr who wasnt scared to hit the clutch three, again scottie pippe one of the 50 best players in the hisorty of the nba at the time dennis rodman who was bringing down 15 boards a game and toni kukoc who was like god in europe at the time. So when you bash Kobe for having good players on his team just remember Jordan got his fair share of help. Kobe isn’t showing signs of wear and tear he gave the scoring title to durant last year maybe he cant soar like he use to but he is so smart he can overcome any adversity. Of course Kobe patterened a lot of his game after michael, its not like michael came before kobe. Michael patterend his game after other superstars that came before him he didnt do anything new. One thing Kobe did do was perfect a lot of michael’s moves and is a much better shooter then MJ could dream of. but in this debate we still have to give it to michael until kobe is done with his career.

  293. marco says:

    without a doubt, kobe spent a lot of time watching Jordan tapes!

  294. DAVE says:


  295. Chris P. says:

    Impressive but MJ is till the one. THis video proves nothing. Kobe game is patterned over MJ’s game. The fadeaway jumpshot is a deadly weapon does not matter who the player is. Kobe finaly realizes this so we copied Michael’s game. Even up to this day, this moves proves to be effective and deadly. And at the same time the level of difficulty is very high. So thats good for Kobe being able to replicate such a move. But just the same, at the end of the day, it’s still MJ.

  296. Bojeezy says:

    No one in their right mind would put anyone over MJ. He is the undisputed greatest of all time and this is coming from a Kobe fan. I think that even Kobe would admit he was the best ever. He idolized hi, along with many others. Would he wamt to get more championships than Jordan and beat him in the number of rings. Sure, he would because he is a competitor. When all is said and done I think Kobe will be right there behind MJ in terms of greatness just in terms of skills set and competitveness. Tqhey were both fun to watch. They are both winners and want to win every game. I acknowledge that Kobe doesn’t have the same talent when they are both in their primes but I am glad I was able to see both play their game. It is almost effortless for them compared to any other player in the league. When Lebron gets closer to retirement like Kobe is should we decide if he was as good as Jordan. in terms of controlling the game and his accomplishments but to me he is just recently came into the conversation of being compared to Jordan. We all know he didn’t have it in him to win in the clutch when the game is on the line until last year. When he was in Clevland He quit a lot of times when Kobe would shoot his team back into a game and get the game winning shot. The only time i saw Kobe quit was in the dissapointing Game 7 against the Suns in the Finals. Idk, what Kobe was thinking there. I would of loved to see what damage that team could of done if Kobe didn’t act feel like shooting. Maybe he thought he just couldn’t win with the make up of his team at the time. I just think that overall, Kobe has been in the conversation of being compared to Jordan in their game for a lot longer time than Lebron. Just my two cents.

    • Bojeezy says:

      I mean In the playoffs not the finals. Lol.

    • ALBEEZY says:

      I think we can say Michael is the greatest right now but once Kobe finishes his career I believe his numbers will be better than Jordan’s not averages but in terms of career numbers and to me career numbers are what truely defines greatness. Sure there are player who can have seven good seasons or maybe 11 decent seasons but the way Kobe is headed he still has a lot of ball left. I hear Kobe is washed up this and that and the other but Kobe is the smartest player in the game he has the best footwork I have ever seen and doesn’t really need many physical tools to continue to play he is like that old guy at the park who plays three plays ahead of everybody. With Jordan’s three retirements and the time he spent away from the game with the first two retirements there are gaps where he could have added to his legacy or actually harmed it, but we don’t know because he decided not to play. So if Kobe ends up playing 17 or 18 seasons and ends up with that number one career scoring title and 7 rings which would mean he would have reached the finals about 9 times, that would mean he would have one more ring than Jordan and three more trips to the finals. I mean nine finals appearances how would anybody argue with that. But this is just how I think history will play out we don’t know for sure what will occur.

  297. imclif says:

    actually no need to question it……….. because it is MICHAEL JORDAN………….

  298. Rob UK says:

    Of course there are going to be nearly identical baskets scored by the Michael and Kobe, they both have over 30,000 career points. I’m sure you could make that video with any two high scoring players in the TV era. Surprised no one made that point already!!

  299. KShack says:

    Kobe brings nothing new to the table? who came up with that? Kobe is the most fundamentally sound player of all time, and had far MORE moves that jordan. Ask phill jackson, who has been quoted multiple times on this very subject. (in addition, i might add michael emulated a lot of other players, and Kobe emulated not only michael, but Elgin, Hakeem, Oscar Robertson, and Jerry west, to name a few). Kobe scored at a lower fg% but that’s because Jordan got to the basket more, because he never played with a big man who clogged the lane… Kobe was more of a perimeter player than jordan, and knocked down the long ball better than jordan did. Look it up. Kobe is a great player and an original player (for more proof, check out his highlight reels from 2002-2003, 2005-2006,2006-2007, these seasons are retardedly good).

    With that being said, I must admit I like Jordan more because of his seemingly perfect clutch performance. However, Kobe is undeniably the best player since Jordan. And DOMINATED even when Shaq was on the team (people seem to forget the games where shaq would come up with 10 and 6 in the playoffs and Kobe would single handedly carry the team with a triple double game, or a 40 point game at the age of 22. shaq even told the world that Kobe was actually the best player in the world as early as 2002). Kobe is truly the most clutch player since jordan, and winning 5 championships is no accident.

  300. Jones17 says:

    In response to anyone saying Jordan’s defense was better than Kobe’s, look at the standard of the defending in Jordan’s era on those videos. Most of Kobe’s shots in that video were more closely contested than Jordan’s and a few of the ones guarding Jordan didn’t even have hands up. Fair enough Jordan had better athleticism than Kobe but so have today’s defenders compared to back then.

  301. andrew says:

    MJ is better than Kobe.
    MJ 6 rings, Kobe 5.
    MJ 5 MVPs Kobe 1.
    MJ 6 finals mvps, Kobe 2.
    MJ 10 scoring titles, Kobe 1 or 2.
    MJ 30.1ppg, Kobe 25.4ppg
    MJ is way better than Kobe.

    • ALBEEZY says:

      You cant just look at stats and say Jordan is better. When you answer the question stats help but its about who is truely better. Wilt has better individual stats then jordan but we dont say he is better. Russell has almost twice the rings that jordan has but we dont say russel is better. Jordan plays a little more D then KObe but besides that Kobe is a much better shooter than jordan was has better footwork and is every bit the closer jordan was. iN MY EYES KOBE IS a better player but stats wont prove that because unlike jordan Kobe wasnt out there shooting for a Scoring title every year.Jordan touched the ball at least once during 90 percent of the bull’s possesions he didnt have a big man who could score and not really a power forward that could score and with the point guards he had their job was to get the ball to Jordan. I give my dude 23 his props he was the man for six years, but how can we discount Kobe’s whole career he has been the best sg in the game for soooo long and still is. He squared up with jordan during that 98 all star game. Kobe is every bit the player jordan is if not better.

  302. laker says:

    what is the name of this song?

  303. Greg says:

    All this video shows is how Kobe is a copy cat.

  304. james says:

    lebron james is the best player ever mj is over hype he didnt get a ring till magic an bird got old plus his competition was whack lebron the best then kobe hands down

  305. MarceloGZ says:

    Kobe lost 2 finals, but what about the Pistons? Many Kobe-haters seem to forget the many DEFEATS MJ got. Yes, read a again: MJ GOT DEFEATED A LOT! Of course that made him a better player, but some people seem to forget that, because he was 6/6 in the finals Wkat about the many times he did not make to the final?. Kobe made it once more.

    Kobe had Shaq for 3 rings, but who had the best wingman: MJ with Pippen or Kobe with Gasol?

    Kobe himself says MJ was the best. But, come on, some people say it is even disrespectful to argue. It is a very legitimate argument! Kobe is no Elton Brand or Tim Hardaway. He is one of the best of all times, no one can deny. And given their titles and moves it is definetly worth arguing.

  306. maaarrrrrrssss says:

    Everyone just stop, we all know its about Scalabrine. Just look at those stats!!

  307. PHX12 says:

    wow… someone actually took the time and effort to go through all plays to come up with this movie. it must be summertime.

  308. Willem says:

    You may say Kobe copied his moves and therefor is not as good.

    But chew on this: If everyone could copy MJ everybody would do it. You can’t even come close to mimic greatness without being great yourself.

    MJ + KB = Best two players to EVER play the game we call basketball.

  309. kobe bryant says:

    i agree that jordan is better than kobe… but for people to say he copy cats jordan is stupid for all that u might as well say lebron copy magic anyway who do u know that scored 81 points or higher besides wilt

  310. MAJOR LEVARAGE says:


    • c-lyde says:

      Actaully the ONLY man to truly complete a Free-throw line dunk is Serge Ibaka, he was the ONLY man clearly behind the line. All others including MJ were stepping on or well beyond the line.

  311. acepidey says:

    kobe is a lil bit better when it comes to over all basketball skill but jordan is smarter and more competitive that’s why jordan is the greatest.

  312. werty says:

    they are both greatest player in the NBA history.. no one can comment that!!

  313. werty says:

    they are both greatest player in the NBA.. no one can comment that!!

  314. Damon says:

    Jordan is by far the greatest of all time, period. Its not so much his accolades as mentioned by quite a few comments here, but by his sheer dominance, will power, and relentlessness. Kobe has studied alot of great players and is a genetic product of a good NBA player Bean. But it is completely obvious that Kobe is everything about Jordan, he is a weak shadow and in the early years he had to look to the crowd after nearly every shot for affirmation like a child. Like he needs everyones approval. If Jordan looked to the crowd it was a look of “hey i just dunked on your big man” or “we are up 20 points is someone going to defend your home court now?”

    Do you really think that if Bird and Magic and West and Chamberlain and Karl and Barkley and stockton and even guys like reggie miller couldnt have done just as well, if not better than Kobe if they also had a superstar lineup that Kobe has had to cushion his entire career. Putting Kobe even in the top 10 greatest of all time is a joke. He would never have been as successful as Lebron was in cleveland with that exact team.

    Sorry Kobe should never be in the same conversation as Jordan for all time greatness.

  315. Mr. Oioioi says:

    Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player in the entire world. Nobody could compare with him.

  316. gapo says:

    Why don’t we ask the man that coached both these players, the Zen Master, the greatest coach in NBA history Phil Jackson

    Phil Jackson, who knows both players better then anybody on the planet, having coached both of them to each of their NBA championship’s, had this to say:

    “I wouldn’t compare them,” said Jackson, who coached both. “I think Kobe’s as good as Michael.”


  317. A man says:

    at the end of the day skill wise, not considering points or championships or whatever the status may be, Kobe has become the better basketball “player” imo

  318. dkfreaks says:

    I think the best player of all time is Phil Jackson, because he taught both of these guys all those moves. 🙂

  319. lvj says:

    kobe = just mj wannabe sorry

  320. Morky says:

    I have to be honest, Kobe is my Idol. But I have to say MJ is a better player, hands down. MJ is outstandingly talented and competitive. Kobe is in the same bracket competetive wise but has never had the same talent. Kobe worked very hard to get to where he is today, way much harder than MJ ever were. But still, MJ is the best. And honestly, no else ever come close to being as good as these two, so Kobe is a sure no. 2. Not even Lebron. That lazy quitter bastard made me sick. But what inspired me about Kobe is that, he showed us that greatness can be achieved through hard work. And the thing about his leadership that people keep saying he doesn’t have is because he is pushing people around him too hard and they cannot take that and so they do nothing. He is pushing them as hard as he pushed himself but they are not moving. The thing about players today is that they are more concern about money than winning and that makes it even harder to push them. During MJ’s time, everybody is competitive and everybody willing to contribute. Mj just glow with so much abilities and talent that people just automatically follow his lead. Having push himself so hard, Kobe’s idea of leadership is to push people and they don’t like that.

  321. bullsallday says:

    MJ created what Kobe does today. LeBron isn’t even in the conversation right now. LBJ is dominate right now but the conversation is MJ and Kobe. MJ made the footsteps, Kobe is following them.

  322. that guy says:

    i’ve seen a number of people post about MJ’s and Kobe’s defense and some of you are making it seem like there is a huge gap between their defense. if you would think back and recall to when MJ was playing, during that era of basketball there was no hand check rule and you were allowed to be more physical with defense. I personally think if you put both of them in their prime and gave them the same defensive rules and regulations that there would be little to no difference in their defensive play

  323. YeahRight says:

    All of you miss the beauty and point of this video.

    Watching this video makes me crazy. We will never see another video and topic like these after kobe retires. So far no player have set of skills like kobe and mj. I hope kobe’s not the last one. The moves they make takes my breath away and everytime they played keeps me from hoping to see a move that would make my day. Its funny because your all talking about stats from different era, example try to include wilt chamberlain stats and compare to those two and you will know what i mean it will sound ridiculous secretly in our minds especially the 100 points he made and the closest to have done that in modern times was kobe.

    If kobe wasnt around you will not be reading this comment. all those haters out there just pray that another mj or kobe will appear in the league and makes the league interesting. Sorry to tell you, its not lbj or durant coz none so far comes close to those two. With the kind of transition today like the superteam build up i doubt if we will ever see another mj or kobe. Im just glad i was able to enjoy the nba watching those two all these years. Lastly there slam dunk champions. I wonder y lebron ddnt care to join? maybe all he can do is jump straight to the hoop.hehe

    All those nice footwork and skills will soon be part of archives. Just enjoy watching the game while kobe still around.
    And lastly i would still prefer KOBE bcoz the game has change, its very competitive right know both the coaching and training methods especially with the introduction of players internationally. Despite of all of these things none were able to contain kobe and they been studying kobe for the past 17 years and yet none could not really find a solution to stop him. Wonder y? bcoz hes that good.hahaha PEACE

    • Maurice says:

      Nice comment.

      We have to learn to appreciate what we got instead of hating because there was this guy called Jordan.
      That would be like hating Lebron for his Point Forward style game, because there was a guy named Magic, who played (and won) on all 5 positions during his Rookie finals game.

      It just is not fair, because it disregards how life is: We learn from what came before us.

      Nobody hates on the computer genious of today, because Gates and Jobs came before them, do they?

      As the guy “yeah right” says, enjoy Kobe`s game while he still plays!

  324. The truth says:

    You really want to know who is better? Just watch a full game of Kobe (not highlights) and a full game of Jordan. It’s completely obvious to anyone who knows the game of basketball who is better. . .

  325. junimarnan says:

    MJ is the most basketball player of all time..

    • Anchorman says:

      People forget how much more physical teams were and were allowed to be in the late 80s and early 90s. They changed the rules after Jordan retired to allow the offensive player to score more easily (keeping the game entertaining) and thus punish defenders who tried to be physical. The bad boy Pistons and Knicks defence (if allowed today) would destroy the likes of Kobe and Gasol. People forget that in the 80s Rodman smashed Pippen’s head in the backboard. If he did that today he’d probably be banned for life. As for this video, Ray allen is a great shooter but his defence is nothing compared to the likes of Dumars and starks. Of course boston needs to double team a Kobe in his 20s when Ray Allen was back then already very close to being in his mid 30s.

      People might point out that Kobe scored 81 points in one game. But that was a regular season game against the Raptors, who at the time had one of the worst defences in the NBA! Jordan scored 69 against a Boston team that has gone down in history as one of the greatest teams of all time. It’s no comparison. Jordan has that mental/physical toughness, that edge, which Kobe just doesn’t have. Oh and as for sidekicks. As good as Pippen is, he wasn’t as dominant as Shaq.

      But to sum things up Jordan was named Sportsman of the Century. That’s ahead of such greats as Ali, Pele, Gretzky etc. On the other hand Magic Johnson doesn’t even rate Kobe as the greatest Laker. Barkley wanders if he makes the top 10 greatest basketballers of all time. I’m more inclined to take their Knowledgeable word for it over some average NBA fans.

    • Maurice says:

      Nice stuff!

      Would have liked to see defense against Jordan in comparison!

  326. NBAfan says:

    I love MJ as a player. I love Kobe as a player. I love Lebron as an ATHLETE.

    I think Kobe is a more dangerous scorer than MJ, but I think MJ is a more dangerous all around player.

    I think Lebron is the best all around player ever and is like Scottie Pippen 4.0. (I love Scottie as a player and an athlete).

    At the end of the day, ignoring all the Should have, would have, and could have…MJ has 6 rings and is 6 for 6 in the finals, and the undisputed king of the NBA’s golden era (barkley, ewing, malone, stockton, robinson, olajuwon, etc)….Kobe had his challengers too (carter, tmac, grant hill, etc etc) but he ONLY has 5 rings and is 5 for 7 in the finals…

    Lebron…at this point has 1 ring and is 1 for 3 in the finals. He is young and at his peak so this should be higher when it’s all said and done… but he basically needs to win 4 more rings to catch up to Kobe (which is no easy fit even for King chosen one) and 5 more to catch up to MJ.

    Lets not bring Horry into this please….he was not even an allstar and was not the main focus of the defense…lets focus on the bonafide superstars

    MJ had Drexler…Kobe had T-Mac/Carter…Lebron now has Durant….

  327. nagacina says:

    If they live 80 yrs apart, kobe will be known as the reincarnation of mj. Only and only when kobe has more than 6 rings, he will be able to come close to eclipsing mj.

  328. NK says:

    What about Mj’s star walking? ……..we didn’t see on this!
    What about MJ’s D ?
    What about his basketball IQ

  329. wtf u serious? says:

    “MJ is greatest player of all time” that’s what kobe told Steven A in interview.

    “he would hang out till 4 or 5 am play cards, get up 8 in the morning, played 36 holes golf, and come back to hotel take shower and then the guy score 30/40 points” magic told in Olympic documentary about how great MJ is.

    “MJ is my role model” said LBJ

    end of discussion.

  330. human_error says:

    trying doing this if you are a basketball player. Watch MJ’s videos and the way he plays, the next time you play basketball you will imitate MJs moves. No need to argue Kobe learn his moves from MJ. Good thing about Kobe, he is identically athletic as MJ is.

  331. ChenZhen says:


    • jean says:

      true, but jordan is still a better player,,, there is no comparisons at all… if you 20 years old i understand you…comparing kobe to jordan is like comparing a good phisycs teacher to heinstein….but kobe is the closest to jordan….but he is still far away

  332. BBF says:

    Hey mrspotsnation24……have you heard of Wilt Chamberlain ?

  333. Delfondo says:

    I enjoy the comparison of Kobe and MJ, respectfully. However, I’m sure that we all can agree that because MJ changed the game he gave the basketball World a new platform to operate and a hungry for winning. Kobe has done his due diligence and wowed us with his talent which has graced all basketball fans alike. Therefore, comparatively speaking MJ revelotionized the game and so did Kobe. The 2 players are one in the same, what makes Jordan iconic beyond reproach is the fire he ignited within himself and others to learn from failure and use it as your arsenal to compete at the highest level. MJ the GOAT! But this is Kobe’s era!

  334. ac basketball says:

    ive grown up watching kobe and there is no doubt michael revolutionized the game for life but i idolize kobe ( knowing ill never be that great ) and for that i pick kobe… please dont hate

  335. Sean says:

    All I’m going to say is that Michael Jordan said that only 1 player is compared to him and that is Kobe Bryant…Lebron is a great player and sure he can be a future hall of famer, but he should only be compared too Magic Johnson…Btw for the people saying Michael Jordan never won with a big man…are you serious he won with Dennis Rodman and Horace Grant 2 great big men’s that helped him out and he also had Pippen. Shaq couldn’t win a ring without Kobe so he joined forces with Kobe and that’s how they won 3 rings together…people need to stop hating on Kobe…because I think he is the only one that is compared to Michael…heck I also think Lebron can be compared to Michael only because of his stats not his mentally of winning and clutch performances.

    • c-lyde says:

      Rodman was not BIG man, he was undersized and his strenght was rebounding through technique and not just by being big. Comapring him or Horace to Shaq is just a joke. Neither of them was a hige franchise player like Shaq was.

      He compares to MJ cause he spent all his time trying to imitate him.

  336. John C says:

    Its because they have the same coach.

  337. Brazy says:

    Hahahaha, why the hell does people keep on ripping in this? How can anyone possibly even compare Kobe to Jordan? They’re still worlds apart, I mean; Put T-Mac, VC or even Allen Iverson in Kobe’s spot during the Laker threepeat under the Shaq-era, and the Lakers would still win those championships. In 2003, Kobe came out and said he was tired of being the sidekick, and that he wanted to be THE guy. 02-03 ended in failure for the Lakers, as the Spurs wiped them off the floor in the 2nd round, they came back stronger the year after, but once again Kobe was supposedly going to be the force, and Pistons just ran away with the championship. And as we all know, Shaq left.. Finally Kobe had the spotlight all to himself, now he could take as many shots as he wanted, and he could use his strong will to win every game, oh and yeah, show off his clutch gene. I’ll come back to that clutch gene later.. Every Kobe-d**krider says that this period of his career was his best, 04′-07′ (till Gasol arrived in the luckiest trade in NBA history). Now, Kobe took 27 shots per game the year he averaged 35ppg, he shot an outstanding 45% from the field, which is also his career FG% (almost 5% lower than MJ throughout his career) Now, the clutch gene. As of 2012, Kobe has hit 7 out of 27 attempts with 24 sec left on the clock or in OT, when his team has been within 3 points or less. So we’re basically talking about game-tiers and game-winners, and yes of course, we’re obviously talking about the playoffs, cause that’s all that matters for Kobe-fans.
    A more solid breakdown of this right here: ( http://chasing23.com/kobe-bryant-vs-lebron-james-game-winning-shots/ ) And I also advice you all to take a look at this, especially you Kobe-fans who probably jizzed your pants when you saw this article making the headlines on nba.com. -> ( http://blitzsportsnetwork.com/2012/05/kobe-bryant-vs-michael-jordan-comparison-2012/ ) This shows that Jordan is better than Kobe in just about anything, and when it matters most Jordan played way better than what Kobe has and ever will do. Please take a look, Kobe isn’t even close to MJ!

  338. Tarabusaw says:

    These Two Greats has Different Mindsets……….
    Kobe’s MIndset……………………..To Score and Break Records………

    Jordan’s Mindset……………………To WIN and Dominate………..


  339. the_power_of_Shadow says:

    Kobe is nothing if he can’t imitate Jordan. But, take note that….

    “To create great and signatured moves, is a great talent. But to copy and did it with perfection and beauty, is something greater than the original.”

  340. theone23 says:

    I respect Kobe for his game but he would never be MJ. MJ had who for his first 3 championships and Kobe wasn’t the alpha player on that laker team, a fact you would just have to accept.Yes I would agree Kobe a great scorer but not a better player than MJ who dominated the game overall.

    If there is something to be proud of Kobe, Right now, He is the closest thing to MJ in the NBA.

  341. Post-up Baseline FTW says:

    When MJ played, hard fouls are what are call fragrant fouls are today. Not to mention a different level of physical play allowed.

  342. kobe did change the game. he brought the game back to life. he enter us into that scoring league that we were in the 2000’s. we were probably the scoringest lleague ever lol and who led that charge. kobe bryant had be putting on shows and performances that no one had ever seen before. just when mj retired and ppl thought that the excitment for basketball was truly over.kobe bryant unleashes one of the best scoring montages ever. kobe was literally do the unthinkable. the unimaginable, the impossible. no one would have ever thiught someone could get 81 points in a game. and seem to have done it effortless. and that was just the beginning. he start making impossible shots from ever where. he changed the game. made ppl really believes we could go to an even higher level of talent and skills than we ever thought.

    • duhduh says:

      there’s just one thing that always comes up to my mind with this particular comparison.

      No one dared to question MJ’s game before his first retirement and after the 95-96 bulls. That’s how dominant he was. No question Kobe is such a great player, it’s just that the other teams know they can beat the Lakers at some point. What I like about MJ is that even though it is not their home court, he still gets cheered on because they know they’ll get a glimpse of how he plays the game.

    • ab-ball says:

      best players in early 2000s
      1A tim Dundan
      1B. Shaq
      3 Garneet
      4. C.Weber
      5. Allen iverson
      6. vince carter
      i can keep going but kobe was never considered significantly better then the competition as you the list here

  343. jason says:

    MJ is and always be the best kobe is good but mj willed his team to win with great determination he also had scottie pippen which allowed him to win kobe he didnt have to will his team because with shaq it made it simpler to shoot more kobe is a great shooter and clutch I would like to have both on my team any day mj is the best for now

  344. mervsj_xtr says:

    Please people just answer what is the question the question here is the comparison of moves between this two great players its almost identical I will not compare this two players against LJames or whoever because this two great players have the same position they are both great players of their times and yes even their moves are identical the attitude, the character are still the biggest difference between this two great players. My answer they are both greatest players ever played the game.

  345. jlove says:

    Kobe Bryant. Just as good as MJ. I don’t know why people think they have to have exaclty the same achievments to be compared to one another…smh.. retards

  346. thisisfred says:

    All these kinds of debates are pointless cos it’s only ever someone’s opinion, so fwiw, here’s mine…

    Kobe’s copied Jordan’s style, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, he’s just not as good at being Jordan as the man himself was.

    Again, my opinion, but putting Lebron in these kind of discussions are sickening! He can’t lead a championship caliber team, just like Pippen couldn’t – whose game I more akin his to… hence him and his butt-boys teaming up in Miami… which again is a joke, 3 max contract players on 1 team, and yet they add more talented players each year… the NBA needs to rethink the rules again! Just because Eric Gordan and Roy Hibbert are paid like superstars doesn’t mean they are!

  347. TP says:

    There is no one like MJ. Kobe is great..could be even one of the best but not “THE BEST”. And that’s MJ for you.

    • NBAfan says:

      MJ had a very special career…Kobe in his own right is a very very successful pro baller….not many can say he’s done what he has done…Lebron finally bit into all that potential and EARNED his first ring..I’m sure there’s a few more to come…but for him to win 4 straight from now on is a reach….Wade isn’t all that young and prone to injury…bosh will most likely bolt soon….and ray allen and lewis are old…battier ain’t no spring chicken either….

      As good as Lebron is….as stacked as the HEAT is…I just can’t see them as a dynasty…a perennial favorite…sure…a dynasty? nah…..they may seem like a dynasty because the EAST is SUPER WEAK…

      Maybe when Kobe retires…..but by the time he does, Durant would have taken over already as THE NEXT guy with the spider nickname…

  348. julian says:

    2 different players..different era..as for lebron that guy is garbage..never compare him to dudes who love the game..he loves the fame!!..

  349. Emmanuel Stalling says:

    Their career FG% and scoring AVERAGE will show you who was the more efficient scorer. 1 of them also averages more rebs, points, steals and blocks than the other. I’ll give you a hint: Jordan.

  350. Eli Lavelanet says:


    Interesting article, but here’s the thing, I see one player copying another. More to the point, Kobe Bryant doesn’t consistently control a game. He may score many points and may be on path to outpace Michael (which is to say he hasn’t yet) but he’ll never be Michael. There was a quality to Jordan, that you knew he was going to win. You don’t have that with Bryant. He’s a fantastic player, a sure hall of famer, but no Michael

    Very Respectfully,

    Morehouse ‘96

  351. JLMonee says:

    Two true ‘artists’ of the game…from the leg kicks on fadeaway’s, to the way they set their opponents up to look inept in attempting to defend them. If Kobe can squeeze out a couple more rings with D12, they’d have to considered G.O.A.T. 1 & 1a…Both of these guys are ‘Out Cold’…

  352. j says:

    not even close. jordans game was much more complete than kobes. jordan facilitated his whole team and was just as effective without the ball in his hands. not only that, but the only reason kobe three peated was because shaq was in his prime and unstoppable. jordans impact on the game cant be calculated. his game INSPIRED how kobe plays today. yet before jordan, there was no other player that was as dominant, talented and well rounded and thus paved the way for people like kobe to imitate his greatness. no way kobe comes close or anyone for that matter. there will be no other jordan. period.

    • Wes says:

      This comment is in response to Ash’s post. Kobe Bryant isn’t even close to be the best offensive player of all time compared to Jordan. Last time I checked, MJ scored in the 50’s THIRTY FOUR times in his carrer. Kobe may have the better game performance with 81 but Michael Jordan put up higher numbers consistantly. That’s the difference. Kobe is a great scorer but MJ could put up 50 each night. Also I’d like to add to my point that MJ averaged more points in the playoffs, when it counts, as well as in the regular season. My last point will be addressed to everyone who thinks kobe is a better shooter. I have noticed that no one has talked about there shooting form yet. Micheal had the perfect mix of lift and extention when it comes to the jump shot. To all who disagre go and watch videos of both players doing the same move. You will notice that Kobe doesn’t have the same lift. His shot is a lot more arms than legs compared to MJ. Now for another add-on point, let’s talk about footwork. If you compare the two players’ post games. MJ ‘s moves were so much quicker, therfore require more footwork. It baffles me that people have said that Kobe’s footwork is better. The only logical reason I can come up with for why people think this is that Kobe uses the reverse pivot more which mystifies people. There is nothing special about it at all. In terms of form, MJ’s shot is much more square. Kobe’s elbows stick out more which leaves room for more shooting errors. I close with this final point. All of what I have said to prove that MJ is the best offensive player is amplified when we all stop pretending that this generation of basketball players play defense. Even though I do agree to the fact that players are more athletic now in Kobe’s day, the amount of quality defense isn’t there. Ok seriously this is my last point. Kobe never really had to play through the illegal defense era. Mj rarely ever saw a zone because most were considered illegal defense which means fewer wide open shots.

  353. Mj23 says:

    Come on now. No comparison. its boring to see something duplicated. Bring your own sh** kobe. If there was no Jordan, would there be a kobe bryant? and if so, who would he mimic his game after since thats all he does is copy. Fadeaway Jordan, Tongue Jordan, Championship Celebration Jordan, i can go on and on about this copy catter.

  354. imy says:

    Everything in this world is a copy-cut, the only difference is innovation, improvements.. The F1 race cars we have today is from the F1 car models of the past. The 1 obvious advantage of jordan over kobe is he has big pair of mitt which help his game. But kobe has more range than jordan. They are all great players with almost identical talents and skills. But for me i would go with kobe, as time past by the technology, conditioning procedure of players, the game is evolving. At the past we know that 7 footers will only play on paint, but today we have 7 footers that can play like a shooting guard and that is improvements. We cannot compare the past to the present icon it is just not right..;)

    • jean says:

      lets count how many hall of famers that played during jordan area and ende up without a title ( barkley, malone, ewing,reggie miller ect ) all because of jordan. that would be the equivalent of garnet ,wade, lebron, nowitzki not having title. my point is kobe do not dominate is era. i watched both guys in their primes , and bellieve me kobe is the second best, you can compare him to mike but you should be able to say that he comes second. as a leader mike is the bes, watching him you feel that he can t lose, which you don t fell for kobe. skill wise michael is better than kobe in every aspect of the game except 3 points shooting and footwork.

  355. Immensely erroneous blog!!! says:

    Mj and Kb are definitely two of my fave players of all time but, to put them in the same breath; never mind sentence, is as inaccurate as one can be. Kobe is a widely over-hyped defensive player and not nearly as efficient a shooter as Jordan was not to mention that the flow of the game has changed vastly from the time Jordan was in his prime to the time that Kobe entered his. There was a lot more hand-checking in Jordan’s time where as a breeze on the jersey of your opponent warrants a technical today. The grand scheme of things has been altered to allow higher scoring games (which makes the game more appealing to a casual hoops fan) and a lower tolerance for physicality (which would make even the most mediocre player from Jordan’s time an allstar caliber player in today). MJ had 33 FREAKING!!! steals in the span of 8 games for the dream team, where is Kobe again? You can never be better than your maker and because KB24 patterned every aspect of his after MJ23 this debate should be, officially, closed.

  356. Charles Cofer says:

    There has been alot of talk of who is better but alot has been opinionated or fan based. Clearly Jordan based on stats alone has Kobe beat. In 1987 Jordan was scoring leader, league MVP and Defensive Player of the year. No 2 guard in history to this day has done that. Era always comes up but it was way more physical back then than now. Watch Chicago/Detriot series Kobe never took that abuse. True 2 guards have developed nicely since then. Kobe choked in game 7 against Boston when Metta World Peace had to step up. Jordan never did that. Kobe scored 81 on the Raptor Jordan Scored 60+ on the Celtics one of the best teams and defenses in the league that year. I mean Kobe fans are killing me to even remotely attempt tp say he could be better than Jordan. Unfortunately sports has a short memory but just look at the accomplishments on both of them and it says it all. Its undisputable. Kobe had more all first defense or something but Jordan was Defensive player of the year not even compareable. Can someone give a legit reason please as how or why they would call Kobe greater thaan Jordan? I mean by the numbers not personal opinion.

  357. nykspree8 says:

    Really? You had to watch some slow motion videos to realize how similar Kobe and Michael’s forms and games are? If you grew up watching Michael play and been watching Kobe play all these years it just rings a bell (to someone who actually knows basketball) instantly in your head that Kobe modeled his game after Jordan. Don’t have to watch some slow-mo prisms to see it.

  358. Kobe says:

    Kobe Is the Best. Jordan Is the best. Kobe is the Black Mamba Cause The Most Deadly Snake In The World So is Kobe On The Court Michael Is Air Jordan Cause He Had Very High Air Time. Kobe Is a Better Shooter And Is More Cluch Michael Is Better At Dunking And Driving In. 8KOBE24!!!!
    All Day Everyday, Sorry Jordan

  359. Scott says:

    Jordan was more explosive, with quicker hands and feet. Kobe has a longer stride, and can jump slightly higher.

  360. Nikole says:

    Kobe just did it in HD.
    It’s scary how it’s so identical, but Kobe’s form is better, But I think Jordan is smarter in terms of
    the game in general. Its not that Kobe is not smart in game, but in comparison.

  361. mkagney42 says:

    Mike gets to much credit not to take anything from him, but the nba bamboozled yall every generation has somebody u jordan fans just won’t let go. Kobe is the nxt MJ, like MJ was the nxt Dr. J and so on. I read someones comment about Kobe not being a lock down defender to that I say 9 1st team all defense.

  362. Preston says:

    Kobe period, the Magic Conch has spoken.

  363. Blah says:

    Jordan is better than Kobe in just about every statistical category. He’s also had a Defensive PotY award as well as 4 more Finals MVPs and regular season MVPs, eight more scoring championships, as well as an extra slam dunk championship over Kobe. He revolutionized the game and brought it to be one of the biggest sports in the world. And Kobe wouldn’t be “on pace” to break some of Jordan’s achievements had Jordan not retired twice.

  364. Jim says:

    these two are my idols. no more talking period 🙂

  365. amigo says:

    he just copy all the moves of mj

  366. JP says:

    People can say what they want but MJ will always be better – the best ever. My sentiments are the same of many of the comments already posted. Take all the accomplishments and titles away, MJ was just hands down a better all around player. Of course he was a scoring machine but his defense was just as amazing, he could shut a player down, Kobe can’t do that. Another thing that made MJ so special was his ability to keep raising his game when ever he needed to and do what ever was needed. If an opposing team, player did the same, MJ just kept going higher. You’d have to cut the man’s heart out to stop him. Yes Kobe is a great player but the song is and will always be “Like Mike”, not “Like Kobe”. Kobe’s just signing it like the rest of us.

  367. Ryan says:

    Jordan went to the finals six times and won six times. Kobe went seven times and won five. Jordan gets it done.

  368. Bears85yemi says:

    Man, this video has been bouncing around everywhere! On fb, twitter, nba.com, you name it. GREAT VIDEO!

  369. Louis says:

    jzarecta? How can you even try and say that Kobe is not a defender? He is lockdown on the perimeter, he is right up the top of the list. Lebron only has his defensive reputation because he is tall enough to mark big players.You cant compare them because they have different defensive jobs on the court.

  370. flight5forever says:

    Jordan was good enough to be the hallmark of an era of basketball. Kobe Bryant was the “next MJ,” following the new prototype of the 6’6 unstoppable 2 guard that was also all NBA defensive caliber on the other end. The difference is that MJ was just so ahead of his contemporaries that he is put on that pedestal. Bryant largely played in an era where guard defense has improved vastly because of the “unstoppable” 2 guard type that has been dominating the NBA.

    Now instead of that superstar SG, how about adding 2 inches and 30lbs to the 3 position(Lebron James). The final prototype is one that has the strength and size to play bigger and speed and agility to play smaller, and in essence dominate every aspect of the game from every position possible.

    I believe there is an evolution in this game and every star has been a key cog in what defines the superstar of the era. But now I think there is a transition into the PG driven NBA, with the rise of Rose and how others like Rondo, D Williams, Paul, and Westbrook who manage and control the game without the limitations of defense and rebounding that the position has suffered in the past. How many pg to pg alley oops and westbrook dunks have you seen last season? PG’s are taking over, and I think Kyrie Irving is going to the star of this PG era, revolutionizing the NBA the way Jordan did. But remember, the elders paved the way for the younger generation, even if they are better basketball players today. To compare past and present does a disservice to our history.

  371. Sam says:

    Kobe is Kobe, the last Jordan of Basketball. I donlt think there will be any other KJ (Kobe-Jordan). LeBron ia more like Magic, LeBorn is NO KJ. Alos, let him get few more rings then we will even talk about comparing him to Magic. Basketball is a game of art and skill, NOT really a physical game. LeBorn needs to convert his game with more artisrtic touch, running like a locomotive engine does not qualify him to be an elite player. KJ is KJ…..

  372. Just Be says:

    everyone knows kobe is the reincarnate-r of m.j….i don’t know why some people hate los angeles…

  373. JayB says:

    Why is it that we have to compare? Many professional opinions in the NBA always say that Jordan is and will always be on a different level. Magic praised Jordan, Bird did as well. Russell said that he has the utmost respect for Jordan because he plays like Jordan every game. Most important statement should go to Phil who coached them both and said that there is no comparison.

    Let Kobe be Kobe, he’s great. If I were to praise kobe, I would say his work ethic is up there with the best. But he lacks certain physical abilities that other players possessed. Just leave this argument alone. Let kobe be the great player that we all know he is. But comparing him to Jordan is not fair.

    No one is perfect, not even Jordan. But To be the greatest really means the closest to being perfect and many hall of fame players have said it before that Jordan is the closest player to being perfect in any sport. Jordan to me will always be one of a kind. There will not be another Jordan. There is, there has been and there will always be other players like Kobe.

    There is Jordan and there is the rest of the NBA players.

  374. Martin toronto says:

    Mj the greatest of all time no body better than him, but wach hout for Kobe his not far from mj ones he gets his six ring i do believe by then he should be like mj or even better.

  375. Dieymen says:

    KOBE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BE THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME, you can see Jordan scored 33,000+ points in just 14 seasons, and kobe has played in 15 seasons so far and is still like 4,000 points behind Jordan! sooo No wayyy you cant compare them! JORDANS IS AND WILL CONTINUE BEEING THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME

    • white gorilla says:

      jordan is the greatest off all time by a mile the next closet to the goat is magic then bird then wilt the oscar then maybe kobe!!!!!

    • Nash2Kobe says:

      Kobe came straight from High School thats why he has played more seasons and scored less. Even Jordan said only Kobe deserves the comparison so why not compare?

  376. 11 says:

    in the dunk jordan jump over two players and kobe just one player that’s different, and that just identical in “shot” in dunk, layup, clutch they are very different. and for me MJ is the greatest player all the time .

  377. Barnes says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song playing during this video

  378. DaTruth says:


    Kobe = Shaq, Gasol, Bynum!!!!… Howard!!!!
    MJ= Rodman???

    • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

      are you serious?! You put Rodman in front of Pippen?! Jordan’s ultimate sidekick?!?!?!?!

    • Nash2Kobe says:

      Bynum is garbage besides ONE good season and they didnt even get to the finals. Pau Gasol is not as good as Pippen or Rodman! Shaq never won a title untill Kobe made all the 4 quarter shots cause of Hackashack!

      • Nate says:

        Dude, with a name like that.. it’s obvious that you’re in Love with Kobe and you’ll defend him even if you’re right or wrong. I could say that without Horry or Fisher hitting those buzzer beaters, Kobe wouldn’t even have 5 rings….. what’s your point? Shaq was the main reason LA won that first 3 peat, not Kobe. If it was Kobe then the Lakers would’ve still won championships after Shaq left.

  379. DaTruth says:

    Kobe = Shaq, Gasol, Howard!!!
    Jordan = ???

  380. J says:

    It’s just not fair when you compare Jordan to Kobe. In my honest opinion, Kobe was just lucky with his rings. After the 3peat with Shaq and phil jackson as coach back in 2002, when jackson and shaq left the lakers, they didn’t even make it to playoffs and they had Kobe, so you really consider that great? or just lucky?? Kobe can’t do nothing without phil on his side. When phil returned, they made it playoffs just in the first round and it’s the worst record for phil jackson as a coach. When Bynum and Gasol came to lakers, they won the championships 2x and I can say that the kobe on that time became quite a better player thats why he got his first ever season MVP despite of all the hype on him as a great player, please note he just have 1 season mvp in all of his years in the nba. In my own opinion, he’s a great player but it’s just not fair to compare him to Jordan. For me, Lebron is better than kobe, if you are a true basketball player you’ll know why.

    • Queiros says:

      Well.. actually they did make the play-offs twice, being eliminated in the first round by the Suns both times, in one of them on a 7th game with Kobe literally forcing that with game winners. But then again, a starting lineup with Smush Parker(?), Kwame Brown(???), Vladimir Radmanovic(?) and Luke Walton(?) I don’t think even Jordan would win something…

      As for that last sentence: has Kobe taken his talents somewhere else to win rings? Actually no (even though he did demand a trade). He waited to have a good team (like everybody else, by the way), Bynum to develop… and when it was time, he took full advantage of what he had in his hands. Remember the game 7 of the 2010 finals? 6-24 shooting BUT 15 rebounds, for a shooting guard really is something. So, for me, LeBron still has a loooooooong way to go to reach Kobe, even if at this time he’s the best all-around player in the league..

  381. Luiz says:

    Kobe is an oldscool player and prefers the physicality. The league isnt as physical as before but that doesnt mean Kobe wouldnt hang. The 04 Pistons and 08 Celtics are considered 2 of the all time best defenses. Kobe has faced reallly physical teams. There is defenses designed to stop Kobe ask Bruce Bowen who had to study a book the size of an encyclopedia. Kobe has made the all time 1st defense 9x just like Jordan has. They are both lockdown defenders. Kobe just took tougher shots than Jordan but Kobe does have more range. Kobe always makes the difficult shots look so easy. Its not fair to compare to different players in 2 different times. Y ou can argue that today there is more talent then before. Now u have a 7″ German who can shoot 3s and win MVPs the game has changed so much now we have so many more athletic players than can play

  382. ribanez says:

    MJ played and controlled the game at a time when hand checking was legal and there were defenses designed to stop him, see the Pistons’s Jordan rules or the Ewing led Knicks. Kobe never faced that type of scrutiny or the hard fouls that were allowed. Can you imagine Kobe playing against the Pistons of the 80’s, Laimbeer, Rodman and Mahorn, with a taped thumb or broken nose and not getting hammered on that thumb or nose repeatedly to the point that he would be unable to perform. In today’s league Kobe can play effectively with that sort of injury because the rules protect him and the players defending are not of the same mindset as the players of the 80’s. Despite those hurdles Jordan still ruled. This is not a critique of Kobe, who is great, as he is not responsible for the change in rules or in player mindset. It is a reality nevertheless that is often ignored. MJ was the superior player offensively and defensively.

  383. Luiz says:

    The difference between Kobe and Jordan is time. Put Kobe in Jordans Era what would happen? Kobe have seen more double teams than Jordan ever did. Jordan had shorter players guard him where now the NBA has 6″10 athletic shooting guards. Jordan was also a smarter shot taker. Kobe loves to make difficult shots that only he can make not even Jordan could make. Kobe has made the most difficult shots in NBA HISTORY. Jordan will always be the greatest because he was the 1st one to do what he did. Kobe will always be the SCAPEGOAT. Noone has played at a high level for 17 years like Kobe has. If Kobe ends up with 8 rings and the all time scoring record this conversation would be very very interesting.

  384. Ash says:

    Jordan will forever be known as the Greatest All around player of all time.. defense, offense, leadership, clutch factor, sheer dominance on either side of the ball..
    However, Kobe Bryant after its all said and done should go down as the Greatest Offensive player of ALL TIME. 81 points. 62 in 3 Quarters. 4 Straight 50 point games. 12 3s in one game including 9 in a row. 61 at the garden. 11 straight 40 point games. and when its all said and done he will be #3 on the all time scoring list.
    im not disrespecting jordan in anyway.. like i said if you look at all aspects of basketball Jordan was the GREATEST. but kobe is the GREATEST of all time OFFENSIVELY. he has the post, the footwork, the mid range, the long ball, the craftiness .. if phil jackson has been quoted saying offensively kobe was better because hes a better shot maker and can shoot the 3 better.. then who are the rest of us to argue with the greatest coach of all time.. who coached BOTH of them in their prime.

    • HeatFan27 says:

      He isn’t even the greatest offensive player of all time. Maybe greatest offensive guard of all time. The greatest offensive player of all time is Wilt. 100 points in one game. 50.4 PPG average in season. Kobe is no way near that. He is a great player but not in the same offensive league as Wilt.

      • Nate says:

        Kobe is NOT a better offensive player than Jordan. He’s a better 3 pt shooter, I’ll give him that, but Jordan had moves that Kobe could never do. Remember that Kobe came into the league earlier than Jordan, and Jordan also retired in between his championships, then retired again and came back to the Wizards more as a mentor. Jordan’s avg pts per game is more than Kobe, so how could you say that Kobe is a better offensive player? Plus Jordan era, the defense was a lot tougher, and a lot better Big guys to guard the paint.

      • Kobe is a much better offensive player than Wilt. Wilt played with midgets and was able to dunk the ball and shoot layups all the time. Dwight Howard and Shaq can/could do the same. They aren’t better offensive players, though you could argue they are more dominate. Kobe and Jordan and probably other more recent players could have scored 100 points or more in that era with that talent pole. That’s just a fact.

        Kobe scored 62 points in 3 quaters (from all over the court) and outscored an entire team (a good Dallas team) by himself. That is an unbelieveable feat that will probably not happen again.

    • travis fisher says:

      aginst the raptors who was not a good defensive team

  385. E-Dubbz says:

    I have a lot of respect for Micheal’s game but im a little bias because I’m a old school laker fan and If Chicago hadn’t beat the Lakers in 90 I’d probably have even more respect for his game. So much respect to Micheal Jordan and all his accomplishments But it’s Lakers for life GO LAKERS… Kobe will get more rings than Micheal Jordan and I wont take anything away from Kobe its a different era.

  386. NBAguy02 says:

    I dont care about the greatest of all time, I think about the best player of their era. Bird was the greatest of his era, then Magic, then MJ, Kobe, LeBron right now, and probably KD in the future.

    • m08 says:

      You my friend are probably one of the only few ppls (who has commented on this article) that has used their intelligence.

      Kobe is not MJ that’s all that matters. Both are / were amazing. Both dominated their time and they BOTH COPIED moves from previous dominant NBA players. MJ – some would say – played at a time when the talent level in the NBA wasn’t as high while others would say it looks that way because MJ was that dominant.

      This argument could go on forever..

      No matter which you agree with, both players are / were incredible at their job and I can tell you regardless of which I get to watch I thoroughly enjoy the performance.

    • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

      why does everybody keep overlooking Derrick Rose?

  387. SYDALE says:

    I think people get caught up… thinking that a player has to play in the same STYLE as Jordan to be as great as him, which is simply not the case…

    To be the G.O.A.T. you have to dominate… and achieve the most team and individual accolades…

  388. SYDALE says:

    When Kobe wins 4 more MVPs… 4 more Finals MVPs… 8 more socring titles… actually gets a Steals title… wins Defensive Player of the Year…

    Then… I’ll give him some consideration as to being as great as Michael Jordan… Until then… Magic Johnson is the 2nd best player of all-time IMO… and arguments can be made for Kareem or Bill Russell…

    In fact… That’s where Kobe stands right now… he’s in the race to be the SECOND best player of all-time…

  389. Slaxl says:

    Kobe is great without a doubt but MJ is the best ever – its no denying what these two players do everytime they walk onto a basketball court

  390. charles says:

    This is a fake drama. MJ is clearly the better player. MJ went to six finals and he was the MVP six times. Kobe went to five finals. But Shaq was the rightful MVP for two of them – he wasn’t the best player in the field (or his own team) in two of those appearances. did Kobe ever lead the league in steals? Has he led the league in scoring 10 times in a row? This is absurd. MJ is not just a little better than Kobe. He is by far better.

    • newyorksteelo says:

      I second that!

    • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

      If you think MJ is better than Kobe, fair enough, but at least get your facts straight. Kobe went to 7 finals, winning 5 of them. And Shaq was the MVP for three of them. You have google- use it.

    • Lakers4Life says:

      There is a lot of things that kobe has done that MJ hasn’t done too. . . soooo, bad argument. Try again.

      • Nate says:

        Lakers4Life, how old are you? I’m guessing you probably just grew up in the Kobe era and saw old replays of Jordan highlights? Anyone who is old and lucky enough to see both Jordan and Kobe played in their prime would know that Jordan is the better all around player. Not just physically but mentally too. When Jordan dominated, no one was able to take him down, I can’t say the same for Kobe. Kobe is a great player, but he’s still second to Jordan.

  391. Bon says:

    Shooting percentages is all I have to say.

    And this…

    Kobe is a better shooter?

    Aside from trying to “be like Mike”, he had the opportunity to play in the same offense that Michael perfected.

    • RgR says:

      everyone knows kobe is a better shooter. If your going to talk about shooting %, lebron’s career is higher then jordans, does that make lebron a better shooter ? No it means lebrons dunks it more, Jordan has more inside game then Kobe. Shaq’s shooting % is 60 btw, great shooter ? Try to understand facts.

  392. Clayton Bigsby says:

    Lot of KObe haters here…The cat is just as good and by the the time his career is done will be better than MJ. And for the fool that said 2008 Laker team was great, an injured Bynum for the playoffs does not count as stacked. For petes sake we had Luke Walton, Kwame “stone Hands”, and the so called machine Vujacic.

    • Not says:

      So are you saying by the time Kobe’s career is done he will have 5MVPS, 6or more rings, 6 finals MVPS, 10 scoring titles, DPOY, 3 steals champion awards, another slam dunk title? Wait I want to know how he’s gonna pull of getting a rookie of the year to equal or best MJ LMAO.

    • Leadership is the key says:

      No no, definitely not a Kobe hater. I love his game. If you are only talking offense, I might even prefer his over MJ’s cause he probably has a better 3 although he doesnt “fly” like MJ

      But leadership wise, he’s not even close. Being blown out by Celtics, Mavs, Thunder in the playoffs, it seems he just cant get his troops together. You can say he had problems with Shaq, and couldnt handle Malone and Payton. But it has been his team for years now, and you just dont get the feeling that he can be that leader that everyone looks up to when things get really tough.

      I dont recall any bulls team that just rolled over and quit for a game.

    • Nate says:

      How can Kobe ever be as great as Jordan when Jordan NEVER lost in the Finals, and Kobe lost twice already? If Jordan didn’t retire after the first 3peat, he could’ve won 8 straight titles, something Kobe never came close to.

  393. Nigel says:

    Kobe was neer the finsher or defender that Jordan was. Blame the small hands…

  394. Bizzman23 says:

    People MJ is the best in NBA considering his dominance and winning championships, but my favorite player of all time is Kobe considering I’m only in my 20s and didn’t see much of Jordan(only old tapes). If you talk to guys in their 40s-60s they’ll all tell you that the people who really changed the NBA is players like the DOCTOR and earl the pearl Jordan just took his game to a whole new level, but it was stuff that had already been seen at the time.

  395. newyorksteelo says:

    Micheal Jordan is the best ever hands down no questions asked. Kobe is great, there’s no denying that, but he has spent most of his career “Trying To Be Like Mike”, and while he comes close, he lacks the charisma Jordan had on and off the court. The Lakers this year have a great chance of winning the championship with the new squad of Howard, Nash, Kobe, Gasol, and MWP, giving Kobe 6 rings just like Jordan, but the immense difficulty of Jordan winning 3 in a row “twice” will always come up, not to mention the numbers never lie. Both are great and come close but Jordan will forever reign as the best. Just my opinion.

  396. Belizeboy says:

    Ummm Kobe model his entire game after Jordan…hence the similarites; rather stolen moves. Also as much as Kobe perfected some of Jordans shots, he still never got down the no look layup or the switching to left like Jordan did. I give credit to Kobe however for developing one of the best shot fakes. That is his signature to me.

  397. Aug says:

    The reason their moves are so identical is because they played in the same offense. Jordan found effective ways to score in the triangle offense, it’s only right for Kobe to take advantage of them as well.

  398. Errol L. Clarke says:

    Unlike alot of people, I’ve been honored to have catch both of these guys in their prime. It is obvious that Kobe watched alot of MJ’s tapes. For those of us who grew up during the Jordan era, wanted just as well to be like Mike. There was even a camercial about being like him. So I do not knock Kobe at all for making his game like MJ. Some key points to look at (and I am strickly talking to those who have been around during both of these great players prime): The defense was alot harder during MJ’s time. Guys brought their A game to play against Mike every night. No one back down or was star struck by his game. The Defense during Kobe’s prime became alot easier to play against in that guys were not able to put their hands on you as much as did in the past. Ref’s became more “whistle happy” if you may. And many players who grew up watching Kobe, if they had to guard him they star watch instead of playing defense. They came into the game already afraid. In my opinion no one during the Jordan era would have been able to score 80 plus points in regulation, or even 63 in 3 quarters. Teams valued winning! Players valued winning and hated one person to beat them. Now adays things are different with player mentality which affects the way we compare these two gentlemen. Alot of players during Kobe’s prime care more about making money than giving their all on the court. During MJ’s era players didnt make that much so they cared more about winning. Jordan was the best player in the world with championships and he was making about 9-10million a year until further in his career. Players now who have about 3-4 all star appearences on their resume are signing 100million contracts. Where am I going with this? When comparing these two, era must be taken into consideration. As far as who is the best player ever, if were deciding that base on how much points one scored in a game I would Wilt. But if we are looking at achievements well lets look at MJ’s Resume:
    Five-time NBA Most Valuable Player (1987-88, 1990-91, 1991-92, 1995-96, 1997-98)
    Ten-time All-NBA First Team selection (1986-87 to 1992-93, 1995-96 to 1997-98)
    Selected in 1996 as one of the “50 Greatest Players in NBA History”
    A member of six Chicago Bulls NBA championship teams (1990-91, 1991-92, 1992-93, 1995-96, 1996-97 and 1997-98)
    Six-time NBA Finals Most Valuable Player
    The 1987-88 NBA Defensive Player of the Year and record nine-time NBA All-Defensive First Team selection (1987-88 to 1992-93, 1995-96 to 1997-98)
    Entering 2002-03, ranked first in NBA history in scoring average (31.0 ppg), second in steals (2,391), fourth in points (30,652) and in field-goals made (11,513), fifth in free-throws made (7,061), sixth in field-goals attempted (23,010) and eighth in free-throws attempted (8,448)
    Holds the NBA record for most seasons leading the league in scoring (10)
    Shares the NBA record with Wilt Chamberlain for most consecutive seasons leading the league in scoring (seven, 1986-87 to 1992-93)
    Holds the NBA record for most consecutive games scoring in double-digits (842)
    Holds the NBA record for most seasons leading the league in field-goals made (10) and attempted (10)
    Led the NBA in steals in 1987-88 (3.16 spg), 1989-90 (2.77 spg) and 1992-93 (2.83 spg)
    Holds the NBA single-game records for most free-throws made in one half (20 against the Miami Heat on 12/30/92) and most most free-throws attempted in one half (23 in the same game)
    Holds the NBA Finals record for highest single-series scoring average (41.0 ppg in 1993)
    Holds the NBA Playoffs record for highest career scoring average (33.4 ppg)
    Established an NBA Playoffs record with 63 points against the Boston Celtics on 5/20/86
    Participated in 13 NBA All-Star Games (1985, 1987-1993, 1996-98, 2002-03), starting 13 times, and missed another due to injury
    Named the MVP of the 1988, 1996 and 1998 NBA All-Star Games

    I will not put up Kobe’s achievement’s in comparison to MJ because I would be disrepecting Kobe by taking away all he has done just to compare to someone he has done alot more. Both are great players and I quite sure that if anybody had to be Number 1 if Kobe is number 2 he would not mind if it is Michael Jordan.

    • Leadership is the key says:

      You are the man!

    • NYCE says:

      well said bro

    • Wissam says:

      The era comparison is pretty subjective. Especially when I saw interviews of players saying that they get caught watching MJ instead of defending him. I don’t think you can argue defenders don’t come into the game and try to make a living by trying to stop Kobe, and if we’re gonna talk about fanboys who were afraid as him, none had so many fanboys as Jordan. I don’t see any reason why they would be less scared to defend. And when it comes to the money, you clearly don’t take inflation into account…
      I respect your opinion but you sould you like MJ because you’re old school. FWIW, I do believe there are clear-cut arguments for why MJ is better than Kobe (the achievements comparision you mention, for example, if it was accepted as a criteria), but your first paragraph is not one of them.

      • Denzo says:

        You have no idea.

        Who then, has guarded Kobe the same way the Pistons and Knicks guarded Jordan – with NO HAND CHECK rule as well, remember.

      • Wissam says:

        And next time you tell me “I have no idea” please be more specific, otherwise I don’t realy care what you say…

    • #ihatedumcommentslol says:

      thank you!

    • never frisco says:

      Now compare Jordan’s NBA accomplishments against the greatest player of all time, Wilt Chamberlain. Jordan’s stats crawl away and hide from embarrasment. Wilt still holds about 80-90 NBA records, most of which will never be broken. So talk all you want about Kobe vs. Jordan, but nobody comes close to what Chamberlain did. The only thing Jordan did better than Wilt was shoot free throws, though I doubt Jordan ever had a game where he hit 28 FT’s in 32 attempts like Wilt did.
      Jordan’s “resume” makes a case for him being one of the best to ever play the game, but nobody- I repeat, NOBODY- ever came close to Wilt.

      • basketball jones says:

        what about kareem? the man has 6 mvps, the most mvps of all time and the most points scored, I find people forget that jordan didn;t play in the nba for that many seasons so of course he could play at a higher level all the time because he retired twice thus allowing his body to recoop from intense play, and therefore he didn’t have as much wear and tear as others such as kobe. Now I ain’t saying kobe is better than mj but I think its not between mj and kobe on deciding who is the best all time i think it would b between mj or hakeem., Mind you it is alot harder to determine between those two because they played completely different positions.

    • JZ says:

      The hand check rule also made it easier for Michael to defend players. It didn’t just make it tougher for him on offense. Hence, why it was easier for him to get steals and easier baskets. Still a great defender, but don’t make excuses about how much tougher it was for him to score. Let’s be honest, Kobe’s 81 point game is amazing. Both great players.

    • magictheman says:

      AMEN TO THAT!!!

  399. Deo says:

    as much as i love Kobe the moment he started playing in the NBA, i still cannot compare him to MJ. even though they have similar techniques in their game, MJ was in a level that exist only for him. Kobe is a great and soon to be legendary player, but MJ for me will always be the greatest of all..

  400. Leadership is the key says:

    Their games are simply the best of the best. What Kobe lacks is the personality and leadership. MJ never lost when he was on top, simply dominant. Kobe on the other hand gets blown out several times (2008 Finals game 6) with a great team. To lose a close game is one thing, but to be completely blown out shows a lack of leadership.

    There never seems to be anyone who can shut down MJ. Sorry to all the “Jordan stoppers”. Kobe on the other hand, remember Tayshaun Prince? Paul Pierce, Kevin Durant in 4th quarters…

    • mkagney42 says:

      Jordan had his struggles, Pistons, Joe D.

      • 416 says:

        Well, it was not only Joe Dumars who shut down Money. It was the “jordan rule” shut him down. Salley, Rodman, Marhon, Laimbeer, dumars, Thomas all contribute. Added Pippen’s migraine and that’s about all it took to shut MJ down.

      • NYCE says:

        Joe Dumars made him work… never shut him down… get it right. Any of those games Jordan still had 25 plus. Just a well earned 25

      • MikeJordanGroupie says:

        #1, Jordan never shut down by Pistons. It seems that you only read the headlines and didn’t watch the actual regular season and playoff games when this rivalry started. Jordan’s teamates prior to 1990 didn’t step-up and then the cheap-shot by DRodman when MJ was floating across the lane in Game 1 1990-91 ECF. That’s what most folks never see…the development of players around MJ and already developed/experienced players, namely Shaq and DFisher. Not to mention a totally different defensive, or lack-there-of league.

    • magictheman says:

      I bet you if Kevin Durant guard MJ he will shut him down too.

  401. Rain Man says:

    You really cant use age as a measurement in point totals. Saying kobe had more points at 33 than jordan at 33 isnt fair because kobe joined the league younger than Jordan. Same with people saying Lebron got his first ring at the same age as Jordan. Jordanqas in the league fewer years when he got his ring.

  402. Patrickmarc says:

    Two perfect body. two beautiful cats, they are amazing.
    I can’t say one of them is the greatest.
    they are both great. Nothing else.

    Kobe est tout de même plus subtil et plus collectif, amical,
    et plus sympa à mon goût.
    Sorry for the words, (confort for me) I guess you will understand

  403. jzarecta says:

    cmon the comparision fall aprt when u try to compare them defensively. Kobe is not nearly the defendor that MJ was. I never seen Kobe be able to shut down a player when is needed. Something that LeBron has done time and time again, and so did Jordan.

    Kobe on the flipside he doesnt average nearly the ammount of steals or blocks than Jordan had. And not sure if he has ever close to the defensive teams.

    • Bizzman23 says:

      MJ was an awesome defender, but in today’s game players at the 2 and 3 spots are better in terms of scoring the basketball than the period when MJ played. Think about it when you name the league’s best players you’ll only put 1 center into that discussion and no PFs. When MJ played you would start with MJ and the rest of the 5 would be Cs and PFs and no other guards.

      • NYCE says:

        Clyde Drexler… Byron Scott… Dominique Wilkins.. Isaih Thomas… There were alot of good soring gaurds in Jordans day… Steve Smith.. Mith Richmond. Are you kidding? Kobe is a good Jordan replica.. but all those highlights and they didnt even have 10 of MJ’s best moves in there. The backwards layups while clapping the palms of his hands.. The lay up when he jumped outside the paint on one side avoided all 5 defenders while airbourne and floats to the other side of the rim for a reverse… the switch of hands over the Lakers… the show the ball pull it back switch to the left for the scoop…. yall need to stop. Kobe got all the fade aways and pull ups but MJ’s lay ups are on its own level from the rest of the world. Even the first clip in this video.. the reverse lay up… look at Jordans hang time vs Kobe… MJ bought it all the way down, went a further distance and is just plain prettier. Tha AIR… no one qiuite like Mike

    • mkagney42 says:

      9 time 1st team all defense, nuff said.

      • Fly-Guy says:

        This is @ mkagney42….Kobe has 8 first team all defense. nuff said

      • L3fthand says:

        uuuuhhh dummy…you must forgot…Kobe got sick hangtiime and crazy reverse layups and reverse dunks!!!! he floated betweent all five of spurs players to finish a reverse layupe. he’s even got one reverselayup aginst the pheonix suns where he’s just in the air concentrating….enough said

    • North Philly says:

      Kobe Bean Bryant is the hands down one of the greatest on the ball, man up, shutdown one on one defenders in the history of basketball and the best of his era. 12 times ALL NBS DEFENSIVE FIRST TEAM. People want to remember he won the 2008 Gold with that clutch 4 point play, but his role was defensive stopper, the shutdown defender of all the stars on that team. Where have you been for the last 14 plus years? MJ has 9 ALL Defensive first team selection, Kobe Bean has 12. Folks you are a wittness to the GREATEST PLAYER OF HIS GENERATION. Essentially 2000-2010 is his primary era and he was the best player in the game. People talk the great Shaq O’neil made life easy for him early, but look at teh second ring in 2001, Kobe averaged 28.5 to Shaq’s 28.7ppg. No second fiddle. The last two rings is the same story the best all around BB player Kobe, the most dominant Shaq O’neil. The first ring he was the the second option with 22.5ppg to Shaq’s 29.7ppg, after that it was own. He willonly be with us a few more years, appreciate Greatness.

      • HeatFan27 says:

        It was pretty easy for Kobe though, with Shaq being doubled in the post and there was always an open man. You could swap Kobe out for any other good shooter at the time and you would get similar results.

      • Neil says:

        This comparison will always be around and never really answered. They both played in different eras and I believe MJ’s was a tougher one. Fundamentals were better and the teams tougher all round. Kobe is without doubt a great player but if Jordan hadn’t been around I wonder how good he’d be. He has modelled himself on MJ and he has not made the same impact worldwide or for the game. I think he’s a close second but MJ will always be the number 1 in my eyes. What he achieved and how he did it were inspiring. He left the game and came back stronger and played in a much harder time. Its not a like for like comparison given the eras but if MJ were around now, or Kobe in the 80’s and 90’s my money would be in MJ and the bulls to win every time

    • Fly-Guy says:

      You say the comparisons fall apart???? The reasons why these 2 great players are compared are obvious. But for once lets look at the numbers based on your argument. Michael’s career scoring average is 30.1. WHICH IS PHENOMINAL!!! Kobe’s is 25.1 ( HOWEVER, KOBE CAME OFF THE BENCH HIS FIRST 2 SEASONS….I DID A SEPERATE CALCULATION…..Micheal spent 3 yrs at North Carolina. If I start Kobe’s calculation as if he spent 3 yrs in college, and start calculating from his 4th season on….his is 28.3) Micheal Jordan has 9 first team ALL DEFENSIVE TEAMS. Kobe has 8 FIRST TEAM, 2 SECOND TEAM. (10 total) Micheal averages (.83) blocks per game for his career. Kobe averages (.51) Michael averages 6 rebounds a game. Kobe averages 5. Michael shot 47 percent from the field. Kobe shoots 45. Now I will give you this. MICHEAL JORDAN DOES HAVE A DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR TO HIS CREDIT (IN 1988). And I dont disagree with you. MICHAEL JORDAN IS THE BEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME. ……HOWEVER, ALL OF YOU HATERS WHO SAY KOBE ISNT IN THE SAME BREATH, OR SHOULDNT BE COMPARED???? I BEG TO DIFFER. WHEN IT IS ALL SAID AND DONE THEIR CAREER NUMBERS WILL BE ALMOST IDENTICAL. Because remember Kobe’s not done!!! And with the addition of Steve nash, he’ll probably win the scoring title this yearl .LOL. So, check the numbers for yourself……AND FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE OLD EVOUGH TO REMEMBER? YOU COULD HAND CHECK WHEN JORDAN PLAYED.( a distinct advantage for defenders) IT WAS OUTLAWED WHEN KOBE CAME TO THE LEAGUE

      • TTKIN says:

        You’re arguments are the best on this page.

      • L3fthand says:

        no argument..i love Kobe Bean Bryants game

      • aris3258 says:


        Jordan 63pts against Larry bird and the Champion Boston Celtics in a play off game!!! ONE OF THE GREATEST NBA TEAMS OF ALL TIME!!! With SO MANY HALL OF FAMERS IN THAT TEAM

        Kobe 81pts against who?

        Almost Everything I saw in Kobe’s game I already saw in MJ…..

        MJ Forever…

        And I’ve watched both of them play at their best….watching NBA from 1986 up to NOW.

        MJ Forever…

      • LakeShow says:

        Really Aris… how many times have u repeated that same fact over and over on this page? If you were watching since 86 you must be at least 30 years old, and the way that you present your case with the same friggin fact over and over puts your mindset as a 10 year old… you remind me of LBJ when he posted his ridiculous howard to heat statement over and over. Think more critically and look at the whole picture instead of just 1 game from each person. Lol

      • travis fisher says:

        lebrons career numbers are better than kobe’s pinto bean bryant if your talking about numbers and the only reason he dont have the ring she was in clev put kobe there and he dont have none eather

    • some people says:

      9x all defensive 1st team 3x all defensive second team. theyre both great defenders. MJ does have the edge but give kobe his due. kb has only one reg season mvp but mj never even touched 70 or outdid a team in the first 3 quarters like kb did against the mavs.

      • MikeJordanGroupie says:

        Kobe is a great defender? When is the last time or first time he ever took over a game defensively or struck fear into an entire team for his defense? Come on guy…

      • ab-ball says:

        kobe was a great defender 1998-2004 every thing after that he was given the award because he plays in a big market

    • basketball jones says:

      kobe is on many defensive teams.. I think he was one 9 first all defensive teams? I could be wrong, but it’s around that number so yea Kobe is an awesome defender.

  404. Kobeeeeeee says:

    Comparing Kobe to MJ makes sense. I don’t understand why people bring up LeBron in this situations, Kobe and MJ are scorers and winners. That’s just who they are. LeBron should be compared to Magic. He is an all around player and gets everyone involved and can play multiple positions. I hope people stop trying to compare Kobe and LeBron, because that’s the same as comparing LeBron and MJ which makes completely no sense because how different there games are from each other. I hate this argument, it frustrates me so much.

    • Gman says:

      I will tell you why. While Kobe imitates Jordan, he brings nothing new to the floor. LeBron brings something new to the table, and dominates the game in the same fashion on MJ.

      • RgR says:

        Best answer ever to why Lebron is compared to MJ above ^

      • Jason says:

        Except for the fact that LBJ has clearly, obviously, and very blatantly QUIT on his teams in the past. When he was down, and in the playoffs, and it looked like the team clearly had no chance of winning, Lebron would simply quit. Quit trying, quit hustling, hell, even start WALKING the length of the court. Kobe, Michael, Nash, Nowitski, McGrady, Wade, Iverson, Magic, Jabbar, etc, etc, etc, would go absolutely INSANE trying to score and bring back the team, even if down by 20 with 1 minute to go. Lebron will simply give up. He’s done it in the past. NONE of the great players in history EVER quit.

      • qwerty says:

        except of course when he fights and brings them back when they down big

      • NBAfan says:

        Imitation is the best form of flattery. Plus Kobe didn’t just imitate, he made it his own and built on it.

        MJ was more athaletic (as Barkley would say) but I think Kobe is better with his technique. To an extent, MJ relied on his physical skills, especially his jumping, while Kobe was never really dominant in that criteria…Lebron is physically dominant.

        How many championships did MJ win without another top 50 player of all time and Phil Jax? none…

        In Kobe’s last 2 championships, can you say that he had any top 50 player of all time calibre guys in there? Gasol? Yeah right. Wade? Wade could be top 50 for sure….all you lebron fans don’t be putting down Wade just so you can hype Lebron up…

        Also, think about the defense. Who was defending MJ in those plays? Jeff Hornacek? Starks? What the…how about Kobe’s ? guys like Butler…and you can see

        EVEN though the moves were very similar. the defenders were better and more reactive in Kobe’s era…

      • Gerry says:

        You are the same guy that had said, Kobe would never win any championships once Shaq is gone; what did Kobe do? He won twice after Shaq had left, and He may win again. Therefore, you owe Kobe and all the laker fans an apology!

      • Jay says:

        ^^^Defending a person is much easier now. If Jordan was in his prime today he would score 50 every nite. Defense was brutal in the 90s let alone the hand check rule. They took the hand check out and u can’t play defense lik you played in the 90s so don’t go saying der are better defenders now cause most of these soft players wouldn’t be able to react to a 90’s Pistons or Knicks defense…

      • CJ says:

        White mamba Scalabrine is the best player in the NBA and is the best player in the history of basketball.

      • Cpatt1124 says:

        NBAfan…. Check the rules and the eras. I could probably hold Kobe to 25 if I’m allowed to hand check him. And I’m only 6′ tall. Had those guys not been allowed to handcheck Jordan, we wouldn’t be having this debate. His scoring average would have been in the stratosphere, and with less energy expended on the offensive end….. more total domination on defense.

    • ShutUp! says:

      You never compare Kobe to MJ. They have some identical moves, so what?? What the H*** are you smoking man .. that is disrespect to MJ. Kobe wins when there is a talented big man around him .. Mj never did that. He have scottie and role players. Kobe even have better role players around him. He just doesn’t now how to use them.

      • huitseize says:

        You could argue Clyde “the Glide” or Reggie, but yes, that’s a good point. On the other hand, what GREAT 2s are there these days ? Joe Johnson ? Wade ? Can’t think of many more, Today there is one, maybe 2 superstar in every position apart from PG which is very stron gin the league at the moment.

      • huitseize says:

        You could argue that there was Clyde “the Glide” and Reggie, but yes, that is a valid point. on the other hand, what great 2s are there today ? Joe Johnson ? Wade ? B Roy would have been up there but he’s out now. Monta Ellis isn’t there yet (maybe never will). Can’t see many more. In todays NBA there’s only one or maybe 2 superstars at each position, apart from maybe PG which is very strong in today’s league. So that means Kobe doesn’t have great matchups to defend against.

      • Fly-Guy says:

        This response is @ ShutUP!….Are u smoking??? You throw Scottie out there like he’s lunch meat. In 1996 they had a celebration of the top 50 players in NBA history. IF I’M NOT MISTAKEN…WASNT SCOTTIE ONE OF THEM???? And Horace Grant….and DEFINITELY DENNIS RODMAN are a little more than role players. Real Talk. Once again, I repeat. JORDAN IS THE BEST OF ALL TIME. But you might wanna look at my post a little further down and see just how close their number are before you state they cant even be compared

      • Nash2Kobe says:

        Cmon, Rodman and Pippen were two of the greatest defenders of all time. Rodman averaged like 15-18 rebounds a game for like 6 straight seasons!

      • babs says:

        i so disagree jordan always got the best players around him pippen, rodman, kukoc,amstrong and his bench was damanatin ,kobe got 3 big man no bench who are the big men him gazol n bynum .lebron i might slighly compare him to kobe when he rgets five titles no its too much lets do it 4 or 3..

      • Sarge says:

        He may be injury-prone, but Manu Ginobili is one of the best shooting guards out there. And he does it with less physical talent than a lot of the greats.

      • magictheman says:

        Shut up SHUTUP! Jordan had two two big man around him, for the first three championship he had Bill Cartwright, and the next three is with Luc Longley, and one of the greatest rebounder of all time in Dennis Rodman. In my opinion, if Jordan and Kobe came in the NBA at same Kobe will kick his butt. Check games 4 and 5 in the 1996 nba finals, Gary Payton kicked MJ BUTT, and check the game in LA when MJ is playing with the Wizard, Kobe wup his butt.

    • UKFan says:

      Actually, some of MJ’s best statistical seasons were much closer to LeBron’s sta lines than Kobe’s. MJ had a 32-8-8 season, and LeBron’s had a 30-7-8 season. They’re games are much more similar than you would think. MJ was one of the best all round players ever, as is LeBron, as was Magic, as is Kobe. It’s not impossible to compare them, and there are definitive similarities between all current players and old players. Thats the way it will always be because you learn moves by watching! Of course this generation is going to have similar plays to previous generations; the nest generation will have “copied” the likes of Kobe and LeBron in 20 years!
      But, there’s no denying the similarities displayed in this video. The only issue with it is that if you only use brief clips such as these, it’s going to be biased to how the maker of the video wants to make it look. There will also be plenty of clips where Kobe and MJ have completely different styles and moves

    • SnacksSTL says:

      This whole string is a JOKE. Seriously, Kobe is no comparison to MJ and its almost disrespectful to even try. At no point in Kobe’s career was he undeniably the best player in the league. In the beginning many will make the case that AI was the best player in the league as he dominated with his crazy speed, handles, and scoring ability. Yes during that time SHAQ was winning championships with the young Kobe giving great support. At the back half of his career we now we have Labron. Need i say more about him. MJ was undeniably the best player in the league while he dominated, HANDS DOWN. I’m not saying Kobe is not one of the greats of this generation, i’m just saying he’s no MJ. And neither is Labron for that matter. When Mike was winning chips we new who the MVP was hands down no question. Mike has 6 rings and 6 MVP’s. I could go on giving you reasons to stop comparing the 2 but i’d be here all day.

      • sbfern805 says:

        You can go all day but you need to take into account of when these championships were won….Kobe was a baby still ( under Shaqs wings) when he won titles and wasnt in his complete prime. Jordan won championships at Age 27 exactly in his prime were he should have been the Finals MVP. If Kobe would have won immediately after Shaq left, guess who would have been the Finals MVP? YES KOBE!! May i remind also that the descretion for league MVP was to give the title to the best player on the best team (Dirk Nowitzki) and then it changed to the players that improve their surrounding players ( Steve nash twice) and it wasnt for the best PLAYER in the league (KOBE). So in conclusion, Jordan was lucky enough to win championships in his prime to be named FINALS MVP, and Kobe got robbed 3 league MVP trophies. So no one cannot argue that Kobe was not the best in the league in his prime…

    • OH my goodness who are you???? i swear its like you just spoke my mind. i respect those words. EVERY BIT OF IT. !!!! ive been saying the same for the longest!!!…probably couldntve said it any better….well said my man well said

    • L3fthand says:

      Dude who are you????? oh my goodness mane!! i couldntve said it any better !!! ive been saying the same thing for the longest…its like you spoke my mind. well said my man..well said

  405. kobe4lyfe says:

    damn….SO IDENTICAL! but kobe’s form looks 10x better. KOBE FOR THE GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME!!!

    • Gman says:

      lol hes even rated as the best laker…..

    • 416 says:

      looks better? Hell no! Why would a copycat looks better? He mimic everything include how mike talked at interviews(the arkward f-bombs incident?), the tongue(oh please! that was from MJ’s father!) MJ combined moves from D. thompson, Dr.J, B.King, G. Gervin into his own. He literally made “fadeaway” shot look good. kobe copy it and never put a “thought” into it. If you mean the kobe’s part video quality is better I totally agreed. Other than that, kobe will NEVER be the same level as MJ.

      • jopil says:


      • Lakers4Life says:

        Shut Up. . . Where Do You Think MJ Learned Everything He Did? Magic, Bird, Dr. J… Players Before Him. What Do You Think? Michael invented everything he did? No. There’s Nothing New Under the sun. So stop bashing on Kobe. Michael Might have done things first, because he was in the league first. . . But Kobe Mastered His techniques,

      • pakyaw says:

        Kobe mastered his techniques…LOL…WHAT A KOBETARD!
        you mean mastered his COPYNESS

      • comparison says:

        comparing two different person is the favorite toy of an idiot. WHO WANTS to be compared to SOMEBODY. NO ONE.

      • MIGO says:

        That’s the problem with laker fans they are not objective, dude what 416 is saying is prescisely that MJ evolved all the moves already there he evolved them made them better, unguardable perhaps, he changed the game so much that new defensives schemes were needed, Kobe although the best player of his own time, did nothing to evolve or change the game, as MJ he took the moves from another player in this case MJ and IMITATED him he did not evolved those moves thats where the difference is….

      • Nate says:

        At least MJ took various parts from a lot of players and combined it to make the ultimate player, Kobe just took what MJ did and copied it. One thing though, Kobe didn’t master how to stay at the top once he got there, MJ did…LOL!!!!

      • never frisco says:

        Kobe didn’t copy anything from Jordan: he was actually copying the players that did it first, and did it best- Elgin Baylor, Connie Hawkins, Dominique Wilkins, Pete Maravich, Dr. J (of course). Nothing Jordan did was new; he was a very talented player, but innovative is not a word I’d use to describe his game.

      • Gonçalo says:

        Kobe mastered the fade away, i mean, look at the fade aways that kobe takes, with a hand in face (!) and his footwork? OMG He has the greatest footwork maybe ever, look at his feet during “thriple threat” and then we will talk !!!

      • kobeptwn says:

        Wow! speaking of copycat you stated numerous people that mj copied and supposedly made it his own, oh ye hypocrites

      • aris3258 says:


        Jordan 63pts against Larry bird and the Champion Boston Celtics in a play off game!!! ONE OF THE GREATEST NBA TEAMS OF ALL TIME!!! With SO MANY HALL OF FAMERS IN THAT TEAM

        Kobe 81pts against who?

        Almost Everything I saw in Kobe’s game I already saw in MJ…..

        MJ Forever…

        And I’ve watched both of them play at their best….watching NBA from 1986 up to NOW.

        MJ Forever…

      • DeeBee says:

        Paul pierce has the best footwork in the NBA hands down !!

    • Reysan says:

      Craig Hodges is the Lakers shooting coach, get a look at what he said:

      Q: If you could take one player in their prime, would you take Michael Jordan or Kobe?

      A: “M.J., all day. There’s no comparison. M.J. could score 100 points in this era. You can’t hand-check now. Imagine that trying to guard M.J. It would be crazy.”

      Source: blitzsportsnetwork.com/2012/01/the-michael-jordan-era-defenses-vs-the-kobelebron-era-defenses/

  406. Luke (@NBAEire) says:

    Wow, that is scary!! For me personally it’s Jordan, just because he came first and changed the game forever, Kobe didn’t really change anything or do anything different, but certainly you can make a case for either of these guys now!

    • alexzo says:

      i had goose bumps watching this…it’s like seeing the ghost of MJ

    • Imad Akel says:

      Jordan trumps Kobe for 3 reasons:
      1) Kobe was not better than Jordan in any aspect. He was equal in scoring (if not less than), equal in clutch situations (unlike what the video says), and lets say equal in defense.
      2) Jordan was more athletic. Watch more Kobe and Jordan games and you will see, Jordan was quicker and faster. Kobe wasn’t slow but Jordan had point guard quickness and speed when he was young. And although they can both achieve the same vertical leap and do the same dunks, Jordan had more hang time. He was quick and light.
      3) Kobe is another Jordan. As was said, he didn’t do much different. Great player, but a copycat. At the end of his career, Kobe might be named the second best player to ever play the game for mimicking the best player. But he didn’t add anything.

      • ancientrs says:

        Go watch some youtube vidoes of kobe dunking. Kobe is every bit as athletic as michael jordan. Sorry to burst your bubble but every great player takes moves and tricks from past players, Jordan included. Jordan didn’t innovate much at all, he just perfected certain already existing moves better than anyone else at the time.

      • Make says:

        Who is better at shooting? Kobe Bryant or MJ?

      • kobeptwn says:

        Good argument for a Jordan fan, now as a kobe fan I feel it will ultimately come down at the end of the day who has the most rings? With that said, Kobe says he will play for 2 years. Which is sad on alot of levels, but thats another story about witnessing history. If kobe wins 2 rings at the end of his career, that’s 7!which would trump Jordan. So we have wait and see. Kobe is playing.

      • Mike Jones says:

        I don’t believe that, put Jordan in LA with Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, The Lakers would have won 7 championships in a row!!! Jordan was a much more intelligent player than Kobe Bryant, You should compare Kobe and Lebron not Jordan and Kobe.

      • sbfern805 says:


      • BUNBURY says:

        players were older back in the 80’s so in that respect that makes Jordan look faster. but I think Jordan was better defensively without a doubt. jordan had better air control (better than anyone else for that matter). I hated jordan, but I think he edges Kobe only because he was a better defender. we can say they were equally gifted offensively.

      • aris3258 says:


        Jordan 63pts against Larry bird and the Champion Boston Celtics!!! ONE OF THE GREATEST NBA TEAMS OF ALL TIME!!!

        Kobe 81pts against who?

      • Cpatt1124 says:

        ancientrs…. You can make a case based on this 2 minute YouTube video, but watching both of them play there is no comparison. The part where it says Kopbe is more accomplished at this point in his career is deceiving. Kobe has played more years than Jordan. He won’t win 6 rings. If he does, it will be riding coat tails. Kobe is already in decline.

        That said, Kobe is the closest thing there has ever been to MJ. Lebron aint even close (yet). Kobe will not have the career averages that Jordan does. Kobe may win the All Star MVP again, he may or may not win another league MVP. He could win a scoring title again if he wanted to, but to the detriment of that team. If he applied himself, he could probably win a defensive player of the year award. HOWEVER…. I highly doubt that he will ever do all 4 in the same year. That’s domination. That was MJ. Scoring title and DPoY? Wrap your mind around that.

        Finally, Phil Jackson said it best. Kobe is more skilled, more talented. I will have to agree with that. Jordan got the most out of his talent. Jordan was more physically gifted though, and this should be undisputed. Phil Jackson said what set the two apart was jordan’s larger hands. He could palm the ball and finish. Kobe would get foulded and get to the line for two. Jordan usually went to the line for 1.

      • Cpatt1124 says:

        Kobe is not Jordan’s equal on defense. He’s never even won DPoY. If he did, he would have to sacrifice on the offensive end. Jordan won DPoY and a scoring title in the same year. Something Lebron, Kobe, or Durant will never do.

      • Jamison Hendricks says:

        Ancientrs needs to go back in time. Kobe is athletic, but he was not stronger, faster, quicker or have the vertical of Jordan. There is a reason why in the Dunk contest he won that he never attempted to jump from the Free Throw line. There is a reason why he hasn’t dunked on every center in the league. Even if you look at the physique, Jordan is much more defined. Imagine how many points Jordan would have scored (or Kobe would not have scored) if hand checking was illiegal when Jordan played. Hands Down, Best Ever.

      • Jamison Hendricks says:

        sbfern805 is drinking something 81 proof. Jordan did not score 81 in a game. But he could have easily if hand-checking was illegal, flagrant fouls existed and he was playing the pitiful Raptors and did not have the Triangle offense. Look at who has scored 50 more times in the playoffs. Look who has the highest career scoring average. Then add that to the fact that his playoff scoring average when he was going against the best increased by 10%. Then to top it off they had “Jordan Rules”. I have never heard of the “Kobe Rules”. Why not, because they were not needed. Why does mike have 11 MVP awards including the Finals. See who has more triple doubles. Then add in that Kobe scored a lot of his points when Shaq was double-teamed. Can you imagine if Jordan played with Olajuwon, Robinson or Ewing in their hay-day. PLEASE. How is it that Joe Dumars was considered a Jordan stopper when he held him under 30 points a game (28.8 to be exact). How would having the 3rd highest scoring average ever (and 4 points better than Kobe) be considered stopping someone? Stop Drinking and Start Thinking. Mike is the best ever. Nobody ever wanted to be like Kobe, but like Mike. He has his own Brand, because he is the man.

      • Cameron says:

        Equal in defense!!?? LOL! Go do some research before making idiotic comments like that.

        This debate is silly, Kobe is only a shadow of what Jordan was. It’s stupid comparing Kobe to Jordan, Jordan is the best ever and it’s debatable if Kobe would even make a Lakers top 5 all-time. Magic, Kareem and West would certainly be ahead and it could be argued Shaq and Baylor would be ahead too.

      • yoyoyo says:


    • lbj says:

      stop talking about kobe being compared with MJ we all know that LeBron the king is better than both of them. He can play all around from position 1 to 5 which kobe and michael can’t do. LeBron can play defense unlike this 2 guys. LeBron 2 years from now will be better both of them and will be greatest player of all time!!!

      • Steelers814 says:

        Really? Lebron James is better than Kobe and Michael Jordan? It’s not because James can shoot better lol It’s not like he has done anything but win one ring? Wow that suddenly defines lebron as a clutch performer. Get off Lebron’s balls, you got to breathe sometime!

      • TJ says:


        Excuse me, sorry.


      • kobeptwn says:

        How old is Lebron? With just one ring (in a shortened season) lebron doesn’t come close on so many levels. Please don’t respond with a bunch of if this or if that would have happened, the stats speak for themselves.

      • Viq says:

        LBJ? Do you even watch basketball? Jordan and Kobe can’t play defense? Do you even have any idea of how many times both of them have been on the NBA All-Defensive First Team? I’m gonna say you’re probably 12 at the very oldest because that’s the only way your lack of knowledge would make any sense.

      • unknown says:

        Really?tell me when lebron was defensive player of the year…And then tell me when lebron can close out games like the other 2…omg helpless lbj fans

      • Big Boogie says:

        It’s funny that this article did not touch on Lebron in any way, and only compares Kobe with MJ, yet you feel you have to boast about Lebron being the more complete player? Damn someone is overly sensitive that their favorite player isn’t getting the exposure that they’ve gotten from a million other articles. Get a grip lol!

      • Big Boogie says:

        Not to mention that Lebron is more built like a SF/PF/Linebacker, so he’s gonna play differently than MJ and Kobe, who are built and play similarly. Sure Lebron can attack and defend better, but only because of his build and physique. MJ and Kobe has developed finesse to their game, which I think Lebron will never learn to master.

      • Jamison Hendricks says:

        when he gets 5 more rings, 5 more finals MVP’s, 10 more scoring Titles, 2 more Defensive Players of the year and wins something with one star and not two. then come talk to me. Also, LeBron can play the 5 in today’s NBA because there is only 1 or 2 legit centers. But ask yourself, have you ever seen him stick Howard, Duncan or Bynum. Joakim Noah is called a self-check, so is Kendrick Perkins. If he had to stick Olajuwon, Ewing, Robinson, Mourning and Shaq he would get ate up. He couldn’t even stick the power forwards from back in the day. Barkley, Shawn Kemp, Karl Malone, Chris Webber and even Rasheed Wallace would eat him alive. Mike’s team won 72 games with Scottie, who averaged 16 points for his career and Rodman who averaged 7. Imagine if he could have played with Bosh and Wade, or Kemp and Kobe. The Bulls would have went 81 – 1. Also, at the end of the year, Mike didn’t take games off. He was too competitive. Mike also didn’t sell out in a playoff game because he found out someone screwed his Mother. He would have dropped 75 on them and screwed the other guys Mother. There are no “Lebron Rules” like there were “Jordan Rules”. Mike always will be the man. Look at his career Points per game, Free throw percentage and playoff averages. enough SAID!

      • ab-ball says:

        lebrons better than kobe i dont know about jordan though

      • grizzrock07 says:

        You are comparing Lebron to the wrong Bull but in the right era. Lebron is a slightly better version of Scotty Pippen, and thats no knock… even though he played with Jordan he was still top 50 all time and was arguably the second best player in the entire league for a year or two.

    • never frisco says:

      Jordan “came first and changed the game forever”!? WTF! There’s only two men that can make that claim, and neither is named Jordan. Those two men are George Mikan and Wilt Chamberlain: the NBA made numerous rules and court changes solely based on the play and performance of those two men, and no one else is on that list. The only change that Jordan brought about in the NBA is that 2 steps with the ball without dribbling is no longer travelling; it’s just Jordan on a typical drive to the basket. As far as playing above the rim with a dazzling array of acrobatic, mid-air moves and body contortions that no human being should be able to do: Elgin Baylor, among others, did it first and did it better than Jordan.
      Get a clue.

      • The Malman says:

        You’re right on the money with this… can’t argue with a single thing you said. However, I think you could safely add two more men to the list of guys that “changed the game forever”, and they are Bird and Magic. They saved the NBA at a time when it was floundering. I’d say they changed the game forever. This coming from a huge MJ fan, btw… hard for me to say he wasn’t a game changer! 🙂 What he did do was help to usher it into greater popularity worldwide, and the icing on that cake was the original Dream Team.

        I do think MJ was the greatest player to ever grace the courts though, for several reasons. I have yet to see someone in recent times with the combination of skills, natural ability, competitive drive and ability to improve the play of his teammates that Jordan had. You can make a case for Wilt or Russell, and maybe several others before Jordan, but I haven’t seen that combination since Jordan. Jordan made the league play better, not just his team. You can’t say that about Kobe or Lebron.

      • Reysan says:

        How about the hand checking rules? And because of that, the NBA has become less physical. It is said that if these rules were in place back in Jordan’s time he would have averaged 50++ per game throughout his career.

        OR Google: hand checking rules

      • aris3258 says:

        Jordan 63pts against Larry bird and the Champion Boston Celtics!!! ONE OF THE GREATEST NBA TEAMS OF ALL TIME!!! There so many hall of famers in that champion team!!!!

        Kobe 81pts against who?

      • MikeJordanGroupie says:

        What?! George Mikan and WChamberlain? My friend, no guard (or player as a matter) has dominated the game like MJ. When those primordial players played the game, there was no competition. What skills did WC display? Even in their prime, they would be no competition is the Era of Jordan, or even in this era. Elgin Baylor? Come on man…don’t play yourself!

    • true that says:

      True that- well said

    • Maurice says:

      That is so not true. I am ok with Jordan being regarded as the best ever. No discussion there. But not to see how Kobe changed or evolved the game for the 2 position shows lack of understanding of the game. Ok, those changes might not be supersized, but neither were they for Jordan.

      Kobe`s post game, footwork and ability to adjust his game to injuries (remember how he continuously changed his shot and even shot left for a couple of games?)
      Sure, those aren´t the games changers where lines were adjusted, baskets begame flexible so they would not break out of the backboard all the time (Mr. Chocolate Thunder) or entire Basket systems were adjusted for a guy call Shaq.

      But he clearly showed how will and determination can make anything possible.

      • ab-ball says:

        jordan used to live in the post too also playing against the other teams starting power forward

    • Derek says:

      Both amazing players. As stated earlier, Kobe jump-started his career by not attending college. So number comparisons are not what they seem. Kobe had the advantage of playing with a dominant player is Shaq during his development years. Jordan didn’t have that. I believe Jordan was a better defender, but also that Kobe has the ability to be. As far a clutch, Kobe has not acheived what Jordan has.