Jordan, Magic Among 2012 Hall of Fame Presenters

HANG TIME WEST – The Hall of Fame on Tuesday announced a star-studded group of presenters for the induction ceremony next Friday night in Springfield, Mass., a list headed by Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson that is powerful enough to overshadow most of the actual inductees.

Their role is strictly ceremonial, nothing more than standing on stage as the enshrinees speak. And some choices are assigned for a person or team without a personal connection to a current Hall of Famer, as the rules require. But some in the past have been interesting selections – Jordan requesting David Thompson despite not having any relationship, Karl Malone choosing Willis Reed against the same backdrop, both in nods to home-state heroes – and the presenters this time are noteworthy for the number of all-time greats.

The complete list of enshinees and their presenters:

All America Redheads — Teresa Edwards.

Lidia Alexeeva – Will not be present.

The late Don BarksdaleBob Cousy.

Mel DanielsWayne Embry and Artis Gilmore.

Phil Knight – Jordan and John Thompson.

Katrina McClain – Edwards, Julius Erving, and C. Vivian Stringer.

Hank NicholsHubie Brown.

Don NelsonChris Mullin, Bob Lanier and Satch Sanders.

Reggie MillerCheryl Miller, Charles Barkley and Johnson.

Ralph SampsonKareem Abdul-Jabbar, Erving, and Barkley.

Chet WalkerBilly Cunningham, Earl Monroe, Adrian Dantley and Isiah Thomas.

Jamaal Wilkes – Abdul-Jabbar, Johnson, Rick Barry and Bill Walton.

In all, officials are expecting approximately 50 Hall of Famers to attend, either as participants or to watch and join in private functions.


  1. Abgutierrez38 says:

    Jason, u dumb a$$ hell Kobe will never b better than MJ. Yea Kobe has 5 rings but 3 of those he was a sidekick to Shaq, He really has only led the charge for two of them. Not to mention the last one was questionable because Pau really out played him but the league isn’t going to give the MVP to one but Kobe on the lakers. Besides Kobe tries to b like Mike so much that he copied all his movies and even studies Jordan interviews so he can answer the same way jordan did.

    • MJ says:

      3 with shaq. MJ won 6 rings with Pippen on his side who is also one of the 50th greatest of all time. But one thing people always forget is that TEAM wins it all. MJ never dd anything alone. His supporting cast helped him a lot. MJ won 6 rings because it was a team effort and everyone synched with each other, not because MJ dd everything by himself. People should really stop giving all credit to Jordan when it was as a team they won the championships. His teammate gets just as much credit as he does. It does not matter if he is a hall of famer or not, but the fact is that MJ would have never won any championships if he didnt have his teammates to support him. Look back at the 88, 89 playoffs when Chicago lost to Detriot twice. MJ was not a team player back then, which is why Chicago never made it far. Once Jordan started trusting his teammates only then Chicago starting becoming better as a team, otherwise it was always MJ vs 5 players which equals to a loss.

  2. Tiao says:

    if Reggie Miller is a hall of famer, Scalabrine could be

  3. fonz112 says:

    I would love to attend just to see all the greats. I know now what it means when they say ” Things just aren’t the same”. I do understand its not suppose to stay the same but dang the Good ole Days could come back. I remember when you had a team and followed you liked almost all the players today you have to break the teams down just like the players your top 3 if that. I guess that’s why I have clinged to the last bundle of players that played against the Greatest M. J. in the now Oldie Goldies Boston Celtics. Now, they have even split. I’m now faced to find either a new team or role with young Rondo!!! Not bad because he gives credit to those before him. I would like to thank all you great players for giving me a chance to see the game played with true love and competitiveness at it’s greatest.

  4. chiefmasta says:

    lbj is taking everybody for fools and S.Smith allows it…

  5. star says:

    kobe is overrated bro

    • BIG P. says:


    • Jason says:

      Star…..You are clearly some confused little girl. You’re probably some 20 yr. old who pretends to remember watching Jordan play and that nobody will ever come close to him. Kobe is clearly the closest thing to Jordan and will probably be better than him by the time his career is over. Just live with it.

    • LakeShow says:

      Since when did 5 rings mean overrated? lol

  6. lbj says:

    mj should come to the heat for an easy ring, 7 rings and koby will never catch up. sign a vets min and starting lineup will be

    PG: Dwade
    SG: MJ
    SF: LBJ
    PF: Cbosh
    C: Haslem

  7. Fredrick Wells says:

    After MJ, Pip and Reggie left the NBA there are just a bunch of athletes in basketball uniforms.

    KG and Kobe still has basketball left, however the rest are only coached athletes to follow the plays.

    The newest breed of basketball players only resemble those on the playgrounds such as Rucker Park (i.e. Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, Iman Shumpert, Jeff Teague, Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook and others).

  8. jcrazy says:

    Kwame Brown someday will be in the hall of fame when he ties up his boots after a lustrious career.
    He’s probably the best first round pick to come into the nba.
    He’s helped every team hes been on and yet every year they just fall short of the trophy.
    MVP this year without a doubt!

  9. bernadette gardner says:

    Maurice Cheeks is a true legend much more than Ralph Samson come on ppl what’s up with ur choice of hall of famers come on Dr. J. speak up for your former point guard fro the 76ers…stand by him like he;s done for you on the field Maurice is from my home town of Chicago !!!

  10. pokie says:

    How Ralph Sampson gets in before Mo Cheeks boggles my mind.

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      This is the basketball Hall of Fame not the NBA hall of fame. Ralph Sampsons college career was one of the most dominant in history and that is certainly taken into account here.

    • BIG P. says:


  11. Rolanda says:

    hey awsome article, this really has me awesome when me see it.

  12. Orcun says:

    Thanks to MJ, basketball is among the beloved sports all over the world. Those who came after him must continue his legend by trying to be as good as him.

  13. Manu Ginobili will be in the hall of fame soom

  14. Brian says:

    No doubt about it that MJ is a true legend. Sorry for all the imitators and of course those haters.

    • Zak says:

      Why do people have to compare players?

      Every star has their own abilities, strengths and weaknesses. They are all superb athletes who have their own legacies, whether it is Wilt, Dr. J, Jordan, Barkley, Kobe, Lebron or whoever.

      They are fantastic players who have defined the game & influenced millions of fans around the world.

      Just what I think, I enjoy appreciating the ability and skill without bias or hatred for a player.

      • Zeek says:

        This has to be the most accurate statement ive heard in sports in a while.
        Bravo, and thank you for making this public so everybody can respect our greatest players legacys.

      • BIG P. says:


      • RgR says:

        Accurate ? How about plain stupidity, you compare players from the BEGINNING – so you know who to PICK FOR YOUR TEAM. Then when players are established, you ask why ? why do people compare players ? Because when Jordan wins 6 championships you go back and say well DARN, what is I had picked him for MY team instead OF ________. Comparing is the most important part of a team in an organization.