Two More Years For Dirk In Dallas?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Nothing makes the weekend more interesting than a surprise Twitter session from one of the NBA’s biggest stars.

Dallas Mavericks superstar Dirk Nowitzki provided exactly that over the weekend, covering an array of topics that will no doubt have folks in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex talking this morning. He covered just about every base in his Twitter Q&A — from his favorite movie (“Braveheart”) and television show (“Eastbound and Down”), his preference for “red wine over beer” to his love of Mavericks’ blue and green to his hate for cockroaches.

What Nowitzki had to say about his basketball future, though, trumps everything else he shared. Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News provides the details:

The 34-year-old Mavericks forward responded to one question asking how many more years he wanted to play with: “2 for sure and then see how I feel.” Nowitzki has two years remaining on the four-year, $80 million deal he signed in 2010.

When asked why he doesn’t just jump to a “Super Team” and try to win a championship elsewhere, Nowitzki replied: “I bleed blue.”

Those are positive signs for Mavericks fans after a tough summer of pursuing Deron Williams and losing out on the Brooklyn point guard. When asked if he feels the team the Mavericks have put together can win a championship this season, Nowitzki replied: “I always feel that way.”

The Q&A was interesting in that Nowitzki offered that he had 20 minutes if anyone wanted to ask him a question. He stayed on Twitter for about an hour and covered a long list of topics.

Asked if he was still friends with Jason Terry, who left in the summer to sign as a free agent with the Celtics, Nowitzki replied: “yep. Fam for life. We won chip together. Wish him well in Boston.”

He also listed Steve Nash and Michael Finley as his “homeboys.”

It’s hard to think of Nowitzki as an “aging” superstar after seeing him play at such a high level the past two seasons. But he’s of the age and generation of stars (guys like Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant and an even older Nash) who are crafting their exit strategies already.

He’ll play this season with a brand new cast (Chris Kaman, Elton Brand, O.J. Mayo and others) in Dallas, awaiting whatever the Mavericks’ free-agent play might be next summer.

The Lakers probably extended Kobe’s timeline with their summer haul of Nash and Dwight Howard. The Mavericks could probably do the same for Nowitzki with some serious moves of their own next summer. We are talking about stars with transcendent talent, guys who will be able to adapt their games in the twilight of their careers to whatever changes are made if it means chasing another championship.

So that “2 for sure” might not be as important as “see how I feel.”

We have a feeling he’ll feel much better this time next year if he has some superstar help on his side in Dallas.


  1. sampph says:

    Nowitzki incredible value, strength and hope that you still have to continue providing a quality game for the Mavericks.
    The only one good, simple life and grateful.
    I think even in two years may continue to give a lot of plays, but also could retire and go as a good player if that’s what he wanted to do

  2. Willy says:

    OK Ok I am going to make a prediction! Dirk will win the scoring title this year and next then retire. Who else is going to shoot on this team! He will be putting it up from the bench. Coach will be calling plays for him while he is sitting! Remember the BLACK HOLE of Kevin McHale, once it goes in it never comes out again, never ever ever, lost bouncing around the rim until it falls into Dirkland! He will shoot 100 times a game no doubt, who cares at 23% he will still score big! This will be fun to watch. Go Dirk your open, shoot man what are you waiting for!

  3. .,..,. you MiAmi-laker fanz R Idiotz DIRK iz the BEzt …. thiz one iz a bang they r gona
    blazt u all being THE CHAMpz DIRK 101 ,.,,LEgendary

  4. where that miami fan says:

    Heat Starting 5ive

    pg: Wade
    Sg: Allen
    Sf: Lebron
    Pf: Dirk
    C: Bosh

    Good bench Chalmers, battier miller jones howard (NOT D12 BTW) Ya WISH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. langka says:

    somebody is not thinking here.kobe and dirk is worth like almost 50 million dollars next season and your saying trade them for haslem howard battier anthony a less than 20 million dollars combination

  6. victor says:

    im watching allen iverson score 50 points but it has 1997 been his rookie season he came in 1996 can you fix it your the nba chanel come on get it right.

  7. LBJ says:

    Miami first 5

    PG: Wade
    SG: Kobe
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Dirk

    trade howard and battier for kobe
    haslem and anthony for dirk


  8. LBJ says:

    Juwan Howard isn’t going anywhere!!! He is a bonafide all-star who is well in his prime. Dirk for him? What kind of trash talk is that? The Mavs would have to trade their whole team for Juwan “GOAT” Howard.

  9. lbj says:

    Dirk to force trade to the heat to win championship with the king, cause that’s only way.

    Haslem and juwan for dirk.

    Dirk start at power forward and bosh at center= championships

  10. Greg says:

    Dirk has a sweet heart and is truely a gentelman on the court. He’s unique in his play. Wished more of the players followed his tracks 😦 A true hall of famer when he retires.

  11. im a heat fan, wait i am NOT says:

    i miss that “lbj” guy,

    ontopic: im both a fan of nash and dirk, im pretty sure dirk would stay to dallas till he retire, thats how you recognize a “REAL” superstar
    about nash: this topic isnt about nash

  12. Deputy says:

    Dirk is legendary!!!There is no other like him.
    Whatever he decides to do will be a professional decision.

  13. BIG CAT says:

    andrea bargnani is the next dirk , you dont hear much of him bcuz he plays in toronto but hes a rising star people, watch out for the raps this yr THE BIG FIVE lowry, derozan, fields , bargnani , valenciunas , bargnani will be playing his normal position which is PF making him all the more effective , look for about 25 ppg from him this yr , this is a playoff team

    • Greg says:

      I have to agree about Bargnani. He’s a truely talented shooter, he can rebound well. I don’t think he can think about being dominant as a 5 though, but as a 4, definitively. He has Dirk’s traits (but the fadeway).
      When it comes to the Raptors, I can’t give you a +1. They’re young, but unexperimented and have a real stronger opposition. They might develop in good players (DeRozan with his atheltiscism) but as a team right now they’re really in the bottom of the league.

    • YoYo says:

      Nope sorry to say but don’t look like a playoff team to me…

    • Dieter says:

      Bargnani the next Dirk? I’m sure he will play better if Jonas turns out to be a great center for the Raptors, but Bargnani is weak on the defensive end, and he just doesn’t have the work ethic or talent of Dirk. Lowry is a good point guard but he ain’t championship material, Derozan is getting better but he’s not even close to All Star level, and Landry Fields great work ethic, but he should be a role player, not a starter. I don’t think the Raptors will reach the playoffs in the coming years if they don’t upgrade the SF or PG position, and their bench. First lets see what valanciunas can bring… and maybe try to trade Bargnani, Derozan and Fields for Rondo, if Valanciunas turns out to be a great center.

  14. umar says:

    i think dallas can compete for a 5th or 6th seed but we will have to wait next year to see how good they can really be

  15. Lenny says:

    Took him long enough!

  16. BritishFan says:

    Wheres LBJ proposing another ridiculous miami superteam? Come on man your slipping!!

  17. Dirk45 says:

    Dirk will probably remain the last player to win a title without a superstar at his side for a VERY long time. In an era where two superstars aren’t enough he led a talented but not great team to the max result.
    Combined with his humble kind it makes him one of the top role models in basketball for me.

  18. Joseph_03 says:

    By the time his contract expires, he’ll be already 36, most probably he’ll no longer be able to carry the team anymore, but since his skill set does not rely too much on athleticism but rather more on skill he’ll be good at age 36 but not as a primary star but could be still be good enough as a secondary or tertiary option.

    First, can he swallow the pride pill and relinquish being the main man? Second, can the Mavericks reload with another star or two moving forward to pair with Dirk for a couple more years to add to his already legendary career?

  19. Judge says:

    @ Bangladesh…. Tyrone = LBJ… just observe their comments, both have the same style…

  20. Gskdmavs says:

    Everyone appreciates Dirk for winning the championship especially after the Big Three in Miami formed. One of the all time greats and hopes he gets another shot

  21. zgillet says:

    I’m getting sick of the “[insert superstar] to Miami” troll joke. It’s getting old guys, we know nobody is actually that stupid.

  22. Hunter says:

    Dirk! The GREATEST!

  23. Bangladesh says:

    shout out to my man Sekou Smith from a distant land… your articles…….still waiting on LBJ to post the most implausible trade involving Juwan Howard for Team USA to Miami

  24. soulbreaker10 says:

    why do so much people hate on dirk he’s not on a star studied team he wins the hard way hall of farmer if there ever was a trade it would be you’re superstar for dirk period he’s that good he can’t be defended double teams don’t help

  25. Stu Brew says:

    Dirk will stay with the Mavericks until he retires.

  26. Karol says:

    Who cares what will happen in 2 years? It’s a lot of time! Everybody cares about the present – Howard & Nash in Lakers, Nate in Chicago…

  27. hanif says:

    Don’t see why this is big news everywhere, Guess there is nothing else to write about this time of year but Dirk has been saying this all season. He even said it to D-Will. Mark Cuban and most other guys will say Dirk will play for several more years cause of his style of play, but Dirk is never too optimistic or too negative. Just tells things how he sees it.

  28. nba fan says:

    stop heat fans its not happening dirk is not going to the heat he is a future hall of famer and he will retire as a mavarick

    • manny says:

      fans and organization only care about players stats and team wins. when dirk number go down Mavs fans will be the one sugesting package deals for dirk.

  29. JDish says:

    LOL all those nba players wanting to jump to star stacked teams are all just a bunch of … “bandwagoners.”

  30. mavs-lakers-spurs fan says:

    these bandwagoners, geez, suggesting any star player to join their team, please take note that great respect goes to those players who respect their fans.

  31. Nowitzki-LA says:

    come to LA and play small forward, big 5

  32. Oula says:

    Suggesting that the Dirk & Marion deal for Shane & Howared is good, @jcrazy your name says it all. I see how scared you are of the upcoming trouble that the Lakers are bringing…..

  33. jcrazy says:

    Come to Miami Dirk.
    Miami trade juan Howard and Battier in exchange for Dirk And Marion.
    Good trade for both teams.

    • ALL IN says:

      are you serious….Juwan Howard and battier is a trash……
      for Dirk and Matrix…
      U are just a dumb bandwagoner..

      • JDish says:

        No way that happens bro. Juwan Howard, at this point in his career & at this era of the NBA, is veteran bench-man who can give you at the most 15 minutes of solid role player defense. Shane Battier is better, but Battier is merely a defensive 3-point shooter, but nothing more than that. That would be the worst trade package for the Mavs. This can only work if the Heat give up one of the big 3, and just maybe Chris Bosh would be the first of the 3 to be offered in trade talks. Maybe a package of Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers for Dirk and Matrix would generate interest from Dallas. MAYBE.

      • Judge says:

        you really live by your name “JCRAZY”, its just like 100 dollar in exchange for a cent. Battier and Howard are garbage.. even the two in exchange for Dirk alone is not worth it.

    • smartgilas says:

      Just like your name, your post is crazy! when does Dirk’s worth equals juan howard and battier. you’re so lame.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Another stupid Heat fan, Dwight to Miami, Nash to Miami, Dirk to Miami, Marion to Miami, Jordan to Miami. Heat fans need to stop being in their little fantasy world, actually not even Heat fans, Heat bandwagoners.

    • tyrone says:

      Bandwagon idiot, fans are sometimes really bandwagoners and at least LBJ is commenting: Trade Haslem, Anthony, and Howard for Dirk”

    • tigsy221 says:

      hows dat a fair trade idiot

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      jcrazy isn’t forreal, he’s just doing that to get a reaction out of everyone. Atleast from the way he talks it looks like the same sentence over and over again for all these superstars with contracts going up. I mean, it’s either one person running around saying the samething or…everyone in miami is high as a meteor off of that jamaican good good lmfao! Idk, you decide I guess.

  34. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Ima Joking: and you, you switch to every team winning the championship…Bandwagoner….

  35. Who cares dirk n mavs both r weak link anyway……

  36. SixerFan says:

    As a European, I understand Dirk as not many Americans could. We like to stick around, “make ourselves at home”. Dirk grew roots in Dallas and mark my words-he will NEVER leave the Mavs.

  37. Bob says:

    Health and the possibility to win it all will be the factors for Dirk’s decision in 2 years. If Mark Cuban is not able to put together a decent team, he will never ever have enough money to convince Dirk to continue being beaten up every night.

    • realist says:

      u r an idiot. cuban will always have the money and dirk just said that he bleeds blue. he is not going anywhere until he decides he cannot play basketball anymore. cuban has always surrounded dirk with a good team, and they should have had more rings, at least 2-3 more, but that is their own fault for falling apart at the wrong times. dirk will always be a mav and will not be a coward like a lot of the players in tha game today, and jump ship to a “super team” to take the easy road to a ring. as far as i am concerned, the mavs r a “super team”. have they not been in the playoffs for 12 straight seasons? 2nd longest active streak in the nba. like i said, should have won a few more rings but it is thier own fault. dirk is a mav for life.

      • Bob says:

        Learn to read before calling somenone an idiot.

        I did not say that he would join some kind of superteam somewhere else. The question was if Dirk would continue playing after the 2 years of his current contract. And I said that Cuban needs to put together a decent team to convince Dirk to play some more years. He will be 36 by the end of his contract. At that time he needs to have at least 1 or 2 really good sidekicks that draw some attention from the opponent’s defense. Have you ever played Basketball yourself? Do you have any idea what life is like in a pro-game in the low-post? Or anywhere else on the court as the team’s best player? Watch some games of Bill Laimbeer, John Salley or Ron Artest and take a close look how they defend their opponents. These are some really good examples of defenders walking and crossing the line of what is allowed in the NBA.

        I am pretty sure that he will retire as a Mav, but I don’t know if it will be in 2014 or 2016.

  38. Keon R. says:

    Dirk is one of the stand up guys in the league. He always works hard and extremely loyal. I’m glad that Dirk got his ring and I’m glad he was able to stick with his team doing it. There’s nothing wrong with joining a “super team” per se but, I think fans appreciate the way Dirk did it just a bit more. Championships are hard to come by and it’s very hard for players to get rings by sticking with the team that drafted them.

    • Chris says:

      I know every player strives for winning a championship, that’s why we have “Super Teams.” But I absolutely have the utmost respect for players that want to stay with one franchise for their entire career, guys like Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Paul Pierce, and Dirk Nowitzki. They either want to win a championship with the team they’re on and retire in the team they’re on. Who doesn’t love that about a player.

      • psychoPETE says:

        However it might be just a little easier to stay with a team is you play for Lakers, Spurs, Boston etc. Teams that are always attracting good players…

      • YoYo says:

        Its easy to stay with one team when your oganization is in a big market such as Laker, Boston, and Mav and such…Just saying….Let see one of them go to toronto or charlotte and see how long before they want out…

      • Heatfan says:

        I get what your saying but all four of the players you have named have won championshipsat there clubs, its another thing to stay with a losing club. Do you think Kobe would still be at the lakers if he didnt get a ring there? Not a chance!

      • you are right….Kobe was still in the lakers even if they traded shaq and had a bad record before Gasol came in…same with the mavs…Dirk and Nash were in the mavs before they were all stars and the mavs had a horrible team before

      • B.O.B says:

        thats wrong kobe wanted 2 be traded a few years ago only reason he stayed was cause of the trade for pau gasol