Heat Star Praises MJ As The G.O.A.T.

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — These same words from a different player, say Kobe Bryant or LeBron James, might have caused an actual stir in the basketball universe.

But when Chicago native Dwyane Wade acknowledges that Michael Jordan still has the title of greatest of all-time tightly in his grasp, as he told the Chicago Sun-Times over the weekend:

‘‘Michael is the greatest player I’ve ever seen play. I think LeBron is in that conversation of one day becoming. It’s all speculation, in a sense. He has a long way to go. He knows that. He has one championship. Michael has six! There’s a lot to say about that. LeBron is a dominant player. . . . But Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time.’’

… it barely registers as a blip on the hoops radar.

Maybe it’s the Windy City connection or the fact that Wade’s ties to Jordan and his brand run deep. But Wade’s praise being received as a statement of fact is a bit surprising, given the legions of fans of both Bryant and James who believe one of those current stars has legitimate claim to the title of G.O.A.T.

(We are in complete agreement with Wade on that point. Jordan ranks first while Bryant and James have to finish their stellar careers before we bother slotting either one of them on the list of the all-time greats.)

Wade was also asked about the Dream Team vs. 2012 Olympic Team debate and had this to say:

‘‘I think the 2012 team was awesome, but I always look at it and say, in ’92 they had 11 of the 12 best players in the game at that time, except for Isiah Thomas, who was the only one who wasn’t on that team. If you took 11 of our 12 best players and put them on our team today, then you have more of an argument in a sense of teams.

‘‘I think the ’92 team would be dominant today. I don’t know they would have won by 50 as much, but they would still be dominant. That team was amazing.’’

That makes Wade 2-for-2 for the weekend, highlighted by the Heat stars’  fifth annual “Wade’s World Foundation,’’ which pushes reading and literacy for at-risk children.


  1. if kobe scored his 81 pts. or 62 whatever he did in the playoffs and won…then it would be something…

  2. NBA Fan says:

    are you guys been hiding in the rock for ages? Phil Jackson said it himself, MJ was a G.O.A.T but Kobe has more skill set than MJ, Phil said that MJ is an athletic and stronger than Kobe because MJ’s hand is big, i mean “big” not huge. by the way, who carried the lakers against pacers in the finals when shaq was fouled out. who drops 81 on the opponent when they were down 18 entering 2nd half. who bomb 61 points in 3 quarters in Dallas. who has the more career clutch shots like 10+. guys truly, im not to any side, but let’s try it. LeBron with broken fingers, aching ankle, injury (whatever that called) on his knee, drops 12 3-pointers and compare to Kobe’s Game, let’s try also LeBron who got crutches 3 weeks after that then play with Boston Celtics of Larry Bird Era then bombs 61 points, flu game. 6 3-pointers in playoffs, play with the Utah Jazz of Stockton and Malone Era then compare MJ to LeBron. LeBron has still more ways to go before he will be compared to the guys you talking about. but i say, Kobe is no better than MJ, he just idolizes MJ so he practice those fadeaways, dunks , etc etc, MJ has so many achievements in his career. Kobe is just Kobe, MJ is just GOAT.

  3. Dr. Rasheed Syed says:

    KOBE Vs LEBRON: KOBE all the way.







  4. Dirty - D says:

    Michael Jordan himself said that only one person has even come close to his career. And that’s Kobe Bryant. When asked who was the best player in the NBA today Kobe or Lebron. Jordan replied without question “Kobe”. I think I trust Jordan when he says who his competition really is. But for the Lebron fans, at the end of both players careers then we can sit back and compare notes.

  5. Nick A says:

    okay kobe wasnt the most dominant player the first 3 championships but he had shaq in his prime.. the arguably most unstoppable player to ever lace up.. if lebron, mj, or any other HOFer was young as kobe was when he came in and was put on that team. They would also be the second option.. mj and lebron were put on horrible teams right away so they had to shine.. kobe simply jus had to fit in until his time came.. which was about the time he scored 81 and won the 2 rings!

  6. Denzo says:

    LeBron = Power train that goes straight. Smart? No. Smart as most guys in the league right now? No. Smarter than a Deron Williams or Nash? No. Kobe and Jordan.. Smart? yes.

    Jordan known for being a bitch in the 4th quarter for how many seasons? No. Jordan known for missing clutch shots and choking? No. LeBron for all that? Yes.


    Jordan dominating the game every season he played? yes.

    Jordan having 2 great players and a bunch of white guys? Yes.

    Jordan being more athletic than Kobe and bigger hands than LeBron and Kobe? Yes.

    Jordan. BOOM.

  7. joel frias says:

    i agreed,
    Koby it´s the unic player who can´t fight with MJ for the very best time player of all time!!!


    omg styles are changing, wow are u kinding me ,now an days nba is all about no contact an to say mj is the best is defenetly true , kobe is the best of this era but he would have been another mail man with out a tittle because of Jordan . lebron an kobe are two different style players , kobes career is gana be stuck at 5 rings , its lebrons time an kobe to step down

  9. 50-50-ball says:

    To call MJ as the greatest to me is pretty much overused these days. Remember when MJ mentioned that he shouldnt be called such because he wasnt even able to play against the likes of Wilt, Big O, The Logo, Lebron, Kobe (in his prime). And that is coming from Jordan himself, which is def true. Times are a-changing, different eras and style of play. I dont think MJ would really ‘dominate’ the game today if he is still playing now. But we can never really know, so please stop comparing players of different eras. Because if you base ‘the greatest’ from stats, Big O and Wilt are the top 2. Base from achievements? Bill Russell and Kareem are the contenders. So really, there can never be the only one.

    • Denzo says:

      Jordan wouldnt dominate the game today?? I think we are talking about “Michael” Jordan.. not DeAndre Jordan.

    • StuNNa says:

      Dude think about what you are writing. Look at what Kobe has been able to accomplish based on carbon copying Jordan’s moves. Combine that with Lebron’s all-around skill set and you have Jordan. A young Michael Jordan would rip this “low-contact” league a new hole.

  10. Gilmore E. Catubig says:



    • Gilmore E. Catubig says:


  11. Chris P. says:

    Just to comment regarding MasterPiece’s comment – Kobe has 5 rings. The 1st 3 was because of Shaq. LAkers won 3 ring’s because of Shaq. Kobe was just a support cast and that shouldnt count. In my opinion, Kobe only has 2 ring’s strapped to his belt. He should not be credited to the 1st 3 ring’s Thats all Shaq!!!

  12. Chris P. says:

    Kobe is a good player. But never will be as good as MJ. No matter how many times you play with it, spin it, flip it, the outcome will still be the same. MJ 23 still the best.

  13. jowsef45 says:

    dont forget about the great dwayde he has 2 rings:)

  14. asdfmel says:

    MJ is a phenomenon. He is a flying car, a transport to Andromeda. Mj cut the future from the past.
    He is the art of modern basketball, the inventor of smoothness and creativity. His moves are music to the eyes.
    MJ is a complete player with complete skills. Efficient and consistent. A balance in rhythm.
    He is a natural leader with inborn charisma. A magnet of perseverance and winning spirit.
    Mj is a mold, a pattern to the new greats.

  15. asdfmel says:

    MJ is a phenomenon. He is flying car, a transport to Andromeda. Mj cut the future from the past.
    He is the art of modern basketball, the inventor of smoothness and creativity. His moves are music to the eyes.
    MJ is a complete player with complete skills. Efficient and consistent. A balance in rhythm.
    He is a natural leader with inborn charisma. A magnet of perseverance and winning spirit.
    Mj is a mold, a pattern to the new greats.

  16. MasterPiece says:

    How u dare ppl comparing Kobe with LeBron !!!?? It makes no sense u frget that Kobe has 5 rings than LeBron or what ?!? lol u people are really funny … If Kobe wins the championship this year by carrying the Lakers he will be certainly the 2nd greatest after MJ no question about it

  17. basketball fan says:

    JORDAN =RINGS? defensive PLAYERS? mvps? finals mvps?{took a few seasons off so scoring wise he could of easy been higher in the charts }
    KOBE=RINGS? defensive PLAYERS? mvps? finals mvps?{took no seasons off and he is top 10 greatest but cant be goat stats dont lie ]OO and see how many times these players miss the playoffs there so much alike its hard not to compare people look these stats up and the differences while show

  18. mrtnlee says:

    if we were to compare the 92 dream team and the 2012 team, the point guard and guard positions would pretty much cancel out. Once the game slows down, its really a matter of who can control the paint. I think its pretty clear which team has the edge on that one.

  19. ROBBIE says:

    Earl Manigault is the real GOAT….KAPISHE

  20. Fefe (Nets) says:

    The real GOAT is Earl Manigault

  21. Bojeezy says:

    You Lebron fans are all biased. I at least admit I am biased because I am from LA. I think that Lebron is one of the best right now but that is because he can always defer to Wade and Bosh. He should of stayed and won it in Cleveland. It was only this year that he actually stepped up and didn’t play scared to lose. He was the man during the finals last year but that is only one year out of his whole career. Kobe after Shaq left had been the man and wasn’t scared of taking those clutch shots. Now Kobe has an Allstar team and it would look pretty bad if they didn’t win it all this year but I believe Kobe is up for the challenge of trying to win two more championships before he retires. He wouldn’t want it any other way. He is slowly getting slower but he can still hit those smooth jumpers. He is as close to what MJ has done as I have seen. MJ never seemed to miss and had amazing will to win. Kobe learned from the best. I am glad I got to see Kobe play. In terms of clutch shot making, Kobe right now is the best and Dwade a close second and Lebron the third. I saw a game where Kobe didn’t seem like he could miss a shot. That is just my two cents.

  22. ThorpesNY says:

    True, I agree with you completely. Im glad to know there are students of the game out there. Kobe and LeBron remind everyone of just a small part of what MJ did…Kobe’s drive, killer instinct and scoring ability. But not argued as the best player in league from rookie to vet. LeBron some people thought that from his rookie season til now was the best player. But where was the killer instinct, the “im the best attitude”. if you dont think your the best option at the end of the game, you aren’t………Lets really think of everything Mike has done and your list is at least twice as long as the next man….I could be slightly off but at ages 39 and 40 didnt he have a combined two year average 22 pts, 6 reb, 5 ast and almost 2 stls…Didnt he help turn Rip Hamilton into one of the hardest workers and best perimeter defenders of his own time..Ladies and gentleman, Mike did everything and struggled with nothing! Not a perfect person, but the closest we have to seen to perfection on the court.

  23. Lamonteecurb says:

    Yeah yeah labron now is better than kobe is a cry baby and his fan’s are tooyeah kobe has 5 rings to james 1 labron has won a finals M.V.P 3 season M.V.P’s a goal metal kobe never won a season title a finals title and a gold metal never im only giving him cred for the 09-10 titles cause lakers where shaq team and he was the finals M.V.P rite for the fist 3 man please if kobe hadent played with shaq he wouldent have 5 titles hell have 2 and james 1 and wade so hell have as many as wade please kobe got beat 2 in 1 rounds sweep’s he cryed to to bus and the G.M so they went out and grabbed the best center and nash to yes im a say it because its my belief’s to beat my heat and try and make us heat fans scare with those lakers scare tatics that they use ever yr hey if we meet us heat fans will b ready for sure because now we know how to playwith other now than before ill stick to it boston 0-8 team will b the last to put togather a big 3 and win it all kobe is a ball hogging cry baby every title that he did lost he cryed about james took it like a man in both losses and like bosh said that new laker team only looks good on paper u lakers will have that target on your back well as our’s but belive me kobe’s target is going to cost him heath problems in the 2013 playoffs i do belive kobe and howard will go down for the count so lakers are the 2013 champions lets crown them boys lol james is not better than mike nor is kobe try doing all that scoring in playoff games kobe never scored as much as mike in title games go back and check they stats

  24. TrueBASKEBALLfan says:

    Now on to an interesting post I read on here by @lakermig. You say it is pointless to compare and then, to prove a point, you tried comparing. The problem is you only spoke in half truths and didn’t really dive deep into the facts. It is clear the Kareem and Malone both scored more than Jordan. However, did you know that both of them played at least 5 more seasons each? Yes Kareem played 20 while Malone played 19. Kareem has a total of 38387 points in his extremely long career. If he had stopped at 14 (the amount of seasons Jordan played) he would only have 29810 points. That is in fact 2482 points less than Jordan. Malone had 36928 points in his 19 seasons (17 of which he averaged over 20 points). If he stopped at 14 he would have only 28946 which is 3346 points less than Jordan. So that point is basically irrelevant. Russell does have 11 titles and 5 MVPs. How many defensive player of the year awards does he have? How about scoring titles? His team was stacked if I recall correctly. The point I am trying to make is the combination of accomplishments that Jordan has on top of how he played the game explains why he is the GOAT. You can’t just point to one thing that someone does better and excuse the rest. Anyway, thanks for reading.

  25. TrueBASKEBALLfan says:

    Clearly there are few unbiased basketball fans on this post. It looks like mostly biased, non objective fans looking to support their player with erroneous statements and half truths. So I am going to attempt to actually share some true basketball knowledge. First of all, Jordan is the GOAT, but yes that is a matter of opinion. Kobe is a great player, one of the best but right now he is not near Jordan. No this isn’t only about rings. This is about scoring titles, defensive player of the year awards, finals MVPs, finals scoring averages, career scoring averages, dominance, etc. Jordan has done much more than Kobe has. Lebron on the other hand is a very good player and he is CURRENTLY the best in the world. Whenever someone says that someone is the best that doesn’t mean we are talking about everything they have done. We are talking about the present time. When Shaq was in the league and everyone was saying Kobe is the best, how many of you were like NO SHAQ IS, even though Shaq clearly had fallen off? Lebron is better than Kobe now but that doesn’t mean he has had an overall better career. Yes overall, taking into account everything Kobe has done, he is better than Lebron but we are talking about right now. Now Lebron is also not in the discussion with Jordan, he hasn’t done enough to be there. But see how when you are comparing to Jordan you take into account WHOLE BODY OF WORK because he is retired. Let’s compare at the end of their careers.

  26. @lakeshow says:

    Lakeshow, clearly you are mistaken. Kobe had much more on his team than Lebron had when he went to the finals. Let’s look at the FACTS. You say Kobe only had Pau as another superstar. Although there were no other “superstars” on that team he did have Andrew Bynum (the second best center in the league) and Trevor Ariza (A known defensive stopper) not to mention Lamar Odom who was playing great at the time and Derrick Fisher (still clutch). Now outside of Anderson Varejao, no other person you named was on Lebron’s team when they went to the finals. Shaq wasn’t there, West wasn’t there, and neither was Mo Williams. So right there you statement has been disproven. Now if you take a team with the starting lineup of Daniel Gibson, Sasha Pavlovic, Drew Gooden, and Zydrunas Ilgauskas with Lebron to the NBA Finals, that’s doing something. If I recall, when Kobe didn’t have anybody but Lamar, they were repeatedly beaten by the suns before the Western Conference Finals. As for the rest of what you said I can see your point. But Lebron is the best in the world RIGHT NOW and Kobe won’t ever be better than Jordan.

  27. IAN says:


  28. Ben Davis says:

    There are only two players currently in the NBA with multiple games in a season where they had 40+pts, 8+rebs, 8+Asts, 3+blks, 3+stls, and still shot >/=50% from the field… One does not get as much recognition as Kobe… No matter how great he plays…

    Oh, and for the two players…. THEY PLAY FOR THE SAME DAMN TEAM!!! LOL!! Check out 08-09 Wade… one of the most underrated seasons ever…

  29. Ben Davis says:

    Miami is trying to become a dynasty like the Lakers… Until that happens, there will always be more Kobe fans.. Even if LeBron is the second greatest Player ever… and Even if Wade is the second greatest SG ever…

    Laker Nation will never admit that those two players are better than Kobe.. Hell, ESPN will never let that happen…

  30. Ben Davis says:

    LEBRON AND WADE HAVE BEEN BETTER THAN KOBE FOR YEARS now. THis is a different era than the Jordan era. One person scoring is not going to win you championships… Which is why the two joined each other in the first place. That’s one reason why these guys are shooting sky high FG%… While Kobe is shooting 43%. No one wants to admit it, but these guys are doing much more and have been more diverse than Kobe. Kobe is Kobe because of Laker Nation. I rooted for the Lakers in the early 2000’s, and I was just as much a Kobe fan as I was a Derek Fisher Fan… It was Clearly Shaq’s team.

    Watch the Boston Lakers finals Series again… without being biased… The only Finals performance I give him credit for is the Lakers Orlando Series… and even in that series he was no LeBron or Dwyane Wade.. These other guys can win the Scoring title if they wanted to.. THey can and they already have at a much higher FG%…

  31. L.A DieHard says:

    Kobe > Lebron. Of course Wade won’t mention Kobe, he’s the closest rival they had , you cannot say that your rival is better than your teammate and friend. Kobe is a beast. 81 points in a freaking game, who has done that ? (Other than WIlt versus a bunch of white guys that weren’t near as athletic as players are today).

    If you’re talking so much about Jordan, well ,why don’t you mention that he said that Kobe was way ahead of Lebron. You forgot that?

  32. LikeMike says:

    Scoring 38 points and leading the Bulls to victory despite having a flu in the most important game of the 1997 NBA finals… That explains why MJ is the GOAT!!!

  33. lakermig says:

    i also wanted to mention that shaq had penny and dscott so he did have two above average players and still couldnt win a championship and only did win once kobe grew a bit and stepped up . cause someone had said shaq would have one with any half decent player and i think horace grant,penny, d scott and nick anderson were all pretty good better than the lakers he came to in fact.

  34. lakermig says:

    as usual this dumb conversation rears its ugly head. and i wouldnt usually comment other than to say its stupid to keep comparing a guy from 20 years ago with players from today seeing as so much changes.But i would like to say that if you gonna stay doin all this comparing than how does Mj hold a candle to bill russell who has 11 rings and the same amount of MVPs with you guys logic bill russel is like twice the player MJ is/was.also karl malone and kareem have scored more in their careers and not like a thousand more but 4 and 6 thousand respectively so those two are better scorers than him not to mention kobe is only 3 thousand away from mj and will most prob overtake him. What about the star team mates erm last i checked jordan had scottie nba 50 all time greats, rodman hall of fame and one of the best pf ever and steve kerr who was also a very good pg and 3 pt shooter so its not exactly like lbj with the cavs or kobe with pau who every one likes to diss except for when you say kobe is awesome then oh but he has pau. As for lebron being better than kobe ..again a dumb argument seeing as kobe is too old to compare although in my opinion even at the athleticism part afro kobe would have taken lbj. But i think lbj is the most physically gifted player since wilt and jus like wilt his physics are perfect for this specific time and style of play where its very guard oriented and speed oriented seeing as there arent many big men in the game anymore. but skill wise if lbj was born with kobes build or even worse mjs build i doubt wed know who he is. Im not sayin kobes the GOAT and im not saying mj is the GOAT im simply saying its a dumb argument at least compare 2 stars that are in their prime and similar currently like kd and lbj now thats an arguement.

    • StuNNa says:

      MJ holds a candle to Bill Russell because he won his first ring while being the lone All-Star on the team. Pippen did not make the All-Star team in 1991. Pippen did not make the All-Star team in 1998 either, when the Bulls won their last ring. Jordan was a better scorer than Kareem and Malone. Those two guys both played with the greatest point guards to ever play. That helps when you are trying to score, because a great point guard will give you the ball exacctly where you need it, in order to be effective. Scotiie pippen was there for all six championship. Dennis Rodman showed up for the last three. How many Finals MVPs does each of them have? Scottie Pippen is in the top 50 greatest players list. But is he in the top 15? Magic and Kareem are in the top 10, and they were teamates. Bill Russell has 11 rings. But rings are a team accomplishment. Jordan has 11 MVPS: 5 regular season + 6 finals. This is why people say Jordan is the GOAT.

  35. Ehh, WHY CANT WE JUST CELEBRATE THESE MENS GREATNESS? WHY COMPARE?? CANT WE JUST LOVE THE GAME OF BASKETBALL WITHOUT COMPARISONS? I dont care whos the greatest, I LOVE EVERY PLAYER WHO PUTS ON A SHOW and shows that fire within! Every player is different and unique in their own ways. People say GREATEST OF ALL TIME, i say Greatest PLAYERS Of All Time.

  36. Bev says:

    It is always good to give respect to ALL THE GREATS who have laid the ground work for
    others to accomplish greatness.

  37. michael11 says:

    Lebron and Kobe still have not prove to be the greatest, Wilt Chamberlain has 72 NBA records more than anybody pave the way for jordan , kareem and everybody else and is considered in the discussion of Greatest all-time

  38. The GOAT belongs to Kobe then Lebron.

    • Sea Pea says:


      • basketball jones says:


        in my opinion anyways..

      • basketball jones says:

        bill russell(remember Bill played with crazy good teammates, several hall of famers)

        and that’s my personal opinion, but like people have been saying throughout this thread, it’s simply an undeterminable question.

  39. newyorksteelo says:

    Michael Jordan = Greatness.

  40. Krespino says:

    LeBron in the same discussion with MJ could only be a joke. One championship does not get a player in that discussion. Kobe also is not at MJ level.
    As Wade rightly said if this year’s dream had all of the present best players (Howard, Wade, Rose, Bosh) there might have been a small degree of logic in comparison. This years team did not even have legitimate big men…

  41. Deron says:

    LeBron could be the most physically gifted player. At 6 “8” 250lbs an SF with a body of a football player or Karl Malone. Your really expected to be a beast. But remove his physical qualities, I don’t think he can dominate the way MJ did, At 6″6″ 195 lbs, It was just a “normal” body of an NBA Guard

    But the big difference is MJ overcomes all odd with a mix of natural talent and matchless determination, where as LeBron is “physically” superior yet He’s waay below compared to the character and inner faculties of Jordan.

    On the other hand Kobe is Ego powered. His intense desire to win and be like “Mike” is the key to his success. Also he is blessed with some great teammates like Shaq and Gasol. But He always gets all the credit. Thanks to the Hype.

    Bottomline – MJ is the Best!

    • Sea Pea says:

      Gasol argument doesn’t hold up because Gasol and Pippen are about the same. Everybody needs somebody but you are right about Shaq. No excuse not to when whit shaq on your team. Guaranteed shaq would have one at least two championships on any team that had a halfway decent star on it. Kobe could not do that….but Jordan could.

    • Belizeboy says:

      I completly disagree. You can’t say “take away this, or remove that” and a player would not be good. We might as well argue and say if MJ was 6’1″ he would not have been the same, or if Kobe was 7’3″ he would have gotten injured a lot more. It’s just not a fair way to base an argument against a player. Lebron’s physical advantages come from him working to get to that level, just like Kobe’s shot is an acheivement of hard work. Basically if we take away any of the top stars key talents and gifts they worked to develop you get average players, but that’s why they are top players because they worked on certain parts of their games or physical atributes to become better than the rest.

      • Sea Pea says:

        Wow if Jordan did what he did at 6’1 then there would no question about his greatness. His nickname would become the UNDISPUTED GOAT.

    • Damien says:

      Man ! How do people keep forgetting that Jordan had the likes of Pippen, Grant, Rodman or Kerr with him to win those championships. Seriously, would he have stayed without all time great Scottie or all time shooter Kerr (who actually gave him one of his rings) I don’t think he would have been that successful. So please, when calling Kobe ‘overrated’ because of the stars surrounding him, don’t forget that Jordan (or say even Chamberlain, Russell, Magic or Bird) could not win it all by himself.
      Plus the competition back then was not on the general level of the league today : there were many stars but also many poorly skilled players. I mean, remember that Jordan was guarded by people like Craig Ehlo or even Steve Kerr (who mentioned the 55 points MJ dropped on him before he became a Bull). So please, study the history of the game before giving opinions that prove false in the long run…

      • You do realize that Craig Ehlo is 6’9″ and was one of the best wing defenders in his era. “The Shot” got its notoriety PRECISELY BECAUSE it was Ehlo defending MJ. And of course you heard Kerr say that he defended Jordan “for a time” in that game where he dropped 55 pts. It wasn’t him defending MJ all the way, but he got first dibs (coaching decision btw). You should follow your own advice and study the game first before giving your opinions.

  42. David says:

    Wade leaving out Kobe’s name in the conversation is perfectly correct, Kobe plays no defense and his basketball IQ is absolutely overrated.

    • Sea Pea says:

      Kobe has ruined a lot of late game situations for his teams. He ain’t called the ball hog for nothing.

    • basketball jones says:

      You don’t know much about basketball if you think kobe doesn’t play D, he’s been on the all-defensive team for iunno a little over a decade and in my opinion is one of the greatest guard defenders ever. In conclusion, check your facts before you write erroneous statements such as Kobe doesn’t play defense..

  43. bballjunkie1 says:

    Mike is the greatest in his time with 6 rings because technology brought him into everyone’s home (NBA). Wilt scored 100 pts no TV, and if rings are the standard just say MJ is the greatest you have seen because excuse me Bill Russell has 14 he is the standard. And scoring well last I checked there were more skyhooks (Kareem)recorded than MJ jumpshots or dunks. Just calling it like it is. Lebron’s body of work is just begining to take fold. One thing for sure paring up with Durant’s’, Howard’s, Chris Paul,’s, Hardens of the game will insure he won’t have to do everything he will certaning have a chance to catch 6 rings. Provided no injuries. Look at Kobe could have done something MJ couldnt do 4, 5 rings in a row with Shaq. If that would have happened all of a sudden is Kobe the greatest ever? Either use statistics or don’t. Just say the best you have seen period. A student of the game.

    • Alexies says:

      bballjunkie1, if MJ never retired after the 93 championchip run they would have won 8 streight championchips

      • dattebayo says:

        Some people say Hakeem Olajuwon was lucky to never meet the Bulls in the Finals, I’d say Michael Jordan should thank his Nike sponsored lucky stars he never met Hakeem Olajuwon in the Big Dance…

      • TheTruth says:

        couldnt agree w you anymore datte, people underestimate the greatness of Hakeem, look at that first ring he won not another superstar on his team and noone has ever won a ring w/o a true sidekick/superstar beside them except for Hakeem.

    • Easy... says:

      Over time it will become harder and harder to become G.O.A.T. because of the evolution of players and the league as a whole. It was easy to be the best in the 60’s where just a handfull of players were more athletic than the rest. It became more of a struggle in the years of MJ because he had to deal with more contenders and late game heroes but right now… there are too many players who can change the way a game evolves. And almost every year there is a new kid or a player from abroad that has an immediate impact. LBJ will have a greater chalange than whoever before to repeat the championchip for another year, and to look even further is impossible. So to pile up statistics like the greatest players from years ago did, that would be truly remarkable. Having said so… IF LeBron is able to keep repeating those MVP seasons and championchips for the next 4 of 5 years, then he IS the G.O.A.T., but he will have to stay on that extreme high level for years to become that player. And so does anybody else…

  44. wade is honest and true about his statements…i give him credit and props for saying in respects the things he did about the 1992 dream team and MJ….finally someone smart enough and without too much ego and pride….

  45. charles says:

    Kobe can’t be greatest of all time. In three of his title games he wasn’t even the MVP of the finals. It was Shaq. He wasn’t the best player in his own team let alone of all time. MJ was the undisputed leader of the Bulls. Lebron has a much better argument as he is by far the undisputed best player in any team he’s played in.

    • basketball fan says:

      Exactly, it took kobe 13 years before he was the “man” of his championship team, while Lebron, it took 9 years. Beside how can you be refered as one of the greatest if you have just one mvp in your possesion. Rings are important, but you need to be a multi time mvp just like Jordan, Bird, Magic, Wilt, Russel, and Moses.

      • basketball jones says:

        I would just like to point out that u left out kareem who has 6 mvps, and in my opinion is tied for the G.O.A.T. with MJ.

  46. Travis says:

    MJ is the greatest of all time and what Micheal Jordan did for the NBA and for Basketball globally can’t be touched by anyone. Micheal Jordan never lost in the NBA finals and he most importantly Micheal Jordan won when he was expected to win. Winning when people expect you to win is not easy especially when there’s a target on your back Micheal did it 5 times. With out Michea Jordan there would be no dream team without Jordan LBJ’s shoe contract wouldn’t exist. I think when it’s all said and done LBJ will be the most complete player to ever play the game! Kobe Bryant needs to win 7 championships otherwise I see Kobe always Jordan’s shadow.

  47. WADE Rules! says:

    Agreed, MJ is the Greatest ever.

    Great players come and Go….Jordan, LeBron, Kobe, Durant, Dwight, Melo, etc

    BUT our favorite and the one that really inspired us is DWYANE WADE…He’s the best in our sight.

    It’s not all about STATS or HYPE but its about Heart, Humility and X-Factor, and D-Wade has that.

    – Greetings from WADE county Org.-

  48. Rocabye says:

    Lebron isnt even better than Magic Johnson. He’s also JUST entered the prime of his career. Calling him GOAT is just silly. We can have that conversation when he’s in his 30s and still ballin. Kobe Bryant is the only guy who you can put in that conversation because he’s basically done with his career. So now we can look at it and compare, and unfortunately he doesn’t compare to MJ at all statistically, or in terms of accomplishments. Kobe is Kobe, definitely one of the best but certainly not better than Jordan. He is more skilled than Jordan though, I’ll give him that. Wade isnt the only guy to call Jordan greatest. Kobe did it on more than one occasion, and idk about Lebron…but probably.

    • Sea Pea says:

      More skilled in what way?

    • QuestionMark says:

      In terms of skill and accomplishments, Lebron is closer to MJ than Kobe is. Throughout Kobe’s entire career, Kobe won 5 rings, 3 of which he was the second option, and only 2 of them where he won Finals MVP and was the superstar of the team. Lebron was the superstar in Cleveland and even with a bad team carried that team to the Finals, but got swept. Lebron came to the Heat, and I think automatically became the number one option for the team, of course Wade’s and Bosh’s injuries affect that as well, but the way Lebron played in the Playoffs, he can be compared to MJ, Lebron has 1 ring, 1 Finals MVP and 3 MVPs and Kobe has 2 Finals MVP and 1 MVP and 5 rings. Kobe isn’t more skilled than Jordan, Lebron is more skilled and talented than Kobe, but not Jordan, not yet atleast. Only thing that is keeping Lebron apart from Kobe and MJ is the clutchness and the killer instinct, he hit big shots throughout his career, but when it comes to knowing when to take over for your team, Kobe and MJ does it better than anyone, Lebron is too much of a playmaker to do that, Wade I think is the one that knows when to take over for the Heat, but of course he was injured and didn’t play like he does this season.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Well said.

      • @QuestionMark says:

        Totally agree with all of your comment, except LeBron is not more skilled than Kobe. LeBron is bigger, stronger, faster and more athletic than Kobe and dominates in a completely different manner. Lebron almost fumbles but still pulls of some tricky moves while Kobe is one of the smoothest I’ve ever seen. Just depends on what you mean by “skilled”.

      • Lakeshow says:

        Man are you serious? Kobe did it without any superstar except Pau,Lebron had Mo williams,Shaq,Varejao,West…wich arent Superstars but can pull you to the championship…Then you say he`s better than Kobe?Yeah right..put Wade and Bosh to any other team and they will cary them to the finals…Miami wouldn`t be champions if there wasn`t Bosh…If there wasn`t Lebron and they would have any other star in the team they would win it all…In the Lakers,they depand on Kobe becouse his leadership,clutchness,expirience than Lebrons doesnt have(yet) after they carrers will and they will only be Kobe in discusion and comparation to Mike…Becouse if now you put Lebron on the TOP becouse he won the chamiopnship wich almost everybody knew he would with the Heat…then I dont see a reason why Kobe will not be the greatest when he wins 2-3 championships with Howard and Nash…And like Kobe said:Im not the second MJ,Im the first Kobe..:)Peace out

      • DeAndre says:

        Definitely agree with these statement, no doubt! LeBron have more skill then Kobe.

      • Nate says:

        @Lakeshow, you have the stupidest comment on here. Kobe had no help? Are you serious? You’re going to throw out names like Mo Williams, Varejao, West, and even an old Shaq that helped Lebron… lols… but you failed to mention that Kobe had the biggest front line at that time in Bynum, Gasol, and Odom. Plus Ariza, Fisher, and even Brown helped out coming off the bench. I guess all these other players can’t compare to what Lebron had in Cleveland huh? God I hate stupid fans that speak with no logic.

      • Nate says:

        If you switch Kobe and Lebron that year… Lebron would probably win a championship witch that roster too, but I doubt Kobe would’ve taken that Cavs team as far as Lebron did.

    • sbfern says:

      I HATE MJ and am a HUGE KOBE fan!!! that being said, MJ is GOATand Kobe is arguably 2nd or 3rd best. But Kobe is definitely in top 5 All time. And even if KOBE finishes with 7 titles, i do not think he will still be greater than MJ.

    • Rob The Blob says:

      Thank you captain obvious haha

    • TheTruth says:

      Ya im a little curious as to how Kobe is more skilled than MJ? MJ was the better defender, rebounder and all around player. you could make an argument for Kobe having better footwork than MJ did but to say more skilled imho is just a little ridiculous

  49. BFoulds says: