Wade Was Tempted To Be Like Mike

HANG TIME, Texas Sometimes I dream that he is me. Got to see that’s how I dream to be.

Seems that superstar Dwyane Wade is not much different from every other little kid who ever pulled on a Bulls jersey and wanted to be like Mike.

The Windy City native told Chicago Tribune Live that he nearly drank the Gatorade and made a return to his hometown two years ago when Michael Jordan’s old team topped off the free agent recruiting pitch by presenting him with a jersey that bore his name and number.

“It was very tough, it was one of the hardest decisions I had to make in my life,” Wade explained in reference to his visit to Chicago two years ago.

”I’m a Chicago guy and I grew up idolizing the Chicago Bulls, idolizing Michael Jordan and wanted to wear that jersey. So the day I went for the Chicago visit and they gave me the No. 3 jersey, I mean, that day messed me up. I went back home and I had the jersey on and, I mean, I turned into a kid again.”

Of course, if Wade had been swayed by his emotions and gone home, this summer wouldn’t be so gloomy in Chicago, since the Bulls would still have had Wade’s talent to fall back on while Derrick Rose rehabs the torn ACL that will keep him sidelined for a big portion of the upcoming season.

“You just feel bad for him,” Wade said of Rose. “We all deal with injuries and every time you deal with an injury, you hope it’s not the big one. You hope it won’t end your season. So to see a guy like D-Rose, who was battling injuries all year, minor injuries, and then it took its toll. And it was sad to see.”

And although it made the path for the Heat to the NBA Finals easier, Wade insists that, as a fan of basketball, it was tough to watch Rose depart early.

“We didn’t want to see it and we want to play the Bulls. We want to play the best teams,” Wade said. “We want him and his family to be fine, so to hear he was in high spirits and doing well, outside looking in, as a fan of the game, I’m excited for him.”

Despite the success of his Heat claiming the 2012 NBA crown, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden reaching The Finals with OKC and now Dwight Howard and Steve Nash joining up with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol in L.A., Wade insisted that it doesn’t take a gang of superstars to form a championship team.

“I think Derrick has a very good team. You don’t need multiple stars to win a championship. Just look at the Detroit Pistons in 2004, they didn’t have stars. They had very good players and they had a a deep team. So you don’t need multiple stars, Wade said. “Chicago has a very good team, a very deep team the last two years that we’ve seen.

“So I’m not rooting for the Bulls to win a championship at all, but you never know what’s going to happen.”

Or what might have happened to the balance of the league if the kid deep inside D-Wade had felt just a little more of the tug to be like Mike.


  1. NYC forever says:

    people dont be stupid do you seriously think that dwayne wade thinks hes the best player in the nba? he said in an interview after they won the championship that bron was the best player in the league.. second as of rite now you do need a super team to win a chamionship the conferences are to stalked with super teams that you cant have a team with only good players against a team like the lakers or the heat i hate the super teams but its a new age in the nba its the age of youve got to have the next best players, training, management money if you dont have that then you arent going to be able to compete with super teams

    • NIKE says:

      lol lets make it practical buddy.
      if you want a ring automatically you have to team up with other superstars.
      you dont want to be a lone hero in a team.
      its a team work man. and it consist of five superstars to easily get that ring.
      put that in mind. lol

  2. malchead says:

    rose would not have had that mvp season if wade decided to sign with the bulls and also if wade didint come back to miami chris bosh probaly would have went to cleveland and lebron would have stayed in cleveland to play with bosh but who knows

  3. Kryzeo says:

    Come on man. Let’s not play like u forgot, Superman is in LA. Heat fan sit back and enjoy your 2 rings cuz nothing’s happening for Miami for awhile. This laker team is gonna fill the record books, Dynasty in the making

  4. kobe says:

    what everybody gone say when kobe tie mj for 6, if the man played like 4-5 more seasons he would damn near be 1st all time scoring give credit to greatness

  5. KOBE#1 sacrider says:

    dwade is good but not good enough to be the next jordan plus wade is not even better than kobe and a garbage free throw and 3 point shooter

  6. Gilas says:

    if wade decide to play in chicago, Lebron couldn’t win another championship. So wade please don’t bring back the crying baby Lebron in the league.

  7. WadetoBulls says:

    Go for it Wade Go to your Hometown Chicago

  8. Melvin johnson says:

    REALLY? REALLY? OMG I can’t believe wade of all people said it doesnt take a super team to get a championship …. lmao he should really look at their roster and correct that statement …. but the bulls can do it. and gudluck bulls….. LMFAO i cant believe he said that lol.

  9. dam if wade was with the bulls, someone would finally have enough guts to put on a bulls uniform without worrying about their reputation and afraid attitude for fillin the stadium after pippen and the greatest baller MJ…rose is already great because we wants to win more than win individual awards…wade would’ve fit in nice….then there might have been two more statues in the making…next to jordan and pippen…(rose and wade)

  10. Ladrones says:

    “Wade insisted that it doesn’t take a gang of superstars to form a championship team”

    2005-2006 (Shaquille O’Neal, Dwyane Wade, Alonzo Mourning, Gary Payton)
    2011-2012 (LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh)
    2012-2013 ((LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen)

    Plus others excellent players.

  11. Like Mike? says:

    Let’s be honest, he didn’t really say anything about wanting to be “like Mike”.

    • Even though he said, ”I’m a Chicago guy and I grew up idolizing the Chicago Bulls, idolizing Michael Jordan and wanted to wear that jersey.”

      Wanted to wear that jersey…just like his idol…Michael Jordan…did.

  12. LaW says:

    Willy you are just another LBJ hater, everyone is giving LBJ credit becuase he deserves the credit more than DWADE as he was the one who carried the heats past OKC.. dont get me wrong ive been a DWADE fan since he joined the league but you can do around saying it was wade who got Miami the torphy..

    Look at top 10 finals plays and i think i see 3 plays there where wade got ball stolen in crunch time?

  13. BlackDove- says:

    wade puts the miami heat organisation over his family, what a punk

  14. VMX says:

    The Pistons had 4 all-stars, what is he talking about?

  15. Willy says:

    DWade won the championship for Miami man, come on, look at what he did. Why does everybody give LBJ all the credit. DWade did all the extras, blocks, steals, rebounds, unbelievable talent. And a great guy too.

    • Penny says:

      Everything you just said Lebron did more of in the playoffs, Im no Lebron fan but lets not get ahead of ourselves

  16. SaYo says:

    wade is just a nice guy lol if he really meant it doesnt take a gang of superstars to win a championship, lol never have the big 3 woulda formed in celtics,.. heat.. now lakers =]

  17. HEAT NATION !!!!!!! says:



  18. Jaymaine says:

    are any of you saying anything with sense joe johnson is not that good he’s a bumb that shoot way to much. who can’t be big. who the hay is danny granger low level star if you want to call him a star. it dose not matter what pick or round you get drafted to be a super star it stats and how that player stand out among other big player. consistency at a high level is what defines a star, super star. some people on here are making up stupid ish to make a dumb point. o and get over jordan, you don’t have to be like him to be better then him. if y’all want to call him the best player cuz he has 6 rings then I see you that with bill russel 11 rings. there is a lot more that goes in to a team winning a ship. some player are never blessed to be put or gathered around a ship type team. and no matter what it take a team to win a ship that’s why detroit beat LA there we’re a team.

  19. high leaper says:

    Dwyane Wade couldnt win a championship without shaq or lebron who were monsters in the league.. he is overrated and feels that he is the best player in the league.. stop dreaming lebron and bosh can win championships without wade.. he”s just taking a lot of shots but he shouldn’t be the all star starter for east.. ray allen is far much better than him

  20. Royt says:

    Derick Rose is a great player but he is shorter. He can be easily defended by other superstars. Ex. Lebron James, James defended him so well or slowed him down but he can not defend James. Most of the time, Derick will have to jump higher and use so much energy to catch up bigger opponents, the results his knee gives up on him. Fact hurts!

    • Penny says:

      Are you serious? Lebron out-weighs derose by almost 90lbs, is 5 inches taller, and has the same speed as D Rose….OF COURSE D ROSE IS GONNA HAVE PROBLEMS!!! You cant say D Rose cant play defense wen he’s guarding a SF/PF

      • bereal says:

        the way u overrate kobe is ignorant and childish son.

      • Penny says:

        @Bereal Kobe wasn’t even mentioned in this comment and anything Ive Stated about kobe was facts.. I give props where props are due unlike some of yall bias Skip Bayless type dudes

  21. K-rob(spurs fan) says:

    i wouldn’t consider Parker and Ginobili true stars cause they were drafted very low , they weren’t expected to do what they did the only A level player on the Spurs was Duncan in his prime until bout 07 and Gasol is ALL-STAR material but Kobe is the only true SUPERSTAR star on the team and when shaq was there kobe wasn’t even in his prime yet he was just young,
    there is a difference between all star and superstar , all-star is more like Joe Johnson,Al jefferson,Danny granger, guys that are like high b level players or b level they may or may not be in all star games if so usually not to many they are like top 20 players but not top ten..superstars are the elite the kobes, brons wades Duncans durants dirk and so on guys who have played in multiple all star games or a lot of all star games , got mvps all star mvps have won rings the best of the best top 10 player guys who can rise in the biggest games on the biggest stage

    • SSS says:

      Good point !
      Salute for those 2nd draft players or low player, who can show others if the can be a start….
      Can we call Steve Nash still Superstar ?

    • Dimitri says:

      Yeah Kobe, Wade, Dwight, Kevin Garnet/Durant, ect are super stars.Lebron James is NOT a super star. He is a TERA STAR like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird! U could slide Shaq in the list as well!

      NBA all time SUPREME TEAM
      PG:Magic Johnson
      SG: Lebron James
      SF: Larry Bird
      PF: Michael Jordan
      C: Shaquille O’Neil

      6th man: Julius Erving

      • Penny says:

        @Dimitri Kobe has the second most points ever scored in a game, top 5 in scoring all time, 5-time champion, and arguably one of the most clutch players of all time, and he doesnt deserve to bementioned in the same breath as MJ, Bird, or Magic?!?!.. Cmon now lets be real, and that lineup has no type of chemistry, just a bunch of stars u threw on a team. Maybe it would work on 2k not neccessarily in real life homie

      • Melvin johnson says:

        i agree with penny

      • justcallmeKD says:

        Bird was just lucky he wasn’t born in the 80’s.
        He’s probably playing in the D-League these days.

  22. zyldrone says:

    what about zyldrunas ilgauskas??? he was better than wade and lebron about a year ago, if anyone shouldve got mvp, it would be him

  23. UNO says:

    You don’t need multiple stars to win a championship??? What do you think of Lebron and Bosh??

    • SSS says:

      same last time when Miami got first champs, they have Shaq and Payton “Old but very desperated to got 1st Champs”
      When Detroit got the last champs, yup the not having the super-start but they are was lucky with bad situation of Lakers,
      That time Kobe wasn’ really mature, Shaq not let Kobe be 1st man and Phil Jackson got headache then the game was ruin.
      But I salute w/ Detroit same as Dallas when they beat Miami last year, Miami have all super-star, star and good player….

  24. Jaymaine says:

    all y’all do not watch basketball. smh, what sense are any of you making. I love Wade, he is one of the best players in the league but I don’t see any of y’all talking about the years after the ring Wade got with a all start cast of players, whether it be in their prime or out. that dude could not get the heat out the 1st round. And y’all need to stop hating on LBJ because he decided to leave a team that dose what your Chi town team dose with rose. funny when the shoe is on the other foot. LBJ didn’t leave the cav’s in the best manner but he didn’t drag a team season down with his choices or get a coach fired in the process. get over it many player leave their team to play with other great players.

  25. Kobe is da GOAT says:

    if wade went to chicago, lebron n bosh wuda most likely went to NY to team wit Amare. n melo wuda never came. n miami wuda been nothin cuz chalmers wuda been their franchise player

  26. butchock says:

    yeah, and i think javale mcgee is the best center there will be. a combination of all moves from the past greats in one fine specimen in javale. javale is definitely going to end up with more than 5 rings. definitely……

  27. butchock says:

    yeah, i think joe johnson is the best in the nba. everyone was saying he was gonna be the next mark aguirre. joe johnson is the best. top 5 nba player of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. KG21 says:

    Truth be told you can’t be like Michael Jordan. No one in this generation is in the same league as MJ.. Simply the best and most professional in basketball. No other team has beaten the Bulls in any Championship series. No one beats MJ on an all important series.

  29. Luke Duke says:

    I’m glad he didn’t sign!! We don’t like flippity floppers in Chicago!!

    • Dave says:

      but i bet you like finals mvps and scoring champions how about players with multiple all nba selections still happy he didnt sign?

  30. Bynum is a star. He had career highs last year. He averaged over 17 points, and 12 rebounds, and was in the talk about who was the best center (Dwight or Bynum)!
    Who averages over 17 points, 12 rebounds, and about 2 blocks, and not be a star.
    PS, by the way he is a star. In fact, an all-star.

  31. vinny jay says:

    Kobe Gasol Bynum you mentioned.

    Bynum is not a star. He did nothing to win those two rings. The first ring, he didn’t even see the floor. The second ring, he played solid in the first two games of the 7 game series, and then was a scrub after that for the next 5 games. He contributed nothing. A star? Haha.

    • Penny says:

      If it weren’t for Bynum Dwight Howard would have went in On Pau Gasol. Just because a player doesn’t score a lot doesn’t mean his presence on the court doesn’t matter

  32. Chlomosaurus says:

    If wade went to the Bulls, they’ll have the scariest backcourt but their frontcourt will be thin. Although Noah and Taj would be great defensively, there’s no one to score or to dominate inside the paint.

  33. Chino PA says:

    Damn!! if only i could play in the NBA..I’ll be like mike!!! LOL

  34. cheepso says:

    I know its silly comparing a guard to a forward, but Ill do it anyways. I have always liked Wade over LeBron, and I still do. IMO, Wade>Lebron , Kobe>Wade Melo>LeBron <- This is going to piss off alot of people, IDC 🙂 Its easier to Jam the ball, or lay it up, than shoot it from 20+ feet away. I would change the value of a Jam, or Lay-up to 1 Point, Jumpshot within the ARC 2, points, and I would add a 4 point line to reward the shooters that can sink it way behind the 3. This way the point system increases further away from the basket.

    • JeffX says:

      Great idea….NOT! 3 points is enough. Being able to overthrow a game with a four pointer from (say 5-6 feet) outside the 3 point arc is madness. Why don’t we have a six pointer from your own Key or maybe a 100 pointer from the nose-bleed seats at the back of the auditorium.

  35. bilal says:

    I’m glad wade didn’t come to Chicago.As good as he is, I think it would hold D-Rose back to be the player, he now is.I think D-Rose is finally ready to have a star by his side.Though it is clear, this TEAM belongs to DROSE.

  36. hoops says:

    D-Wade is and probably always will be my favourite player. He carried the franchise for five odd seasons, and was the orchestrator behind the big 3 deal. I’m so glad he will be in Miami for life. LeBron is without doubt the best in the world, but D-Wade will always be the main man in South Beach.

  37. RT2012 says:

    Lebron and Wade were supposed to go to chicago. They won a championship without a true center, and a true pg in the playoffs. In chicago they would of had Noah and Rose, Gibson, and Deng off the bench with Thibodeau coaching would of been a instant championship and another dynasty in Chicago

    • nba fan says:

      lebron can’t play with a true point guard because he is the point forward. all he needs from his pg and the rest of his surronding players to do is make open spot up threes when he is doubled team which is not rose’s strong point in his game. D wade does’ nt do that either explaining miami struggles in year one. Put lebron on the court more with the shooters and chicago would’ nt have the spacing for wade lebron and drose all doing the same thing dont need triples out there just attaking a basket.

  38. nba1970 says:

    best sg in the league

  39. haroon says:

    this is why everyone loves D-wade not only is he a great player he is a humble and loyal man hes not like any other player he has his own style, hes unique. thats why hes one of my favorite player..

    • Penny says:

      @Pakyaw Jordan was 34 going on 35 when he won his 6th ring just to let u know. Kobe just turned 34

  40. WADE is the Best! says:

    Oh by the way Here’s an amazing conversation that further impressed us,

    WADE talking to LeBron -> “I’m not yet fully recovered right now, Don’t Hesitate to take over this team. Don’t mind or worry about me…Treat this team as if it is your own,”

    I love how he values the welfare of the team. His HEART is waaaaay amazing.

  41. J says:

    ” You don’t need multiple stars to win a championship” ….ehm!
    Wade??? James???Bosh??? sounds multiple to me!
    Lakers Kobe Shaq, kobe Gasol Bynum
    Spurs Duncan Parker Ginobili
    Boston Garnett Pierce Allen
    just sounds multiple!!!

    • Belizeboy says:

      In those instances yes there were multiple stars, but we all know about Detroit who had star type players but none of them had superstars like the teams that have won.

      • KING CDW II says:

        I’m from Detroit and the 2004 team with no superstars is a rarity. You have to go back to 1994 (Hakeem & Houston) to find a team without multiple superstars on it that won it all.

    • william whitaker says:

      04 pistons no stars 06heat wade shaq helped but was getting older by then so didnt do a lot 08 celtics those guys were older with no egos they were no longer stars jus good players 11 mavs dirk u dnt need multiple stars to win a chip u need a good team team with chemistry chemistry experience and defense wins championships something all those teams had

  42. Dwyane Wadeeeeee says:

    man, i would have loved to see Wade team up with Rose..My two fav players of all time!

  43. scott the magician says:

    D-Wade…….rooting for a D-rose comeback……yelling at coach eric…..winning rings…….dating babes……this guy does it all

  44. me says:

    If he’d gone to chi town it wouldn’t have been so bad I mean who knows? with D wade they definitely would have gone past Philly and whatever team else, well except Boston but hey, could have been worse. Just because Heat won last season doesn’t mean that they will win the next. I mean if they win, great, but this could also be their one and only chamionship with LBJ on the team….

  45. WADE is the Best! says:

    Yessss, I love D-Wade!….He’s my absolute favorite player ever since He was a rookie. I already saw the immense potential of this man. We know he’s not yet 100% due to knee repair but hoping this coming season he will come with full guns ablaze! Me and my Friends are solid Waders……In our hearts, He is always been the Main Man.

    GOD Bless D-Wade, your the best , He is the epitome of the total package Superstar……Lightning QUICK, ATHLETIC, EXPLOSIVE, DOMINATING, FEARLESS, INTELLIGENT, Got MAD SKILLZ and most of all a man with a big Heart and Humble. I love his foundation to help unfortunate kids.

    Wade For LIFE!

  46. GSW15 says:

    Look at the Mavs. They surrounded all star Dirk Nowitzki with role players who stepped up in the playoffs and thats how they won. A deep bench and players who can step thir game is what can get you to the title.

    • uoykcuf says:

      and look how many years took them to win one. But hey, that team had tyson(which was very essential for that championship run), Terry a soso 6 man playing like the 2nd star player. It was like that 05 piston squad with B.wallace holding the defensive end, and RIP and Billups shooting the lights out. Seriously if Bulls are not going to get quality role players or even better all-star players for rose, I see him out of chi-town in 6 years.
      Rose has a huge upside in his game, his potential is sky high but he`s not at the level of a prime dirk/Billups yet.

  47. Tim Bladel says:

    If wade would have landed in chicago, two hometown kids would have brought two championships to their hometown.

    • the maybe game says:

      i dont know, rose shined in that season because he was the go-to-guy. rose might not have developed the way he did if wade had been on the squad

  48. He’ll never be like mike….and he’ll never win a championship as long as the lakers’ super team is still playing….go pau gasol! viva espaÑa!!

    • manana says:

      you wish compadre…

      Lakers is the most troubled team now the way grand Kobe want his mimes to continue..

      Even with KD is added to hollywood never they will get a ring with Kobe there.. sorry …

    • Jamison Hendricks says:

      He already has 2.

  49. Cup Cakes!!!!!! says:

    See the HEAT and BULLS Wade should have joined chicago. for reasons to be sure, playing basketball is a lot like making cupcakes. seriously, you need guards, you have to post up. its a real business and just like the game. so bring some money to town and buy that ticket to the game. See the HEAT and BULLS, and dont forget to get your cupcakes! See the HEAT and BULLS

    • Jamison Hendricks says:

      Wade didn’t want to come to Chicago because we would have been too close to that crazy crack head ex-wife of his. Once he got custody of his children, why come here. He also questioned the Bulls loyalty. If they didn’t really take care of Scottie, didn’t even give Jordan a piece of the team like all stars got, what would they do for him?

  50. sea pea says:

    If he had gone to the bulls then their record would not have been bad enough to get Rose at #1. Stupid what ifs. Who wants to play in Jordans shadow anyways.

  51. Blu truth says:

    If bulls continue to overpay declining role players(cough) Boozer ,Rose is gone

    • Jan says:

      Nah, he is a good kid, unlike some other kids who got tempted by the dark side of the force *cough* LBJ *cough*… Look at Larry Bird, Celtics were last the season before he joined and look how by ADDing pieces to him the Celtics grew into a championship team. I like the “building around my star” strategy of a team that drafted you, over the star leaving b/c he can’t simply do it the 1st way. In my eyes players like that who grinded through the tough years deserve the Ring and the worth of such ring is multiple times bigger than the others, thus to me LBJ’s ring is about as much worth as a candy ring from a Kinder Surprice egg.

      Just my 2cp..

  52. Blu truth says:

    The big 3 was planned prior to it actually happening. D Wade is just trying to be nice. I hate to say it but don’t be surprised if D Rose holds the Bulls hostage in a few years. Even when he comes back, he’ll have no help. The Bulls have a knack of ALWAYS missing out on the big names and then overpaying horrible role players in secline like Boozer and Rip Hamilton instead of waiting for people like Al Jefferson who is younger and better than Boozer. The Bulls can onlt blame themselves cause with the new batch of platers they got, they’ll be the new Washi gton Wizards: no plan, no direction, nobody. Smh. By the way, I grew up in Oak Park, IL.

  53. Badgers says:

    If Wade had signed with Chicago it would be a very different league nowadays. I imagine Lebron might have gone to New York?