Brown Embraces Lakers’ Sky-High Hopes

HANG TIME, Texas — You don’t have to warn Mike Brown about expectations next season with the Lakers. This is, after all, the guy who lived with the would-be championship burden of LeBron James sitting on his back in Cleveland.

Sure, the Lakers have added Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, among others, to their roster this summer. Sure, he can feel those 16 previous championships staring down from the rafters and the record books.

But in an in-depth and quite interesting Q & A with Brian Kamenetzky of’s Land ‘O Lakers blog, the coach says, in short, bring it on:

“That’s what I like about this job,” Brown said. “The level of expectations that we have as an organization doesn’t sit with just making the playoffs. Every year, ownership and management want to compete for a championship. As a coach, I don’t know why you would want to be put in any other situation, unless you’re just happy getting a paycheck or being a coach in the NBA. I want to be put in a situation where year in, year out I have an opportunity to win. You know? In my opinion, that’s my dream and should be the dream of anybody that’s a competitor. This situation warrants that.”

In his first season with the NBA’s most high-profile coaching job, Brown inherited a talented, but flawed, team that was never able to develop consistency during the post-lockout schedule and may have maxed out its potential just by getting to the West semis against Oklahoma City. That won’t fly this time around, especially when many have always dubbed the Lakers as the team to beat — ahead of the defending champion Heat and Western Conference champion Thunder.

“Everybody says that — expectations, expectations, pressure, pressure, pressure. Pressure to me occurs if you’re not prepared, and we’ll be prepared.

“Having said that, yes, you understand people’s thoughts and expectations, but I’m telling you this: I don’t think there was anybody last year that expected us and said it was OK that we got knocked out in the second round, or that we didn’t win the West. I don’t think there’s one person in L.A. that can honestly say they didn’t expect more.

“You look at other teams, there’s some other teams out there — Stan Van Gundy isn’t back for Orlando. You can figure some lesser teams, the coaches aren’t there. This business is about winning. So the expectations when you talk about last year and this year, to me our expectation last year was to win a championship. Our expectation this year is to win a championship, and if I asked you or anybody else, I think you guys would have expected us to win last year, just like you expect us to win this year. That’s no different.

“I understand why people say that, this year especially, with the addition of Nash and Howard, but at the end of the day the reality of it is we have to go through Oklahoma City. They won the West. We have to go through the Miami Heat, because they’re the NBA champions. We don’t have anything right now to say that we’re the team to beat except we do have a nice team that Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak put together on paper. Now we have to try to go get it, but we have to go through the teams that were the Western Conference champion and the NBA champion.”

Until the Lakers get through those barriers, over the hurdles and claim their next title, the questions will follow, if not smother, a guy with a resume that seems to be glittering and hollow at the same time. At just 42, Brown has taken his teams to The Finals once (2007) and the conference finals twice. His career winning percentage of .658 trails only Tom Thibodeau (.757) and Gregg Popovich (.680) among active coaches.

Yet, so much of how Brown will be defined depends on what happens this season and how he can put together the new pieces of the Lakers’ offense with mainstays of Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol there to make it all work.

The knock has always been that Brown is, uh, challenged at the offensive end. But it should be noted that the only All-Star season of Mo Williams’ career came when Brown gave him the freedom to flourish.

To that end, the Lakers have added assistant coach Eddie Jordan to bring in the principles of the Princeton offense, but Brown says that they won’t stray from Nash’s strength in the pick-and-roll.

“The way that we’ll put it together, Steve’s going to have an opportunity — he’s going to quarterback the team — and so he’s going to have an opportunity to come down the floor every possession and in early offense play pick-and-roll if he wants to. It’s up to him, based on where he decides to take the ball or a call that he makes or an action that he does, it’s up to him to get us into some of the looks of the Princeton offense.

“So again, with him quarterbacking, or making that decision, he’ll still have a chance to get the ball back after he moves or after bodies move. I don’t want to completely give away what we’re trying to do, but in a nutshell, he will have an opportunity to play pick-and-roll at the beginning of almost every play set coming down the floor in early offense. And if not, he can also choose to get to some of the looks out of the Princeton by making a pass or doing an action or doing a call or whatever.”

Big changes in L.A., no changes with Mike Brown. In both cases, it’s never enough.


  1. pogi2 says:

    If the Lakers didn’t champion this season, Mike Brown _ FIRED !!!

  2. allan says:

    Heat wins 4-3 over LAKERS in NBA FINALS 2013…

  3. SYDALE says:

    It’s gonna still be tough for the Lakers to beat the Heat… They could put LeBron at the PG in stretches and play big(ish)… And, he could disrupt anything Nash would try to do… and just bully him on the offensive end… and when Dwight or Pau comes over to help, he’ll either dunk on them or draw a foul… OR kick it to Bosh for the mid-range 2 or Rashard for the 3…

    C- Bosh 6’10
    PF- Rashard 6’10
    SF- Shane 6’8
    SG- Wade 6’4
    PG LeBron 6’8

    They could go smaller… and get the same effect…

    C- LeBron (I know… y’all gonna try to crucify me on this one… But… LeBron is a strong dude… and Dwight doesn’t have great post moves or range… on the real, Pau is a tougher Center to guard… and Dwight is only 6’10 or barely 6’11.)

    PF- Bosh
    SF- Rashard Lewis
    SG- Ray Allen
    PG- D-Wade

  4. Team Black Mamba says:

    I will start off by saying that the Lakers are very intimidating right now. That intimidation will be running through the psyche of each player and coach in the league. Doesn’t matter whether the Heat are the defending champs or the Thunder in the West. One thing’s for damn sure, they are all scared of the possibility that the veteran Lakers could win it all easily this season. Btw, Jodie Meeks is just as young, scary at 23, and could be 5x better than he ever was with the Sixers. I wouldn’t rule him out of the dominance equation. As for the LBJ debate, Kobe won the championship at age 24. ‘Nuff said! Isn’t that the reason why LBJ idolized him? He even bought Kobe’s shoes for crying out loud! LOL. Injuries are bound to happen, that’s true. Just like what happened to DRose. But Howard, Nash and the rest of the Lakers roster who tasted defeat last season will rise above it. Oh yeah, cuz its TIME for some bloody Payback! and its gonna be a B!@#%, ALL DAY!!!

  5. NOVFILMS says:

    the lakers have four starters easily capable of averaging 20 points each a game. the bench is strong enough to probably double last’s totals at least. on most nights the lakers should outscore any opponent. and as for defense, the great young pg’s out there can get around anyone. there’s no guarding those guys. but the lakers will be fun to watch again for the first time in years. they’re gonna score a lot of points and defend well enough to win any game, any series…health permitting

  6. Rocabye says:

    Someone is going to get frozen out. We saw how the Kobe/Shaq thing worked out. Then again, Kobe is older and more mature now (hopefully), so maybe he can curb his ego to work with another star. Maybe. But we all saw the Olympics, Kobe doesn’t do very well off the ball. At all. He’s not a spot-up shooter, doesn’t move nearly as well as he used to off-ball, so all you can do is either have him control the ball or let him post-up and fade. Unfortunately, Nash a guy used to controlling the ball, and Dwight is now in the mix for taking half of Kobe’s shots.

    Its a chemistry nightmare, a bad experiment thats about to blow up in everyone’s faces. Its not like Dwight *wanted* to go to LA in the first place.

  7. boombooroomboomboom says:

    DID anyone see how KOBE trusted steve BLAKE to take the 3 pt shot in denver GAME 4?KOBE WILL TRUST NASH AND HOWARD like he trusted BYNUM and PAU…KOBE is THE GREATEST!!!
    of all the SUPERSTARS in NBA KOBE IS the only player that MADE Another STAR “DIMINISHED”(SHAQ) KOBE CARRIED LA THROUGH tough times..HE ALMOST GAVE UP,,,BUT STILL PERSEVERED BECAUSE HE LOVE LAKERS FOR me KOBE is my BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER in my whole life…NO MATTER WHAT…..just saying..please ignore me

  8. DUDaCar says:


  9. DJBname says:

    Some coaches want it their way or the highway. Some get lost in personalities. Some can start rebuilds but can’t finish. Some, like Brown, seem to want to get out of the way of the players. My question is about what Brown contributes to the players that he is riding. He is affable but who knows what is in that noodle. Could be mediocrity which got lucky building a good percentage with great players.

  10. Alex says:

    I think it could go either way with the lakers next year, Its not unrealistic to think that Kobe might not gel with Nash being the primary ball handler and also that Kobe’s and DH’s egos might clash. That being said if they do work together they could dominate. I still think OKC have the advantage in the west though as by the postseason they’ll still probably have the best chemistry out of all the title contenders

  11. Bok says:

    It will only materialize if they, as a bunch of talented individuals, will compensate & relieve pressure from one another. And I hope that Mike Brown will trust the bench more (Jordan Hill, Jamison) as to keep the 5 healthy & give bench the morale booster they need.

  12. Anton says:

    Why is he always saying “Pauckasol”

    ?? Just pause between Pau and Gasol.

  13. Jay says:

    The real question is whether or not Kobe will let Nash dictate the offense. If Kobe can let Nash play quarterback and hold off playing hero ball, Lakers will be very dangerous.

  14. champHEAT says:


  15. D Lion says:

    Lakers will start the season 4-6.

  16. heat32 says:

    Laker fans are the biggest morons…maybe as delusional as Raider fan. Idiots

  17. realTALK says:

    Kobe = sidekick for life

  18. KOBE'S BRO says:

    HEAT’s fans are just affraid, so stop saing that the team won’t play good together…

    • L.A. ALL DAY says:

      Yea well if I was a Heat fan I would be pretty concerned myself. But if I was a Heat fan, shoot me in my head NOW!!!Heat will look so helpless against that Laker squad, it won’t even be funny. But then again, it will be hilarious.

  19. joe says:

    I don’t like the heat because I think the way the formed their team diminishes the value of their championships wins. There was no team building- the most dominating players came together in an agreement, no building through the draft and trades. Its not like dirk, kobe, duncan, or guys who stick through it to win. It will never be: “Wow, the heat won a championship. What a great story of perseverance.” It will always be, “Duh, the Heat won a championship. The dreamteam came together to beat up on the rest of the nba.”

  20. dwynn says:

    Say all u want LAKERS fans ,Still you have to EARNED IT!!!You maybe the Best team on Papers but still ypu have to play the game…Hehe..Good Luck Lets see how good is Howard returning on back surgery dont count your chicks before it hatches!!

  21. dice8up says:

    it would be foolish for Brown not to allow steve nash to run P&R with D12 or PAU, or Kobe… that is his strength…

  22. Shellpoke says:


  23. cdubbb24 says:

    how many 3’s did kobe sink this summer when he wasnt the main focus of the defense

  24. lakersfan says:

    anyone that thinks westbrook is going to rim on gasol and howard the way he did to the heat needs their head examined…… westbrook could only do that because there’s no bigs on the heat…… if westbrook wants to go up the middle he’s going to cause the thunder to be destroyed by the lakers not just beat

  25. lakermig says:

    i still think they have work to do and it aint gonna be a walk through the park but if everyone gets on the same page and delivers then this is the team to beat for at least 3 years

  26. Michael B says:

    LOL this is where Phil Jackson does a Pat Riley, and just before the playoffs, takes over as head coach again.

  27. Beast says:

    I say trade gasol n artest for a Ibacka harden n sefphalosha
    Nash ofensive player
    Kobe star
    Sephalosha defensive player
    Iblacka defensive player
    Howard star
    Harden sixth man

    • D Lion says:

      LAL would have to give the Thunder Kobe for them to give up Ibaka, Harden, AND Sefalosha

    • Mytownla says:

      And this right here is a perfect example as to why you should never in your life be in charge of making any important decisions smh

  28. Aus hoops says:

    I think you’re all ignoring the basics. The Heat are set to play their third year together with their core three understanding exactly the way each other play. That counts for a lot. Look at their first year….

    Same can be said about OKC.

    The Lakers have an amazing lineup, but who knows how they will gel. It’s going to take some time and they don’t have much.

    Sixers are a sleeper in the east with an improving young team and Bynum – if he doesn’t get injured – anchoring down the inside. I expect them to finish second or third depending on how DRose recovers from his injury.

    This year will be one of the best we’ll ever see. I just hope we get a Miami and Lakers Finals. That would be all-time!

  29. NANDO says:

    Itz gonna be a good season, injuries will decide who wins it all next year. MIA has to worry about the Bulls,Celtics,NYK and Nets before they start to really worry about the LAKERS….

  30. Vip81 says:

    Love all you delusional lakers fans. Even now that you have got Nash and that diva Howard, you won’t even make the Finals. OKC is still gonna mop the floor with you and got no chance vs a healthy Heat. …and those idiots who think Kobe and Nash are better than LBJ & D-wade lol wake up-:) Howard is not gonna get as many touches as he did in Orlando, his numbers will significantly deop, plus there will be chemistry issues, hands down. You can consider next year a success if you can make it to the conf finals! Heat vs OKC again….

    • Mytownla says:

      A success if we make it to the conference finals??? You… should probaly go drown yourself… do something quik because your life should be more irrelevent than the Bobcats Vs. Lakers… I think you Laker Haters are either jealous or simply dumb… You my friend, must be both. OKC is going to mop the floor with LA as you say? I would trust the likes of Homer and Peter to make life making decisions compared to your intelligence skills… How can you say that Howards numbers are going to drop, the chemistry wont b what it should be, ect.. You sure do make a lot of predictions for an idiot of your nature… jus sit back and watch us win… smh… what a dummy!!!

      • bullsfan0218 says:

        haha laughing at him for making predictions and ur saying “sit back and watch us win”. The season hasn’t even started yet I don’t think anyone is in a position to say how the lakers are going to fare. In 2011 everyone thought the heat would roll all over everybody and they lost to dallas in the finals. Theres plenty of elite teams that’ll give the lakers a run for their money.

  31. Steffen says:

    Come on, how can people keep saying Lakers have no 3 pt shooters?? – Last year was a mess and 805 of all Kobe’s shoots was with 1 or two defenders in all over him, since noone created anything with that loser Sessions being a waste of space on the floor. This year Kobe will have more room to come off screens or floot to the coners for free looks and his procentages will dramatically improve, so will Meta’s. Pau’s procentages will skyrocket as will his producation, since he can operate on the block and when weakside comes over to double his can throw the ball to the rim to DH if help comes from Nash or Kobe they’ll have good looks for 3s. It’s a perfect team setup, granted age is the only thing working against this team. Only injuries or Ego interference can destroy them in a 7 game series. Obviously if Durant or The king goes all super human on them for 4 straight games any team can lose as well.

  32. LeBron Fan says:

    Mo Williams was only an allstar because Rondo was injured lol, and oh he always choked in the playoffs maybe thats why LeBron left Cleveland

    • Beast says:

      Smh mo Williams was n is a great player with r with out Lebron chalmers got wade Lebron n bosh n if u look at their numbers Williams did much better

  33. John says:

    Laker/s will knock down at 2nd round..OKC still West champion…Heat repeated and back to back champs,,,

  34. noyb says:

    Sounds like an awful lot of pipe-dreamin’ to me. If you want championships, bring back Phil and the Triangle!

  35. sasasasas says:

    tHis line-up is solid but w/ brown as coacH..i dont know…

  36. Kobe-Nash-Howard-Gasol-Peace says:

    I like Phil Jackson to return but let us face it.. Brown is now the coach and I accept it.. Let us give him a chance to prove himself.. With this kind of line up, LA should at least be the WEST Champs.. If he does not make it.. Then it’s time to let him go.. Even OKC is young, they can’t beat this they say OLD ones.. They are old but they play like they are not.. They are just saying it because theyyyyyyyyyyy areeeeeeeeeeeeee toooooooooooooo nevoussssssssssssseeeeeee to the strength of the rejuvenated LAKERS… GO and get that 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th championshipssssss………

  37. Joe Hryvenko says:

    We are all going to have some fun this season !
    It will have some ups and downs however we now have the proper talent both on and off the court .
    Coach Brown can take us to the top as a T E A M !

  38. cavstheworst says:

    mike brown will win the title with the la lakers , lebron won the title with the heat, but what about the cavs ? when the cavs will win a title ? answer : neeeeveeerr kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • tyrone says:

      Duh, The cavs had their oppurtunity with LBJ but their GM Ferry was an idiot and wasted the oppurtunity and did not give LBJ a sidekick. Now Ferry is The GM of the Hawks he will faaaiiiilllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!! If Ferry did a better job with Lebron, the Cavs would have won the title and if Boozer didn’t leave Cleveland then they could have won it together. The Cavs are cursed unless Waiters and Irvings can do well together. Lakers may be able to win and we can finally see a LBJ vs. KB battle at last.

      • Really? says:

        Old man Kobe vs. Lebron in his prime. Kobe in his prime would take Bron to school with ease. Kobe was the first guy to dunk on DH! He dunked on Yao. He posterized Ben Wallace when Wallace was tossing everyones shots away. He scored 81 points!!! Lebron is great, but he’s more like Magic or Oscar Robertson.

  39. L.A. ALL DAY says:

    Kobe 5th ALL-TIME on the nba’s scoring list…..and counting.
    Lebron will never catch him.
    And really people? Lebron will never catch Kobe in rings or finals mvp’s Kobe will win another 2 rings with this squad are u kidding me?!?! It’s not even funny what this Laker team is gonna do to the league including OKC and Heat. It’s not even a joke. We would have won wiith Bynum and the current squad, it would have been tougher but we would have won. Nash changes EVERYTHING. But with Howard instead? Fugedaboudit!!! Howard and Nash want a ring just like Lebron did last year. Dont even fool yourself people it isn’t even gonna be close. Props to my man Kuptchak. Brilliant work! He can now be considered in the shadows of the great one Mr. Jerry West in the management dept. Getting Nash and Howard especially (and keeping Gasol???? hahahahhaha) was a Jerry West kind of move.
    Lebron has so much more work to do, work to accomplish, and just a few more game winning or game tying shots to make before even being considered close to Kobe (Kobe has like at least 20-30 game winning or game tying shots in his career – Lebron has what? 2??). Lebron has talent but his IQ, desire, heart , will and skills don’t even mount to Kobe. Shouldn’t even be considered in the same sentence. Thanks to the Lakers this year it doesn’t look like Miami will win anytime soon. Trust me on this. I don’t care what Miami’s squad looks like or what OKC’s roster looks like. The Lakers will dominate. It’s just the way it is.

    • tyrone says:

      That might change anytime, because the Lakers are aging and Howard would be the biggest concern cause he can get injured anytime and be out for a long time. And if the Lakers are old, higher chances of injuries (Unless you’re like A.C. Green or Andre Miller then yeah okay then that’s a different story). Lakers have a 65% chance of winning if they play against the Heat or the Thunder. The ONLY way the Lakers can lose is if OKC or MIA forces them to shoot from three point range which they are kind of terrible other than Nash. But OKC would be the tougher team for the LA Lakers cause Miami’s big three other than Chris Bosh are also terrible from perimeter other than Lewis and Allen, No guarantees. Anything can happen like the 04 Lakers losing to the 04 Pistons.

      • Really? says:

        You make no sense at all. Just saying. The Lakers have as good a chance as anybody to win it all this year. Isn’t Wade also injury prone? Injuries happen to everyone regardless of age. Ask Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose. It’s going to come down to who is playing the best basketball when it counts. Lebron is becoming special but his team relies a lot on him during the season. I actually think the Thunder are better than Miami despite losing in the finals. It’ll be interesting.

      • Belizeboy says:

        I gotta disagree with you on the Heat’s perimeter. They now have two three point champions on board, plus Miller, Battier, Lewis. That’s five deadly shooters plus two superstars who can shoot as well.

      • al - respect the game says:

        yeah sorry but ur not making much sense. have u looked at dwight howards history other than last year?? how many games has he missed.check ur stats bro. man is sturdy.

    • bullsfan0218 says:

      theres more to basketball than how many points you score, lebron is a better all around player than kobe not to mention more physically dominant. and hes never gonna catch kobe in finals mvps? kobe has 2 lebron has 1. Hes on the defending championship team and is going to be in title contention for years to come. Not to mention he already has 3 regular season mvps to kobes 1

      • L.A. ALL DAY says:

        Yea the one thing that Kobe can’t be given is a “regular season” mvp honor. But championships and finals mvp’s and all-star game mvp’s you can earn. A regular season mvp is given. The entire world knows Kobe was robbed 3 times when Nash won 2 and Nowitzki won 1. During those 3 years and the era surrounding, Kobe was the greatest thing basketball had on the floor. Colorado robbed Kobe of his reputation and the 2004 championship, but skills wise? Kobe is the best player since Michael Jordan hands down. His 5 rings (going on 6 and 7 with no problem) solidifies his legacy as a winner. Also, Kobe has dunked on every NBA superstar including your LBJ on several occasions ( I have the picture blown up into a life size poster to remind you) and has proven himself as being a dominant scorer and skillful scorer. LBJ uses his strength and muscle to get what he wants. And looks rather ugly when he does. Kobe uses his skills and talent. So if Lebron ends up with 5 regualr season MVP’s 1 or 2 championships and 2 Finals MVP’s and Kobe ends up with 7 rings (at least) when the Lakers win it all this year and next year, and 2 more Finals MVP’s ill take Kobes hardware and legacy with me to the grave. You can have Lebron and his pathetic hardware. And THEY WILL win this year and next. It won’t even be as hard as you think. Miami looks puney compared to the Lakers.

  40. We still need another piece. Barbosa, Matt Barnes, or Mickael Pietrus … Maybe Kenyon Martin … but its another piece missing …

    • SPOILED says:

      Really, as if adding Nash, DH and Jamison wasn’t enough. As much as I’d like one of those guys you mentioned, we don’t NEED them. We have enough to get it done. The Heat won without a bench! The Thunder got there with 1 bench player! Mike Brown has the tools, lets see what he does with them.

  41. On paper the Lakers appear to be indestructible. However, it is only on paper. If you want to beat the Lakers, get DH in foul trouble. You also need to have some great perimeter shooters as well to spread the floor. The teams that will be able to do this will dominate the Lakers, regardless of DH.

    • YOU MAKE ME LAUGH says:

      With DH in foul trouble we still have Kobe, Nash, Gasol, Jamison to put the ball in the hole lol. Defense will suffer, but the other team has to play defense as well. I do agree, with DH in foul trouble the Lakers will not be as good, but nobody is going to dominate this team. Not in a 7 game series. They’ll take their lumps during the regular season and will even get blown out here and there, but in a series. Watch out.

    • Mytownla says:

      Hey financial guy.. stick to focusing on your finances.. kuz you basketball i.q is…. embarressing. smh

  42. big o says:

    Forget the coach, Mike Brown will do very well. Kobe is the one to be worried about. If he wants to win 2 more rings he needs to defer to steve nash and let steve nash TRULY run the show. Late games will be Kobe’s turn for sure., but please let steve nash run the show… and every defense in the league will be forced to constant movement which generally creates onfusion. They should be the back to back champions as long as they are injury free and Kobe truly wants those rings

  43. dattebayo says:

    Gasol, Artest and Blake are 32 years old, Kobe is 34 and Jamison is 36 who is still 2 years younger than 38 year old Steve Nash. This Team is still old and can’t play fast, they do not have any good 3 point shooters besides Nash, Kobe shot .303 last season, Pau .259, Artest shot .296, Blake shot .335 and Jamison .341. Adding Nash, Jamison and Howard might fix a few problems the Lakers had, but it’s really not like the Lakers are invincible now. A little drama here, a little dwightmare there and the chemistry goes south. And boy do I hope it does and god I hope the Lakers All-Star Quintet will get bounced out of the playoffs so fast, Kobe won’t even be able to blame Pau for not playing well even though he did and Kobe did not 😀

    • Dear dattebayo, says:

      Let me educate you. Although the Lakers are older than most teams, they have more talent then most. In the playoffs the tempo slows down so not being able to run and gun as much won’t hurt them. But if indeed the tempo speeds up, these Lakers can run. Old or not, they’re elite athletes. Next, with all of the weapons the Lakers have, they will get better looks translating to better shooting percentages. I also noticed you didn’t mention Jodie Meeks who shoots the 3 ball great. You’re just another hater hoping that the ship goes down. You’ll cheer every time the Lakers lose a game. People like you make our championships taste so much sweeter. Keep on hating please.

      • Lakers4Ever says:

        Perfect educated!… Very impress..

      • dattebayo says:

        A typical Laker fan response, full of condescension, wishful thinking and almost no facts.

        Just because I am not a fan of the Laker franchise doesn’t mean I am a hater, I just don’t root for them because I usually root for their opponents, there’s a difference. Also the only player I liked was Odom, he made the Lakers a contender during their repeat. He ain’t playing there no more and last season the Lakers really didn’t play great ball from an entertaining standpoint. Since I don’t follow the Lakers like you, I didn’t know they signed Meeks. That doesn’t really change anything though. With only 2 good shooters, 3 point shooting is still not gonna be a forté of the 2012-2013 Lakers. I also doubt Howard is gonna get doubled-teamed as often as Bynum, so the Lakers will only get a few more open looks from Nash. If that helps with the shooting percentages, good for the Lakers, but I have my doubts they will.

        And sorry, but how am I supposed to take you seriously if you think that age is not an issue when you compete against young, athletic and energetic teams like OKC, Denver or Miami? Did you see the playoff struggles of the Lakers at all?

  44. Steve says:

    howard will certainly help make up for nash’s bad deffence, but Kobe will probably spend a lot of time guarding point guards like westbrook.

  45. celtics fan says:

    the lakers are pretty good but dont sleep on the celtics

  46. Galax says:

    We ought to support Mike Brown in our journey to win the 2013 championship. It’s the best that Lakers fans can do to be grateful. Enjoy each game and let’s root for a great injury-less season. Everyone in the Lakers roster should do well now or have a bounce-back season. Kobe should have a 50-point game again maybe at New York, and Jodie Meeks and Antawn Jamison will bring good spirits behind the three line.

  47. red says:

    U cant win a title with just talking.. Be hard enough with ur players to make them tough and challenged. Dont just say from the huddle “play the game guys” Instead say “Keep on fighting!” to ur players damn it!

  48. Kevard Rolle says:

    I’m a proud Bahamian Laker fan and to hear such foolish remarks about our coach brings sad feelings in my heart. WE need to accept what is there and let us move on. In the early stage I was saying why we get Brown but when I saw he was doing good I give him props for it. The first year for a new coach won’t be successful as thought but if he did win the championship it would be historical because for a coach to carry a team to the championships and win and being their coach for the first time I would give kudos for that. But this is a new year and we are going to support him and I know we will defenitely be the team we suppose to be like the kareem jabbar days. I’m happy for the team for adding the top center in the league and one of the best point guards in the league. Let’s go Lakers let’s win CHAMPIONSHIP 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. laker joe says:

    This is laker time . Time 4 MB to show what he can do. Time for KB to show he has one morechampionship in him . Time for SN to get a ring. Time for DH to show he can take over . Tme for banner 17

  50. Laker Nation says:

    Welcome to the Lakers Dwight!

    Pg: Steve Nash

    Sg: Kobe Bryant

    Sf: Metta World Peace

    Pf: Pau Gasol

    C: Dwight Howard

    Bench: Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, and Jodie Meeks

    2012-2013 NBA CHAMPIONS #BeatTheHEAT

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOBE!!! 34 but plays like he is 25

  51. Tommy says:

    I’ve been a Laker fan since I moved here in 1978, This summer I knew DH was coming to the Lakers somehow and checked every day to see if it happened yet. They should win the NBA title this year, however, when Shaq came over the first year they did not win it. It took that long to gel and believe they were the best. It’s in a big part IMO Brown’s job to make it all happen. I coach my 12 year old son in B-Ball and I’m sure I could coach this team to the western finals. If Mike Brown doesn’t do better we will know what kind of coach he is, a little league calliber coach,I wasn’t that impressed with his performance last year.Nice man though

    • bullsfan0218 says:

      you could ocach this team to the west finals? you coach 12 year olds dont get too high on yourself

  52. Coach favoring one player will alienate the others. This team is not a one star team like the Lebron Cavs days. There are four talented stars in this team that can be the alpha dog on their own respective team. Coach can only be effective if he handled (handled is not the right word), treated each player ala Phil’s way in dealing the ego with each players. Not the way Brown lost Bynum, turning Bynum into a disgruntle player. Chemistry, Chemistry, Chemistry among players is the path to championship. Lest we forget rings are awaiting. Lets go and grab those. di ba?

    • Really? says:

      Brown turned Bynum into a disgruntled player? Really? It’s not like he ever had attitude problems before last year …

    • bullsfan0218 says:

      4 alpha dogs? dont tell me your talking about gasol, don’t get me wrong hes a great player but hes not even close to nash kobe or howard

      • Chris says:

        That’s pretty true. Pau Gasol may not be a Kobe or Durant, but he is definitely an elite player that will always count as a Big player in a Big 3 or a Fantastic Four. Each of the Fantastic Four helped lead their teams respectively when they were on their own (Suns, Lakers, Grizzlies, Magic). Now it’s time for all four of them to get in sync and win a title.

  53. Im happy for nash because he’s is goin to get his 1st ring!! before he’s going to retired! nice choice nash!

  54. Andrew says:

    Been a Laker fan since the early days of Nick Van Exel, Vlade Divac, and Kobe in his rookie days. Nash will get in better shape, and his offense will only get better because he has Kobe to take the pressure away or Dwight to take the post which leaves someone having to defend Gasol’s mid-range attack.

    Nash defense only was in question because Phoenix was used to being high offense, fast break team for years until most of that team, and coach left.

    Only thing that will beat the Lakers from the NBA title is if we beat ourselves. Plain, and simple.

  55. lakersalltheway says:

    lakers r going to pwn

    PG: Steve Nash
    SG: Kobe Bryant aka Black Mamba
    SF: Metta World Peace
    PF: Pau Gasol
    C: Dwight “Superman” Howard

    Reserves: Steve Blake, Jodie Meeks, Devin Ebanks, Antwan Jamison, and Jordan Hill

    Result: 2013 Nba Champion


  56. DPAT says:

    For those who think that because steve nash doesnt play much defense so he will get destroyed by faster PG need to understand dwight howard, artest, and kobe are strong defensive players that will make up for all the defensive issues with nash. If Russ Westbrook gets by nash he not going up strong against Dwight!!! Not HAPPENING

  57. three-pointer says:

    Defensively the Lakers are at mercy of elite pg such as westbrook going to the rim. Nash is great but he isn’t so great at defense. Also if you take a look, Lakers do not have too many sharp shooters.

    • Ryan says:

      Offensively, elite point guards are now at the mercy of the immovable object known as Dwight Howard if they decide to drive to the rim. Given, Nash wasn’t brought in for his defense and the Lakers will probably experience the same defensive issues at the point guard position they had when Fisher was with the Lakers. However, those problems will almost be exclusively around the perimeter; any attempt at penetration will be met with the 3-time defensive player of the year (not to mention the 7-foot Gasol also in the vicinity).

      • Belizeboy says:

        Westbrook is fearless and he attacks the rim no matter who’s there. He did it against Bynum who by all accounts (and suspensions) should be feared more than Howard. Plus Howard gets into foul trouble easy IMO. So when guys like Westbrook & Harden attack they will draw the foul more often than not on Howard. As for Gasol, really?

      • lakers fan says:

        1 lakers backcourt defense is not completely horrible i mean come on kobe he is like a 10 time all defensive first team and derek fisher was a great defender

      • grifter19 says:

        immoovable Dwight?he’lljust get illegal D laying eggs in the middle…hehehe..besides the guy simply collects foul not to mention a lot of T,which will be a bonus FT to other team..and Gasol?! is nothing in the middle as well…he is there to be posterize..IMO

      • Od86 says:

        Howard moves Muuuuuuuucccchhhhhh better laterally and recovers faster when compared to Bynum.

  58. onee says:

    Better find a new coach now!

  59. NY Fan says:

    If Brown does not delivery a championship this season, he will be fired and the lakers will get a better coach

    • kb24 says:

      lakers will win the nba championship next year

    • Bentley says:

      Give Mike Brown a chance people. Last year he was put into a Lakers team that was mediocre and had drama pre lockout and post lockout, he also had big shoes to fill since he took over Phil Jacksons shoes. Believe in our coach and give him this year to see what he can do with a full training camp. This roster is not the same as last years. The Lakers have literally boosted up in every category that they were weak in last year. Go Lakers, bring banner #17 home!

  60. DeBrosh says:

    love Steve Nash! Love Kobe! would like Steve to get a ring before it’s all done. DH is a goof! i think he’ll “quit” again if things don’t go his way. he will probably pout all season long as not being the “man” on the team. Good Luck!

  61. lthomas3 says:

    All you Laker haters…come get some…Beaches!!!!!!!

  62. scott the magician says:

    lakers 2013 champs!!!!
    kobe for mayor
    mike browns a scrub
    and dwight has to stop acting so goofy and immature, be a man!!!

  63. Lorenzo McClelland


    (Scout Report) Hardnosed Combo has a nice mid-range arsenal with stop-n-pop jumper; he is very adapted at squaring his man up and pulling the trigger or using his blow by speed to attack off dribble.

    Outlook: I am very impressed with his scoring ability, play making and ability to get stops on defense; he has the makings of a guard that can be trusted for productive minutes and high in playing rotation for a pro team, very equipped for overseas or semi-pro circuit.

    Lorenzo McClelland
    23001 Kenosha
    Oak Park, Michigan 48237
    Cell: 248-376-1094
    Home: (248) 548-845
    Lorenzo McClelland []

  64. AH says:

    This is going to be an interesting season here. Been a lakers fan since 2000 and hope that they can they could win another championship this season coming up with the new additions they have on this team. I believe OKC are now finally a team to be mention in everyone conversation based on what they put to the table each and every single year. To be honest, I actually wish OKC won the championship but the Heat were beyond focus. But now that’s in the past, on to the next season.

  65. BFoulds says:

    I like how Mike Brown feels about his coaching position. His comments toward the Lakers organization should give him some + moral to the Laker fans.

  66. FAN says:

    its a good year for basketball, with the west fully loaded, and the east, uhm well… its going to be a great season

    • tyrone says:

      I agree, it’ll be explosive. The east has start the rise to attempt to top the west while the west keeps on getting better. The Brooklyn Nets will be more exciting to watch now that they have Humpries,Lopez.D-Will,GW. The Heat are reloaded with Allen, Lewis and the big three. The Lakers now have the core four. Hornets have EG, Davis, and Rivers and Anderson. The Knicks are refreshed with Brewer and old knicks Camby. The Raptors and the Wizards should be better than last year at least. The Sixers and the Nuggets will be more dangerous than before. This is going to be exciting.

      • Peter says:

        Of course as always, every remotely decent team in the east is mentioned, and yet no mention of the Celtics. You know, that tham that came within 6 minutes of the NBA finals and almost knocked out the Heat despite half their team being hurt? That Celtics team which is now has one of the deepest rotations in the league. The Celtics team that has gone deep in the playoffs every season since 08, despite constantly being underestimated?

      • bjohn says:

        For real! This season I think is going to be one of the most exciting ones both regular season and playoffs. LA, Miami, Oklahoma, NewYork, hmmm not going to miss a minute.

  67. Spaz26 says:

    good match up in the playoffs this year..GO HEAT !

    • Cup Cakes!!!!!! says:

      very success. success everyone! yeay for success! great player and will be a good coach. its like, me, i make cupcakes for a living. and i consider myself the edwardo najera of cupcake-making. i do all the dirty work. maybe i will one day be able to teach others the art of cupcakes!!! yeay for success. everyone!