Cuban’s Talk Can’t Disguise This Fact: Mavericks Lacking Answers

HANG TIME, Texas — The one thing for certain about listening to Mark Cuban — it’s never boring.

So the listeners to the Ben & Skin Show on 103.3 The Ticket in Dallas learned that: 1) Kobe Bryant could have become a Mav in 2007; 2) the 2013 Mavs might be better off without Deron Williams; and 3) yes, he’s still mad at Jason Kidd. John Machota of the Dallas Morning News as well as’s Jeff Caplan provide the juicy details:

“When I was doing Dancing with the Stars, I was taking breaks because I was talking to Kobe’s agent because Kobe wanted to get traded,” Cuban explained. “Literally, between Dancing with the Stars practices I had thought we traded for Kobe Bryant. I even talked to their owner and thought we were going to have done deal, and [Lakers GM] Mitch Kupchak changed [Kobe’s] mind and brought him back.”

Of course, things did work out for both sides with Kobe staying in L.A. and the Lakers winning back-to-back titles in 2009 and 2010, followed by Dirk Nowitzki leading Dallas to the first championship in franchise history in 2011.

And it’s possible for Cuban to rationalize on being unable to convince the hometown hero Williams to return to Dallas.

“I don’t want to pick on Deron Williams because he’s a great, great, great player, and so it’s not necessarily him, per se,” Cuban said. “The conversation we had going back and forth — and obviously the decision was to go for him — but the conversation was, ‘OK, once you add $17.1 million in salary to what we’d have with Dirk and Trix (Shawn Marion), then what do you do?’ That’s your squad. And it’s not just your squad for this year. It’s your squad for next year other than the $3.3 million mini midlevel.

“So that was a challenge that we had because we want to win, and everybody talks about Dirk’s window. Well, not only would it have been difficult to add players, then it also would have been difficult to trade players, and in reality that was the same problem that Deron had. Because he looked and saw the same thing and said, ‘OK, now what are you going to do?'”

We can even understand that Cuban has a legitimate reason to feel betrayed by Kidd’s sudden departure for the Knicks. The guard had seemingly agreed to a three-year deal with Dallas, only to back out of it and take his talents to New York.


Cuban is still fuming at Kidd’s handling of the situation and said there’s no chance he’ll consider retiring Kidd’s No. 2 jersey.

“I was more than upset. I thought he was coming. I was pissed,” Cuban said. “J-Kidd is a big boy; he can do whatever he wants. But you don’t change your mind like that. That was … yeah. I’m sure I’ll get over it at some point, but as of now, I wouldn’t put J-Kidd’s number in the rafters.

“It hurt my feelings, period, because I felt that we had developed a relationship, and I thought that he was committed to the organization. It sure seemed that he was. I mean, J-Kidd was active in going out there and talking to Deron Williams the whole time. I guess it was more shocking and surprising than anything else.”

But the walk down memory lane and salary cap gymnastics can’t escape one unavoidable fact — the Mavs are entering the 2012-13 training camp with a roster that seems to be held together with duct tape and chewing gum.

It was a bold and debatable decision to not overpay to keep Tyson Chandler and J.J. Barea before the 2011-12 season, thus quickly breaking up the championship gang before they even had a chance to receive their championship rings. But the payoff was supposed to come this summer in the form of salary cap space and maneuvering to land one — or even both — of the big fish in Dwight Howard and Williams.

Instead, loyal Mavs fans have to be content with Jason Terry, Brendan Haywood and Ian Mahinmi leaving, Elton Brand, O.J. Mayo, Chris Kaman and Darren Collison arriving and a new bucketful of hope off in the distance for next summer. The additions are all solid veterans and decent pickups, but a long way from championship material. They’re mere placeholders until next summer, when Cuban says the Mavs could be back in the hunt for free agents Howard, Andrew Bynum or Chris Paul.

How long can you keep kicking the can down the road? The clock is ticking on the shelf life of the 34-year-old Nowitzki’s career and instead of talking what would could have been, there needs to be a plan for right now.

By the way, Cuban says he’s certain that Dirk would never ask to be traded away to a contender to finish out his career.

Of course, one way to make certain of that is to assemble another one in Dallas immediately. That’s a conversation that would make it worth tuning in on the radio.


  1. B-Ball4Life says:

    Come on guys. All you Heat and LBJ haters. You have to admit that Lebron´s on top of everybodies game right now.
    I am pretty sure they will do a back-to-back if they could manage to stay healthy.
    I really like the Lakers Team they might win a ring but not at their first try.Look at the history of those Teams.
    Heat in their first season were the perfect example. First of all they need to stay healthy throughout the season and there has to be a chemistry thing going on between all of those Allstars at LA. To my opinion there is no way that they will beat OKC in the playoffs unless Kobe drops another 81 point game.
    OKC will come out much stronger than last season. They are the Team to beat in the West.
    I am so excited to see all of those teams playing. Man I mean every Team has a good chance to make the playoffs
    (ok except Charlotte, Washington, Cleveland, Detroit, Toronto) The West is damn unpredictable this year.
    What will happen in Denver, Minnesota, New Orleans, Golden State, We´ll see. Can´t wait!!!

  2. Mr.305 says:

    Wow am a Heat fan, but i understand basketball thoroughly. LBJ always has the most impossible and ignorant things to say. He makes all of the Heat fans look bad it’s a shame.

  3. Hunter says:

    For the lineup we have:


    Then onto reserves, might I tell you these guys are interchangable and CAN be pushed into starting role as well which carlise would like.
    West(he can play both positions)
    Dahntay Jones(he WILL replace deshawn stevenson)
    Vince Carter( he will have a more defined role this year and was clutch last year)
    Wright(if he has breakout year)
    Buebois(if he has breakout year, i think he will)
    Bernard James(this guy will give better energy minutes than Cardinal or replace Wright)
    Elton Brand(we all know he is a solid pickup)

    This team with chemistry and health can have some matchup problems for other opponents.
    You have three SOLID wing defenders(Dantay Jones West Carter Marion or Mayo)
    FOUR players that can help in the paint(Kamen Brand Nowitzki James Marion)
    And a backcourt of veratility(Buebois two guard, west both guard, mayo point or shooting, collison with serious speed and solid point)

    Don’t completely write the these guys off.

  4. futurist says:

    I have wanted to say this a year ago…
    They should never let Tyson and JJ go as Tyson is the center that Mavs have never had before until they have that legit center and looked what happened? They won the championship right away because of Tyson’s ability to defend too! JJ is the game changer as he changed the speed of games especially when they are against Lakers!!! JJ absolutely destroyed them!!! If they at least keep both of them last year, Mavs for sure have another great chance to repeat as their championship team is intake!!! Looked what happened in the first round playoff this year, games are decided by single digit 3 our of 4, if they have at least Tyson in defense, they can win all three games!!! Cuban just made a huge mistake to let Tyson go, the spiritual leader of the team that lacks mental toughness in the past as well before Tyson arrived! Also, if they have Tyson, at least they have a much valuable player to be traded for Howard this year too like Laker’s Bunum than Mahini or Haywood! I am really really disappointed about the decision last year by the Mavs management team, they made a huge mistake and made a very wrong calculation…now they got nobody. I wouldn’t even think Mavs would land Howard this year because who are they going to trade from their team to Orlando? They got no good and strong players to swap with because of their poor decision last year!!!

  5. Bersem says:

    Cuban doesn’t want to retire Jersey of Kidd ?? Just because JK took the bad decision of teaming with Jeremy Lin in NY (who left to Houston)? Pfffff… Are you “kidd-ing” ???! Kidd will always be my favorite player (with Larry Bird) : he was an all-around player on both ends of the floor and was one of the only players who was able to transform a team of “loosers” (sorry for the Nets and Kerry Kittles) in a brilliant team (twice in the finals)
    NJ should retire Kidd jersey, not Dallas : Cuban doesn’t deserve it…

  6. Nameless says:

    Jkidd aint playing for a ring no more, for him once is already enough. He could have gotten to miami or lakers of he wants to win he just wanna play for a bigger market and not just big but the biggest market in the league (sorry LA)

  7. kasheem says:

    whatever happens im sure KNICKS will be a better team than everyone else if their players like MELO, STAT and CHANDLER can play as a team………plus JR SMITH and sharp shooting STEVE NOVAK…..together with their reserves like CAMBY and FELTON……..who knows right…..and i am sure that the best person aside from their coach to help them play together unselfishly is JASON KIDD

  8. Emil says:

    the keywords here are “could” and “might”
    face it mark cuban, your mavs are done

  9. KG21 says:

    Dirk you must consider joining Terry with the Celtics if you want to win another ring.

  10. 17,6 says:

    every team on the West is either good or has a bright future except 4 the rockets cuz they let their best players in lowry dragic budinger scola courtny lee and dalembert go…their only good player left is K-Mart and parsons looks like he is gonna be a good player 2…but other then houston: phoneix will suffer from nash’s departure 4 a few yrs but they picked up some pretty good pieces in beasley dragic and especially scola…portland still has batum and aldridge…i really like minnesota’s team this yr i legitimately believe they will make the playoffs…golden state has curry thompson barnes lee and bogut as a pretty nice young startin 5 on paper…sac has nice players in thomas thorton evans cousins brooks and they say robinson will turn out 2 be a good player…new orleans has gordon and davis…and obviously all the other teams who made the playoffs will probably make it again except i believe phoenix dallas utah and minnesota will fight 4 that 7th and 8th seed…now the east except 4 the powerhouses of chicago miami boston indiana and maybe brooklyn and new york and pretty decent teams in atlanta philly and Milwaukee everybody else is pathetic…learn how 2 rebuild like the west…but i’m not a GM so i guess they know wht their doin… hahaha feel free 2 comment thats just my opinion i just feel toronto detroit washington and especially charlotte r not makin the right moves…u can’t blame cleveland 4 suffering though hahaha or orlando this yr hahaha although idk y they let ryan anderson go ???

  11. rpr says:

    wow guys. this is a crazy rumor that i just read…

  12. BALL THUG says:

    trade mark cuban for pat riley .. to get a descent overhaul

  13. Hunter says:

    I feel that the 2013 Mavericks will suprise the league if chemistry and health doesn’t become a factor.

  14. LEON says:


  15. nastynate says:

    and Cuban retire J Kidds jersey, not like kidd didnt know lin would jump ship and and that the mavs team is only good enough to get to the play offs and its not like he went to LA or the Heat it was only new york Knicks

  16. SensibleScot says:

    Forget the what happened (chandler, bares) or what could have happened (Deron) and just look at the team.

    Darren Collison (great year when covering for cp3, didn’t happen in Indiana, I like him, he could surprise everyone)

    OJ Mayo (great scorer and decent defender, another guy with a new lease of life, future all star when given the chance in my books)

    Shawn Marion (All round player who still has the moves)

    Dirk (’nuff said)

    Chris Kaman (Former ALL STAR, has post moves and will be asked to defend and rebound, if he does his job, there aren’t many in the league who can confidently say they are better)

    Flexible Bench
    West (1&2)
    Brand (4&5)
    Carter (2&3)
    Beaubois (1&2)

    Almost all these guys have offense in their locker and Carlisle likes that. Defensively a little weak and that might cost them at playoff time.

    • Hunter says:

      Great point! BUT, the 2012 team was ranked defensively the same as the 2011 team. They just didn’t have enough offense.

  17. Andrew says:

    I knew the moment they got lucky in the 2011 playoffs against us, and swept us(Lakers) I knew they would sink faster than a fat kid in a pool. 3PT shooting is why they even made it to finals, let alone winning. I’m glad they beat Lebron, but still don’t like Dallas.

  18. rill says:

    I’m not a Mavs fan but I think they are going to surprise some people this year. They have a better team on paper than they had last year.

  19. DeeWig says:

    I think this team is better than last year and last year’s team lost by a combined 10 points (or something like that) in 3 of the 4 games against OKC in the playoffs. DIrk is still one of the best if not the best shooter in the league; putting this team under a microscope before they play one minute on the floor is foolish. At least let them play first to see how the chemistry goes, but the team is honsetly way better with no Brandon Haywood

  20. Henry says:

    Why is Cuban fuming? Kidd is almost 40 years old. Now the Mavs has Darren Collison.

  21. Angelo says:

    i’m a Mavs fan and if you’ll ask me if the Mavs got lucky when they won the title? Maybe. Because Miami were like the OKC last year, mentally unprepared. Did they deserve the the title? Hell yes. Do I believe they could have repeated? Not really. Do i think they should have resigned Chandler? yes. but Cuban had his eyes on Dwight. Cuban may have gambled and lost this year but the Mavs still has flexibility money-wise. most of his players are solid with reasonable contracts. if these players perform well this year, they will be good trade pieces or be worthy enough to get extended and still have enough money to sign better players. and let us remember, the 2011 Mavs had only 1 superstar and mostly solid players, so who’s gonna say they may not be able to do it again? they still have Carlisle. will it be this year? i don’t think so though.

    • jbmony says:

      Angelo…I agree…Mavs fan also since 1980 and I still have trouble believing that we won it all…..But like you mentioned, the Mavs still got Dirk and they still got Carlisle who took the great Phil, Scotty Brooks and Sproelstra(don’t know if I spelled it right) to the woodshed…Now that I look at today’s roster, I see more individual talent and guys with more of a legit NBA pedigree than most of the Championship roster but the one thing that’s very hard to come by is …CHEMISTRY!!!! That’s the elusive element that all teams search for and few have it and it’s just not on the Bball court, alot of it is built off the court. It’ll be interesting to see Carlisle mold these guys into a team.

  22. Wilt the Stilt says:

    Honestly the Mavs are going to be a good team… Im a lakers fan but I can see this lineup actually being very good. Not for nothing but at this stage of the game I’d much rather have Collison than Kidd and O.J. Mayo is an upgrade at 2 guard over Jason Terry.

  23. rizz says:

    Jamison???WHAT??? you must be out of your mind. Jamison is a legitimate scoring threat and can knock down the long ball consistently and will definitely provide relief for the starters. He averaged over 18 pts starting for a bad team. I am sure he can average at least 14 pts off the bench for a great team. Hill is a great rebounder and has shown he can play at the highest levels. Meeks is solid as well and will provide good relief for Kobe. I would say we have a solid core for our bench. As you saw what Tyson did for the Mavs wait till you see what Howard will do for the Lakers. Howard is a better scorer, rebounder, and blocker. He is freakishly athletic for his size. He is quick and is one of the best rim protectors in the league. He is an amazing pick and roll defender and he will definitely add a huge defensive presence to the Lakers and that will trickle down to everyone else to play better defense. Miami stands no chance against the Lakers this season. They are just too big and Miami is too small. Sure LBJ is at another level but he is gonna have a very hard time finishing at the rim when Superman is swatting his attempts into the third row of the Staples center. LBJ is also a terrible jump shooter his game relies way too much on his athleticism and when you have someone like Superman protecting the rim it don’t matter much. OKC is the Lakers biggest threat because they have good post defense and they still have speed and athleticism to give the Lakers a headache but Lakers will prevail. Everyone says Lakers have to worry about chemistry well I tell you they have a full offseason to play together as well as a full regular season to get that chemistry solid before the playoffs. They all veterans here. The only real issue is Dwight coming off of surgery but everything I hear about that says he should be just fine. Welcome your 2012-2013 NBA Champions the L.A. Lakers.

  24. op says:

    I don’t think that Dallas lacks tallent i mean:Collison(solid upgrade over aging JKidd), Majo(another solid adition over Terry, i love the Jet but 35 years old…Mayo can turn to a very solid scorer close to a paas first type PG like Collison), Dirk(he is Dirk, we know who he is), Kaman(if healthy double figures in points and boards solid upgrade over Haywood/Mahimi), Marion(still gan give you solid 25-30 explosive minutes on both ends), bench:West(very solid back up PG), Beaubouis(no matter start or play of the bench solid 12-15 minutes to back up Mayo), Dahntay(surely will try to show that still has it after up and down period in Indy), Vince(lost a lot of Half Man Half Amazing, but still can knock down shots from anywhere, solid guy who can be used late in games if Dirk is doubled, and of course always is ready to give you a highlight), Brand(the key for the D downlow, really will define the face of Dallas next season, but i think he will be fine), Brandan Wright(freakin’ athetisicm, i really hope will contribute solid in a full season with Carlisle…..)….so i don’t think they lack a tallent…..

  25. Ozzy says:

    Instead of dancing with the stars, he should have been there in L.A to convince Kobe to sign for Mavs. That move could have changed the fate of the franchise. He is just a show off. Where was he when Kidd changed his mind? Survivor???

    • Hunter says:

      Mitch persuaded Kobe successfully primarily because Phil Jackson was still at the sideline and they were working on a potentially huge deal. Cough cuogh Pau Gasol.

  26. Josh says:

    I don’t know why everyone is writing the Mavericks off. I’m not saying by any means they are at championship level but they are definitely a contender.

    This might be a microwave team but given the situation, I think Mavericks aren’t being given the credit they deserve.

    Kaman definitely has a chip on his shoulder and should work well with Dirk. Majo also has something to prove that he is actually the talent he was made out to be in Memphis. I think he will step up and silence naysayers as well.

    Defensively they are going to be pretty good. A front court with any combination between Brand, Kaman and Marion to make up for Dirks defensive liabilities be OK.

    I think they are in an ok posting to build on something this year, get some chemistry and then make the trades the following season to make a deep playoff run.

    They have a good well rounded team in terms of veterans and younger guys and with coach Carlisle, will be more than fine.

    I think they all know they have something to prove and will step up and deliver…

  27. nba_troll says:

    yep agree. i think mark cuban deserve to mad. lost of kidd it’s mean a big big lost for mavs. kidd’s skill may be become weaken year to year, but what nba need from a kidd is his leadership. in my opinion, no one deserve matching MJ’s charisma except kidd. he trully a leader and no doubt a lot of respects come from current recent stars for kidd. for Mav’s itself, kidd is the big investment, future coach.

  28. Steffen says:

    Heat has nothing at all to put up with the Lakers inside game, if Lakers pound it inside to Pau and loops to DH and Kobe comes off screens for jumpers the Lakers will destroy South Beach. It’ll take Bosh around 10 mins to pick up his 3rd foul and then the Heat have NOONE to stop the inside game of the Lakers. It’ll be hack-a-shac all over again, something the old Lakers will be happy about, with alot of stops in the game to breath.
    And Wade and The king will have to beat their own man and then alter their shoots because of DH, it’s all good.

    • Tom says:

      Please enlighten me. how much better do you think the lakers will be with howard over bynum? the heat went 3-1 over the lakers last year with LA’s two seven footers in the paint and miami have even more outside threats now with the additions of allen and lewis for dwade and lebron to kick to when they drive into the paint. I am not a heat fan but I consider bashing my head against my computer screen daily when hearing the vast MAJORITY of lakers fans talk.

      • Tom says:

        Please enlighten me. how much better do you think the lakers will be with howard over bynum? the heat went 3-1 over the lakers last year with LA’s two seven footers in the paint and miami have even more outside threats now with the additions of allen and lewis for dwade and lebron to kick to when they drive into the paint. I am not a heat fan but I consider bashing my head against my computer screen daily when hearing the vast MAJORITY of lakers fans talk.

  29. Steffen says:

    Just wondering a bit here. Wouldnt it be better for the Mavs to try and ship Dirk for picks or younger legs? – Mavs are not going to have a good season, at best they’ll end up in losing in the 2nd round and I doubt they’ll make it that fare.
    I just don’t see what good the Mavs get from playing Dirk till he retires, besides loyalty, maybe someone else does.
    In the big picture this season the mavs have gone from bad to worse, they have cap to land, but they are not going to get a bynum or Cp3 or something to go there with only one other superstar that is 35 years old.

  30. Kobeng-Burat says:


    Are you sure…. Lakers just repeating their 2004 big four failure… Shaq malone payton kobe with howard,pau,nash and kobe… But the HEAT just doing what legend has done… MJ Pippen Rodman… With Wade LBJ Bosh… Heat are using Old Chicago Bulls way….. just like Ron Harper (SG) playing PG MJ at SG Pippen SF Rodman playing PF sometimes C and Kukoc (SF native position) playing PF and C… and Longley…. See that their line up are alike…. They don’t play their usual position… they play position where they have an upper hand….90’s Bulls are not todays HEAT I know… But 90’s bulls made a good example that you don’t need 4 allstar to win 3 is enough… all you need is a flexible team… and that kind of team wins 6 titles… LBJ wins his 1st ring at the same age range of MJ… right now LBJ is the “BEAST” player in NBA and the world but not all time(MJ still)… I’m not LBJ fan… More of DWADE fan….. laker are good in paper (A) report card… But they never played as team mates before. only kobe and howard…. while the HEAT (B) report card playing in their 2nd year together with their championship confidence and with the addition of Ray Allen (all time 3 point shooter) I’ll say lakers with no bench (jamison??? WHAT???) They don’t have a chance with OKC securing IBAKA and then harden and talented young scoring champion DURANT westbrooke… Beat !st the OKC before bragging the HEAT won’t win again….

    • Ha! says:

      1st, Ron Harper was a point guard. Check all the way back to his Clippers days. 2nd, Kukoc played at the 3 way more often than not so that was a ridiculous statement. 3rd, in ’04, not only were the Lakers going through internal issues between their players but Karl Malone ended up getting seriously injured for the first time ever in his career and missed a substantial amount of time which effected their on court chemistry. That was also one of the least healthiest years that the Lakers ever had. All that being said, they still made it to the NBA finals. The 90’s Bulls and the current Heat are nothing alike. Before addressing another, learn something first, then comment with knowledge.

    • jjjjj says:

      its so stupid comparing legendary teams to teams today such as the dreamteam to 2012dreamteam, and so is this 90’s bull to your miami heat, please bring a new contender, tired of this “come and join the stars so you can be a champion!” teams. yes it is entertaining watching two or three superstars play together, but its more fun to watch teams that won championships that started from scratch such as okc and spurs or teams that are underdogs such us the 2005 pistons, teaming up with superstars doensnt mean multiple championships(see boston 08), and another thing, a real superstar attracts other superstars, want a list? houston’s hakeem, bull’s jordan, lakers’ kobe, boston’s bird, and maybe lastly, miami’s wade.

  31. Abdul says:

    im really tired of running their mouths, we all know that the heat wont win another championship 9 years from now

  32. DNVshowtime says:

    Look lbj
    I think you need your brain to get scan right away, because it seems you think the trade system in real NBA was just like in video games,myou probably played too much NBA game consoles on amateur level.

  33. Lakers-R Us says:

    Hey Dirk! How about joining the Lakers! Get another ring with Kobe, Steve, Dwight, Pau, Metta, and Antawn! Think about it!!!!! Lol! And the Lakers can always use another shooter!

  34. rimrockers66 says:

    J Kidd is a good point guard,specially on his career. NY has a tough opponents to become a champion this season but has a better chance compare to Dallas. LAKERS. is a team to beat in the west in terms of team line up, but if they fail to achieve their mean goal to become a champion again???? What’s next??? They will get Lebron James next season!!!!! HAHAHa… I hope the lakers didn’t hunted by the nightmare they have gone in the past, they did not satisfied with Kobe and Shaq with their 3 peat following season they get Gary Payton and Karl Malone and ends up with nothing. Just remember to much food intake can cause stomach discomfort. hehehehe!!!!!

  35. Jckal says:

    Dirk should go to Charlotte Bobcats and stay their for a ring….

  36. bu says:

    Agree with what some of u guys said, as Mavs lost their chances to contend for champs when Chandler & JJ left. They then faced the situation like the Celts to consider rebuild for future or trade for marquee player, which seems to be more of getting a young enough all star then try to build around them. Kidd & everyone knows their clocks are ticking & look for things they want to do instead of being loyal.

    Kidd goes to NYK to be in the spotlight while playing to setup the 2 of the best offensive individual talents in probably entertaining offense. Nice choice, as Kidd already has a ring & probably didn’t want to chase another, esp if he has to go thru big grind. NYK is good place to retire in the limelight, as this group will be entertaining to watch but not champs contender.

    Mavs got some fresh younger talent in 1 & 2 spots to start rebuild. They clearly are aiming for next summer’s free agency to land someone bigger (younger) or via trade to form a bigger group.

    Their management did what they can with what they had. I don’t know the financial considerations when they let Chandler go but that was the needle that pop the balloon. Maybe Cuban is not confident that group will repeat anyway with Chandler & JJ, as we saw that the Mavs were very very good, but NOT a dominanting team. If Wade & LBJ were less childish & hv had at least a full season played together, Mavs will not have a chance to comeback in those games to beat them.

  37. nba fan says:

    i thought when dallas lost out on deron willams,howard.nash.etc i thought they would be done but they have made some good free agency signings to be compete. they should be a 7th seed in the west

  38. mrJim says:

    I actually thought that the mavericks did a pretty decent job this off season. Their free agent signings were pretty interesting, also what Mark Cuban said about being close to acquiring Kobe Bryant caught me by surprise(I’m from the DFW area).

    That being said I think the surprise team for this upcoming season will be the golden state warriors. Their potential starting lineup is looking really solid and can compete with just about anyone in the nba. Andrew Bogut, David Lee, Harrison Barnes, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry, I can’t wait to see them play next year.

    Also I think its pretty clear fom the olympics that anthony davis is gonna cause some major trouble this coming season for opposing teams. I can’t wait to see the new Orleans hornets play the Los Angeles Clippers. Blake Griffin vs Anthony Daivs matcup will be amazing!

  39. NBA Fan says:

    Everyone here is underestimating the Mavs free agency.

    Kaman – if he is healthy he is a legit 15 and 10 dude.

    OJ Mayo – Memphis used him wrong and know he has a chance to have a career year. I think he COULD be a future franchise player.

    Darean Collison – a great young point guard who has all star potential. IF he stops making dumb mistakes and his IQ improves.

    And of course Dirk and Shawn Marion. Who knows, they could suprise everyone like they did in 2011. However, the west just got MUCH tougher.

    • Belizeboy says:

      I agree. The Mavs actually look better (offensively) to me. Losing Terry I think was bigger than Kidd who’s undoubtably in his last year. Still they have Carter & West who can attack the rim and shoot outside. Marion and Brand are going cause a lot of people problems when on the floor together, and Dirk with Kaman gives them two solid 7 footers. Not to mention Mayo and Collison.

      • Peter says:

        Kaman is a solid starting Center, but that’s about all. Based on his career history there is about a 10% chance of him having a 15/10 year. Actually probably less then that, because the last time he was a LOT younger.

        Mayo is a talented scorer and Brand is a very solid 6th man, but aside from Dirk I don’t see anyone on this team who has a proven ability to make the big shot or a proven history of winning. The two guys who did (Terry and Kid) are both gone.

        They are a bit of a wildcard – I think they are another first round exit, but you never know.

    • Peter says:

      In 9 NBA seasons, could you please answer me this – in how many seasons has Kaman averaged at least 15 PPG and 10 RPG?

      I’ll save you the trouble and answer it for you – one. In 07-08 he averaged 15.7 points and 12.7 rebounds.

      Out of the other 8 seasons he played he has never again averaged double figure rebounds. He averaged over 13 PPG twice (09-10, 11-12), and over 8.5 RPG twice (05-06, 09-10) and that’s about as good as it got. Through the other 5 seasons (i.e. the majority of his career) he averaged 9.9 PPG and 7 RPG.

  40. Rich says:

    I wonder what would’ve been the deal then for the Bryant trade ?

  41. The Truth says:

    I feel bad for the mavs. i don’t even support them, but they’re one of the better run organizations in the league and they have an owner who truly cares for his team. what a shame that owner happens to be mark cuban. anyone who watched the 2011 play offs could tell you the mavs most EFFECTIVE players (not best) were dirk, chandler and barea, and cuban managed to make two of them leave and really P off dirk. good job. Why did cuban think he could let chandler walk and then replace key guys with scrubs like vince carter? can someone tell vince carter to retire, watching him makes me sad 😦

  42. jcrazy says:

    You know basketball man
    Dirk for Battier good trade for both teams

    • rkp says:

      dirk to miami for battier? do you know anything about salary cap? how is that good for both teams? no one is that stupid! except you and lbj apparently.

      • Peter says:

        lol oh god, it’s contagious!

      • Porky says:

        I would not be suprised if jcrazy and lbj are the same person… this is the first and last time I am going to respond or talk about lbj but these folks are just plain crazy…and get themselves a big, hearty laugh when we even respond to their comments…

    • Tom says:

      I sincerely hope this is sarcasm

  43. Patrick H. says:

    Here, I’m going to do what all Laker and Heat fans do, Dirk should just walk out no trade, just walk out of Dallas and leave for San Antonio, and tell Cuban bye bye it’s time to start over. (There that’s my beautifully stupid scenario)

  44. I wish to comment on the condition of the Mavericks team that I like and follow every basketball season, as regards the movement of the players. I read with keen interest all comments by others that Mavericks do not have a chance come next season. I see it the other way because this mavericks owner Mark Cuban is a sport lover and a smart man. I think with what he has now in Dirk, Marion, mayo, Brand,chris Kaman, Delonte, Jones, and so on , this team can hoist the Championship cup again. I am quite sure Mark Cuban is still hungry for more championship and will not sleep until he adds more bench players that can help these formidable roster to make his dream come true. We hear about Lakers, Clippers, OKC , San Antonio being the dominant teams favored to win the West, Who would have thought that Mavericks would beat the Star loaded Miami Heat in the 2011 NBA finals despite the confidence displayed in Lebron James’ press announcement that they can do it right away not once, not twice, not thrice…., just to see the team downed by the Mavericks. I am 100% sure that this Mavericks team and Mark Cuban can surprise the critics again with these players, so focus on the plan to do it again.

    • Hunter says:

      Spoken like a poet. I agree. Call me a disillusioned fan for the underdog but you know the MAVS are unique, they are designed diffrently from every other team and they are far more dangerous than people give notice.

  45. Belizeboy says:

    Cuban should understand more than anyone that the NBA is still a business and players need to make smart career moves. Plus the Mavs traded Kidd to begin with so now you can call it even.

  46. leggomymelo says:

    I think the O.J. Mayo pick up could prove to be great. His first couple of season were great, dropping 18 ppg. Then his scoring fell 6 ppg. I think that if he’s able to re-discover his knack for scoring that it will be a huge boost for Dallas. I’m sure he is more than capable of it. His scoring would take pressure off of Dirk. Granted , they are the only two true scorers on the team. Chris Kaman was another solid pick up. The guy was an All-Star a few years back. If he can stay healthy he will consistently give you 14 points 10 rebounds and 2 blocks. And even though Collison is no where near as good as Deron Williams, he has proven he can be a steady starting point guard who can occasionally have huge games. Is this team on the Thunder, Lakers, Clippers level? No, but in my opinion they won’t fall off the face of the earth quite yet.

    • Hunter says:

      True, but add a full 82 game season and chemistry and maybe another trade to get a big guy we could have a first round danger to one of those teams.

  47. Raiders says:

    the username “LBJ” makes all us heat fans look bad please try to ignore his idiocy. Thank You and go Heat.

    • jbmony says:

      LBJ…huh? See, that goes to show you that all parents should monitor their children’s access to the computer.

  48. Travis says:

    Tyson Chandler and Dirk were an excellent combo he let that go Dallas won’t see a Championship for the next 10 – 15 years!

    • artifex says:

      10-15 years is harsh!
      What did you think of Seattle Sonics in 1997 – they were in the finals and now they are back! So, maybe Mavs become champions in 2026!? But who cares now?
      I agree that Chandler was great for Dallas, but the new additions are not bad and not great either, i.e. descent season w/o championship!

  49. Dirk goes to Celtics says:

    Dirk should go to the celtics, KG will play the Center and Dirk will play the PF and you also have Jason Terry coming off the bench. The Mavs are done. Cuban took a calculated risk and it blew up.

    • Peter says:

      Please god no…

      We just got rid of Ray Allen, please don’t send us another old guy that doesn’t play D…or another big man who doesn’t rebound.

      • DeeWig says:

        What are you talking about? Dirk is one of 4 dudes in NBA history to avg 25 and 10 in the playoffs….you don’t get that by not rebounding

    • artifex says:

      Dirk to Celtics would be great for me personally: Combine local hero team (Boston) with local hero player (Dirk the German). I would take a flight back to Boston to see Dirk with JET in green.
      If it would teamwise with the rest I don’t know. I think Dirk’s player ethic fits nice in Boston, but agree to Peter: Celtics would need some young players, someone to team up well with Rondo.
      But just for the imagination, I love this idea! Thanks.

  50. dinky dogbutt says:

    Ok, to scoff at Mark Cuban for not getting howard or d-will is understandable but in his case unfortunately unavoidable. It is however quite absurd to say that this years additions of Kaman (who is a legits starter and scorer in the post and can knock down the 15 footer) elton brand who can finally take a bit of weight off of dirk at pf, darren collison one of the legit fastest pgs in the game and oj mayo a really good scoring and decent defending 2 guard with ideal size to defend the hardens and kobes out west. who did they lose? ian 10 minutes a game mahinmi brendan the weakest big man ever haywood or jason I’ve been dead for 2 years but just dont know it yet kidd. They did lose jason terry, but at 6’2″ as opposed to O.J Mayos 6’5″ and excellent inside outside game i’ll take that any day. WOOF!

    • Hunter says:

      Agree, J Kidd and jET served their time in Mavs uniform honorably but their time has eclipsed. These additions I feel will suprise people.

  51. socalskurrupted says:

    Doesn’t matter where Jason Kidd stayed, nobody is going to beat the Lakers. Period!!!

  52. Dirk says:

    Cuban is a jerk

  53. Cons23 says:

    I think the Mavs are gonna miss the playoffs this season. The west is just too talented. Aside from the usual ”super teams”, the Clips & Memphis have taken over as elite teams in the west. Sorry Cuban, better luck next year.

    • Rich says:

      Wanna bet on that ?

      • dattebayo says:

        Looking at accomplishments and rosters, I see only LAL – LAC – DEN – OKC – SAS – MEM as a lock for the playoffs in the West. I really hope Minnesota can come together and stay injury free and if that happens, they will also make the playoffs anywhere from 5-7th seed. They had a lot of close games last season whilst shooting horribly at times and coming back from double figure digits and I am looking forward to seeing Love, Shved, Pekovic, Kirilenko, B-Roy, Barea and Rubio perform.

        That only leaves on spot open for Dallas, Goldenstate, Utah and Phoenix and I really wouldn’t bet on Dallas after another revamping of the roster. Brand, Mayo, Kaman and Collison are solid/good players, but it takes more than good players on a team to make the playoffs.

        btw. if you think the Clippers with Lamar Crawford, Lamar Odom, Grant Hill and Ronny Turiaf along with Paul, Griffin, Butler and Jordan isn’t a potential top 4 seed in the West, i just won’t take you serious anymore…

    • TruthHurts says:

      You’re obviously not a NBA watcher… Clippers as an elite team? Wow. Blake Griffin can dunk! Wow! He can do what 95% of all NBA players do! Dallas will be 5th seed.

      • artifex says:

        Just because it’s the name “Clippers” they can’t be a good team?
        Are you so fed up with Bad Blake. He surely has to add to his game but I think they have some very talented young players and a great leader at the Point,
        That for meakes the Clips a descent contender in the Playoffs.
        Explain me, if I’m wrong

      • Belizeboy says:

        Giffin can do what 95% of NBA players can do, but 95% better.

      • Tom says:

        So your telling me 95% of NBA players can average 20/10. your a joke. blake is a phenomonal dunker and needs work on his post game and post D and needs to develop a consistant mid range game but quit knocking a dude who averages 20/10. please spare me your hate

    • artifex says:

      So what are all these :super teams”?
      Lakers and OKC for sure but then — Spurs have the same age situation as Dallas.
      Sure, Clips and Memphis are legit young hopes, and I wuld Minnesota into that mix, but that still leaves Mavs in top 6. And come Plyoff time Dallas certainly has experienced players…

  54. Todd says:

    I see nothing wrong with the way Cuban is handling the Mavs. Even if there is not a big time free agent next year for them to sign, the Mavs will be one of the few teams that can do sign & trades under the new Labor agreement. Plus, they did a great job in FA while keeping the budget clean for the future. I like the additions (Brand, Mayo etc) Kidd is a hall of famer, but he showed his age last year.

    • jabbitz says:

      agree-their free agent signings were significant, mayo, brand , kaman.

    • Hunter says:

      Thank you! Alot of people are busting Cuban’s chops and the MAVS in general but they are in actually a solid situation. The Tyson Chandler decision will always be debated and understandably but the new CBA is very different once it kicks in. They signed SOLID, under the radar and not over the hill vets to 1 year deals. That means they either pull a Lamar Odom(which i doubt) or they play lights out for a max deal elsewhere or for the Mavs. I see the 2013 MAVS will suprise alot of people.

  55. cdubbb24 says:


  56. Dew says:

    Another championship in Dallas walked out the door when Tyson Chandler went to NY. I personally saw him as the main reason Dallas was able to compete and win one. Chandler took them to that level. He should of been top priority to resign and stay in Dallas to give Dirk as well as Terry another title shot. Without him, they have been having to rely on Mahimi, Brendon Haywood, and now Kaman. Sometimes they even have to go small and put Marion in the frontcourt with Dirk. Chandler was the catalyst for that championship team and seemed to make the wheels go round for them. They have had a flat tire ever since he left. Best thing for Dallas to do is make a huge push for Howard or Bynum if they want to have a chance in Dirks career to win another ring. The Mavs are a long way off I think though. Kidd, Chandler, Terry have all left and were pretty much the reason they won with Dirk in the first place. To replace all those guys will be tough to do. Kidd rejoins Chandler in the east to go along with Amare and Melo. They have a realistic shot if Melo plays like he did in London. Terry joins Boston who was 2 wins away from a finals appearance as well as really bolstering their roster despite Allen leaving. Its just going to be tough unless you are OKC, LA (Lakers and Clippers included), SA, Miami, Boston to have any serious shot for a title. I personally think Miami will win the next two. By that time, Nowitski will be 36-37. I would not blame Dirk if he requested a trade like Nash did to have a realistic shot. San Antonio would be perfect to go along with Timmy also trying to get another ring. Vets have always come here and been successful, just ask Kerr, Steve Smith, and former Dallas star Michael Finley how their careers ended up in SA. Something to think about for Cuban. Offloads Dirks huge salary to really make a push for free agents next season while possibly adding some good talent in a trade as, and also giving Dirk a title shot all at the same time.

    • Samo says:

      Melo will never win without additional superstars. Such an ego, doesn’t have a clue what team play is.

    • Shut YO MOUF says:

      I agree, speak it!

    • jbmony says:

      Melo will never win like he did in London unless NIGERIA is on the schedule….and I don’t think that the Knicks will be playing Lithuania, Argentina or Spain either.

    • Rick says:

      I agree the Mav’s needed Chandler but I doubt he was the main reason they won, if you saw the playoffs and finals, it was the play of barrera and terry that made the difference, not that they were playing better than dirk but that they played above what they normally do. As for your thought about NY winning a title? they had the same cast last yr and weren’t even in the top 3 of the east, must less the entire league.

  57. Talent is not enough-MAVs could beat the elite teAMS LIKE LA, Oklahoma, Philly and Miami if they (MAV Players and coaches) have the right paradigm about the game

  58. bostonian says:

    The Ticket is 104.1 FM in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. 103.3 FM (whom Cuban did the interview with) is ESPN Radio. Just thought I’d point that out

  59. dattebayo says:

    Looking back is always easier than preparing for the future, but Cuban really should never have let Tyson Chandler go. He didn’t score as much as Dallas would have liked, but he was active, set good legal screens, boxed out and rebounded. In addition his on- and off-ball defense is right at the top of the league at his position. Even though Howard has 3 DPOY awards, I wouldn’t say he is significantly better than Howard on the defensive end. Also, with Chandler in the middle, there is no way that people would be able to drive unimpeded to the rim for 2 hand dunks like what Harden pulled in the series against Dallas.

    If I was Chris Paul, I’d resign with the Clippers. If I was Bynum, I’d sign Phillys contract who will be able to offer more money. Cuban messed up badly and holding out for free agents isn’t a good strategy to form a contender while Dirk isn’t getting any younger.

    • leggomymelo says:

      i agree with everything you just said. well put.

    • DoctorK says:

      You are absolutely right dattebayo ! I know this comment is obviously good, but seeing too much of lbj royal stupidity forces me to underline this good one. Is there a way to get someone banned… just saying.

  60. Will says:

    This year I think the Mavs are going to make to the semi-finals

  61. Alessio says:

    Ooops my mistake, i saw the “leaving” part now.

  62. Alessio says:

    Hey Fran, there’s a mistake here, Jason Terry left Mavs for Boston, he’s no longer a Maverick.

    • The Fox says:

      Unless he updated the story it says “Instead, loyal Mavs fans have to be content with Jason Terry, Brendan Haywood and Ian Mahinmi leaving…”

    • shhh says:

      i think that’s what said in the article terry, haywood and mahinmi LEAVING.

  63. john says:

    Cuban is mad now?? Kidd has been a knick for a couple of months now and it is Not New News!

    As far as for Kidd, he will give the knicks expierence and efficiency since Kidd does not take stupid shots and Kidd does not commit as many turn overs as Lin didnt, which cost the knicks many games which is why they did not sign Lin

    • Dan says:

      r u talking about the jeremy lin that saved the knicks season? maybe u dont remember but they were 8-15 until melo got hurt and he took over, they would not have even made the playoffs without him. But since the Knicks are stupid and went against what worked and ran their offense through Melo, Kidd might work better in that system.

    • Anon! says:

      Yeah, Lin did make alot of turnovers during the time he was starting but he also lead them to winning games when both their All-stars weren’t playing.

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      The only problem for the knicks now is that kidd is now saying that HE should start over felton. That might cause problems between the team, and if it does it’s not going to work in new york’s favor.

      • yaherd says:

        Kidd could have a solid argument if Felton comes into training camp as fat and out of shape as he did coming into last season. Kidd is the former Champion with a higher basketball I.Q. and Felton has younger legs but something to prove after how he looked last year.

  64. Chuck says:

    What people don’t seem to remember is that the Dallas Championship was very much lightning in a bottle. The chances of repeat, even keeping everyone, was already low. If this team gets hot, it can also win a championship.

  65. zgillet says:

    Would YOU rather live in Texas than NY?

  66. Bob says:

    Cuban has busted two major hands. He has chips on the table, but the prime talent is locked up.

  67. it’s so sad to see the mavs right now….2 years ago they were at an all time high winning the NBA championship….now they may even have a chance to be out of the playoffs…thats so sad for Dirk

  68. QuestionMark says:

    Kidd is the wise one here, after winning the championship in 2011 the Mavs dropped big time, after winning a ring they lose in the first round in 2012 and in 2013 maybe even out of Playoffs. Kidd left and now has a better chance at winning another ring, Knicks have a much better chance than the Mavs.

    • jjjj says:

      But i don’t see the Knicks winning the championship either. In the East they would have to get through the likes of the Heat, Celtics, Nets, etc. and if they can some how do that, then they have either the Lakers, Thunder, or even the Spurs.

      • i was excited when Kidd went to New York becuz i thought he was going to team up with Jeremy Lin…but then all fell apart when Lin went to Houston….and yes you’re right Knicks have no chance of Winning a championship as long as the LAKERS are around

      • QuestionMark says:

        I don’t see them winning either, but they have a better chance than the Mavs do now, I don’t think the Nets have enough to beat the Knicks just yet. Honestly, I think the Knicks as of now are the only East team that can beat the Heat, they just need Stoudemire and Melo to work together and play off each other well. Chandler had a big impact with the Mavs and has a big impact with the Knicks. Knicks have a stacked and talented team with:

        PG Kidd/Felton
        SG Shumpert/Smith
        SF Melo/Brewer
        PF Stoudemire/Camby/Thomas
        C Chandler/Camby

        They just need to bring the chemistry together. Chandler + Camby = 48 mins of defense and shotblocking, Brewer and Shumpert are obviously great perimeter defenders, Melo is one of the best scorers in the league, and if Stoudemire can avoid injuries then he will play great this season especially with Hakeem “The Dream” post moves and of course Jr Smith and Novak will knock down 3s, Novak will no question, and it depends when Smith’s consistency. This season, I think Melo needs to learn how to play off the ball a bit, Kidd is a great playmaker and get him, Chandler, Novak, Smith, and Stoudemire easy shots. If they can play well they have a chance against the Heat.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Forgot Novak, thats Stoudemire/Novak/Thomas at PF.

    • lbj says:

      nowitzki should go to miami before turning 35 yrs old if he wants to get his 2nd ring he needs to play with the king “LeBron”. miami will trade another 3 pointer player mike miller to get this deal done so mavs will agree to the deal.

      PG: Wade
      SG: Allen
      SF: James
      PF: Nowitzki
      C: Bosh

      6th man: Battier
      Strong Reserve: Chalmers,Cole,Lewis and Juwan Howard

      • bcboneless says:

        Juan Howard doesn’t even play for the heat. Bosh is not a center and the Mavs would want Bosh, Miller, Chalmers, Battier and 4 first round draft picks to let go of Dirk. You don’t even know the basics of the NBA system.

      • delonteWest says:

        be quiet LBJ 😉

      • The Fox says:

        Aw Man! Do we have to listen to this scenario from lbj for a whole nother year?

      • leggomymelo says:

        this guy can’t be serious

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        Another miami bum, dirk isn’t just some 3pt shooter dude. He’s the whole effin franchise, and stop saying “go to miami if you want a ring” that’s all you southbeach hobos have to say on here never anything else. Mike miller for dirk????? Who in their right mind would do that?? Not mark cuban which is why HE is one of the richest people in the world and you’re on here with not even a good argument. Mike miller was just about to retire this year too, you must nnot watch basketball so…stick to water polo buddy.

      • Radu says:

        wade point guard lol nice going there lbj

      • D Lion says:

        Lol you don’t stop, do you?

      • Cwall says:

        why do u insist on ruining everyones day with the worst trades ive ever heard in my life, seriously i hope u get stranded on an island

      • jjjjj says:

        can ban this person? he’s worthless and nonsense, he has no point everytime he drops a comment, literally

      • nastynate says:

        bcboneless atleast he knows the team and yes howard (from the fab 5) do play for miami cause he was part of the east coast champion team for both the 11 and 12 season he road the bench alot, and sorry LBJ cuban wont give up dirk for just any 3pt shooter specially not no damn mike miller…nice wishful thinking but the only way you can make that happen is on NBA 2k11 12 or when 13 comes out….Lets Go MAVs

      • hahaha... says:

        LMFAO…he is just trolling people! relax, if u dont like what he writes dont read on….hahaha! anyways, im hoping that DRose gets better so that Miami has a legit challenger in the East. as for the Mavs, not close to being a contender this year, that doesnt mean i dislike Dirk!

    • Big Tee says:

      People forget that J Kidd spent 7 seasons in New Jersey, not surprising to see him return to somewhere that obviously appeals to him – I’m from Australia and I have travelled to many parts of the USA, gotta say New York I’d move to in a heartbeat, I’m sure the appeal plus history from his time in NJ made it an easy decision.