Van Gundy Says Rose May Flee Chicago

HANG TIME, TexasLeBron James to Miami. Chris Paul to the L.A. Clippers. Dwight Howard to the L.A. Lakers.

So who’s next to spin the wheel of free agent fortune and plot his escape to greener pastures?

Would you believe Derrick Rose?

That’s the latest white-hot offering from former Magic coach-turned-media-flamethrower Stan Van Gundy, whom we’ve got to figure owns considerable stock in a Molotov cocktail factory or is auditioning to replace Mrs. O’Leary’s cow as the most famous fire-starter in Chicago history.

Speaking on AM-740’s The Game in Orlando, the former Magic coach sent an ill breeze through the Windy City by suggesting that there would come a time when Rose would look to leave Chicago.

“I think the interesting one coming up in the future is going to be Derrick Rose,” Van Gundy said. “I think Derrick Rose is a great, great representative of our league, and he’s a great player. And he’s got good players around him, very good players around him, but if (the Bulls) can’t get another star there for him is he eventually going to look around and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got to work this out on my own and I’ve got to find somehow to get somewhere else so that I will have a chance to play with another star.’ The league has changed.”

Rose, who is rehabbing the torn ACL he suffered in Game 1 of the playoffs against Philadelphia last spring, has never even hinted at making a head-fake toward the door. In fact, since signing his five-year, $90-million contract extension, he has repeatedly said that he wants and plans to finish his career in Chicago. What’s more, in the past two seasons with coach Tom Thibodeau at the helm, Rose has won an MVP award and twice led his team to the NBA’s best regular-season record.

In his defense, Van Gundy was talking about a possible future scenario if Rose were unable to win a championship with the pieces that can be put around him in Chicago and was using the 2012 championship by the Heat as an example.

“The league has changed,” Van Gundy said. “It used to be the stars wanted to sort of have their own team, they certainly wanted good players around them, but now everything’s changed. I think it started with the Celtics, bringing (Kevin) Garnett, (Paul) Pierce and (Ray) Allen together and everybody saw that and decided, ‘Look, this is the only way we’re going to win.’

“I think sometimes the players get sort of chastised for that, but if you’re a LeBron James and you’re looking at (the situation) you might want to win it in Cleveland, you might want to lead your own franchise, same with Dwight Howard, but you’re looking around.”

The latest musings from StanVan came when he was asked if Orlando fans could have any faith in luring free agents or keeping franchise-type stars in light of the high profile departures of both Shaquille O’Neal and Howard.

“I think they can lure free agents,” Van Gundy said. “Look, free agency comes down to the money, first of all. It comes down to the money. This isn’t a college recruiting situation, though that a lot of times comes down to money, too. But this is (about) money. So if you’ve got more money than somebody else, you’re going to get the guy.”

Of course, that’s not entirely true, since both James and Chris Bosh did leave some money on the table to make their jumps to Miami. But that’s no reason to interrupt a good rant.

The daily brain droppings from Van Gundy are nothing if not entertaining, particularly in the August dog-days of the offseason. One could only wish that he’d get a shot at moderating one of the upcoming presidential debates, just for the sheer sport of making the candidates dance like they were barefoot on hot coals.

In the past five days, Van Gundy has blasted the Magic organization for mishandling the affair with Howard and then labeled CEO Alex Martins naive and “with no knowledge of the game.” Now he’s pulled a pack of matches out of his pocket to light up Chicago.

At least with Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, it was an accident.


  1. Bmack says:

    I think there is a possibility that Rose will leave. I’m a Chicagoan myself but the team we have is not enough to compete in this new NBA. We are a big market city, but the management runs the Bulls like a small market franchise. They pay average player like Deng and other large contracts. They have people in place that have an old school way of thinking; they won’t even pay Thibs the money he deserves. You got to think players around the league are looking at how cheap the Bulls organization can be. If I was a free agent I would want to play under this management team. The Bulls don’t need not only a second all-around player they need they need three all-around players to place themselves in a position to win. Know the Bulls management they won’t do it because they believe they are missing on more piece they actually need two. To make a long story short the Bulls Management is horrible and I wouldn’t necessarily cancel out Rose leaving the Bulls.

  2. W/E says:

    bulls would be lucky to even finish 8th with this roster

  3. norman says:

    van gundy is a loser he thinks beacuse howard turned his back on orlando rose is gonna do the same thats why hes not a coach anymore!!!!!!!!!!

  4. chonks says:

    bulls amnisty boozer and get either james harden or chi-town native kevin love

  5. NBALOVER123 says:

    for those saying Stan van Gundy is wrong/stupid/ doesn’t have a job and don’t know what hes talking about. Your all idiots .

    Hes been in The league. He seen changes happen all the time.He saw what happen with.

    CP,Lebron,Dwight,Chris,Ray,KG.Allen, Should i go on??? I mean it’s obvious you just cant win as 1 superstar drose even knows that. Wont be long before he asked for help. and when the bulls failed to give him help hes gonna do just like Lebron and the other have done. Leave Chicago

    Also I feel bad for all the people who think. hes not like lebron or its not about championships or he wont leave hes hometown chicago.

    all Superstars care about is money and winning if they don’t get help they will leave. They wont stay till they retire or get a career ending injury like some of you have said they will get help or leave to a contending team.

    It has been proven in the lead a lot.

    @ Edub A lot of other superstars have said the same thing. Lebron said Cleveland is my home I love being here

    and Ray allen said he would do anything to bring a cup to seattle supersonics and would love to retire as one.

    KG said when he was on the minnesota timberwolves that he would never leave just like drose said.

    Hell Dwight said the same thing and 2 years after he was drafted and look where he is now?

  6. curtis says:

    d rose leaving the bulls?


    Van Gundy should be on TNT with Shaq and Charles. He knows everything.

  8. Wesley Orlowski says:

    Funny how everyone seems to know the derrick rose situation. “if he doesnt win in the next few years, hes gone.” doesnt matter that he was quoted saying “ill finish my career in chicago.” its not enough that hes one of the most humblest players…no. you guys know better. well let me put it to you guys like this, rose isnt going anywhere. hes not lebron, and hes not diwght howard. stop comparing him to guys who only care about themselves. this kid loves his hometown chicago just like i do. grew up blocks away from where he plays…

  9. Michael says:

    I disagree with Van Gundy 100%, I respect the man, think he’s a great coach, and feel like most comments he has made is very fair, however regardless of “similar” situations that have risen, LEBRON/HOWARD/GARNETT even CHRIS PAUL (which people say Paul loved NOH and never thought he’d leave, the one thing we have to remember is CP3 was in NO, NOT CHICAGO. Chicago can offer players much more money, incentives, and though people fear playing in CHI because the Jordan era, as most people keep saying the league has changed. Rose may have broke that trend and made players realize Chicago can be as appealing to players as LA, Miami and NY. Lastly D-Rose from day 1 has been so humble, thats why Van Gundy even states he is a terrific role model for the league, he plays hard, doesn’t complain and great sport about everything, including the players he has been presented to play along side him. He did NOT bitch about getting Korver, Brewer, Boozer and all these other B avg players, he made no excuses when they got knocked out in 2011/12 nor did he run to the people upstairs demanding they bring someone else in like Kobe did with Shaq/Gasol/Barnes/Artest/Nash. Rose trust his teamates, staff and management…I believe with the attitude Rose has, regardless if he wins a ring or not, he won’t leave his hometown, he’s accomplished a lot there already more than 80% of the players can say they ever have, he’s missing a ring yes, but in due time it may come to him…

  10. willie says:

    dallas won with only one star… the lone star, BIG D! of course, we want another star…. any star would be a good addition in Dirk town …. and dallas would be champs again

  11. Shady says:

    If Chicago can bring a big man like Marc Gasol for example,they’ll pretty much be a contender.

  12. christoliquid says:

    Rose won’t leave + add Harden (OKC re-signed Ibaka, so…) + add JSmith next year = rings!

  13. Jerry says:

    D.Rose won’t leave Chicago, he wants his jersey hanging next to Michel’s and Scottie´s

  14. Jimmy says:

    Stan is starting to act a lot like his brother Jeff when he was fired from the Rockets.

  15. WILKSY08 says:

    @sooperb- I actually think Kobe will stand more chance of winning MVP than Dwight. Although Nash will find anyone if their open, and i’ve heard the Lakers are planning to run princteon offense next year, Kobe will still dominate ball possesion as he has done with the Lakers since he became a star. Its weird, he plays so much different for Team USA, would be nice to see some of that work in a Lakers uniform. As for Rose, yes he is ring hungry but Chicago is still a big market, we’ve had the best record in the NBA the past two seasons under Thibs and honestly I can’t see anywhere else where he would fit- he’s like Kobe in the way he dominates the ball on offense- playing with stars like Kobe, Lebron and Melo wouldnt work for him, he’d have to change his game too much. He stands more chance of winning a ring if he stays put and Chicago puts the pieces around him. Next year due to his injury has kinda been waived off, but 2014-2015 is going to be a hopeful year for the Bulls. At this point we could Amnesty Carlos Boozer, bring forward Nikolai Mirotic from Europe, Dengs contract expires etc etc. We will have a lot more options. Lastly Rose is an extremeley humble player, for him to uproot his family and his livelihood from Chicago things would have to be really bad. In 5 years time I’ll sure this will come up again, but as of right now Van Gundy and any that think Rose will leave are very mistaken.

  16. nba fan says:

    rose still has a long way to go with the contract bulls fans dont worry

  17. nba fan says:

    amnesty boozer in the summer of 2013 than try and get a star in the free agency. maybe bynum or harden if he dont
    resign with okc

  18. jjuice94 says:

    D-ROSE i consider as my dad u is an inspiration to me so where ever you go i will always look up to u #gainesville floria gainesville high school J.Hampton is the name and basketball is the game

  19. BullySixChicagi says:

    The idea that Rose will become a follower like some players have become is nothing but speculation on another Van Gundy who seems to know more about other people than he did about the people right under his nose.

    This Rose may bolt idea appears to be a scream at the networks hire me I know what’s going on! To suggest that any young good player will seek another place to win a title is nothing but mouth wash talk.

    Anybody can throw out a suggestion or make a hear-say comment. Stan, seems to have some hidden issues himself he has been washed out in two coaching tenures first Miami and now orlando, sure you can say their were reasons but the fact is no matter what the reasons he was let go and now he is trying to BOLT to another team.

    I find he and his brother another mouth wash yapper are nothing but bitter regular season coaches who have been given more opportunities than either have deserved.

  20. DerrickBoom! says:

    Time will come that anthony davis will be a bulls.. he is similar to pippen.. hope u can steal him..

  21. spronikels says:

    rose is not going anywhere..the bulls are likely to miss the playoffs this coming season (hopefully) so they will have a chance on a lotery pick and pick a good SG..they will amnesty BOOZER next season so they can sign HARDEN..then they can deal a buyout on MIROTIC..


    PG – ROSE
    SF – DENG
    C – NOAH

    then you have GIBSON and the lottery pick..just couple of role players then the CHICAGO BULLS are 2013-2014 NBA CHAMPION

  22. Gwoei says:

    i think Stan need to just shut up please, does he even know what he’s talking about? no wonder he got fired.
    he doesn’t even know the history of the game, what does he means it started with Celtics bringing KG, Allen and Pierce.
    it has always been like that since ages ago! look at Celtics and Lakers, the 2 clubs with the most championships, they are all won with the teams filled with stars!
    so Please Stan, do us all a favor, just shut up.

    • Gwoei says:

      u said JORDAN LUCKED OUT!!!???
      please dont insult the great MJ if u dont know the history ok.
      DO U EVEN know what kind of team Chicago was when they drafted MJ?
      by the way, i support Heat and Bron and i agreed with everything u said, just not the MJ part.

  23. Ted says:

    Haha. I think he wants to replace Sekou with all that stuffs we makes.

  24. drewbird says:

    I use to like you Stan! Bulls are obviously clear cap space to bring in some superstars within the next 2 years. After we send Boozer off, the sky’s the limit..

  25. just a thought says:

    maybe stan is right.. a few years or so unhappy players will be unhappy players so theyve got to leave.. if rose becomes unhappy then maybe hell look for another team after his contract.. and thinking, after his contract expires, kobe might be well on retirement.. the lakers with howard as anchor and major salary cap room with kobe/gasol/nash out.. rose might find l.a. as a nice place to play.. and then rebuilding comes coz for sure the lakers will be targeting franchise players after their franchise players leave.. thats how it always is with the lakers.. they always get the good stuff..

  26. Belizeboy says:

    If Rose never wins a championship I think he’ll still stay with the Bulls till he retires.

  27. Danilo B. says:


  28. lakershowDH12 says:


  29. WILKSY08 says:

    @NY FAN- you can’t seriously be suggesting that after his rehab Rose is only going to be a good role player or back up to other stars? The dude was MVP last year! And if he didnt tear his ACL he couldve finished game one of this seasons playoffs with a triple double. He’s 23!!!! WAKE-UP dude, it may take longer than the projected 8-12 months but in most cases after these types of surgeries the knee comes back stronger than it was. Apart from Lebron and Durant, Rose is the only player in the league capable of contending for MVP again in the next 3-5 years. All other former MVP stars are old and most are dropping their games. It must be hard being a New York fan…

    • sooperb says:

      If Howard comes back at 85% he will be an MVP contender as well. Nash will make his stats look ridiculous. Playing and learning against Pau in practice doesn’t hurt either. Rose will leave after this contract more than likely if the team cant put the proper pieces around him and HE IS SERIOUS ABOUT WINNING A RING! The league definitely has changed and winning the old fashion way like the 04 Pistons or the Spurs(pick a year) is a thing of the past when you have these teams with 2 and 3 stars. I still can’t believe Wade and James are on the same team, not to mention Bosh. If Deng can drop 23 a game and Boozer decides to earn his money this year then I could see otherwise but for now they need one more piece.

      585 Ghostwritah 4 Hiyah

    • bheinteh20 says:

      i was thinking. wade may be a co mvo with lebron if anythings possible

  30. bu says:

    Can’t you all see? SVG is trying to get a writer or telecast job! The way he said this just like writers in & some others on TV. The man needs a break from the trauma the yrs as coach & the latest “scrxx” job by his “buddy” Howard. C’mon, he has a family, he’s not a bad coach, (not too bad a guy I suppose), give him a break, give him a job.

  31. chiefsplitNwigs says:

    VanGundy is just salty he got fired for not being able to win with the most dominate big man in the game today. Take your I wonder ifs somewhere else because DRose will not bail on his team while entering his prime. Maybe at the end of his career if he hasn’t already got a ring or two of his own its something he would consider, but not now in his prime. Take your BS conspiracy’s somewhere else Stan!

  32. Chlomosaurus says:

    @bizzman Joakim Noah? Too slow, you’ve got to be kidding me. Joakim Noah is a runner, he’s loong and athletic, he can shoot mid range jumper all day, not to mention his defense is good, he also rebound the ball. If the Bulls got Bynum, they’ll have the scariest frontcourt in the NBA, only the Lakers will match them.

  33. diego says:

    chicago is a terrible city, no doubt rose will leave soon. miami should offer them chalmers, haslem, anthony and miller for rose, that should get the trade done.

  34. Daniel says:

    I understand why SVG would make that argument, but there is no base underneath it. First of all, Chicago happens to be a major city and therefore, a prosperous market. It is where Derrick Rose is from, whereas Lebron was born in Akron, played in Cleveland. So if he were to leave Chicago, this would be even worse than when Lebron left Cleveland. I just don’t think that it’s inside his DNA, but you never know. The thing is though, the most likely destination for Rose within the next couple years would be the Lakers, since Kobe will either retire within two years, play in Europe, or play at least one more year in the NBA. Other than that, D-Rose’s options are severely limited. So as of right now, there is no way that I could see him leave, but you never know

  35. Dutch_lakerfan says:

    Like Noah is never going to make All Star, the guy is talented and awesome on defence, I even see him adapting his game further and play the 4 a lot more. Gibson can become starter at 4 when Boozer leaves or get traded. They need a guy like harden who can play the 1 and the 2 a perfect combo guard. A hybrid player for the 2-3 spot as a role player, and a role player for 3-4 spot. Fill the bench with random talented rookies and spare players. Bulls will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come as long as they keep Rose, Noah and Gibson on the team, those guys are young yet to reach there prime and perfect pieces to build around. And let not forget about Deng who is far from finished. Let Stan v Gundy talk all he want but the Bulls are here to stay and they will get rings in the decade to come mark my words!! And that are tough words coming from the mouth of a Laker Fan… just being realistic

    • Bob says:

      Well said! Chicago is a tough gritty team. They play great defense and are major scorer away. Rip is not the answer. That Bulls-Heat series last year was one of the best series I’ve ever seen. They fought like champions. Too bad Gilbert Arenas never recovered from the knee injury, he would have been a great second scorer

  36. Rob says:

    There was an article written a few years ago about how there’s a new generation of stars in the league who aren’t prima donnas. Rose, Kevin Love, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Kyrie Irving are all marketable stars who right now all seem content on helping their teams however they can. Sure, at least one of these guys will finish his career in a different uniform, but I don’t see a Dwight Howard-sized ego in any of them.

    As for Rose, he plays in a big-market league. He doesn’t need to run. He can herald talent around him. If he was playing somewhere like Indiana, Cleveland or Detroit in the small market teams I could imagine SVG’s comments holding water, but they’re a solid unit even though there’s no real big name attractions beyond Rose, and they have a good bargaining chip in Carlos Boozer if they want to upgrade some areas.

  37. JeffX says:

    Van Grundy is making it very difficult for another team to consider him as a coach. Rose won’t leave Chicago, unlike LBJ he will stay in his home town. If Chicago can pick up a centre (moving Noah to PF) and a SG, amnesty Boozer, they are a team ready to win. They already have a great defensive team and coach. If Boozer wants to stay he needs to really step up. Even if they only get a top shooting guard, if they amnesty Boozer, put Taj in PF (as he gets better every year) and find a replacement on the bench for Taj then they are in good shape too. As for Van Grundy he will never coach in Chicago and will find it difficult to coach any team if he continues with these “STUPID NONSENSE” remarks. Get well soon Derek, go the Bulls.

  38. John says:

    It’s kind of weird when a guy’s playing with Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah, Rip Hamilton, etc. and people are saying he’s probably gonna want to play with another star. But either way, I don’t think we need to scrutinize Van Gundy so much for just stating his opinion.

  39. Joe says:

    Just this year I mentioned how it was funny that everyone always said LBJ should leave Cleveland when he was here but no one ever mentions how D Rose should leave CHI. Rose only got past the 1st round of the playoffs once so far in his career and has won the MVP, but still never made it to the Finals. James was ever eliminated in the 1st round once in Cleveland, made it to the Finals, Conference Finals, sported the league’s best record twice and won the MVP twice and everyone wanted him to leave. Rose’s career in Chicago doesn’t hold a candle to what James’s career in Cleveland was and no on ever talks about Rose leaving CHI.

  40. Maori says:

    Random Thought: Just imagine if Miami had the 1st pick instead of the 2nd pick that year Rose got drafted. Instead of getting Beasley, the heat could have got Rose. Team him up with the other 3, dang that’s a 5yr dynasty, all because a of a slight dip in luck it didn’t happen. Thank goodness for all the rest of the teams.

    • JeffX says:

      They wouldn’t been able to afford LBJ and Bosh. Probably would’ve got Bosh and no LBJ. He would’ve ended up with teh Lakers LOL

      • NBA Fan says:

        People were looking at LBJ and Kobe as top two players, they will never play for same team, except ofc for all-stars, olympics, etc

  41. Fredrick Wells says:

    Unlike most NBA teams who build around a Center, the Bulls must build around a point guard, shooting guard or a small forward as they need finesse to compete in the Playoffs. The Hard-Nosed style play is only a grind during the Regular Season but will not help the Bulls contend (this proven by the twin tower tandem of Eddy Curry and Tyson Chandler between the years 2001-02 thru 2004-05).

    I hope Derrick Rose stays in Chicago because this is the first All-Star since Michael Jordan (the last Hall of Famer in Chicago was Pippen who retured in the 2003-04 season before retiring from the NBA) as it is very difficult to win the 1st Pick in the Draft and while MJ was the 3rd Pick, Pippen was acquired via trade from Seattle.

  42. Josh says:

    Some of these ideas of people going to different teams are ridiculous.

    As a Magic fan, I feel badly about Stan getting thrown out then Dwight getting traded. If anyone can do more with less, it’s SVG (in my opinion) because of his system. The man got a playoff win when our best player was GLEN DAVIS. That’s very very good.

    In response to his D-Rose comment, I don’t see Rose moving anywhere else because he seems like a true guy who just want to win for his town (not to mention his coach).

    That being said, should Rose come back healthy enough to get 18 pts/ 6 ast next season, I expect them to take one more run with this roster. The Bulls play the best stretch defense in the NBA and that counts for a lot. Should they not get to the Finals (losing in any round), if I were the GM I would do my best to trade Boozer and put all the cards into acquiring James Harden. He is the perfect fit next to Rose, as a guy who can shoot, playmake, and take the pressure off. Adding more into the fact is Oklahoma City giving Ibaka a 12m per year extension. Plus Durant/Westbrook and Perkins, they cannot afford to give Harden more than the MLE if they want a bench. He would most certainly leave.

    If the Bulls can manage to keep Rose, Deng, Noah, and Gibson while picking up Harden and a viable backup PG (Rose WILL get hurt the way he plays), they will be my favorites to win.

  43. Dantieus says:

    Stan Van Gundy can shut up right now, hes forgotten that the first team to put 3 stars on the court were the champion Miami Heat in 2006, with; DWade, Shaq & Zo Mourning. That was Wades 3rd season into the league, were going into Rose’s 5th season and SVG is already saying this about him? hes bitter because Dwight didnt win him a ring, if the Magic front Office had put the pieces around Dwight the team needed, then the finals defeat to the Lakers in 2009 would have been a memory long forgotten.
    Chicago is gonna go through a rough year with Rose in Rehab and with losing, Korver, Asik, Brewer and CJ Watson, personally i think losing Korver and Asik will hurt more but we do have Jimmy Butler moving up who made a big impression this summer!
    and brought Kirk Hinrich back, Where he belongs! we could have done with bringing in a better shooting Guard, Rip is…well not that good anymore really and Nate, Bellinelli and Nazr Mohammad…..they just fill the gaps a bit,

  44. Edub says:

    Derrick Rose – “I’m never leaving Chicago”…”Never”. These words came out his own mouth, he’s staying.

    • NBA Fan says:

      Justin Bieber “Never … Never” but why do we hate on him, and not hate on D-Rose for saying “Never”?

  45. LAKERS2012 says:

    they should trade carlos boozer.

  46. Stu Brew says:

    Derrick Rose should stay in Chicago, they need him.

  47. MIchael Greene says:

    Derrick Rose is the most old school player at his age along with KD. This guy Van Gundy sounds like he is still mad he got fired and wants people to listen to him for some attention. The Chicago Bulls knows what they have to do to win it all.It starts in the front office and ends on the court with the players raising up their world championship trophy. Derrick Rose will be along side those players raising up there world championship trophy as a Chicago Bull. It’s all a matter of time just be cool watch and see red win folks. Playing as a star or superstar on the Chicago Bulls is huge. It’s not trying to fill Michael’s shoes. It’s about bringing basket ball fans around the world the excitement of Chicago style basketball. Chicago as a city is a basketball Mecca.Remember the HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS.Remember you have two of the last number one picks in the NBA Draft since 2002 coming from Chicago. So all the mainstream hype other teams are getting does’nt stop Chicago from still being the best sports town in this country, and the best place to be a champion.

  48. Rabee says:

    man stan van gundy really did not want to leave the league quietly now did he

  49. eli4rmtheCHI says:

    one thing im not hearin is why cant another star come to chicago and join him ??? why does he have to go to another team .. chicago is his home hes not like lbj

    • NBA Fan says:

      LOL you haters just cant get off LBJ’s dck huh? He’s always the poster boy used for people leaving their home to join another team, what about KG? spent some time in Wolves before going to Celts. Seriously, get off his dck, because ive heard this many times, not one… not two… not three… not seven…

  50. C.Jones says:

    get a job before you start trying to predict the future

  51. Sam says:

    Stan is butthurt because he doesnt have a job. LoL

  52. KB24 says:

    I think the next star to leave town maybe Kevin Love he said he wants to win now if not, they should try to trade him..

    • eli4rmtheCHI says:

      kevin love is comin to chicago when he opts out

      • JeffX says:

        Sounds like a perfect fit for No 4. Just amnesty Boozer or trade him to Wolves. They could be back online in no time once Mr Speed is back from injury. I liked Asik and basically the rest of the bench but leaving cap space might be a big advantage come the last weeks of trading season. If Chicago are there abouts Love might be enticed across. How good would the rebounding be then!!! The opposition would get nothing.

  53. elian says:

    d rose would never leave chi town unless hes old….

  54. Van Gundy is trying to stay relevant. Rose will not leave Chicago, he’s too soft spoken for that.

  55. Dutch_lakerfan says:

    hmm let stan explain to me please, if the bulls are doing so bad then why do they have the best record in the east for 2 years straight? I think good coaching and a balanced bench has more to do with it then stacking Stars, cause with the new luxury system that will get a lot harder…

  56. Dev says:

    The league is much different now, it’s hard to win a championship with only one superstar, it has gotten to the point where you have to have at least 2 superstars to even contend for a championship and a 3rd superstar to take pressure off. I’m a die hard Lakers fan and I was very surprised what the Lakers were able to do especially with the new CBA and how it strict it is. But if you have the money and a big market you can’t help but get players. It’s like the New York Yankees in baseball. A lot of these teams just don’t have the money or the city to get good players. It’s a players league and it will always be that. The lockout was a waste. As far as Bynum teaming up with Noah and Bulls, that’s a bad combo, at the PF position you need a guy who can consistenlty shoot the 20 foot jump shot, and Noah can’t do that on a consistent basis…but I hope Rose stays a Bull for life but if not Howard and Los Angeles will embrace him LMAO!!

  57. OKC FAN says:


  58. BasketballFan says:

    rose will leave if bulls wont add another star. he will grow tired of carrying the load by himself. If he really wants a crack of the championship ring. its either he gets another start or look for another team that would give him what he needs. He will just retire due to injuries if he wont have another start to support the load of the team. No team has reached the championship without two stars. Bulls did before with Pippen,jordan and rodman. Now do you think he can get help with boozer or noah? ITS a big possibility that he might or might not.

  59. Don’t leave Chicago Rose!!!

  60. Chicagoforever says:

    Right on man! U get it. The lakers can take it this as long as their on the same page

    • JJ says:

      While we wait for the Bulls to get back on their feet, and Rose gets back in, Lakers are our only hope to make sure Miami never see’s another championship ever again my friend, L.A do yo thang.

  61. Joe "digger" B says:

    Stan Van Grumpy, get a job you sweaty hog. Talk about something real. How about them Lakers stealing another center. First Shaq and then now Dwight Howard both self proclaimed “Supermen”. It is going to be all about chemistry and whether or not Nash can still be a distributor and take some pressure off Kobe. Go Lakers. Look out league if they all click.

  62. Chicagoforever says:

    I think stars just want to play with other stars b/c they can’t win in their own anymore…simple as that. As far as drose he will not leave and has a great chance of winning on his if our core pieces can do what they could 3-4 years ago. If not someone pretty soon will want to come beside him

  63. Nbafan12 says:

    I think stars just want to play with other stars b/c they can’t win in their own anymore…simple as that. As far as drose he will not leave and has a great chance of winning on his if our core pieces can do what they could 3-4 years ago. If not someone pretty soon will want to come beside him

  64. chitown says:

    van gundy is an idiot rose will remain chi town forever

  65. Tenspeed says:

    Personally I’d like to see Rose in N.Y. Sorry Bulls fan but you had your run with Michael. Time to send your talents to Manhattan.

  66. just a fan says:

    Heres a idea d.rose should knock on bynum klove rudy gay them to to come to chitown imagine a lineup of

    k love

    • JJ says:

      Move Deng to SG and Rudy Gay to SF and that’s a perfect lineup right there, and if they get Bynum too, oh lawds how amazing that’d be!! That’s asking too much I guess lol. Forget about LeBron or Carmelo ever coming to Chicago though, they’re happy where they’re at I guess.

      • JJ says:

        Well more of a knock at Carmelo cuz his team’s going nowhere lol, he should come to Chicago, LeBron, welll who cares, he’s got his ring right? lol

      • Mino says:

        dengs not fast enough for those 6’3″-6-5″ sg

  67. Jasonkid ferolino says:

    it would be nice if bynum will go to celtics

  68. june bartoli says:

    stan gone vandy

    shut up go fishing

  69. Nba Fan says:

    So if any one says anything they get their own hang time blog…In todays world we take peoples words into consideration too much…its so annoying how if some ones says or tweets something its all on the news like its big news…whats happening to the world..

  70. Shooter316 says:

    I ‘m ashamed to admit it but Van Gundy does make a good point. With Howard/Nash/Kobe in LA and James/Wade in Miami it might be wise to consider bringing another star to the Bulls. Durant to the Bulls, perhaps eventually.

    • tyrone says:

      In that case, they should get rid of Boozer’s fat and obese contract and Deng perhaps for Durant. AT least both teams get something good in return, and oh, I recall that Durant won’t leave OKC so try getting Harden, he should solve the problem at the two no that brewers gone to NYC.

      • Tenspeed says:

        Good try Ty. I’m glad you figured out that K.D. aint going nowhere for nobody. But you took an Illogical leap to a sixth man since you cant get arguably the best player in the league. Good luck with that too.

    • just a fan says:

      man id love if durant went to the bulls but the reality is durant will be with the thunder until hes old the possibilty of andrew bynum and kevin love coming to chicago are stronger than durant

  71. Boy Pick-up says:

    poor Stan.. you are such a loser.

  72. Rose would never says:

    He would never leave. Like kobe, the superstars gotta come to him.

  73. NY Fan says:

    Rose will probably choose to go to another team to play around other stars to win a championship.

    After a serious ACL injury, rose will not be explosive laterally and will lack stability in his knee joint that will affect his performance.

    On the other hand, Rose is an intelligent player and should be a good role player or back up if traded to a team full of stars.

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      Wow, I hope you know that you only fuel rose’s fire lmao. He’s a VERY humble and honorable person, who exceeds his limits. You can tell he’s that type of player when people talk negative he’s says nothing. He just hits those words like nike “just do it”. I hope you seen the commercial, that’s for all of you who say he won’t be back to his explosive self. His motivation is not just for himself, but for his fans and the kids that look up to him, his teammates, his city…

  74. @slobrono1 says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if DWade went to Chi town last 2010?

  75. rocketslove says:

    the problem with your Barkley statement is he joined the Rockets to an already old Hakeem & Drexler.

  76. 314huSTLa56 says:

    rose wont leave he said his self he wont ask anybody to join him if you want to play for the bulls just come so i dont think he would leave to join others bulls and knicks need to trade to get melo in chi town

  77. Blair56 says:

    Stan Van, please please please team up with your brother, Jeff, as commentators…..PLEASE!!

    • NBA Fan says:

      LOL that would be amazing, and get the 3rd commentator to be that old white guy that lets Jeff VG make fun of him on-air.

  78. Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

    Dont be mad, UPS is hiring.

  79. TTKIN says:

    I understand guys leaving to bigger cities and whatnot, but Rose is from Chicago. Not to mention, Chicago already is one of those towns players flee to. So where is he going to go that is better? Ive always liked Stan but his is one time I completely disagree with him.

  80. Jt says:

    Derrick Rose has more character than Lebron James.. He’s not going to abandon his home town like the MeBron.

    • lebronheatREPEAT! says:

      first of all ur dumb… derrick rose is built around a solid team in his young yrs in the league with other all stars on his team .. if rose was drafted by cleveland and played 8 yrs on a team without any stars im sure he wouldve left as well. if lebron was drafted by chicago and had deng boozer n noah and played in the big city of chicago like rose of course he would stay. Think about it if your the most talented player in the game today and you were drafted by the boring city of cleveland and played 8 yrs on that team without any other solid players (maybe mo williams) would you want to stay there knowing theres no chance of winning a ring? look at kobe he lucked out, durant lucked out, rose lucked out, jordan lucked out. i mean stop hatin on the king of basketball he won an mvp and a finals mvp in the same yr let alone a championship. noone in the league today has ever done that! damn bron haters..

      • JJ says:

        Overhype away

      • basketball 1 says:

        100% right !

      • Still Unconvinced says:

        Sorry But a real Superstar attracts good players. NOT transfer to another team with legitimate superstar. So, in this case Lebron followed Wade. If MJ was drafted by Cleaveland other players would go to cleaveland to play WITH MJ. Not the other way around….

  81. Kaiyo says:

    Rose is staying at Chicago im a Lakers fan and it wouldnt be fun if Lakers are just looking at Miami and OKC as contenders plus it seems like Chicago is just waiting to get rid of Boozer to sign another star and Noahs contract is just ridiculous 20mil per year about Taj gibson will be good but dunno why they signed Nate hes just a waste of space it will be fun if they go after Josh Smith and but they are way over the salary cap with Rose Noah and not enough to get smooth unless they get a trade and it aint happening with Boozer and Noahs contract to unload and people wouldnt want them

  82. rose1 says:

    i think derrick rose will stay in Chicago. He already has succses in Chicago if he had another go to guy when they played Miami they could have beat them. derrick rose couldnt do every thing in that series it took a toll on him and thats why he was injured all season almost. Bottom line stay in Chicago we love u there!!

  83. Rocket33 says:

    I like hearing Stan speak his mind but I think he’s wrong on this one. Derrick Rose is nothing like those other superstars. Take a look at last year’s All-Star introductions and watch how uncomfortable he looks standing next to Howard, LeBron and them when they were dancing and carrying on. He’s old school, just wants to play ball (without theatrics) and lead his team to a championship. He had an opportunity to try and get others to gang up with him when they formed the big 3 in Miami, but he didn’t. So I don’t think he’ll take that route and leave Chicago. I just hope he gets healthy and finds a way to play like himself again. Then maybe we can see Chicago and OKC in the finals in the not too distant future. You know, after Stern gets his Lakers-Heat matchup this year.

    • NBA Fan says:

      Woah… When LBJ was becoming a free agent, Bulls were trying to get him to go to Bulls to team up with Rose, cmon now bruh, get your facts straight

      • Balltyme says:

        That was the Bulls organization pursuing LBJ not DRose reaching out to him personally to say hey why not come to Chicago so we can win here, that’s not his style.

  84. Nate says:

    This is bad news, another case of the media trying to make something out of nothing. Van Gundy is just stating the possible facts and what’s happening around the league. He never said that Rose will leave, he’s just using him as an example.

    • joe says:

      agreed. you don’t need to report on every little opinion this guy has, especially when it’s hypothetical and won’t even be a relevant conversation until roses’ contract is nearing an end

  85. Tfon says:

    Don’t you all hold your breath, it’s the new way of the league. This is what was talked about at the hold out last year. David Stern should pick 4 teams, 2 west and 2 east, increase the rosters to 20 players and let the 4 teams have at it. In the mean time us pofolk can watch from a distance.

    • Bizzman says:

      You’re joking right? The players are free agents they can choose to go anywhere they want as an employee, if a better job opportunity comes along with more pay or the same pay with a chance to move up wouldn’t you jump ship at your current position? This is not the new NBA it’s called being a smart GM and player, Howard stayed because the GM last season was stupid and wouldn’t trade him at the deadline and Howard wanted the Magic to at least get something back for him. James did the same for the Cavs when he left. Every team that has ever won a championship had more than 1 great player Spurs had 3, Lakers had 3 then 2, Celtics had 4 then 3. It takes more than 1 star to win, the owners are just too stupid to put talent around these guys, and they’re more concerned with selling out arenas every night and then cry when the star leaves.

      • Fan says:

        Took the pistons 0 stars. Just all stars who were voted in by coaches.

      • RKooly says:

        ^ really ‘Fan’ you think the pistons had 0 stars? 2 gold medal olympians in Prince and Billups, a 4x DPOY in Big Ben, Rasheed was a household name for his technical fouls and “ball dont lie” and every starter on that ’06 team has been on the allstar squad at least 3 times in their career, except for tayshaun prince (0 times but still an olympian nonetheless)

  86. Chlomosaurus says:

    Well, i really hope Andrew Bynum don’t extend his contract with Phily, then the Bulls amnesty Boozer. Then the Bulls will have enough space to sign Bynum and then the Bulls will have a great 1-2 punch. With Rose, Deng, Noah and Bynum in the starting lineup the Bulls will have the chance to win a championship.

    • Bizzman says:

      The problem with that lineup is that Noah can’t play the PF position he’s too slow and stiff to get out on PFs and defend. Chi town really needs a SG more than anything one that can take the scoring pressure off of D Rose. I can’t stand Boozer, but he’s good enough to play the PF position for any contending team he’s just over paid like we over paid for Brand in Philly. Chi town has the right pieces their just missing that one more scoring threat at SG because Deng is still a good player and is one of my favorite SF.

      • SERIOUSLY?? says:

        “Noah can’t play the PF position he’s too slow and stiff to get out on PFs and defend”…… are you drunk? Noah is a good defender in the post and hes one of the best perimeter defenders out of all of the big men in the league. He would have no problem guarding power forwards!

      • JJ says:

        LOL!!!! SLOW??!!?! Haha sorry, that’s a good one B-)

        For the record his shot is really good, even though is shooting form is awkward, he gets those shots in. He can play PF very well in every way.

    • scott the magician says:

      great thought
      ps……im still devestated that the lakers didnt get Chris Paul…i hope stern retires…..
      pss…..Bynum should get 26 pts 13 rbs this yr if healthy
      psss….lakers win it all!!!

  87. Jepoy3 says:

    He’s taking his talents to South Beach for a ring…lol

  88. dattebayo says:

    Funny how everyone always mentions the Celtics as the role model for players coming together to win a championship. No one ever mentions Drexler and Barkley going to Houston and no one ever mentions how the Lakers manage to get a stacked team almost every year and try to buy the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

    • Spoon says:

      People want to go to LA because of the history and the fact the Lakers are always in contention. Each team has the same cap. Some teams just have more money because they are in a better market and don’t mind paying the luzury tax to win championsships. They don’t mentions Barkley and Drexler coming together because the Rockets didn’t win the championship with both of them there. Drexler won with Hakeem the year before Barkley got there.

  89. I hope Rose Stays in Chicago….we dont want to see another superstar going to another team to join another superstar…being in Chicago is a better fit for him…and I think Stan is pretty bitter about not having a Job

    • JJ says:

      Amen to that my friend.

    • TDallthewayacrossthesky says:

      i agree i would love to see him in chicago but you forget if he doesn’t win a championship in the next few years (which i wouldn’t be suprised becaue of the talented league) he might go to a miami or la after steve nash

    • zgillet says:

      Why doesn’t Chicago just get another star? Problem solved. It’s not like they are hurting for cash these days.

    • totoy bato says:

      I’m not surprized why Stan “BitterSweet” Van Gundy was fired as coach of Miami Heat that won a title after Pat Riley
      took over the job.Even Shaquile O’Neal critize Van Gundy way of coaching.Now,the Magic also fired him.You don’t
      belong to NBA,you belong to a Cricket League.

  90. Bob M says:

    Geez, Stan, maybe you could get a job at the National Enquirer or TMZ. As a basketball fan, I initially was interested in the Dwight Howard drama, the “Decision,” and the other mini-dramas. Now, I’m tired of it. It takes away from the game. The league may have changed, but Chicago’s defensive-style and high IQ play, Miami’s unique style, the Thunder becoming unstoppable, at times has shown that the league is about playing good basketball, if you want to win.
    You are a top-tier coach, Mr. Van Gundy. If you want to “stir the pot” and provide entertaining gossip. You will be sitting home for a lot longer than you should be.

    • I agree man….he wants to make a new gossip so that he can spark controversies lol

    • R4 says:

      True hurt who can’t take it have bounce. The NBA is a different league now, players want to team up in a city they find fun to live at the same time. Trust me teams like Bobcats, Jazz, Raptors, Warriors, Kings, Pacers, Rockets, Wizards, 76ers, Wolves, Pistons, Bucks, and I could go on. But the true is that players want to play in the lights of great media centre. Sorry for the Bulls there in the middle of two great media centre New York and LA so you really haven’t heard much about Bulls like in the Jordan Era. Unless Stern find a way to balance the NBA it will eventually become just the same team fighting for the chip. Teams can compete but winning the chip is different than competing. No one remember 2 place after 10 years.

      • uoykcuf says:

        If they cannot get Rose some help and they continue this trend let’s say in 8 years? I bet he’ll pull a Kevin Garnett. Every player’s ultimate goal is to win a chip. Nothing wrong with teaming up. Look at the Lakers, they cheated, they whined and look where they’re at right now.

        This season is a lost cause for the bulls. With Rose out for 9 months? and their entire bench gone and they got Nate?!We’ll see how good their management skills after this.

      • Dim says:

        Miami got their own playing style??….

    • Peter says:

      The Thunder being unstoppable?

      I believe that was very much disproven when Miami slaughtered them like a pack of girl scouts in the finals.

      I’m a Celtics fan and we pushed Miami to 7 games with literally about half our roster either missing or playing hurt, yet a completely healthy OKC almost got swept by that same Miami team.

      • Bernardo says:

        Miami had the same players but they were a very different team in the finals. They played smart and stopped the Thunder. Besides that the Celtics had very experienced players what makes a huge difference in the playoffs. I believe the Thunder will be very strong next season. They are now the last seasons Miami.

      • HEAT says:

        All the Celtics did was push LeBron into another mode, made him realize “it’s not going to end like this” and besides just because the heat crushed the thunder doesnt mean in trun the celtics are better then the thunder its all about the playing styles and how teams can react to their opponents playing style, although Boston had an answer for Miami it doesn’t mean they would for OKC

    • Jamison Hendricks says:

      The sad part is that Van Gundy is RIGHT!!!! D. Rose is like LeBron in Cleveland. The Bulls have to get one more Star. Mike had Scottie, Shaq had Kobe, Duncan had Robinson, Ginoboli and Parker. You may look at the 2004 Pistons, but Rasheed is better than Boozer, RIP was 8 years younger and Ben Wallace did more on Defense than Asik and Noah combined and Prince is better than Ronnie Brewer and Keith “Bogus”. With the way the Thunder, Heat, Lakers, are stacked and with moves of teams like the Knicks, Nuggets and even the Wizards, the Bulls have to step their game up. But it won’t happen. They can’t lure free agents because the played Mike and Scotty bogus. And as long as the United Center sells out, Reinsdorf is happy.

    • totoy bato says:

      @bob & don’t ever click my name.. I agree both of u guys.Now,Stan Van Gundy.Shut up!.Your career is done in coaching.Get a new job in TMZ