That’s A Wrap For the Rookies

GREENBURGH, N.Y. — The 2012 Rookie Photo Shoot took place at the Knicks’ practice facility on Tuesday, with 39 incoming rookies making the rounds, posing for Panini and NBA Entertainment. It was a six-hour day, broken up by a lunch break reminiscent of a SportsCenter commercial.

Every first round pick from this year’s draft, except for the Magic’s Maurice Harkless, was here. Also here were a handful of second rounders and last year’s No. 5 pick, Jonas Valanciunas, fresh off Lithuania’s eighth-place finish at the Olympics.

We had five guys from Kentucky, four from UNC, three from Baylor and three from Duke. There were three Mavs, three Pistons, three Warriors, three Rockets and three Raptors. But none of the Nets’ three rookies were at the shoot, so the new black-and-white Brooklyn uniforms are still very much under wraps. No. 2 pick Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was in the building, sporting the new Bobcats road threads though.

In addition to posing for still photos, the players spoke with NBA TV’s Dennis Scott and the youngest member of the media, 16 year old Karl Towns Jr., who was interviewing players for MSG Varsity. (Here he is with Draymond Green.) Towns is the high school star from New Jersey who played for the Dominican Republic national team this summer and was about five minutes away from being an Olympian. And he’s already about as tall as Valanciunas.

Speaking of Olympians, Anthony Davis brought along his gold medal, and I believe that’s a first for the Rookie Photo Shoot.

Detroit’s Andre Drummond and Oklahoma City’s Perry Jones each tried their hands at the DJ table after lunch, but there was no impromptu dunk contest like when Terrico White stole the show two years ago. And apparently, the Carolina guys like old school R&B, because Kendall Marshall requested some Barry White and John Henson was seen singing along a few minutes later on the other side of the gym.

The photos have been taken, and soon the basketball cards will be printed. Now that the Rookie Transition Program and the Rookie Photo Shoot are over, it’s time for these guys to get back to getting ready for the season.


  1. D Lion says:

    Not this season, but they will be 9-11 seed, mixed in with the Raptors and Bucks. But if someone like Atlanta can’t adjust to playing with their new roster, one of those three teams could very well steal the 8th spot. Pistons will be able to make more noise once Boston’s big 3 is dissolved (if ever lol), thereby making more playoff spots to compete for. Not saying Cs won’t make the playoffs after that, but they too will be competing for a 6-8 seed.

  2. ddddd says:

    I compare the current Detroit squad to the Utah squad a couple years ago after the Deron Williams trade. Like Utah, Detroit has some nice young talent. Utah developed that talent and snuck into the playoffs as an 8 seed last year. I say give it another year (as long as there are no other stupid signings or trades in Detroit that is) for development and chemistry and we may see Detroit sneaking in as an 8 seed in the East. Probably not this year though…. There is too much OMG star power ahead of them…. Plus the rookies and 2nd year players need that development time. We will have to see what a full season of development will bring.

  3. nba fan says:

    i dont see the pistons making the playoffs but they are better than last year

  4. How will the Pistons do this year? Will they break 500?

  5. How will the Pistons do this year. Will they break 500?