Van Gundy Keeps On Blasting Magic

HANG TIME, Texas — Are there any bridges left in Orlando? If so, Stan Van Gundy will probably burn them by tomorrow.

Dwight Howard’s former coach and sparring partner continued his carpet bombing of the franchise that fired him by calling CEO Alex Martins naive and said he had “no knowledge of the game” during Mike Bianchi‘s radio show on 740 AM in Orlando:

“It’s a typical lack of understanding from someone who has no sports knowledge, who has never coached or played, who has never been in a lockeroom….it’s a naivete,” Van Gundy said of Martins Monday morning on Mike Bianchi’s show on 740 AM.

“….I’ll stand on the relationships with players based on the results we got.

“I think Alex’s comments are based on the fact that Dwight and maybe others didn’t like me…and thinking somehow that’s important.”

Nobody will ever nominate Van Gundy for a post in the diplomatic corp, so the fact that he’s been forthcoming and blunt in the aftermath of being let go by the Magic is hardly shocking. Truth is, in a world of professional sports that has become increasingly corporate, clandestine and, frankly, often quite boring, StanVan and his willingness to react like an exposed nerve end is as welcome as a cleansing summer rain.

Who can forget the scene last spring when Van Gundy had just finished telling a throng of reporters that Howard had asked to have him fired just before the disgruntled center walked up and placed an arm around his shoulder to act buddy-buddy?

It was just last week when Hang Time noted Van Gundy’s previous outburst on 790 The Ticket in Miami.

So it was merely a change of venue when Van Gundy brought his sledgehammer back to the home office in Orlando, hardly missing a beat, kind of like Usain Bolt handing himself the baton for the next leg of a relay.

Van Gundy said the “culture and values” instilled under former GM Otis Smith and former CEO Bob Vander Weide changed after Vander Weide retired and Martins was promoted to CEO.

“When Bob left, it really became Alex over everything,” Van Gundy told 740 AM.

Van Gundy admitted that he wasn’t blameless in the circus atmosphere.

“I’ll take my share of the blame and management needs to take theirs,” he said.

Van Gundy said the way the Magic handled the Howard drama “wasn’t good.”

“The Dwight thing was so big … in an effort, I guess, to make Dwight happy and everything else, we compromised a lot of the culture and values we had before that. It’s always a mistake when you compromise those things…everything goes South. It was no longer a team-first thing,” he said. “It was inevitable things would not go as well.”

Van Gundy, though, did have some issues with Howard. And vice-versa.

“Dwight and I had some things he wasn’t happy with and there were some things I wasn’t happy with,” he said.

Of course, the last thing that Magic management wants to do is relive the Dwightmare over and over, especially at this time when new GM Rob Hennigan is trying to begin reconstruction from the ground up.

For his part, it’s important for Van Gundy to let the world know that he is not to blame for the comically ugly way the entire affair ended. He’s a coach, a damn good one, and he wants to be back on the sidelines. We can only hope that happens soon. The question is: when does the continued bluster bombing begin to hurt his cause?


  1. MDOrlando says:

    I am not sure what you think makes a good coach. SVG has the best record in Magic history, One of the best win percentages and had to put up with all the BS of the last couple years. He turned Miami around and then was basically ousted so Riley could get another ring as head coach. Is it his attitude you don’t like, I don’t see alot of difference between his and Pop at Spurs. The Magic fired Rivers and now he is one of the best. It seems to me that you have to have a good Team, that is with a capital T and unfortunately personnel was a problem. I think he is a great coach but not a magician.

  2. Mikel Peloton says:

    I totally agree with STAN VAN GUNDY. You cannot put somebody in the helm of a basketball organization if you have no sports knowledge whatsoever. All the NBA teams are re-tooling and/or trying to solidify their roster for the upcoming season while the MAGIC off loaded its brightest star in DWIGHT HOWARD without getting an all star in return. Its a sad turn of events. When will the MAGIC be resurrected from this blackhole that it created?

    It funny to note that the new GM came from OKC. He wanted to follow the blue print of OKC when it attained success. Believe me, you cannot just roll the dice and hope that another Kevin Durant comes along. These guys are hard to find. They are the chosen ones and they only come by after more than a decade of waiting, wishing and hoping.

    MAGIC FANS please wake up. Dictate what is best for your basketball organization. If the MAGIC ORGANIZATION keeps on making costly mistakes like they always do then its time to jump ship and look for another team to represent your beautiful STATE. Hehe

    • DJ Mike Swagz says:

      Getting an all-star in return for Dwight (lets say bynum) would have just made the Magic middle of the road as a team. No threat like they once were. The teams that float in the middle of the pack, stay there. Not enough draft talent that late in the draft and no cap flexibility. Orlando has always been an attractive place for a superstar to come to (see the T-Mac deal). GM is looking down the road. The magic fans have come accustomed to being a contender, not middle of the pack. This is the surest way back to that of all the options the magic had.

  3. Chacodamus says:

    The Magic missed their opportunity to get some value out of a Howard trade when they waited until the end of the season, and still had some leverage. Once Howard became out right disloyal to the organization, the vultures began to circle (aka LA Lakers, Nets, Rockets, etc.). Look at the Melo trade a few years back. It’s almost identical, only the Nuggets didn’t wait until the situtation got ugly and unprofessional, they didntgreedily wait to see how the good-season-so-far MIGHT turn out. Instead they used Melo to get a throng of very good players, which made them the deepest team in the NBA.. Now a few seasons later, they are BETTER than the Melo years and still climbing. This all amounts to poor executive decision making and pandering to a baby like D Howard. The culture WAS hurt when they gave into their spoiled star..PERIOD

    • Chacodamus says:

      Its like dating a hot chick that isnt that into you.. you don’t bend over backwards for her showing her why she shoul be with you.. you kick her *** to the curb and play the fiels until some othe hotty comes along that IS into you… the GM is simply a loser who can’t get L**D… plain and simple…

  4. spacecoast says:

    continued bluster bombing? where? i’ve rarely heard SVG speak out & i live in central florida. Coach is allowed his say & although he is an outspoken individual & sometimes abrasive, he was the ultimate professional throughout difficult circumstances. He worked hard to get the best out of whatever lineup & his winning record with our organization speaks for itself. I will miss you bigtime Coach.

  5. ROGER FEDERER says:

    Let howard trade….it doesnt matter, orlando magic does not want him anymore…howard gives hardheaded to magic management………….get lost HOWARD…

  6. Goldfish Podge says:

    I like to look at this trade from a human perspective and I applaud the Magic for getting rid of the poison eating their franchise.
    I understand players have their lives at stake, but with the salaries they are making, this kind of school yard behaviour disgusts me. If only the rest of the leage would have not signed Howard to show all the spoilt brat ‘superstars’ that they won’t tolerate this kind of rubbish anymore.
    The NBA’s glory days were built on persolalities you could love or hate, but never question their desire to win, put the team first and be respectful to their organisations and fans.
    The NBA is getting uglier by the year and if this is the norm, I have no interest in watching these ‘heros’ perform anymore.

  7. orlando native says:

    As much as dwight howard and other players hated stan van gundy he is a pretty damn good coach no doubt about it i hope he can get a job i would personally like to see him in san antonio with parker if pop decides to retire and become team usa bball coach and just think about it for a minute what if stan van got a job with the lakers man i wonder if dwight would leave then also

  8. The Fan says:

    My Rankings
    1. lakers
    2. miami
    3. OKC
    4. Brooklyn
    5. Boston
    6. San Antonio
    7 Philadelphia
    8. Los Angeles Clippers
    9. Dallas
    10. Memphis
    11. Indiana
    12. New York
    13. Denver
    14. Golden State
    15. Minnesota
    16. Chicago
    17. New Orleans
    18. Milwaukee
    19. Utah
    20. Sacramento
    21. Washington
    22. Charlotte
    23. Portland
    24. Detroit
    25. Toronto
    26. Cleveland
    27. Atlanta
    28. Phoenix
    29. Orlando
    30. Houston

    • dattebayo says:

      r u kiddin me

      Brooklyn at 4 ?? before Boston, San Antonio, Indiana and Chicago?? Chicago at 16 ?? Really?? They were the best team in the last 2 seasons and they usually win with defense, not with Rose hitting gamewinners… Charlotte at 22?? Philadelphia and Dallas in the top 10 ?? Golden State at 14 and in the playoffs ???

      SAS – LAL – OKC – DEN will be at the top in the West if there are no injury issues and in the East it’ll be MIA – CHI – BOS – IND. LAC – MIN – MEM should also make the playoffs as well as NYK – BRO – PHI.

      It’s ok to be enthusiastic, but Brooklyn is not Miami and they haven’t played one game together. They will definitely not be a top 4 seed in the East, let alone top 4 in the league…

  9. atatna says:

    the biggest losers of these trades is the ORLANDO. winners 76ers and nuggets. LA I think it will be just the same when they had all the all stars that lost to billups and the pistons… so many all stars in one team will not work.

  10. Pedro says:

    Corruption? Conspiracy theories? C’mon ppl, get your act together. You guys really have a short memory problem. The commish veto on the Chris Paul trade anyone? How did it favored the Lakers?
    And you could blame this solely on the Magic’s front office. They lost all the leverage they had when DW12 was performing like a beast and no one knew he was asking to be traded. When the world became aware of it, again they blew several opportunitties to get a better deal. Mitch is smart, and don’t forget that LAL has a history of acquiring great centers and making them champions. Magic were just dumb to not have learned with Shaq’s episode two decades ago.

  11. dice8up says:

    And by the way, anyone saying that SVG is a good coach must be seeing coaching just base on x and o’s. There are other facets of coaching that are co-equally important like… managing your stars ego perhaps? or being in control of yourself instead of freaking out on the sideline, which is a distraction to players.

    That’s why PhilJax has 11rings and SVG nada….

    • dattebayo says:

      PJ also had at least 2 HOF players playing for him in every Championship run along with many great role players. In 2004 he had 5 HOF (Gary Payton, Shaq and Kobe will all make the HOF) starting for him and they still lost against the Pistons. You can say what you want, but PJ had stacked teams that were contenders on paper and from the get go. In 94 and 95 he only had Pippen, in 2005-2007 he only had Kobe and his teams did not win it all.

      Also, Larry Brown and Lenny Wilkins are great headcoaches and Hall of Famers with only one ring. Rings don’t determine greatness or otherwise Steve Kerr, Kenny Smith and Derek Fisher are all better players than Gary Payton, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, John Stockton, Karl Malone, Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley, …

  12. dice8up says:

    Sorry folks but the Lakers FO are just smart.

  13. wreckshop says:

    Stan just shut up already.. a great coach doesn’t complain publicly like the way he has. You sound just as bad as howard!

  14. Michael B says:

    If any team has the right to talk about conspiracy theories against them. It’s the Houston Rockets.

    2007. Series decider in game 7 of the playoffs, Houston Vs Dallas. Yao picks up two cheap fouls in the opening minutes of the 1st Quarter. Who was the referee? Tim Donaghy.

    2011. Houston work out a trade in the Chris Paul sweepstakes. Deal is nixed by……….. David stern.

    2012. Houston, major players in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes, are prepared to take either Howard or Bynum, without the promise of an extension being signed. A substantial offer is made, that would completely mortgage Houston’s future for the following 3 years. It is blindingly obvious, that Houston can offer the best deal for Howrd or Bynum. Deal dies, Bynum goes to Philly, Howrd to the Lakers, and Iguodala, (another player Houston has had significant interest in, goes to Denver.

    So who’s being screwed now?

  15. Daonte Beamon says:

    I think alot of people are very closed minded and should open your eyes. The magic couldhave gotten bynum, gasol, iggy, or any other player apart of this trade butthey chose not to for a reason, bynum isinjury prone so they didnt want to risk it, gasol has 2yrs 40mill left on his contract thats to much for an aging player whos on the decline, and iggy is 28 or 29 his best days are behind him. Also the Houston deal was not as reported they werent giving much in actuality and werent taking as many contracts as the magic got rid of. In this trade Orlando took a different path a path of rebuilding but the way they can do it has given them an advantage over evryone because Orlando has 2 things going for them Draft picks(Orlandos picks not the ones recived in trade) and cap space, they wont be very good for the next 2 seasons so if they get high picks that can be stars to go along with their cap space they can build something special people are only looking at the immediate and what orlando got right now and Orlando is looking at the big picture they built this trade on the future and as far asIm concerned they did a great job. Most people think they should have done the Nets deal but if they do, does anyone believe a team staring a injury prone Brook Lopez can win a ring cause I dont, so instead of being a mediocre team they took the path to becoming a team thet can compete for years to come.

    • Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

      Iggys best days are behind him? Thank you, chosen one. You’ll be eating your words 4 months from now.

    • dattebayo says:

      It’s weird, people like you say Andre Iguodala at 28 has his best days behind him and with the next sentence they will say Kobe is still in his prime and deserves the MVP for how he played last season at the age of 33.

      Iguodala has no health issues, he is athletic and can do a lot really well. If you want him to score he will attack the rim, if you need to lock someone down, you put Iggy on him. He has a lot of good/great years left and Denver will profit from this trade.

      Kobe meanwhile is no MVP, he shouldn’t be ALL NBA 1ST Team and he does not deserve to be NBA Defensive 1st Team, yet narrow minded people like you fail to see the truth.

  16. Tuukka says:

    remember the time Dwight Howard Dunked The Ball

  17. nosaj says:

    the lakers are very luck to got dwight thats it!

  18. KIWI says:

    @Dirk Back agreed! he may have got SVG fired but he has no power over Kobe so its put up or shut up for Howard

  19. justin says:

    I think the magic robbed themseleves big time again. I think philadelphia will be a top team in the east maybe the third best seeing that drose is not back and the celtics got better through the draft and free agency. I think dwight howard will have to grow up because kobe is not going to entertain another big kid aka shaq and we know how that relationship went. But the magic only god knows what they are trying to accomplish but be bottom of the league.

    • Dirk Back says:

      “I think dwight howard will have to grow up because kobe is not going to entertain another big kid aka shaq and we know how that relationship went.” It should be.

      • Otis Daniels III says:

        Man that is so right. Kobe is not gonna wanna deal with any antics out of Howard. My best guess is that Kobe will have a “Godfather” talk with him & tell him that its either business or don’t bother playing. At this stage in Kobe’s career, he will not be willing to deal with the same problems that he had to deal with when he played with Shaq.

  20. Choker says:

    Give the coach a chance. How can he prove himself if you doubt and dont give him a chance

  21. bu says:

    I’m sure the Orlando players (other than DH) should be able to tell us whether SVG is a good coach or not. The same goes for the organization. Nobody can see what’s going on inside. However, from a results standpoint, it’s time for the Magic to shake up a bit, as they’ll hv v little chance to keep DH whether they change management & coach or not. From results, SVG is certain a good coach, but not much indications to show he’s a great coach at the level of Jackson, Pop, Rivers. For those players who knows the X’s & O’s, certainly he’s not tops. For keeping stars happy, he’s NOT the only one affecting this. If he doesn good, then the other management group or CEO starts licking DH’s hands & feet, as a coach, your values & systems are overturned. So for this part, I can say that the Lakers, Celtics have the best organization to manage super stars from top to bottom. Remember, Orlando is a young team who was born in the 90s while the Lakers & Celts were from the beginning!!!

  22. MagicFan says:

    I”m missing Stan more than ever! It’s great to hear someone with credibility and who is in position to know the true, confirm all the things we fans have been saying for the past year. Specifically, that the Magic ownership and managers are the most dysfunctional in the league. Fans have stuck with this franchise for almost 25 years while the ownership makes moronic decisions and chases away winning caliber coaches and players. I think fans have had enough.

  23. McDELL says:

    Come on guys..Lakers management is just great in every decision they made..they just make their superstar happy in every possible way..GOOD job lakers, we will get another ring this time and punish the HEAT and THUNDER!!!!!

  24. gregor fest says:

    i will just say van gundy is 1 best magic coach and the managment make big mistake to fired him he was toooooo good only the mangar didnt saw that, and the other thing was trade dwight was very bad and stupid, im big orlando magic fan but i cant undestand the managment from orlando, greez greg

  25. The facts says:

    Why do the lakers get so much and they rarely have to give away anything. Let’s go to 96 the lakers practically took Kobe from the hornets, they got Gasol for KWAME BROWN!!! They got fisher for God knows who? Now they got Nash for draft picks, come on the lakers were successful without Nash, now with him I really doubt those picks will be if any use. Now they got Howard, give away the 2nd best for the best. Somebody please tell me what are the managers thinking!!!!???

  26. corey says:

    People go to the lakers because of all the hall of famers that came out of there. They know its a big franchise. I mean come on i hate kobe and I would love to play for the lakers. They are one of the richest teams in the league and you are living in LA amongst the other celebrities. Dwight would be stupid not to go to the lakers. They are the biggest franchise in basketball and have been since the start and always will be because of their fan base and players who have played there.

  27. Alec Baldwin says:

    And then the corporations get all corporationy!!!

  28. Phoenix Fella says:

    Van Gundy to the clippers!

    • illone says:

      Are you serious. If I were an NBA team owner, I wouldn’t go near Van Gundy with a 20000 ft pole! Shaq didn’t like him, Howard didn’t like him; according to Van Gundy himself in this vary article, it was “Howard and maybe others” that didn’t like him.

      Yeah he can get you results up until your star player refuses to sign with the team again. He rubs his players the wrong way. Are you going to risk pissing Blake Griffin off by hiring Van Gundy, hoping it works, or just try your hand with another coach?

      On top of that, you can’t trust this dude. If you tell this guy something (or some underlying of yours does); Van Gundy, using absolutely no dicression, is going to be on the 6 o clock news telling the world!!!! Unbelievable! This guy couldn’t step 5 feet into my arean’s parking lot!

  29. Hakeem says:

    I dont think the magics can say it was the best deal for them. If they traded Howard to the Rockets they would have get good young players with potential. But after all the Lakers get him. Hmmm it smells like corruption. They ALWAYS get what they want.

  30. Mark says:

    after the magic traded lewis for arenas it was downhill from there

  31. doubledeuces says:

    ok, its been how many months now and svg is still running his choppers about his old boss! so if he treats his boss this way why is it that those that keep wanting to blame howard for what went down in magicland……. cant seem to put together that he treated those whom were under his leadership were treated even worse on a daily basis! who wants to deal with someone like that!!!??? yet everyone wants to blame howard, a 25 year old kid that wants to win and knows that there was no way that he would get there with this guy!

  32. Sunny says:

    I think Van Gundy is done with coaching like his brother and will become a commentator. He doesnt have to worry about maintaining some dignity so that he will be hired as a coach again. He can now speak his mind and I believe he is taking some revenge on the Magic organization after the way they treated him.

  33. Bizzman23 says:

    Yes the magic got a bad deal, but would you want to play against Howard for 5 straight years in a Nets uniform with Williams Johnson and Wallace? Trading Howard to Houston would have been the best trade and the trade I would’ve have made, but he was never going to sign an extension in Houston, thus giving Howard the ability to go anywhere he chooses, everyone knows he’s signing an a contract with LA it would be the dumbest thing ever to not sign a contract in LA. I’m no Lakers fan, but all the Lakers does is just win baby. Now with the trade the Magic got Harkless, Affalo and Harington yes you have 2 young players with potential and a solid vet, but you also have picks which can and will be used to trade up in the draft.

    • dd def says:

      i really like afflalo, when he’s playing aggressively it seems to have an impact everywhere on the floor, gets his team pumped or something, i dunno. but it definately makes a difference. harrington brings a nice set to the offense, but unfortunately that’s about all he brings. but those draft picks are totally garbage. they’re scattered over the next few years, and they’re not going to be high picks. thus also making them less desirable as a trading token, so all in all those picks (barring extreme luck) are not gonna be worth much.

  34. alex says:

    the three best players in the deal go in order from dwight howard andrew bynum and andre igoudala… the magic got none of them, the best player they ended up getting is aaron aflalo and they didnt even manage to shed hedo turkelos absurd contract… theres no ‘corruption’ they just had horrible management making stupid deals, jason richardson hedo turkelo and jameer nelson, then oh hey letting ryan anderson walk away, the team is just a mess i can’t blame dwight for seeing that team is going no where

  35. Krishawn-MIA says:

    @Dave other than pure lack of knowledge..still cant believe the magics are sitting down saying they got the best deal for Dwight

  36. alex says:

    i keep hearing van gundy is a good coach… based on what, everyone in the NBA knows his game plan and he has no way of adjusting it. either dump it in to dwight or Tee up a three… any team with a half decent center and good perimeter defense can beat the magic as we saw in the 2009 finals, and if hes such a good coach then why were the heat able to win it all after pat reilly fired him in 2006 and took over himself. stan van gundy is NOT a good coach end of story

    • Eddie says:

      So is it not smart to throw it in to the most dominant big man in the NBA right now?
      Also, Pat Riley basically vultured the championship away from van Gundy. You don’t remember when Riley ended up with one of the worst records as head coach of the Heat after that championship year?
      One last thing, it’s Pat “Riley” and not “Reilly.”

      • TKt says:

        Haha SCHOOLED

      • D says:

        I second the fact that Stan Van Gundy has not done a thing to be called such a good coach! He may be likable to some but production wise NO! Whatever happened after JVG left Miami he still was fired and rightfully so. If his coaching ability was so great he had ample time to do so with the likes, talent and skills of DHoward and professional wise if he had used some of the vocal jarring he used to cry to the public about DHoward not wanting to work with him to instead help that dysfunctional organization get on track and make some common sense trade then he might still have a job there and DHoward would still be there and Orlando wouldn’t look like the idiots they are!
        Now JVG ranting and raving turns us to question (Pat Riley) one of the most successfull in the NBA!
        One of the qualities that the most successful coach’s posessed was the ability to work with Superstars and Ego’s.
        One day JVG will find his niche but thus far he has not and its not Miami, Pat Riley’s, Orlando’s or DHoward’s fault!!!

    • MGIC CORE 2 says:

      I disagree with Alex. Van gundy is not only a very good coach but probably the best one Magicever had. One thing is clear his lack of diplomacy, yes he should think before talk.But what is done is done. Dwight Howard has been the best center that Magic could ever have.but his lack of maturity and his idea that everything should move around him is just
      to conceited and childish. As we can see nobody is perfect. All good talented people but in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Lets move on and lern from the mistakes.

  37. Dave says:

    The missing factor is money. There is corruption in the NBA and somebody got paid off big time, there can’t be any other rational explanation for the horrible end result for the Magic.

    • two says:

      Remember the Pau trade? Remember how people were bashing on Memphis for doing a terrible trade? Well that trade gave them an incredible center in Marc Gasol. This is essentially the same thing in Orlando, we just haven’t seen the results of the trade yet and so people are hating like their lives depend on it.

      • Coconut says:

        People fans hate to see unfair outcome. If Magic got Bynum,Magic fans would not mind. It may sound weird but I personally think Bynum is a better player than Howard.

      • RgR says:

        Why does that sound weird ? Any real ball player can see Bynum has a better touch, more of a feel for the ball, and definately a better shooter (freethrows). But any ball player can also see Howard is more athletic, more active on defense and rebounds – so it’s really what you prefer, or more what a team needs.

      • I agree with you man…people just say it’s a bad trade even if they didnt see the outcome yet…who knows maybe Nicola Vucevic will be the next face of Orlando

      • mike says:

        as true as that is, Memphis could have gotten a better deal elsewhere. Also, The would have been more competitive with Pau over the last 5 years. They made ONE run in a playoffs mainly due to other teams being injured and they are not in the conversation of teams that will have a shot in the next 5 years.

    • MVP says:

      i like the use of the word corruption here..I’ve never been a fan of nba conspiracy theorys, but what the hell is the lakers management doing to get all this allstars and future hall of famers for nothing?? first gasol from memphis, now dwight…what is kupchak doing to let the other teams look like amateures and fools? is it corruption? maybe we should ask the myth busters..

      • Coconut says:

        Miami Heat started to plan free agency of James, and Bosh in 2006 after getting the title. After that title Miami Heat were not competitive at all. They waited, and open their salary space almost 5 years to grab James and Bosh.All NBA fans, owners, GMs went crazy. I have never seen this on LA team. They go and make an unfair deals and grab whomever they want, no one says a word.

      • Still Unconvinced says:

        LA traded for those players regardless if it’s fair or not only the two parties involve can say that. But with the Heat it was unprofessionally handled. Planning it and using Wade to convince James and Bosh is out right unfair. People doesn’t hate the Heat because James and Bosh transferred there but because of how it was done.

    • 2PAC says:


    • Bruce says:

      Rational explanation? You must not be very bright. Explore every other possibility. The Magic were at a disadvantage in the trade because of Howard’s expiring contract in 2013. They tried to do the best with their circumstances. Sure I believe, in hindsight, that the best deal for them would have been with the Nets. At the time the Magic just felt they could get a better deal. The door to the Nets closed and now they had one less option. So at this point, where would you say the Magic could have done better? Keep in mind that if the Nuggets, Lakers, or Philly wasn’t happy with what they go they could have just simply backed out and leave the Magic with nothing in the end.

      • Celt21 says:

        If you really think this is the best deal the Magic could have gotten then you have no business leaving posts.