Hang Time Podcast (Episode 88) With Kurt Helin and Wayne Coyne

by Micah Hart

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — My man Sekou is out and about breaking down game film for the Smyrna Spartans, but he took time to call in so we could record a post-Olympic, post-Superman-to-the-Lakers podcast.

Kurt Helin from NBCsports’s Pro Basketball Talk blog joined to discuss Team USA’s performance in London and the fallout from the four-team deal that put Dwight Howard in Los Angeles and Andrew Bynum in Philadelphia. Everyone agreed that regardless of how the deal plays out for all teams involved, the Clippers are the team that definitely got the shaft.

After that, Oklahoma City resident and Thunder supporter Wayne Coyne, lead singer of the rock band The Flaming Lips, joined the show to discuss the rise of the Thunder in Oklahoma and made everyone think twice about what it means to be a sports fan. Definitely one of the more enlightened discussions we’ve ever had on the podcast.

We took a little Olympic-sized break, but Episode 88 is definitely one you won’t want to miss.


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  1. phil says:

    f.uk? LA fans are totaly dumb! they havnt seen them play yet but they already won?? wt!!! do u know why i hate lakers so much????????




  2. dew says:

    I have no idea why everyone is so hyped up on the Lakers and Heat. Sure, they are good. I just do not see Dwight being healthy enough with coming off of back surgery, and Nash is usually always on the sidelines on his back. Lakers have a bench this year? And please tell me someone other than Blake is on that team. Nope, they have no bench. As for the Heat? People will figure them out just like any team gets figured out. Miami can not rely on flops this year to win games. What on earth are they going to do if they can not flop for free throws? Going to be Boston and the Spurs in the finals this year. The two teams who were only 2 games from the finals this year until OKC and Miami flopped their way in. Spurs vs Boston and SA will win that series in a 7 game series to get Timmy his 5th! I have a feeling Kawhi Leonard is going to impress many folks this year with his ability to shut down guys like Kobe, Durant, Lebron. With him and Captain Jack, good luck to anyone trying to score on them!

    • phil says:

      f.uk? LA fans are totaly dumb! they havnt seen them play yet but they already won?? wt!!! do u know why i hate lakers so much????????



  3. Mr. 254 says:

    First off, OKC was beat by L.A this year! It came down to the last few minutes of about 3 of those games. Stop thinking OKC is something that there not. It couldve went either way. Yall act like they dominated the LakeShow. Didnt happen, sorry! Bron Bron- who watches basketball here? LBJ has nothing but power and hops. His shot is trying to develop as we speak. It wont because of his bulkness. The guy is too muscular to have one. All the great shooters were either slinder or enough bulkness. I bet hulk couldnt shoot a basketball if his life depended on it. Miami beat OKC because OKC has no center position. L.A has that and a deadly snake with a drive like no other. Brang it! And please stop buying into this LBJ hype. Honestly the guy isnt that good. Some of you just followers and cant see the facts of his game. It’s barely good. Just athletic as hell!

  4. Justified#11 says:

    at last…!!!

  5. HeatKingsofEast says:

    remember this. if the finals in 2013 will be heat vs lakers, it will be lebron vs kobe. however, if the heat beat the lakers, people will argue that lebron is really better than kobe, but kobe is in a good spot either win or lose because if the lakers win, it will definitely close the deal that kobe is better than lebron and on the other hand, heat win, lakers or kobe’s fan will make an excuse that kobe is old and lebron is on his prime. so if the heat and lakers meet up the finals, its a win win for kobe. however, i bet its heat vs okc again in 2013 finals. ahhhahahahha

  6. Nuerdo says:

    NYK vs MIA East finals New York in 7
    OKC vs LAL West finals Oklahoma in 7

    OKC vs NYK NBA Finals NYK in 6 or 7
    Tyson Chandler Defensive POY and Defensive 1st team with Shumpert
    Melo MVP and Finals MVP
    J.R Smith 6th man OY
    Amar’e or Felton MİP


  7. Lakers4Life says:

    If DH12’s back holds up…
    If Kobe will let Nash work his magic…
    If Nash still has his magic…
    If MWP can restrain himself on killing someone on court…
    If Pau finds his game again…

    Boatload of ifs, but if it all works, Kobe will get ring no.6 and possibly another back-to-back. GOOOOOOOOOOO Lakers!

  8. jawoparin says:

    ..and we are not even sure if either the heat or the lakers will make it to the finals,(although it will be a blockbuster!).anyway, goodluck to the two teams. ^^,

  9. Steve says:

    Lakers fans are funny. Its like people think that howard is, like, 100 times better Bynum. LISTEN UP, the lakers had bynum before the howard trade. Howard will make the defence better, but the only chance on the other end of the court is nash, and he works well with the ball in his hands, just like Kobe. Lakers will be better this year, but i would still give the championship to the heat, and I’m not even a heat fan. they have lebron, and i think bosh is one of the more underrated players in the league by everyone out side of miami.

  10. MOSS says:

    Championship for LA just because dwight & nash are already there? Naaahhhhh…

    It will be a repeat of the Malone Lakers back then…. HAHAHAHAHAH…!!!!

  11. Don't brag. says:

    Heat in 7. A Heat fan but just believing. it still depends on how the Lakers mix things up with a top point, dominant center and a scoring machine. Let’s just see. but please keep the respect. Heat and Lakers. Finals!!!

  12. JABILOG says:

    Hope that this Lakers line up HOWARD, GASOL, WORLDPEACE, KOBE AND NASH will not be Like Lakers 2004 lineup with MALONE, SHAQ, PAYTON, KOBE.. who did not win in the finals….

  13. lakers???? says:

    now everybody else will get the last laugh if they don’t win any with that line-up

  14. lakers???? says:

    who cares about luxury tax???? “not me” that’s what the owner of the lakers is telling everybody. as long as his team wins.

    • never frisco says:

      That will not be the case next year when the new luxury tax/salary cap system takes effect. The $30M they’re paying this year would be about $85M under the new rules. Even the Lakers can’t afford that kind of a tax hit. This may be our only year with Howard, because next off-season he’ll be asking for a max deal, and with Kobe set to make $30M in 2013-14, it’ll be tough to make Howard an offer big enough to match other teams with more cap space. We should win the title this year, if the core players stay healthy, but it could be one-and-done.

  15. Lance says:

    really Kev? Nash being prone to injury? Besides his nose, i can certainly guarantee that Nash will be healthy throughout the season. Yeah, he’s old, but he’s not the type of guy that stampedes into the lane and soars and dunks over people. Hey, i know guys who play a lot of hoop at the age of 40-plus and still got game. Nash is not a Russell Westbrook or Derrick Rose type of pointguard. plus he’s 38/39, not 50!!! did you even see him play last season? He’s still playing amazing basketball in terms of being a shooter and facilitator. Deal with it!

  16. King Ed says:

    Lakers in 5 in finals against Heat

  17. King Ed says:

    Go Lakers… all the laker haters… I see 3peat coming…. Kobe with 8 rings before said and done… GO LAKERS

  18. XYRUS says:

    okc vs l.a west finals okc in 7

  19. Joseph_03 says:

    As a laker fan i dream of them winning the 2013 championship with this crew….but something keeps on bothering me, how will the back of D12 hold up? If i’m not mistaken the injury he suffered was due to the way he played an over use of something that deteriorated his back. It’s sort of worrisome as a Laker fan, and chemistry issues will be the same, is Kobe willing to share the ball? He won his rings with him scoring at will, will he change now?

    All we know is that best case scenario and on paper this team can sweep anyone, but the worst case scenario is that they self destruct come playoff time.

    Let’s just hold our breaths and keep our fingers crossed, by February we’ll be able to make some intelligent predicitions on how this team will pan out.

  20. Kev says:

    OK. Like it or not the Lakers still have a ways to come. They’re going to need to build chemistry with each other before contending championships not mention they have to worry about injuries. Big men like Howard are prone to them, so are old men like Nash.

    Screw Miami too, bring on a new contender!

  21. chitoM_CDO says:

    i disagree! lakers at 6.

  22. allan says:

    heat vs. lakers… 2013 NBA finals…heat in 7

  23. Rich Minahan says:

    This guy Helin has quite a lot of insight.

  24. Just Be says:

    is gonna be beyond back-to-back wins; now, with the laker’s newest center….go l.a.!