Bogut, Curry Bear Warriors’ Burden

HANG TIME, Texas — Never mind breaking ankles with so many crossover dribbles. The Warriors will be quite content, thank you, if they can keep their ankles in one piece.

In fact, while our man Scott Howard-Cooper swears this is the season when Golden State finally makes a return to the playoffs, everything could hinge on a pair of repaired ankles on Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut.

Bogut, who is still rehabbing in his native Australia, recently told Marcus Thompson of the Contra Costa Times that he is making steady progress:

“It’s about being smart with my ankle,” Bogut said via a conference call with local media. “There’s no point in trying to get ready for October 1st, when another week could significantly help. I’m trying to get ready for camp, but my main goal is for the first game of the season to be 110 percent.”

Bogut said based on the timeline given by the surgeons, he might be a bit ahead of schedule. He has already been shooting and lifting weights. He was recently cleared to start light jogging on the treadmill. Plus Warriors head athletic trainer JoHan Wang spent last in Australia working out Bogut: “He pretty much smashed me in the gym.” Bogut said his ankle has responded well to the increased activity, with little to no swelling or soreness.

Bogut said he wants to be ready for training camp, which begins Oct. 3, but said it will be close. The two-a-day practices at first might be too much to jump into. So Bogut may be limited even if he is in camp.

“The immediate goal with all of this is to be ready for the first game,” Bogut said, “whether that means only playing in only half the preseason games or whatever.”

After all, if the Warriors are going to make a stand, they’ll need their big man in the middle.


  1. wooderson says:

    they should be a top 4 side in the west if the best big in the world has a full season. this should be andrew’s best season since he was robbed of an all star place and the DPOY award in 2009/10

    • joegotnext says:

      Really top four, Lakers, OKC, clippers, san antonio,Mavs, Denver and grizzlies then maybe golden state. On paper they look good if harrison barnes make a impact in his rookie year then they may get a six seed. they still have alot of growing to do, 8th seed in my book.

      • wooderson says:

        clippers, mavs. nuggets and grizzlies? please, the warriors should be better than all those teams. im going with 4th or 5th any lower and they wont have played to their potential

  2. nba fan says:

    if the golden state warriors are healthy the will make the playoffs if not i see the hornets geeting the 8th seed

  3. The facts says:

    I believe the warriors can improve, but they need one more thing, and that’s a true veteran leader. Bogut just won’t cut it, Harrison Barnes is a rookie and curry still needs to learn to play effectively without getting injured. They need more time and a couple of trades and guys who really want to stay in Oakland before they become a playoff team.

  4. David says:

    Warriors already looking dangerous even though they don’t have the entire team ensembled on the floor; what they accomplished can’t be done without a little guidance from Jerry West. They will make the playoffs this coming season.

    • phillip says:

      they have a great roster, can’t wait to see the battle of the bigs in the west, with the likes of Bogut, Howard, Mcgee, Pekovic, Splitter, Cousins giving me a glimpse of the good old days . One thing for sure is Bynum’s got it easy in the east if he applies himself!
      Oh btw LBJ ( famous commenter ) those guys would make a sic bench for Miami right ?