As Always, China In Love With Bryant

Thousands of fans flooded the streets in China for Kobe Bryant’s visit as part of his Nike tour.

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Kobe Bryant is a pretty popular guy, even more so in China than he is at home.

When the U.S. National Team was introduced before every game at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Bryant got twice the ovation of any of his teammates. LeBron James may be the best player in the world and the center of NBA media attention here in the States, but he’s got nothing on Kobe in China.

Winning five championships with the Lakers certainly helps. But Bryant has taken it further by visiting China every summer for the last seven years. And while most of his Olympic teammates are back home, Bryant is still on the road, touring China once again.

Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Times has the details

Bryant told The Times in February that he found that the Chinese were especially welcoming when he hosted a clinic in 1998.

“I enjoyed being around that,” Bryant said. “I thought I’d come back every summer and help them out as much as I can.”

This is the seventh summer in a row that Bryant has visited China, including the 2008 Beijing Olympics. On this trip, according to published accounts, Bryant has hosted training clinics at Jinan in China’s Shandong province and in Wuhan in Hubei province. Bryant attended a charity dinner hosted by the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, which raises educational funds for needy children in both China and the United States. And it’s also safe to presume he’ll participate in various events promoting his Nike sneakers.

The latest evidence of Bryant’s popularity in China is the photos coming out of Wuhan, featuring a sea of arms and cameras hoping to catch a shot of the Lakers’ star.

Like in his past visits to the country, a throng of fans turned out to see Kobe Bryant.


  1. yakitoko says:

    WoW is like a rockstar over there, the people at Nike must have huge smiles everytimes he goes there!!!

  2. Chizzle1003 says:

    mj is the greatest ever. kobe is the closest thing 2 mj based on his skill set competitive drive will 2 win rings & killer instinct. lbj might be the most physically gifted player ever n the nba but kobe is more skilled than lbj.

  3. Troy says:

    I think some people are just hypocritical, because when Jordon retired, Kobe was the only player in the NBA, who lifted his game and gave the fans around the world a solid reason to keep tune to the NBA. He must give Kobe that respect, he carried the torch after Jordan, and most kids in the NBA now, like Westbrook, Harden and many others, saw Kobe as the next superstar who have won the championships and took the league to another level, a solid competitor. Trust me guys when Kobe bluffed about leaving the Lakers, that was just to get the attention of the powers that be so they could make the moves and get the players needed to win another championship

    • Miguel says:

      I agree with you, in respect to kobe’s importance in the league. BUT, i do believe he would leave if they didn’t get a superstar to complement is game. What i don’t understand is why do people who love kobe hate lebron so much. HE is a astounding athlete (he was a toddler when kobe filled the role has the “new” Jordan), and i think that the time has come to EVERYBODY accept that. He makes the league better. And he is by far a more complete player then KOBE ever was.

  4. lbj MONGOLOID says:

    wow!!! I wish Lebron have this so I can place it beside my bed… Lebron for President!!!

  5. Miguel says:

    I admire Kobe, and currently he is, in my opinion the second best in the league. Lebron is number one, on my book. People can go ahead and say that kobe won his first championship at a younger age then lebron, dismissing the GIGANTIC help of shaquile O’neil (finals MVP) at that time. Micahel Jordan only one his first championship at 29, and he is the best player of all time. Lebron HAS always been good, and the driving force in any of the two teams he’s been on. And still improving every year. Don’t get me wrong, i love KOBE, but apart from the rings (that award the best TEAMS not players), kobe never had a better game then Lebron did, specially if we mirror their individual stats.

  6. op says:

    I love guys who understamate Kobe and point to the fact that he has only 1 MVP…Karl Malone has 2 and what…nothing…and 2006 the second Nash MVP Bryant got terribly robbed(and i’m clearly not a Kobe fan), and the 2009, 2010, remember what he did to the Suns, the Magic undeniable…Kobe’e legacy, tallent and mentality can only be compared to MJ(he is the best, no matter what everybody says or thinks) and yeah he is the best active player, and it’s not even close..LeBron is may be the best at the moment, but he has a long, long way to go and possibly try to reach even the half of what Bryant achieved and bringed to the game…TRUE STORY

  7. Proud (filipino) Philippines says:

    Hey Kobe,
    can you visit us again here in the Philippines so you can teach us again
    we love you here in the Philippines. tnx..
    I’m a great fan
    i wish i can see you here in the Philippines..

  8. cHAn says:

    kOBe Is gREaT

  9. red says:

    FYI MVP”s in NBA are given by votes (there is always political issues) championship RINGS are not given but by greatness of a player, greatness is useless if give, it should be eared hard…. that is success. so lebron still has a lot to prove.


  11. the media do train you guy’s who to love and who to hate but let me tell you hate will get you no where always love, it’s just a game of bball and none of you get a peace of neither one of their checks so why do you hate 1 or the other,and just a reminder GOD know’s and see’s everything we do each and everyone of us one at a time you cannot hide what you do,obey the Lord trust in the Lord and LOVE everyone no matter what.AMEN

  12. 24betterthan23,3,35,&theother23 says:

    24 is the best damn player taht ever played the game of bball period

  13. 24betterthan23,3,35,&theother23 says:

    Kobe has a stuffed toy of bruce lee thats on his bedside everynight

  14. ra says:

    mj,kobe,lebron… they all will not win without the help of other all star team mates. for mj and kobe, their team was wise enough to bring in the help to keep them. However for lebron, it is the other way around, he decided to go where the help is ready as his previous team is not willing to give it. every champion superstar like them has some other all stars in the team even bird and magic. So comparison by championship as an individual is not as simple as who is greatest among them individuals. they are all great in their generation but nobody can deny that it all started with MJ. even kobe and lebron admittedly said that they were inspired by MJ, their dreams and their brand of game. MJ was the game changer and there is nothing that the current batch of superstars are doing that MJ did not do. Until there is someone who would do something at a different level of play, MJ will remain as the greatest player of all time…

  15. china says:

    Kobe shows love every year so we show love back

  16. cadroy says:

    Kobe has been robbed off two MVP awards,and he has been whipping boy of Stern since 07-08 season.If Kobe got the calls Lebron or Dwyane gets he would have been more successful statistically.
    So mostly American haters hate him because he has stung them several times with clutch play.

  17. Joseph says:

    After reading these comments, I now see why Kobe is overhyped. He’s a great player but the greatest? Really? SMH

  18. Jay says:

    Y’all talking about loyal… but then again u have to think about Lebron. When he was in Cleveland, what had they done to run the team to the championship, close to nothing other than signing few starts that was completely incomplete. Lebron is young star and needs to think about his future, if he had stayed at Cleveland he could be one of those old stars who retired without ring….. It was very good decision for Lebron,…. y’all just hating for stupid reason….. because y’all never placed yourself instead of lebron

  19. Chris says:

    BGI! Was there! BG mutha freaking i!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG.. Kobe is the best i grew up in BG and lived there for 16 years! I’m 17 now so yea i just moved. BUT KOBE HAS BG! Bell Gardens!! That better be BG! I can tell to they have the after school shirts and they a bunch of beans! HAHA! I love BG i love KOBE!!!!!!!

  20. James says:

    d rose sold the most jerseys.

  21. kobe vs lebron says:


    KOBE IN CHINA? he is a nice guy but ladies this is all business. I happen to work and study the business world. this is as much business as harvard business school. Great management on behalf of kobe’s advisors. China has 300 Million people playing / following the sport of basketball, that is equivalent to the whole USA poplution.

    I suggest any individual that is looking to grow their wealth start invest in china, brazil, india… we sure know kobe is!

    Kobe vs Lebron
    I am a Kobe fan as much as the next guy but at this point in their career lebron is in his prime and kobe is not. you need to take that to consideration (at lebrons age kobe was averaging like 35 ppg) Lebron also has a physical aspect that kobe doesn’t and therefore lebron is the better all around player. kobe is a better scorer a much more cluth player. lebron will make your team better and is a walking triple double machine, kobe will score 81 and win the game.. if I was a GM and i have two 18 year olds kobe and lebron coming into the league and i need to draft one… I cant go wrong but probably take kobe for the cluth shooting.

  22. rishipal says:


  23. jake says:

    Kobe = most overrated. Just read some of the comments and you will see why.

  24. ALI says:

    MVPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!! i am the biggest fan of kobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BLACK MAMBA

  25. billybob says:

    Everyone appreciates a winner. He’s proof that if you work hard and PRACTICE, you’ll get rewarded.

  26. retards says:

    couple of things annoy me. ONly reason lebron now is considered the best player in the NBA isnt because he’s gotten better its because kobe bryant has gotten older and is slowing down. Kobe in his prime, lebron wouldnt exist. 2) if ur going to speak on a subject make sure u know wtf ur talkin about. Kobe at the sametime he said he wanted to be traded he said he didnt really want to but felt like the team and management didnt have his back because he was still being blamed for other things in the orginization and no one was backin him up. Once that was resolved he was glad to stay. thank you goodnight

  27. D-Fife says:

    Still a Suns fan though! Also a huge Lebron fan.

  28. D-Fife says:

    Well other than bringing Lebron in on a comparison of who gets more love in China. I just think it’s cool that Kobe is also taking out time to practice and work with young players in China on the game of basketball. I also like the fact that this article mentioned Lebron being the best player in the world currently. I agree totally and rather China receives Lebron like Kobe or not they have to recognize is greatness.Lebron James and the 2012 Champion Miami Heat!

  29. where is lbj ? says:

    he would suggest Miami to trade for Kobe.

  30. bredalm says:

    For those who only has seen kobe bryant plays, this is a fact. Kobe Bryant is a good scorer but he will never match michael. 5 time mvp league awards, 10 scoring titles, kobe i think 1 or 2 scoring title, jordan defensive player of the year, if I continue I think I will never stop. Kobe is the best two guard in the history of the game, but the greatest is MJ period.

  31. International says:

    Stop comparing the MVPS. Can we at least pretend like we’re aware that Kobe Bryant easily could have had 3 more MVPs on him. There were three years where he clearly was the most valuable it’s just the Lakers weren’t as good. He wasn’t the most popular guy after Colorado accusations but he completely dominated and I’m not even talking about “81 points”. When he brought them 7 games against a stacked suns team. Take Kobe off that team they would be the worst roster. Ask Smush Parker, Kwame Brown, and Luke Walton (all starters on tha team)

    That being said, Kobe is fundamentally way better than Lebron. Lebron is an athlete. He could be an NFL player. But who would make a better “how to play” DVD? Kobe, by a mile. Put it this way, give Lebron Kobe’s body, Lebron is a decent player. Give Kobe Lebron’s body – OMG.

  32. mike moore says:

    kobe is the best ever when it is sad and done michael will say the same thing u watch and see

  33. MuscleKub says:

    Kobe is loved by the Asians (ie China, Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, etc). The Asian players appreciate basketball players who can showcase great footwork. This is why Michale Jordan and Kobe are two of the most popular players ever loved internationally. Kobe’s only active player who demonstrates amazing footwork and beautiful moves. Yes, Lebron is stronger and more athletic (being younger), but Kobe’s move is unmatched by any other players. It’s just simply beautiful to watch Kobe plays.

  34. Fr3D says:

    Chinese fans don’t care about how loyal a player is or whatever, they just love basketball and guys who dominate at the highest level, like Kobe.

  35. Luke says:

    Chamberlain… Jordan… Kobe… Who’s next? Durant?

  36. delikadesa says:

    yeah….go lakers…get that 17th……..and the 6th ring for you

  37. HeatfanINny says:

    LBJ will have a better career than Kobe or MJ. We’ll just have to wait, Not 6, not 7 not 8. Yeah!!!!!

  38. bowcheck says:

    IM not a laker fan or a kobe fan but i’m glad kobe is getting some respect for all his hard work since high school

  39. Essence Prince says:

    @ J Khan, you are crazy for dissing Michael Jordan. I watched him play and he was definitely one of the best;;;; if not the best of all time.

  40. NBAballa says:

    I just can’t wait till the season starts and LA plays Miami. Finally settle the debate huh?

  41. Gwen says:

    The problem with the good old USA, favortism takes over with the media and decides for all of us who to call the best at everything. Most of the time we have to go out of the USA to find love and appreciation.

    Yes, Lebron had a good year now, the media want to compare him to Jordan and call him the best player, Kobe, who is an active player is still the best player to me and has accomplished a lot more than Lebron. The world knows the truth. However, the media who I think play too many mind games on TV think they can dictate and confuse us with their thoughts.

    Look at the proof of the picture shown Kobe is the man!!

  42. david says:


  43. niel says:

    Kobe bryant top 3 players to ever play the game. Its hard to rank the top 3 (mj magic kobe).

    Not the player he used to be, but man in his prime he was unstoppable.

  44. Ravens says:

    I hate Kobe but this has sort of changed my mind. I don’t know this is actually pretty cool. The fact of the matter is he enjoys going to china. Maybe its just a stunt but idk perhaps he actually wants to help. Go Kobe this is a great article.

  45. j-z says:

    i remember when i was around 5-6 years old watching MJ play and i was like wow, how he single handed destroyed the stockton+ malone jazz. when kobe came into the league @ 98, i remember why i liked Kobe so much is that he reminded me how Jordan played. i will never say kobe is GOAT or better than MJ. in my mind they were different players. MJ was the flashier and more athletic version of kobe. i’d say MJ was more athletic than Lebron, considering his size and finesse. with that being said. being a foreigner myself, people in foreign countries love Kobe and MJ is because they are HUMBLE. neither player crowned themselves the “King” before a championship. Neither player hopped onto another man’s team to get a ring. great players attract other players to play with them. for all those of you who claim lebron is better blah blah blah, im not gonna say hes not right now. at this time. Lebron is better cuz hes younger. but if you ever listened to Phil the fox Jackson’s interviews about Jordan and Kobe u would know Lebron doesnt even come into that conversation. unless you know more basketball than a HoF coach, other wise ur arguments are invalid. the amount of humility and success MJ and Kobe has is what give them so much love and respect from other countries. unlike North American fans, us foreigner fans are loyal to the ones we love and respect, even if they are old and worn out. u can say there are a lot less fair weather fans in other countries. peace .

    • Belizeboy says:

      In 98 Kobe reminded you Jordan? I think 98 was the year he air-balled three 3s against Utah in the playoffs. Oh but you’re probably talking about him doing the tounge thing like Jordan.

  46. Just an opinion says:

    International popularity has nothing to do with who the best player is ( now or in general). I’ve been a basketball fan since I was five and discovered the “magical” world of the NBA (that’s what looked liked watching NBA in Europe back then) a couple of years later. Personaly I’m history enthusiast, every time I discovered something new I had to find everything I could about it’s past, so while I started watching NBA during the MJ era (just a match a week back then and that if I was lucky enoufh…) my real fascination was Larry and Magic. You see back in the “old world” we are crazy about rivalries and leaders, it’s not so much about “supermans” and superathletes who can beat a team on their one but about great athletes that understand that in order to win they need their team and they try to push their to become better making theirselfs better in the process. You see outside the US hero status is not based only in personal achievements but it compines them with the effect a certain person had on a group or a community. So althouth Le Bron is a better athlete that Kobe his not consider a better player than him in the rest of the world. It’s a matter of culture. Le Bron carried the Cavs and even the Heat but Kobe made the Lakers a better team and help his teammates become (or seem) better.

    p.s.: forgive any grammar. syntax or spelling errors oviously English isn’t my first language.
    p.s.2: this is just my opinion based on obsrvations on basketball culture around the world and not a proclemation on who is actually better, merely an explanation of different prospectives on the subject.

  47. alban says:

    Kobe is the best player EVER! we can talk all the nighte bat Kobe is the best player EVER!

  48. willie says:

    Shaq is bettter than kobe

  49. willie says:

    J-Lin and Yao Ming, even Yi jianlian are more popular than kobe in china….

  50. mwape bwalya says:

    bryant……….Gods gift to NBA

  51. J Khan says:

    MJ Who??

    Kobe is the best player EVER!

    MJ is heavily overrated, period! Let’s face it. If there were as many foreign players in MJ-era as it is today, MJ wouldn’t have been as successful as Kobe is today. People in the US worshiped MJ simply they started watching the basketball because of him. They simply think that basketball today is less physical but they NEVER realize the game has been progressed (thanks to nazi NBA commissioner). I’ve seen MJ’s play and disappointed a lot.. If there was no Kobe, I wouldn’t watch the NBA ever again.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Dude, I love Kobe he is my favorite player, but to call MJ over rated is just insane. MJ got tired of winning dude and retired.. If he hadn’t retired who knows when he would have stopped winning…

  52. lbj says:

    Kobe should take his talents to south beach and team up with the KING!

  53. southbeach says:

    Kobe is very popular!

  54. lbj says:

    Imagine what would happen if Kobe went to south beach and teamed up with the King.

  55. Sach Qow24 says:

    KOBE is the GREATEST!he’s the BEST!Where’s Lebron?He’s not even POPULAR than that of KOBE!!but i’m a fan of the TWO!they’re both THE BEST!! BUT i’m more ON KOBE!if he retires, IT’s BRON’s TIME!!!ahahah

  56. Tian says:

    Roger Federer, Michael Phelp, Usain Bolt. They are all very welcome in China.
    Unlike in USA, You are nobody if you are not American

    • NBA Fan says:

      Michael Phelps is American… He swum for USA in the Olympics..

      • Tian says:

        Yes my friend. What I said is Chinese people love people no matter which country they from.
        But Americans care nobody but Americans.

  57. LaLaMan says:

    Have fun in china & come back to LA get your finger ready for your 6&7 ring my man

  58. W/E says:

    Kobe = good player but not great.

  59. vick says:

    all 98 babys saying kobe is the best ever is becouse is the only great u had seing playing stop talking nonsense have some respect for the game kobe it is the greatest on his generetion post jordan era but thats it, please stop commenting if u havent being a true baskeball fan

    • Thinkhard says:

      I think Kobe is the most influential figure in Basketball today anywhere in the World. Every move he makes is a work of art.

    • lakers fan says:

      thank you vick one of the few realistic comments thanks for respecting mj

  60. Jay says:

    Yes, Kobe is the best player ever in the entire world! Kobe is the greatest!

  61. David says:

    If he wants to preserve his popularity at an all time high, he better retire earlier than later.

  62. iMichi says:

    2 da World, Kobe!BiguP & Nuff respect.Kobe da Boss! U Should stop by in Jamaica sometimes,man

  63. Go Lakers says:

    Lakers are going to be great this coming year Lakers over Heat in 6 or 7!!! We want tacos.

  64. Ken says:

    I met Kobe Bryant last year at the Parthenon in Athens. He shut down my offer for a photo even though I was the only one who recognized him. I still think he is one of the greatest players ever.

  65. Laker Nation says:

    Where are the Kobe haters!!!!!

    • Francisco says:

      the first 3 times he won as the second player of the team, is that greatness no, no, the last two times , one of them he choked in game seven and the team won without him, statistically active players like lebron is by far superior, where is the greatness please
      or I am blind.his lack of mvp trophies show that he has not been the best player in the league very often.calling him the best player of his generation is unfair, you have to define first the period, Last five years has been LEBRON

      • The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog says:

        thumbs up Francisco very well said… kobe is not a good leader he’s only going after the points he scored in every game… if you’re a good leader and as athletic as u are u should have an average of atleast 25pts, 5reb, and 5ast…but naahhh he’s doing 30 or morre pts even if his fg percentage was to damn low he would still take the shot. is there a greatness on that? compare that to LBJ…25 7 5 . tsk tsk tsk…mvps final mvps…olympic gold medals… and more to come. Kobe cry babe…crying black mamba.

      • Laker Nation says:

        What has Lebron done

  66. Laker Nation says:


    Kobe= G.O.A.T

    The whole world knows Kobe Bryant

  67. samoa says:

    kobe is the best ever in the whole world period……..

  68. Mo says:

    Great to see that Kobe Bryant has a huge following in China, especially now when his NBA Playing days,
    appears winding down. He should consider making a Business deal now,
    with Yao Ming and open a Sports Franchise Apparel Store in China. You can be certain that Nike would love that too.

  69. People in other countries recognize greatness. Not like here in the US. Most people are just dumb haters and dont realize what hes done with his career. They forget how great Kobe WAS and continue to bash on him…HES GETTING OLD. OF COURSE HES NOT GOING TO BE BETTER THAN THE YOUNGER STARS TODAY (he still has some game though) its just hype this, hype that. China recognizes REAL.

    • lakers fan says:

      i agree lake show kobe is 35 years old and he is still fighting up there in the mvp talk with lebron james and kevin durant who are in their prime

  70. Jacob says:

    I’d say that the NBA boss does not give Kobe the honor that he deserves. I don’t know why. Every time he touch the ball you will have a possible peace of art basketball. He is not big body athlets, like Levron, but he is very high IQ basketball, the best. So we, foregners, love Kobe because he has already 5 NBA titles and every basket he get it is a peace of art. Levron is so far from that.
    Please give him the respect he deserves, without him the NBA abroad will decline its popularity.


  71. LA-KOBE says:

    Jackson you said it perfect 🙂

    Kobe is the best player and I think once in a life time player! Enough said

  72. Jibi says:

    Not just China, Taiwanese people worship Kobe too. Here is the thing. There are several celebrities that are more popular internationally than here in United States.

  73. Bballer Shot Caller says:

    Kobe ONE of the best players ever, but definitely NOT the best of all time. MJ will always wear that crown you ignorant idiots. And all those china people flood the streets to see him because honestly they have nothing else to do in a third world country.

    • ritchie says:

      I agree, kobe is one of the best but indeed not the best. but what is so dumb of you is that, china isnt a third world country, it is a country way more progressive that where you live Bballer ShotCaller

    • MinneLakers says:

      Wow… Bballer Shot Caller…. “they have nothing else to do in a third world country”… big talk for someone who lives in a country in debt to china by a couple of trillion dollars… China looks like a 3rd world country because of their number and because they choose to live a simple life… But when it comes monetary value, all of the countries combined can’t hold a candle against China’s wealth… Next time do some more research before posting idiotic comments…

      BTW sorry to say I’m not Chinese so u can’t use the “U r Chinese” card against me….

    • JayKobeFan says:

      The Chinese are veryindustrious and hard-working people. So to make them go out of their way is a serious thing, and Kobe has that effect on them. Im also not Chinese, but i have much respect for them.

    • BlackOut says:

      i agree too…MJ > KB, but go and have a look some business news, its all about China now…….make sure you gotta something else to do rather than just posing some damn comments A!

  74. Jigan says:

    Kobe is simply the best

  75. Jackson says:

    Kobe Bryant exemplifies what people around the world aspire to be: a champion. Not just once, twice, three times…he lets his career do the talking. People want to look up to men–not boys who doesn’t carry themselves fearlessly and with substance. Again, just like on and off the basketball court, he shows up to the humid confines of Chinese summers, while his so-called contemporaries stay holed up in their coccoon. He expands his world, constantly. Not only that, he’s a smart businessman, basically setting the table for The Next. Some people are folowers.

    • WuT says:

      I loved how you summed that up.

    • heyshomy says:

      very well put

    • Respect #24 says:

      I agree. He doesn’t let the US media do the talking for him, he lets his success to the talking. People tend to forget that he is in his mid thirties and is compared by the top NBA talent! He is an old man! And still tears it up! He has experienced enough to realize what it takes to have a global brand. Being raised as a third culture kid, he knows the importance of globalization! And a country with over 1 billion is a great way to make an impact.

  76. kobe fans says:

    aw he deserve it! BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD!

  77. mayo says:


  78. hideo07 says:

    They thought he was Barack Obama. 🙂

  79. Nano says:

    While America rewards hype, the rest of the world rewards success. Therefore, Kobe is loved everywhere else more than any other player. In the NBA LeBron is considered the best simply due to the hype and being younger than Kobe, giving LeBron an advantage athletically. But outside the US, Kobe is top dog because he is the most successful active player (5 championships).

    • samoa says:

      still the best

    • dan'o says:

      NANO, while I agree with most of what you said, by your logic Derrick Fisher would be as popular as #24 internationally. That being said I definitely think Kobe is the greatest player of his generation, second only to #23. My opinion only covers the last 30 years of basketball, since I wasn’t alive to witness the greats prior to 1980.

    • Belizeboy says:

      So 1MVP award is more successful than 3? Not sure how you can judge either’s success since they’re both active. But FYI even coach K said it. Lebron is the best player on the planet.

      • SSS says:

        We can call Lebron is better shape then Kobe on present, but I’m agree if Kobe “5 champion” the successful Active players.
        Belizeboy : Don’ forget Kobe can grab more award if he want it, But Mr Zen tought him to put down his Ego/selfishness. Thats why He can win 5 out 7 final. People in Chinesse love him “KOBE” cause he play like Kungfu Master from Shaolin Temple – His footwork is the greatest, scoring instinct, study the game different the most players.
        The rest of the world know Kobe been play like the warrior – with Injured he had, he never give up.

      • Frankjoji says:

        If we will take a look as to how these two guys play now, LBJ is better than KB24. But can you really be sure that Lebron will be the same as Kobe when he will be 32 or 33 years old? For me, Kobe already achieved a milestone… can LBJ match it? If he can, kudus to Lebron but we still have to wait and see.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Frank, I can see Lebron still being a force up to 32yrs. It’s all about conditioning. If he is lucky enough to not get seriously injured then he can continue to play the same till then. As for the milestone(s) of Kobe, there are records he will have Lebron will never and vice a versa. I think Lebron is the better all around player and Bryant is the more dangerous scorer. However Most ppl equate greatness in basketball by points. In which case the majority of people see Kobe as the best.

      • DropinKnowledge says:

        and kobe would have 3 but the other 2 were givin to steve nash because kobe had leagal issues, that is the only reason lebron has more.

      • Belizeboy says:

        @ Dropinknowledge, Lakers didn’t even make the playoffs in 05 when Nash got it, then got eliminated 1st round in 06 when Nash got it again. So how was Kobe supposed to get it then? Also if legal issues stopped him from getting it 05&06 then why did he get one in 08? That case was done with by 04 I believe.

      • DropinKnowledge says:

        @beliz There was no way the NBA was going to give an MVP award to someone that was scorned by society at the time and hated by many. The NBA is ABOVE ALL a money making business…and they knew that rewarding someone (no matter how deserving they are) with one of the highest awards the NBA has to offer while they are a social outcast would have consiquenses…ssooooo give it to the nice canadian that was playing pretty well at the time also, no one would say the nice canadian guy didnt deserve it…and those years nash got it i dont remember them winning a ring either, am i right? Kobe got it later because time heals all wounds and the nba knew he deserved the mvp’s that he was robbed. nash was playing well back in his mvp years..but he and really no one esle was anywhere near what kobe was playing like at the time…

    • Ricempire says:

      1 Mvp in 16 years is that it? The lakers franchise is suuessful not Kobe. They spend the money to buy him championships. If he was so great he would have more MVP’s

    • DanDaMan says:

      how about this comparison… since u mentioned Lebron is younger than Kobe.. What if today Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant shows up in China? Who is more hyper?

  80. Patrickmarc says:

    Yes I remember the beatles..Kobe coudn’t imagine how it was.

  81. JustMeJip2 says:

    TO ME hes the best player ever TO ME.

  82. Jon says:

    Kobe should consider playing in China when he is done with his NBA career. He is like a king over there.


  83. brent says:

    kobe’s great all the time

  84. KOBE #1 FAN says:

    kobe the greatest player ever!
    no matter wat language kobe still translate to the greatest player ever

  85. ian says:

    HEY KOBE!!!
    CAN u pls go to the Philippines again and teach some kids pls

  86. almostthere says:

    Amaizing, respect for this nation!

  87. Keon R. says:

    Wow. He’l like the Beatles except he’s by himself. If China had a democratic republic. Kobe would be president. Easily.