Van Gundy: Howard Trade Mishandled

From staff reports

Practically from the start of the public unraveling of the Dwight Howard era in Orlando, Stan Van Gundy didn’t pull many punches about his view on the deterioration between the Magic’s former All-Star big man and the powers that be (including himself). Perhaps no interview summed up Van Gundy’s honest view on the situation than his awkward-yet-telling pre-practice interview in April where he revealed that reports of Howard wanting him fired were true (which were then followed by Howard awkwardly sidling up to and being chummy with Van Gundy … and then having to deny Van Gundy’s statements to the media).

Van Gundy was fired shortly after the Magic’s first-round playoff ouster to the Pacers (as was former GM Otis Smith) as the team began what would become Phase I of its lengthy rebuilding plan. All that aside, it’s not entirely surprising that Van Gundy didn’t hold back when talking to 790 The Ticket in Miami with Jonathan Zaslow and Hoch about the end of the Howard era, the opt-in saga with Dwight and more:

How do you feel about the fallout from everything that has happened in Orlando? Are you frustrated? Relieved?

“Well I’d like to have a job. That’d be nice. That’s not a great feeling. We just got caught up in a bad situation and our organization didn’t handle it very well. Because of that I would say we probably deserve a lot of what happened as an organization and certainly not the other players. I thought those guys…I felt badly for them, a group that worked hard and was very professional all year long and didn’t deserve everything that happened, but from our organization especially the people at the very top it just wasn’t handled very well, so you get what you deserve.”

Did you go home and say I can’t believe how bizarre this is being played out with Dwight Howard?

“No. Not really. Look there’s always something going on in the NBA. I think when you are in the season you are just sort of dealing with things day-to-day and the next practice and the next game and everything else, so no there is always issues. That was our issue this year and we dealt with it. Quite honestly we were dealing with it very well with everything that was going on until Dwight Howard went out and obviously we lost our best player. We were playing very well. We had the 3rd best record in the East and the 5th best record in the league and we’re playing well. Then when he [Dwight Howard] went down quite honestly we struggled. He was sort of our guy and we didn’t play as well after that, but I thought we were still pretty competitive in everything else. It wasn’t as bad inside our team and inside the locker room as it was out in the media.”

As for Dwight choosing to opt-in and forgo free agency this summer — which, coincidentally, brought about even more speculation (of the trade variety) until his eventual deal to the Lakers was consummated last week in a four-team swap?

Can you give us any clarity on why Dwight Howard demanded to be traded and then said he would stay and then after the season concluded he wanted to be traded again?

“Well, I think it confuses everyone. It confuses all of us. I was a little bit surprised at the time. Look I think Dwight Howard is a guy, who likes his teammates, enjoys the camaraderie of the locker room and he’s gotta realize you are in season making that decision and the guys you are with every single day are your teammates. It’s also…the timing of it is we were also out on the road at that time and just played San Antonio, so it’s not like he’s going home after practice or something else. He is with his teammates all day and sort of got wrapped up in that and just decided hey I want to…I might as well just finish this season in Orlando and he opted in, but at the same time I don’t think his desire to leave at some point ever left him, so it was more I think to finish the year in Orlando.”

Rebuilding mode is fully engaged in Orlando, as only three players (J.J. Redick, Jameer Nelson and Hedo Turkoglu) remain from the 2009 Finals team and a new coach (Jacque Vaughn) and GM (Rob Hennigan) are in place to steer the ship. Few will argue that the Howard-Van Gundy-era Magic could have ended worse, but getting Van Gundy’s insight on the situation provides a little more clarity on why things wrapped up how they did.


  1. D/T says:

    sorry SVG
    ! : {

  2. OKC says:

    Welcome to the Lakers Dwight!

    Pg: Steve Nash

    Sg: Kobe Bryant

    Sf: Metta World Peace

    Pf: Pau Gasol

    C: Dwight Howard

    Bench: Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, Earl Clark, and Jodie Meeks

    2012-2013 NBA Champions #BeatThe HEAT

    Earl clark and Chris Duhon…? use Devin Ebanks

    and amnesty Chris Duhon.

  3. The deed is done. You could see it coming from a mile away. Magic never were a championship-caliber team, even when they made it to the Finals in 09. No team chemistry. No point guard to speak of. Second-rate players coming off the bench. Otis stunk as GM. Thought Golden State had real gold and kept mining there. Owners asleep at the wheel. I don’t expect any improvement in the Magic teams of the future unless they get new owners. Look south, Magic fans, a real team has emerged in Florida.

  4. Tiao says:

    NBA a sport league? its all about money, business

  5. dice8up says:

    @Yave, Stern was acting as Hornets GM at the time of the Chris Paul trade blockage. He was doing it in behalf of the NBA as the temporary owner of the Hornets franchise. In the case of the Howard trade, he didn’t have that power. The GM’s of the 4 teams involve agreed to the particulars of the trade, and that’s it.

  6. dice8up says:

    no matter what has transpired in that locker room, I thought the players(specially Howard) and coaches did a wonderful job. It was the media that made everything worse as always.

    anyway, he is with my Lakers now.. and that should count for something, perhaps a ring or two?

  7. Yave says:

    I don’t get why David Stern blocked the Chris Paul trade and allowed the Dwight Howard one to go down.The Lakers are a stronger team now then if they had gotten CP3 only.

  8. Kobeng-Burat says:

    @bjohn kupal ka!!!!

    ain’t gonna happen…. number 1 spot??? what are you smoking??? D12 nash kobe MWF pau title contender in paper maybe but in reality. not a chance…..sorry….. uLols…….

  9. Kobeng-Burat says:

    celtics and lakers are old news…. even they land d12 and nash won’t get past 1st round….. and celtics too. ray knew that the celtics won’t BEAT the HEAT in a 7game series…. Some say that malone and payton are washed up players…. maybe…. but payton did have a championship ring with Dwade…..

    it’s OKC and HEAT in the FInals…..those 2 are team to beat….. uLOLs

  10. Brother B" says:

    Let”s be honest here.With all due respect those that really know the “GAME” and recognize good coaching,will tell you that the “VAN GUNDY”S,were both “OVERRATED” as coaches.Since we are talking about “SVG” let”s tell it like it is.If you remember he was releived of his coaching duties in “MIAMI”,by then “GM” Pat Riley,because he couldn”t get the job done.And as they say the rest is history.Pat Riley won the championship,with a team that SVG,should have been able to win with.As far as “ORLANDO” goes,again he showed he wasn”t all he was cracked up to be.It took him 2-3 yrs to realize,he needed to get the ball inside,to Dwight Howard the meal ticket.Even worse it took Dwight himself having to go to the media,several times to state the obvious which was get me the ball down low,and work everything off me.SVG did not even recognize this,so as far as im concerned,he is not a great coach by any stretch of the imagination.With the talent they had in Orlando,he again should have won a championship.Basically,he was a screamer/hollerer,and he wore out several players,who couldn”t take his antics anymore.Including Dwight! just ask Gortat who went to Phoenix.Just before he left,he was quoted in an Orlando paper as saying,this guy all he does is yell/scream.It”s too much.Lastly,the one thing i will give,SVG/JVG is they have balls! they are not afraid to speak their mind,which is very admirable.”JVG” sometimes says some really “CRAZY” stuff,as an announcer.But he has the courage of his convictions.

  11. bjohn says:

    I am happy for dwight, no doubt he handled the whole trade situation a bit imature but at the end of the day he envisioned himself on a championship roster and got it done (Thanks to the four team trade). I have no doubt dwight would continue and even become better as the most dominant in the NBA and Lakers would regaing number one spot.

  12. Come on guys !!!!!!!!! says:

    oh i forgot to say !

    the JET 6th man of the year

    Go Celtics

  13. Come on guys !!!!!!!!! says:

    Celtics’s powerhouse Boston champions 2012-2013 !!!

    Rondo season MVP
    Garnett defensive player of the year
    Pierce finals MVP

  14. nbafan says:

    lol laker nation ur fnny man real funny

  15. JacamoStevens says:

    I just don’t see it working and I’m concerned with an older Kobe hoisting up shots and a cry baby Howard not being happy he’s not receiving Nash’s sweet dimes. either way as a non partial NBA true fan, I just don’t see anyone beating LBJ anytime soon. The man is a beast and I’m sold.

  16. LAFRESH says:

    as dwight howard makes the Stevie J face

  17. LEBON WADE says:

    actually this all started with GM OTIS SMITH!

    dwight never had a good relationship with him, he kept saying that
    otis smith never really consider his opinions and requests.

    if they just fired otis smith asap before dwight broke down they wouldve been okay,
    and firing van gundy soon after otis smith would have sealed the deal.

    but they let it stay like that until dwight got fed up and broke down and there you go,
    they fired them but its too late…

  18. larry says:

    Celtics will beat the lakers in the finals..PERIOD!!

    • extremedriver says:

      The Lakers have to get by both your Celtics, and my Knicks! GO ATLANTIC DIVISION, and GO KNICKS!

  19. Brock says:

    I still scratch my head at this trade when Orlando could of done a 3 way trade with Houston sending Bynum to the rockets and then getting Jerremy Lamb and that Toronto lotery pick for next year (pick 4 and 14). Then blow up the team and get rid of some contracts. Hennigham says he wanted cap friendly contracts but traded for affalo who is 7.4mil for the next 4 years and re signed Nelson at 8.3 mill for 3??? Jeremy Lamb will be a much better player than Maurice Harkless thats for sure and now Orlando have 3 rookies all tweeners and the same size at 6″9? Bizare..

  20. The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog says:

    no LBJ, we dont need howard, we dont need an immature player like him. he’s like kobe… let him play with LA, nyways HEAT will sweap them if ever they surive KD in the west. but naahhh they cant beat KD as well

  21. Laker Hater says:

    Im sure okc will still win in the western finals.
    like the 1st year of miami with lbj and chris bosh,lakers will fall. :))

  22. poor devil says:

    whatever the detailed stuff involved, what I see here is a man you can trust in vs some sort of amazingly-well-paid clown who has no idea what real life is about

  23. From Superman to Robin says:

    That Lakers line-up looks pritty amazing! in paper, just like in a Fantasy Team..

    Remember Malone and Payton in yellow?…

    What about Melo, Chandler and Amare…

    Money can t buy chemistry for a team…it takes time and effort!

    This Lakers will struggle with the Old Spurs in the West….this year is not happening, maybe next year .

    • DR says:

      To be fair, Malone and Payton were washed up and old, plus the refs cheated like hell for the Pistons, with the Lakers as a team having maybe 8 FTs a game.

      Melo, Chandler, and Amare all had no chemistry cause there was no practice last year, plus Melo and Amare got injured last year and showed up out of shape, plus that’s not close to a big 3 regardless as Melo’s the only real superstar and Amare’s only a star at his best.

      So those examples aren’t the best to use.

  24. charles says:

    I think the constant losing and lack of a team that could win a championsihp was frustrating to dwight. Managment never put a team that could win it all.

  25. lbj 2.0 says:

    Hey guys, I revised my roster. Pat Riley will make some trades after this season:
    PG: Paul
    SG: Wade
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Howard
    6th Man: Durant
    Strong Reserves: Bryant, Anthony, Rose, Scalabrine, Jordan, Pippen

  26. Rabee says:

    There is one reason why stan van gundy was one of the best coaches of his time like he said otis smith messed up broke up the team imagine okc doing that it would be a recipe for disaster by the way still a magic fan not completely though i am not mad at dwight for leaving i am just mad at the way he did it BEAT THE HEAT LETS GO L.A.

  27. Laker Nation says:

    Welcome to the Lakers Dwight!

    Pg: Steve Nash

    Sg: Kobe Bryant

    Sf: Metta World Peace

    Pf: Pau Gasol

    C: Dwight Howard

    Bench: Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, Earl Clark, and Jodie Meeks

    2012-2013 NBA Champions #BeatThe HEAT

    • jjjj says:

      I don’t think that the Heat will be your problem. Its going to be another Celtics-Lakers Finals. One hell of a playoffs (especially Finals) this year

      • Laker Nation says:

        Celtics can’t handle Nash, Kobe, Pau, and Dwight

      • JT says:

        I agree, Boston (with more pieces now) will take a Spoelstra led Heat.

      • Second Round Loss says:

        Lakers won’t make it to the finals. Kobe is old and is not going to let Nash run the plays. Nash is old and has no defense. Artist has been garbage for years now. Gasol is soft and Dwight is a injured baby. Karma is going to hit him hard

    • Kobe's The Closest says:

      Second Round Loss, your comment just makes you seem like you know nothing about basketball. Kobe will let Nash run the plays because he is mature and knows he can’t carry the team by himself. I don’t think he’ll have any problems letting a 2 time mvp carry the ball up the court, i didnt see him have any problems letting other ppl shine in the Olympics in 08 and ’12. Artest has not been garbage for years, offensively he has never been amazing, but his defense is solid and the reason why he was brought into L.A in the first place. Gasol may be soft but he is probably the most versatile Big Man in the league, he had one avg season and ppl write him off. Ppl these days are too quick to deem a player’s career as over, then they are too quick to deem them as “back” when they have a cpl good games. Lakers may not win this year, but they will be better equipped to take down okc.

  28. Coach T says:

    I know that they should have gotten more for probably the best center in the game right now,but this could have easily been another Shaq deal. At least they got something for him, could have been better, but at least its something.

  29. Ken says:

    I’m a Lakers fan. My 2nd priority are the Knicks.
    I felt I had to take a side in SVG’s issue. I think Howard played it dirty and this karma is going to haunt him down the road,
    I wish SVG a huge success and satisfaction in basketball coaching in the future. SVG is an outstanding, great, professional and devoted coach with extreme human virtues.
    I think Magic made a big mistake in firing him and they’ll pay for this dearly.

  30. Raiders says:

    SVG is a good coach he’ll have a job this time next year.

  31. zip says:

    Stan Van Gundy is a pro. Please, go and coach the Kings. PLEASE! If you’re not interested, talk to Nate McMillan and tell him to do it! 😉

  32. Raptors Fan says:

    I hope David Stern will retired soon. Trade is trade not because NBA own Hornet then you could stop any trade

    Retired man you are too old for the job any way. Let someone step up and take over

    • Tyrone Lu says:

      David Stern is a cheater who rigged the 85′ lottery, told the refs to make miscalls in 02 game 6 against the Kings, and this year they rigged the playoffs to allow Miami to win and how about them missing the shooting foul in G2 of this year’s finals. I’m not saying LBJ didn’t deserve to win the title but seriously. Stern is hated. Every minute when he is around, it just makes the NBA hated more.

  33. Michael says:

    It is never Stan’s fault! Even when he left Miami and Pat Riley took over, Stan felt he was dissed. C’mon man, it’s time to man up and recognize your shortcomings…if you play your cards right, you’ll get another shot…think of Doug Collins…shut you trap and work on fixing what when wrong…for starters, agreeing to bring Gilbert Arenas to your team was a boneheaded move at the time.

  34. bu says:

    NBA owners want results. Smith & SVG made a good run. Though Smith signed bad contracts & didn’t do enough to create a more Off Def balanced roster. SVG is a good coach as some of you guys say here, though his system & X’s & O’s are a notch below guys like Pop & Rivers. With the mismanagement of DH esp on PR, & the years go by, owners want a change to refresh a stagnant scene.

    • Tyrone Lu says:

      SVG didn’t deserve to be fired, but Otis Smith deserved it for signing overrated contracts for JRich and Turkoglu and Arenas. When Hennigan took over he got JRich gone since Arenas was already gone. AT least it saves Orlando some cap space. Like what happen to LBJ in Cleveland. The GMs gave him a old Shaq, Jamison, and LH. GMs should care about the fans and cities more.

  35. JDish says:

    But with all due respect I have realizing that the media made this whole situation much bigger than it should have been and that the Magic organization let this get out of hand in the first place.

  36. JDish says:

    Stan Van Gundy (SVG): I just want to say I am sorry. During the time when everything in the media was being reported about Dwight’s discontentment, about Dwight wanting to be traded then changing his mind, all media storm about what will happen with Dwight and Orlando… and between all that was also the cries of many that the Magic needed a coaching change. And to my embarrasment I admit I was part of those cries yearning for Orlando to make a skipper change. But I realize that SVG is a straight forward person, and went about his coaching with success in his no nonsense style. I realize that it wasn’t fair to call for him to be changed because it was always the organization that handled all the wrong way. And that the media did what it does best in reporting things and making them bigger than they should be.

  37. SmoothMM says:

    Why do people keep thinking draft picks that aren’t the top picks aren’t good? There have been All Stars and Hall Famers that weren’t top draft picks… Players that play well today that weren’t top picks. It’s about what players can make of themselves: how they develop the physical and mental attributes to improve their game, as well as fit around their teammates.

    • Tyrone Lu says:

      True SmoothMM, Monta was a second rounder, Nash was a 15th pick steal, Rodman wasn’t one of the top picks and he was good. Even some guys undrafted were pretty good like B.W., Starks, etc. There was Michael Redd who was a steal. Stockton was a steal. Good Point smoothMM. Orlando might get a draft steal with one of those picks.

    • cool knicks fan says:

      While that is true, the chances of that happening are rare.

      • chris okc fan... melbourne aus says:

        what bout rondo… he was drafted number 21…..
        gerard wallace 25
        zach randolph 19
        boozer 35
        a heap of good complementary players in 2003
        david lee 30
        marc gasol 48

        u would have to be atleast sorta happy to get any of those players.. obviously not howard quality although rondo is ranked pretty highly and will get better..

  38. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    stan van gundy is a great coach but don’t blame all to the coach, what happen to the teams success..blame dwight howard too, not make efforts to work out with his team and everybody in orlando including his coach….he’s like carmelo, le bron, deron williams in their respected teams….idiots!!!! down graded his status from superstar to a supporting cast with the lakers…super-happy with andrew bynum…finally have a chance to run as the main guy for the sixers…who’s the childish now dwight?!!! your not superman anymore your robin loser!!!!

    • CY71 says:

      A 7 foot Superstar is never, ever “supporting cast” – suggest you play some basketball before commenting on it. Sure, Kobe is a legend (so is Nash for that matter) but that doesn’t make Howard any less relevant to the Lakers

    • killing it? Failing it, actually says:

      Defensive player of the year multiple times. Would have been again this year if not for the back injury. 20 points a game, shooting 57%, 14 rebounds. 30 teams in the league would want that back up.

  39. Keon R. says:

    No doubt this trade was strange! Orlando had multiple points in the trade where the could have gotten more in the deal for Howard but they didn’t trade him. Then, when they DO trade him, they don’t have to. There’s no trade deadline pressuring them and they would have gotten less than they were going to get for Dwight originally.

  40. Stan Van Gundy made D12 a star, running his offense through Howard. I think Stan should be hired he is to smart with offense.

  41. levo says:

    They shouldn’t break up the 2009 Finals team by sending Hedo. I blame Otis Smith. They couldn’t get back together since then.

  42. Fembot says:

    um the juice….they got a bunch of draft picks from teams that arent going to have good draft pics…..i don think they walked away with anything smart….what they shud’ve done was gone for the initial nets trade instead of being so damn picky…its a hell of alot better than what they have now.

    • MackDaddy says:

      Hell yes Fembot!

      You are computing things very accurately today :).
      Orlando missed the boat on that one…. they shouldve traded and everyone would have been 100% happy.
      And Brooklyn REALLY needed him…. could have been a new powerhouse to take out the Heat one day soon.
      Now we are destined for Lakers Heat Finals for the next few years :(.

      • The Voice (of reason) says:

        Don’t worry brother, the Thunder (and maybe Celtics) will have something to say about that!!!

      • Second Round Loss says:

        Dumb bandwagon fan. They have no chemistry and Dwight isn’t returning until December. OKC vs Celtics Finals

      • KB says:

        @Second Round Loss

        I would love to see that Finals matchup. Was actually looking foward to that last year too……

      • DreamTime says:

        If you think the Celtics are going to make the finals over the Miami Heat you are RIDUCULUS!!!! (Charles Barkley)

    • cool knicks fan says:

      If the Nets got Dwight Howard, than the Magic would not have great picks because the Nets would have gotten a high playoff seed. Plus they wouldn’t have gotten rid of their bad contracts. But I agree that the Magic could have easily done better.

      • nets nets says:

        what are u talking about,,, ? they were getting a draft pick from cleveland who was involved in that trade, and brooklyn was gonna take on duhon or turk contract, plus orlando was gonna get their own draft pick cause they were gonna do awefull this season still are douh,,, but at least u had lopez humpries and brooks

      • Johnny says:

        Lopez, Humphries are 2 bad contracts. Nets were trying to dumb garbage on Magic and get Howard in return. The trade that was made was EASILY the best deal. Magic now have all the flexibility they need to actually rebuild.

    • CY71 says:

      If Orlando really wants to rebuild, then there is no medicre trade out there that would be considered a good trade and any trade for a Superstar Centre is a mediocre trade unless you get another Superstar in return who agrees to sign on long term. Obviously that isn’t going to happen with Orlando going down fast right now. Therefore, best outcome was to oflload as much money as possible and get as poor a return for Howard as possible to hopefully rebuild in the OKC model. That is what they have done – they also sent Howard to the Western conference so they only have to worry about him if they ever meet the Lakers in the Finals. Trading Howard to the Nets would have created yet another obstacle to a championship – as if Heat, Bulls, Celtics aren’t enough just to get out of the Eastern Conference ! Doesn’t mean that strategy will actually be successful but they were screwed from the moment their Superstar wanted to leave.

  43. chin says:

    d. howard is a BAD person, he’s so selfish and very rude. he already lost thousands of fans. he just knows to hurt people and in fact he is not better than even andrew bynum. he will bring lakers BAD LUCK, poor lakers!

    • daRoach says:

      Bynum injures knee TWICE.
      Chris Paul deal rejected by Stern.
      These are bad luck.

      Dwight may have “lost thousands of [Orlando] fans”, but he gained Laker Nation.

    • Rocketman says:

      Both Howard and Bynum (are overrated).They are not Hakeem,Patrick Ewing,David Robinson etc.These players today only care about themselves and David Stern is as bad.The NBA is a great game the best sport in the world.Why does everybody want a dream team? Do you think Hakeem needed LeBron,Wade and Bosh.No he was great as Michael Jordan they could dominate a game all by themselves.Just go to you tube you will see Hakeem destroy teams which Howard can’t do.

  44. TheJuice says:

    I like how people are saying the Magic got the short end of all of this, but in reality they did get something out of it including a bunch of draft picks. sure they might have been able to do better, but they did retain Howard and get something, he was going to walk a few months ago but they got something rather then nothing

    • cool knicks fan says:

      All those draft picks are unlikely to be in the lottery as the Lakers, 76ers and Nuggets are all expected to make the playoffs. Even if one of them falls to the lottery (Denver or 76ers) 3 of their 5 first round picks are lottery protected.

  45. Heat Killer says:

    Truth be told! Van Gundy is a good coach but Orlando would not have won a championship with him because he tryed to just surround Dwight with a bunch of shooters and think that would work without making defense a first priority. The only time his system worked was in 2009 when they went to the championship but after that other teams caught on to what they were doing and shut that down. I think Dwight is catching a lot of unnecessary slack for a few bad decisions because if you think that Orlando is better without D.Howard your CRAZY! But I do think he handled this whole thing wrong by getting the coach and GM fired and then you leave the team. THAT’S CRAZY!

    • jhmertens says:

      Van Gundy did not surround Dwight with a bunch of shooters, the GM did. Van Gundy did the best with what he was given. He has the ability to be a great coach somewhere, should be highly sought. If I were the Bobcats I would have made a serious play for him, but god knows what Jordan’s doing to that team.

    • Coconut says:

      I would like to remind you that Howard asked for some of those trades. Howard was the one managing the team. If Spo can get Championship, any coach in NBA can get it. But they need some mature leaders to take some of their responsibilities like LJ.

    • yoel cuevas says:

      you truly know about basketball! i give you props you are commenting from an objective point of view

    • Coconut says:

      If Riley supported Van as much as he did for Spo, Van could have 2 titles by now. I do have doubts on his coaching even he is a nice guy. But he is way better than Spo.
      Btw GM, and Howard made the last a few trades for Magic not Van..

  46. yournamehere says:

    Dwight Howard is a knucklehead! – Charles Barkley voice

  47. FineGoods says:

    I hope you find a job Stan, one of the stand-out citizens of the NBA and a great coach.

  48. Jerome says:

    Noble comments from SVG. Here was a guy who wanted him fired and he is able to empathise with the wreckless decisions he made. Delight is not a bad guy, he just displayed incredible immaturity and unprofessionalism with a team that obviously adored him. Hopefully more teams will learn to adopt a more D-Will with Utah approach with their superstars.

    • I totally agree with you man…but Howard will probably win a lot of championships with lakers

      • voiceofreason says:

        the lakers MIGHT be contenders now, but Nash only has like, 1 or 2 years left in him, and Kobe might only have 3 or 4, so after that, the lakers era will be over

    • Rapid says:

      Williams is no better. He pretty much forced Sloan into retirement after 23yrs with Utah. However, these organizations act like they are the victims yet they will trade a player in a heart beat if they see an opportunity for financial gain.

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      TBH i dont think Dwights a bad guy. I think he knew he was going to leave all along, but opted in to give Magic a chance at getting something in return. If he left via Free Agency, Magic dont get anything.

      As he always said he doesnt want to follow the footsteps of Shaq, who left Magic with nothing. Lebron did the same to Cleveland and he was crucified by the media, dont think Howard wanted that.

      • WuT says:

        Yea at least he gave them the opportunity to do something…or what they wanted..but he got duped and didn’t get a chance to play for the Nets..

      • kevin says:

        It happened any way and Lebron should have left Cleveland a long time ago. Great players are often not viewed the same without championships