New Faces, New Places, Hoops Overseas And A Good Old Preseason Schedule

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The real games don’t start until Oct. 30, but there will be plenty of chances to catch a glimpse of new faces in new places during the NBA preseason, a 22-day, 115-game schedule released Thursday afternoon.

Basketball fans in Fresno will get a treat when Steve Nash makes his Lakers debut on Sunday, Oct. 7 against the Warriors (though Dwight Howard might not be ready by then). A few hours earlier, Ray Allen will play his first game with the Heat in Atlanta.  Andrew Bynum, meanwhile, will have to wait until an Oct. 11 in Orlando (of all places) to get in his first action with the Sixers.

Allen will have a great opportunity to build some off-the-court chemistry with his new teammates when they travel across the world, as part of the league’s slate of nine international games featuring 10 teams. Allen’s former team actually tips off the preseason with a game in Istanbul, Turkey on NBA TV.

NBA Europe Live presented by BBVA

Oct. 5 — Boston at Fenerbahce Ulker (NBA TV) – Istanbul, Turkey

Oct. 6 — Dallas at Alba Berlin (NBA TV) – Berlin, Germany

Oct. 7 — Boston at Emporio Armani Milano (NBA TV) – Milan, Italy

Oct. 9 — Dallas at FC Barcelona Regal (NBA TV) – Barcelona, Spain

NBA Mexico Game 2012

Oct. 7 — New Orleans vs. Orlando (NBA TV) – Mexico City, Mexico

NBA China Games 2012

Oct. 11 — Miami vs. L.A. Clippers Beijing (NBA TV) – Beijing, China

Oct. 14 — Miami vs. L.A. Clippers (NBA TV) – Shanghai, China

2012 NBA Canada Series

Oct. 19 — New York vs. Toronto – Montreal, Quebec

Oct. 24 — Detroit vs. Minnesota – Winnipeg, Manitoba

NBA TV will have seven of the nine games above, and you can expect the channel to add more games to its preseason schedule. In addition to that, there will be four preseason games on ESPN and TNT, a chance to see the new Brooklyn arena, Andre Iguodala in Denver, and No. 1 pick Anthony Davis.

TNT and ESPN preseason schedule

Oct. 18 — Boston at Brooklyn, 8 p.m. ET (TNT)

Oct. 25 — L.A. Clippers at Denver, 10 p.m. ET (TNT)

Oct. 26 — New Orleans at Miami, 8 p.m. ET (ESPN)

Oct. 26 — Denver at Phoenix, 10:30 p.m. ET (ESPN)

The preseason schedule also features some visits from European teams, like Real Madrid, Montepaschi Siena and Maccabi Haifa, who each play two games against NBA teams. And, of course, there will be plenty of games in non-NBA arenas around the country, in cities like Las Vegas, Canton, North Charleston and La Crosse, Wisc.

Oct. 5 can’t come soon enough. NBA basketball is just 50 days away.


  1. Chris Vinci says:

    Kobe is nothing compared to lebron, he’s just another show off like carmelo Anthony. All Kobe’s championships came as a result of the great Phil Jackson. If he were never the coach, Kobe would still have 0 rings. Everyone seems to forget that. At least lebron earned his 1 ring.

  2. Hate my warriors says:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if they didn’t reward teams for tanking their seasons to get a draft pick instead of investing time any money in their team and FANS!

  3. laker 4 life says:

    Bynum will not go to the heat. He already likes Philly, and prob wont leave it.

  4. Raphajiujitsu says:

    Bynum will go to the Heat !!!

  5. me session says:

    come to puerto rico

  6. heat fan says:

    you know I could actually see bynum going to the heat if he doesn’t resign next year with the 76ers.

  7. c e l t i c s says:

    A month and a half?!?!?!?!?! I’m going through withdrawl already.

  8. Jon says:

    The Lakers are going to run through the entire league this season. Especially OKC and Miami because they are going to be directly in the Lakers cross hairs.

  9. Carmelo Anthony says:

    Im looking forward to the season. I will be the first time Amare and I have a full training camp. Im excited about Amare training with the best center of all-time Hakeem Olajuwon, we need Amare present down low for our team to be sucessful. And I’m excited about the new additions that we made through the season by adding Raymond Felton, J-Kidd, Marcus Camby, and Kurt Thomas. I think we got to play more as a team and we should see results. GOOOOO KNICKS

  10. iAn420 says:

    Love the pre-season sched… I’m just unhappy with some stupid comments on this page 😦 We all have the right to express ourselves but please think before you post. A lot of you made yourself look like !doits…

  11. Kobeng-Burat says:

    Healthy Howard , Younger Nash ,Young Kobe , Soft Pau Ring!!!!! definitely a Ring…Keep dreaming

    But in reality

    Bad Back recent surgery Howard, Old Nash, Ballhog kobe and a soft pau….two words “Epic Fail”

    it’s time for the young bloods….OKC and HEAT….. uLOLS….

  12. Valchi says:

    LEBRON is way better than Kobe. Some people even think ‘BRON is better than MJ. Winning a championship is a group effort. Winning an MVP says a lot about an athlete. Some players have several rings but it doesn’t mean they are better than lebron.

    • john says:

      please don’t watch basketball your opinion is wrong.. drose has a million x more mvps than cp3 yet cp3 is better ..go to your room and think about what you did

  13. nba fan says:

    cant wait for the celtics to play

  14. IcedT says:

    No Linsanity?

  15. denerio says:

    dwight howard steve nash kobe one word ring

  16. denerio says:

    dwight howard and steve nash is here kobe is going to win another ring his 6 ring

  17. Dom says:

    Lakers taking 2013 ring? You think OKC dead? When Lakers reached semi final, OKC will be kicking them out.

  18. Shakril says:

    All the talking about which one of those two, kobe or Lebron, is the better player is nonsense.
    Lebron is the best NBA Player Now. Some years ago it was Kobe. It does not matter who won more MVPs.
    The only fact that matters is the legacy. Kobe established his, and is only 1 Champion Title shy of Michael Jordans Legacy. Lebron has to accomplished this first, before those two can be compared. As long as Lebron does not have at least 3 rings, or All Time stats like Wilt Chamberlain Lebron is just a Great Player in History who won one Title. Thats it.

    • john says:

      thank other words don’t compare men with boys

    • L.A. ALL DAY says:

      Kobe 5th ALL-TIME on the nba’s scoring list…..and counting.
      Lebron will never catch him.
      And really people? Lebron will never catch Kobe in rings or finals mvp’s Kobe will win another 2 rings with this squad are u kidding me?!?! It’s not even funny what this Laker team is gonna do to the league including OKC and Heat. It’s not even a joke. We would have won wiith Bynum and the current squad, it would have been tougher but we would have won. Nash changes EVERYTHING. But with Howard instead? Fugedaboudit!!! Howard and Nash want a ring just like Lebron did last year. Dont even fool yourself people it isn’t even gonna be close. Props to my man Kuptchak. Brilliant work! He can now be considered in the shadows of the great one Mr. Jerry West in the management dept. Getting Nash and Howard especially (and keeping Gasol???? hahahahhaha) was a Jerry West kind of move.
      Lebron has so much more work to do, work to accomplish, and just a few more game winning or game tying shots to make before even being considered close to Kobe (Kobe has like at least 20-30 game winning or game tying shots in his career – Lebron has what? 2??). Lebron has talent but his IQ, desire, heart , will and skills don’t even mount to Kobe. Shouldn’t even be considered in the same sentence. Thanks to the Lakers this year it doesn’t look like Miami will win anytime soon. Trust me on this. I don’t care what Miami’s squad looks like or what OKC’s roster looks like. The Lakers will dominate. It’s just the way it is.

      • brandyn bess says:

        dog everything u just said is the truth… funna witness greatness they could go unbeaten.. honestly like i say the same things u just said everyday to idiots who are ridin lebron and the heat. like u dont understand whats about to go down…

  19. dimirije says:

    GOOO Denver Nuggets !!!

  20. Anthony says:


  21. Heatfan says:

    ……Kobe is better than Lebron

  22. lbj says:

    This are all useless. Andrew Bynum will opt out of his contract with the Sixers and demand a trade with the Heat for Anthony and Turiaf. Heat will repeat.

    C – Bynum
    PF – Bosh
    SF- LeBron
    SG- Allen
    PG – D-Wade

  23. ray says:

    stick with the hang time blog john, we don’t want sekou back!!!

  24. CJeezy says:

    Commish! Or anybody! Please bring a few preseason games down here to Australia! Don’t forget about you millions of fans living down under! We’d be honoured to have a chance to see and potentially meet any NBA teams

  25. minime says:

    The the aussie fans here. There was an NBA game here in Australia can’t remember what team came over but an NBA team did end up going to Melbourne to play one of our teams – don’t remember who. Pretty sure it was last year, if not the year b4?

    I wanted to go but only heard it like 3-4 days b4 it started and was at work and live in Sydney

  26. Reggie says:

    To the guy named Sam, mvps are subjective meaning they are voted on by reporters and columnists that play favorites and have their own opinions on who the MVP is. However, championships are not subjective s they are earned fair and square by hard work. And it means unequivocally that you are the best team that year. Once again it’s fought for and earned, not chosen. So therefore championships and rings mean way more than mvps.

  27. MVPGOAT says:

    How about this,NBA vs Euroleague champions after the NBA finals Games 1&2 NBA rules at home 3&4&5 in europe under FIBA Rules, Games 6&7 if needed back in the states under NBA rules.
    Then the NBA champions truly would have the right to declare themselves “world” champions!

    • john says:

      The Euroleague champs would be crushed. Euroleague vs NBA is already a joke in the preseason so if you play in June, the NBA champs would be ready unlike in Oct. The NBA has lost less than 10 games total since they played international teams starting in 1977. It’s in the stats on the Euroleague and NBA websites.In fact the Euroleague champs have done tours in the US and lost by double digits.

  28. D says:

    Lakers have too many ball hogs. Kobe, Nash and Howard always expect to have the ball in their hands. The best action will be the locker room brawl between Howard and Ron Artest.

  29. serbs forever says:

    lets go heat show lakerland the real kings of the nba

  30. 3stars n' a sun says:

    please NBA bring MIAMI & LAKERS here in the Philippines we have a new arena ” MALL OF ASIA ARENA ” we love NBA somuch here in the Philippines!!!

  31. arrow323 says:

    They should have like a champions leage like they do in soccer

  32. rolan says:

    nba should come down under

  33. Lakers-R-Us says:

    By the way everyone! I’m betting good money that Dwight Howard will be ready at the beginning of the season!!!!!

  34. clips58 says:

    Requesting NBA Games in Philippines. Pinoys love NBA games

  35. Isaac says:

    lol MVP’s mean nothing unless you win it all. MVP is all fan voting gurantee when T’Wolves make playoffs no1 will vote Love for MVP cause its fan base and T’Wovles don’t have enough fans as LA,miami,okc. Lebron could win every MVP until he retires but if doesn’t win another chamionship the MVP’s don’t mean anything. Steve Nash has won MVP so has Rose but nothing that shows a championship. The fact that miami fans cry about lebron being better than kobe is kinda sad that a 28 year old kid still hasn’t past up a 36 year old man yet.

    • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

      agreed, except Kobe’s 34. He’s not that old 😀

    • One year old Isaac says:

      You must be born yesterday Boy! MVP is voted for by a panel of 121 voters that are consist of sportswriters and broadcasters throughout the United States and Canada as well as an MVP fan vote but fan vote counts only as one vote. As far as I could remember the fan vote was only added recently. And you think fan vote would make a huge difference? Players are chosen to be MVP for a reason and that is because they are the best for that season. Yeah Kobe got 5 rings but I will still consider LBJ better than him as an overall player.

      • HUGO says:

        The mvp goes to the best player in the best team,a player in a bad team even if he is great would never get the mvp and it is chosen by reporters Kobe should have more than 1 mvp but reporters took into account what the lakers record was and Kobes reputation after the Denver incidentthe .

        The mvp is not the best player in the NBA but the most valuable player in a team with a great record also reporters are known to ♂ote for who they like the most and not who should get it.

  36. Larry Johnson says:

    Why didn’t they send the Kings!?!!!!!!!!!!! There going to be one of the most exciting teams to watch this year. Finally a year we can think about going to the PLAYOFFS!!! Think of this….DMC Center, T-rob PF, James Johnson SF, Tyreke SG, and Isiah Thomas PG……BE AFRAID…VERY AFRAID!!!!!!!!!!

  37. GOH says:

    i always wanted a club basketball style tournament like what soccer does!!!

  38. sam says:

    Lebron has 3MVPs and Kobe has 1. Kobe is nothing compared to Lebron.
    Don’t be making silly comments everywhere you go.

    • john says:

      you are uneducated.. because rings matter more kobe 5 lebron 0…haha kobe has a million x more ring than lebron..bcuz 0 x any # is 0..lebron didn’t get his wipe your face!!!

    • brandyn bess says:

      dude… the nba robbed kobe like 3 times.. do u pay attention sure kobe has 1 mvp.. how many finals mvp though? how many records that lebron doesnt and will never have.? uh 81? points say something when lebron gets there besides on a video game.. ur the one making silly comments… honestly do u really watch basketball? have u ever seen lebron make a game winning shot? maybe like what 1-2? kobe does it regularly? have u ever seen lebron uh make the shot from behind the basket? uh kobe did it? have u ever soon lebron win a 3peat uh no so until he does any of the above quite…

  39. Ray Allen says:

    I want to be champion again, I’m going to heat

  40. GL says:

    oh Mexico, you’re in for a good treat.

  41. Dre says:

    Y not South America and Australia? would be awesome in promoting the game

  42. edouard says:


  43. Kobe Fan says:

    I have a feeling that miami is going to crush the clippers and the hornets. We are probobly not going to do good unless kobe has a great game but hope for the best. Lets go Lakers

  44. bekhee says:

    does anyone know how get the tickets for the dallas game in berlin? please help

  45. Kostya says:

    All this games is good for European people and people all over the world as well.I wish NBA regular season games played somewhere outside Unated States.

    • fe says:

      they did 2 games in tokyo once…
      however it’s unlikely they do a big stretch in Europe because of the time zones…
      even in US..their travel plans are allocated closely so that if they are playing back to backs…they won’t travel too far…
      time zones screws up their ability to play at a high level…going to Europe then back would waste too much time

  46. Ohmygoodness says:

    God, that NBA season starts so late…


    • lol says:

      why is there always that one guy who has to say random things like this, the caps just add to the frustration

    • Petshop says:

      Lol. Every team that won the championship has at least 2 superstars on the roster except maybe Detroit they have very good (Wallace, Billups, Hamilton) players but not of super star status.

      • dirk45 says:

        You forgot Dallas. At the time they won Kidd was not a superstar anymore.

      • Harley K says:

        yea but when dallas beat the heat they had the perfect matchup with their best 2 defenders on lebron and wade and dirk to eat up their weak front court but then half the team left lol

    • jon says:


    • bballjunkie1 says:

      Spot on Tommy,
      Really lost respect for Kobie’s game when he thought he was bigger than the game, those guys had something special with Shaq there. I just knew they would do the unthinkable 4, 5 in a row as hall of famers were willing to go there to help.

      Individual records will be tied and broken thats a life fact. Bynum just wanted some touches nitely, Howard, Nash will see how all that teamwork theory will be pushed asisde as soon as the whistle sounds there and the ball sticks. He is not the 20 year old Kobe, I chuckle watching Westbrook, Parker, Walls blow by him and his frustration when he is defened well, there not fouling him, its called “father of time” and we will all get there one way or another. Enjoy the season.

      • NBAfan says:

        I’m sorry, but Westbrook, Parker and Wall BLOWS BY EVERYBODY…..

        I chuckle when Kris Humphries gets isolated on Lebron and he blows past by him for a two hand dunk….yeah..Kris Humphries….last year…go find the highlights…..Kris humphries doesn’t blow by anybody…..and he blows by the MVP….that’s what’s funny

        I don’t think Kobe thinks he’s bigger than the game…I think he is a student of the game and he respects the game…you think Kobe cares if someone scores on him or blows by him once? It’s a 48-minute game…he doesn’t have to prove himself to anybody…he’s just trying to win and be effective despite his age and declining physical ability by playing smart….

    • Drose is the best says:

      LeBron has one ring and Kobe has like five. LeBron is nothing to Kobe

      • sam says:

        Lebron has 3 MVPs and Kobe has 1. Kobe is nothing compared to Lebron

      • Caliking says:

        regular season mvp’s dont mean anything. its a popularity contest. steve nash has two mvp’s does that make him better than dirk. shaq only has one does that mean tim duncan is better than him. kobe didnt get his because of him not being the golden child anymore. he deserved two at least and the one he did win shouldve went to cp3 that year. as for lebron, last year shouldve went to kd and lebrons first shouldve went to dwade. lebrons first mvp was gave to dirk. its not voted on by players or fans. david stern and his crew along with media member pick the mvp.

      • TDallthewayacrossthesky says:

        yeah rings don’t count because lebron has always had bad teams myps really don’t matter either. what matters is the finals mvp because even if you have good teamates you are the best of the best so kobe 2 lebron 1 so far

    • dan'o says:

      Sam probably forgot the article dedicated to the travesty that is Kobe only winning one MVP. Not a good measure when politics can weigh in heavily (as they did in this case.)
      I regards to TOMMY’S CAPITALIZED RANT; kobe won his last 2 with Pau Gasol as second best, vs Lebran who needed TWO superstars, a stable of veterans willing to play for peanuts and a title shot, and multiple opportunities to finally man-up and win a title.
      Respect to Lebran for currently being the best and finally having meaningful success. He has a looooong way to go to even approach Kobe’s legacy

      • NBAfan says:

        You’re a reasonable guy…

        I’m a Kobe fan..but Lebron is the undisputed best right now…and yes, HE EARNED that ring last year….he did what he needed to do…played PF and again, game 6 against Boston…respect for Lebron…I think he has a great career ahead of him…

        Still not a fan of teaming up with your rivals….but it was a smart strategy…why beat each other to a pulp…team up and win together….not fun and somewhat cowardly, but effective, because I don’t think Lebron, Wade, or Bosh would have won or even reach the finals if they didn’t….

        no respect for deluded Lebron fans who crowned him as the best prematurely A LONG TIME AGO…..

        no respect for default Lebron fans just because they hate Kobe…hate on Kobe..but don’t be a Lebron fan just because of Kobe hate…..

        Yes, Kobe is the most polarizing nba player in history…love him or hate him…but at the end of the day, NOBODY can take away from his skills, longevity, and accomplishments…and he isn’t even retired yet….

      • s27m says:

        Fair statements I agree also..Im a LeBron fan but no through hate or prematuity. I just love the way he plays, and Kobe is incredible even in LBJ’s documentary he stated how much he looked up to him and rightly so! But no doubt Lebron has an opportunity to have a legacy just as great as Kobe and possibly greater. The scary thing is LeBron has just found him self and became 1 with the game for the right reasons so I think the world is going to see some special things in the coming years of LeBron.

    • Chris says:

      “You forgot Dallas. At the time they won Kidd was not a superstar anymore.”

      That’s debatable. Some would argue that Kidd was still considered one of the top point guards at the time and that his status had only dropped slightly. He might not have been on as many fantasy rosters due to his age but he wasn’t that far away from where Nash is now in terms of status.

      • Chris says:

        Just to back this up – NBA Power Rankings had Kidd listed as the 9th best PG and Nash at #6 in 2011. I think his status was still pretty high – not Chris Paul, Deron Williams, or Rose levels, but the argument could still be made that he was still at super star status when they won their championship.

    • WuT says:

      Kobe only had Pau really in both Championships. Metta World peace in the second Pau is more Allstar high IQ basketball player than Superstar if you ask me. KG and Duncan were Superstar PF’s… Franchise Players sure but not world beater’s He’s like Euro older Bosh..

    • john says:

      superstars want to play with kobe…lebron want to play with superstars/…get it right

  48. Ggg says:

    Why Orlando?

  49. Sebastian says:

    Maccabi Haifa is not an European team as Israel is not a European country. But they do play basketball in the Eurochallange for understandable reasons.

    • phillip says:

      why are israel playing all their sports in EU ( ie : soccer/football ) coz their scared of what would happen elsewhere

  50. Sharquay says:

    When is the NBA going to head Down Under. There are a number of Aussies playing in the league.

    • michael says:


      • Keats says:

        I third that! That would be sweet, like SA v GSW, or Atlanta v Hawthorn.

      • Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

        Can I get 4ths damn it! I would so be up for it!! Pleae bring it I cant keep paying for NBA TV without a little live fix.. man I still remember going to Jam Session!!

    • Aussie says:

      Yeah man.. Have they ever played a game here..

      • Nabz says:

        Haha Jam Session was the bomb! I remember that shiii…

        They were rumoured to start playing games here last year i think…
        Apparentlty there were some NBA peeps (head office people) here negotiating and stuff but that was the last i heard of it..

        They need an international development camp to come here and build skills..
        Aussies can ball… We need more support to make something serious of it though..

  51. Truth says:

    Wouldn´t it be cool if the teams that don’t make the playoffs played some international tournament with some of the great world clubs?