Bynum Welcomed By Philadelphia Fans, Gets Ripped By Abdul-Jabbar

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — There was a celebration in downtown Philadelphia on Wednesday, as new Sixers Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson were introduced at Philly’s National Constitution Center. The news conference was open to the public, and Philly fans made it clear that they’re happy with the acquisition of the team’s new franchise player.

More important, Bynum made it clear that he’s happy with the deal, and hinted that he’ll look to stay in Philly when he becomes a free agent next summer.

“To be honest,” Bynum said, “my first experience here is so great, I’m really leaning toward making it my home.”

But while Philadelphia was celebrating the arrival of Bynum, Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was taking a shot at his former pupil. In speaking with the Los Angeles TimesMark Medina, Abdul-Jabbar compares Bynum to new Lakers center Dwight Howard, and finds Howard to be more “committed.”

“Dwight is very committed to playing and winning,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “Andrew has been up and down on that issue. There are times he wants to play, do a great job and he goes out and does it. Then there are other times where it seems like he’s not focused.”

Bynum was benched during a game last season for launching an ill-advised three-pointer and was fined by the team for his conduct. He was also ejected from two games in a two-week span and he sometimes acknowledged lacking effort. Those incidents soured an otherwise breakout season. Bynum posted career highs in points (18.7) and rebounds (11.8) and made his first All-Star team.

Abdul-Jabbar said he saw Bynum’s focus wane when he worked with him from 2005 to 2009. He said his coaching duties were significantly scaled back in the 2008-09 season after Bynum expressed a lack of interest to the Lakers’ staff in working with Abdul-Jabbar.

“When I first started working with him, he was eager to learn,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “He appreciated me shortening the learning curve. Once he figured he did everything he wanted to do in terms of learning, he didn’t want me to bother him constantly going over the fundamentals.”

You obviously have to respect Kareem’s opinion, and it was clear that Bynum didn’t have much respect for Lakers coach Mike Brown last season.

The 24-year-old Bynum gets a fresh start with a new team. Although he won’t be in the L.A. spotlight anymore, he’s got a whole franchise leaning him now. And the Sixers need him committed to more than just sticking around long term.


  1. BUNBURY says:

    everyone will now see how good bynum can be now that he wont play along kobe. i bet he will be a 25/12, for sure. as far a abdul-jabbar’s comments— i think it’s a coward act to say what he said once the guy (Bynum) left the organization.

  2. liam says:

    bynum is horrible, philly’ll be out first round in playoffs.

  3. ChickyBaby says:

    If any of you ever saw Kareem play in his prime years with the Bucks and Lakers you would all just shut up. Andrew we wish you well in Philly. (Collins he he will respects like he did Phil) He does not possess that certain something that makes the Kareems, the MJ’s, the Magics and the Birds. And oh hell yes the Lebrons and the Kobes. FEW DO people! For those of us who saw this young man come here and learn from Kareem, when he was willing to learn before his head got as big as his wallet it was obvious what Cap was teaching him to make him into the offensive star he is today. . Low post positioning, footwork, jab steps. He does not shoot a face up jumper from anywhere. Capeche’? He shoots a baby sky hook with either hand, and he does it very, very well. I am hoping they both have a fantastic injury free season for their adoring fans. I am an older guy so I saw Wilt, Russell, West and DR J (who in my opinion, my opinion people was better than MJ in his prime) these players were better than our present day players. You think Kevin Durant is so good huh (so do I BTW) but you never saw his predecessors Bob McAdoo or Elvin Hayes I’m sure. I love CP3 and Dwill too. I’d take Oscar Triple double Average Roberston, Jerry 44 points a game in the playoffs West and Pistol Pete Maravich over them any day any season anytime, No offense to the heat fans I am hoping for a Lakers – Sixers Final. Maybe not next year but soon I hope.

  4. W/E says:

    too bad bynum will never beeven half as good as kareem was as a center

  5. Luis Lalican says:

    Just leave Andrew Bynum alone let him prove himself as a Sixer. Clealry and still LA Lakers is Kobe Bryant and Kobe Bryant is LA Lakers for life.. Go, Go, Lakers.

  6. op says:

    And right now if Phily is capable of findind a way to trade Hawes for a solid PF(i don’t know what team we’ll be into this type of a deal,but Hawes will be terrible at PF on D, and Doug is not a guy who likes guys who lack effort on that end) and they will be a complete and a very solid squad…..

  7. op says:

    First of all i don’t think Kareem is the best of all time…i mean he had only one champonship being the face of the franchise(and still Man he had Big O-not a bad teammate i think), and the Laker team-Magic(arguably the best PG all time, Byron Scott, Worthy, sounds pretty dominant to me)..My point of view is that big men like Hakeem, Shaq made players like Kenny Smith, Horry, Rick Fox look like real deal(they were very good, but those two make them feel like stars) and that’s why Kareem never try to be even friendly to the next generation BIGS, cos’ he never admits that is possible someone to be better than him(Shaq told in one interview that Kareem said him Hi in the 3rd year of Shaq in Laker uniform) and I don’t even mention that Wilt looked after him like after his own child in Kareem’s junior years and than when he turned to a Pro just stop even talkin’ to Wilt just cos’ he thought he was better(come on, 50 pts a game and 25 boards are 50 pts a game and 25 boards no matter what era of the game)…So i don’t think Kareem can argue anything about anybody, just because most of the time he thinks himself as something different than the others…we’ll see but i think Bynum is gonna prove Kareem that he is a high profile big fella, a true treat…..

  8. Lakers-R-Us says:

    I’m wishing Andrew a great career in Philly! He deserves to have a team of his own! I think he has hit the mark there! He’s close to home! He has one heck of a post up game! I’m glad we got Dwight in Lakerland also! It will be so much fun to watch him with Stave Nash and Kobe! Lookin forward to this year!!!!!

  9. W/E says:

    D12s defence and rebounding is awesome.If he manages to average 20 ppg the lakers will be fine,u got Kobe who i expect to average 26+,Nash can go for 15+ if hes fully healthy, and Pau could even go for 20ppg with D12 making space for him, only the starting 5 of the Lakers could average 90 or more points, and their defence will be so much better with D12, i dont care if nash is 38,the last couple years the lakers never had a decent PG especially on the defensive end so they r still gunna be so much better with D12 defence,Bynum had the potential but he rarely played defence.

  10. pedro says:

    that is why he needs to leave LA. he feels he already has what it takes to be THE man. so now he has a chance to do so. time to show if you are really good

  11. zulu says:

    It is not that difficult to see both points of view, Kareems & Bynum’s. How often does anyone take up a new craft and be taught by a master. Bynum can into L.A. as a child in a giants body. The Lakers correctly matched him with a master of the craft but Kareem may not understand all the nuances of human growth & development, psychologicaly. Some of the most brilliant people often may lack the ability to teach. Bynum is young and did Kareem really understand all the dynamics transpiring in the locker room? What was the impact of the Zen Master leaving, Kobe, and the multitude of player changes? Dwight Howard still has to attain one title .

  12. Ggg says:

    @John ashton and others who praise the so called ‘greats’ wilt and Russell, what? Do you know a thing about NBA history? In wilts days he was like 6 inches 8 inches taller than everyone but Russell. There were like 12 5 18 teams in the league! Real competition, keep exaggerating Russell and wilt, mark my words, if they played in thenba right now they would be playing average, 10 ppg,and 5 rpg. This just shows how much people know about NBA history. That’s one of the reasons no one can get 11 rings or consecutive 60 pt games, and a hundred pt game

  13. Alexandr says:

    Great move by Philadelphia, Bynum is truly the best center behind Dwight Howard. Now he can be the star he wants to be, and Howard got a team that looks pretty good for another championship run. However, can Howard accept that he’s not on his own team anymore, this is Kobe’s team and Howard should not push it to become its leader. Bynum now has a lot of responsibilities coming his way, as he is the (most likely) the franchise player on that team. If he acts like he did sometimes back in LA he’s gonna have a tough time there….

    • lopez says:

      My point of view about this howard thing, he can never replicate what shaq did when he was traded to lakers…
      Howard can never win championship with lakers….

      Bynum a great kid and has a brighter future ahead of him..Prove that ur a BIG MAN now and can dominate the paint like SHAQ…

  14. DJ Mike Swagz says:

    Andrew Bynum will never amount to the greatness his ceiling of potential holds for him. If you can’t take lessons from the greatest player at your position (Kareem) of ALL TIME.. who are you supposed to be mentored by? No one. You get out what you put in.. and he spends no time on fundamentals (which all the greats work on constantly). Don’t be too excited Philly fans.

  15. Todd says:

    I would take Bynum anytime over DH. If Howard could not build a solid offensive game in Orlando, he sure will not do it here in LA. The only players that can play with Kobe are followers that do not look to shoot first. Howard thinks that he should be the number one piece on a team. That will not happen in LA with KB, limited skills and weak free throw shooting. LA will be better in the regular season but the test will be in playoff time. How are the backs of DH and Steve Nash holding up? Can Kobe learn how to trust a point guard when it matters? How will World Peace handle himself? Will Gasol disappear just shooting jumpers from the elbow? Don’t forget Howard may not be ready till after the New Year. How will he fit in when he returns. Just my thought.

  16. David says:

    Bynum has improved every year and if it wasn’t for the knee injury he would have arrived to this point three years ago. Some players are gifted with natural athletic ability but Bynum has developed his skills through many PRACTICE sessions. He must be applauded for his dedication to rehab while also improving his basketball skills, not at the pace that Kareem seems to demand or many others.

    It will be a pleasure to watch Bynum continue to develop and be the face of Philly franchise, my prediction is with his FG attempts going up to 20-25 per game he will average between 25-30 points per game. I’m still a Lakers fan but it would be fun to watch Andrew without the ball hog Kobe Bryant taking all the shots.

    • Momowonthis says:

      Exactly!!! If I had to grab all Kobe’s rebounds and get critized for every thing I do, I’ll be an unhappy player too. You can find another Kobe it’s rare to find a young effective, offensive and defensive center. Give the kid a break… There are only 4 centers in the league and I would rather have him on my team (center wise) than anyone else in the league now.

  17. Dutch_lakerfan says:

    As a Laker fan Im happy to see that Bynum isnt disgruntled by getting traded and happy to be in Philly. I had great faith in the Lakers already with Bynum on the roster, just because of the addition of steve nash. Bynum’s knee’s will always be sort of a gamble, but I know how effective the PHP treatment they do In Germany can be, and seeing his past season its only getting better. The only downside of Bynum was the immaturity unfortunatly and I always had the feeling there where 2 Bynums, on one night we would see a offensive monster and on a different night a defensive monster. Getting Dwight in LA off course is awesome, tough big guy with offensive and defensive skills that you dont see very often. But his back scares me a bit, to sideline DH for months it must have been a pretty serious injury so only time will tell. And with that said I’ll be scared the whole summer next year until he signs an extension.
    But both the Lakers and the 76’ers gained from this trade if both stay healthy and resign. Both can do great things for there teams but only time will tell πŸ™‚

  18. Floyd112007 says:

    Bynum is going to be way happier than Dwight. Bynum is going to be the man in Philly and will get to play offense and defense, he’s going to perform better because he is going to feel more appreciated, more needed. He’s going to get a chance to accelerate his development and prove his detractors wrong.

    Dwight is going to rebound Kobe’s misses, play stellar defense, and catch lobs from Steve Nash. I don’t see Howard ever becoming the man, his offense just isn’t that good. He doesn’t seem to have the knack for it.

    • trade1 says:

      Dude, Dwight has a shot at a championship.. how is that better than Bynums situation.. philly still has no shot..
      Reason #1, Bynums inability to stay on the court and lack of caring a few times during the month….

  19. cdubbb24 says:

    ” he’s got a whole franchise leaning him now.”

    Does anyone proof read anymore ? I thought it was only sekou.

    GL to you Bynum. We Lakers are happy with our trade though, & for good reason. You don’t dis KAREEM

  20. sheepie says:

    All the people writing Bynum off above are idiots.

    That being said, “free at last” is the thought going through Bynum’s head right now.

  21. Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

    Im an older NBA fan at 31, and I respect Kareem a lot. amazing player. but hes wrong about Bynum. Bynum is now transitioning from a young kid to a young man, and all the practice in the world cant make you an older wiser dude.

    As Bynum matures, and feels more comfortable playing he will dominate, with more consistency like he always does. Man people go crazy when he checks someone, and yes it was dirty, but if I was 19 playing in the NBA as a millionaire I might do that as well.

    Watch out for the sixers and Collins this season. They got J Rich too which to me more than makes up for Iggy.

  22. razzell2 says:

    I’ve been a Laker fan for years, live in LA. I watched Andrew grow up on the Lakers, and I watched him dominate when he wanted to.
    The kid is only 25 and I guarantee his best years are ahead of him.
    I honestly thought the Lakers would trade Pau before they traded Bynum, but, whatever, the deal is done.
    You Philly guys who are bashing Andrew have no idea what you’ve got. With the right coaching, this kid may be the best big man in the East this coming season.
    Good luck Andrew. We will miss you out here in Lakerville.

    Now, after saying all of that…….. WE GOT SUPERMAN ON OUR SQUAD! Oh yeah!
    Welcome Dwight Howard, to Los Angeles. Commit yourself to the Lakers and Kobe will help you get that championship ring… THIS SEASON!!

  23. big j says:

    the sixer are the number two team in the east

  24. big j says:

    what up the sixer are the best in the eas

  25. Victor says:

    The Orlando Magic would have traded for Andrew Bynum and given the Lakers Dwight Howard. The current situation will now make the Magic a rebuilding team with unproven head coach. I am a Miami Heat’s fan. I am just visualising the grief the Magic’s fans will endure for many seasons to come.

  26. jackson says:

    How can u espect bynym to be committed to the Lakers and they were not committed to him he was consistently in trade talks every season.

  27. Rauph says:

    I can say that Bynum is a beast when he is focused but when he isn’t dude is sooo aggravating. Yes he has better scoring ability than Dwight but Dwight goes and gets his everyday and on any given night. I wouldn’t have Bynum stay on L.A. but just when he doesnt focus dude he’s a bad….BAD player. Congrads on his All-Star year but once he finally realize what Kareem and others has tried to tell him..Philly fans will be proud of him one day then mad as hell the next with him if he doesn’t grow up and mature.

  28. Kobe Bryant says:

    as a lakerfan you will always have my respect mr.andrew bynum

  29. willie says:

    philly gives awy iggy and gets NOTHING! he’s not gonna improve anymore, he has reached his full potential, and he will be injury prone…. not really a good deal for philly…. cant imagine him to be the face of any team. he’s not a superstar caliber player…. he’s just an all-star due to the lack of good centers in the league

  30. jojo goms says:

    hire Shaq to teach bynum…Shaq is the real Superman (howard is shaq wannabee)
    Go Bynum prove yourself…

  31. serbs forever says:

    everyone is forgetting that howard could still be a drama queen in LA and bynum is better than dwight when hes focused cus dwight is just athletic and maybe has some post moves but bynum has more skills. overall dwight = drama queen 24/7 and bynum = sometimes plain stupid but sometimes player of the game

  32. Wilt the Stilt says:

    I was a big Bynum fan in L.A. I will root for him until he retires regardless of what team he is on… that being said I’m excited about the Lakers team we have now….

  33. Oldschoolballer says:

    Bynum is 24
    his brain is 14
    his legs are 54

  34. God Shamgod says:

    I think Doug Collins will get the best out of Bynum,He’s gonna be great next season

  35. mario says:

    another thing lakers do not win those last two titles without bynum.

  36. mario says:

    ive been a laker fan for a long time since i can remember as happy as i am about dwight howard n lakers chances of winning a championship at least for the next two years andrew bynum is the most complete center. maybe not the best cause dwight is a man child. but he has way more post moves than dwight howrd. i wish him the best but lakers for sure has the best center now. if this team cant win a championship the first year they will recieve alot of critisim and rightful so.

  37. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    great things will happen to andrew bynum..happy to hear and see a young guy become a man and to be main guy for the sixers…I felt the truth and the desire to play there in philly..
    to bad for howard to down grade himself on the shadow of kobe bryant…

  38. Troy says:

    Who do you think taught Hakeem? Moses would be the perfect player to teach Bynum some new tricks in the paint, so Doc make it happen…Laker fans relax and stop dogging Bynum because you got the player you coveted…Let all this hate go and let this young man Bynum do his thang in Philly!

  39. Oula says:

    Best of luck to Andrew Bynum as he moves on to his new team. As a laker fan, I want to thank Bynum for effort he put forth in LA. I liked his game a lot. I hope he listens to Kareem and future coaches to better his game. I’d also like to wish Bynum and Howard injury-free seasons as top-2 centers in the NBA. May God bless both of them.

  40. Joe says:

    I’m happy for Bynum. I hope he can stay healthy.

  41. Sasha says:

    @LAKER NATION keep dreamin kid…you think Kobe_Dwight relationship will last a season? oh wake up! same poles repel each other… keep on dreamin… better playin battle city you’ll enjoy it than watching “your” LAKER NATION OF LOOSERS lol

  42. Sasha says:

    come on Andrew show them what u got! ur better than Dwight (offense)

  43. Laker Nation says:

    Welcome to the Lakers Dwight!

    Pg; Steve Nash

    Sg: Kobe Bryant

    Sf: Metta World Peace

    Pf: Pau Gasol

    C: Dwight Howard

    Bench: Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, Earl Clark, and Jodie Meeks

    2012-2013 NBA CHAMPIONS #BeatThe HEAT

  44. Jon says:

    A lot of talent, no heart. Bynum is in it for the money and that is all. I see all these people talking about how he is a 2-time Champion. Technically, that is correct but he was just a role player on those teams. Take a glance at the 09/10 Lakers in order of importance:

    1. Kobe 2. Gasol 3. Odom 4. Fisher 5. Ariza/Artest 6. Bynum

    That’s right, the 6th most important player during those titles. He was a big guy playing on one leg that clogged up the middle. Take a look at his numbers a couple seasons ago.

  45. WOW says:

    Philly is looking great with Holiday, Bynum, Turner, Young, Richardson, Wright.
    Very deep team
    Possible Top 3 Teams in the East
    1. Miami
    2. Celtics / Philly
    3. Nets / Pacers

  46. hevevieque says:

    Bynums a boss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  47. LBJFAN4LYFE says:


    2013 HEAT BABY!!!


    • Boogie Man says:

      So where does Dwight fit in, And CP3? Dont forget that Kevin Durant will want to join too…. and if you play and complete the legends mode you can use ’92 Jordan and Pippen too!

      • Chris says:

        πŸ˜€ …I couldn’t have said it better…

        No offense to the Miami Heat. But it really seems they have a magnetic pull on fans who are as thick as a brick!

    • Laker Nation says:

      Not enough money for Bynum

    • Bob says:

      A guy who has plenty of rings but little recognition is hardly going to join a superstar team for hardly any money.

  48. Boogie Man says:

    Theres so many comments around Kareem being a legend so when he teaches peopls should learn/ listen.
    But really, does being a great individual performer mean you automatically becaome a great teacher/ coach….

  49. Eric says:

    Am I the only person thats actually happy for andrew?
    I mean come on, this is the best situation for him and the sixers at this point.

  50. Gerardo says:


    You all are hating on the Lakers for getting Dwight, saying Dwight is gonna do this and not do that, etc.

    But would you say those sayme things if your favorite team had gotten him a blockbuster trade……………………

    That’s what I thought.

  51. Max says:

    Man how cares about bynum and Howard he got Ramon Sessions WE gonna ba a playoff team this season GO BOBCATS !

  52. TheSt0rm says:

    I didn’t want Bynum to leave. I am an LA fan and I don’t want to “rip” on him now that hes gone I have ALWAYS ripped on him. Hes a great center and has ALOT of natural talent but even when he was in LA, us “LA fans” still criticized his lack of commitment and blatent disregard for winning. I mean cmon he launched 3 pointers and completely ruined good possesions on multiple occasions. He even came out and said on camera after a PLAYOFF game loss that he wasn’t giving enough effort. We tried for YEARS to get him to commit to winning and giving 100% every night. It just nevet happened. With that being said if he ever does some day decide to start playing at his full potentional and give everything he has every night the sixers will reap the benefits and so will Bynum as he will average even more points now that he doesn’t have to contend with Kobe shooting like crazy every night. But honestly I would rather see Kobe throw up 3’s then Bynum so I was and am still willing to win or lose by the hand of Kobe cause if you ask me he is the better 3 point shooter lol.

  53. BBOYballer says:

    You the man BYNUM. GET THEM MY BRO

  54. Stu.D says:

    The 76er’s are only lacking one thing to make them a legitimate east title contender and that is a shooter that can’t be left alone. They have a lot of guys who can put the ball in the basket from deep but no one person that defenses will plan for.
    If they were to have added someone like allen (before he went to the heat) then they would be a very good team this season; if Nick young can start to fill it up a bit more consistently from deep however and Thaddeus, Turner and Holiday keep improving from outside then the sky is the limit for this roster.

  55. non bandwagoner says:

    where’s lbj at?

  56. Shawn says:

    Good riddance!!! Bwahahaha

  57. BasketballObsessed says:

    I was beginning to half suspect/half hope Bynum would leave through free-agency and sign with the Celtics. They’re solid everywhere except in rebounding and scoring from the post, Bynum would get to play for a marquee team, and the point guard-center duo would be able to chase a championship. And the reason I was half hoping was because it would revive the Lakers-Celtic rivalry, plus, who wouldn’t want to see Bynum vs Howard in a 7 game series?

    • TheSt0rm says:

      You still could if Bynum decides to start actually playing every night, stop launching 3’s, and give 100%. The sixers were a good team before Richardson and Bynum arrived. If the playoffs end up anything like last year in the East and I think they might the Sixers have a good shot. I mean they would have to beat a real good team though like the Bulls or the Celtics. And then would still even have to contend with Miami most likely but anything could happen you just never know.

  58. Steve says:

    I think Bynum should have worked with Hakeem, not Kareem. Players seem to respect Hakeem so much more!

    • Steve says:

      And in addition, Hakeem has way more post move to teach than Kareem.. haha

      • NBAfan says:

        Kareem has the unstoppable Sky Hook…but nobody wants to shoot like that nowadays, as much as they don’t want to wear tight short shorts and shot free throws like Rick Barry…no matter how effective it may be…

    • Tyrone Lu says:

      cause Hakeem can do all these fakes and get easy baskets. Why didn’t Bynum go to Hakeem like STAT or Howard did? They go to the Dream cause he is a HOF like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar except KAJ had better numbers as Olajuwon was respected by the media unlike KAJ.

  59. SamBone says:

    I think Kareem should ask the people of Orlando how “very committed to playing and winning” Dwight has been the past year

    • DR says:

      Yeah, he only brought a bunch of bums to the finals and had Magic as a top defensive and overall team in the east with no help. Not committed at all.

  60. xtothap says:

    I think we are all missing the point, dude up there said the wizards can make the finals hahahahahahhahahahahah

  61. I think that bynum’s numbers will go up and the sixers will be 3rd or 4th in the east

    • NBAfan says:

      The Jr High School team in my neighborhood can be 3rd or 4th in the very weak east team….and why are people sleeping on Brooklyn?

      Best east team: Heat

      The next three (a far second at most): Pacers, Knicks, and Nets

      Best of the rest: Celtics, Sixers

      8th seed: basically a by for the Heat come play-off time….maybe Milwaukee?

      I REALLY hope every team in the east plays with a chip on their shoulder like Granger and the Pacers….because otherwise, we can expect the HEAT in the finals every year for the next 3 years or so at least because the east is so weak….so darn weak!

  62. ivnulul says:

    Philly fans are excited to welcome Andrew Bynum.. They haven’t had a dominant center after Moses Malone.. If this happened the time A.I was here, we could’ve seen them go straight to that banner..

  63. Eat at chick fil a! says:

    Got nothing but respect for kareem, def one of the greatest of all time but i really wish the retired players would stay retired and stop voicing their negative opinions all the time.

  64. Paul says:

    Good for him…
    Gotta love all the NBA fans who don’t actually know what it’s like in the league to rip Bynum one also.
    I think it’s great that Philly is gonna have him for another contract. So big ups on Philly & its fans.

  65. Ronald Mitch says:

    Why dont the Lakers fans move on!

    • Snacko the Don says:

      I’m a Basketball fan. Hate the Lakers personally. I have always been a huge AI fan so Philly is ok with me. Please don’t take this criticism of Bymun personally. He’s just not that good. SORRY.

  66. keeping it real219 says:

    Sixers starting 5
    PG- Holiday
    SG- Turner
    SF- Wright will play some Point Forward to and led league in 3pt. shooting 2 years ago people Thad Young is a 4 man
    PF- Hawes maybe T Young they may like him coming off bench
    C- Who else Bynum
    BENCH- N Young, Allen, J Rich, Kwame Brown, T Young, or Hawes

  67. Noah says:

    its good to know he’s not gonna just go out there and mop the court up and not care because he didn’t want to be there. Good luck Bynum.

    • trade1 says:

      Well, this is hilarious… are there really any philly fans here… Bynum looking animated, acting like he cares..
      well, he better in philly cause we all know if he acts like he did in LA, getting ejected, flagrant 2’s a few times a year.. Collins nor the fans will feel sorry for him.. so he better remember the press conference cause the 1st week he acts like a baby, he will be jeered and booed AND talk about team chemistry being disrupted.

      Philly has outside shooters and guys who can go to the rack, bynum kind of clogs up the middle, but with barely any true centers or bigmen in the game in the east, he’s have nice numbers, better than hibbert and should be an allstar…

      Good luck philly fans with bynum with hurt knees and lack of focus

  68. Mahir says:

    I haven’t seen Bynum this animated in a press conference in a long time

  69. JoheikeMapa says:

    I have been following Bynun’s career since he was drafted from High school by the lLakers. It’s a big mistakes for the Lakers to send Bynum to sixers just to acquire Howard. So now Iam now Sixers fan coz of Bynum. Go go sixers I hoping so much you could make it to play off that lead into finals. I have to goodbye now to Lakers, I pray that Lakers wont make it to finals again and so howard will not taste any championship, very ambitious man, he shoud to Orlando to pay respect for being drafted directly from High school…. though Iam die hard fan of Kobe bryant, I pray also that him and Lakers wont go to finals again….

  70. E-Dubbz says:

    As a Laker fan I didn’t want to see Bynum go but We’d rather have Howard that’s why we made the trade. I liked Bynums game and his progress. He is arguably the best or second best center in the league right now. I know a lot of Lakers fans that want to see Bynum do well As a matter of fact I myself would like to see Philly go all the way so we can have a flash back from Dr.J Mose Malone vs Magic and Karem…At any rate GO LAKERS……

  71. Ralph says:

    Once bynum gets traded all the lakers fans rip them. What a great fanbase!!!

    • Ralph says:

      Rip him**

      • vick says:

        as a goes by dre, whats the difference betewen howard an bynum hahaha bynum is gonna be the man in philly, howard would be riding kobes team, that being said howard is alot better but is also a prove of poor centers plays in nba, howard is the best center an have never avarege more than 25 ppg in season such a waste miss old time, ewing, the dream, robinson an young duncan, diesel no is all forwards game no really good 2 guards either of course mister bryant have something to say abut that

  72. Belizeboy says:

    I respect Kareem, but think he’s being a bit sour on this. Granted that Bynum is immature, I would not say that Howard has shown anymore commitment than Bynum. In fact Howard going to LA shows a lack of commitment in trying to mimic the Heat by joining other stars. But of course no one (in LA) sees it that way. They also never heard of the word hypocrite.

  73. Snacko the Don says:

    To be honest, Bynum will never go far. I can see all the potential in the world in him. The problem is he believes he is better than he really is. He has a bad attitude and doesn’t listen. He will never be as good as Kareem in any lifetime. The Lakers knew that, so they got rid of him. Why would you trade multiple players for 1, if one of the players you let go is “supposedly the 2nd best center in the league. It is extremely obvious that he is nowhere near as talented as Howard and the laker knew it. In my opinion we should be questioning the caliber of centers in the entire league if Bynum is the 2nd best we got in the world. If we were all being honest, we’d admit that he is really a Bum with size and good hands. And thats something any coach can work with. If the player is willing to learn. So when will Bynum be open to learning again.

  74. Alexzo says:

    Good Bye Drew! Good Luck Philly! andrew Bynum will explode this coming season as a sixer. He will be motivated & He will be the man. This is what he’s been waiting for. This kids got the balls… He’s got a lot of pride in him…that’s what i loved about him as a laker fan… I give him 30/15 when the season ends.

  75. Bizman23 says:

    I’m a Sixers fan, I do not see the hype behind Richardson, he’s an average basketball player now that can only shoot 3s maybe 5 years ago I would be excited. The Sixers can upset any top team in the east like Boston and MIA, I don’t consider any other teams in the east to be top teams. We could have beaten the Knicks last season as well as the Pacers, Bulls, and the newly refined Nets. Sixers are now a legit contender in the east.

    • Interwebz says:

      No offense to a Sixers fan but you guys weren’t getting past a healthy Bulls team last year. You took an aging C’s team basically running on Rondo and Garnett to 7 games. The playoffs would have looked a lot different last year without a Rose injury. If you remember clearly right after the injury occurred most sportswriters were writing off a Heat Championship already due to the lack of competition in the field.

      • Bizman23 says:

        I agree with you on the bulls we wouldn’t have made it past them, but honestly look at the Bulls roster outside of Rose where there is not a liable scoring threat. The Sixers were a top defending team last season, a lot of that was due to iggy, but that’s with spencer hawes at C are you kidding me Spencer Hawes a starting C. We just added the best center on both sides of the ball from the west. Our lineup is still fast and can get out on the break and create. Now we have someone to slow the game down on the low block, draw double teams to open up driving lanes for Turner and Holiday. I’m sorry for other teams in the east, but the NBA is all about creating matchup problems and Bynum is a match up nightmare for all of the teams in the east. We took Boston to 7 games partly because they can’t run with the Sixers consistently, but eventually talent outweighs youth, but we’ll see this year with a new starting of Holiday Turner T.Young Moultrie Bynum.

    • NY Fan says:

      I agree with bizzman and hairston that the Sixers are a contender and can upset any team in a playoff series. The eastern conference is so deep that any team can make it to the nba finals. Below is a list of teams that I think can make it to the nba finals and the order of their ranking

      1) Heat- Lebron , wade, and bosh will play so hard to defend their title but they still lack defense since they dont have a legit
      bigman and also need to improve scoring in the paint.
      2) Nets- Brooklyn is now the first team in NBA history to have a big ” 5″ and I was suprised that Kris Humpheries didnt make the
      nba allstar team averaging a double double. The nets have the best back court but also have humperies how is a great rebounder and plays hard on defense. Remember when humpheries played hard defense and ripped Karl Malones shirt?
      3) Knicks- The knicks have the best defensive player in the NBA- Chandler and have improved since they let Lin go, will commit less turnovers and will improve in defense. Studimire says he will play like the old Amare like when he had his first season in NY, he was the best player in the NBA with high field goal percentage and high post up game. The Knicks can be the best team to beat next season and can even win the NBA finals.
      4 Wizards- the most under rated team but can go to the NBA finals since they have Nene, Okafor, Ariza, Bradly Beal, and John Wall. The wizards will be quick and efficient on offense and defense so dont count them out.
      5)Sixers- With addition of Bynum and Richardson, they will improve offense, Defense and scoring. Richardson had solid numbers in the season and scored 25 points last in a playoff game last season. Bynum is big, over 7 feet and dominates the paint on offense and defense.
      6)Bulls- The reason why I put the bulls down at 6 is because rose torn his ACL and I know from current scientific research is that once you tear an ACL, you will lack flexibility, strength, and will have difficulty changing direction with that knee. Rose wont be as productive, but the bulls have other players on the team to step up to create an upset. I see the bulls getting WORSE no Better as from year to year now.

      • keeping it real219 says:

        Dude where are the Pacers. And you have to have a division winner as a 1 of the top 4 seeds. I am not a Pacer fan but just saying

      • keeping it real219 says:

        Man I did not even realize you left the Celtics out of the mix too. This must your choices because of a little biased which is cool. No problem wit it

      • edgar says:

        horrible just horrible…heat lack defense???????? nets have a big 5????? wheres pacers and boston?????? if someone should be at the bottom of this list it should be ur knicks good sir

      • DropinKnowledge says:

        The nets big 5?! WHOA! KOBE BRYANT ( all star, league mvp, nba champion, finals mvp, first team offense, first team defense), STEVE NASH ( all star, league mvp, first team offense), METTA WORLD CRAZY(all star, defens player of the year, nba champion, first team defense), PAU GASOL ( allstar, nba champion), DWIGHT HOWARD (all star, first team defense, Defense player of the year). Sorry but i was going to finish the rest of what you wrote but after i saw “first team in NBA history to have a big ” 5β€³” i stopped reading. Im not sure that there has ever been a team that looked better on papar in nba history except maybe the showtime lakers…the nets???? WOW!

      • Chigga says:

        how is humphries and lopez part of a big anything? hump an allstar? he put up decent numbers on a SORRY NJ team last year and they werent even great numbers lol they were ok.. The Wiz at 4th?!?! this team was the 2nd worst in the east last year and u have them jumping up that much coz of a rookie, nene okafor and ariza? u on some ish dude.. some serious ish.. theyll contend for a playoff spot but theyll be 8th at best and will not make a finals roster with that team lol not 1 of there new players is offensive minded (okafor, ariza, nene).. so i dont know how theyll be ‘quick and efficient on offense ‘

      • dattebayo says:

        Watch some games and stop daydreaming.
        The Heat have one of if not the best defense in the league and they don’t need more paintpoints, they are among the leaders in that category. All they lack is one more big men for when Bosh gets injured, cause Haslem, Anthony and Pittman are only 6-10.
        The Wizards will not make the playoffs and they most certainly won’t get to the finals, are u kiddin me?
        The Nets won’t get a better seed than the 5th, they have a completely new team and need time to grow and come together.
        The Knicks do not even have a solid defense, have u seen last years playoffs and how the Heat were blowing them out 4 out of 5 times? The only players who could defend were Shumpert and Chandler. The most ridiculous thing was their coach in their first playoff huddle speaking of making the NBA Finals, delusional is what that was.
        The Bulls, Pacers, Heat and Boston will be the 4 top seeds in the East, no one else will even come close…

    • dattebayo says:

      If you think signing a Center and adding some 3point shooting makes a team a contender, just look at the Magic and what they managed with that concept.

      The 76ers will not upset Miami, Boston, Chicago, Indiana and not even the Knicks. Sorry, but Miami just flatout wasn’t playing at full strength with a hurt Wade and Miller and without Chris Bosh, Chicago missed Rose and Noah and Boozer didn’t come up as usual. The Pacers will mature this season and they will be right at the top of the Eastern Conference again, that 3rd seed last season was no fluke. The Knicks have signed new players and they will be better this season. Lastly Boston still has Rondo and KG, Pierce will be healthy again and they also added some nice pieces, I’d be surprised if the 76ers could beat them in the playoffs (even though I was hoping they would beat them and advance to the Conference Finals last season).

  76. Jon says:

    He’s a 7 Foot Tracey Morgan! Maybe TM is the father by donation!

  77. john says:

    The Sixers have a strong deep team now and I can honestly say they have a chance to upset a top NBA team in a playoff series like the Heat, Knicks, Nets, Bulls, Boston based on the fact that Bynum is a top 3 center in the NBA and also since Jason Richardson socred 25 points in a playoff series last session and is very effective in his game.

    • Seifuddin Hairston says:

      Firstly Bynum is not a top 3 center. he is flat out the second best center in the game.. and secondly the only team that will be an upset that they beat in a playoff series is the Heat. the knicks only bested them by one game last year. and they took Celtics to 7 without Bynum last year. and to say that beating the Nets is an upset is rediculous.

      • dattebayo says:

        To me the best Centers are Howard, Hibbert and Chandler. I would also consider Bosh, Aldridge and Garnett better Centers even though they are PF that (last season) played mostly at the Center position.

        Bynum has his days and his averages are nice, but I don’t see him leading a franchise…

      • DR says:

        LOL Sixers beating Celtics or Knicks is a HUGE upset. Regular season doesn’t matter, it’s who people perceive will win in a playoff series and most, if not all people expect Knicka or Celtics to win. Going to 7 with the Celtics means nothing if you still lose. Losing is losing no matter how you did it. And I do remember Knicks beating Philly in their own home in the season anyways. And Bynum has been shut down by Tyson before, it can and probably will happen again.

  78. 2e says:

    Andrew Bynum is a great player. I excpect him to be the MVP within the next 3 years. I hope everybody stops taking shots at him. Without him, the Lakers would have two championships less than what they have now. I was there during the playoffs watching him play hurt with his new kneepad. Lakers fans wish him good luck and will greatly miss watching him. He has charisma, guts and talent.
    I don’t believe that Howard will deliver, but I hope I am wrong.

    • Ben says:

      Bynum (if he is healthy) will definately put up a lot stronger numbers next season in Philly than with LA as he won’t have to complete with Kobe for shots anymore. With that being said, I also beleive that he will stay with the Sixers for at least the pay check. When you think about it, Bynum has already won 2 championships and he is in the prime of his career. Why not make 17 – 20 mil over the next couple of seasons?

    • dattebayo says:

      Sorry, but the only way that Bynum will ever get an MVP trophy, is if Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, Kevin Love, Dwight Howard and several other players retire and stop playing in the NBA.

    • DR says:

      What? That doesn’t make any sense. Bynum was absent for the 1st ring (against Dwight) and was barely playing at all in the second one (against Celtics). Bynum did absolutely nothing for either ring and truthfully when he started getting good, they started losing and haven’t won a ring since. Don’t just blatantly lie like that. He had nothing to do with any rings.

  79. Amitpal says:

    Bynum has the talent to be great. He can be a hall of famed center but he’s to immature and he’ll never get there. Hes more complete then shaq. Shaq was bigger but Bynum has a better touch. Bynum able to hit not only his free through but also a close mid range shot. But shaq had a great basketball iq. Bynum has the iq of a peanut. Still if he can put his act together and start playing with more of a brain then he could be very good. Oh same goes for cousins in Sacramento as well. So talented and strong but once again iq of a peanut.

  80. heroes del silencio says:

    I guess kareem was looking for bynum to worship him; as he wanted his statue to be built outside staples center like jordan. when it comes to fame kareem is pretty much behind johnson, bryant, oneal, chamberlain, and maybe behind gasol and bynum and will definitely be less famous thank howard that’s why he’s trying to stir something up.

    • Bizman23 says:

      whoa too far on the Gasol and Bynum meter pal. I give you the first 4 with Bryant, Oneal, Magic and Wilt, but Bynum and Gasol your joking right??

    • steppx says:

      what an idiotic remark. Kareem deserves respect and clearly has a lot to teach an underachieving Bynum. Behind gasol and bynum?ARE YOU NUTS?!?!?

    • steppx says:

      are you nuts? Kareem is a giant in this game. Bynum should carry his jock strap around begging to learn.

      • killin it says:

        Underachieving? YOU’RE joking right? when I last checked Bynum has been consistently getting better every season…

    • John Ashton says:

      Kareem deserves a statue not only at ‘staples center’, but also u c l a. He put them on the map. The all time great, Boston should put a statue of Bill Russell in front of their arena, and philly should put one of Wilt Chamberlain, these were the greatest players of all time not to forget the great Jerry West. Todays players are okay but if you want to see something special check out these guys resume. Jordan who?

      • Lol says:

        I could not agree more. Even if MJ is the greatest player of all time, MJ still owes it to those great players before him. All of this young, stupid critics who thinks they know the game of basketball must be neutered and never to repopulate again.

      • it is says:

        wilts statue is in front of the sixers arena

      • Average Joe says:

        Actually it is you who should be neutered never to populate the earth with your inferior seed. Kareem and the others are great players, that much I concede. But I don’t think they will win an NBA championship if their supporting cast is on the level of MJ’s Bulls. Honestly, disregarding Pippen who many consider to be an all-time top 10 defender (team and individual defense) and Rodman (who while being a HOF’er himself, has discipline issues), who else is up? Kukoc? Cartwright? Paxson? Kerr?

        Kareem had the Big O in Milwaukee and Magic AND Worthy in LA. Wilt had West, and Elgin Baylor prior to winning the championship in LA. He won in Philadelphia when Kareem was still Lew Alcindor and Russell was old. Russell had Cousy, Heinsohn and many others. And all of them are centers. MJ won six times in an era where the rules still favor teams with dominant centers. Kobe had to have Shaq, Magic had to have Kareem, Bird had to have Parish and McHale, Oscar had to have Kareem.

        MJ revolutionized the game with his individual talents, as much as Bird and Magic defined it with their rivalry. Nobody rivals MJ. And that, gentlemen, is a fact.

    • Me says:

      who cares about fame? think KAJ does? think again homie, he’s an old school player, he ain’t a globetrotter or exhibition player type. Old school greats like KAJ, played cos they had an obssesive compulsion to win and because of their interest in the game itself.

    • dattebayo says:

      Just so you know, the Lakers All Time Greats in order would be:
      Johnson, Jabbar, West, Baylor, O’Neal, Bryant, Worthy, Chamberlain

      Kobe is way overrated in Staples and please, Jabbar is the All Time Leading Scorer, there is no way he could be ranked anywhere but 1st or 2nd…

    • lbj says:

      are you serious kareem is behind all of these guys. are you aware that kareem won 5 championship and 3 season mvp and been the guy who lift the LA into these championship. better check out the history before you open your big mouth!

      • Bob says:

        Look who’s talking. While the OP is making a ridiculous point, saying that Miami can trade haslem, anthony and future round picks for either Howard or Bynum is just as ridiculous.

  81. Kevin says:

    Anyone with half a brain can see that Kareem is speaking the truth about this moron. It’s sad to see all that natural talent go to waste on such a terrible human being.

    • NBAfan says:

      Terrible human being? Isn’t that going a bit too far? He just wants to play for a team where he can be the man….what’s wrong with that? He’s young, he’s talented, he’s hungry. Will he be the best center ever to play this game…I don’t know…but he’s going to try and I’m going to enjoy watching him try….

      • Sasha says:

        he cant do it in LA, Kobe is a ballhug person

      • dattebayo says:

        Well, I still remember all of Bynums cheap shots including those elbows against Barea and Beasley that were instantly called flagrant 2s. He is a dirty player and he doesn’t hustle…

  82. Krespino says:

    Bynum is now the number one man in a fairly significant franchise. Good for him. He will be motivated.

  83. charles says:

    Kareem is a hall of famer and certainly a top 10 player of all time. So when he speaks, it means something.

    • the real ace says:

      Kareem is also an ego maniac. Go back and listen to the way players like Magic talk about him. If he’s anything like others portray him, then I would probably get sick of him too if I were Bynum. I really see no sense in Kareem coming out with this rubbish now. Why do it Kareem?

      • Me says:

        Wow do I really have to explain this? … Don’t you know that there will be someone who has something to say about somebody in the league? that’s how competition works! Al Jefferson and and some others has said some negative things about KG but let’s face it, isn’t that why he’s great? Honestly, if there isn’t someone saying negative shyt about a player then they must be mediocre and have little or no impact.

      • Tyrone Lu says:

        i thought Kareem hated the media like one time when he refuse to stop reading the newspaper once during an interview. Magic is kind of right about him. No wonder why Bynum hated the LA Lakers staff. Let’s hope that Bynum can get rid of his maturity issues now that he is gone from Abdul-Jabbar and Mike Brown. Bynum also lacks a good basketball i.q. like Shaq at least he won’t be hacked like shaq or rodman or howard or wallace who has the worst free throw % all time

      • MIAMIWHO says:

        Bynym is not in a place to be sick of someone like Kareem. He should have learned as much as he could from a ex player like Kareem. Thats exactly why Bynum will never become the true dominant big man he could have been had he continue to listen to Kareem.

      • Boogie Man says:

        Agree with your last line – ‘why do it Kareem?’
        Really no point is there?

      • matt says:

        loool who has ever cared about anything that al jefferson says??

      • matt says:

        and there’s no negativity about tim duncan despite being a top 10 player over the entire history of the nba and the greatest PF of all time
        does that mean he’s had little impact over his career?

    • Sasha says:

      he wasnt interested anymore because its kobe’s team and Andrew knows he can do more when Kobe just shares the ball

      • dan'o says:

        Hopefully the thread doesn’t become about Kobe but… Bynum got his touches on nights that he was working; ie running the floor, playing D and setting screens. #24 wants to win above all else, and unfortunately Lakers O was lacking another consistent scorer … kobe was shooting to win. Bynum wants to be the man and is entitled to it, in my opinion. That being said, good luck Drew and thanks for the memories.

  84. 24trhesho says:

    I should have typed, “14 year old’s”.

    • The Grammor Poleece says:

      Leave the corrections to us. Thanks.

    • NBAfan says:

      If you put a dash…should be fine….

      Bynum wants to be the man….he thinks he can be the man…obviously there’s more to learn than just being a (potentially) great player with good stats if he wants to win…he’ll learn that soon enough….but I like Bynum’s attitude about all this….go on young fella’ go show ’em what you’ve really got….


  85. 24trhesho says:

    Andrew Bynum has a 14 year old brain trapped in a “true” center’s body. Too bad.

    • DropinKnowledge says:

      I know, its a shame, because of that we may never get to see what this guy is truely capable of doing.

      • you will see his true capability the next few seasons…I can tell you that…the lakers might regret trading him away

      • DropinKnowledge says:

        I Hope he turns out to be really good, I thought he was going places in L.A. but he was proved over and over again that he was still very immature.. maybee having the huge safetynet that is the L.A. Organization coddled him too much, now that he is the big man in phili ( known for eating their own ) he will finally be forced to grow up and play like a man….If that happens and he can stay healthy….OOOOOOHHHH MAAANNN

    • Gerry says:

      Say no more, I 100% agreed with you!

  86. Kevin Sim says:

    I was hoping Bynum would sign with another team at the end of the year but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen now..

    • Give Bynum a chance says:

      STOP the hatin on the beast!!!!!!! hes an amazing talent and finally able to lead a team.
      i cant wait to see him get all the touches and destroy everyone, INCLUDING superman!!
      go get em beast!!

      • reformer says:

        Beast without the fang and the claws! A lazy beast at best!

      • Beast says:

        Bynum is not a beast he playing cause its his job he doesnt love the game of basketball, very immature, the reason y the lakers even lost a game to the nuggets in the post season is because his lazy but couldn’t even run up n down the court on d my boy lacks a lot ode stuff he better get his ish together b4 he gets like randy moss r like tmac sonner or later ppl r ganna stop his post game !

    • Amitpal says:

      I’m suprised more teams didn’t make a push at getting Bynum. Philly got Bynum for Igaduala, that’s a steal. I’m pretty sure more teams out there could have easily given up more for Bynum. Also I’m suprised Denver didn’t want Bynum. He would have imadiatley made them one of the best teams in the west. Of course you’d have to get rid of Magee and also maybe Wilson Chandler but that’s worth it. A team with Lawson, Affalo, Denilo, Farried and Bynum could have done some series damage. Anyways I tought many teams should have pushed to get him but I guess everyone is scared of his injuries and well his brain and how little he uses it.

      • Imad Akel says:

        Agree with ur last sentence. No one wants talent without discipline.

        Kobe. Lebron. KG. MJ. Jason Kidd. Ray Allen. (Insert many more great names here…) They all had discipline in common that pushed them to working very hard, and it always showed on camera during the game.

      • vinax says:

        Bynum is indeed a BEAST in the court when he’s focused. He’s young… Needs to be mentored and maybe he needs to put aside his PRIDE. Discipline makes one athlete achieve their greatness in sports. πŸ™‚

      • dattebayo says:

        Bynum has bad knees, he needed them drained regularly last season. Unless the medical procedure in Germany works wonders, he won’t be able to run and he can’t handle and defend the penetration of quick athletic guards. Denver didn’t want Bynum, neither his ego nor his lack of effort would fit well with George Karl and in general on that Denver team, that plays at a fast pace the entire game.
        Also they already have 3 healthy promising Centers, who are more athletic and more committed and play much harder. I think Iguodala for Bynum is a good trade for Philly, but trading for Iguodala was also a great move from Denver. All they need is better 3 point shooting and a healthy season and they will get the 5th, 4th or even the 3rd Seed. Last year they got the 6th seed whilst going through some trades and they also had to deal with a lot of injuries. I still consider Denver to be the Team with the most depth, before the Clippers and Miami

      • Poruntong says:

        I Agree with you..Denver didn’t want BYNUM like when they trade MELO to knicks..They don’t want another SELFISH and IMMATURE player around them.

      • Rocket33 says:

        Good opportunity for Bynum, this is his chance to prove himself. Playing in Philly is the perfect place to see what he’s made of too. They’ll let him know if he’s not playing hard enough. If he plays well and averages 20 points and 10 rebounds I think they’ll be happy with him. That is provided he plays at least 75 games and doesn’t get injured.

        I think Iguodala is being under appreciated in this deal. He is a great player, very reliable and does a little bit of everything. He can score 20 a game but is unselfish and prefers to set teammates up. He rebounds and defends as well as anyone at his position too. Letting him go suggests they think Evan Turner is ready to take over that role on the team. It also means Thaddeus Young will need to be a starter though. And with Lou Williams gone thats a lot of scoring not coming off their bench any more.

    • lbj says:

      we all know that bynum will not sign an extension to philly. He will soon go to miami in exchange to haslem,anthony and future round picks.

      PG: Wade
      SG: Allen
      SF: James
      PF: Bosh
      C: Howard

      6th man: Battier
      Strong Reserve: Chalmers,Cole,Miller,Lewis and Juwan Howard

      • This is not 2k lbj u can’t get all of the all stars onto one team and expect Miami to have cap space.

      • Rocket33 says:

        How’s it going LBJ? On to Bynum now are you? You forgot to take Dwight Howard out of the C spot though. Gotta be careful with the old copy and paste my friend.

      • hornetsfan says:

        it seems that everytime i read an article i see a STUPID comment from “lbj”. ever heard of cap space?!

      • UKFan says:

        i love finding this same comment on every HTB post. It’s clearly not serious, lbj does it as a joke. He doesn’t think it’s 2k, and I’m pretty sure lbj does know that cap space would be an issue. i’m guessing you’re doing it just to wind people up? Hats off to you, sir. You lighten the mood of reading the comments of the die hard fans who feel the need to accentuate everything they say with CAPITAL LETTERS! My response to this… LOUD NOISES! I DON’T KNOW WHAT WE’RE YELLING ABOUT!!!