Just How Healthy Is Andrew Bynum?

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Yesterday, we wondered just how healthy Dwight Howard is. Now, we have to wonder the same about Andrew Bynum.

Bynum, of course, has had issues with both of his knees over the course of his seven-year career. He played 72 of a possible 78 games last season, but now we learn that he needs some maintenance on at least one of those knees.

John Mitchell of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Bynum will be heading to Germany next month to undergo the Regenokine treatment made famous by Bynum’s former teammate, Kobe Bryant

It is unknown whether the procedure will be performed on the one knee or both. According to the source, Bynum’s knees are fine and the procedure is non- surgical.

The procedure, known as Orthokine/Regenokine, will be performed by Dr. Peter Wehling. Bryant initially underwent the procedure to prevent the inevitable wearing down of his knee cartilage. The procedure is a derivation of platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP. The procedure, which is not yet performed in the United States, is less invasive than many, if not all, other forms of knee surgeries presently used.

According to the source, Bynum is not feeling any pain in his knees. However, the center wants to explore any options that will help to prolong the healthy status of his knees. According to the source, Bynum was so impressed with the results that Bryant experienced last season that he agreed that exploring the procedure was a viable option.

Whether Bynum is healthy or not, the Sixers took a risk by trading an All-Star and two prospects for a guy who can leave as a free agent next summer. This procedure doesn’t seem to be a major worry whatsoever, but Bynum’s injury history — he’s played in all 82 regular-season games only once in his career — can never be completely ignored.


  1. lights out says:

    when if etc—-if horses were cats, we could ride onto trees—-why do people always want to predict things? that they can brag later “hey, i told you”? sit back, relax, enjoy the game

  2. lbj 2.0 says:

    Hey guys, I revised my roster. Pat Riley will make some trades after this season:
    PG: Paul
    SG: Wade
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Howard
    6th Man: Durant
    Strong Reserves: Bryant, Nowitzki, Garnett, Rondo, Rose, Griffin, Love, Anthony, Jordan, Pippen, Scalabrine

    • lbj 6 says:

      Dont forget Marlon Wayans brother the ghost in the 6th man… he would scoressss lotss of pointsss

  3. Lbj says:

    Kobe vs lebron 1 on 1 prediction 11-3 the most, lebron wins

  4. caloyski says:

    If Bynum is healthy, the Phillys will be the team to beat in the East– they can even beat Miami convincingly

  5. Kris Wayne says:

    Philly will be a really good team for sure! Bynum will be the captain of that team (which he wants)! hope he resigns with them so that all wouldn’t be for nothing.

  6. jayvee says:

    Bynum is a great player , hes not just mature enough to play in big stage!!!

  7. gj says:

    BYNUM already had his RING! Stop posting stupid comments, all bynum wants now is to become a franchise player, and he cant do it in miami because crocs were there, leaving their old teams in mess just to chase their dream. I salute Dwight for not doing the same in Magic. Thats what you call respect guys.

  8. bobong says:

    AB should go to boston relive celtics lakers rivalry

  9. NBA Fan says:

    For those of you who consistently complain and reply to lbj’s Heat Dream Team, what he is doing is called “Trolling” most commonly known around the video gaming world and teens around, I know cuz I play video games. The solution to this is simply ignoring it, if you “feed trolls” like lbj, he wont stop lol. I swear everytime I read an article, I see lbj’s comments and laugh then I see people taking lbj’s comments seriously and trying to tell him his stupid and whatnot, a troll, like lbj himself, DOES NOT CARE what you say, he does what he does to simply “troll” (mess, joke, make a fool of you) you and the his fuel is your constant replies of telling him to stop. If you want him to stop, just ignore him as many have mentioned, but clearly most of you guys dont know how to deal with trolls and the proper actions that should be taken to stop them, You guys should try “urbandictionary.com” for more info on trolls…

  10. BIG CAT says:

    of course bynum’s resigning in killadelphia, big market he’ll be go to guy and get max contract, and hes from jersey like an hour away not to mention all the cheesesteaks in the world btw the heat aint winning another championship,

  11. MIAMIWHO says:

    @Raphajiujitsu what the heck are you talking about? First of all, his is going to miami is not proper english. Second, who is going to miami? I am starting to think all of you heat fans are smokers.

  12. slimpulla says:

    The Sixers still won in this trade. It is no surprise that Bynum is an injury risk. If it gets any worse they can let him go to free agency after this season. The Lakers really just paid a bunch of money for the same player. They had size last year and still lost. What they needed was speed and perhaps defense for Durant (who will eliminate them again). All the Lakers gained was contreversy and high expectations.

  13. Big Sam says:

    I bet Philly is gonna be pretty good next year. I see them as the number 3 seed in the East and Doug Collins a coach of the year candidate…

  14. Isaac says:

    lol Bynum wants his own team he said it himself so why would he go to the heat for about 5mil and be the 4th option when he can get 20+mil and be the first option. Smh some heat fans are crazy. Maybe while the Heat are signing Bynum they should get Dwight as a backup.

  15. xOliveRx says:

    Bynum will be heading to Brooklyn Nets, wait and see…

  16. Raphajiujitsu says:

    Trust me people, his is going to Miami, and when that happens the Heat is going to walk over the Lakers LOL

  17. MIAMI1998 says:


  18. Bobby says:

    lbj is high

  19. bullsallday says:

    Bynum in philly is going to do so well. He wants to be the man on a team, aka 76ers are going to treat him like king and offer him max contracts if he preforms the way they think he will. Why would he go to the Heat? He’s 25 years old and has a ring. He going to be making cash flow right now in Philly. Once he starts turning the age of Ray Allen and Lewis, go to a championship contender. Hate how everyone wants everyone to go to Miami. This isn’t baseball where they can spend whatever they want. Excited to see how Iggy is going to fit in Denver with Ty Lawson, McGee, and Galinari. Think Denver is a team no one will think about but will make a good push

  20. Todd says:

    If Holiday & Evans step it up this season. Philly can beat anyone. They now have size and still have a deep bench. Who in the east has anyone to match Bynum? Philadelphia’s 2 best players (Holiday & Bynum) are where the Heat has problems in match ups. Bynum’s size means Lebron will not be able to post up for easy baskets and will slow down Wade driving down the lane.

    • Bizman23 says:

      I agree with you, the key to beating the heat is limiting T/O, have a rim protector and exploit their weaknesses at PG and C. The Pacers had a shot but refused to feed Hibert in the low block.

  21. jmndodge says:

    This could be Bynum’s your to shine. He will of course draw the most defensive interest from the other teams and will face double coverage a great deal more than he is used to seeing, however this could be his time to step into the spot light and earn the respect his ability deserves. LA should be as strong with Howard as with Bunum, however, I expect some problems putting all these pieces together. All star players at every position — several of them getting older, and no cap space to work with will put LA in a bind in coming years. It seems that the strongest teams are very strong through about their top 6, with 7 and 8 seeing lots of minutes, but very few minutes from 9-14. Weaker teams often have only 1 or 2 who are very strong, but don’t experience much drop off 5-12, and sometimes discover real talent at 13 or 14. It is not enough to bring them victories, but it feed the bench of good teams, looking for skilled players on the cheap to pay their superstars and stay close to the salary cap.

  22. Gwoei says:

    Lakers will never make the Finals again.
    Miami vs OKC in the Finals, again…

  23. North of the Border says:

    JCrazy did you just change your name from LBJ to not take so much flac from the erronius comments….I hope that bosh, wade, and lebron or at least one of them uses their early termination to recruit a new superstar team in a new market.

  24. john says:

    A big Man can play with knee problems as he doesnt require to run up the floor or jump as high.

    Knee injuries affect shorter players as you need to jump high and run much faster to be effective in the NBA if you are shorter.

    Bynum can still rebound, block shots, dunk, and make the spinning hook shot since it does not require him to jump so high since hes so tall

    • Belizeboy says:

      John how is a player going to do rebound, dunk, block or any of that stuff if he can’t keep up with the pace of the game? Centers HAVE to be able to run up and down court at a reasonable pace. If that wasn’t the case Greg Oden would be playing. Also Bynum does have to jump to consistently do any of the aforementioned task.

  25. bigtimeballer says:

    It cracks me up how clueless people like LBJ find a way to state that every player (Howard, Bynum, Jeremy Lin, etc.) should go to Miami when they’re available. Have you ever heard about contracts, salary caps, trade restrictions, roster size, etc? Miami is not going to be a location that any big-name player demanding a maximum contract is going to go to in the next few years; they already signed their Big Three and are capped out. The only reason Ray Allen could go is that he was a free agent nearing the end of his career, so he chose to accept less money to join the Heat. LBJ, take the time to learn about the game as well as its financial aspects before posting moronic comments in the future.

    • bigtimeballer says:

      You’re also clueless, JCrazy and all the rest of you “fair weather” Miami fans who will walk away from the game as soon as the Big Three ends their era.

  26. zgillet says:

    If Brandon Roy is any indication, this knee procedure is practically miraculous.

  27. jcrazy says:

    yo dawg leave lbw alone.
    he knows whats best for the heat now bynum needs to go to miami to win no doubt about it.
    heat will win every game and sweep the playoffs no doubt
    holla at your crazy

  28. Nuerdo says:

    I think Andrew Bynum will play better than Howard in 76ers

  29. panktics says:

    He won’t b good either way
    Check out my sports blog at panktics.wordpress.com

  30. Bizman23 says:

    Philly will make the playoffs, easily. The only issue we may have is the development of Turner and Holiday who, I think both will have breakout seasons. @lbj, everyone should go play for the heat “right” you would be satisfied with this line up for the heat

    Bench: Durant, D.Williams, Rose, Bynum, and lets bring back MJ and hey Patt Riley sign Dirk while you’re at it

    That dude clearly knows nothing about sports, go put together your fantasy roster, I hear NBA 2k13 is coming out soon

    • Rolando says:

      let lbj go player you know that evertyhing is possible in the NBA and Bynum could land with miami taking less money or the sign and trade deal but if it would happen i dont think so. Still, NBA is onpredictable meaning trades and possible destinations for players. You thought Ray Allen would go to Miami? You even thought that LeBron would go to miami? Come on man you know the game and rules in NBA. We will see, it’s still not july 1 2013. And the sixers? no man forget them, holiday and turner will have a breakout season and with bynum healthy and playing, playoffs first round easy but more than that, don’t think so. We can’t see in Bynum’s brain so we have to wait and see whats gonna happen but if he wants to win, he should go to a contender like miami, bulls, thunder, not lakers off course, spurs or choose the money and play for somewhere in the neigberhood of 17.8M. It’s a gamble and even Bynum will not know till next year. We will see player.

      • Bizman23 says:

        You have your opinion, but most of the teams you named my friend do not have the cap space to pull off a contract for Bynum he will be about 25 when the season is over so not taking a max contract would be stupid. As far as Ray Allen he’s playing for the heat for less money because dude has racked in over 170 million off of basketball contracts alone. The Heat are still the team to beat in the EAST of course with a roster of James Wade and Bosh, but teams such as Boston, Philly, and Nets should not be discounted also “pacers are overrated” Bulls are good, but are a one trick pony with rose. The Heat barely have cap space to sign the double mint twins let alone Bynum. Bynum will most likely sign long term with the Sixers next off season since he wants to be the go to guy on a team in a big market city. Also Holiday and Turner are players with a lot of potential, they both are 23 and under and Turner has only played 2 seasons give em a break. Also Holiday wasn’t on the Olympic select team for nothing.

        I don’t hate the Heat I just think they tried to take the competitiveness away from basketball.

      • luige says:

        He said if he wants to win a title go to miami?… he already has two

    • A.L says:

      You are so right them knuckle head clearly do not know anything about NBA and just say thing out their mouth and wishing everyone going to Miami.

    • A.L says:

      You are so right them knuckle head clearly do not know anything about NBA and just say thing out their mouth and wishing everyone going to Miami. If Bynum want to be a 3rd or 4th option @ Miami she would have played better @ LA and would not compliant about not enough touches for the ball. The fact is he want to be the 1st option on the team and it wont be happen at Miami.

    • MIAMIWHO says:

      The only reason why this moron lbj continues to post these idiotic statements is becasue people continue to respond to it. If you ignore it, eventually he will go away. He is a dilusional idiot, even he doesnt believe the things he posts. He is doing it for attention.

      • DropinKnowledge says:

        Im new to nba.com blogs, and in the week that ive been here im starting to think that the people that are oomplaining about lbj actually have a secret crush on this kid, i know hes a kid because no grown man would write the things that he does. If people stop replying to his comments he will get bored and stop himself, anyone with a lil brother or kids knows this….yet they still reply…

    • DropinKnowledge says:

      was Meeks coming off the bench?

  31. DropinKnowlede says:

    Iggy is good..But Trading him to aquire Bynum is a no brainer. Yeah they gave up 2 other guys, but now you have a guy (if he stays healthy) you can build a franchise around. And remember Philly will be able to offer him more than any other team out there, Its really hard for players these days to walk away from that unless you go to a bigger market city or have a better chance at a title….which no other team really has right now with L.A. and Miami. The nice thing is If they can put some good peices around him…they could be that other team in the east.

  32. Sunny says:

    I dont know why the media is touting this as a risky move. Its a better team than last year, they would have lost Iguodala in free agency and they are under the salary cap so they can execute a sign and trade. I say about 50% chance right now that he stays after this season. 100% chance that he will not walk for less and will force a sign and trade and pick and choose where he wants to go.

    • Rolando says:

      yeah men you have some NBA brains, i agree to player. If he want to win, choose contender. If he want the money, stay with sixers and make some big bucks. It’s up to him. Sixers GM; good luck!!!

    • NBAfan says:

      Young guy who wants to show the world he’s a true centerpiece for any team….he’ll be happy if he gets a lot of touches and be a 1st or second option for the team….

      It’d be hilarious if Bynum starts taking and making 3s with Philly on a consistent basis….

  33. defdun says:

    Wow – what a risk to take by trading Iggy and 2 prospects for Bynum who will hardly resign with Philly if they miss the playoffs or exit them in round 1. (he’ll get plenty of tempting offers from other teams incl. contenders)
    I wouldn’t want to be sitting in that GMs seat…

  34. Jon Lester says:

    Andrew Bynum stated during the season that he was planning on undergoing the same treatment Kobe had during this offseason. This is not new news. It was reported several times on lakers websites and news stories throughout the year. I would be surprised, but not amazed, if Philly had failed to do their homework regarding this fact and this caught them by surprise. Andrew missed one game last year due to injury. The others were due to league suspension.