Can Hakeem Save Stoudemire’s Career?

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — This is a big year for the New York Knicks.

Their first season with a $60 million frontline had its highs and lows. The arrival of Tyson Chandler improved their defense dramatically, but they ranked just 19th in offensive efficiency. Ultimately, the Knicks won just a single playoff game, more than they had won over the previous 10 seasons (which earned them some streamers falling from the MSG ceiling), but 15 short of a championship.

Now, the Knicks will have a full training camp under head coach Mike Woodson, who’s going to need it. Based on 71 games and 1,880 minutes of evidence, Woodson really needs to figure out how to get his two biggest stars on the same page.

Simply, the Knicks have been better when either Carmelo Anthony or Amar’e Stoudemire is on the bench than when the two are on the floor together. Thus far, as talented as they both are, they just haven’t fit well together. And maybe they need a reversal of roles.

The Olympics were a reminder of just how potent Anthony can be when he’s playing off the ball. He shot 53 percent from the field and 50 percent from 3-point range in averaging 16.3 points per game off the bench for the U.S. And if he can become less of a ball-stopper and more of a finisher, the Knicks can take a step forward.

Stoudemire may be the bigger issue. His efficiency dropped quite a bit last season, and the Knicks were a much better team, both offensively and defensively, when he was on the bench.

But Stoudemire is trying to do his part to turn things around. The 29-year-old (along with Nuggets center JaVale McGee) is the latest pupil of Hakeem Olajuwon, who is working with Stoudemire on his post game, as Mark Berman of myFox Houston writes

And Stoudemire already notices the improvement in his game in just the short time he has been with working with Olajuwon.

“He helped me a lot,” Stoudemire said. “A lot of moves that he has really, really translate to my game. To now develop a post game is going to be remarkable for me. It’s going to catch a lot of my opponents off guard and it’s going to be a great year for me.

“I have the IQ to implement this and learn fast, but it’s not easy. There’s a lot of detail that goes into it. He’s very, very swift with his footwork, and he’s very agile also, at (age) 50 still. It’s great to learn from him. This is a great opportunity because you never how long he’s going to be able to do this. So while I’m young and can still learn from one of the best, (I’m) very blessed to be a part of it.”

Knicks coach Mike Woodson, who played with Olajuwon when the two were with the Rockets, thought working with Hakeem would be a good way for Stoudemire to add some weapons to his repertoire.

Stoudemire has always been a terrific pick-and-roll big man, and his mid-range game has improved dramatically over the years. But if the Knicks could run more of their offense through him in the post, it could take the ball out of Anthony’s hands and make ‘Melo more of a an off-the-ball scorer, the role in which he’s flourished with the U.S. Team.

Of course, it will be interesting to see what Woodson does with Chandler when Stoudemire has the ball in the post. Interior spacing could be an issue. Stoudemire has typically been more effective as a center, and Chandler’s presence makes that impossible. Take Chandler off the floor and the defense will suffer.

Still, this seems like a step in the right direction for the Knicks. The numbers show that Stoudemire was the bigger problem last season, and more some variety in his game can only help.


  1. alex your a kid says:

    best big men 2012
    bigs i think going to have big years and numbers

    1- kevin love – most consistant big man scorer/ rebounder/ closer. usa experience, losing patience.
    2- dwight howard – things just got easier, pressure!!
    3 – blake griffin – hard worker, setbacks, year older, negative chatter. better team, has the potential.
    4 – kevin garnett – still great shape, celtics going to fight with great team, huge heart.
    5 – andrew bynum – minutes, more pressure will allow him to prove his worth. 50/50 here might take another year or two.
    6 – pau gasol – life will become easier for both laker big men.
    7 – lemarcus aldridge – feel he is going to have a big year, better team, more to prove.
    8 – mark gasol – great tandem, going to dominate most teams.
    9 – tim duncan – will still have enough gas to put up decent enough numbers, and show up were it counts.
    10 – demarcus cousins – i think he is going to make some noise this year. or not depending on his head. has this gritty knuckle head sort of feel to him which i think will take him far once he gets it.

    anyway lets get some opinions…. i guess when you americans wake up

  2. jacknohara says:

    The problem with stoudamire is that he´s a soft PF who can´t play D. Even if he can learn all moves of hakeen, he´s still going to be just a soft PF who can´t play D. Who can win with a player like that ?? Stoudamire is like a keith van horn with no 3 point shot but with some dunks .

  3. baller1 says:

    I agree, but that it why he got Hakeem to teach him how to post up. The ball currently goes through Melo, woodson needs to have the ball go through Amare first then Melo second for this to work. Felton will not feed the ball to Amare and neither will Melo. No Nash-like PG, no game for Amare! Amare is a pick and roll FWD/C only, his game is very limited, this is why he sat a lot last year. Melo will have to sacrifice his game to Amare like Wade did with LBJ. Until that happens Knicks fans will have to live w/ Melo throwing up ill advised 3’s and playing selfish bully ball. That is why Lin was so good, no Melo or Amare on the floor hogging the ball. And even if they were, Lin didn’t care and he did his thing e.g. Linsanity was born! That’s why they really got rid of him, FO wasn’t having it! That would mean they waisted hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts to their star players while the 2 stars just sit back and let Lin make a name for himself and get all the recognition. Granted the knicks were winning finally but egos is why he was let go. You heard Melo say that the offer to Lin from Houston was “rediculous”. He wanted him gone too. The Knicks hadn’t won a playoff game in what 10-15 years until last year. Well let me be the first to tell you no Lin no playoff wins for NY. It is sad because the FO still waisted their money on these 2! Knicks need a traditional PG! I hope KIDD can save the day like Nash in LA. HEY THAT RYHMES!

  4. Insideout says:

    Amare is a great finisher, but he desperately needs a PG to feed him. He was at his best while playing for the Suns, when Nash kept feeding him and creating opportunities for him. Those post moves that Hakeem teaches him will help Amare but he won’t be a great player. He needs a PG to feed him folks !

  5. john says:

    The first year studimire was a knick, he closed out so many games and perhaps was the best closer and best offensive player that year!

  6. Dude says:

    They should get chandler there too. He can be a pretty good player with some post moves in him.

  7. lbj says:

    Amare is clearly not going to learn anything from Hakeem so Hakeem will go back to salt beach and teach lebron and bosh again. D wade and charmers can learn from him too. When Howard is a free agent he will sign with the heat and the heat will win 15 championships

  8. Tyrone says:

    the Knicks could improve their offense from last year and hopefully develop their defense. But they won’t stand a chance in the playoffs. The best they can probably go is the semifinals. They will never win a ring unless all the toughest team’s key players get injured like the heat since their bench is pretty bad except for one of two guys like Haslem. But the Celtics they have a solid bench. The Lakers, not a chance since they have the nig four unless Howard has another injury. 76ers, yeah they have a chance except STAT and Chandler will have to take out immature Bynum. Their bench needs to improve a little bit more. Kidd, Camby and Smith would help a lot. Novak only hits threes so kind of questionable since he hardly take shots around the paint or from mid-range. STAT would certainly help

  9. Date Mole says:

    This guy is too expensive for what he did last season. the Knicks had to send him out for D Howard for a year.

  10. Swealth says:

    Defending (Alex)
    Charles Barkley himself (HOF) said that Mchale had the best post moves as a big man. He never mention Hakeem (dont get me wrong (Hakeem footwork & post games is phenomenal) but McHale actually has 3 rings. He also taught KG post moves so all yall jumpin on (alex) learn your history clowns. Hakeem aint the only one with post moves. Plus Amare could learn all the post moves he wants. It does not make him & Melo co-exist on the floor. So knicks will still lose to my heat

    • Can't possibly defend alex says:

      McHale can’t help other players, he works for a current NBA team. Think Houston would happily let their coach try to improve the competition?

  11. D says:

    Will Olajuwon teach him how to get away with taking 4 steps before shooting? He was great at that. That’s the only way he could get past David Robinson.

  12. baller1 says:

    Last time I checked the paint was the only place he could score from idiot

    oh yeah and dunking the ball every time is not a post move

    Dwight had more post moves last year than anyone had seen his entire career up until now. Dunking the ball every time is not a post move, that is why he had Ewing on the bench teaching him what he knows now. Maybe now since bynum got board with kareem and pushed him aside dwight can learn from him now in laker land.

  13. baller1 says:

    either way you look at it amare has no defense and never will his entire career and neither will melo. it is not in their nature to stop someone night in and night out. this is what separates great player from superstars, can they play defense like kobe, dwayne wade, jordan, pippin, rodman, hakeem? don’t see it happening at all! I agree these days looks like you need a dream team just to win a championchip, back in the 90’s Jordan held it down and carried the team on his back when they needed him most. of course he had a supporting cast but Jordan was where the buck stopped period! No Jordan no rings! He is definately the greatest and best individual player of all time with Magic, Kareem, Bill Russel, and Wilt close behind and don’t forget Jerry West, without him who would be on the logo? only 1 option to answer that question!

    Players back then in the 80’s and 90’s were committed like reggie who is going to HOF finally, also TD, Nowitzki, and KG would have done the same but Minni will never will a ring. so i am glad he finally got out of there, just think he would have had more than 1 ring by now if only he was on another team. but he is from the old school and wanted to stay in Minni that is why he stayed this year in Boston. I see KG as a Celtic, his mentality is of toughness of the bill russell days. celtics had a good squad last w/ antwan walker and the truth at the helm, they were the 2nd top scoring duo behing shaq and kobe during their run. imagine if the truth had KG back then when he was in his prime!

  14. popdaddy1518 says:

    Amare is at his best in pick n roll situations, a post game will help him finish his career out

  15. popdaddy1518 says:

    Imagine if Blake Griffin went to the Dream and asked for help. it might take him 5 to 10 yrs before he realizes that all that dunking don’t mount to anything

  16. popdaddy1518 says:

    knicks need stat to rebound the ball much more than he does, go get some of the misses that melo creates

  17. W/E says:

    stoudemires only skill was his athleticism but after the injuries he lost that too, the guy cant defend got no post moves and hes a medicocre shooter at best. the fact that he waited so long in his career to show interest on improving his non existent post game….its a pity that big men got no talent in our days,just athleticism…

  18. He’s helped D12, kobe, lebron, why not amare?

  19. serbs forever says:

    divac is the czar of big men

    • serbs forever says:

      but tim duncan is the best at post moves

      • Rocketman says:

        Sorry Duncan is better power forward ever but Hakeem would school him just like he did David Robinson in 95 Western Conference finals.It was a clinic please someone stop the schools bells my ears are hurting!

  20. DESUAREZ says:

    the knicks are going to be better this season but i dnt think they still have the pieces to contend for a championship like miami or Lakers or clippers and other teams like thunders spurs and bulls if rose is healthy because bulls ranked top 3 in defense last 2 years

  21. VIctor says:

    Looking forward to this season.

  22. renz_garnett says:

    well then, he can match kevin garnett’s post moves..

  23. caloyski says:

    I hope he learns the right fundamentals from Hakeem– he will surely be a nice big man to watch–he should also learn from Hakeem how to control one’s emotion and thinking

  24. Joseph_03 says:

    Quite a peculiar move since Stat really relies in his explosiveness and athleticism to get where he wants on the offensive end of the floor. Majority of his moves do not rely on footwork but rather speed and lateral movement. Nonetheless it’s always nice to hear players trying to improve on their game.

    Well, none of this really matters as long as Stat won’t give more effort on the defensive end. He is actually a good defensive player he just lacks the effort on that end of the floor most of the time. We’ve heard it countless of times before, “defense is desire”.

  25. knicksfan192 says:

    this is a great thing stat learning from hakeem one of the greatest centers in the game and you guys sounds so childish the knicks will have a great season this year mock my words and guess what if they do win only 2 GAMES in the playoffs and gets bumped does that not mean there was an improvement in their games it erks me to read the nonsense you guys put up BECAUSE YOU HAVE TWO STARS DOES NOT MEAN YOUR SUPPOSE TO MAKE THE CHIP EVERY YR!!! LOOK AT BOSTON, L.A, DALLAS, SAN ANTONIO, AND CHICAGO ALL TEAMS WITH SUPER STARS THAT HAVENT MADE IT TO THE CHIP IN YRS BUT I DONT HEAR YA BLEEPING ON THEM !

  26. Key says:

    Hakeem the DREAM = greatest offensive post player ever & the best defensive player ever!

    I remember shaq saying Hakeem’s the best center…and he was like “I defeated every center in the NBA I battled except for Hakeem, I could never break him”

  27. JJ says:

    Hakeem “the Dream” Olajuwon is probably the greatest post player of all-time and easily one of 10 greatest players of all-time. When he retired he was top 10 in alltime leaders in points, rebounds, steals, and of course blocks (#1 leader like 300+ blocks more than #2 mutombo aka finger wag)! Jordan said if he made a team, he would pick Hakeem over any other center including kareem, wilt, russel, etc.

    Hakeem’s already IMPROVED DRASTICALLY the games of Dwight, Kobe, Josh Smith, and the biggest improvement in the post I’ve seen LeBron James!

    • Rocketman says:

      I lived in Houston for many years and the best pleasure was to watch Hakeem.Calvin Murphy the color anaylist everytime Hakeem blocked a shot (get that out of there) and on offense (shake and bake).These young players Le Bron,Kobe etc do not have the basic skills of old school players!This is why Spain and Argentina give them a run for their money.Unless Team USA goes back to basics and stops trying to be the Globetrotters they are going to get upset in future olympics.

  28. El Drake Shell says:

    Let’s remember that Lebron went to Hakeem and so did D Howard. You see what these guys did in the post last year. Amare is coming back strong this season. Let’s Go Knicks!!!

    • Average Joe says:

      LeBron learned a lot from Hakeem, but I wouldn’t say so for Dwight. He still got by on his athleticism and he never really showed the effects of The Dream’s tutelage last season. No footwork, no agility. Almost all of his points came from offensive rebounds and the occasionally successful hook shot.

  29. Mr. Guy says:

    Come on guys, its not Stat’s fault that he’s bad at defense. He played 9 years with Mike D’Antoni. If you played 9 years with Mike D’Antoni who doesn’t give a eff about defense, it’s hard to become a good defender.

  30. op says:

    If Woodson is wise enough and has the balls to let Felton-Kidd-Prigioni control the tempo and the way the Knicks play, i think the chemistry between Melo and Amare will come from itself, and we all know what both of the guys are capable of doing to all others with good floor generals(Billups and Nash), and with the help that Tyson, Camby, Shumpert, Brewer and controlled JR(that also depends on Woodson’s and guard’s leadership role) could provide, this sounds pretty scary….

    • QuestionMark says:

      Agreed, if they can play well together and have that chemistry, they have the potential to beat the Heat.
      Jason Kidd, Iman Shumpert, Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler, Raymond Felton, JR Smith, Camby, Steve Novak and Ronnie Brewer. That is a damn good roster, Shumpert, Brewer provide great perimeter defense, Camby and Chandler provide great defense inside, that is non-stop defense on Cs like Bynum and Dwight Howard. If Melo and Stoudemire can play with each other and the team chemistry is there then they can beat the Heat. Last year this franchise had way too much drama, they started off terrible and had no chemistry under Mike D’Antoni, Melo, Stoudemire got injured, Shumpert got injured in the Playoffs and the coaching change half way through the season. If the Knicks can prevent anyone from being seriously injured then they can be the 2nd, depending on the Bulls, or 3rd or 4th seed in the Playoffs, of course Miami is gonna have be the top seed as always.

  31. Nuerdo says:

    Why not train Melo and Chandler? Pippen or Kemp should train Amar’e !!!!

  32. LA Shines says:

    Hakeem was tfhe Dream but Sky Hook Kareem was the real scorer. Unstoppable sky hook eveytime, even at 40. Look what he did with the immature Bynum, wonders… Kareem even went Kung Fu with the legend Bruce Lee!!!! LOL!!! These centers need to be learning from all the masters. From Bill Russel, Kareem, even Shaq can show them a thing or two. Every little bit helps.

    • AN says:

      What happened in the NBA Finals when Shaq got there, he got destroyed by The Dream.

    • Rocketman says:

      Hakeem,Kareem,Bill Russell,and Wilt Chambelain were the best centers ever! Shaq got schooled by Hakeem.Shaq fouled a lot but because of status as golden boy got away with many fouls.

  33. mcbel says:

    post game???KG#5

  34. chipper2 says:

    letting Amare work in the post with Melo becoming more of an off-the-ball scorer would work so much better, I believe. Amare has talent, but with Melo getting the shots, Amare had to get a lot of his touches from rebounding or defensive plays… As far as chandler clogging up the paint, let him step outside the paint and set a curl screen for a wing, leading into the paint. That way it frees up space, allowing Amare to make his move, and you still have bodies going for the offensive board.

    but im not a professional coach, so all that could just be garbage.

  35. the gamer says:

    umm johnny boy u seem to forget we picked up marcus camby defence player of the year winner at one time and kurt thomas. so save the dramatics for jason kidd gets out of alcoahol counsuling

    • DESUAREZ says:

      uhmm the gamer ur right but marcus camby is old he can still rebound and block shots but not like he use to he is old now and he wont be efficient as he used to be

  36. DropinKnowledge says:

    This is BIG news for the knicks, If Mello comes back with the love of basketball that he was playing with in the Olympics and Staudamire can actually put some of what he learned from Hakeem to work he can become a threat in the paint ( which he hasnt been for some time ) which will require some double teams so he can kick it out to Mello and their other shooters. I dont think it would make them contenders for a championship untill they add another piece or 2, but It wont make them an easy win anymore, hopefully they can get those pieces but i dont know what their cap space is like.

  37. kumag says:

    and maybe they can win two games now in the first round of the playoffs then gets knocked out again

  38. Tyrone Lu says:

    Well at least the Knick’s defense should improve over last year though to be honest

  39. lbj says:

    i think lbj learned some moves from hakeem last season too. this season he should learn some magic from johnson and also learn from kareem to do the hook shot.
    dwyanewade should ask paul pierce to teach him stepback and ask rondo to teach how to do ball fakes.
    Norris cole should ask chris paul how to do crossover
    Chris bosh should learn from amare how to do pick and rolls.
    Juwan howard, grant hill and marcus camby can teach them like veterans

    Im sure heat staff will pay those ppl to teach and MIAMI HEAT will be UNSTOPPABLE!
    all talents in salt beach!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wow... says:

      lbj your comments every time make no such sense. 1. There is no way any nba players in the game right would teach an opponent how to do one of THIER moves. 2, Bosh does know how to do a pick and roll and every one can do a crossover! I must say lbj this is one of your all tiime lows in comments…
      And really? SALT BEACH?!?!?!?
      Its SOUTH BEACH you idiot.

    • leggomymelo says:

      active players arent going to take the time to teach other players how to play. seriously, how old are you?

    • non bandwagoner says:

      i came for lbj’s intelectual thoughts on everyday basketball.

  40. Kris Wayne says:

    This is a good Good thing for the knicks! I hope they can give boston and the heat a run for their money.

  41. Marc says:

    I don’t care what Amare does to improve his game as long as my Lakers have the squad they do and Miami keeps their squad, the Knicks will never see a ring and i mean NEVER!

    • Penny says:

      Thats true. Not even close with Miami or LA.
      oh, I almost forgot about Kidd.
      Ok, now maybe 4th interesting team to watch behind Clipps.

  42. Ric says:

    Alex…”Who did Hakeem learn his post moves from? No one.”

    Ugh, ever hear of the name of HOFer Moses Malone? That’s Dream’s mentor. But Dream as a kid played soccer & handball in his native Lagos, Nigeria and developed tremendous footwork.

    Dream now resides in the country of Jordan (not him) and returns to Houston usually 2x per year. Since retiring from the game, he has always made himself available in the summer to help out any player (HS, College, or NBA players) to develop their post up game.

    McHale only helps players from the team he coaches.

  43. Dave says:

    I remember this time last year, Amare was talking about his new offensive addition ‘the 3 point shot’. That turned out well. That said, I think post-play improvement is a great aspect for Stat to focus on. Hope it pays off for him.

  44. aha! says:

    when he needs to learn is defense

  45. khim says:

    Don’t forget also, Jordan’s post moves are even deadly, for a guard

  46. jamesboston09 says:


  47. Post-up Baseline FTW says:

    Learn from Kevin McHale AND the H Dream boys! too bad at the end of the day its all about actually doing it in game…

  48. ali says:

    hop he learned about how important defense is…

  49. dysraw1 says:

    STAT was not half as bad as people made him out. the arrival of Melo did cause him to shrink a bit and he was not as active defensively as he was in 2010. which leads me to believe that motivation played a big role in his lackluster year. with the back injury & the lost of his big brother, and Melo getting the majority of the touches [ not his fault ] the fact that he was not the go to guy has he was the season before i think a lot of that is cause and effect

    • NBAfan says:

      Amare already proved he can be the go to guy on offense, but at the end of the day, his team didn’t win, he just posted great stats….

      I respect Amare for going to Hakeem and looking to improve his game, but to be honest, what he really needs is to go play defense and grab rebounds on a more consistent basis.

      There’s no 10+ rpg guy in the knicks starting line up. You gut a a couple of 8 rpg guys in Chandler and Amare, and MAYBE even Carmelo, but no real dominant rebounder that the opposing team will really have to pay attention too, like Dwight, Love, and Blake….

      Amare….go get tips from Dennis Rodman….if you can get 10+ rpg and average a double double with the Knicks, who cares whether you get 15 ppg or 17 ppg or 20 ppg….you’ll establish yourself as a double double threat in a team with a dominant scorer like Anthony….

  50. Alex says:

    Why does everyone go to Hakeem like he has all the answers? What about Kevin McHale? whose post moves were equally as devestating. It irritates me that dudes like Dwight and A’mare go to Hakeem to develop a post game that they should have aquired a long time ago. Who did Hakeem learn his post moves from? No one. He created that stuff. Perhaps if Dwight and A’mare went to college, they would have developed a low post game, and they would have realised that the NBA isn’t like High School, where all you do is dunk on 5’4 white kids.

    • Lol says:

      Hakeem is the answer… nuff said. He is the greatest player in post moves of all time!

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      Probably because Kevin Mchale is the coach of Houston and before that the coach/GM of Minnesota and can’t or won’t help opposing team players. Pretty simple really!

      • alex says:

        …. that never occured to me. lol. i meant that if today’s stars did their homework, they would realise that there is a wealth of nba legends with great post moves. not everyone has the skill set to be the next olajuwon. a guy of mcgee’s size might be better off studying chamberlain tapes than trying to hang with olajuwon.

    • preme808 says:


    • Ummmm... says:

      Because, you moron, Olajuwon & Woodson were team-mates at Houston. Why the bleep, would they go to an almost complete stranger, in McHale, when Woodson is already friends with a HOF Center. Get some Community College reading comprehension going before opening your stupid gob.

      • alex says:

        if i’m an idiot, then you must be a complete moron for missing the point. what i was trying to suggest was that it is inexplicable that, after 10 years of being in the NBA, A’mare has just realised that having a post game might benefit him as PF/C in the league. I was trying to bring to light the lack of decent bigs in the league. in the 90’s there were more talented centers than any other era, and today there is almost none of that caliber. it’s not like there is a lack of talent. dudes like javale mcgee and deandre jordan are way more athletic than guys like ewing, but we all know ewing would destroy both of them 1 on 1.

    • NBAfan says:

      Because as good as McHale was, he is not The Dream….that’s why…

      What’s wrong with finding a mentor in a master?

    • Bobert says:

      He is top ten on the all time scoring list. That title comes with perks. People want to learn from the best and by the numbers, he is one of the best.

    • SomeGuy says:

      Kevin McHale is a fair bit older than Hakeem number 1, and number two he’s nowhere in the shape that Olajuwon has kept himself in over the years. Hakeem can still demonstrate to just about its maximum potency, McHale would just point them to old videos rather than hands-on.

    • Mr K says:

      1) McHale’s post moves were not ‘equally’ as devastating as Olajuwon’s, and 2) Olajuwon does have all the answers, as far as play on the low block is concerned. That’s why.

      The no college debate is irrelevant. Shelden WIlliams spent a long time in college, where are his moves? Andrew Bynum and Al Jefferson spent no time in college and each has a strong post repertoire.

      • alex says:

        you are clearly not old enough to know what you are talking about. watch some mchale highlights and you will see that his post moves are rivaled only by olajuwon. why do you take me saying mchale’s post moves are good as a diss on olajuwon? im saying that they are both good. Bynum and Jefferson are only ok, but look back through history and the majority of great centers went to college. hakeem, ewing, mourning, mutumbo, shaq, robinson,duncan, wilt, russell and kareem all went to college. if you want to say bynum and jefferson compare, be my guest. you will only make your self look dumb. the only exception to this rule is moses malone, and that’s it.

    • s says:

      Hakeem , I think was taught by Mose Malone

    • hooplover says:

      are you just waking up alex?

    • Wow.. says:

      Alex your in idiot by saying McHale was equally as good and an idiot for saying DWIGHT has no post moves. Last time I checked the paint was the only place he could score from idiot…

      • alex says:

        Dude, the fact that you are raging right now is making me lmao. If McHale and Dwight played 1 on 1 right now, McHale would take him to church. Dwight would be preaching the gospel of McHale when he’s finished.
        all Dwight does is dunk and get rebounds. All you could ask for from a center, but McHale was the truth.

    • Rocketman says:

      Amare will never be as great as Hakeem and neither that (over rated) Dwight Howard! You Knicks,Heat,Nets,and Lakers have to have a dream team to win titles.Hakeem and Michael Jordan didn’t need it they could carry the load of the team on its back.Trust me until the first championship Rockets only had average players.Houston is one of a few teams with back to back titles and oh by the way so are the Bulls too!

      • Bizman23 says:

        What the heck are you talking about, Jordan was clearly the best player on the \Bulls, but I remember a player by the name of what is it batman Scottie Scottie Pippen. Oh no according to you and the experts Scottie was an average player enjoying the ride on the Jordan express. Man these Jordan groupies how can you pipe up a guy who is the best player EVER.

    • #ihatedumcommentslol says:

      mchale really!!!!

    • Are You Offended Alex? says:

      Let me guess, Alex, you’re a 5’4″ white kid, lol! They go to him because his footwork is greater than anyone to ever do it, period! I agree about college, but not for gaining post moves. And what’s to say they can’t do college after they finish with their NBA careers? Shaq did it, and Vince Carter did it while the playoffs were going. Anyway, not to stray too far off topic, they seek out Hakeem because he has the greatest footwork of any center to ever play the game!

      • Alex, come on think about it says:

        McHale had some incredible moves and every player in the league could learn from watching his tapes. Dominant post players, who can play below the ring are rare.
        However if you can’t understand why a current NBA coach isn’t offering to make players from OTHER TEAMS better then you should really stop posting on basketball blogs.

      • Alex says:

        I really can’t believe how stupid some people are. i didn’t mean that he should have activley sought out mchale, being that he is the head coach of the rockets. i meant, as great as hakeem was, he was not the only great center to have post moves. you cant just go to hakeem and think you will get a post game. i appreciate that a’mare is trying to improve, but mcgee? i don’t think he will ever be able to have moves like hakeem. he’d be better off learning how to take advantage of his stregnth and jumping. he should train with shaq or watch some chamberlain tapes. also mchale just became a coach last season. he was a tv annalyst for some time. dudes like kobe, dwight, lebron and others could have gone to him then. Final point: Mchale mentored KG, and look how he turned out.

  51. Jon says:

    Stoudemire with Olajuwon’s post moves?, I can’t wait! I remember when Hakeem practiced with Kobe on his post moves, and it helped I think, and Kobe’s not even a big man, he’s a guard. Stoudemire is one of my favorite players, can’t wait to see what he can do next season

    • Stoudemire still has no defense…and hakeem cannot help him….Hakeem should train Marcin Gortat instead

      • tonys da man says:

        wow. u no, im excited for amare. hakeem can help him A LOT. u dont know wut ur talking about. amare used to be awesome with the suns and nash, but with melo its a different game. so far with chandley at center, and amare paired with a forward star instead of a star guard, its a lot harder to perform like he used to before he got to NY, amare being taught by one of the best centers ever? and u think it wont help? he will b a lot better by the start of the season