Just How Healthy Is Dwight Howard?

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The Dwight Howard trade made quite a splash last week, and for good reason. By acquiring Howard, the Lakers put themselves in the championship conversation and there was room for debate about just how bad of a package the Magic got in return for the league’s best center.

But one important aspect of the deal got a little lost in the hype of Howard taking his place as the latest great center to wear forum blue and gold: his health.

On April 20, Howard had surgery to repair a herniated disc in his back. Since then, he’s been rehabbing in Los Angeles. But four months later, he’s yet to begin running, as he admitted at his introductory press conference on Friday.

So when exactly will Howard be ready to play? Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register digs into that question, and doesn’t come out with a concrete answer…

The Lakers’ understanding of Howard’s lumbar microdiscectomy (surgical removal of herniated disc fragments in the lower back) is that standard recovery time is six or seven months. Howard had surgery April 20, which his doctor deemed went without complication, so six months off takes him to Oct. 20.

However, Howard told ESPN’s Chris Broussard just before the surgery: “The doctor said it’s a one-inch incision. He said I can start rehab right away and be back to full contact in four months. So I’m not really concerned. If anything, I’ll come back stronger.”

Four months is just about now, so that’s not happening. Whatever is happening, it sounds fine to the Lakers.

They were granted the opportunity Friday morning to discuss Howard’s situation with his Marina del Rey-based surgeon, Robert Watkins, with whom the Lakers have a relationship.

“We feel very assured he’s going to be back,” Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said. “We’re hopeful he’s back for camp; we’re hopeful he’s back to start the season. But we know he’s going to be back and playing at a high level at some point in time.”

It’s might be safe to assume that Howard will be fine and at 100 percent by December at the latest. At worst, that’s a minor hiccup in the Lakers’ season.

But really, you never know how a player is going to recover from surgery. Just four months ago, Howard was seen as indestructible. Now, not so much. And while the league seemingly goes dormant for the next month and a half, the status of Howard’s rehab is a critical story leading up to training camp.


  1. rizz says:

    @jonjo Against the lineup of Wade, Ray, Bron, Rashard, and Chris if I was Lakers I would have Howard and Gasol guard the paint and then have Nash, Metta, and Kobe guard perimeter against Miami making basically a zone. This will crowd the paint making it really tough for penetration especially when you have Dwight defending it. This in turn forces Bron and Wade to put up jumpers and they fail at jumpers beyond the paint. Kobe, Nash, and Metta can keep the 3-point shooters at bay with Metta/Kobe rotating for help defense. The reason this works is because Wade and Bron themselves are not big 3 point threats and if they get past any of the perimeter guards they have to go through Howard and Gasol guarding the paint. Yeah Bosh will be posting down low and Bron will most likely play PF but Pau can matchup against Bosh and Dwight has enough speed to matchup with Bron in the paint. You also didn’t mention any of the mis-matches Miami will have on defense. With the particular lineup you mentioned Miami is going to get KILLED on the boards against the Lakers and they are absolutely going to get hammered in the paint. Who is going to guard Dwight? Bosh? Bron??? He’s gonna put up 22 ppg with 18 rpg against that lineup. Gasol would benefit as well with 18 ppg and 15 rpg. That means tons of second chance points for the Lakers as well as basically eliminating Miami’s fastbreak opportunities which they thrive on. Miami would be foolish to play that small against L.A. because whatever advantages it might have produced would be severely outweighed by the disadvantages. Not to mention with so many other teams in the East getting bigger and healthier Miami may not even make it to the Finals let alone with the Championship. Boston is looking REALLY good now and healthy, Hornets are scary if Davis and Rivers live up to their potential, Nets are SICK, Philli is SICK, Knicks are still good, Pacers are looking sharp. Suddenly small ball seems so bad this season and I expect Miami will have a much tougher time in their quest for a repeat.

  2. Prime says:

    We all are NBA fans and we know the Lakers have a championship team an that’s whats killing Heat & OKC fans. From what we have seen in the past with Lakers trades. They put they self in the top 3 even if they haven’t played a game yet an that whats scaring people because we all know what Kobe can do with a loaded team. People know that they can go on a 2 or 3 yr run. So people wanna try to find anything they can to down play the talent they have on that team. There door is wide open now just like the Heat & OKC. But Kobe is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel an he is not gonna waste this opportunity. Alot of fans of there teams on this post are not being realistic an i can understand that. But if you look at all three line ups Lakers, Heat an OKC the Lakers have the biggest advantage over both teams in the back court with Howard & Gasol & there front court with Nash & Kobe they have the most experienced. The Heat have L. Jame & OKC has K. Durant if you take James off the Heat there just a playoff team that cant get past Boston or the Bulls. If you take K. Durant off OKC there a 7-8 seed or on the outside looking in at best. If you take Kobe off the Lakers there still a championship team with D. Howard, P.Gasol & S, Nash. Sure there age is a question but so is Boston and they gave the heat all they could handle and the Spurs are still a team that you can’t over look. Any fan of the NBA knows when the playoffs start the game slows way down an half court offense and defense plays a big part in winning an losing or taking control of games. And both the Heat & OKC had big problems with half court offense from lack of any big man that can score or play through.The Laker most likely will have one of the best half court offenses and defense in the NBA this yr and that’s a deadly comb come playoff time. I’m not saying that its a sure thing but the Lakers will be fighting for a finals trip for the next 2-3yrs an we all know that. If you like it or not if your scared or worried your team can repeat or make it back to the finals its one thing for sure the Lakers are in your face now just deal with it.

  3. jonjo policarpio says:

    they cannot beat the Heat because they will be slower….pau and dwight cannot chase bosh and bron when bron will play PF…i think they will be good in offense but not in defense especially against this lineup: wade, ray, bron, rashard and chris…pau will end up defending the threepoint line so does dwight against chris…this will give bron and wade free lane to the basket…kobe will stick to ray at the 3pt line, metta is not getting any faster against bron so does nash against wade…

  4. David says:

    People, cmon…Kobe NEEDS ball, Howard NEEDS ball, Nash NEEDS ball. (and here is the main problem) I agree, Lakers going to be amazing Next year. But now, it is too much for them. Im not a fan of both teams, but lets be realistic. LeBron knows M.Browns coaching, PLUS R.Allen were coached by DOC (heat will know celtics tactics). Plus, Allen and Lewis – clutch clutch 3point makers, add Miller’s 3s and Battier defense (and 3s). Lebron proving how clutch he is, wade always been like that, chalmers ALWAYS been like that too (bosh also). PLUS, Howard ALWAYS got owned when played againts James (not talking bout teams statistics) Nash also disappears againts heat-cavs (old). So again, everything is on Kobe. And he again will deliver. But Howard and Nash will be shutted down. And Kobe’s age will be the problem here. LA and OKC – thats the real battle (mazing one). But MIA – Finals and 85-95% repeat. There’s no close team to them, as painful as it is for me to say.

    • rizz says:

      @David how do you figure the Heat will own the Lakers if either team makes it to the finals that is. If they do the Lakers have a HUGE advantage against Miami. Last time I checked Miami plays small ball and does not have any legit frontcourt players that can play defense against 1: the most dominant center in the NBA right now and 2: one of the greatest power forwards in the league. They are going to get owned on the boards and with points in the paint. Not to mention Howard is one of the greatest rim protectors if not the greatest in the NBA and of one of only three NBA players to average at least 8 boards and 2 blocks per game in the 11′-12′ season. Combo Howard and Gasols length and LBJ and Wade are going to struggle a ton trying to penetrate to the rim and for them that makes up a HUGE portion of their game. Without that they are just jump shooters and we all know how BAD of jump shooters they are especially in the playoffs. The reason they get away with playing small ball is because their are not many legitimate big time centers in the league and if their happens to be they play for bad or mediocre teams so they are offset. Howard is playing for L.A. which was already a great team and just became that much better with him. We saw how bad Miami struggled against Dallas when they had Tyson Chandler down low. Imagine a bigger, badder Lakers team with Howard down low who is even better then Tyson. Miami don’t stand a chance. Granted this is if they make it to the finals and that goes for both teams. East got really big with a healthy Celtics, Philli with Bynum, Pacers with Hibbert. West got L.A., Clippers, OKC is OKC, and Denver got better. It’s gonna be one hell of a season but I tell you one thing the teams playing small ball are gonna have a really tough season and especially in the playoffs. I’m not writing Miami or OKC off but I won’t be surprised if either of them actually make it to the finals this season.

      • jonjo policarpio says:

        miami won last year because of 3pt shooting (miller and shane)…OKC countered will small ball by benching perkins…this will happen to dwight also, pau will play most minutes at center against miami…

      • Prime says:

        They played small ball because Perkins can’t score he’s all def they took him out to put another scorer on the floor they couldnt go players for player with the Heat with him on the floor. Dwight is the best running big man in the game he can run an has the foot work to run with Bosh just the same as Pau thats the european game is run run an run some more. Thats what Bynum couldnt do is run an defend again’t the pick & roll on the level that Dwight can.

  5. pinoylaker20 says:

    hats off to the buzz family. they are not afraid to spend to make the LAKERS better if not the best. that’s why they are always relevant every season even without necessarily winning the championship. they have a lot to prove next season with the vastly improved lineup but most likely they will command respect again. LAKERS play for rings and that is always the team’s battle cry. i have great respect for heat, okc, spurs and celtics but next season they will bleed to win a game against LAKERS. GO LAKERS FOR YOUR 17TH CHAMPIONSHIP!

  6. MO says:

    Hopefully for the LAKERS, Dwight Howard recent Back Surgery won’t keep him out of the lineup until end of year.
    He’ll probably be able to play 50 games, and then move on. Unless he’s serious about a shot at a potential Championship.
    Otherwise, anticipate another “Circus Performance” from Dwight Howrd once again next year,
    and then here we go again…

  7. JP says:

    I know this has nothing to do with Dwight Howard… but there are some great players on the Wizards that don’t get mentioned much who deserve much more attention.

    For example, look at Kevin Seraphin who weighs 275 lbs. He can jump, he can shoot, drive, nice jump hook, rebound, block shots, etc. Now he’s got a more experienced John Wall, and Shelvin Mack on his team. And they added A.J. Price. Bradley Beal went to the NBA young, so he could be good in a couple of seasons.

  8. Patrickmarc says:

    Nash Kobe Dwight Gasol.

    Now Dwight is smiling day and night
    I think all team must be smiling and the coach too.

    As kobe talks to nash, the two great artist
    Gasol and Dwight, with their magic hands,
    put the points and who can stop them?

  9. Ben says:

    What an amazing competition that a trade like this is allowed to happen, without giving up Kobe or Gasol. Its such a kick in the teeth to fans of all teams (except Miami/Boston). I thought the Miami trade was bad but wow this just shows how little this is about fair competition. Its amazing fans still watch when around 30% of rings have gone to 2 teams in its existance

  10. BeREALBRO! says:

    Everybody here needs to be realistic, he’s a laker now for a good 2-3 years. Then he might want to resign with them after that, i’m not saying the lakers are going to win a load of championships but they are going to get some while dwight is in L.A , but they will have to get past the thunder,heat, etc.

  11. CelticsFan says:

    I’ve been a hardcore Celtics fan since the beginning of time, so I’m a true Laker Hater.

    But those who think that the new Laker line-up will struggle with chemistry are delusional. The formation of the “Big 4” in LA bears absolutely no similarity to when the “Big 3” was formed in Miami. When LBJ, Dwade and Bosh joined in 2010, they were far from being regarded as having a high basketball IQ. Rather, they were each respectively “the man” in their previous teams Cavs, Heat & Raptors (all very use to playing isolation – and they still do). Wade, LBJ, Bosh were 28, 26 & 26 when they met in Miami and none of them (with the exception of Wade/Shaq) ever played alongside another superstar.

    The Lakers are bringing a seasoned veteran with one of the highest bball IQ’s in Nash. Gasol is one of the most unselfish and smartest PFs out there.

    Kobe will still be the man in LA and still take most of the clutch shots, but I’d expect him to score more points off the ball with Nash orchestrating the offense.

    Nash & Gasol will just be themselves and be smart enough to adjust to the new look.

    Howard will need to humble down and become a 15pts+15rbs+3blk man in LA and acknowledge that this is still Kobe’s team. I expect him to have no trouble with the team chemistry, due to his amount of respect for Kobe/Nash/Gasol.

    This Lakers “Big 4” reminds me of the Pierce/Garnett/Allen (+Rondo) of the Celtics.

    The only thing that saddens me about Howard/Nash going to Lakers is that they probably now have an edge over the Clippers again… But Nash/Kobe/MWP/Gasol/Howard/Jamison/Blake vs. Billups/Paul/Crawford/Butler/Hill/Blake/DeAndre is going to be something to watch!

  12. Rocabye says:

    Didn’t we learn our less when the Heat were thrown together in an offseason? It took them a couple tries to win. The only difference is the heat are young enough where they can afford a couple seasons to work it out. In a couple seasons most of the starting 5 of the Lakers will be hanging it up LOL

  13. parak says:


  14. Ken says:

    Undoubtedly, Lakers gets “ones” of the best players in PG, SG, PF and C position. I believe that Lakers becomes “the team to beat” in the league in the coming season. But can they make the chemtry? It recalls me the final result of Miami Heat Big three in their first season. Go Heat! (D-wade fan)

  15. LaLa Land says:

    Center: HOWARD
    PG: NASH

    Go Lakers!! LOL!!

  16. KOBEshigawa says:

    This amongst many other reasons is why the Lakers can’t be the favorites this year. I’m as big of a Lakers fan as it gets, but I don’t see how the Show are the clear cut favorites. There’s just too many variables going into the season: Nash’s age, Kobe’s age, Jamison’s age, Metta’s age, Dwight’s back, ordan Hill’s continued development, Mike Brown’s offense and every issue pertaining to adding two major pieces to a team (just a small detail…). That’s a LOT of revolving parts. Too many I think. When you look at the Thunder, they have four stars under 25 years old who a) all competed in the Olympics this summer, b) have played together for four years (continuity is EXTREMELY important in the NBA) and c) are only getting better. Yes, the Lakers have a lot more talent, but harnessing it is the big question. If everything goes right, the Lakers BLOW AWAY the field, but right now before any of that happens, you can’t really say they’re the favorites in the West. Just can’t.

  17. agon1034 says:

    you guys are all stupid!!! did everyone just completely forget about the thunder? Kevin durant had a little taste and now hes going back for the whole pie! LA has the best chance of stopping them with howward but they will have to play at 110%! havent seen a scorer like durant since jordan! this kid is seriously about to jump to a whole new level of beast!

  18. caloyski says:

    LA is strong in names but they cannot keep with the younger teams for 48 minutes– the Big 4 will surely be prone to injuries because of their very Shallow Bench– they are averaging more than 30 years old. I am sure the BIG 4 will not be able to sustain the rigor of an 82–game eason plus a minimum of at least 20 games come playoff time– tremendous physical strain to their aging starting five–But I m sure they will make it to the Semifinals of the Playoffs– Furthermore if Howard returns to his old ways and Bryant insist on his role as the only CLUTCH player of the team, then they will have some chemistry problem. I still think that they made a mistake of letting go of Bynum

  19. bogart says:

    Lakers line up now., is like shaq, malone, kobe, payton before.. but never won it all.. 2 seasons…

    payton/ nash

    similar team, similar powerhouse team, but still failed………..

    meanwhie miami line up., is pistons like when they shock the world of lakers…


  20. yankee says:

    lbj got you guys. he’s obviously a heat hater. He’s just fishing for negative comments to the heat.

  21. op says:

    And i love every Heat fan who says we have LeBron James..don’t get me wrong i’m not a Laker fan…but let’s say LeBron and Wade will dominate Kobe and Artest(that is going to happen because they have a nice backup in Ray Ray and Battier, and LA has just Jamison), Chalmers stops Nash(i don’t know a guy in the last 10 years who stopped Steve to drop his usual 10-15 dimes and to absolutely control the offensive flow of the game, but Rio is a good defender let’s say he stops him), and then you have Bosh(he gets help from LeBron, Anthony and let’s say Lewis(not sure)) and Udonis fighting against Dwight and Gasol(we saw what Gasol can do to a smaller frontcourt in the Olympics final, and we all know what Howard is capable of doing to all of other big guys around the league) and we don’t even mention the possibilty Kobe in Mamba mode(it happens basically every game, moment is not specific), i mean yeah LeBron is above all others, but just say Gasol and Dwight around the basket and we just cut the conversation……

  22. op says:

    I think everybody should stop speculate about what will Howard do…right now he is in the second best franchise in league history, he has two of the best players in the past 15 years to play with plus he is going to pair with one of the players with highest IQ for a big man(who will let him do his thing in the paint, helping him with oops and allow him to dominate 1 on 1 basically every other center), and i forgot he is in Los Angeles….yeah he is going to leave the Lakers…probably for another planet…….give me a break…..

  23. Beebz says:

    you have a fearsome 4some? we have lebron james. end of story.

    • s27m says:

      lol..Thats whats up!

    • DR says:

      Lebron who never won anything till he had both Wade and Bosh. Lebron who lost to Dirk, Terry, ad Chandler with Wade and Bosh, the same Lebron who’s not clutch. The same Lebron who struggles to score on or get by Kobe on the Perimeter and Dwight in the middle. Yeah Ok, Lebron’s sure an answer to Dwight, Kobe, Nash, and Gasol all by himself.

      BTW If you had named all of the big 3, it’d be a lot close, but Lakers still have it. Bosh usually>Gasol especially when they play, Kobe>>Wade by a long shot, and Lebron>>MWP offense to defense, but Dwight>all drivers including Lebron and Wade and Dwight>>Bosh usually almost every time they play and that was Dwight on a team by himself, the Magic. With Kobe and Nash, Lakers will destroy the Heat.

      • s27m says:

        Shut up bro! Thats like saying Kobe has only won 2 championships because WE ALL KNOW THE FIRST 3 WERE ALL SHAQ PERIOD. Next thing your Lakers have no bench at all…absolutely the worst bench out of any contending team this season.. pretty much its awfull, no legit back up for any position no reliability. AND NO athletiscism besides Kobe and Dwight so 1 injury.. bye bye season. How can you think LeBron isn’t clutch you.. your blind ignorance is despicable! The Olympics and the Finals he was simply a Beast, hitting Big shot after Big shot.

        Get ready for the same stuff that happend when it was Shaq, Malone, Kobe and Payton… You will acheive NIL!!!!
        And how in the hell can u dismiss OKC????????? They will eat the Lakers! I just don’t understand the way Laker fans think…Like you know OKC is the Best in the West but because you got Dwight its a guaranteed ring pffffffffft. You will Loose to OKC and for some crazy reason you do end up wining in a gm 7 situation than you’ll just be anihilated by the Best basketball player in the World Right Now LeBron “The King” James. Who will have a healthy Wade and Bosh + Ray and Lewis. Go to sleep and enjoy your dreams because reality will crush them. Now sleep child!

  24. theking0522 says:

    Well, we are the champions. It is going to be a loooong summer and year before the fans get to see….Lebron James getting his second ring again. Lakers will not beat OKC, so Lebron won’t have the chance to humiliate Kobe and the Lakers.

  25. @NBALover123. I’m a lakers fan and I respect your opinion on the heat and the whole Dwight to the lakers saga. I’m glad not all heat fans are selfish idiots

  26. Lakers-R-Us says:

    @ Gwoei! You have no idea what you are talking about! Lamar Odom accidently landed on Bynum’s knee! Before you make a comment; get a clue about what you are saying! That’s an idiotic and ridiculous comment! And it’s completely false!!!!! Idiot!

  27. topdistributor says:

    The lakers just signed Jodie Meeks who is a knock down three point shooter. You lakers hater actually think LA will try to create a championship team without acquiring a knock down shooter. Hasn\’t more of their past victories been due to fact that Horry, and Dfish knock down key threes late in the game? dont you think the management knows this?

    Also you all keep talking about injuries… have you forgotten that Bosh had a back injury too? Plus the fact that an injury can happen to anyone? Even to Kevin Durant?

    Didn\’t it happen to T mac ?

    To those who say Kobe is getting \”old\”…. the dude was 2nd leading score in the NBA last year and could have easily been first… but been Kobe he just let it slide.. I bet if it was Lebron he would play those last few games because all he cares about is his stats..

    Proud to be a laker fan… they just signed Jodie Meeks and then end for all the \”they dont have a bench\” discussion will soon come to an end… Go lakers…

  28. topdistributor says:

    The lakers just signed Jodie Meeks who is a knock down three point shooter. You lakers hater actually think LA will try to create a championship team without acquiring a knock down shooter. Hasn’t more of their past victories been due to fact that Horry, and Dfish knock down key threes late in the game? dont you think the management knows this?

    Also you all keep talking about injuries… have you forgotten that Bosh had a back injury too? Plus the fact that an injury can happen to anyone? Even to Kevin Durant?

    Didn’t it happen to T mac ?

    To those who say Kobe is getting “old”…. the dude was 2nd leading score in the NBA last year and could have easily been first… but been Kobe he just let it slide.. I bet if it was Lebron he would play those last few games because all he cares about is his stats..

    Proud to be a laker fan… they just signed Jodie Meeks and then end for all the “they dont have a bench” discussion will soon come to an end… Go lakers…

  29. Ggg says:

    @Lakers4life you are even more idiotic than the kid lbj. You people actually take lbj seriously? Such idiots. Lakers4life, the only reason you hate heat is because you were jealous that the lakers will never win a championship with lebron on the heat. there is also something called TEAM CHEMISTRY. Has Nash or Howard or Kobe ever played with each other? Kobe is not gonna win his sixth ring. Oh yea, you have to face OKC! Much better coach, much younger, much better bench, more team chemistry… The lakers lineup is better than okcs, but Perkins can guard Howard one on one, ibaka is the best shotblocker, and no way world peace can guard durant. Nash< <<<<<<<<<westbrook, Nash will only make plays, too bad he won't be in use too much if the kobeballhog is gunna keep taking shots. Lakers starting lineup only looks good on paper, gunna get whipped by OKC like last year. Even if they do beat okc, heat will abuse them like kids!! Hahahaha, howard gunna leave you because he doesn't like the system, once your 'trio' of nash Kobe and gasol retire get ready to be drafting out of the lottery. You bandwagoner fans will jump to clippers fans, you only root for the winning team. As for heat fans, get ready for some more parades!!

    • ... says:

      cool story, nobody cares.

    • Belizeboy says:

      I think you hit the nail on the head. Most of the Heat and Lebron haters are Laker fans who are upset that a team was formed that would prevent them from getting more championships. Yet they welcome the joining of more stars to the Lakers. Hypocrites!

  30. Gwoei says:

    Dwight better watch out, Kobe will do anything be the MAN on the team, remember how he took out Bynum’s knee when Bynum started to be more dominant and scored more points than him?
    Watch your back Dwight… your worst enemy is your own team mate…

  31. James Bond says:

    LBJ and the Heat are a bunch of worthless Punks…! I hope the Bulls roll right past them next year in the Playoffs…!!! And I’m a Lakers fan…

  32. Robert Reynolds says:

    Regarding the great center, Dwight Howard; Years ago, I was an active tennis player. Unfortunately, I ruptured a disc while playing tennis, and had to have back surgery to fix it. Afterwards, I was told that I could go back to regular things, such as playing tennis again. After beginning to play tennis again, I ruptured another disc. After that, I had to hang it up. So, what I am saying is, that Howard is not a sure thing. I really hope he is, but in my case, it didn’t work out. Perhaps modern day
    surgery has improved; I certainly hope so. Go Lakers!

  33. matt says:

    The whole mystery of the trade was Dwights health..either way though, the addition of Steve Nash alongside Kobe and Pau will get them enough wins and allow Howard to rest until hes at a 100%: http://www.mindofmattman.com/2012/08/dwight-howard-becomes-laker-mitch.html

  34. yellowmamba says:

    this is thread is funny. that “lbj” guy who wants howard to join miami is STUPID! haha

  35. alvin says:

    dwight is no comparison 2 shaq,, shaq is dominant unlike dwight he is not, there is no way dwight can do what shaq’s accomplishment in LAKERS,, i think LAKERS can’t win a championship,, why? they didn’t have a PHIL JACKSON anymore,, you all know what PHIL’s CALIBERS in coaching a team.. he is so gifted,, i dont think BROWN have a CALIBER of JACKSON.

  36. s27m says:

    I think there should be a thumbs up and thumbs down button to click by peoples posts so we can express if we like it. Specially so this “lbj” character who writes the same garbage everyday can see 1000 thumbs down by his posts. 1 word to sum up his thought process of basketball “AWFULL”

  37. NBALOVER123 says:

    How dare you guys disrespect miami heat and lebron james like that. saying there going to get smash without a big man.

    How dare you!!!!!. Have you forgot what james and wade did to roy hibbert, Kevin garnet, serge ibaka and kendrick perkins!!!

    and you think a team with no chemistry?? its gonna wipe them off the floor. especially when Dwight Howard has a bad back an has not been playing his bast basketball in about 2 years. How dare you!!!

    Wade and Chris was injured last season. They are coming back at 100% This year. And you guys have the nerve to think there gonna get smash in the finals after already winning a ring together??? I’m sorry I just can’t see the lakers winning. in tell a team can stop James and wade driving to the basket and ditching it to the open 3 I can’t see them being beat. especially when Lebron is playing his bast basketball the nba has ever seen.

    Real Talk this is coming from a Heat fan. I’m glad the lakers picked up Howard. But in tell I see a team expose the heat or Lebron James goes down with a injury. Then i can’t see them losing again.

    Also how dare you guys thinking OKC gonna go down easy by the Lakers that’s just wishful thinking.

    in my honest opinion it will be OKC vs Heat again or Lakers vs Heat finals.

    OKC vs Mimai (heat in 5 games)
    Lakers vs Heat (heat in 6)

    If lebron goes down the other team has a chance of winning. That’s the only way i can see it.

    @ lbj Shut up as a heat fan u make me look bad. I don’t want a selfish and thinks for stats! person on my team.

    • s27m says:

      Straight up bro!!! I hear ya just because they got D12 everybody in LALA Land are jumping to conclusions. But listen LA fans all I got to say is two words “NO BENCH” you will be chewed up and spit out if 1 of them gets injured specially if its nash or kobe…So dont think ur at finish line when the race hasn’t started.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Well put. Miami is even more dangerous now than last season and the only thing keeping them from reapeating is injuries. Lakers are looking a bit better, but still have a coach that can’t handle the job, wishey washy players in Artest and Jamison, no chemistry (yet), and the strong threat of injury to Howard.

  38. Christopher says:

    Lakers Dynasty Forever:


    PG Nash
    SG Bryant
    SF: World Peace
    PF: Gasol
    C: Howard


    PG: Blake
    SG: Meeks
    SF: Ebanks/Barnes
    PF: Jamison
    C: Hill/Sacre

    Lakers will crush the competition and Dwight will be healthly beast who will Eat LBJ for breakfast and $hit on Heat Party Bandwagoners

  39. Dodong says:

    Lebron is a legend in a process, wait until you see how the heat demolish your so called legendary team LAKERS! it was just like a horse( miami ) racing with a turtle ( lakers ). infact i bet my house and ferrari, ur lakers cant even beat OKC. last finals scenario Lebron playing at 99% dwade playing at 65% and bosh playing at 60% and still able to get a ring! upcoming scenario in the finals NASH KOBE MWP PAU AND DWIGHT all playing 101% but still the heat will demolish them!! sorry im not a heat fan, im not a laker hater but what i tell you all, believe me that’s what gonna happen when miami and lakers met in the finals! the only interesting thing about that is the kobe-lebron matchup but common guys we all knew that lebron is way better than kobe even when you compare them in the heights of kobe’s career! lebron has not yet on his peek!! you’ll see it this upcoming season! i do want to see nash win a ring, but that could only happen if he joins NY not lakers!! to all the haters and lovers of miami and lakers PEACE yow but the MAGIC will win this year! they traded superman to the lakers but i heard bunches of guys were commin look at this line up:
    C: HULK

  40. Milkyway says:

    Be realistic all of you!..We all know that Gasol, Kobe, Nash and Howard will sign to the miami heat..They want to go in Miami heat to pair up with the King and D-Wade in exchange for Haslem and future round picks.. GO MIAMI HEAT! BEAT ALL THE TEAM THAT STANDS ON YOUR WAY!..

  41. Rolando says:

    Most people here dont have brains, of course @lbj dwight howard won’t come and he dont have to come to Miami but lakers fan already talking about championship(s) without playing a minute together. This looks nice on paper but the same as in 2004 with shaq, malone, payton and Bryant, its not a garantee that LA will win it all but they have good chance. First we wait to see when howard is coming back and what kind of roll he fill in. Till that time it’s all speculation so don’t count out the reighing champs miami, runner up thunder and upcoming T wolves and Nets. Let the lakers first get to the western conference finals and then we talk some more. I will put my money on Lakers-Heat Finals 2013 and off course heat will win with Allen and Lewis draining three’s all over the court. Miami is still the team to beat, dont forget that lakers fan.

  42. wishful thinking says:

    good starting lineup but no bench players, no shooters and inconsistent hustle player like matt barnes,,,antawn jamison can’t be the sixth man and fill in for all the bench players…lakers have no depth…missing a 3pt threat like mike miller, ray allen type shooters and a pure defensive player with a knock out punch like Robert Horry or a Rodman type player…until this void is filled…there’s definitely no chance of winning a championship…better do it quick bec KOBE is gone in 2 years….

  43. Heat fans must be scared. They can’t get over d-howard going to lakers! You guys can’t buy every championship. lol Get OVER IT… The nba has done this too themselves. We all have put so much emphasis on winning a championship and pressured all these guys that unless they win they aren’t truly great that all we have in the nba is the best gaining up together. All you have is a glorified all-star team. It first started with boston. And in a bigger way Miami. In a certain way, LA now. At least they traded someone good to get someone better in defense not as good in offense. The team I have to take my hat off to would be OKC. They haven’t bought anyone. I was hoping they would win because they went about it the right way. Now we have all the big names on one and the same team. Doesn’t really make it fair to the rest of the league.

  44. Racej06 says:

    Guys, please stop criticizing lbj. he’s just a heat fan, scared that his team won’t be able to make a title repeat, just like the lakers did in 2009 and 2010, 2000-2002, and all those that came before that. HAHAHA. I must admit, I admire this guy’s courage, not to mention, his IMAGINATION. @lbj, just keep on dreaming man. I’ll tell you one thing, even in 2k, that kind of lineup won’t be possible, unless you edit the players to the point that they are unstoppable, and injury is like the next thing to impossible, and the salary of each player is reduced to like, a million each? then maybe, you can have, lebron, wade, bosh, allen, howard, paul, gasol, kobe, anthony, durant, duncan (or any players you like for that matter) in your miami team. lol.

  45. MVP says:

    yea i agree.
    Howard should leave lakers now and join miami to party at the beech
    Centre: Howard
    PF: Chris Botch
    SF: Lebron
    SG: Dwyane Wade
    PG: CP3 (or deron)

    I beg Erik Spolestra to hurry up and make this trade!


  46. nba fan says:

    OKC is still the favorite to come out of the west and even have a better record than the lakers because HOWARD
    wont start the season and that could hurt the lakers until howard comes back. latest on christmas day vs the knicks

  47. Lakers4evr says:

    i really hate to see people commenting on basketball without any knowledge bwt it!

    – Miami cant do a Lakers like trades because they arent a big city like LA do!
    – LbJ cant be the greatest! because he is selfish and thinks for stats! think about it when he plays! does he know his position@@ common look at him being a point guard that is not versatility that is selfishness
    – Howard to the heat with CP3? that makes us LAKERS fans think that LbJ is very far to Kobe! Kobe only needs 1 star to be his main backup to win the title! Lbj? @@ 2 superstars! even defeated by Dirk a year ago wew!
    – Lastly Kobe is the best player in the world right now and 2nd best behind MJ because of his worth-ethic! FYI Lebron is chasing Kobe! hehehe and remember that MJ trained Kobe!



  48. Pintados says:

    I didn’t quite get it…. If Orlando has o trade Howard… Why didn’t they just directly traded him to Sixers? for Igoudala and Vucevic? isn’t this an improvement to Orlando?

    Why is the Lakers involved here anyway and didn’t Orlando the better piece in Bynum or Pau?

    Really the only winner in this is he Lakers…. ah yes I understand, Dwight or the best center “MUST” go to Lakers? says who? is it a trend really or is it a rule made by Stern for his highly favored team the Lakers and his favorite player Bryant?

    oh yes this is Stern’s show..I forgot..

  49. JDish says:

    So I was wondering why or how the Dwight Howard trade also included Josh McRoberts and Christian Eyenga to the Magic when it wasn’t reported that they were part of the transactions.

  50. Maura says:

    Sorry Lakers, he is still a damaged product right now.

  51. CrazyLakerFAN says:

    why is there always a heat fan in every laker thread? i mean cmon….

  52. let the good play win says:

    It’s going to be a real interesting macthup between the Lakers and OKC. I am a Heat fan myself, but i must agree that the Lakers mabey will be a bit to much to handle on the inside with both Howard and Pau for Miami. But OKC migth have a legimate shot with their bigs Perkins and Ibaka. Because i belive that Durant and Westbrook could outplay Nash and Kobe, even though they are both legendary players. The problem the Lakers migth have is that they even with Dwigth is a old team.

  53. heat fan says:

    All you “heat fans” as you refer to yourselves who jumped on the band wagon when james and bosh joined the heat then jumped off when they lost to dallas then jumped back on when they won this year give it up with alll these ridiculous trades you want to happen the heat are still the team to beat and allen and lewis only added to that outside shooting which they did so great in the playoffs and just because dwight is joning the lakers does not solidify a championship for the lakers. This article brought up a great topic how will dwight return from a major injury? Not to mention they will have okc to battle in the playoffs and I dont see them rooling over at all in the west

  54. Chris says:

    Dont forget, it took Miami time (1&1/2 seasons) to start to gel as a team. The older Laker players simply wont have the time because of the ages of Nash and Kobe to gel and then make a run at a championship. Basketball is a team sport, no matter how much talent you posses, you have to learn to play together to win consistently at the NBA level. Besides that, the thunder are getting better every year and are growing up playing together in the west. In addition Miami has not reached their full potential and look to dominate the east for at least 3 more years. LA made a good move to stay competitive, but am elite team they are not, that will be seen shortly. And about the time they start getting it together- those older bodies will be working against them in a big way. From a money making point of view the Laker management did exactly what they needed to do to keep the money coming in (they have to compete for fans, local dollars and market share with the Clips now) but dont think for a second that Laker management believe that they can win a championship with this roster. They will be able to compete during the season but not win it all. Getting Dwight was not about winning a championship but about staying relevant beyond Kobe, staying on national TV, putting butts in seats and money in the bank.

  55. BBall Fan says:

    Apparently his back is injured to much to fly to Orlando to his own summer camp so the kids of the parents that spent $199 could meet him and talk to him, he only cares for himself and always will, he never even takes time out to see his own kids, (except one) http://blacksportsonline.com/home/2012/03/dwight-howards-secret-baby-mamas-hope-alexatiffany-render-maybe-more-photos/
    He will probably be “injured” for most of the season, opt out at the end and go to the Nets like he really wants to.. http://www.lakersnation.com/lakers-news-dwight-howard-wont-sign-extension-with-lakers/2012/08/09/

  56. Eaglos says:

    What should really worry Lakers is the fact that once again their bench is lacking.
    Their starting line-up is a bit old and battered and will not last 82 games + playoffs
    without injuries. There is a high risk that we see a repetition of the Malone-Payton
    year where it all went down to one injury.

  57. NBAfan says:

    If Kobe is smart, he’ll take care of his body and go for longevity and beat Kareem’s scoring record. I think if anybody can do it, it’s him. Physical ability may go down unconditionally, but skills and smarts should only get better and better. Kobe’s cerebral approach to the game will allow him to play until in his late 40s. Kobe would need to play 500 more games at the same 25 ppg clip to reach Kareem. He’s been robbed because of having to go through 2 lockouts in his career, but he still has a chance.

    LBJ? He’ll have a very drastic drop off when his physical abilities start to go down. I imagine him trying to play point guard at a very old age, trying to just back smaller PGs down or hit open jumpers a a means to score

    • NBAfan says:

      correction late 30s, not late 40s..

    • Belizeboy says:

      He started playing in the NBA three to four years earlier than most players so how has he been robbed because of the lockouts? That’s some real narcissistic thinking there, but if you’re a Bryant fan I guess it goes hand in hand.

  58. bobcatsfan4life says:

    The bobcats will win it all. Unconfirmed news is that they will trade ben gordon plus 12 player to miami for lebron. They will have the rights to the avengers.

    Bobcats starting lineup.
    PG – LBJ
    SG – Iron Man
    SF – Capt. America
    PF – Thor
    C – Hulk

    Bobcat all the way!

  59. Clippersfan4471 says:

    I’m fine with this trade. Originally I hated it (as a Clips fan) but now I know more about D12’s surgery, I don’t mind at all. Why??? Because I have had that surgery…..3 TIMES!!! Once a disc is weakened in your back it will continue to weaken without the proper rest and care. Yes, Howard will be able to play again but i’ll bet you half his salary that he’ll be needing another op within 3 years. I feel sorry for the guy and hope that he’s able to play again but the reality is that his career will never finish as everyone would have hoped. (And let’s be honest, how on Earth is he going to be able to carry the Lakers all by himself in 2 years time????)

  60. fly says:

    Nice starting lineup but the laker bench is one of the worst in the league, they will get crushed by other teams benches.

  61. niel says:

    Lakers > heat

    Howard has always given the heat problems with terrible players surrounding him. This is going to be a cake walk with not 1 good player but 3 others including Kobe.

  62. r says:

    he jus needs 2 take his time!!!! all we need him to be ready 4 is post season!! be ready Dwight!! beast mode durring playoffs

  63. Nuerdo says:

    When Kobe retired, Howard begins to play

  64. RHASTA MAN! says:

    GO DWIGHT! lakers is completely dominating team..they will be winning lot of championships..

  65. pakyaw says:

    another SUPERMAN will give Kobe a ring….

  66. RHASTA MAN! says:


  67. Zac says:

    Actually, on second thought, Howard loses over Bynum because of his aching back and his horrible free-throw-shooting

  68. KobeDwightStevePAu says:

    wow stop with this “dwight go to heat” really now??? 4 stars is not enough? lebron wade bosh allen. u heat fans are very very selfish. might as well take the usa team and win it all. 10 season in a roll..make all of them make 5 million each year….yeah that is so much more fun….if that ever happen i will quit watching nba games for life…because that is just lame as fuk.

  69. J says:

    lbj, why don’t the heat just go and get all of team usa? idiot.

  70. DGT2 says:

    NNNNNN one more …..I also see they have invested lota beleif in their coach BROWN ….good NEWS!

  71. DGT2 says:

    Can one move make a difference ???????????????????????IMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
    SG MWP
    SF ANTWN Jamison
    PF PGasol
    Centre Superman
    bench NASH ,blake,HILL,duhon n de rest .
    though i’m not a Laker fan not even close …..it has made me Dream ,how wonful is tat?

  72. hahaha LBJ, your comments are very entertaining. Keep it up!!!

  73. benjie says:

    Ive seen this types of injury
    Tracey mcgrady,Baron davis,And they all have injury and when they came back after surgery and rehab they became low scoring non factor players.
    same injury with miller of miami but he decide not to have surgery and take the pain because he knows it will never be the same .so he decided to stay off surgery and have another run for the title.
    Howards back will be limiting but if he finds a way not to put pressure on it when playing he might still be a factor for the lakers.but it won’t be the same flying superman we saw before.and minutes will be limited,definitely will not play past 40 minutes now.

  74. LA4evr says:

    @lbj… you’re full of illusion!… DH12 just finished signing contract with the LAL… now you want him to go to MIA… that will never happened, you sound greedy dude! and hello lebron doesn’t know anything about politics he cant be a president! silly!…. 🙂

  75. reign says:

    Lakers all the Way!!!

  76. DH12 says:


  77. Rocabye says:

    @BigBear: But that’s just my point. That was *then*, this is now. And we’re talking about guys that are OLD as far as basketball is concerned. The kats weren’t nearly as athletic back then as they are now. Back then the most athletic guy on the floor was Michael Jordan. These days players are running faster, jumping higher, and are probably stronger due to the natural perfection of training methods. A pick and roll offense is fantastic, but if your players are old and slow it doesn’t what offense you’re running. At the end of the day it is a sport. That means you need the right athletic pieces.

    • Rocabye says:

      I’m just saying, the Lakers perimeter defense is awful. You need more quickness on the perimeter or you will get torched in today’s game. Did you see USA basketball these Olympics? Perfect example of today’s game. No size, great perimeter play, and no one could beat them. They should have aimed for a young and solid point guard to build up. Nash ain’t gonna do it. Dwight was a great move but idk if he has the heart to grind it out. Seems like a baby to me.

  78. Kobe24 says:

    @LBJ: Learn to spell first before making any comments, ok?

  79. chitoM_CDO says:

    these Heat fanatics are DAYDREAMERS! the fearsome 4some of the lakers is going to destroy & demolish heat!

  80. kevin says:

    In the article it says before the surgery, Howard said it would be about a four month recovery period, I remember another article right after he had the surgery and the doctor was quoted that “it was the largest he had ever seen, but Dwight was a large man!” Which tells me that the fragment that was remove, was actually larger than first thought. With more of the disc removed and with the physical nature of Howard’s day job, the doctor will wait until he is absolutely ready to clear Howard! If he’s back by xmas, they’ll be fine!

  81. i_hate_kobe_but_like_nash says:

    Lakers can win the championship this season with the help of STEVE NaSH…… UNSELFISH PLAYER>>> (STEVE NASH)

    • NBAfan says:

      There are times when a player needs to play unselfishly and there are times when a player needs to play selfishly…

      Kobe haters are quick to point out he plays selfishly too much

      Lebron haters are quick to point out that he doesn’t play selfishly when he needs to…game 6 against Boston, I think he learned when he should be playing selfishly.

  82. lbj idiot miami fan says:

    No Miami lineup 2013.
    Center: Dwight Howard
    Shooting Guard: Dwayne Wade
    Power Forward: Chris Bosh
    Small Forward: Lebron James
    Point Guard: Steve Nash

    Strong Reserves : Kobe Bryant , Pau Gasol , Chris Paul, Andrew Bynum, Ray Allen

    • NBAfan says:

      you’ll start Nash over CP3?

      Laker Line up

      C howard
      PF Pau
      SF Lebron
      SG Kobe
      PG Magic’s Clone but buffer and has a better shooting form

  83. Racej06 says:

    what? howard, paul, bosh, james, and wade in miami? you really think that the heat as a franchise can afford that? lebron can’t score 200 points. this is reality, not some fancy games that you play on your computer. are you even aware of the thing called fatigue? or injury maybe? you’re talking about playing those guys for 82 games, 48 minutes each game (since the miami won’t be able to afford a bench). man, they may be superstars, but their no justice league. and please before you post, check your spelling and grammar as well.

  84. ADNJ says:

    and they got Jodie Meeks now . #lakernation

  85. Thunderstriker says:

    Thunder will win ….the young guns will b faster n stronger! 2009 1st round,. 2010-2nd round,. 2011 western finals,. 2012 -nba finals…….2013 -nba champions!

  86. No bench players says:

    the lakers only good players r their starting lineup besides that the have nobody else. the finals will be Heat vs Lakers. but the heat will win (its my opinon dont all you laker fans freak out at me)

  87. To Lbj: first of all…… a coach does not dictate whether a trade happens or not.
    Third……. have you ever heard of cap space?? Having Howard, bosh, wade, lebron and Chris Paul on one team is the USA TEAM not the NBA


    A basketball fan who is over heat bandwagoners

  88. LordP says:

    That should be interesting to see how Dwight goin to improve his skills working with Kareem Abdul Jaabar..with all the respect to Pat Ewing,Kareem is 3level higher!!

  89. Draz says:

    Whatever English translator you guys are using, it’s not working. Let the people who speak English make the posts please.

  90. lakerboyz says:

    dwight howard is not going no heat ibj so you can stop with this stupid comments

  91. Laker Fan says:


  92. lbj S.U.C.K.S. says:

    maybe that’s possible…
    tell tony starks or bruce wayne to buy the heat team and he has the money to pay them all,
    and if that not enough they can also add drose, rondo,griffin and all the players you can imagine..
    haha! just to give your beloved lebron his much needed rings.
    WOW! you just keep putting the same comment all the time

  93. Me says:

    I hope hie is aight but at the same time I hope he doesn’t play for the Lakers somehow, hopefully rehabilitation of the injury will be longer than expected.

  94. Dorian says:

    Honestly, I do think LA has a shot of making it to the finals. It might even be Heat vs Lakers. As a big Orlando Magic fan I can honestly say I’m a little disappointed he left, but we all saw it coming. The key is how this new team will mesh. I think it’ll take some time to do just that, like the Heat in 10-11. After they do build that chemistry though, they will be hard to stop. I think Dwight will be 100 percent soon after the season starts, if not at the start. I also believe LA’s core issues will be to find a way for Gasol and Howard to play off each other inside. Steve Nash will be Steve Nash, setting people up for scores, and unlike in Phoenix, he has more options. LA has a decent bench (correct me if you don’t agree) but like the Heat, the new super team in LA will rely on their starters to do most of the dirty work. BTW LA has always been my 2nd favorite team so it’ll be interesting to watch them try to make a championship run, as well as watch my Magic mature and see how they choose to rebuild themselves. 🙂

    • NBA realist says:

      The difference is the Lakers dont hav time to build chemistry this year and win it next year….Howard is still a free agent at the end of the season and if the Lakers don’t win it all this year, Dwight “Drama” Howard is going to be leaving for Brooklyn!

      • Belizeboy says:

        Exactly…but let the Laker fan boys have their hopes. They seem to think the championship is already theirs.

      • Dan says:

        hey NBA realist, get REAL, The Nets do not have enough cap space to sign Howard next year, that is why this was a great trade. Do your homework next time. And who else would Howard want to play for? The only team that could sign him would be Dallas and I say he chooses LA over them.

      • laker lover hater says:

        @DAN – hey laker boy DAN, real is ballhog Kobe throwing teammates under the bus when Lakers lose becuz Kobe has the ball in his hands 99% of the time……new teammates, old Kobe = NO CHAMPIONSHIP )-:

  95. Kingdom says:

    Miami is going to repeat…. LeBron is still hungry and prime, one ring is not enough for the greatest of all time who is creating a legacy of the nba that will never be overshadowed

  96. VMX says:

    Howard didn’t want to go the the Bulls because it would be Rose’s team/town, but he’s happy going to LA where it’s clearly Kobe’s team/town and Nash might still overshadow him for second fiddle?

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      Kobe has two years left on his contract and speaks of retiring then at age 35. Nash 38 will be out the door in the next year or two as well.

      Howard will be inherting the team once Kobe is gone, not the same with Chicago. Rose is younger than Howard at what 23 or 24? Rose will be on that team as long as Howard would be and maybe even after so Howard would never get the team to call his owns

  97. Spurs Fan says:

    How can the Magic be the Spurs!!!
    they made some awful trades….

    look at the spurs they only need 1st draft (hall of famer Tim DUncan) and POP …..and the next step was picking the right players to add to the core ~ no big trades like (Dwight ,LBJ , Garnet, Gasol to win a championship) they only need to pick the right players like Tony Parker (27 pick ) Manu Ginobili (57 th pick !!! remember) plus a good bench and discipline..

    • john.ph says:

      i like that post..basketball is a team game anyway and good discipline win most championships…

  98. eddy bristol says:

    Wow i was so happy howard got a bew home so espn stop talkin about it so much and now its about him again lol..this is a guy that havent won no rings yet and u guys talk about him every 3 mins lol…lets talk about miami and not havin a center..or canbreally deron williams take the nets to another level?wich i doubt it lol..or why kobe feels so old when michael jordan was still shinin at age 40…theres so many topics out ther lol

  99. Eddie says:

    This might be the dumdest post ive EVER seen.

  100. BigBearB-Ball says:

    @Rocabye, you must be too young to remember John Stockton and Karl Malone and how far a team can go with the right players using the pick and roll offense. Howard just needs to work on his Free Throws and a 10 to 15 foot jumper, or bank shot.

    • NBA says:

      “remember John Stockton and Karl Malone and how far a team can go with the right players using the pick and roll offense.”

      obviouly NOT far enough…. no ring!

      • Celticsrck says:

        they played when MJ,Olajuowon,Ewing,Barkley(the list goes on and on) thats why they dont have a ring.if Malone set a screen in todays game it would the out the opposing team

      • Belizeboy says:

        @Celticsrick, Barkely and Ewing are ringless as well so how did they prevent Malone from getting his?

      • NBAfan says:

        That was the NBA’s golden era… an era of true superstars with the biggest of them all at the top…Jordan…

        Stockton and Malone didn’t win because of Jordan….the only reason Olajuwon got 2 is because Jordan retired and was rusty playing the Magics in the play offs….

        To be honest, I think Stockton and Malone was the team that truly THREATENED beating Jordan and the Bulls in the finals. For a second or two I really thought the bulls would lose to them.

      • Rocket33 says:

        None of those players mentioned got rings because of Jordan. Olajuwon got his while Jordan was retired otherwise it may have been 8 straight for the Bulls. Looking back on it, we were robbed of Bulls vs Rockets in 94.

        Anyway, not having rings doesn’t make those guys less of players, it makes them more of men for not ganging up Miami style. Look at the state of the league right now. A handful of teams with all the stars. Other teams blowing their team up for a shot at the lottery. Hoping to draft the next superstar who will give them 4 or 5 seasons before he is allowed to go and gang up.

        Unfortunately this is the mindset of the players today. Where Magic and Larry wanted to beat each other, today’s players want to take the easy road. The only way to restore competitive balance is to impose structured salary rules on teams. Something like 2 max contracts (starting at $15M), 1 high level (starting at $7.5M) , 2 mid level ($5M) and then minimum and rookie scale contracts. Different salary types could be traded for each other, but you could only sign through free agency to that limit. And at no point more than 2 max contracts.

        Just a thought. Feel free to hate.

  101. Rocabye says:

    Not like it matters. Dwight Howard never got the magic anywhere. I fail to see how a severely aged Lakers team expects to run with young, fast, and athletic youngbloods. The name of the game is transition basketball now and the Lakers don’t have it. Teams can switch all of their pick and rolls because they are so slow. Kobe just doesn’t have it anymore. Dwight can’t carry the team by himself. Nash dishing to Dwight Howard is not going to win any championships.

    • Lakers4Life says:

      Keep Hating Hater.

    • batez says:

      Kobe doesnt have it anymore?? He was the 2nd NBAs second leading scorer…and he could have finished first…What world do some of you people live in? You are clearly a Laker hater…But what I dont get is why you read the article if you dont like them so much……WEIRD

    • NBAfan says:

      Uh….if the lakers slow it down, play systematic offense and pound it down low for easy close to the basket scores, no team can start their fastbreak that consistently and win the game because of it. Dwight and Pau down low…6’9 jamison from the bench….Nash and Kobe are so TECHNICALLY sound that they can play their game in any system, unlike some players who needs to dominate the ball and need a lot of space to maneuver….

      YES, that’s why Lebron will never play with a dominant big man…because he dominates the BALL and the court space to play his game….he threw away his pride though and he became the big man for the HEAT in the finals…

      Lebron isn’t an oversized SF….he is an undersized PF with PG skills…..

    • Lakers4Life says:

      Shaq didnt go anywhere with orlando except for a shot at the finals. Traded to lakers equals 3peat with only kobe. Dwight a shot at the finals, traded to lakers with kobe nash pau equals 4 maybe 5peat. Thats a fact. Go lakers!

  102. bball says:


    Dwight Howard and CP3 in Miami? What is this, 2K. Thats Never going to happen!

    • lbj says:

      no its nba live.
      I wouldn’t be make dumb statement if it didn’t happen.
      You think u expect unexpected. i bet u didnt expect lebron chris wade to join. and i bet u didnt expect steve nash and kobe and howard. i also dont think u expect andrew bogut steve curry and davidlee

      • LBJ
        The lakers aren’t that dumb enough 2 trade howard unless we get Lebron or Dwayne Wade and Bosh

      • BogieMan says:

        I tell you what i do expect, Miami to trade Lebron to Lakers! Cause thats how lbj is going to get anoher ring!!!

      • Lifelongfan83 says:

        ok im tired of them arguing with you and not just puttin facts in front of you…James and Bosh 7yrs 111mil, Wade 7yrs 108mil, Mike miller 5yr35mil, Mario 4yrs 20mil, Haslem 3yrs 18, plus wateva Ray got paid….Dwight max contrat next yr is 6yrs 100mil, and CP3 wld require around the same. So yes its impossible for the Heat to afford this sir, the Knicks didn’t even want to pay Lin last yr of the deal Houston offered of 15.3mil ova the final season becuz of luxry tax. Which in 2 more yrs is 4 times the amount owed to every dollar your ova…Only LAL is willing to pay those numbers to get title opportunities

  103. dirk45 says:

    The Lakers wouldn’t have made this deal if there were big doubts. He’ll be back before Allstar game and that’s enough for the Lakers. This season won’t start before CF anyway.

  104. Eric says:

    he didn’t get rods put in his back people.. there isn’t a big risk of re injuring his back once its fully healed. i’m not a doctor, but ive seen these types of things a lot. Howard will be fine

  105. NBA says:

    He’ll be ready by the start of December.

  106. Belizeboy says:

    He’ll be healthy for the season, but if he tries to go all out he’ll injury himself. Which leads me to think that this trade will do nothing different than when Bynum was there.

    • batez says:

      Why are you so obsessed with the Lakeshow when youre a Laker hater?? Your blatant pessimistic comments are a dead give away……Besides….dont you got some chicken curry you should be warming up or some bananas to fry or something…..Geesh.

    • NBAfan says:

      Why would he have to go “all out” He’s not the only guy who can carry a team in that starting line up?

      Kobe won’t need to make plays anymore, he’ll just have to do what he does best…score.

      Steve will do what he does best, run the offense, distribute the ball, and hit open jumpers.

      Pau will just do what he does best….versatility and skills at the PF spot…he’s the Spanish Tim Duncan man….

      MWP needs to just play tough D like he always can and have some big offensive nights every now and then.

      Howard? He just needs to be Howard, DPY grab rebounds and dominate down low…and HOPEFULLY, HOPEFULLY, hit free throws.

      • la4life says:

        by oct 30 the starting lineup should go like this

        pg steve nash/blake

        sg kobe/duhon/meeks

        sf mwp/ebanks

        pf gasol/jamison

        c howard/hill

      • Belizeboy says:

        You know I think most people are just blinded by the big names on the Lakers at this point and not looking deep enough to see where the flaws may be. The squad looks great on paper. Realistically they have a much tougher season ahead of them than last; reason being the injury factors. Howard, Nash, Bryant and Gasol all have some injuries that can reoccur.

  107. Will says:

    he will be healthy by the 30th

    • NBA realist says:

      Watch out Dwight…..a bus is coming ur way…..ur the nxt big target for Kobe “bus driving ballhog” Bryant!!!! It’s not Howards back u needa worry bout (unless Kobe’s gonna stab it……after he throws him under the bus)…….LOL!!!!!!!!

  108. lbj I.D.I.O.T Fan says:

    Lebron can score 200pts!!! So you Howard must go to Miami if you want a ring!!! Understand???? I’m angry now!!!

    • lbj says:

      please don’t be angry. just wait and see. all dwight howard centre will end up in miami to help king win ring

      • BogieMan says:

        All that is going to happen is LBJ will go to lakers to support Kobe, nash and Dwight

      • Peter says:

        I hate to break it to you but LBJ ALREADY HAS A RING!. He didnt need KOBE or DWIGHT, He will be fine, and the HEATLES will be dominant this season. Health granted, it will be a nasty season, and Kobe and Nash are fantastic players…but idk, in the finals, i believe the youth will persevere. GO HEAT!!

      • la4life says:

        stop it with that it wont happen

  109. lbj I.D.I.O.T Fan says:

    why not go to Miami??? Lebron for PRESIDENT!!!! 😛

    • lbj says:

      yea i agree.
      Howard should leave lakers now and join miami to party at the beech
      Centre: Howard
      PF: Chris Botch
      SF: Lebron
      SG: Dwyane Wade
      PG: CP3 (or deron)

      I beg Erik Spolestra to hurry up and make this trade!

      • Perry says:

        And no money left over for a bench, meaning that each of those five guys would play 48 minutes every game and probably all get injured.

      • lbjfan says:

        i admire the consistency, although IT IS ANNOYING. But learn to spell first

      • Laker Nation says:

        Welcome to the Lakers Dwight!!!

        Pg: Steve Nash

        Sg; Kobe Bryant

        Sf: Metta World Peace

        Pf; Pau Gasol

        C; Dwight Howard

        Bench: Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, Earl Clark

        2012-2013 Champions!!!

        Dwight Howard Laker Forever Purple & Gold

      • Laker Nation says:

        Nash to Kobe to Pau to Dwight #UnstoppableBig4

      • Once Again says:

        Once again, lbj, there is not enough money to make your 2K trade – give it up!!!!!

      • keepitrealistic says:

        spolestra begs you to stop coming up ridiculous ideas. Be realistic even if your a lbj fan, your idea could never work

      • Lakers4Life says:

        You’re An Idot. Heat Fans Are Stupid. First Off Erik Spolestra Is Their Head Coach. He Has Nothing To Do With Making Trades Happen, That’s The General Managers And Owners Job. Second, It’s Impossible For Dwight To Leave LA Already. He JUST Got Traded. Theres a 0% Chance The Lakers Trade Him. Derron Williams Just Signed A Contract Extention With Brooklyn So He’s Not Going Anywhere And Cp3 Def Wont Go Cuz They Cant Pay Him Enough. Heat Fans Are Haters Cuz The Lakers Are Number 1 Again And You Can’t Handle That. Heat Won’t Win Anymore Championships With The Queem lbj

      • Laker Nation says:

        lbj give it up you’re not going to get your NBA 2k Dream Team. Not enough money, face it the Kobe and the Lakers are the better franchise

      • Jordan says:

        while your at it why not trade chris bosh for kevin love, blake griffin, or some other better power forward. I mean on a team with paul, wade, bron, and howard, bosh doesnt really make the cut

      • BogieMan says:

        LBJ to be traded to Lakers cuse thats the only way hecan get a ring

        PG. Steve Nash
        SG Kobe
        SF LBJ
        PF Pau
        C D12

      • Petshop says:

        Weird that this can only happen on NBA 2k sim with forced trade set to on. but yeh they would have paid thier benches minimum contracts for this to work and that large luxury tax to boot for these five players. Loling at MIA coz theyre not one of those BIG market teams. I mean NY could absorb such contracts and maybe LAL

      • NBAfan says:

        I love this lbj character!!!!! Not only does he want Howard to “leave” the Lakers and go to the Heat, he also wants CP3 and Deron as PG….AND he expects the COACH NOT THE GM to make the trade…that’s hilarious. Thanks man…I needed that post…..

      • BP says:

        YEAH should join Heat….more chance get few champion…

      • Jepoy3 says:

        Trade Kobe to OKC or heat to get his 6th ring… Kobe deserves to win it and come off their bench…lol

      • Carlos C says:

        No team can afford five max contracts. Even if they reduce what their willing to take the franchise would still pay some serious luxury tax, and forget about a bench.

      • s27m says:

        is it possible to ban this guy(lbj)???

      • coach151 says:

        Geesh!!! How much do you want to go over the cap, Miami could barely sign Ray Allen without him taking a pay cut, no way they can afford Dwight’s sneakers much less his services…

      • David Todd says:

        Hey IBJ, you do the street talk, we in LA know the Heat are not dominant in the middle, you’re a little worried. I know, you’re supposed to have the best team money can buy, like the Yankees.

      • phillip says:

        i love this guy, gold every time

      • any sense of humor here? says:

        OMG! am I the only one on this entire thread who gets the joke? lol obviously lbj was being sarcastic and saying the heat only want superstars so why not trade for two more… he’s not being serious, guys. hahaha

    • Josh L says:

      You have to be 35 years old to become president

    • lbj says:

      Lakers had a very bad deal! we all know that howard will not sign an extension to anyone. After his contract expired he will go to Miami in echange to haslem,anthony and future round picks. He wants to get a ring so he will play with the king “LeBron”

      PG: Wade
      SG: Allen
      SF: James
      PF: Bosh
      C: Howard

      6th man: Battier
      Strong Reserve: Chalmers,Cole,Miller,Lewis and Juwan Howard.

      back to back championship