U.S. Surges Past Spain Late, Claims Second Straight Olympic Gold Medal

LONDON — When it was all over, when the game was finished and the smiles had replaced looks of concern and after Bruce Springsteen‘s “Born in the USA” had served as the soundtrack for a crowd loving every minute of this billion-dollar collection of NBA stars wrapped up in American flags bowing for the audience, they locked arms, rose as one and stepped onto the medal stand to claim their prize.

The U.S. Men’s Senior National Team completed its gold medal mission Sunday, holding off a feisty Spain team 107-100 at North Greenwich Arena  in the Olympic final to claim a matching gold medal for the one they captured four years ago in Beijing. The difference between pure joy and relief, though, is hard to make out with the stars and stripes covering their faces.

“Anytime you’re going for a championship there is a sense of relief, especially when you win,” Deron Williams said. “It’s been a long five weeks for us. We’ve been on the road since July 5th and it’s good to know that you’ve finished what you started.”

They actually completed a mission that started eight years ago with a blueprint to resurrect a USA Basketball program that had fallen on hard times after coming up empty in quests for gold at the 2002 World Championship in Indianapolis and the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Only LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony were retained from that 2004 squad that was humiliated in Athens, two of three men. They were there Sunday, arms locked with Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Williams, Kevin Love and young Anthony Davis, scoring machine Kevin Durant, the cosmic past, present and future of the program on the world stage.

Not only did they reclaim a nation’s basketball glory by winning a gold medal for the 14th time in 18 Olympic tries, they shattered records along the way, inspiring a rock star vibe here similar to the one another group of NBA stars did on their way historic gold 20 years ago in Barcelona.

Forget the comparisons, for now at least. The members of this U.S. Team are just glad to have completed the journey, which was tougher than most imagined with the U.S. struggling to surge past Spain until the final minutes of the game.

James put the finishing touches on one of the finest seasons in the history of the game, when the reigning NBA MVP soared for a dunk and a clutch 3-pointer in the final two minutes. And Paul came up huge with driving layup past two 7-foot defenders with 50.7 seconds to play to give the U.S. the separation it needed.

This game played along to a similar script from the 2008 game in Beijing, when Bryant and Dwyane Wade made plays late to help the U.S. win 118-107.

“We knew it wasn’t going to be easy. And we didn’t want it easy,” James said. “A lot of teams have won gold easy. We didn’t ant it that way. We’re a competitive team. We love when it gets tight. And that’s when our will and determination shows. It was the same way in 2008. They’re a great team, much respect to them and we knew we were going to have to earn it.”

James earned his spot on the short list of players to win the NBA title, regular-season MVP, The Finals MVP and an Olympic gold medal  in the same year. Michael Jordan was the first to do it 20 years ago. James finished the tournament with 273 career Olympic points, a U.S. record surpassing David Robinson‘s previous mark of 270.

“I could have never scripted it this way,” said James, whose record on the court since Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals against Boston is a staggering 19-1. ” I had many dreams about it, about winning a NBA championship and then following it up with a gold medal and being a part of so many great teams with so many other great players. I’m fortunate enough to be in this position and healthy and happy I was able to be able to do this for our country.”

He came through in the clutch Sunday, finishing with 19 points, seven rebounds, four assists and two steals while working defensively on everyone from 7-footers Pau and Marc Gasol to point guard Jose Calderon and shooting guard Juan Carlos Navarro.

“A lot of people doubted us, said we were too small and couldn’t compete with the size of a lot of teams,” James said. “But like Chris said, it’s not about size. It’s about heart. And it’s the heart that comes through. I’m happy we’ve got a lot of big hearts on our team.”

If this was his final Olympic moment, he has not made up his mind yet, it was an indelible one. And one he will always share with both Bryant and U.S. coach Mike Krzyzewski, who have both said this was their last time in their respective roles.

Bryant scored 17 points Sunday to help the U.S. finish off Spain. He finishes his USA Basketball stint with two gold medals to add to his championship collection, five NBA titles with perhaps more on the horizon now that Dwight Howard and Steve Nash will join him and Paul Gasol (24 points, eight rebounds, seven assists) in Los Angeles with the Lakers.

“This is it for me,” he said. “They are good to go.”

Krzyzewski wrapped up his international coaching career with a sterling 62-1 record and having helped restore a legacy, along with USA Basketball chairman and managing director Jerry Colangelo.

“It’s been a great ride,” James said. “I don’t know if I’m going to be a part of the 2016 team. I know (Coach K) already said he’s done. We’ve had a great tide. I’m happy to be on the same floor with such a great and legendary coach.”

Whoever coaches the team in Rio in 2016 will already have a solid foundation in place, especially if Kevin Durant is still on the team.

Durant set an Olympic record for the most points in any single Summer Games with 156, the final 30 coming on this night — and each and every one of them was needed with Spain chasing all the way until the very end.

Durant praised his teammates and Krzyzewski and his staff for pushing him the way they did. The reigning and three-time NBA scoring champ, 23, didn’t want to offend any of his older peers.

“He really helped me out a lot, gave me confidence every single day,” Durant said. “Because it’s tough to come in here and play the way you play with your regular team. You don’t want to come in here and step on any toes. You don’t want to be that guy. He lets you know from the beginning we’ll be right there with you to the end.”

Durant is actually the model for the revamped USA Basketball program Colangelo and Krzyzewski have tried to cultivate the past eight years. He was identified early, brought along slowly and then unleashed on the world when his game was seasoned and ready.

“I felt like I did it right,” Durant said. “Out of college I had an opportunity to practice with these guys. Then I went into the Select Team process, and being one of the younger guys that was going to be looked at for years to come. Being one of the main guys on that 2010 team and then having this opportunity to come in here and compete for a gold medal, it was a long journey for me. Even though it was my first one, it was a long journey. I’m glad I got this opportunity and I’m glad I went through those situations and I’m just happy we got this gold.”

He said, “this one” as if expects there to be more … gold medals, that is.

“We’ll see,” he said, a nod to the constant chatter about the looming 23-under age-limit rule being discussed for future Olympic competitions. Durant was one of seven Olympic rookies to suit up for the U.S. “You never know how these things are going to play out.”

“Hopefully,” he said with a smile, “I get a chance to go to the next one.”


  1. Barry Fay says:

    Amazing to read all these comments and not one dealing with the reality that the US stunk in this tournament, the 250 MILLION DOLLAR team BARELY beating LITHUANIA, for gods sakes, and only winning against Spain because down the stretch Spain was nice enough to stink even more! Coming down on every possession and just throwing up three-pointers is NOT basketball. Do we need a coach for such a stragegy? The glaring lack of discipline and fundamentals was hard for a former basketball player to watch. Lithuania pretty much gave them a lesson in how to play the game! Talk about the emperor with no clothes!!!!

  2. Speedy D25 says:

    Congrats to the “Dream Team, i wasn’t surprise that they won…hopefully in four years from now, that Canada will be in it, and hoping Canada against US will be in the gold medal match — once Steve Nash picks the right Canadian players…you will never know, in four years from now?!!!

    Speedy D25

    p.s.-ignore the first one that i post…typo…error!

  3. Besim84 says:

    USA got full roster of all star players. In my opinion Spain played much better with the talent they got. I love NBA but it s not fun watching them in OL because it s not competitive at the end of the day. You will never see them give their all like in a real NBA playoff game, because they don t need too and that makes it not interesting. When a game is not predictable that s basketball. But US in the OL, I don t need to watch them play cause I know the result anyway… It kills that special competitive spirit we all love about sports.

  4. Beast says:

    Lol y the mess would Miami want 2 sf I’d say trade wade n bosh for westbrook n harden and a first round pick

  5. Beast says:

    Lol y the mess would Miami want 2 sf I’d say trade wade n bosh for westbrook n harden

  6. Renren16 says:

    It would be very great if Bosh and Wade will be traded for KD.. It is surely a win to win situation for both teams…!!

  7. Saul says:

    The game was awesome! I didnt see that the officiating was ok, both teams had lots of fouls. And dont know why people are complaining about FIBA and NBA rules; USA had the 3-point line closer. And no doping control, or less than the other teams… And lots of travelling, NBA-step — Euro-step. So that are all benefits for the US team. Dont forget it.

    We will not see such an international game in a long time.
    Greetz from Belgium!

  8. Sacha says:

    Dreamteam, quise decir. El T9 de los cojones.

  9. Sacha says:

    Esta web y este articulo no se ajustan a la realidad o al menos no hacen justicia. Cierto es que la NBA es un súpernegocio que mira por su interés, pero la noticia fue que el equipo español dio la campanada. Nadie duda que las estrellas del dreamweaver son mejores(exceptuando a los gasol), pero como equipo la selección española es el mejor EQUIPO visto en una competición entre naciones.

  10. Bob says:

    In the 92´s Olympics the difference was global (tactics, skills, shooting, muscle…) now we play the same sport, at least.
    This US team is still at another level, but much closer than in the 90´s. I would like to see that US-Europe, or US- South America.
    This is good for the Olympic competition, also for basketball. In the end it doesn´t really matter who wins but watching good games for years.

  11. Bob says:

    Congrats USA.
    Feel really proud of spanish team. We were even closer this time.
    USA Team is the best in the world with no doubt. This team could be better with better inside players, it´s true, but that would be another competition (Spain doesn´t choose the players for US team). Lebron´s and Melo´s 3pointers were also tough to defend for spanish inside players. They played really well.
    The best moments for spain came with man to man defense.
    Spain has really talented players, the biggest difference right now is in muscle.
    In the 92´s Olimpics the US

  12. semaj says:

    First of all, let’s address the officiating: TERRIBLE!!!! I thought the NBA had the worst officiating but FIBA beats them hands down. The only consistent theme was bad calls in EVERY GAME AGAINST EVERY TEAM..There’s no American bias on my part. The NBA refs carry grudges against players but these FIBA refs carry grudges against ENTIRE COUNTRIES!!!! Marc Gasol should’ve never been saddled with 4 fouls in the FIRST HALF….How do you explain 22 FOULS TOTAL IN THE FIRST HALF???!!!! I watched the women’s games too and saw the same thing..Doug Collins killed it when he said, “I guess the refs think that we tuned in to watch them officiate”…..Now the competition….the 92 team played against how many NBA players from other countries?? If you can name 10 then you are smoking something…In this Olympic run, there were at least 40 players from different countries and at least 3 teams fielded American head coaches….The speed and guard play will ALWAYS be the difference for the USA , not to mentiion the overall ATHLETICISM AND DEPTH. The other countries stand a chance because of the officiating….it’s as if they want a touch free game which is IMPOSSIBLE given the size of the guys…..The NBA brand of basketball allows for ATHLETICISM to flourish , which is why a guy like GINOBLI can do what he does…I personally like the Russina guard Sved’s game,it is suited for the NBA. Now, let me address flopping…..ARGENTINA AND SPAIN may usher in a harder stance by the FIBA refs regarding FLOPPING…I saw something that epitomizes a FLOPPER….Rudy Fernandez’s foul against CP3…Fernandez is a guy who AVOIDS CONTACT AT ALL COSTS, yet he buries his shoulder into Chris Paul with a good amount of force and DOESN’T FALL like he’s been SHOT as he did on 2 calls early in the game where he was barely touched. As athletic as he is, he shouldn’t do that and tell me why doesn’t he have the same success as Ginobli given his athleticism? The same goes for Carlos Delfino….WANNA KNOW WHY? THEIR GAME IS SOFTENED BY THE FIBA WAY OF PLAYING. After this Olympics, I now see why so many Euros are considered soft and only a few can play NBA BALL……..

  13. Lakers need Shooters says:

    Keon R.
    August 12, 2012 at 11:25 pm
    I think it’ll be the Lakers and Heat in the Finals. Dwight will learn to play with Kobe. It’s his team. Howard and Nash are going to be powerful together because of they’re both great pick and roll players. This could open up Kobe to work more easily. The Heat are still the champs though, and it’s their title to defend.

    shooters is what the lakers need especially at the sf position

  14. AJ says:

    Greetings from Spain, guys, that was a great game and USA got what they deserved: the gold medal. I just hope we play even better next time. Congratulations!

  15. willie says:

    SPANIARDS,people, SPANIARDS! … people from spain are called spaniards, not spanish… spanish is the language…you’re all dumb….

  16. jbq2 says:

    The U.S. guards were just too good. The Gosol brothers played well. As Doc Rivers stated, the fact of foul trouble for Marc and the eye accident for Pau were significant. Without these, the Spanish could have gotten lucky. Kobe was very gracious and speaks Spanish. His wife, Vanessa, is Spanish-American. Nevertheless, the schoolyard “eye raking” maneuver by LeBron of Pau Gosol to knock him out of the game with three minutes to go was sad and unfortunate and left a “sour taste” in my mouth. There was no doubt that it was intentional. I don’t think that the Spanish were good enough to win with inferior guards but the U.S. did sweat a bit. The height of the Spanish with the Gosols and Ibaka caused them difficulty. If Ricky Rubio had been able to play, there was a different outcome. Rubio had been hurt in a collision in the NBA with Kobe Bryant in which he tore his ACL. He tried to take a charge from Kobe on the sideline and they went knee to knee. The collision appeared to be an honest one unlike the maneuver by LeBron in taking out the eye of Pau Gosol.

  17. dd def says:

    where that guy always talking ish bout how spain was gonna stomp usa? he not talkin now we beat them, again. haha new it. now that we snatched up our medalians it’s time to get pumped about a regular regular season. lots of interesting changes, should be a really fun season to watch.

  18. Paul Daniels says:

    Well, this team wasn’t even comparable to the Dream Team. The Dream Team dominated, this team was special, but nothing extraordinary.

  19. puffff says:

    USA vs Europe???

  20. Greg says:

    And on topic … really happy to see what the US team did there, special congrats to LeBron for his awesome year. If I could have a regret, it would be the Spanish team getting the silver after losing a group game on purpose and all that flopping … do they want to be like the spanish football team or what ? France, Australia and Russia deserved the silver way more, at least with their behaviour.

  21. Greg says:

    If I see one more post from that “lbj” guy I swear I’ll think about coming and just stuffing anything in your mouth so you can shut it up …

  22. JDish says:

    I am very proud of this USA Men’s Basketball team, way to go. But lets not forget that the USA women’s team won too, good job ladies. GO USA!

  23. Antonio says:

    Instead of an All-Star East-West game maybe Mr. Stern should consider a USA-Foreign NBA players game in the future. In 1992 there were only 19 foreign players in NBA, today 84. This has shortened the gap between USA and other teams I think this USA team is as good as Barcelona Dream Team (it would be better with other pivot rather than Chandler).

  24. anonymous says:

    USA win! period! end of story!

  25. zgillet says:

    Wow Sekou were you drunk when you wrote this?

  26. GAM says:

    Now James need to prepare for the Lakers; however, the next season I don’t think they can win. For the team USA in Basketball, GGGGOOOOOOODDDDDD GAME!!!!

  27. hawkeye says:


  28. Ham says:

    Of all the teams in Basketball SPAIN is so tough but USA too strong.
    Flopping for SPAIN is a hobby
    PAU and MARC dominates inside
    MELO,LOVE and CHANDLER getting hammered
    LBJ and KD saves USA
    Black Mamba a real veteran
    Rudy,Sergio,Juan and Jose best actors
    Last best team for SPAIN so sad to say!!!

  29. Jose says:

    How can the USA of 350 million get to compete with countries with around 50 million of course they will win. A real match would be Europe vs USA. That would be amazing.

    • tom says:

      i guess that makes china and india the top basketball powers . only 5 play at a time so population does not matter . if lebron and durant were from a small island they would still be the 2 best .

    • semaj says:

      jose, wanna know how can a country of 350 million people can compete against countries of 50 million or less? The same way the country of 350 million competes against countries of 50 million during the WORLD CUP!!!! We NEVER dominate that so what’s your complaint?

  30. dirk_nowitzki says:

    in 2010 nba europe games fc barcelona have won against nba-champ los angeles lakers 92-88. in 2008 and now 2012 olympics spain was close to win against usa! usa basketball team is beatable, i remember 2002 worldchampionchip, team usa have lost against jugoslavia, argentina and spain. usa team landed on the 6th place!!! in 2004 usa team have lost against puerto rico, argentina and lithuania. usa basketball team landed on 3rd place. in 2006 worldchampionchip team usa have lost against greece in semifinals and landed on 3rd place.
    2012 olympics team usa basketball was and is NOT beatable by european basketball team – to many good players like kevin love, lebron james, kobe bryant etc.

    i wish some americans have more RESPECT to european basketball.

    • tom says:

      play an nba team during the regular season when everyone is in shape and all the cuts have been made and the euro teams lose badly for sure . exhibition games are used to find out if certain new players can make the team . remember that lakers lost by 30 to timberwolves too and no one in the us said that lakers were inferior . so get real , no way barcelona beats the real laker team with all their starters playing for real .

  31. Law064 says:

    Great game on both sides. Us came away with the gold as expected by all us American’s. KD LBJ Kobe and company did what they had to and came home with the gold……USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. glendalough says:

    comparing 92 and 2012 is, to my opinion, rubbish. At this time, do not forget that for most of International players, all the NBA talent were like legends, and most of these players had posters of Magic or Bird in their rooms. Remember the number of international players taking pictures of DT’92 players before game and during games. So the scores at this time were not really comparable, as Int’l teams did not really believe they could even compete, which is completely different today. The only competitive players in 92 were some players from Croatia, Lithuania and few others.
    Coming to today, I don’t think the current USA team, and most of preceding teams are really good. They win because of the accumulation of individual talent, but I do not see a team, like Spain or Argentina or France, with much less individual talents.
    Last word : please US friends stop saying “great job”…this is not a job to do you’re paid for..this is a game, which generates fun and I hope all enjoyed, instead of just “doing a job”…….. A french guy following up all basketball (FIBA / NBA / NCAA/ Euroleague/ WNBA) for more than 15 years

  33. vanhanz says:

    dream team 92 are far better than this new dream team. this dream team is full of great shooter but don’t have any great big man unless howard is there. we can see final how spain (gasol brothers) keep pushing in paint area n no one can handle them. spain loss just because less of back up for their starting line up. on the other hand USA shooters are amazing especially KD. but they are poor on paint area. this team remind me suns few years ago. but in olimpic game no other team can compare with USA squad dept. all member oh the squad can be starter for the team. gold medal is a must from what they have.

  34. Dolmetscher says:

    Nice game to watch, sloppy performace by Kobe no team leader, to much acting like dramaqueen by spain players, (thez will never be even close to Croatia or Lituania in 1992 ! (Sabonis, Marciulionis, Drazen Petrovic, and others)
    MVP with no doubt Kevin Durant, and a shame coach K did not have the guts to give Harden and Anthony more minutes in the final game they are good players too

  35. Nightmare Team says:

    Not bad at all for a country with just over 40 million people and where basketball is not a popular sport, compared to a +300 million people country where basketball is being played almost in every corner of this vast country. So as I said I was shocked to see how close Spain was to get past TEAM USA. Very happy indeed with the silver medal!!!

  36. Charly Strahan says:

    Great game to watch!! USA has great team and they had to play their best to beat Spain. I think the Spaniards were phenomenal. For the sake of the sport, basketball has changed; now the gap between the US and the other top teams is narrower.

  37. Calvin says:

    Congrats to the US for winning the gold medal, but special congratulation to my team Spain for making me believing and enjoying a basketball game they way they done it again, in a final, against the US

    We are very proud of you guys!

  38. Loi gangan says:

    Team nonoo ni cely na syota nya dati si maricel hahah pakyu ka juanito ulol!

  39. Migz says:

    Plss Stop saying to lebron a bad Lebron is a good player Thats Part of the game wil leave so dont talk like a dog … Lebron is better thats Trure …..

  40. lights out says:

    i remember previous olympic games where NBA layers had a hard time with the different 3-point line—this time 3-pointers made a huge contribution to the US team—yes, i also had a feeling the refs fell a bit too much on the spanish acting, but at the end the best team of the tournament won

  41. Norwinzki says:

    This Olympics, LBJ finally shed his “choker” tag which hounded him for years prior to winning the NBA championship last June… In the two tight contests that they were in – against Lithuania in the preliminaries and Spain in the gold medal game – it was Lebron who saved the US team with his timely hits… And when he was not scoring, he was facilitating scoring for the likes of Durant and Anthony… He truly is now a winner!

  42. King says:

    this article is about team usa, not heat,lakers nor okc.

  43. onemore says:

    Great game, USA team wins because have more possessions that the other teams in the game.In the Final, The Spanish team made like USA team in rebounds, steals and turnovers. The difference, only three. In the last quarter the Spanish team made a great defense with Llul (not Calderon) over KD and the others players defending in the ground. It was ok but not enough to stop Lebron, Paul or KB. Congratulations to USA team, I hope another similar team in Rio with more than 23 years players, of course.The best competition wants the best players. USA team in Barcelona vs USA team in London?, the USA team in London wins against hard teams. Kukoc or Petrovic wasn´t hard enough in Barcelona, they had learned after to play against NBA players, now Calderon, Navarro, Rudy, Gasol, Ibaka, Gasol plays or had to play in NBA´s team. FIBA rules or NBA rules?, It´s the same, one ball and a ground. FIBA ref or NBA ref? that´s the same, the ref is somebody who do the best, i suppose.

  44. GH says:

    Any Chance NBA.com can show some love to the OTHER countries that participated with NBA players? no speaking with the spanish team after etc. only US, like theres only one country that follows the NBA?

  45. Michel says:

    Congratulations to team USA. Well done!

    I am however very disappointed in the OS basketball tournament as a whole. Spectators who wanted to see NBA style basketball didn’t get what they wanted. Team USA was the only team playing man to man defence. There opponents always opted for a zone defence because they were scared to get slaughtered. The result was that they got slaughtered any way because team USA was excellent from 3 point range.But if I want to see a 3-point shoot out I’ll wait for the All star weekend. That’s not what I want to see at the OS.

    And then there were the referees. They totally killed the game by calling a foul every time a player came even remotely close to another one.

    I wanted to see show time and I didn’t get it.

  46. specialfriedrice says:

    was a great game to watch

  47. Michael says:

    R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for Spain and great gold for the USA.

    USA has played with a bunch of future hall of famers to beat a very talented Spain. ¿23-under age-limit rule for what? ¿To get to a pre-92 Olympics status where a good FIBA team (Spain/Argentina¿?) would surely beat the USA team? Keep the pros playing please.

  48. JMF says:

    if USA losses the final match, what do you think guys the number one reason you will hear…and am sure it will be a big issue again as lesson learn from USA Basketball Team..

  49. 2012 dream team says:

    no offence but…. USA team had no true centre. all i remember throughout the game was that US had real tough time defending against Gasol’s + Ibaka. If it wasn’t for Dwight’s injury this probably wouldn’t have been a close game at all.

    • goryo says:

      coz the NBA defensive player of the year can’t gurad pau n marc gasol..if only he(tyson chandler) could guard them in a single coverage the US could win easily

    • JFT78 says:

      Claro, y con Ricky Rubio tampoco hubiera sido el mismo partido WIN SPAIN WITH RICKY!!

  50. Mencla Mencle says:

    lbj, i didnt know that you were so active

  51. Salva_spanishpride says:

    Congratulations USA , you made a great match and have the greatest players, the gold was for the best, congratulations again, i hope to see you again in brazil finals ;),,,

  52. NoMoreChoke says:

    Hear that guys? Looks like LeBron has found his groove…No more chokes, sinking that 3 in the last couple of minutes proved he’s come a long way from what he used to be.

  53. MP24 says:

    everyone knows that FIBA rules differ from the NBA, so do the refs, so stop crying about the calls that were or were not made, even in the NBA there are games that are called horribly, look at the 2012 playoffs. Clearly the amount of talent on the US team was better than the Spanish team so they would have gotten the win either way, any ball player knows a win is a win whether its by 1 point or 50 they out played all the teams either way. lets not forget either though, the Spainsh team was easily the best looking team to match up with the US seeing as how they have basically and NBA player in every position.

  54. Skwid says:

    So many spelling and grammatical errors…

  55. agent2012 says:

    that was superb! winning gold medal can be appreciated and treasured so much if they win it in that kind of battle.. its hard, so tough.. but and the end the of the day, they bring home the GOLD!” mission accomplished! CONGRATS USA Basketball …

    i hope NBAtv would play(replay) all their games in this Olympic especially, their games against LITHUANIA, ARGENTINA, and of course this epic gold medal game against SPAIN.

  56. BIGMatta23 says:

    I can appreciate that Spain is a very goood basketball team but there are a few things I dont like about them at all…
    1- Karma is a b itch. You wanted to play for Silver, that’s what you ended up with.
    2- Pau Gasol, great big man, but does every post move and rebound effort have to have a girly scream or groan’ to try and get a foul call as well. Play the goddam game, if there is a foul there let the refs call it without all the theatrics. Please!!
    3- The Spanish team as whole, love to flop and flay and exaggerate everything. Rudy Fernandez looked like he got shot at halfcourt so they called Iggy for an unsportmanslike foul…please, that was a foul and nothing more.
    4- The Rudy Fernandez bump on CP3 should have been an unsportsmanlike foul, how could Iggy’s be unsportsmanlike and this one not??? I ask you
    5- Marc Gasol – see 2 above. Learnt from the best screamer in all of basketball clearly. Get on with the game and stop whingeing at every no call too. There was one lay up where he jumped up and out 3-4 feet to try and get a call from the refs for a push from behind. I hope he sees the replay and realises he is a acting tool!!! Get on with the game!
    Anyway, USA gold and Durant just continuing to stamp himself as one hell of an amazing player! Just a joy to watch that man play and shoot.

    • cjf says:

      Quit whining and just watch the game… I’m a USA team fan but i appreciate what spain just did.. get a life…

  57. blacque says:

    to say that this team wouldve beat the 92 dream team is just ridiculous. they BARELY won during this run. the 92 dream team AVERAGED a 45 pt win against teams… key word…AVERAGED. so how can these little thundacats say they would’ve beat the original dream team!?!?!?! Now it was entertaining to watch. but ohhhhhhhhhhh boy i wish there was a way to turn back the hands of time even for a minute. Kobe, Lebron, etc.. you guys will go down in history as GREAT players.. but NEVER better than the ORIGINAL DREAM TEAM…. there will NEVER be another great cast of players as the the 92 squad.

  58. The French Durantula says:

    Celine Dumerc from france!!!! 5’7″ point guard best player ever. If u dont believe me, look it up.

  59. great job TEAM USA..another epic win against SPAIN..
    wondering now, WHO’S THE OLYMPICS MVP?

  60. b-ball nerd says:

    Though this team coudlnt beat the Dream-Team, I think if we put 2gether the NBA’s best players we would have a great shot. Team: CP3, Dwill,D-Rose,Rondo,Wade,Kobe,LeBron,Melo,Durant, Love,Bynum,Howard
    You could swap out Love for Griffin or Bosh if you feel they’d fit better. The Dream-Team ofcourse would still have the advantage down-low but on the perimeters, we would be faster and more athletic. Plus, I see MJ as being the main unstoppable force for their offense. While we have LeBron,Durant & a great streaky scorer in Melo. That would be the greatest game ever played

    • DR says:

      Are you serious? With Dwight and Bynum, +Bosh the current team would have the advantage down low since none of the dream team centers are touching Dwight in any form or fashion offense to defense. The Dream team would get destroyed as they have no one to guard Kobe, Melo, Durant, Lebron, Bosh, Dwight, Cp3, etc. While Kobe is a great wing defender and can slow down Jordan while Dwight stops all hoops at the basket.

      It’d be a 25 point blow for sure.

  61. Penny says:

    @ officiating:

    Actually, I think it was very even and quite alright.
    I don’t think NBA refs would have made called the game differently.
    The game wasn’t that physical to be honest, just some hand-checking and very few hard fouls.
    Ricky Fernandez was always a chippy player (in EU and in the NBA) and he made two hard fouls – one on KD’s head (for which he got a flagrant) and one on CP3 (the shoulder hard bump) – for which he got a foul.
    LBJ eye foul on Gasol was not intentional, even though he could show more sportsmanship and apologize to Pau after it.
    Iggy got ann intentional foul when he grabbed Rodriguez leg after a loose ball.
    So overall – all fair and square, surely no bias towards either team.

    @ – Spain chance of winning:

    Spain gave a great game for 3 quarters, but in the 4th they did not threat the US lead at any stage.
    Unlike the ’08 Olympics where they were down 2-3 going into the last 2mins, this time around – they were too tired to get close in the 4th.
    All this was despite at least 3 unforced TO and a couple of missed open free 3s by the US.

    For some reason that is beyond me – Scariolo put Pau on the bench for the first 2mins at the start of the 4th.
    There is no excuse for that call, since it effectively ended any chance of staying with the US.
    He was tired? Sure, but thats the last 10mins of the gold medal game, its probably his last 10mins in the Olympics – so put him in, coach.
    The dude could barely miss and was the only one the US could not find an answer to.

    @ USA MVP

    I know everyone says – Durantula because of his insane 3pt sniping, but for me – its CP3.
    He’s been sensational with clutch 3s and point guarding throughout the tournament.

    • pablo says:

      Apart from u change most of the spanish names (calderon on KD and iguolada on RUDY Fernandez – not ricky fernandez) I agree on your point of view.
      Spian was close but last quarter the look too tired to intimidate US team. Spanish coach have been a problem for this amazing team.
      Congrats US, I think Spain is a fantastic team and I feel very proud of all these guys that make us dream.
      I think the real MVP was KD

    • Alex says:

      I agree with your three points. Any chance Spain had at fighting for the gold laid on having the Gasol brothers in court as long as possible. And yes, CP3 coolness in the last quarter was crucial for closing the game.

  62. roro says:

    I’d like to see the this Spanish team play against NBA all star team on an NBA court, with NBA 3 point line, NBA rules and most importantly NBA refs. Then lets see how close the game would be.

    • roro says:

      only fair since NBAers had to play by European rules with FIBA refs.

      • norques says:

        Wauw! You must be the dumbest person ever. “Had to play by European rules with FIBA refs”. ??? Are you kidding me. All other countries play by the FIBA rules. Christ dude, its people like you who’s tearing up Americans reputition.

  63. Bam Bam says:

    Im paying for it at work this morning but im glad I stayed up late to watch this game! 21 fouls in the second quarter was a bit dodgy but an excellent game all round. Durantula you are a machine

  64. Patrick says:

    Random comment, but why is “born in the USA” being used a celebratory song for the USA wins, that song is more critical of the USA than most songs. Definitely not a pro-USA song (also not an anti-USA song, just one that says we need to makes some changes!)

  65. CCO says:

    ‘With the number 1 pick of the 2007 NBA Draft, the Portland Trailblazers select Greg Oden…..’ LMAO
    Durant is a beast!!!! and will be for a very long time to come.

  66. tito says:

    They could have won Spain by 40 pts or more, it’s just a matter of they wanting to win by how many pts, a win is a win…GO U.S.A

  67. Adam says:

    The most common excuse and complaint in every sport is the officiating. Let it go guys.

  68. lbj says:

    How many times have I told you.

    The olympic team should be miami team
    Trade Joel Anthony for Tyson Chandler. One shot blocker for another.
    Keep lebron cas he’s da MVP
    trade norris cole for cp3. Young upcoming PG for solid veteran
    trade dwyane wade for carmelo. Dwyane wade love the spotlight in NYK.
    trade chris botch for deron william he can form 1-2 punch with cp3.

    I know all players will be willing to take paycut to win NBA word title!

    • DKG says:

      Norris Cole for Chris Paul, are you serious? Why would anyone ever make that trade? New York would rather keep Carmelo than get Wade, Joel Anthony isn’t even in the same league as Tyson Chandler, and Chris Bosh is an aging big, Brooklyn would never trade the face of their team for him.

      Your knowledge of basketball is hilarious.

    • Reesie_31 says:

      Dude, please just do us all a favor and STOP commenting on basketball until you actually learn a thing or two about the game! Do you read these ludicrous trades that you suggest!? Norris Cole for Chris Paul!? Cole isn’t even known outside of Dade County!!! And since you’re putting the 2012 Olympic Team in Heat uniform, does that mean that YOU will bring the finances?? Last I checked Kobe’s salary is above $20 million this coming year, Lebron is in that neighborhood as well along with Deron Williams (brand new extension with Nets), and Carmelo> Oh and did you forget that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are the faces of OKC and thus have big contracts too??!! Micky Arison would have to work triple and raise prices of these Carnival cruises AND David Stern would have to be in a coma before your crazy trade turns reality… In other words, KEEP DREAMING BUDDY!

    • FettaFetta says:

      Oh no i got a better idea – lets trade Dexter Pittman for KD and the norris cole trade sounds pretty good… If i were a dillusional lunatic! Dude who would be stupid enough to take some second year thats unknown for a top 5 point guard in the NBA? Seriously dude your knowledge of basketball is completely pathetic

  69. Blaahhh….they said they can beat the ’92 Dream Team but they only led by 7 Points in the Final Score….same with Lithuania….they beat them with just a slim margin….the ’92 Dream Team Crushed all their opponents and Mr. Bryant has the audacity to tell everyone that they can beat the dream team? HAHAHA! The ’92 Dream Team even crushed Croatia despite having a player like Drazen Petrovic (The Best Shooter/One Of The Best scorers of all time) and Toni Kukoc….now tell me…who in the Lithuanian Team or even in the Spanish Team are even that close to the talent of Petrovic and Kukoc….J.C. Navarro? Calderon? Kleiza? Jasikevicius? I dont think so

    • True Dream team says:

      Agree with you, 92 Dream Team is the true dream team crushing all opponents convincingly!

    • pablo says:

      Navarro for sure, Gasol definitely…

    • common sense says:

      any powerhouse team during that time? charlotte bobcats can blow by any team during that 1992 olympics. there is no real competition during that time.idiot

      • Alfonso says:

        totally agree

      • Rocket33 says:

        That’s a terrible lack of respect for some great European players who helped pave the way for those in the league now. You obviously never saw Drazen Petrovic play or heard what NBA players who played against him said. I would say the reason there are so many International players in the league today is because the talent level of the NBA is lower overall. Especially the big guys, where most of the American born players can’t score outside the paint. If players like Divac and Sabonis came to the NBA in their prime today they’d clean up.

    • Han says:

      Stupid comment. Current Spanish team probably would crush your Croatian back then by 30 or so. Every single starters are better player than Kukoc, how’s in the world Kukoc can be more valuable player than Gasols brothers? No, I’m not saying that current USA team is better than The Dream Team, but you’re certainly delusional to say current Spanish Team can’t match Croatian 92 (and yes, I watched the matches back then, as well as Kukoc’s NBA career, and he’s never more than average NBA player, not even worthy to be All Star or goes to First/Second team during his peak)

      • JFT78 says:

        Totalmente de acuerdo. Calderón, Navarro, Rudy, Ibacka… son jugadores increibles y totalmente infravalorados por la NBA ya que no son americanos. España es el equipo con más talento individual que he visto desde el Dream Team de 1992.

  70. KB says:

    Didn’t watch the game, and no offense to the other basketball teams in the Olympics, but who didn’t see this coming……???

  71. roro says:

    The spanish boy check pushed around the Americans and the FIBA officials allowed this. The Spanish were playing Tackle football on a basketball court while these BIASED refs call everything they could against the USA. That was ridiculous. Chis Paul and others could have ended up with serious concussions because of Spain style of play the the refs encouraging Spain to play that way. The Spanish were just a bunch of thugs who got away with everything while the USA was unfairly penalized. That’s why the game was close. I can’t remember seeing such biased refereeing. I’m just happy no US player got seriously hurt.

    • John Paul says:

      What match have you seen?

      • hey dude says:

        I have seen a different match. American long big hands crushing everybody. Refs looking sky.. faults, steps…. I think USA deserved to win because they showed to be the best team along the Olympics, but at the Final, the most of the best basketball players from the best league suffered to get the medal. Spain surprised and was very close to win. You can be proud and you think you are not on the court under the pressure.

      • hey dude says:

        sorry, the last comment was for roro

    • lbj says:

      ricky rubio wasn’t playing?

    • MARCOS says:

      Roro: Are you killing me?
      If the americans wouldn’t have had the helping from the referees Spain would have won the match.
      The american players use the hands everytime with faults and without being penalysed

      • john says:

        Why do you guys always think that if you lose it’s the refs. I have been following international basketball for years and it”s funny how all the Euros complain about the refs. It goes BOTH ways ; the US were called for many fouls too..lol You LOST , go home and come back in 4 years.

    • Lukka says:

      What match had you seen? Baseball?
      Olympics are played under FIBA rules, not NBA rules. nevertheless, nba playera brake some rules and referees had seen to anothr place…

    • J says:

      Dear Roro, Are you serious?, in the end was Lebron who almost left Pau without an eye…just one example…

      • roro says:

        yeah one example of a rare unintentional foul..unlike all of Rudy Fernandez dirty play and flopping worthy of an Academy Award!

    • Willy says:

      You are right! during the game, “dirty” Pau Gasol hit LeBron James hand with her eye.

    • Bob says:

      Ahhh, stop complainng. No one was biased… Refs were from 3 different countries, with careers look after. Why would they be biased? There might have been some bad calls here and there but i doubt any were intentional…

    • lbj says:

      i agree with u. lbj nearly got knocked out by pau gasol and marc gasol. if he was then miami can’t trade him as his trade value would have decreased! can’t trade his value for anthony david

    • Rocket33 says:

      Roro, if you can’t remember such biased refereeing you obviously weren’t watching Miami’s playoff run last year. I’m sure OKC and Boston fans will agree.

      I think the main difference between the FIBA and NBA rules are that there are less superstar calls made. I think I only saw one for LeBron James against the Aussies. Obviously costing the Boomers that game they lost by 30 odd points.

      Overall I thought the tournament was pretty well officiated. The only exception being the Spain and France game. Spain were flopping so the French decided to get there money’s worth on the fouls. John Ameichi was doing the commentary here for the BBC. His comments: “This game is turning into a farce, no even worse a football (soccer) game.”

    • JFT78 says:

      España es puro talento y EEUU es físico. Los árbitros, como siempre, favorecieron a EEUU, un equipo lleno de prepotentes millonarios. España es un equipo de gente humilde, trabajadora y lleno de talento. I love Spain!

    • chris says:

      Sure, and thats the reason why Pau almost got blind. L. James just wanted to say to him hello, but Pau put his eye in the way.

  72. mantvydasd says:

    I like that it was at least two tougher games for Team USA, one against Lithuania, and the other against Spain in the final. Tough times show talent of the team. Congrats.

  73. Jordi says:

    USA deserved to win clearly for its regularity during the tournament, but considering his players are ALL-STAR (the best of the best in the NBA), Spain played very well (7 points it’s a very little difference)
    I would like to see any NBA team playing against this “all-star” USA team.

    • FettaFetta says:

      Not all of the players are all-stars, chandler isnt harden isnt davis isnt – spain still had all-stars too

  74. joe_spain says:

    Great match!! it was close this time 🙂 Pau Gasol showed why is one the great players on earth… unstoppable. Congratulations USA!

    • roro says:

      yeah one example of a rare unintentional foul..unlike all of Rudy Fernandez dirty play and flopping worthy of an Academy Award!

      Unstoppable…..yeah right. Watch Blake Griffin own him again. Unstoppable on FIBA courts with FIBA rules but NOT in the NBA.

      • Thenmostlyneutralguy says:

        What have Pau done to you? Is it because he’s not American? Except for the last season, Pau has been the best scoring big man in the NBA

      • Roam Ing says:

        Ah, the Oscar winning Rudy Fernandez and runner up Manu Ginobili. They should have been given their own medals for such fine and cunning acting. Mind you, these two have emulated a lot of the footballers tricks — roll around and writhe “in pain” when you get hit. Once the call goes to your favour, voila! bounce back and go running off screens again or shoot hoops. Great, great floppers!

      • Sasha says:

        Pau is the softest big man in the NBA period
        And Kobe is the worst leader in the NBA period

      • and Sasha is the says:

        sorriest nobody in his … basement. How many NBA Championships have you won, chump change?

      • JB says:

        Hey roro…how old are you? don’t you remember Detroit Pistons in the 90’s?. What Spain did was playing very strongly on defense, just like the old Pistons in the 90’s! And Pistons was a team of NBA… there is something we can’t see in this days on NBA…and you know what? If Durant was in a bad day I do not know if the U.S. team (with most of the players who have been in the NBA finals in 2012!) could win Spain yesterday… regards from Portugal – Spain neighbor 🙂 …

  75. Ian John says:

    Boston might woo Kevin Durant in the future…We need a super SF like KD…:) Job well done USA..

    Boston fan from Singapore…

    • lbj says:

      trade kevin garnett and paul pierce for dwyane wade and Miami get KD in 3 WAY BLOCKBUSTER

      • Mitch says:

        So you want Heat to have Lebron, KD and paul pierce all as small forwards? As well as Garnett and Bosh as two power forwards? With no decent center point guard or shooting guard. Boston wouldn’t trade 2 of their big names for Wade who is way past his prime. Who would heat trade for KD, OKC wouldn’t trade him, you’re an idiot

      • Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

        Mitch.. did you just say Wade is way past his prime? Are you retarded bro? Seriously WTF I hate the Heat.. nevermind your a troll who should be bitch slapped.

      • FettaFetta says:

        Let me get this straight… The Thunder are just going to GIVE the reigning and 3-time scoring champion to the team that just beat them in the finals? Once again, too much 2K

  76. nba says:

    *Pau Gasol

  77. Uxio says:

    Wonderful game!

    If the final wasnt Spain VS USA, surely wont be so epic.

  78. J-Short says:

    Congrat to our USA Mens Basketball team for another job well done. I cant wait until the regular season to see what happens next.

  79. KIWI says:

    A great team effort by far the most quickest team ive ever seen & played defense like a pack of wolves every game … Coach K what a great job! .. now can you please sign with the Lakers? go on you know you want too haha..

  80. panktics says:

    Will doc rivers be the new coach he’d be good
    Check out my blog at panktics.wordpress.com

    • In a word, No. says:

      I think either Coach Popovich or Scott Brooks are better choices for the next Olympics. We’ll see though, as Pop’ may not want to be coaching that far off from now and may prefer sipping Pina Coladas on some Carribean beach during his retirement.

  81. Keon R. says:

    It was a great game but the U.S. was just too talented for Spain in the end. Asolutely fun to watch. I that the officiating was hogwash though. NBA officiating actually allows the players enough space to play the game. I never thought I’d say it but, I miss those guys. http://bit.ly/RFFFsN

    • lbj says:

      Miami team can beat olympic team as long as they trade joel anthony for tyson chandler the 2nd draft pick

      • Lakerland says:

        LOL just stop man, i think right now, no one cares about Miami Heat. So just keep that to yourself. thanks

      • Any says:

        Tyson chandler is staying on da knicks

      • MHM 35 says:

        so let me get this straight lbj. LeBron James on the Olympic Team is gonna play LeBron James on the Miami Heat? Go to NHL.com and write some more stupid comments about hockey. Then find every other major sports blog and do the same. But please not here ever again. Thank you.

      • DKG says:

        Tyson Chandler for Joel Anthony would never happen haha.

      • Bryan says:

        how about Joel Anthony and Haslem for Dwight Howard? God, I miss your stupid comments lbj.

      • Josh says:

        LBJ another dumb comment. You should be giving bj’s better use of your time

    • atatna says:

      well said about the officiating, let the players play their game. the officiating was bad and spain was acting of flopping all the time no wonder batum gave them one shot at the end. cheap shot by rodriguez to chandler that wasn’t called by the ref. hey lakerland good luck to your team hope they’ll fit well especially kobe wants the ball almost all the time and with a crybaby center? and by the way I think it’s a blessing in disguise for miami next season no more pressure from the media, they could concentrate on thier game ( healthy wade, bosh, lbj fresh from winning the olympic gold, new addition lewis & allen) who knows? maybe another ring in the making.

      • Keon R. says:

        I think it’ll be the Lakers and Heat in the Finals. Dwight will learn to play with Kobe. It’s his team. Howard and Nash are going to be powerful together because of they’re both great pick and roll players. This could open up Kobe to work more easily. The Heat are still the champs though, and it’s their title to defend.

    • sasasasas says: