Nets Had Moved On, But Dwight Door Is Now Completely Closed

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Dwight Howard is now a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Which means that he’s not a member of the Brooklyn Nets, and probably won’t ever be. What seemed like an inevitability on multiple occasions is now very unlikely.

The Nets had angled for Howard for a period of seven months, offering various packages that centered around 24 year-old Brook Lopez, cap relief, and multiple draft picks. Their first push came at the conclusion of the lockout, using their cap space to offer the Magic a ton of long-term salary relief. No deal.

Then, at the trade deadline in March, the Nets were ready again. And all along, it was clear that Howard’s top choice was to join Deron Williams in Brooklyn. But sometimes, players don’t get what they want. And Howard botched the plan by waiving his early termination option just hours before the Magic would have been forced to make a deal.

Perhaps he thought at the time that he could go to the playoffs with the Magic and get the trade he wanted in the summer. But then he got hurt, Otis Smith was fired, and when the Nets pushed for a trade again last month, new Magic general manager Rob Hennigan said “no thanks.”

So when the deal with the Lakers was finalized on Friday, Williams didn’t have much of a reaction.

Billy [King] did everything he could to try get a deal done,” he told reporters in London. “They didn’t want to deal with us. What can you do?”

Marc Berman of the New York Post has more

Deron Williams had checked out of the Dwight Howard rumors after Team USA’s Las Vegas training camp. Honestly. Too many twists and turns.

So when he woke up Friday and found out Howard was headed to the Lakers, his disappointment was only marginal.

“We went down that road,” the Nets’ franchise player said after Team USA made it to the gold-medal game by trouncing Argentina Friday night.

“Mentally I wasn’t in the Dwight sweepstakes anymore. It just got kind of old. I’m happy for him. I know he wanted to get out of Orlando. He did that and he’s going to a great franchise and I wish him the best of luck.”

The Nets basically moved on when they re-signed Lopez to a max deal on July 11, rendering him untradeable until Jan. 15. But they certainly would have been ready again if the Magic held on to Howard for that long.

Now, the door is completely closed, and the Nets are really moving on. The opportunity to team Williams with Howard is gone, but they’ll still be a very good team. Few teams can match a starting lineup of Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries and Lopez.

The focus goes back to Lopez. In the spotlight of all the trade rumors, he’s been scrutinized non-stop since December. He played just five games last season and must improve his defense and rebounding. But he’s still just 24 years old with plenty of potential for improvement … and plenty to prove.

“I think Brook is a great piece to have,” Williams said. “He’s been injured. He’s been on teams that don’t get much attention. I know he’s looking forward to having a big year.”


  1. DaWacha says:

    Happy for all the true Nets fans, those like me who’s been down since the ABA days, Dr. J, Super John Williamson, The Sugarland Express(Micheal Ray etc), The Whoop-De-Damn-Doo Era (Daly, Drazen, DC, Kenny A) and the Jason Kidd Era. Now to be in home in Brooklyn with this sleeper of a team, (if Brook Lopez health holds up – Top 5 in the East) is a real blessing for true fans. Pro basketball in NYC is going to be crazy this season. Let the battle for NYC begin.

  2. J-Short says:

    On the subject of the nets, they have a talented team but no team with Joe Johnson as the second option will win a title. I invision Joe ina 6th man role ala Manu/JT, also I think they need more bench to compete with Boston whom no one is seeing on the radar. Just sayin

    Laker Fan since 87

  3. J-Short says:

    If no injuries, the Lakers will be formidable and no easy cake walk like the last two years, we needed a change and thanks to the teams management for continuing to provide an exciting and interesing product on the court. this is one reason why i am and still will e a Lakers fan since 1987.

  4. Ggg says:

    The lakers need to work on their bnch. Until then they can’t beat okc or Miami. Meeks only shoots threes, yea he will be helpful when Howard gets double teamed in the post, but other than that he isn’t that good. That’s why he was signed so late. And Jamison is too old. He avg 18 ppg as a starter on Cleveland. He is coming off the bench and has people capable of scoring 15 ppg + like kobe howard and gasol. Not like in Cleveland. Their backup Pgs stink, Jordan hill is ok he only played well a couple of games. I still pick Miami or okc over them.

  5. bestkillua says:

    All Kobe/Laker’s Haters dream on…wipe out your noses, cant you see its bleeding by smelling Lakers championship this season.All you guys have- thrash talk here in these blogs, and that’s all you will get.

  6. W/E says:

    Ireally think that D12 with gasol and Nash will work pretty nice,the lakers was one of the best options for D12, most likely Kobes hero wannabe attitude is gunna create some problems but they have the talent to win a playoff series against any team as long as they develop good chemistry

  7. keithmon says:

    Just to let you know, Kendrick Perkins is in Dwight’s head, big time! Come next season Westbrook will break Nash’s ankles and Dwight will be a no show. How does that make LA better?

  8. ???? says:

    after 2-3 year kobe,nash,gasol,mwp will be retire after that wesbrook,durant,lebron,bosh will join to the LAKERS..PERIOD!

  9. chapoink says:

    lets get vujacic back!!!!

  10. Earned Not Given says:

    Guys, let us watch the game on october,then let see if the justice league can easily beat my MIAMI HEAT AVENGERS.. This page too much Trash talking.. can’t wait to see the game between LAKERS & MIAMI, but 1st need to eliminate SPURS or OKC, lakers can’t guard duran or westbrook by nash and kobe easily, 34 year old kobe, guarding 23 year old KD, i can’t think kobe can handle KD. also Nash,Wesbrook is very Fast and Power point guard, let see how lakers can handle this OKC,

  11. Kyle says:

    The lakers are going to need sometime to mesh, most likely more time than the heat. The heat team compliments each other a lot better than this lakers team. Kobe’s game is not going to allow Nash to thrive in the way he has his entire career. Howard’s main issue in Orlando was not enough touches. Only way this would work is if Kobe takes 15 shots a game where his ppg would probably drop to 18-20ppg. You think Kobe gonna allow that? Pau and Bynum complained most of last season about the amount of touches they were getting, got even worse into the playoffs. Kobe’s style of game does not work with other superstars on the squad. Now if Kobe were to become more of a facilitator it would work, beautifully but he too stuck in his ways. I got nothing but respect for Kobe and his scoring abilities but I just don’t see this working. I hope for a lakers heat finals just to see the 2 best players of the last decade fight for a title at least once.

  12. Kobeng-Burat says:

    lakers dream on…. They won’t beat OKC and HEAT…. dwight is a great player… so question about that… But he ain’t a proven winner…. so does nash… He’s a great but not proven winner also… How about kobe??? He’s a proven whiner… he got 3 champs riding SHAQ’s prime…. Then again 2 back to back champs, riding again with bynum and pau….. Now with d12…. you mean nash, kobe, metta world freak,pau and d12 going to take it all??? with who??? jamison??? WHAT?????blake???? Lols… d12 ain’t 100%… kobe getting older and more ballhog than d12…. Nash ani’t getting any younger too…. Can nash compete with new breed of allstar PGs CP3 and Westbrook???? do you think kobe can guard durant???? How about MWF… Can he do it again to Harden??? (Certainly YES) howard can be countered by OKC… they’ll use IBAKA on him….pau with Perks…. Can lakers get past western conf. finals???? I don’t think so….

    It’s OKC and HEAT again in 2013 NBA Finals…. Great line up by lakers though… But only in paper….

    • Kuljo says:

      Lakers will be demolished by OKC and we’ll see Kobe and Dwight arguing, while Nash scratxhing his head while watching the 2 fight.

  13. gonets says:

    srry meant brooks

  14. gonets says:

    the magic r stupid, the nets deal was much bttr than what they got… at one point the nets were offerin lopez humphries rooks and alot of picks… and why is the door closed on the nets?? who said howard will sign an etxtenson with the laker? he cud get a longer deal w the nets

  15. Kuljo says:

    Mr. Schumann,

    How is the door completely closed? Just because nobody in their prime leaves LA? What if the Nets is able to trade Humphries by trade deadline and perhaps a few more of their 1-year and 2-year contracts? Then, they will have the Cap space, right?

    What if Dwight does not like how Kobe runs the team and the show in LA? And what if the Lakers gets blasted by OKC in the playoffs? Will Dwight sign long term with the Lakers team with several players in their mid-30’s and a playoff exit aginst OKC? Do they have the luxury of time to regroup to beat OKC next time and will he wait and see?

    If the Nets is able to unload Hmphries by the trade deadline and create CAP space and the Lakers does not win the championship, dont’t you think Dwight won’t look at the BROOKLYN NETS?

  16. la4life says:

    I scence a back to back for la

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Jasper says:

    It’s funny now that since the Lakers have acquired, Dwight Howard, the other teams are better off without him?! What the what? Some people are full of it! I mean, surround this dude with some great players and it’s over, the Lakers made it to the second round with Howard last season! The Lakers got their break, now it’s time to win some more rings! Lakers had the second best big man in the league, now they have the BEST big man!

  18. Scalabrine is much better than Dwight.

  19. bball says:

    @ King Chaos
    I think you’re right. Dwight Howard liked Otis. They shouldn’t have fired him. The Magic are terrible now.
    Brooklyn will be a beast in the east. They should trade Lopez and someone else for Hibbert and then they will beat the Heat in the playoffs. GO BROOKLYN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BEATdown says:

      Man are you crazy??? Brook has better numbers across the board than Hibbert. And he put the numbers uP being double and triple teamed. Brook Lopez will average 20/8/2 those will be all star numbers.

  20. King Chaos says:

    I think Dwight signed the player option because he liked the ideas Otis had, then when he was fired,
    Dwight lost faith and demanded a trade.

  21. Ibro says:

    Nets don’t need Howard they would have been great with him but now they should worry about the development of brook Lopez and if joe Johnson can make his worth then they can be a threat.

  22. blajh says:

    Dwight could levae the Lakers next year anyways.. You see Nash is getting older, he has like 3 years left on his contract, and Kobe already said that after 2 seasons he might retire.. So think, in 3 seasons time both Kobe ar Nash are gone. That leaves Dwight pretty much alone in the Lakers if he signs a long term extension.. Ofcourse also Gasol there, but he is also in his 30’s.. Wouldn’t suprise me if Dwight would sign the Nets or some other team next summer…

    • BN says:

      The thing is the Lakers always are always the front-runner to pick up big acquisitions. When kobe desides to retire, they will go after the best SG free agent in the league to replace him. And they normally always get what they want. Dwight will have company to win championships…the lakers organisations will make sure of that. Do wish he desides to go to Brooklyn in free agency after this season though.

  23. SFC says:

    @ Ibj

    Are you serious? Trade to the Heat… Theres no way they could afford Howard even if they lost a few players. With DWade, Bron, and Bosh they are maxed out.. Give me a break.. Thats what makes the Lakers different they dont mind spending millions over the cap

  24. DANITo says:

    lakers gona win it easily this year. the only thing they need now a 3 piont shooters. and a decent back up for kobe, cuz kobe shouldnt play more than 30 min this season. he should average 20 and take 15 shot at the most, he has to keep dwight happy to resign

    • Allan says:

      Lakers have signed Jodie Meeks, a young good 3 point shooter

      • asian mamba says:

        Funny, this kid don’t even read the news. Jodie Meeks signed to lakers, a decent back up for kobe who can shot 3’s. Hey DANiTO Lol

    • Charlie says:

      First of all…I loved Fisher (and still do), so what i’m about to say is meant as not disrespect…

      The Lakers haven’t had a real point guard and with Nash they finally get it. Nash will find the correct person to get the ball to, so Kobe won’t have an many options as he created for himself. One of the things Kobe didn’t do was involved the “bigs” as much as he should have, and Nash will take care of that issue.

    • David says:

      It is good to see a Laker fan who is not a Kobe worshipper, Kobe shoots too much with a poor shooting percentage and averaging 15 shots per game for next is very much what the Lakers need to suceed. Kobe still need to concentrate on team defense.

  25. david says: stop it already Nets don’t need that drama Queen back problem howard who is a back stabber who lied to the magic and there fans face saying he would stay so stop puting his name and nets in your hang times already. howard just destoryed his image and showed who he really is FAKE. GO NETS!

  26. Dave says:

    It’s impossible ONLY IF Lakers win the title next year. If not then Howard might still choose to leave and join a better (well, at least in his opinion) team.

  27. Joseph_03 says:

    Maybe Dwight was better off with the Lakers anyway than the nets. He will eventually want to win and build his name into a brand, and to achieve that he must go to a big and established franchise and win there. The Heat, Knicks and Lakers are the few big market teams with huge following both in the US and abroad.

    Basketball wise, we all know that most basketball players want to be paid a ton of money and still have a chance to win. The super friends of Miami knew that to be able to team up and have a chance at greatness by winning multiple titles they would need to give up some of the money so Riley can give them a reliable supporting cast to win a championship.

    In Brooklyn, Deron was given max money then they have the salaries of their other players. If Dwight were to go there and also be given max money, how can they give him a supporting cast of players to rival that of Miami? Consider also that the front office staff has no one who has successfully build a championship team before, the front office has built contenders before but not champions.

    With the Lakers, Dwight can expect the front office to bring him the needed talent he would need to win a championship, he will never go through a rebuild with the Lakers they will just reload and go for it all year in and year out because that is who they are and that is what they do.

    • J says:

      The heat aren’t even a big market team, they’ve only recently become noticeable because of the big three… and hell even with them there stadium is practically empty in the regular season.

      • Clint80 says:

        Why does everyone praise the Miami 3 for taking less money??? The taxes (lack of) in Florida allowed them to do this… They keep all of their money rather than lose half of it playing in other states. What is better, 16mil contract-keeping it all, or 20mil contract but only getting half??? And while I’m at it, people stop saying that Ray Allen turned down more coin to join Miami…what he turned down was income taxes, he is millions better off in Florida.

      • Corrections says:

        @ Clint80

        They don’t keep all their money, as you say. Florida residents don’t pay state income tax; however, they still have to pay federal income tax. Obviously, the state income tax is minute compared to the federal income tax.

  28. lbj says:

    silly magic. should have traded him to the heat. heat would have got haslem and anthony and tons of draft picks. fair trade. lakers are too old.

    • BN says:

      I’m guesing ‘lbj” stands for ‘likes (giving) B.J’s”. I’m not a Lakers fan, but they are going to smoke you guys next season.

    • Rocket33 says:

      LBJ, I’m disappointed. You mean you’ve given up? I thought you’d be on to your next deal already, a 3-way with the Lakers, Clippers and Heat. Miami get Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, Clippers get Juwan Howard, Dexter Pittman and picks, Lakers get Udonis Haslem, Joel Anthony and picks.

      On a serious note though, the stage is set for quite a finals series between the Lakers and Heat. Not a fan of either so I just hope OKC and someone from the East upset them. Not likely though and I’m sure David Stern won’t allow it. 🙂

    • Laker Nation says:

      Welcome to the Lakers Dwight!!!

      Pg: Steve Nash

      Sg; Kobe Bryant

      Sf: Metta World Peace

      Pf; Pau Gasol

      C; Dwight Howard

      Bench: Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, Earl Clark

      2012-2013 Champions!!!

      • Petshop says:

        this is more like my nba 2k12 fantasy roster can’t wait for next season.

      • Clint80 says:

        What happens when old men Kobe, Nash, Gasol, Metta and co. break down this season? Dwight will have the whole team on his shoulders again and it will start to feel just like Orlando again. No wonder his back is troubling him. Lakers are only good for a run if ALL these guys stay fit and play at least 60-70 games together, and I’m not sure that will happen…

      • Lakers16to17 says:

        We also have Meeks to back Kobe up and also a legit 3 point shooter!

      • Charlie says:

        Clint80— I kinda agree with your thought, but I’ve been impressed at what Kobe can play through. I honestly don’t know any other athlete willing to play with so many injuries and still perform

        I’m also not too worried about Nash. I’m a Lakers fan and have been since the early 80’s and the one thing I’ve found is that the Laker always seem to land themselves superstar center from a trade which leads to a championship.

        My biggest concern is Metta. I wish we can trade him for some value, but I’m not positive teams would take the risk.

    • Lakers16to17 says:

      Really? probably just a bandwagon fan who knows nothing about the nba! I laugh at your stupidity. why would the magic trade dwight howard to those bunch of scrubs? sure magic didn’t get that much on the 4 team trade, but Afflalo = 15.2 ppg, 3.2 rpg 2.4 apg and Harrington = 14.2 ppg, 6.1 rpg (2011-2012) are a thousand lightyears better and younger than those 2, and how would they even acquire Howard when they’re over the limit. The Magic’s goal was to rebuild so why would they want those guys?? Well don’t worry you still have the other Howard though haha!!!