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LONDON — That gold medal rematch of the 1972 Olympic final that folks have been buzzing about around here for two weeks is not going to happen.

There still could be a rematch Sunday. It just won’t include Russia. David Blatt‘s team held a 13-point lead over Spain but couldn’t hold off Pau Gasol, Jose Calderon, Rudy Fernandez, Marc Gasol and the rest of a seasoned Spanish team that rallied for a 67-59 win in the first semifinal of the day.

The U.S. Men’s Senior National Team squares off with Argentina in the second semifinal (4 p.m. ET, NBC). If the U.S. wins we’ll get that rematch, but of the 2008 gold medal game in Beijing, won by the U.S.

Pau Gasol led Spain with 16 points and 12 rebounds in the win over Russia, capping a crazy day in which he found out the Dwight Howard trade was finalized during warm ups from TNT’s Craig Sager.

“Craig Sager came to me before the game, chasing me, telling me it was official, and telling me he wanted to get some thoughts while I’m stretching before the Olympic semifinal,” a smiling Gasol said from the podium afterwards. “I told him, ‘look, I’m trying to be focused here.’ And he said, ‘I wouldn’t do this to you if it wasn’t official,’ so I had to give him a little something to he would go away and I could stretch.”

Gasol and his Spanish teammates can stretch out tonight and watch the U.S. Argentina to see who they’ll have to fight with for that gold medal Sunday.

We’ll be here, too, chronicling the action play-by-nearly-every-play. Get your predictions in now …


109-83 U.S. The rematch with Spain is on!

33.7: D. Will’s 3 for the 109-80 lead is just more misery for Argentina. This thing was done a while ago.

3:38: Westbrook just went to the floor, got up limping and limped all the way to the locker room. That might be the last bit of real drama we see here.

3:54: Chandler catches the oop from CP3. Did I mention that this game was over about five minutes ago?

4:28: Only to have Durant sink another 3. 96-72.

4:43: Argentina’s Facundo Campazzo, you remember him, scores ona  traditional 3-point play to trim the lead. 93-72.

6:10: And Coach K. had to put some subs in to give his second unit a break so he sends LeBron, Chandler, Durant and CP3 in to join Melo. not suer what else you’re supposed to do if you are Argentina. Like Manu said the other night, “when they are hitting shots like that. You shake their hands and go to the locker room.”

6:34: Melo just completed another ridiculous 9-0 run, all three of his shots on jaw-dropping 3s. The first from the corner. The second from the top of the key on the break and the third a dang-near halfcourt jammy for a 93-64 lead that is sending people to the exits (might need a bathroom break or more popcorn for this show).

8:54: Melo on the catch and shoot 3. Follows a Westbrook 3 a minute ago. 82-57. This has blowout city written all over it. Argentina barking at the officials. The U.S. has turned the defense up, too. Blame LeBron for all of this. He started it.

9:39: D. Will goes after the inbounds pass and they call a foul. Coach K. jumps off the bench to tell him to relax and then turns to the bench to remind everyone else to relax.

9:43: Love with a layup. 76-56.

I cannot emphasize enough just how ridiculously good LeBron is at just about everything you would want a basketball player to do. He’s not a great shooter, obviously, but everything else … he’s unreal in how many different ways he can impact a game.


30.1: Melo with the step back corner jumper. Just about curtains on this one if Argentina doesn’t have one more monster run in them.  74-57.

1:27: LeBron taps in a Durant miss on a 3 for a 72-53 lead. Argentina is on the ropes right now. Punches are coming fast and furious.

2:03: Durant with another 3. 70-53.

2:37: Durant is hopping up and down in the corner for a pass. Gets it. Splash. 67-53.

3:13: Nocioni with a layup. Love could have taken a hard foul and didn’t. 64-53.

3:46: LeBron drives for the monster smash and foul. He owns Argentina. 64-51.

4:23: Thankfully, LeBron ends the foolishness with a layup at the rim on a nice feed from Melo. 61-51.

4:54: The U.S. refuses to be deterred by missed 3-pointers. They miss three straight on the same possession and if Melo hadn’t fumbled that last offensive rebound out of bounds, they’d have taken another one. 59-51.

5:25: Manu with the layup on the inbounds play. 59-51

6:01: Nocioni for 3. Melo keeps leaving him. 59-49.

6:28: Ruh-roh. Argentina wants to turn it up and the U.S. responds with a LeBron-led fast break. Melo misses the 3 from the corner but LeBron grabs the rebound, gives it back to Melo who finds Durant for the wing 3. Splash. 59-46 and Argentina with a quick timeout.

6:48: CP3 with the floater. 56-46

7:09: After missing badly on his last 3, Durant strokes one from the win for a 54-46 lead.

7:51: Ginobili converts a traditional 3-point play for a 51-46 U.S. lead.

8:25: A U.S. journalist who will not be named just leaned over and said that Nocioni is lulling the U.S. into his rough and tumble routine while Ginobiili is busy going after them.

9:06: Chandler puts back a rare LeBron layup miss. 51-43.

9:36: Manu sinks his 3 after Kobe’s to open the quarter falls short. 47-43.


0.0: Manu with an equalizer 3 at the buzzer right in front of the U.S. bench, just a little reminder that “we wain’t going nowhere.” 47-40.

9.1: Love scores on the sick no-look pas from LeBron. 47-37.

31.2: Scola scores on a layup produced by some wicked ball movement. ARG is hanging around again. 45-37.

1:15: LeBron barking at the ref, wants to know those wrap up fouls to slow down the U.S. fast break aren’t ever called intentional. “Why not? Why not?” he yells at the official loud enough for anyone in the city to hear. Valid point, too. Teams just take a foul on CP3 to slow the break whenever they can.

2:08: Melo with the pump fake on the baseline and gets the easy dunk. 45-35.

3:05: Leonardo for 3. 43-35.

3:25: LeBron with a sick tap pass in the air to Durant for a layup. 43-32.

3:40: Delfino with another 3 to keep ARG in this thing.

4:04: Carmelo Anthony gets on the board with a baseline jumper. 41-29.

4:39: Kobe with the jumper after a nice shot fake on Scola. 39-29.

5:00: Delfino at the line after Kobe grabbed his arm on a drive to the basket. 37-29. Delfino remains one of the most perplexing international players in the game. He looks great at times and then other times you forget he’s on the floor.  Well, I guess he does the same things in the league. But here, he just seems so much more comfortable with his role on the national team (which makes sense since these guys have been playing together since they were teenagers).

5:11: LeBron plows over poor Leonardo Gutierrez (who is bigger than LeBron but had no chance) for the layup and foul. 37-27.

5:42: LeBron on a third straight assist from CP3. 34-27.

6:30: LeBron on the cut and layup from CP3. 32-27.

6:51: Delfino from 3 again. 30-27.

7:11: Love with the dunk on the sweet drop off pass from CP3.

7:27: Delfino from 3.  

7:37: LeBron with the layup.

8:06: Love tips in his own miss. 26-21. The U.S. isn’t playing with a ton of extra enerrgy, though.

8:47: Scola catches the U.S. napping again and scores on a layup, not sure if they are playing man or zone. 24-21.

That early lead didn’t hold. The U.S. got complacent a few times on defense and paid for it. 24-19 to star the quarter.


17.1: Gutierrez with a layup. 24-19.

41: Deron Williams frmo 3. 24-17.

1:14: Russell Westbrook with the freaky driving layup. 21-17.

1:27: JP Gutierrez does what Love can and sinks two free throsws. 18-17.

1:51: Andres Nocioni drains a basline jumper to get us back tight. 18-15.

2:27: LeBron stalks a fast break play and pins Delfino’s layup attempt on the glass. Nasty.

3:29: Scola with a layup. 18-13. Tightening up on the ARG side.

4;01: Manu from deep. 18-11.

4:31: Carlos Delfino from the corner. 18-8.

5:39: Kobe answers with another 3. He’s got 11 of the U.S.’s 18(-6) points. 

5:47: Manu with a layup.

6:09: Durant with the steal and dunk. 15-4 just like that. Timeout ARG.

6:32: Kobe for another 3. Here we go. 13-4.

6:55: LeBron James gets on the board with a jumper. 10-4.

7:07: Kobe reinforces that previous point by outrunning Scola

7:14: Kevin Durant with a nasty swat on Scola. The U.S. is locked and loaded early here.

7:55: Chris Paul for 3. 8-4 U.S.

8:18: Chandler picks up his second foul already. Get ready for some Kevin Love.

8:43: Kobe goes baseline for the reverse, two-handed jam. 5-4.

9:03: Scola with a runner over Tyson Chandler. 4-3 ARG.

9:23: Kobe Bryant for 3, picking up where he left off in the quarterfinals.

9:51: Luis Scola opens the scoring with a jumper from the L. 2-0, ARG.

U.S. bench and crowd are fired up. So is the other side. This is one is gonna be crazy. I can feel it.


Perhaps the most interesting sight of before the game was Blatt, an American Israeli, belting out the words to the Star Spangled Banner with his coaching shirt with Russia plastered across the chest on it in the stands behind the U.S. basket.


  1. jieshen says:

    kobe+nash+howard=NBA CHAMPION!!!!!!www.game1211.com

  2. Enrique says:

    Im spanish and i think we will lose for sure.. if we had players in very good situation like in pekin and with Ricky rubio helthy maybe we would have opportunity to do it, but like always the ____referees would do their job. like in Pekin and more and more…

  3. Laker Nation says:

    USA! USA! USA!

  4. yi says:

    Compton Magic!

  5. Dirty D says:

    I am a HUGE Laker Fan. Have Always Been. But Talking Lakers In this Conversation Just seams so DOUCHE-ESQE…
    We have got to win with pride to. (and we havent won yet). Lebron, (though he’s becoming a great player now) Has been given the keys to the nba since before he even played. (he was the king before he even played an nba game) There is no limit to what the NBA might give him! They might nix this trade to. lol So Let’s gloat after we win. AND IN A BLOG THATS TALKING ABOUT THE LAKERS. OR AT LEAST TALKING ABOUT THE NBA! GO TEAM USA! BOTH OF THEM!

  6. luis pascual says:

    London USA Team is probably the greatest national team ever seen, much better (physically and technically) than Barcelona92´s Dream Team (Jordan, Magic…). For me and the old Spanish basketball funs it will be an honour to play next sunday´s final against this legendary team. Our players are not in their best moment (many injured or back from a long recovery period) but they have a big heart and will fight until the end without pressure (nothing to loose). I oftenly follow the NBA league and this group of northamerican players are almost unbeatable. To be honest, there is 1 over to100 possibilities of winning this game. Our only little chance is going into the 4th quarter still alive and then … who is shooting in the USAs team?. They will need more than one ball because all great player are used to take the last shot in their respectively teams. I hope Kobe will take the responsability. Why?. I have a dream.. Today is saturday and during more than 24h I will dream our team is able to defeat the USA´s national team. This is a free dream and beleave me, I feel like a kid. As NBA says “I love this game”!!!! . I hope tis time NBA will help to make my dreams come true, again ……..

  7. go lakers says:

    kobe+nash+howard=NBA CHAMPION!!!!!!

  8. dante lardizabal says:

    USA by more than 20 points to win the gold….USA the best

  9. lalalala says:

    lakers will break heat bones!!

  10. Be surprised if Spain says:

    gets within 20 of Team USA. Team USA are obviously finally starting to gel as a unit and understand how to get the best out a bunch of individual phenoms. Go Team USA – and Team USA Senior Women too!

  11. Anthony says:

    USA !!! takes home GOLD ..

  12. Calvin says:

    As a spainiard obviously I’m hoping that Spain wins, but to be honest, I don’t see a single chance of doing it. This dream team could be even better than the original and they’ll probably will win the gold with +20 o even more difference

    Spain has not played well in this Olympics. Hopefully will see a match like in Beijingl but with a different end. It would be great for our best generation of players who, commanded by an awesome Pau Gasol and Navarro, have given us the best days of our lives!

  13. Vamos! says:

    It is going to be very difficult, but Spain has a small chance to win. In basketball I have seen bigger surprises than Spain winning the gold medal vs USA. This is why we love this sport. Come on Spain!!

  14. Faruque says:

    USA should win against Spain. They are the definite better team. I see them winning the gold. But either way this would be a good game. It might not be as big of a blowout as some of you guys are thinking. Spain is a better team than Argentina and they have superb big men. In terms of big men Spain actually has the advantage and as a result I see this as more of a close match, granted USA most likely will still win by double digits but it won’t be a easy match. Either way can’t wait to see the match. Ibaka and the Gasol brothers vs. U.S.A.

  15. emi_argentina says:

    congrats usa great game, after the dream team 92 this is the best usa team i see.. spain had no chance to win , they choose lose whit brazil to play in the finals whit usa so im gonna be glad how usa beat spain..

  16. brian perez says:

    Here we go baby! U.s.a. for the gold! With the weapons we have in our arsenal ready to execute, how can we lose? GO U.S.A.

  17. PUZIQUe says:


  18. PUZIQUe says:

    “I cannot emphasize enough just how ridiculously good LeBron is at just about everything you would want a basketball player to do. He’s not a great shooter, obviously, but everything else … he’s unreal in how many different ways he can impact a game.“ (Sekou Smith)

  19. This is Stuped LAkers Vs heat says:

    Is just crazy no body is hatin on the laker i they put up With 4 all start on starting lineup, But when the heat just got 3 allstart together people was hatin on them.. This is 2 all does reporter and fans that hate the game heat will win it again ,, really dont undertand why the hate to the heat When the laker got more tallent and they not gettin any hate

    • RAY says:

      first of all your retarded, second the haets situation is different, they plotted the whole thing, they planned out signing with the heat, the lakers on the other hand were built through trades, they might not have a draft pick for the next ten years but they will be contending for the next 4.

    • The Real Truth of the matter says:

      Because the Heat joined forces at their prime. The Lakers stars are headed to the end of their careers similar to the way Boston was. The Heat’s big 3 are a representation of today’s generation (no patience or fortitude) and only want instant gratification.. Yes, I am a LAKERS FAN!

  20. PUZIQUe says:


  21. Lithuania says:

    Im a Lithuania fan, but we lose im now for USA! USA will crush spain


    This is the team that ESPANA WANTED in the gold medal game. Before you silly talk Americans who do not know nothing about basketball talk, remember that ESPANA that team USA played in JULY did not plays with MARC GASOL. They did nots try to win. So that game does not mean nothings. MARC GASOL WILL play on SUNDAY. Look at how well ESPANA play against Russia today. Look how they stop Russia from scoring. They play that defense against Team American on Sunday and WILL WIN.

    Lithuania almost defeat you and ESPANA is SUPERIOR to Lithuania. AND you can not stop BOTH BIG PAU or MARC GASOLS because they are too good and TEAM USA does not have players to stop them. How you stop them? And when they bring IBAKA too, how you plan to stop that “frontcourt”? They are TOO STRONG in offense and in defense.

    Do not talks about Durant and Anthony with theirs LUCKY SHOT 3-POINTER. ESPANA defeated Argentina by 20 as well. So you can not talk about beating Argentina because Argentina is not good. Soon that USA lucky shot will not be lucky against ESPANA defense.

    Do not talks about Espana guard like Navarro and Caulderon nots playing well because they will plays well against Team USA Lucky shot 3-pointer. Jose Caulderon make 3-pointer shots from all over court using his skills and not by luck like Durant and Anthony. They will score 100 points vs. USA because USA is OVERRATED.

    So ESPANA will be CHAMPIONS AND GET REVENGE for 2008 BEIJING! They will! GUARANTEED by 15 points!


    • The Real Truth of the matter says:

      USA overrated??? Really? They are undefeated.. you are not overrated if nobody has been able to beat you, including spain in at least the last 4 or 5 years. All that gibberish you are speaking is just wishful thinking. Spain is big, but dont have the offensive power to beat the US. Yes, defense is important, but what good is defense if you still cant outscore your opponent?

    • AnonymousMouse says:

      Are you joking? Look at the players the US have and then look at the players Spain have. A HUGE DIFFERENCE. Yeah we might not have as good as a frontcourt but there is no way they could beat the US with only Pau,Marc and Ibaka. The US has the defensive player of the year in Chandler that could shut them down. And you mean to say Kevin Durant’s 3 point shooting is luck? Did you see him hit one from down town the other day along with another barrage of 3’s. You sir are hilarious. And the USA is overrated? They have EVERYTHING. They have experience like Kobe and athleticism like LeBron. Serge Ibaka is the most athletic player Spain has. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but anyone who knows anything about basketball would know that the USA is going to win.

    • Roger says:

      Get spell check Pendeho !! You guys dont stand a chance !!

    • #ihatedumcommentslol says:

      another retarded comment your going to win with no one at 1,2 or 3 your kidding right. USA has chandler and anthony davis has been good. but witch one og the gaaol brothers will do good stepping out to the 3 if k love gets going wici for this game USA should use him more. how is pau or ibaka going to guard lebron, anthony or durrant when there at the 4. NOT HAPPENING. willians or paul kills calderon every time on deffence and offense and spains 2 is ________ irrelevant. i can go on and on about the flaws in your opinion but i think i proved my point by now. to say that anthony and durant have lucky 3 pointers, someone pleace let this person now those are 2 of the best scorers in the world and anthony proved that against nigerea.

      p.s. if your going to comment back pleace now what your talking about. can someone agree with me on this one lol

    • Dirty D says:

      Yes! Yes! And Big foot told the ghost where he lives! You just have to ask the dragon! Lol. Dude, You bring a whole new meaning to fantasy basketball. Good luck with that.

    • Ron says:

      just watch wait and see who will win the GOLD… hays….

  23. USA will destroy spain!USA wins gold!

  24. I like how there were usual idiots who thought that USA would somehow lose against Argentina. They almost won by 30 lmao. Where are all the haters?




  26. ALI says:

    i was going to sayy that Argentina and USA are a great match up. but i think USA is al little better.

  27. Will Dytico says:

    Kobe’s last Olympic game and a chance to run over Pau Gasol….US by more than 20 points….