Sixers Raise Their Ceiling With Bynum

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Typically, a young team that’s coming off a deep run in the playoffs will mostly stand pat and continue to develop. But in the two and a half months since they pushed the Boston Celtics to seven games in the Eastern Conference semifinals, the Philadelphia 76ers have blown it up.

Elton Brand was amnestied. Lou Williams was shown the door. And now, All-Star Andre Iguodala is being sent to Denver as part of the four-team trade that sends Dwight Howard to the Lakers and brings Andrew Bynum to Philadelphia. The Sixers are also sending second-year big man Nikola Vucevic, rookie wing Maurice Harkless, and a draft pick to Orlando, and getting veteran shooting guard Jason Richardson from the Magic.

As much of a feel-good story as the Sixers were last season, they knew that they wouldn’t have defeated the Chicago Bulls in the first round had Derrick Rose not blown out his knee. And they clearly believed that there was a ceiling with the group they ended the season with. They were honest with themselves and there was no standing pat.

Losing Brand and Iguodala, Philly has downgraded at both forward spots. And sacrificing Brand (who was on the last year of his lucrative contract) to sign Nick Young still doesn’t make any sense. But there’s plenty of sense in taking advantage of the Magic’s desire to become the Bobcats and acquiring a seven footer who will make an impact on both ends of the floor.

Bynum’s biggest impact typically comes on defense, but the Sixers were already a top-five defensive team, and they also just traded the best perimeter defender in the league. So they’re not going to improve much, if at all, on that end of the floor. Instead, Bynum’s presence will mean more offensively.

For the first time since Allen Iverson left in 2006, the Sixers have a guy who can draw double-teams, a requisite for a successful offense. And for the first time since Charles Barkley left in 1992, they have someone to give the ball to on the low block.

That will open lanes for guards Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner, while Richardson and Dorell Wright will give the Sixers more perimeter shooting than they had last season. But how coach Doug Collins manages his frontcourt rotation should be interesting, and the signing of Kwame Brown (or the re-signing of Spencer Hawestake your pick) now seems like a waste of $6 million (or $13 million).

Really, if the Sixers knew this trade was coming, they would have done things differently last month (we can hope so, at least). But what’s done is done, and beyond the $18.6 million owed Richardson over the next three seasons, none of their contracts are particularly burdensome.

The risk is that Bynum will be a free agent next summer. But he has said that “there’s a bank in every city,” and this particular city is less than 50 miles from where he grew up. More important is that the Sixers, owning his Bird rights, will be able to pay him a lot more money than any other team.

Furthermore, swapping Iguodala for Bynum makes the Sixers younger. They now have a core of five guys — Holiday, Turner, Thaddeus Young, Lavoy Allen and Bynum — who will all be 25 years old or younger when the season starts. If Collins continues to work his magic and the whole continues to be greater than the sum of the parts, it’s a group that can eventually make another deep playoff run.

Right now, where the Sixers stand in the Eastern Conference isn’t clear. Bynum can be a cornerstone, but Iguodala filled a lot of holes on both ends of the floor. And as long as the wheels don’t fall off of Kevin Garnett, the whole Atlantic Division will be improved.

In many ways, Turner is now the man on the spot. He was the No. 2 pick two years ago, but hasn’t come close to living up to the hype, save for a big game here or there. In addition to improving his jumper, Turner will need to be more of a playmaker, because Iguodala is taking his 5.5 assists per game with him to Denver.

Iguodala’s under-appreciated eight-year tenure with the Sixers is over. We get to see now if Bynum can be the franchise player fickle Philly fans have been looking for.

It’s a new day in Philadelphia. Gone are three of the five best players from an overachieving team. And in their place is a new ceiling.


  1. Gold says:

    Here is what I think the east will be with the current movements… 4 and 5 interchangeable..

    1. Miami (Same Team + Ray Allen & Rashard Lewis)
    2. Indiana (Almost same team – DJ Augustin for Darren Collison)
    3. Boston (Whether its big 3 or big 4 or big 5, they are still good for top 3)
    4/5. Chicago (Dependent on D Rose’s condition. But credit for the team having a good coach)
    4/5. Brooklyn (Offense improves with Joe Johnson but still doesnt think its enough to overtake the first 4 teams)
    6. New York (Chemistry will always be the issue on how high they will place in the east. They will definitely win games based on individual performances but will also win a couple of them)
    7. Philadelphia (Good additions, Good coach, adjustment period specially with a player like Bynum)
    8. Milwaukee (Good additions. but still a very inconsistent team)

  2. Heat better than philly even i got to give to them for getting #2 best center in the league right now but still not enough for the big 3 in south beach.

  3. Bizman23 says:

    A lot of you guys know nothing about basketball. First, saying that the Sixers are a 7th seed is an insult. J rich starting over Turner would be stupid, Turner had a better season than Nick Young and Rich last season, with limited action, and no support from the head coach. I love Doug Collins as a head coach, but he needs to show some support for Turner because he can flat out ball, Turner’s great in transition, he’s the only player on the Sixers that understands “ATTACK the BASKET” also he’s probably the best rebounding guard in the league which leads to quick transition points. Holiday maybe an all-star, but the east is loaded at PG with Rondo, Williams, and Rose.
    Starting 5

    PG- Holiday-is ready to take the next step and become an all-star caliber player
    SG- Turner- as the primary ball handler play to his strengths holiday is a way better shooter and can spot up, while Turner is a slasher and in my own opinion is a better ball handler.
    SF- Thad-can attack and hit open jumpers at times
    PF- I like Moultrie for his athleticism over Hawes and he can stick from about 17 FT and he brings a better option at the pick and roll
    C- Bynum- demands a double

    East Standing

    Chi Town

  4. Bam Bam says:

    Argh im sick of Magic getting compared to Bobcats. There was no way they were ever going to get back enough for Howard because hes the best, and they definitely wont be playoff contenders right out of the gate, but to say they are immediately the worst team in the history of the NBA is just downright insulting. They haven’t even lost a game yet!

  5. froff says:

    Who care the sixers have a better team which means a better shot at the finals

  6. SEKOU!! when you said ” they also just traded the best perimeter defender in the league”, of course you’re talking about Andre Igooudala. So you’re saying he’s a better Perimeter Defender than Lebron??? hell no!!!!

    • op says:

      Credit to LeBron, but Iggy is the best perimeter defender, because the players he guards shoot an average of 38% which is ridicilous, LeBron is the best all-around player, but let me just remind you of PPiece shot over him in game 5, all those shots by Kobe, LeBron, Melo, Wade over Iggy connect once in a month so i think Iggy deserves that credit with his incredible reach and foot work on D….no hard feelings on James…he is clearly the best in bball right now…..:)

  7. op says:

    I think now we’ll see what Bynum is made of, because he’s got the skills and talent and if he can stay healthy, it will be very exciting to see the development of this very interesting and unpredictable Sixers team……

  8. anonymous says:


  9. Southwest Philly Born N Raised says:

    EC 2012-2013 FINAL STANDINGS:


    • Bizman23 says:

      I like your thinking, not with the Bulls being an 8th seed though Hawks have gotten worst and I think the Pcers are way Overrated.

  10. J-Short says:

    I think that Bynum will start especially if he gets the big pay extension. It is a business and the owners want return on any investment. I think the sixers are a playoff team but not a contender as of yet, Boston will still win the Atlantic in my opinion way to talented and has hungry vets ready to prove a point that last year run was no fluke. I dare say Boston can beat Miami, and play either OKC or my Lakers. But good solid trade for the sixers and all teams involved.

  11. keeping it real219 says:

    Hay Sixer fans I think with the pick up of Bynum you move into a top 4 slot in the East. Also I want to add that I live out on the West Coast and I’m sure you do not know a lot about Dorrell Wright who led the league in 3 point shooting a few years ago. He will be your Starting 3 man and can also go some at Point Forward. No Evan, J Rich or Thaddeus who never play the 3 for you

  12. Stephan says:

    This is in my opinion one of the best trades since Moses malone we finally have a true center in Philly even though Bynum is a problem he still was a all star last year in the west he bout to come over in the east and dominate with a young team that can run up the floor then you pick up three spot up shooters in nick young Darrell wright and Jason Richardson Doug Collins is in position to have wat Stan van Gundy had with Dwight in Orlando I think they are the favorites to come out the east now

  13. Brian says:

    Jodie meeks signed with the lakers everyone 2 years deal! Bynum is gonna be a beast in philly

  14. Jaames says:

    dont forget jodie meeks

  15. I actually think it is clear where they stand. In my opinion they are the 3rd best team in the east behind the Heat and Bulls. I believe the Celtics will be fading next year because of an aging Pierce and Garnett. If the Sixers made a run with that lineup last year, and now adding more shooters and a star presence down low with Bynum I think they will only be better. Exciting to be a Sixer fan.

  16. Gary says:

    ok first off im a die hard philadelphia sports fan. I love all my teams. The Sixers got exactly what we have been screaming since mutumbo left haha,, but to all these people that think ET will start the 3, are you nuts? He is not a lockdown defender and will get bullied around. I think they should start Dorrell Wright. He is a pretty good and long defender who can run. Plus ET is a 2 G or PG,, I expect him to slide to the point once they take jrue out. but no way should he start at the 3. PG: JRUE SG: EVAN TURNER SF: DORRELL WRIGHT PF: THAD: C: BYNUM

    • Lee says:

      Did you watch ET last year ?? I don’t think he is a 3 ,, BUTTT ,,he more tha held his own on D at the position. Put him at the 2 with Jrue and allow them to develop into the “best young backcourt” in the East.

  17. steppx says:

    i think signing nick young made great sense. He is the kind of streaky shooter collins can teach and develop and he has a high upside, still. Ditto keep hawes and signing kwame. Now you have THREE 7 ft bigs…..and thats never bad. Why does this writer fail to understand this? It actually gives the sixers flexibility….but the issue is going to be turner and jrue. They have both been under achieving….so far…both have talent…..Holiday is closer. Turner has been, really, a bust…..but with the occasional flare up and odd great game. But over all he’s been a bust. For philly to make the next step, that has to change.

  18. Wizard says:

    Thanks Dre for 8 exciting years!!!!!

    For all the fan and writers who think Iggy is horrible…. I say the to you…. do you really know ball or are you just add on to what othe people say. You don’t make allstar team if you are a bum(Shawn Bradley, Ben Coleman, Shackleford was bums). You don’t make USA select or Olympics teams if your are a bum(only 25 out of how many in the league). The guy wasn’t not Kobe or Lebron but he is a very good player. On a Sixers team that didn’t have much he was their swiss army knife. And in this new ME..ME…ME world he had no problem with being US and WE. It’s amazing how a guy like Tyson Chandler who was a number one pick…did nothing for Chicago.. got traded to New Orleans and did not really nothing, then picked up by DALLAS ang they win a chip and now everybody in love with him. He makes 4 yr 58million, and all he does is play defense when his in the game(foul prove… comes to the game with 3) So you telling me that Tyson is better than Andre??… no way!!!!!! Stats don’t lie… Tyson couldn’t score 10 pts in a lay-up line… with third graders. To say Iggy a bum than so was Bobby Jones… Mo Cheeks…Scottie Pippen…Paul Pressey…. If he a bum then whats Ron Artest??? Coming to be tha man after Iverson hurt his value to fans and media(Never Any billboard material) I understand the trade, but don’t understand the lack of respect people have had to DRE) I went at all the Sixers playoffs games this last year for the first time. So All I can see is THANKS IGGY TIME WELL SERVED. You Will Be missed…..

  19. nba fan says:

    East standings

  20. jawoparin says:

    ..sixers really has that knack of sending players with “A.I” initials to nuggets.. =)

  21. Aldrin says:

    who ever idea picking up young and bynum for the sixers, your the man you know how to negotiate and to pick the right player at the right time!go sixers!

  22. Aldrin says:

    This is absolutely right this team benifited from that four team trade, i don’t know whats happening in orlando it seems like the guys in their office has no talent for picking up the right pieces to build a championship caliber team.. and im not sure about denver they having a good season with their players then suddenly they send bunch of guys for this trade..i think all the guys who’s work in the office do not have any idea how to build a team.. i guess its all about the money..not the championship!

  23. Sixers got a lot better in the post, but worse on the wing and perimeter defensively. I love Iggy’s game but they will miss the intangibles, like leadership the most. Bynum will give them the post presence that Brand was supposed to bring, but he will also irritate sixers fans with bone-headed plays and childishness. Without a true vocal leader on the floor, maybe J Rich can step up, that will be the biggest challenge them this year.

  24. Justanother Gab says:

    Is it just me or Bynum is also rejoining his ‘self-proclaimed mentor’ in Kwame Brown 😛

  25. Stan says:

    Philly making all the right moves, and now with Bynum they have the best center in the east. I look for Bynum to average 25 points and 15 rebounds and dominate on both ends of the court. Bynum can now be that go to guy like he was when Kobe was out of the lineup, and the Lakers beat San Antonio on their homecourt with Bynum grabing 30 rebounds. I think Bynum will blossom given the keys to the city.

  26. E-Boogie says:

    PF-T.Young/Hawes go the free agency and look for a decent starting power forward

  27. Mirnes says:

    P.G Evan Turner 2nd Jrue
    S.G J.Rich 2nd N.Young
    S.F T.Young 2nd L.Allen
    P.F. S.Hawes 2nd Moultrie
    C Bynum 2nd Kwame

  28. Mirnes says:

    Brooklyn Knicks Miami Indiana Philly Boston Milwaukee and Toronto

  29. jeff says:

    Its a good deal, from my standpoint the starters are Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, Thad Young, Lavoy Allen & Bynum. sixth man Jason Richadson, nick young, Spencer Hawes & Wright.
    Its not a championship team. With this team sixers do not need to be a running team, but with their guards and forwards they are capable and should keep running.

  30. Go Celtics says:

    Even though I am a celtics fan I really liked iggy and it’s tough to see him leave the east. The sixers do have young talent but I see them 5th in the east SORRY sixers fans. They’ll be behind Miami Indiana Boston and Brooklyn in my opinion but still not bad for the sixers but hopefully Bynum will resign.

  31. Timber says:

    Great job Sixers!

    PG – Holiday
    SG – Richardson
    SF – Thad
    PF – Hawes
    C – Bynum

    Bench – Turner(6th), Young, Kwame, Moultrie, Wright

  32. Joseph Foster says:

    I could see philly now trading Jrichy rich.

  33. Joseph Foster says:

    WOW! Iggy was the most electrifying player they had. Philly should have went after Kobe. ok I’m dreaming. If only iguodala was a better shooter but still he’s coming off the olympics now so he’s going to make some noise in Denver if he learns how to smooth out his game and become a shooting threat. The NBA is tuff so I got much love for iguodala-I’ll miss those highlights on ESPN. Although I do think this trade works well with the core of young players philly has I’m not sure how much better they get but its promising. Thad should finally get the start at SF without Iguodala stealing the show. Turner should get his shoot-Jrue might be an allstar this year or at least I think he will. I see everyone feeding off everyone well. The inside presence should help late in games when other teams are in foul trouble from trying to stop all the bigs Philly now has and those three point shooters are going to be dropping threes. Turner can back up Jrue Holiday being he loves to possess the ball. Proper depth at the Point might be an issue. I’d like to see Turner get back to being more aggressive but with that fall he took in college I don’t blame him. I could see JRich sharing time with Turner though. JRich may even start leaving Turner a shot at 6 Man of the year. I could see him at the point-shooting guard and SF. He’s definitely the Key but it’s up to the man turning the key. Heres my favorite lineup in comparison to the Lakers who I think will win out West if they don’t blow a tire or two. Whole lot of ifs but on paper they look unbeatable. I hope this provides someone with some insight and if I need some schooling let me know.
    Sixers Lakers
    Future Allstar Jrue Holiday Vrs. Old Steve Nash (still good?)
    Stud Evan Turner Vrs. Older Kobe Bryant (unbelievable skills)
    Lefty Spark Plug Thad Young Vrs. Older Hot Head Artest (?)
    Under rated Spencer Hawes Vrs Older over rated Pau Gasol (proof is in the pudding)
    #2 center Bynum? Vrs #1 Center of Attention Howard?

    • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

      ok I have several objections. Firstly, Gasol is still good. Watch the olympics. Howard is definitely better than Bynum. Aaaaand you completely ignored the bench. Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Andrew Goudelock are decent bench players. But I agree that Philly is a good team this year

  34. Lee says:

    Bynum would have to leave 20 million on the table NOT to sign here. With his health issues he would have to be crazy to go anywhere else. With the “mad scientist” as coach this team will be a serious contender in the East. If Jrue and ET evolve into NBA stars the Sixers will be as good as anyone.

  35. Chris says:

    First of all, this is a great trade and a step toward winning the championship. Even if Bynum leaves after next season the Sixers will have cap space and will be bad enough to get some good draft picks. I prefer either of these scenarios to staying the course so that we can sneak into the playoffs and a win a series every couple of years.

    My thought on what they should do with the starting line-up:

    PG: Jrue
    SG: Turner / N Young
    SF: Wright / T Young
    PF: Allen / Moultrie
    C: Bynum / Hawes

    Would love to see Thad starting at the 3 but think we need Wright’s 3pt shooting more. Allen also has a good mid range jumper which will work really well with Bynum in the post and Jrue/Turner slashing.

  36. Gus says:

    With the addition of Bynum we instantly become better and now have a big that can draw double teams. With that said we should load our starting 5 with shooters. Jrue at point J rich and 2 guard Dorrell Wringt at SF (2 years ago led the league in made 3 pointers/also 6-9) Hawes at PF (decent shooter) and Bynum at center. It is a no brainer have Nick young a shooter come in with Thadd and Turner after all Nick is Williams all over just 6 inches taller.

  37. Andrew says:

    “fickle”? That’s the word you use to describe Philly fans? Philadelphia fans are the most knowledgeable fans in sports and we only change our mindset of a player and his attitude when the player decides to work and live up to his expectation. Andre Igoudala was someone who was over-paid, (not blaming him for taking the $, that’s his prerogative) non consistent offensive player, and horrible with the media and never was an accessible person to the fans. His one redeeming quality is his consistent defense every game. He is an explosive player sometimes and you wish you see it more often and it becomes frustrating. Bynum can be frustrating at times too, but his ability to create so many more options for this young offense makes this a great trade for Philadelphia. And a year from now, looking back in hindsight, if Bynum is hurt for most of the year, acts like a baby when he plays, Igoudala is an all-star for Denver. I’ll still say this trade was great and worth it at the time because I’m not fickle.

  38. john says:

    Now the Sixers will have elite playoff team to go along side Miami, Brooklyn Nets, Knicks, washington, chicago bulls, and the Bucks. All those teams mentioned have a good roster and can bang up miami heat so bad that they wont even make NBA finals, not to mention the eastern conference finals.

  39. Tank says:

    Pg Holiday
    SG Young
    SF Turner
    PF Moultrie
    C Bynum

    T young
    K Brown

    Start the young guys and it’s still a damn good bench. Let’s play guys at their natural positions for once instead of forcing someone like Hawes to play PF. I just hope they resign Bynum

  40. doublefactcheck says:

    Great Deal! I’m loving that Bynum came over to the Sixers. Now I got a team in the east this season that can actually play against the stupid Heat. Lakers grabbing Howard, Nash and keeping Pau all in one off-season, wow that is just unreal. Nuggets get better from this trade as well, but Magic definetly missed out. They played around with Howard to long and now they aren’t really getting much and they have to give up J-rich?? Magic should just get dismantled as a franchise lol they have such bad tema managment. Anyways definetly going to have get myself a sick Bynum sixers jersey now that is gonna look so fresh!

  41. Todd says:

    Great move for the sixers. Moving Iggy opens the door for Holiday & Turner. Coach Collins will need to deal with the PF spot. With Bynum down low, the Philly defense will be one of the best in the NBA. Also, with Holiday & Bynum, the Sixers have the two positions that will give Miami problems. They now have players that can play multiple positions as well. If everything connects and they stay healthy, the Sixers could be the #2 team coming out of the East

  42. Tanzil says:

    Great trade for the sixers!!! Amnestying Brand to sign nick young on a one year deal was NOT a waste. They basically replaced Lou Williams for a beter, taller, more complimentary scorer. Spencer Hawes, in a legue with less than stellar bigs was not a bad move. The sixers went into the off season with a need for a go-to scorer, size, and shooting. Addressed all of the needs. Bynum draws double teams (go to scorer). They got size (Bynum, moultre, lavoy, hawes, and even Kwame), perimeter shooting (jRich, Wright, Nick Young). They now have potentially the biggest starting five in the league, who on paper compliment each other, along with solid contributers off the bench. All the pieces fit, unlike last year. Now, if they can put it togather and perform, no one will want to face them in the playoffs.

  43. reypinyoko says:

    8th seed chicago? with rose unhealthy they can still get the 5th or 6th seed with deng and noah. they also sign veteran point guards like nate and kirk that will fill in for rose’s absence.

  44. 6ersfan says:

    I’m a litle skeptical on this deal for a couple reasons, one is that theres no guarantee bynum will stay with us past this year am i right? and although iggy isnt a prolific scorer he is a good all around player, its a shame he couldnt stay but he’s definitely overpaid. Like the article said the kwame signing was a waste, but i feel like without iggy or an all around player like him their still not gonna advance far. The team is young, bynum has character issues, if he was so valuable at 24 y/o i don’t think the lakers would make this deal. I don’t know, only way this will work is if evan turner now becomes an all-star caliber player, and holiday continues to progress, if those two things dont happen bynum will leave next year and the sixers will go right back to where they were.

  45. Travis says:

    I dunno about Bynum we’ll see!

  46. James says:

    I don’t like this trade. I don’t think they are any better than last year the problem with the sixers isn’t defense its offense and they got rid of Lou will n iggy which were 1 & 2 in scoring. If they think et is going to step omg now that iggys gone there gonna be a lot of holes bc he did all the work besides score

  47. Ivan says:

    Igudola, best perimeter defender in the league? He is a terrible defender. Worst help defender in the league. Bynum and Richardson are great pickups. Great move for the Sixers.

    • buddha bro says:

      naming iggy a terrible defender shows that you know nothing about basketball. maybe yous hould watch some games? it helps. oh, and by the way some amateur bunch, called USA national team took him as their designated perimeter defender. but hey, hes still terriblll iznt he

    • Tom says:

      10AM is a little early to start drinking, saying Iggy wasnt one of the top 3 perimeter defenders in the league is just ridiculous. Now onto more pressing matters. This was a great deal for every team minus Orlando, but who really cares about them. Iggy will get a great fresh start in Denver where they desperately needed help on defense, and Iggy will fit right in with their run and gun O. As for the Sixers they finally got the big man they desperarely needed. Bynum will bang down low and swat a lot of shots which will open up out patented transition O. Also, his presence down low on offense should open up lanes for slashers and free up some outside shots as well. With the addition of Bynum that should help both Jrue and Evan a whole lot by taking some of the pressure off of them and just let the play ball. With the addition of Bynum I could easily see them top 4 in the East with the potential to be the number 2 in the east depending on D.Roses health.

      • Lee says:

        Funny that he did not make ANY all defensive teams. His peers and the leagues coaches didn’t think as highly of his as us HOMERS. Just sayin !!!!!!!

  48. Jake says:

    Spencer Hawes should NOT be a power forward. End of story.

  49. Andrew says:

    I love this deal. I’m a huge sixers fan. I like the deal so much cuz we always lacked a big man. Bynum will give us defensive presence and tons of offense on the block. It’s good to see Iggy go. He was never good offensively, and couldn’t make a free throw for his life. I’ll only miss Iggy, becuz he made the US. team, so that means the Sixers won’t have a player to represent in the Olympics. Other than that our starting lineup now could be

    PG: Holiday
    SG: Richardson
    SF: Turner
    PF: Hawes
    C: Bynum


    N. Young
    T. Young

    And Eastern Conference

    1. Miami
    2. Indy
    3. Philly
    4. Boston
    5. Brooklyn
    6. Atlanta
    7. New York
    8. Chicago

    • NYKNICKS42 says:

      Eastern Conference
      New York

      • Blah says:

        1. Miami
        2. Brooklyn or New York
        3. Brooklyn or New York
        4. Indiana
        5. Boston
        6. Atlanta
        7. Philly
        8. Chicago

      • ken says:

        hahaha your so off. chicago isnt top 3 team without drose. atlanta got worse this offseason. the real order is miami, indiana, brooklyn, new york, phili, chicago, boston, atlanta

      • Marcus says:

        So you are saying the 76ers didn’t get any better with this Trade and the additions of Nick Young, Dorrel Wright and J-Rich?? Yea right no chance they are any lower then the 5 seed, Only a Knicks fan could think this

      • LAKERS4LIFE says:

        New York

    • celticpride24 says:

      why is indy so high? just becuase the had a better nthan usual season last year?! This is the real list: 1 miami 2 philly 3 boston 4 indy 5 brooklyn 6 new york 7 atlanta 8 chicago

      Why is everyone counting boston out? They got some key pieces in sulenger, courtney lee and JASON TERRY! Will someone explain to me why boston is not in the “championship race” anymore

  50. Ira Weinstein says:

    Sixers still have AI. All In.
    Good job!

  51. sixers fan says:

    Potential starting five:

    PG: Holiday
    SG: Richardson
    SF: Wright
    PF: Hawes
    C: Bynum

    Thad, Turner, and Young coming off the bench. Richardson almost has to start with the amount of money Sixers owe him. Turner might take the starting SG position, thats up to Coach Collins…

    • Jay says:

      E.T. will definetly be starting:

      PG- Jru Holiday

      SG- Jason RIchardson

      SF- Evan Turner

      PF- Spencer Hawes

      C- Andrew Bynum 6th, Thad, Nick Young, Lavoy, Darrell Wright, Moultrie, Kwame, Royal Ivey

  52. mad says:

    Kinda sad they sent Iguodala to Denver.
    Now I think the nuggets are a much better team.

  53. bloved says:

    Let’s go Sixers! Sad to see my man Iggy go but now the much hyped but little to show for Evan Turner can show what he’s made of. He’ll never be better than Iguadala in my opinion but hopefully he can be a consistent number 2 scorer.

  54. James says:

    I don’t think the issue of the front court rotations is a big deal. Put Bynum at 5 and Hawes at 4 on the outside, especially because he has a nice jumper and that way, Bynum can hang on the low block.

    • Pat says:

      Couldn’t agree more James. Collins already was planning on starting Kwame Brown at center and moving Hawes to the PF spot. So now they upgrade big time at the center position. I love Iggy’s D, but the inconsistency on offense sometimes got too frustrating to handle…he had to go. They have too many other wing players who have deserved a shot to make some noise in the starting lineup (Turner, Thad, now J-Rich). I do hate to see Harkless get involved with this, but I do think Moultrie will be the better pro so hopefully they gave up the right rookie.

      Time will tell…But I think their biggest weakness last year was Three-Point shooting. Not just the shooting itself, but lack of wide open looks. Bynum should create much more looks and Nick Young, D-Wright and J-Rich should help bring that shooting % up from deep. I also think this could be the year for Holiday to really break out too now that he has a center to help clear the lane/be available if they do close on him. Very excited for the season now

      • Jay says:

        Absolutely, Im excited about this coming season now as well. I felt disrespected as a Sixers fan a few weeks ago with Doug Collins’ press conference telling us how Kwame Brown was a top 5 defensive center in the league last year. How can you disrespect the Sixer faithful like that? I was like “am I missing something here” or is Doug telling me, “now that we Kwame, we’ll be a better team than last year”? Anyway, Kwame returns to the bench. We got the 2nd best Center in the league, and I think he will resign. Iggy is one of my top 5 players in the league because he’s an all-around player and fills up every stat. But you’re right, i’m frustrated with his lack of offensive consistency, he’s allergic to the foul line, and when he does get there he either goes 1/2 or 0/2. I honestly didn’t feel that it was time to get rid of Dre because Evan has shown me nothing in games that matter, he needs to work on that J a lot. But when you have a chance to get Bynum and still keep the core of your future, do it and keep it moving. Let’s go Sixers!!!!!

      • J says:

        Iggy top 5 player in the league? what a joke….Lebron, Wade, D12, Durant, Rose, CP3, and many more….You make Iggy sound like the second coming of Scottie Pippen and i dont know if Scottie was ever even considered one of the top 5 players in the league. If you believe Iggy is a top 5 in the league Kwame being a top 5 post defender isn’t so far fetched. There are first ballot hall of famers that were never even top 5 in the league…..

      • mike says:

        Iggy is not top ten. i like him too, but he is not top ten.

        Pippen was top 5 for a few years.

  55. magical11 says:

    The Sixers did a great job on this deal. A starting line up of Holiday, J-Rich, Turner, Hawes and Bynum with Allen, Young, Young and Wright coming off the bench should be able to play top 4 in the East.
    The Magic, on the other hand, didn’t get enough. They didn’t receive top picks and didn’t receive a future franchise player (the deal with Pau landing in Orlando and Harrington in LA seemed more fare to me from Magic standpoint). Sixers are the big winners of this blockbuster trade. And beware of a Nuggets team, with Iggy replacing Afflalo in the line-up.

    • Darien says:

      I Like Starting Linup to be Holiday,N.Young.Turner,Allen,Bynum now that a line up Thad,Wright,Brown,Hawes can just come off the bench

    • J says:

      I think it’s too early to call the Sixers big winners as if Bynum walks after one season, they will find themselves in the lottery the following year maybe without a pick (Orlando may own that pick depending on this deal)

      • mike says:

        The picks are conditional, adding to how terrible orlando did in this deal. If it lands in the lottery they don’t get it.

      • ferg333 says:

        If he walks, they will have a load of cap space in the biggest year of free agents in a decade. Can’t see how they lose in this deal. Besides, Bynum grew up less than an hour from philly said he is an “East Coast guy” and wants to be the man in a big market team. Philly is 4th largest market and on East Coast.I think Philly can turn out to be the big winner in this trade as everyone focuses on an aging Lakers team.

    • NYKNICKS42 says:

      That would be nice except Turner usually plays point, and sometimes shooting gaurd, although he’s not very good at either.. He’s like lost for a definitive place on the court as his skill set is like a small forward but he’s WAY too small to ever play small forward. And there’s no chance J.Rich would play small forward. Not a big deal though as Thad. Young will probably start at small forward for defensive and fast break purposes with Turner returning to the bench for a little depth. What really matters is the Sixers got someone, ANYONE other than Kwame Brown to play at center!! But I still see MAJOR issues with Spencer Hawes being your starting PF. That’s just completely wacked out and I kind of feel bad for Doug Collins as this team will have some major issues with Bynum coming in thinking he’s gonna be scoring 35 points a game or else he won’t even try to play D or grab rebounds.

    • eru says:

      Allen and Bynum at the 4 and 5 are to slow. Thad young at PF would do great with bynum at center.

      I would like turner coming of the bench for two reasons, he can be our PG (main ballhandler) of the bench and they can put PG jrue, SG jrich/n.young and SF d wright as shooters for bynum on the starting lineup.

    • sanny says:

      At first I thought the 76ers were the biggest winners in this deal because I thought it was an Iggy/picks for Bynum. Then I found out that they would also be giving up Nic, their recent draft pick, and also taking in a bad contract JRich. Meh. They’re still winners, but I dont think it was that much of an upgrade.

    • Big Boogie says:

      The sixers are the biggest winners here ONLY because they don’t have to start Kwame Brown!!

    • NBEATZ says:

      A better starting line up would be:
      C- Bynum
      PF- Hawes (Playing Hawes over Allen give Bynum the post all to himself as Hawes can hit the 15-18 footer all day,just like Pau)
      SF- Thaddeus Young (He gives you the best perimiter defensive player they have. closest thing to AI)
      SG- Nick Toung (With him you get and younger, faster and more athletic player then iether Richardson or Turner)
      PG- Jrue Holliday

      C- Brown (Wont have to play more then 12-16MIN per game if Bynum can stay out of fould trouble. 7 footer, defence and rebounding, what eles can you ask out of him?)
      PF- Allen (When Hawes has trouble on faster PF’s and Thaddeus Young cant move to PF,then Allen can play GOOD minutes)
      SF- Dorrell Wright (Over Evan Turner any day, better shooter all around, taller and better D)
      SG- Richardson (Will be called upon to hit a lot of open 3s when Young goes to the bench, gives Bynum and Holliday some help when teams double)
      PG- Jodie Meeks (Who eles?)

      Evan Turner shouldbe able to take some minutes away from the SG and SF positions if he plays well and defends, but how long can you wait for him????????????? HEAT ALL THE WAY

      • Lee says:

        Only problem,,,Meeks plays for LA.

      • Bersem says:

        I see more Richardson (and Wright…following both performances on the floor) in the starting five than Thaddeus… And I can’t wait to see Evan Turner to begin the game : I’m sure he will be tremendous on both ends of the floor.

        With Holiday (PG), Turner (SG), Richardson or Wright (SF), Bynum (C) and who you want at PF, the Sixers will be really effective in offense… just need some adjustments in defense but Doug Collins is there 😉

        Will be very interesting / exciting to wach Philly next year 🙂